Friday 17 August 2018

Keeping promises is so overrated these days

So, tomorrow will be the 100th day of Pakatan's rule of Malaysia.

And these are from yesterday,

Wan Azizah says not all promises fulfilled,

 but no need for apologies

Mahathir now says Pakatan needs

 5 years to fulfill promises

Well, never mind.

That's quite normal these days.

I also have bad experience with promises.

Sometimes ago someone who once promised to be with me forever had a change of heart and decided that I'm not good enough for that promise.

Told me to accept, smile and be matured about it some more. Bloody painful that one but I did my best to do just that.

Guess, Malaysians need to accept the broken promises, smile and be matured too.


Never mind.

Anyway, I think Pakatan people need to brace themselves for similar stuff from within their own coalition soon.

Also in the news yesterday;

Council of Eminent Persons to remain, 

PM says can't work alone

I believe this council is more powerful than the Cabinet and I suspect Dr Mahathir think its members are more clever and reliable than the whole bunch of Pakatan ministers.

I think Dr Mahathir knows that he can't really rely on his Cabinet if he is to continue to run the government.

After that news, I'm actually quite convinced now that Dr Mahathir will not relinquish the premiership to Anwar two years from now as promised.

I think Anwar already knew this.

After all, the guy spent seven years in jail for fighting Dr Mahathir.

So, the coming PKR elections will be crucial as he will make his first steps to prepare for the show down.

As I previously wrote about the
he will try to get Rafizi as his deputy to replace Dr Mahathir's current blue eyed boy Azmin.

Then he will consolidate his grip on PKR which has the most parliamentary seats in Pakatan Harapan to challenge Dr Mahathir.

Anwar definitely will not sit back and says "Relax, Dr Mahathir already promised to give me the PM post in two years time. Dr Mahathir will surely keep his promise."

Well, considering the value of promises these days as exemplified by what happened to Pakatan's election manifesto, Anwar would be a fool to think that way.

I think even the most staunch Pakatan supporters would have to agree to this.

Personally, on this one, I hope Dr Mahathir will be consistent on his promises - that is he shouldn't keep it.

Not in this case, okay.

I believe Dr Mahathir handing over power to Anwar will be disastrous for the country.

Yes, Dr Mahathir must continue as PM till his last day.

Anwar and his gang may most likely stir up a lot of shit about it but if I'm Dr Mahathir, I would just say that it's just another broken promise, which is not a big deal these days - just like the election manifesto.

No need for apologies too, as Anwar's wife Wan Azizah said about not keeping promises.

Anyway, the handsome old man should learn from the past.

He should never have handed over power to Pak Lah or let Najib became the prime minister in the first place

Dr Mahathir should have continue as PM from then till now.

Yup, after the first 22 years, he should have just continued.

Then everyone would have been happy and we would achieve Vision 2020 as scheduled.

Oh ya, that way also there would not be all these pesky broken promises to irritate people like me.

Okay, now relax, here's a song;

Ugly big lies also never mind.


  1. This is what I think will happen.

    1.Azmin Ali will win the deputy President of PKR
    2. Anwar will contest in a bye election n will be appointed a Minister
    3.Tun M will step down before the next PRU and Anwar will takeover.
    4.Umno n PAS will enter PH/ PKR on mass scale.
    5.With Anwar at head honcho of the country it will be win win to all.
    6.Anwar get the PM, Malay/Muslim united under Anwar, Malay/Muslim political power remained intact.
    7.Everyone happy except you know who?

    1. 7.Everyone happy except you know who?

      - I’m thinking that one mamak blogger..

    2. 1.Azmin Ali will win the deputy President of PKR

      -Are you sure?? If the president WANTS this guy or that guy to be his deputy, I believe the PKR members will follow what the president wants. Of course he won’t endorse anyone publicly. To respect the spirit of democracy.

  2. The new Malaysia is learning new things day by day. I was thinking political promises to be broken would already be bad enough yet the deputy prime minister have one-upped it. Break promise no need to apologize.

    Maybe need DBP to coin these new virtue of one ‘no need apology when break promise’ as well as two the virtue of ‘accuse first investigate later’.

    Lets see how the staunch PH supporter going to support and uphold these ‘virtues’.

    Sometime pity the supporters too since these days too many half baked statement from lawmakers and conflicting at time that supporters end up confused on what to support really.

    1. Anon 13:06

      "Maybe need DBP to coin these new virtue of one ‘no need apology when break promise’ as well as two the virtue of ‘accuse first investigate later’."

      Setuju ayat yg baru diluluskan oleh jemaah pakar bahasa tak rasmi "mengazizahkan" diguna pakai dalam ayat seperti berikut:- Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan dalam taklimat 100 hari ni pemerintahan Pakatan Harapan telah "mengazizahkan" manisfesto Pakatan Harapan. Maknanya telah tidak ambik peduli akan manisfesto dan tidak berusaha untuk menerangkan juga meminta maaf bila manisfeto tersebut tidak ditunaikan.Ayat lain yang sesuai adalah membelakangi/ menju***kan manisfesto rakyat.

  3. Can't get over that special love, ya Annie?

    1. Guys will promise the sun and the moon to get some pussies

    2. Lifeofannie only love THIEF AND CROOK called Umno la

      She love corruption only

  4. LOL....

    Kesian Annie.

    Do you ever get used to your own hypocrisy, Annie?

    SUDDENLY concerned about corruption.

    SUDDENLY concerned about lying.

    SUDDENLY concerned about broekn promises.


    Surely your beloved Umgnok & BN would have done a superb job of fulfilling promises in FIVE YEARS rather than 100 days?

    Right Annie?

    So what did they do between 2013 qand 2015? Let me take ACTUAL PROMISES from their 2013 manifesto. Fair, okay?

    PROMISE: “Fighting the Scourge of Corruption": - In the land of pink diamonds, tak payah cakap, lah. Ask the Swiss AG and DOJ, or look at the OSA-ed Auditor's Report. And the fact that we have more illicit money flowing out than any country our size. Or maybe it was all "donations"?

    Your pinklips pimp stole 4.5 billion USD into his own pocket from 1MDB.

    What about these “Fighting the Scourge of Corruption"?







    Cheques for millions in bribes paid to UMNO KBU

    KBS loss of 100 million

    MARA land scam in Australia

    “Fighting the Scourge of Corruption" = making Malaysia internationally famous for corruption.

    Clap clap.

  5. Hmmmmmmm, OK what other BN promises in 2013?

    Oh yes…

    PROMISE: ”Easing Cost Of Living"

    LOL…good performance by Umgnok.

    After all, every household has 116 million cash, 1,200 rings and 584 luxury handbags, right?

    Yours too, right Annie : )

    Nobody got fucked by Umgnok worse than the Malays.

    The facts…

    About 93% of Bumiputera households have no savings, and about 66% have no financial assets.

    About 72% of Malaysians who are without wealth are Bumiputera, while 17% are Chinese and 10.7% are Indians.

    The distribution of wealth is skewed, with the top 10% of Malaysian households per capita control 35% of the country’s wealth, while the bottom 40% own only 8%.

    But this is worst for the Malays, with about 2% of the elite owning about 45% of Bumi wealth.

    Umgnok hijacked the NEP, and then moved into Phase 2: outright kleptocracy of Bumi assets (KWAP, SRC, 1MDB, Yapeim, MARA, TH, you name it. And the GLC songlap comes under this too.)

    But it’s okay lah Annie.

    You and Kak Rosie can compare Birkins, mah.

    Let ordinary Malaysians die, lah.

    1. Correct bro

      Biggest victims of Umno is ordinary orang Melayu

      While the rich getting super rich they tell us to makan kangkong while they buy Birkin

    2. Anon 13:46

      True.One thing that I realise under 61 years of UMNO rule the Chinese were getting richer, their Chinese education was assured, their religious right and Chinese and political right were also assured.

      To test the above theory.Under 61 years of UMNO "racist" and "apartheid" rule, you will expect boatloads of Malaysia Chinese immigrants hitting the shore of other countries or thousands of Chinese Malaysians caught in Calais trying to smuggle temselves into United Kingdom.There was none.Life must be damn good in Malaysia.

      While the Chinese Vietnamese boat-people thanks the Malaysian government for hosting them temporarily in Pulau Bidong, the other Malaysian Chineses that hit heaven on earth had no such gratitude.They called their original host (Malays) as monkeys and their language as low class.I vote PH for change but if voting them in will give more insults to me and my race, I had regretted voted them.I may vote UMNO back if things did not improved.

    3. Anonymous17 August 2018 at 20:32

      No lah, you didn't vote PH.

      Try your lame divide & rule bullshit somewhere else, bro.

      Also improve your reading skills.

      "But this is worst for the Malays, with about 2% of the elite owning about 45% of Bumi wealth."

      PS: More factual - Malaysia is the only country in the world where the "affirmative policy" has led to the "affirmed" being left worse off overall because their leaders liwatted them to satisfy their own greed.

      Sad but true.

    4. Najib was the most Chinese friendly Prime Minister.He allowed Chinese schools to be operated independently with funds coming from the government.He opened more opportunities for the Chinese to enter public universities and he abolished the need for Chinese SMEs to have 30% bumiputera partnership.

      MCA realising the importance of education to the Chinese had opened up KTAR and under KTAR had graduated more than 500K Chinese. Ask DAP, after 61 years, have they through their effort graduated any Chinese.None so far. They were only good in spewing poisons, hatred towards BN.

    5. Anonymous18 August 2018 at 10:17

      Who gives a shit about the Chinese?

      They should NOT have a separate education system anyway. Najib should have told them to fuck themselves.

      All I care is that Tun removed a bunch of corrupted sewage called Umgnok from power.

      They turned Malaysia into an open sewer.

      Only Annie and her fellow Umgnok blogwhores enjoyed the smell.

      We are grateful to Tun for disinfecting our country.

    6. Anon 1128
      Where were you during Mahathir 1.0 era?If you were not born yet during that time you can be excused for being naive.If you are in your 50s like myself I am sure you have cursed Mahathir so many times during his reign.
      I was in my teen when Mahathir became the Prime Minister in 1981 and in my early 40s when he stepped down.
      Throughout his 22 years of being the Prime Minister I was his staunch supporter.
      Now,the respect is gone.He sounds like a broken record and keep on repeating ideas that are 30 years behind time.
      Prof Kangkung

  6. What else?

    Oh yeahhhhh…

    PROMISE”: Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance":

    HA HA HA! "Good Governance".

    Under MO1, we were ranked one of the most corrupt public sectors in APAC by Ernst & Young.

    Is cracking down and sabotaging the MACC, SB, AGC and BNM part of "Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance?"

    Is twice ignoring BNM's prosecution recommendations on 1MDB an example of "Good Governance"?

    But your pinklips pimp did improve the rule of law, lah.

    Drop yellow balloons - get charged

    Wear yellow t-shirt - get charged

    Draw cartoons - get 9 sedition charges

    Question Permata's expenditure as an MP - get investigated

    Lodge reports against 1MDB - get investigated

    Talk about 1MDB - get travel ban

    Songlap 2.6 billion - go right ahead, kipidap


    That’s your “Enhancing Good Governance”, lah.

    Clap clap!

    1. Move on bro/sis.Wake up from your deep slumber.PH is the new government.Despite all the allegations of corruption etc most of UMNO and BN people are still not behind bars.At least charge them in court.Behave like a govenment,not an opposition.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Get your head sorted out Kangkung. BN has been in power for 61 years and PH 100 days. Of course you will need more than 100 days to nail these corrupt BN buggers starting with the head MO1 himself.

    3. Anon 1615
      So why make promises when you are not sure you can keep your promises or not?Tu menipu namanya
      Prof Kangkung

    4. Pros Kangkang,

      Please check the published Barisan Neraka Manifesto in 2013.

      Then go and ask them:

      "So why make promises when you are not sure you can keep your promises or not?"

      As they failed on almost all their promises in 5 years.

      The only one they kept was:

      "We shall hire semi-literate Form 3 dropouts to be our cyber-typists on so-po blogs."

      You are living proof of that promise being kept.

      Prof Sawi

  7. I guess it was "Good Governance" that your pinklips pimp was using to try and save his ass after 1MDB broke?

    Dah lupa ke, Annie?

    a) The sacking of the former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail to prevent someone being charged;

    b) The illegal transfer of MACC officials to the PM’s Department and then the re-transfer;

    c) The elevation of the PAC members to the cabinet, delaying PAC investigations;

    d) The purge of dissenting Umno members from the party ranks,

    e) The jailing of whistle-blowers by abusing security laws like s124 and SOSMA;

    f) The removal of Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin from his post;

    g) The banning of local publications (causing loss of livelihood to innocent journalists), yet not a shred of evidence that the facts published are false;

    h) The sabotage, arrests and intimidation of BNM, SB, MACC and AGC personnel to disrupt investigations.

    Do recall, too, that both the PAC and the Task Forces were BLOCKED from MLA by the Pandi stooge.

    It's only under the new govt that we have (recently) asked the Swiss, Singapore and others for the evidence so carefully hidden by the previous regime.

    Of course I guess you'd prefer Jibby, Rosie, Jho and Riza to have another 5 years of enjoying life with our money, right Annie?

    1. Charge them in court,you stupid.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Coming, don't worry you stupid

    3. Pros Kangkang,

      For more accuracy, find a mirror and say "you stupid" while looking directly into it.

      That would be quite fitting.

      Prof Sawi

  8. But don’t worry lah, Annie.

    After all, Barisan Najis had 5 years to make their promises come true, kan?

    Look at their superb performance on these other promises they made in 2013:

    "Access to Quality Health Services" - Hospitals are fast running out of money and medicines. Even medical tests cannot be done in some of them any more.

    "Towards Greater Efficiency in Public Transportation" - you mean "Towards More Expensive Public Transportation"? LRT up? Tolls up? Taxi fares up? Petrol up? KTM up? Is MO1 asking for praise for MRT built with OUR money?

    "World Class Infrastructure Development and Rural Transformation": Ask FELDA shareholders about how their share price has undergone a huge "Transformation"? KLIA2 was delayed how many times, and at what cost to the public? Why has the cost of ECRL doubled for no reason - unless the allegation is true that money is being siphoned off to pay 1MDB debts?

    "Strengthening Women’s Participation": The Cowgate prosecution came to a very sudden end, based on one letter to the 24-hour replacement. So RM250 million gone, does that count as a success?

    "Building a Resilient, Dynamic and Innovative Economy" - tak payah cakap, lah. 41% FDI flight in the last 12 months. Already broken the 55% GDP-debt ratio. Rated by Oxford group as Asia's most "at-risk" economy". The PM is so economically "innovative" that his own party can "misplace" US$700 million in its audited accounts.

    "Building towards Educational Excellence" - Vietnamese kids are more advanced than ours. And further cuts will make this even worse.

    "The gradual reduction of intra-city tolls" - You see, the word "reduction" means GO DOWN, not GO UP.

    "Enhancing Security and Public Safety": How many Malaysians feel safe on the streets? How many tourists in East Malaysia do?

    "Promoting Islam, Religious Freedom and Harmony": Can you please ask the East Malaysians and Indians about this one?

    Never mind lah, Annie.

    Thanks to you & other incompetents, Umno lost Johor.

    With your new spin-backfire efforts, I think in PRU15 Umno will win Thailand and Indonesia also.

    Kipidap, dongibab : )

  9. Gladiator

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Weeeeiiiiii pantat Lemak 14:18,

      Gladiator blom post apa2 pun, ko nih dah merepek in advance ke? Atau lupa delete nama Gladiator? Mabuk ketum ke bro?

      Ko nih Professor Cutpaste ler.....


      Podah la deiiii...

    2. Anon 15:26
      Kamu paham ke lagu tu?

      Tu la aa. Namti geng2 kamu tulis dn cakap Mandarin depan batang hidung kamu sepatah tak faham, payah tau.

      Gladiator tak fasih BM.. sya tak fasih BI jdi kena communicate dlm Mandarin baru dua2 boleh understand.. faham tak?

      Yg kamu gedik kepoh apahal?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. 15.26

      All the professor here mabuk bro

      Either mabuk ketum or mabuk dedak

    4. Anon 15:26 and 17:25

      Taktau sebenda nak tunjuk cerdik. Mandarin elek.. so just

      Hadam dan hafal;
      Mabuk bro

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. 17:25,

      On the contrary:

      The Kangkung and Lemak versions of Form 3 dropout Fake Professor Umno cyber-typists are both living proof that dedak and ketum can co-exist in one person.

      They are both high and manufacture very poor propaganda for their paymasters.

      Prof Sawi

  10. Sorry guys,I have to write in Malay.
    Masa saya bersekolah dulu,kita belajar subjek agama Islam dan salah satu hadis yg perlu dihafal ialaha sifa-sifat orang munafik@hypocrite.'Apabila berjanji dia mungkir'
    PH leaders are hypocrites at the highest order.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Prof Kangkung,
      BN leaders are the most corrupt at the highest order with kleptocracy at the highest order.

    2. Weiiii Prof Kangkung Alim Konon,

      Aku cuba senaraikan bagaimana kumpulan lanun dalam kerajaan UMNO dulu merompak tabung-tabung Melayu.

      1MDB – RM1,800 juta (RM18 billion) Pelakon utama, Najib, Kekanda Arul, Ismee Ismail Ismee, Kekanda Irwan Srigar, Wak Lodin

      Tabung Haji - RM772 juta, Pelakon utama Najib, Jamil Khir Baharom Pengerusi Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, CEO Ismee Ismail

      Tabung Haji - Takaful Malaysia - 85 juta – Pengerusi Ismail Esmee

      Kumpulan Wang Pencen KWAP – 4 billion - Najib, Irwan Srigar

      Khazanah – tutup lobang 1MDB - Najib, Azman Mokhtar, Irwan Srigar

      Kementerian Kewangan – tutup lobang 1MDB - Pelakon utama Najib, Irwan Srigar
, Lokman Adam

Yayasan Hassanah – 3 billion untuk CSR lagi! Tak perlu Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat sekarang

      Amanah Raya – 2 billion - tutup lobang 1MDB - pelakon utama Reezal Merican

Masa saya bersekolah dulu, kita belajar subjek agama Islam dan salah satu ayat Quran tentang mencuri yg perlu dihafal ialah:

      “Laki-laki yang mencuri dan perempuan yang mencuri, potonglah tangan keduanya (sebagai) pembalasan bagi apa yang mereka kerjakan dan sebagai siksaan dari Allah. Dan Allah Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Bijaksana. Maka barang siapa bertobat (di antara pencuri-pencuri itu) sesudah melakukan kejahatan itu dan memperbaiki diri, maka sesungguhnya Allah menerima tobatnya. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang” [QS. Al-Maaidah : 38-39].

    3. Sudah la professori . Tak payah kau nak cakap pasal agama. Kau tu dah syirik.

    4. I think the Kangkung should have its stalk cut off for supporting thieves and kleptocrats.


    5. 08:43,

      I feel that Kangkung should be fried with belacan, to punish him for his excessive stupidity.

      But I will not eat the kangkung goreng belacan that results from this culinary cybertrooper cooking.

      Prof Sawi

  11. It's better than those years when we saw the robbery and high living aristocrats of UMNO/BN abusing their positions while the rakyat were burdened with nasi goreng GST. What's a few promises that cannot be fulfilled in 100 days compared with almost 15 years of blatant plunder?

    We are more realistic in our expectations compared with those who had it easy doing nothing much except building personal palaces and buying jewellery and everything we common people cannot even afford to think about.

    I supposed the confused ones are on the other side of the bench.

    1. Yes, correct correct correct.

      Even KJ made the same point today:

      "Ahli Parlimen Rembau, Khairy Jamaluddin berpendapat tidak penting untuk menilai prestasi 100 hari pentadbiran kerajaan Pakatan Harapan (HARAPAN) kerana rakyat tidak ambil kisah sama ada janji mereka itu ditunaikan atau tidak.

      “Media tanya saya berkenaan 100 hari kerajaan HARAPAN. Saya kata, rakyat tak kisah tentang janji 100 hari atau janji lain dalam manifesto.

      “Tak laksana pun rakyat tak kisah. Mereka hanya mahu buang Umno-BN pada PRU14. Justeru, parti saya kena fikir strategi baharu,” cuitnya di Twitter, hari ini.

      Khairy percaya, apa yang penting kepada rakyat ialah BN ditumbangkan dan bekas Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak diturunkan daripada terus mentadbir negara.

      Malah, katanya rakyat juga berkata “lebih baik dari kamu (Umno-BN) dulu”.

      Exactly, KJ.

      As long as new gomen don't steal money from us for their luxury lifestyles, that is ALREADY a huge improvement.

      Thank you, Tun, for kicking these thieves out.

    2. "Saya kata, rakyat tak kisah tentang janji 100 hari atau janji lain dalam manifesto. Tak laksana pun rakyat tak kisah. Mereka hanya mahu buang Umno-BN pada PRU14."

      Khairy is the only UMNO leader who can see clearly......

    3. Khairy didnt represent the rakyat.I as rakyat, a PH voter do care the janji PH. Otherwise PH is the same as BN, janji di capati.We rakyat are not fool.

    4. We rakyat are not fools. We know how corrupt the BN leaders are, right down to the ranks. Our country was at the edge of the cliff and it was just in the nick of time that we managed to pull ourselves back from the brink and we still have a long way to go.... So all these hypocrites and cybertroopers like Anon 10:01 above are just out to obstruct and cause havoc for the new government. Pandai pandai la kita ni to differentiate the trouble makers and the genuine.

  12. Of course the CEP needs to be retain beyond 100 days. Here are the reasons:

    There was a minister who revealed to the entire world the actual state of the economy. Spooking off the investors.

    There was a minister who revealed to the whole world the real capability of our defense and arm forces. Putting the country and its 31 millions people at risk.

    There was a minister who can’t differentiate between 7 and 7,000 herds of cows. And he’s not even corrected himself after the blunder. Yikes..

    1. Better to disclose the full awful truth of the situation than to just quietly cover up the foul stinks and con the rakyat and the world. So that once we do the massive clean and admit to the letting out all the odorous pus from huge big boils, only then we can start from a clean slate. Faham tak ? No way the new FM and the Defence Minister would cover up for Jibby the Big Thief. Banyak lagi more Red Files coming out s-l-o-w-l-y, so as to give Jibby the Plunderer a heart attack !

  13. Finally Annie back to writing the good stuff. Was afraid I won't ever read any more articles like this.

    Having said that, personally I don't give a rat's behind about all those manifesto promises like abolishing tols or what so ever. But the one promise that I really hope they do implement is the 2 term limit for PM.

    If this is implemented, even if, God forbid, Anwar does become PM, we can all rest assure that at the most it will be for only 10 years. And it will also force Malaysia to keep churning out future and potential leaders and not allow any single individual to stay on past due.

    1. Anon 15:06

      Agree with your suggestion to limit the PM term to only 2 terms only..My suggestion - to apply this rule to Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Senior Ministers, Speaker Dewan Rakyat/Dewan Negara, Chief Minister/ Menteri Besar and all President of all political parties. If implemented, we will replenished new leaders every election and this should be good for the country.

      For political parties, all political parties seem ada regeneration with new blood except for DAP.Seem a dynasty is being created in the party.This is not good.

    2. Bapak akan jadi PM soon, Mak kan sudah jadi Dep PM, anak kan MP. Ini bukan dynasty ke ? Lim Kit Siang refused any position in the cabinet although offered ? The daughter refused to run for any seat during the GE14 and only now accept a senatorial post.

  14. hopefully those dumbo knives out to cut najib only (not annie) sigh

  15. Annie said:-

    "Guess, Malaysians need to accept the broken promises, smile and be matured too."

    Aiya Annie...don't be so dramatic la...just because you got jilted by your ex lover before. You should cry more for the way our country has been looted by the massive corruption and scandal perpetrated by BN previously

    1. Annie said:-

      "Guess, Malaysians need to accept the broken promises, smile and be matured too."


      Why Annie so full of shit, arrrrr?

      Kenapa tak bising when BN broke every promise in their 2013 manifesto?

  16. Annie with her usual Bull shit spin again. PH manifesto contains 10 promises to be fulfilled within 100 days out of which 2 has been fulfilled, 5 partially fulfilled and 3 are in progress. Although this is not a perfect performance by PH, the main thing is PH remains committed in ultimately fulfilling such promises.

    1. "Although this is not a perfect performance by PH, the main thing is PH remains committed in ultimately fulfilling such promises."

      Main thing is that fat hippo is not wearing our money around her neck, fingers and arms, you mean.

      I hope they are building extra-large kandang in Sg. Buloh for her......

    2. "PH manifesto contains 10 promises to be fulfilled within 100 days out of which 2 has been fulfilled, 5 partially fulfilled and 3 are in progress."

      There are three classifications.

      First are the implemented manifestos, second are the almost completed ones while the third is work in progress.

      Out of the 10, six have been fulfilled. The first was the abolishment of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the second was to stabilise the price of oil.

      The third promise, which is in progress, is to write off some of the debts borne by Felda settlers. More study needs to be done to help them.

      The fourth promise is an Employees Provident Fund (EPF) scheme for housewives, while the fifth promise is to implement the minimum wage, which is in progress.

      The sixth promise is the postponement of repayment of National Higher Education Fun Corporation, loans while the seventh is the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry on 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), Felda, Tabung Haji, Majlis Amanah Rakyat and the restructuring of these organisations.

      To me, I like this 7th one a lot.

      That is when we'll really find out what happened during BN's songlap years.

      The eighth promise is to set up a special cabinet committee on Sabah and Sarawak, the ninth on the wellbeing of the people and the tenth to revise mega projects.

      So well on the way.

      I have zero complaints, actually...

    3. Anon 20:16

      ...That is when we'll really find out what happened during BN's songlap years...

      Kena tapis2 sikit cakap nanti terasa pulak pemimpin PH semua..

      Semua nereka ni ex BN tau esp PM, he was "exPM lama under BN, for 22years"... Faham2 ya nanti dia hot you menuduh dia pun kaki songlap payah you nak cari makan nanti.

      Next time you mesti sebut Najib dan Rosmah saja tau..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Sudahlah prof pokpek cutpaste parrot...usah mengarut kokse buke buke

    5. "prof pokpek cutpaste parrot"

      Ha ha, I like that!

    6. Anon 09:33

      Kamu masih dalam pampers ke when Tun was PM for 22years under BM? Byk scandal yang dh gone with the wind.

      Neway Anon 20:16.. EPF for housewives.. Alahai tu semua data collections for Cambridge Analitica la. Klo tidak how to psycho jado moo macam kamu semua.

      PH pun hardup nak dana cara mudah.. moo tak perasan ke Bursa Saham hari2? Dana EPF cukup ligat aktif jual beli? Macam main tikam2 Toto pulak. Tabung2 amanah lain pun depa dok pakai camtu hari2.

      PH harap additional revenue payah cikit. Mau 5tahun kena dok makan dari hasil titik peluh kederat usaha2 gomen BN dulu. Klo tidak entah gaji2 Ministers, MP dan Adun bulan2 pun tak akam mampu bayaq. Tu pasai dalam 3bulan ni dok kononnya heran mana pi duit refund GST.. sendiri tarak jana income kena apa ingat duit jatuh dari langit ke..

      Issh issh issh

      Kereta Nasional 3 klo pun menjadi, mungkin 10thn lagi baru dapat contribute, tu pun klo ade profit.

      Pelabur2 asing nak masuk pasti was was dan gerun ketaq. Dah le janji manifesto pun sekadar tinggal kelentong pokpekpokpekpokpekpokpek aje, project yang ade pun nyawa2 ikan. Klo PM atau FM meradang hot, ikut kepala otak mereka 24hours may decide to cancel.. lepas tu Zizah pun tak akan minta ampun plak..

      Foreign investors berani nak masuk melabur dalam Malaysia camni? Yang ade dlm pasaran saham pun tiap hari dok cabut lari.. Nak sign "perjanjian" dgn PH sapa akan confident?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    7. Laaaaaaaa....Prof Cutpaste Parrot nih semakin desperate, nampaknya....kah kah kah....nak spin xde modal lagi.....kesiannnnnnn.....

    8. Prof Dayus, guano takdok pokpek hari ini ?

  17. Don't sound the war-drum when there is no war.It is quite clear that you are doing this for your beloved UMNO.Should PH has a war and start killing each other,it is easy for UMNO to walk in and pick up PUTRAJAYA trophy.MAHATHIR knows that our country cannot afford another battle so soon after GE14 and our coffer is drying up.Another battle will be bad for the economy.As for MAHATHIR ,GE14 is his last battle.By appointing Ministers who are not under ANWAR control is to ensure that when he takes over the reign he cannot become despotic.Looking at Mahathir history,you can label him as cunning,iron-handed,strict,tyrant etc.but Mahathir is not a person who back-stabbed those who fought alongside him and he would not want to leave behind such legacy.

  18. Prof Nasi Lemak,



    Another link to little girls in various states of undress??


    You should post those links to those PAS people, buddy.

    Parti Anak Syaitan looooves little girls. They even marry little girls to legitimise having sex with little girls.

    You have to stop watching those types of videos, you know.

    It is morally wrong, even if your ular-mak says it is ok.

    Nowhere in the Quran says you can fuck little girls.

    Even a non-Muslim like me know that much about the Quran.

    But I guess you read from a different version of the Quran, dont you???


    Look, I guess you have not worked out that I dont simply click on links from untrusted sources.

    Yes, I consider you to be an untrusted source, sorry lah :)

    You dont even know what trust means from a previous post you made!!!

    Never mind, keep it up.

    I love your postings :)

    They always brighten up my day, they really do :)

    I always feel less stupid after reading your posts ;)



  19. Anonymous @ 17 August 2018 at 15:26,

    //Weeeeiiiiii pantat Lemak 14:18,

    Gladiator blom post apa2 pun, ko nih dah merepek in advance ke? //

    Prof Nasi Lemak looks to me for assurance and approval :)

    As long as I do reply to his postings, he is happy and will sleep happily tonight :)

    Yes, it is a burden, but in life, one must sometimes do things that one considers rezeki halal.

    Of cos, being non-Muslim, I have no idea what rezeki halal means but I hope that being kind to Prof Nasi Lemak and letting him know I enjoy his efforts will fall into that category.

    If I am wrong, I welcome others who can help me me understand what rezeki halal means. :)

    I really do want to be a good person regardless of which political party I support :).


    1. Gladiator
      Tu pasai you kena fasih Bahasa Kebangsaan.. Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa.
      You dok merepet ape?

      Mandarin pun tak you faham?.. nevermind, you can speak cantonese, Hokien or Khek with me, I can understand. Your bahasa kebangsaan England I tak fasih sgt.

      Now I understand why PH leaders kepoh serabut with many of their decisions.. sama2 mereka tak faham Bahasa masing2..

      ....ramai macam Gladiator tak fasih Bahasa Kebangsaan, ada tak fasih BI, ade taktau Mandarin or even Tamil.. they communicate macam ayam dan itik.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  20. annie, can you write about that dumbo civil war - najib (1 man only?) vs rest of dumbos wink

  21. come on Annie, if mahathir did not past the baton , how could he realise the wrong with our deoncracy. and help correct it albeit how little mahathir can do.
    Pak Lah was doing all right until the Dumbo "warlords" start to be greedy for theirs, and also the rise of Hindraf movements due to unfairness to the indian community.

    1. Pak Lah issues were not with the warlords but he put so much trust in KJ and his 4th floor boys.

  22. Promises made must be kept at all cost otherwise you are nothing but just another conman.To ensure that promises made to you are kept,you must be in the position of strength where you can force the person making the promise to carry it out.Like your ex -boyfriend who broke his promises,had you drawn up a "COURTSHIP AGREEMENT" when he made the promises with severe penalty for not abiding and explicitly provide that such document is admissible in the court of law , I am quite sure your ex- boyfriend would not dare to break his promises.Likewise in Dr Mahathir case, if ANWAR Ibrahim is in the position of strength i.e.the ability to command the support from majority of MP, then Mahathir is forced to keep his promises made as ANWAR is able to table a no confidence motion against the PM.However,in JHO LOW case where he complains that his yatch "Equanimity"was seized not according with the promised "rule of law". JHO LOW is obviously not in the position of strength to enforce the promise on"rule of law".Likewise,the American has broken many promises and there is nothing anybody can do about it as they are the world superpower.
    So if you receive promises and you are not in the position to enforce it,just don't take the promises to heart.

  23. "After all, the guy spent seven years in jail for fighting Dr Mahathir."

    He would surely not have served time in jail if he had done nothing wrong.

    Now... in-case everybody forgot... in sodomy I, he was acquitted on technical grounds.
    However, found guilty on an alternative charge for abused of power... i.e, unlawfully instructing the Police (SWAT team) to arrest Ummi Hafilda Ali (including Dr. Christina, now deceased), terrorized her to retract the poison-pen letter, written in 1997 and addressed to PM Dr.M, accusing him of illicit sexual relation with her sister-in-law and also of sodomy.
    Since Dr.M dismissed it outright as an attempt to smear his Deputy, the letter ended-up in the hands of the late Karpal Singh and Mat Sabu.
    That was when, as recorded in Parliament Hansard Nov. 1997, the accusation by the late Karpal Singh... 'Kita ada seorang peliwat sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri'. That was also when the nickname 'Al-juburi' came about... of-course by Mat Sabu.

    Therefore, the first jail term... 9 years; cut-short to 7 years by Pak Lah to get at Dr.M... was for power abused, not sodomy.
    While the second jailed term, during Najib's reign, known as Sodomy II, where the incriminating evidence was more concrete. His semen was found in the victim's rectum.

    "Well, considering the value of promises these days as exemplified by what happened to Pakatan's election manifesto, Anwar would be a fool to think that way.

    I think even the most staunch Pakatan supporters would have to agree to this."

    Well... on PH manifesto, I'll rather heed Dato Zaharin's advise to UMNO people, not to bother much about it.

    "Dr Mahathir should have continue as PM from then till now."

    I disagree.
    He was becoming unpopular in 2002/3 when the internet and social media gain prominence then. BN/UMNO under Dr.M could have suffered the same fate as Najib, if he were to stay on. That was why in GE 11, 2004, BN/UMNO under Pak Lah, the new PM, won the biggest victory ever.

    "Ugly big lies also never mind."

    It depends on who's lying. If the lies comes from a government that you trust, love and support, then you don't bother.

    "I believe Dr Mahathir handing over power to Anwar will be disastrous for the country."

    Maybe that is why Ibrahim Ali just set-up a new 'Parti Bumiputera Perkasa Malaysia', to entice Malays who are fed-up with the in-fighting in PKR, including ex-UMNOs who're unacceptable to join Bersatu without raising eye-brows within PH's coalition Parties.
    Hence, the more Malay Party, the merrier in GE15.

    1. Ibrahim Ali the original Katak will suffer the same fate as Umno with his new party. He is only cubit-ing Ketuanan-type members from the same incestuous pool...stealing members from Umno. Both parties will be doomed. Best news ever. Hope there's more Kataks forming new parties and steal from each other, hehe. Sudah jatoh, timpa tangga lagi, alamak, shiok nya

  24. Hei Annie, U tak join the demo 100 days promised ke..????
    If U join, dun forget to use mask and drink a lot of water, taw.
    The heat may reach 42 degress. Ada jerbu lagi - kang tak pasal-pasl kena heat stroke. HEHEHE..........
    As a pejuang bangsa, don't forget to bring along the flag and
    also palstic bag. Pejuang bangsa don't throw rubbish and rosakkan harta awam. Berdemolah penuh semangat!
    GOOD LUCK ANNIE - Hope 100 days demo dapat bantu naikkan UMNO balik di mata rakyat.

    1. Cik Minah, u mean rebel without a cause...huhuhuhu

  25. Polls done on whether Malaysians are happy with the performance of PH over 100 days.

    Kelab Maya Mahathir (polls closed. 54k votes)
    Happy - 12%
    Unhappy - 88%

    Suara Rakyat. (Poll ending in 9 hours. Currently 40,5k votes)
    Happy - 21%
    Unhappy - 79%

    Otai Bersih (No closing date for polls. Currently 35.4k votes)
    Happy - 20%
    Unhappy - 80%

    The Patriots (Polls ending in 6 days, currently 39.1k votes)
    Happy - 11%
    Unhappy - 89%

    The Malaysian Insight (Polls closed - 53k votes received)
    Happy - 33%
    Unhappy - 67%

    TTKM (Polls closed - 28.2k votes)
    Happy - 10%
    Unhappy - 90%

    1. Let's see if those dubious polls figure translate into votes for BN in the upcoming balakong & seri setia by elections or will BN be soundly defeated again. That will be a good test if dissatisfaction with PH means the people still want BN or not

    2. Anonymous18 August 2018 at 10:23


      Please join forces with alpha BN (or whatever side he's flipped to), Raja Puki Kotor.

      In RPK's wise words....

      "So, who is going to get the last laugh on polling day of 9th May 2018? Everyone will be laughing while Mahathir alone will end up the loser. DAP will still retain Penang and win their 30 or so parliament seats. PKR will still most likely rule Selangor with 25 or so parliament seats."

      Superb accuracy!


      Anyway looks like BN and their proxies PAS and MCA gonna win by 80% margin in the upcoming by-elections.



    3. Anon 14:54

      Kawasan2 ini Arwah dan Mendiang fm Pakatan Harapan tau..tak perlu takbur sangat ya. Mereka2 ni belum 100 hari meninggal dunia..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Professori..
      Dah berapa kali aku bagitahu , kau tu syirik.
      Ini pulak nak jadi golongan yang sesat lagi menyesatkan.

  26. hi annie!now u r thinking on ur own..gud work,keep it up

  27. Prof Nsai Lemak,

    //Tu pasai you kena fasih Bahasa Kebangsaan//

    Here I am talking about rezeki halal and there you are talking about my skills in Bahasa Melayu.

    Apa sah lu itu macam??


    I guess you have nothing useful to contribute about rezeki halal, right?

    Hm, ok, duly noted that you are not really a Muslim and that you know nothing about Islam.

    Have you considered joining PAS?

    PAS is full of Melayus like you - not really Muslims and knowing nothing about Islam.


    Thks for brightening up an otherwise dull day for me :)


    1. Gladiator
      Tu pasai sya tanya.. You Bahasa Kebangsaan taktau, Mandarin taktau.. how to understand each other?

      Nanti jadi mcam FM, melalak hari2 silap titik2 haiyaa. China pun not confident of him, bayangkan nak renego projects, FM tak dapat ikut serta rombongan kChina. kekekeke

      PM confirm Mandarin illiterate. Takut sana nanti angguk2 tepuk2 tangan, padahal camni pulak jadinya ;

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  28. Gladiator;

    "PAS is full of Melayus like you - not really Muslims and knowing nothing about Islam"

    If you are not Muslim, please do not belittle other Muslims.

    1. if you are zakir naik, pls also donot belittle other religions...

    2. Tell that Prof Pokpek cutpaste parrot fella not to belittle other ppl's language

    3. Zakir Naik never belittle other religions as far that I know, he is an expert in comparative religions.

    4. 109 to you your religion to me my religion so donot compare right

  29. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //how to understand each other?//


    It's easy to understand YOU :)

    You are here to provide comic relief for all :)



  30. Anonymous @ 18 August 2018 at 14:45,

    //If you are not Muslim, please do not belittle other Muslims.//

    It's ok, I am only belittling people I do not consider to be Muslims.

    What's wrong with that?


    There are many people who call themselves Muslims who belittle those who are not Muslims.

    Seems to be perfectly acceptable what.

    I am just following the precedents set what.

    PAS itself has a long history of doing and saying stupid things where non-Muslims are concerned and not too many so-called Muslims seem to mind.

    Only those non-Muslims who feel insulted complain about being insulted but who cares, right? :)

    Anyway, it's only Parti Anak Syaitan I am refering to and you can't be serious in saying that those who follow Syaitan are Muslims.


    Maybe you have not worked out that Parti Anak Syaitan just love getting Muslims and non-Muslims to hate Islam?


    1. Gladiator;

      I have been reading your posting in this blog and as far I am concern your writing seem decent and civil except for this one when you start hitting below the belt.

      There are millions of PAS supporters who used to suppport DAP.How they feel if you say Parti Anak Syaitan.

      I hope we can have a decent debate here without calling other slurring names.If you start slurring others, other will start slurring names and this is not good for healthy debate.

      If you care to follow the comments in Annie's blog, you can easily guess who actually start calling slurring names.

  31. Anonymous @ 18 August 2018 at 14:45,

    //If you are not Muslim, please do not belittle other Muslims.//

    FUCK OFF you fucking monkey. I'm insulting you instead of belittling you.

    How's that?

    1. can being to call tat a good thing? is it going well with ur brain?

  32. Fuck-off tu you too greedy pigs!

  33. Anonymous @ 18 August 2018 at 20:19,

    //FUCK OFF you fucking monkey. I'm insulting you instead of belittling you.//

    Now, now, let's not be like that.

    We need to understand that Muslims in Malaysia have been misled for over two generations to the extent that even other sects of Islam, eg the Shias, the Sufis and the Ahmadiyyas, have become to be seen as enemies to be hated and destroyed.

    Fair enough, Shias can be a bit rough and tough and dont take shit from nobody but Sufis and Ahmadiyyas are really really truly nice people who are friendly, not pushy, very accomodating, inoffensive, gentle, inclusive, welcoming, everything the Wahabis/Salafists are not.

    I dont know how long it will take Malaysian Muslims to purge Wahabism/Salafaism out of their system and neither do I know how or if they can ever do it.

    Sometimes I almost catch myself thinking that the Wahabis/Salafists are actually part of a Jewish plot to make people hate Islam!!! :)

    Consider this, if the Jews and the Wahabis are actually pakating to destroy Islam, what is a good way to hide their relationship?

    Tell the world that they hate each other :)

    Too farfetched??

    I dunno, you tell me :)


    1. "We need to understand that Muslims in Malaysia have been misled for over two generations to the extent that even other sects of Islam, eg the Shias, the Sufis and the Ahmadiyyas, have become to be seen as enemies to be hated and destroyed."

      I view Shias and Sufis are Muslims but Ahmadiyya are not for the simple reason Ahmadiyya got another prophet which is a no no in Islam. Tun M with Iranian ulama has started an effort for Sunni and Shia to reconcile each other but somehow the effort die down.Shias and Sufis were allowed to go to Mecca but Ahmadiyyah were not.
      In Malaysia, the authority did not want Shia and Ahmadiyya to spread, as conflicts between sects issues can become complex and violence once they go very big.Look at Pakistan and Syria.

      Iranian people are very nice people.They are very hospitable. You can view a lot of videos created by independent travellers to Iran on youtube.

      Iran has the highest number of Jews outside Israel.They take care of their Jews citizen very well.Iran were also not a war mongering country.None of the terrorist act for the past 20 years were of Iranian origin.

      "Consider this, if the Jews and the Wahabis are actually pakating to destroy Islam, what is a good way to hide their relationship?"

      The Jews hand were almost everywhere.Founder of Paulianian Christianity, founder of Shia/Wahabi/ISIS/ Bolshevik/France revolution/Russian revolution, founder of socialism/communism, ponzi scheme, sub prime crisis, World War 1,2 ,war in Iraq, Arab revolution etc .Google yourself if you didn't beleive me.

      Tun M before retired last time say something about the Jews in OIC conference; "Jews control the world by proxy". The Jewish race for many centuries since Moses were persecuted by many other people.They were more than 120 pogroms until 1945 against them by different people and at different time.Why they were persecuted?

      The Christians persecuted them because they were Christ killers.They were barred entering England and most of European countries for more than 700 years.Where did the Jews go? They go to Muslim controlled countries like Spain and north Africa.

  34. I do not have to read the content of this post. And I just want to say this;

    Lay off, Annie.
    I am not bothered about the f××××ng 100 days manifesto. Like Mahathir said this goddamn manifesto are not carved in goddamn stone. PH were voted to power to stop all the plundering that did not have the ability to stop. BN were f×××××g hopeless and helpless in putting a stop to these continuing plundering. Orang buta pun boleh nampak, Annie.

    So every goddamn BN MP, segala2 nenek moyang ngo dan berbagai2 lagi la tuntut tunai manifesto dalam 100 hari. Ini termasuk jugak bahalol2 dalam PH itu sendiri.

    I do not think PH meant to lie. They just can't do it all in 100 days. Nak overhaul kereta pun boleh jadi sekali turun tak jadi betul. Kena turun enjin 2,3 kali kadang2. It is fucking silly to think fixing a sinking country is as easy as fixing broken light bulb. Sohai aje fikir macam ni.

    We have the best man to do the job already. Let him do what needs done. Toksah menyalak macam anjing salak bukit.

    You begin to sound like that Ang woman, Annie. Your ramble today loses essence.

    Melayu 3suku

    1. Annie is under the spell of ponytail (whom she calls 'blogging captain'). Before that was the unmentionable blogger she calls 'sister'. They all (together with the Manchester fella, the 3rd farce fella, Anwar's ex-lawyer ...) all inhabit an alternate universe where 1MDB is a clean and profitable company, Jho Low is an overgrown baby playing with toy yatch & aeroplane and crayon paintings, and the US DoJ forfeiture court filings are drafted by Mahathir's buddies. Their blogs websites are portals to this alternate universe.

  35. according to my ‘friend’ ha..ha..ha…..if u hv only10% of ur so called mind works consciously u cant address wats real n wats unreal. d other 90% of ur semiconscious n unconscious which r parts of ur memory n emotion ethically took control of ur habitual thinking.

    for eg. promise is not made to be broken. lets examine d state when ph vow to do something but cancel latter. 90% of d time we r in despair n anger. so giving d state, it more than obvious d 10% reasoning time has to make way for d emotional state. ph better die than break their promise.

    i’d to agree with my friend…n better still mbe i do ve more then 10% consciousness…..kah…kah…kah.

  36. SHAH ALAM: Dr Halimah Ali, PAS' candidate for the Seri Setia by-election is more than just a politician.

    A medical doctor herself, together with her husband Dr Ahmad Supian, they raised six children who have all followed in their footsteps, becoming medical practitioners themselves...

    Ini yang buat Gladiator dan Anon 20:19 tetiba melenting tak tentu arah pasai PAS dan Islam..

    Relax la Gladiator.. Cuba control sikit your jealousy bole tak?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Prof Pokpek Cutpaste Parrot, malu wei UMNO...dulu bukan main kuat tolak PAS kononnya PAS ni Taliban dan PAS pula tuduh UMNO kafir...Sekarang Taliban dan kafir pun boleh tidur bersama. Wah memang hebat power dedak ...kahkahkahkah.

    2. Ini yang buat Gladiator dan Anon 20:19 tetiba melenting tak tentu arah pasai PAS dan Islam...

      Weiiiiiii Prof Pokpek Cutpaste Parrot, pale otak hang la......PAS tu mmg barua Umgnok = kuli penyamun jer.

      "What the big deal"?

      Islam konon....

    3. Anon 08:24 and 11:08

      Woooh.. kuatnya jeles dua ekoq ni.. tu la.

      Ramai nenek moyang ditongkang khas mali sini semata2 utk hiburkn jantan2 penjajah, beranak la anak2 cucu cicit yang sekadar pandai mencarut FUCK memanjang..

      Cuba la ikut teladan2 Dr Halimah Ali dr PAS sikit. Carilah pasangan sama2 mulia dan lahirlah anak2 yg akan turut berbakti kepada masyarakat dan dunia.

      Really am proud of Dr Halimah n famili. Syabas...

      Yg cemburu2 semua.. bawa sedar2 sikit dan ubah cara hidup mooo. Are you people the best Pakatan Harapan has to offer Malaysia?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Aduhai Prof NL...mana ada orang jeles tengok pasangan doktor dengan anak2 semua jadi doktor.Itu perkasa biasa je.
      Yang ramai jeles meluap2 sampai bertahun2 tak boleh tido tengok pasangan doktor dengan anak2 yang bijak jadi 'billionaire-businessmen'...

  37. Anonymous @ 19 August 2018 at 00:01,


    //as far I am concern your writing seem decent and civil except for this one when you start hitting below the belt//

    Believe me, I was being decent and civil to Parti Anak Syaitan.

    I consider PAS to be an enemy of Islam who only want people to hate Islam.

    I am one of those weird non-Muslims who genuinely like Islam because of my background and my experiences.

    I read about Islam regularly and I discuss Islam with those I consider knowledgable about Islam.

    //How they feel if you say Parti Anak Syaitan.//

    Maybe they should join Amanah? :)

    //If you start slurring others, other will start slurring names and this is not good for healthy debate.//

    Parti Anak Syaitan does not approve of healthy debate.

    They will encourage their followers to kill the kafir harbi.

    This is the "healthy debate" in the Islam they promote :)

    //you can easily guess who actually start calling slurring names.//

    Yes, it is the fault of those dirty filthy godless pendatang non-Muslims - they are kurang ajar.

    ALL Muslims are kind, loving, caring, polite, clean people who will never insult anybody.


  38. Wherever you see my comments, they are trying to get at the heart of matters. So here goes:

    1. Administrative Matters

    1-1: Annie

    Men should keep the promise that women hold dearest, namely a permanent relationship that defines the life of a woman. However in her case, if the man did not keep his promise to her, it could be for a reason he had only concluded after making that promise, namely some incompatibility that she continues to ignore. Seen in that perspective, the relationship would not have worked out since it always takes two hands to make a good clap which is especially important when a family unit is to be the outcome of a relationship. It would not have been fair to the children as natural products of that relationship if the parents later don't like each other. So, to cover the pain, Annie should consider it a godsend it didn't work out at the right moment so that hope for something better will come a'droppin' when destiny calls. Either of her parents would have said no less, one guesses.

    But first she should address her own identity schism. She can't get into a really good relationship if she doesn't know well enough her own failings that will hinder her own development as a human being good enough for permanent cohabitation with another human being in a connection that is to be invested long-term to define at least two lives.

    So polish off those rough edges to reveal the gem inside.

    1-2: Apartheid (aka anon@20:32, and elsewhere)

    The moment this guy says there is no apartheid in Malaysia because our Malays did not do the things done onto Afrikaans and so on is the same moment one can conclude he is searching for an excuse to deny that racial segregation in the country has been practised BY POLICY, first starting with Razak father of Najib, then MO1 and later the entire jingbang Umno leadership, and some.

    Why hasn't he asked himself how it feels to be a Chinese or Indian Malaysian born in the same maternity ward as a Malay Malaysian who later by administrative fiat of a racialist gomen further playing on religious sentiments to subdivide the citizenry and all - by policies which needs no further elaboration to explain why so many nons have voluntarily left the country when they should have stayed to enjoy the 'generosity' of a mono-racial gomen?

    Now why was this question not asked, and answered?

    Let's say he has a point. The next obvious question, as before for every issue, is: What's Next, Then?

    After GE14, we still want a divided society of same Malaysians? We want to wear the new Umno-Pas t-shirt of Umno's Lokman who now aspires to be the next Jamal who is just a wimp version of Papagomo, newly elected Umno thugman?

    Do try to answer these questions as honestly as answering the question why some commentators hyperventilate their frustrations at some of the Malay "thinking" that grips against practicality and rationality year after year, and looking in a backwards silo while the rest of society and the world have moved on to look forward to better futures - for ALL.


    2. What's Next, Then

    I thought of writing on the heart of the matter - namely, the retrogressive nature of many of our Malays.

    But i sense the guy who first revealed their difference from the non's, namely the Malays EMOTE above every other trait, should be amply qualified to comment instead of me.

    So, i move on.

    1. Anon 0900

      Let we dissect this issue without calling names.I enjoy civil discussion to understand each other.We can only improve when we can understand each other first.

      "The moment this guy says there is no apartheid in Malaysia because our Malays did not do the things done onto Afrikaans and so on is the same moment one can conclude he is searching for an excuse to deny that racial segregation in the country has been practised BY POLICY, first starting with Razak father of Najib, then MO1 and later the entire jingbang Umno leadership, and some."

      NEP was introduced in 1970s after the racial riot. Prior to this since Merdeka there was no affirmative action to address the imbalance among the race even though the special rights of the Malays were enshrined in the constitution.Pre 1970, 70% of the civil servants from Division A came from the non Malays while the private sector and the economy were dominated heavily by non Malays.Prior to 1969 riots, the Malays were a passive lot.They were a redha type of race.They didn't object to mass migration of Chinese and Indians and neither they objected for mass award of citizenships to them too.

      In 1969 election , DAP was harping on "Malays special rights" even though at that time there was no affirmative policy and non Malays was dominant everywhere including the civil services .
      After the insults to the Malays immediately after 1969 election, the Malays wokeup and started to demand for their right.NEP was introduced in 1970s and part of their programne to educate a lot of Malays.Sekolah Asrama Penoh was created and a lot of scholarships was offered to the Malays. Economic Target was then set at only 30% for the Malays.Why 30% and why not more in line with racial demography of the country.

      This was the wisdom of the Malay leader. They can demand more and forcefully seize the non Malays assset like the Afrikaan did to the whites to hastily address the imbalance. They didnt.Instead they share power with MCA/MIC/Gerakan/PPP and to address the economic imbalance, NEP was introduced.
      Chinese rights were protected.Dont you think these approach were the most humane and civil approach taken after a racial riot? Think.

      I will add more later as I need to go to Kenduri Kahwin.

    2. anon @12:33

      So .. WHAT'S NEXT?

    3. Let me rephrase that:

      1. so what happened AFTER THAT?,


      2. so what's next after 1. ?

      Let's get to the bottom of things in this thread; let's take the argument in the balance of things right to the endpoint and then see what can and must be done.


      the floor is yours.

  39. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //Cuba control sikit your jealousy bole tak?//

    Jealous about what?

    That doctor degrees can be dumbed down for "some people" to get?

    The education system in Malaysia over the last 30-40 years has been geared towards handing out degrees with minimal education required.

    Just wait until Parti Anak Syaitan takes over the education system.

    Doctors will be using Zam Zam water to treat cancers. :)

    Or how about the one where one wing of a fly carries the disease while the other wing carries the cure?

    Or maybe Universiti Malaya will see a spike in their sales for anti-jampi kits to treat mental illness?

    Waaah, I can see that you seem very proud of the above.

    You are a fantastic guy, Prof Nasi Lemak, and truly worthy of your professorial title :)


    Yes, I will very very jealous, right?


    Thank you, thank you for a wonderful and happy start to my day!!!

    I love it!!!



    1. Gladiator
      Kesian dan sayu reading your comments.. must be terribly shocked to learn about PAS Dr Halimah Ali and her family of doctors???

      Jeles wth PAS and now you dah mula tunjuk jeles dgn Universiti Malaya pula dah?

      Tst tst tst

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Prof Pokpek Cutpaste Parrot, ramai juga calon MP yang juga medical doktor yang kecundang dalam PRU 14 yang lepas terutamanya dari BN...kahkahkahkah. U ni macam katak di bawah tempurung..

    3. Prof Pokpek Cutpaste Parrot, apa yang nak shock sangat? Taliban pun ada doktor what....

    4. Anon 14:01

      Alamak.. yg ni pulak kelupuq tak tentu arah pasai PAS dan Islam, tak kena mengena tapi nak juga tunjuk jeles wth Taliban... tst tst tst.

      Sedih betul bila pikirkan nasib kamu.. malilau satu dunia mcam takde arah tujuan hidup.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. Gladiators only recognises Chinese doctors as genuinely qualified as compared to the dumb Melayus.Dr Halimah and her husband graduated from Australia where usually only a limited number of places are available in the medical faculties evenfor Australian students .So Malaysian education is not a total failure after all.

    6. Prof Pokpek Parrot has a weird & warped mind indeed. He thinks we are jealous of Taliban. I dont know whether to laugh or cry...:)

  40. Prof Nadi Lemak,

    // must be terribly shocked to learn about PAS Dr Halimah Ali and her family of doctors???//

    Pls re-read my comment above s-l-o-w-l-y.

    Your answer is there :)

    //Jeles wth PAS and now you dah mula tunjuk jeles dgn Universiti Malaya pula dah?//

    Jealous with Parti Anak Syaitan?

    Aiyoh, you have a very strange set of values.


    University Malaya?

    You obviously dont know abt the anti-jampi products UM sells to fights djinns and other evil spirits :)

    I think you can still buy those kits.



    1. Aduh Gladiator

      Now I understand why Tun had no choice but to appoint his own Council of Elders to assist the Pakatan Harapan government.

      Memang takde pilihan rupa2nya, lain2 quality kebanyakn tahap mentaliti Gladiator asyik meghapu pasai Syaitan, evil spirits, jinns, jampi2, Taliban and kerja FUCKING all day long.

      No wonder 100 days promises last last jadi janji2 mat jenin aje.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Prof Pokpek Cutpaste Parrot,kalau tahap mentaliti serupo kau yang pokpekpokpek sokmo, BN akan dikebumikan buat selama lamanya wei

    3. im a BN supporter, BN lost caused by idiot macai2 like prof pokpek.

    4. Anon 21:05 n 22:08

      Ye ke?
      Malangnya kawasan kami tetap teguh bersatu bersama UMNO, dulu sekarang dan selama2nya.

      Kesian toktua kamu dah tua terpaksa dok naik turun kapal terbang melintasi lautan2 punya la nak cari investors... yg kamu pula sekadar asyik;


      BTW dah 100hari project2 baru PH takde ke? Okay la janji2 100hari tak mampu ditunaikan, nak tanya sikit.

      Sekarang dok bayaq gaji elaun pemimpin2 PH yg ramai tu semua gunapakai duit dari mana eh?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. Prof Pokpek Parrot, janji segala janji sudah dilaksanakan iaitu Bapak Perompak dan Penyanggak UMNO kamu tu Najis sudah tiada lagi berkuasa. Kamu ni lapar dedak lagi ke ? Orang UMNO pun tak mau Najis dah. Kesian kau...masih rindu Najis idola kau tu. Nanti kempen Balakong dan Seri Setia pun Najis tak berani datang lagi...kahkahkahkah

    6. Anon 06:12

      Selangor negeri populasi penuh dgn keturunan pendatang dan sedara mara PATI penuh berkeliaran..Mana pi very kotor.. jamban2 awam pun takde yang bersih. No wonder otak dan mulut2 penyokong PH sana bau busuk mcam jamban.

      Tun dok pujuk merayu Rakyat Malaysia dluaq Negara supaya pulang.. sedihnya.

      Expat takut la satni mrk pulang atas janji2 mat jenin, balik sini otak mereka abis kena psycho jadi macam otak2 Gladiator Anon 21:05 n 22:08 n 06:12.. payah.

      Dibayar gaji kerja suruh menyalak aje ari2. Woof woof woof

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    7. "BTW dah 100hari project2 baru PH takde ke?"


      Prof pokpek pantat paste parrot, ko rindu Barisan Najis ye?

      Nak 1MDB, TRX, Bandar M'sia lagi ke?

      Macai o macai o macai.....xde otak, toksah bising ler.....

  41. Pittacus of Mytilene, one of the seven recognized sages of the western world:

    “Do not say before hand what you are going to do; for if you fail, you will be laughed at.”

    “Forgiveness is better than revenge.”

    “Whatever you do, do it well.”

    “Know thy opportunity.”

    “Measure a person by what they do with power.”

    1. Anon 17:59 Don't steal and swindle rakyat's money when in power like the previous MO1

  42. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //pasai Syaitan, evil spirits, jinns, jampi2, Taliban and kerja FUCKING all day long.//

    Waaah!! "Syaitan, evil spirits, jinns, jampi2, Taliban and kerja FUCKING"?

    Funnily, every single item you have mentioned describes Parti Anak Syaitan perfectly.

    Come on lah, be honest, you believe in that kind of stuff, don't you?

    Be honest now - tell me the truth :)



  43. Anonymous @ 19 August 2018 at 19:31,

    //Gladiators only recognises Chinese doctors as genuinely qualified as compared to the dumb Melayus.//


    I only recognise people who qualify from reputable universities - not some pondok university at the back of Kampung Nuri in Kelantan.

    Your racial background has nothing to do with my assessment of competence in any particular field.

    //Dr Halimah and her husband graduated from Australia//

    Which university?

    Oh, University of Hobart, I see.

    As far as I know, that is a very very small university in Australia, not very well known, quite remote.

    From what little I know of it, like many small underfunded universities, the University of Hobart is very kind and understanding to foreign students so as to attract more fee-paying foreign students.

    If you have money, you should have few problems getting into any course there as long as you meet minimal requirements. :)

    Notwithstanding anything I have said above, the University of Hobart still strives to meet the education standards set by the Australian Government.

    So, if Dr Halimah has gone thru the University of Hobart, I am quite happy to apologise unreservedly if I thought that she graduated from some kangkung university in Malaysia :)

    Unfortunately, I was unable to ascertain where Dr Halimah's husband graduated from, nor could I ascertain where her children graduated from, so ......

    Hopefully, they don't prescribe Zam Zam water or use that anti-jampi kit from UM :)

    But then, I would not be surprised if a PAS-supporting doctor would do that - Australian trained or not :)


    1. As usual you just shoot with your mouth first nd use you brain later.Just apply to the medical faculty of Univertsity Of Tasmania and not University of Hobart which doesnt exist by the way and see wether wethet they will accept the like of you.

    2. Kinda rude to rundown that dr halimah and the husband and family when in the same breath you said you cant ascertain their professional background..

      It does remind of what’s happening when some quarters accuse first and investigate later.

      Maybe you need to check with your minders on the SOP.

  44. Bila nasi ‘lemak’ dan nasi ‘kuning’ ni nak get a room and get it over. Lama sangat thread n boleh lemau

    1. Anon 13:17 said

      "Bila nasi ‘lemak’ dan nasi ‘kuning’ ni nak get a room and get it over. Lama sangat thread n boleh lemau"

      Ya I am waiting for the Nasi Lemak fella to get thrashed and bungkus...there is where he belongs.. in the trash.

    2. Anon 15:18 n 13:17

      Nasi Lemak kegemaran org ramai, 24/7 mana bole trash sesuka hati.

      Toktua mendiang Monsterball kamu sampai dia hembus nafas akhirnya, pun takleh lawan saya la.. kamu ni sekadar bebudak tabika masih brhingus.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. prof...u'r really really d master of talent. related species to ....he..he..heee

    4. Prof pokpek parrot, kepala otak kau kegemaran org ramai. Nasi kamu tu nasi celup basi..apasal sekarang Najis tak bagi makan dedak lagi ke? Lapar dedak ke? Kesian ya...patutlah selalu pokpekpokpek macam burung kakaktua ...lapar dedak kononnya

  45. Anonymous @ 20 August 2018 at 17:07,

    //As usual you just shoot with your mouth first nd use you brain later.Just apply to the medical faculty of Univertsity Of Tasmania and not University of Hobart //

    My apologies :)

    I was refering to a NST article which I was pretty sure did say University of Hobart.

    I just had another look at the same article and it says University of Tasmania.

    //see wether wethet they will accept the like of you.//

    Why would I need to apply to do medicine at the University of Tasmania just to amuse you?

    For all you know, I may well satisfy their requirements :)


  46. Anonymous @ 20 August 2018 at 20:06,

    //when in the same breath you said you cant ascertain their professional background..//

    Only about the husband and the children qualifications.

    I already know their professional background - they are doctors.

    //what’s happening when some quarters accuse first and investigate later.//

    Ah, but I did investigate first - superficial perhaps, but investigations nonetheless.

    That investigation was why I said I didnt know where they got their degrees from.

    Do you happen to know where they got their degrees from?

    And I made no accusations.

    I merely made some remarks saying I hoped they did not prescribe Zam Zam water, etc.

    Those remarks are not accusations, they are merely remarks - unflaterring remarks maybe but definitely not accusatory :)

    BTW, are you saying that there are NO PAS-supporting doctors who believe in djinns, evil spirits, Zam Zam water, etc??

    //Maybe you need to check with your minders on the SOP.//

    All my minders died from frustration because they could not handle me :)

    I am now the only one left and I make up my SOP as I please.


  47. Kesian Tun, no wonder took him almost a month to form his cabinet.. owh ade lagi 3 tempat kosong??

    Terpaksa Tun appoint toktua2 toknek2 yg dh lama menapuase to assist him.

    No wonder Tun is pleading for Malaysians working overseas to come home to help build this nation..yg dok ada skrg sekadar tahap fatin, anon 05:56 dan Gladiator meghapu hari2 pokpekpokpekpokpekpokpek memaki, mencarut, ego cerdik pandai knon dan sikap jeles2 belaka..

    No wonder PH supporters, letak lembu dan kerbau they will vote.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Prof Pokpek Parrot,

      Tak payahlah kau nak kesian Tun. Tun is having his time of his life and greatest satisfaction in seeing your idol the Perompak dan Penyanggak no longer able to steal from the country. Kesian kat kau sajalah...apa nak buat..dedak pun in short supply these days that's why you always pokpekpokpek for dedak....kahkahkah

  48. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //anon 05:56 dan Gladiator meghapu hari2 pokpekpokpekpokpekpokpek memaki//

    You really need to improve your Bahasa Melayu.

    What you are writing is simply unintelligible.

    Are you over-medicating yourself or do you drink any ketum while you are writing?

    Alternatively, you may like to stick to English.

    I suspect you are from the old schooling system who was brought up speaking English, so I think you are quite good at it.

    Pretending you dont speak English will not get you the attention you obviously need from me :)

    But I do try to give you what attention I can because I know that quite a few ppl here enjoy reading your comments.

    It is not often we get to see such a character like you here.


    //No wonder PH supporters, letak lembu dan kerbau they will vote.//


    Given that for nearly 60 years, UMNO followers have been faithfully voting for UMNO, and PAS supporters have been told tak bolih guna akal in matters of agama, I find it quite funny you call others lembu and kerbau.

    Pls understand that many of the people who voted PH in GE14, are not actually PH supporters!!

    They are UMNO or MIC or MCA people who are sick and tired of BN.

    If you are after lembu and kerbau, look at Terengganu and Kelantan, faithfully voting in PAS again and again and again. :)

    Yup, tak bolih guna akal when considering agama, right?

    Hehehehe !!

    Pls do keep contributing comments, ok?

    I love the comic relief you provide :)


  49. Getting lemau already reading this thread. Will come and visit here next month only. Keep seeing only one commentator going round and round the roundabout with no plot

    1. Anon 20:36
      Plot ape pula?

      Kita dok kesian kat Tun. Dah agak pun, dia terpaksa lanjutkan services Daim dn geng2 toktua toknek dia. Sedih betul.

      Nak harapkan kamu semua;

      Pokpekpokpekpokpek memanjang.

      Good, at last kamu dah pun sedar diri. Syabas!!!!

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Bodoh betul Prof pokpek parrot ni. Pokpekpokpek macam burung kakak tua lapar dedak. Tak payah kesian Tun. Kesian kau saja la yang lapar dedak ...duit umno pun dah short supply. Utusan Meroya pun nak PN17 dah tak lama lagi bankrap dan bungkus!