Wednesday 20 June 2018

Nombor calon 61

Never would I ever thought of sharing this.. but here goes ..


Di malam yang kita bertukar kerajaan selepas keputusan keseluruhan diumumkan. I felt my whole world just stopped.

Saya tidak boleh terima kenyataan bahawa setelah 60 tahun kita memerintah, dalam satu malam, semuanya berubah. Perak kalah di tangan PH, tampuk pemerintahan sekelip mata bertukar tangan. I couldn’t sleep the whole night.

Then I woke up the next morning, I told myself... ‘maaaaan, I gotta help to change this’.. Saya memang sangat terkesan atas apa yang terjadi, tetapi saya perlu hadam & terima kekalahan & kesedihan saya ini sebagai satu semangat untuk bina semula kekuatan dan teruskan perjuangan. Saya percaya, berubah dan bangkit jauh lebih indah dari pada berdiam dan hanya bermimpi tanpa melakukan sebarang tindakan.

Ini adalah masa terbaik untuk kita REVAMP & REBRANDING demi memulihkan Umno. Saya perlu membantu menarik semula hati pengundi-pengundi muda untuk menyokong UMNO &  membuktikan kepada pengundi bahawa tiada parti sehebat parti UMNO & Barisan Nasional (it’s proven for 60 years, gais!)

Saya tiada sebarang jawatan dalam Umno, baik di cawangan mahupun di Bahagian. Tetapi saya akan menawarkan diri kali ini untuk ‘take up this challenge’ jika diberi peluang. I believed, I'm self-motivated & a fast learner. Saya bersedia menerima arahan, teguran & akan membawa suara & denyut nadi anak muda. Saya akan menghidupkan semula Demokrasi & ketelusan yang telah hilang dalam parti keramat ini.

I’m keeping my intentions clear. Saya buat ini kerana Allah, parti & negara. InsyaAllah, jika diberi peluang, I won’t mess this opportunity up. I’m carrying my father’s name with me.

... Jadi,

Assalamualaikum & Selamat sejahtera. Dengan ini .. saya Puteri Farhana Megat Ahmad Shahrani dari bahagian Kuala Kangsar... dengan rasa rendah diri & penuh tanggungjawab menawarkan diri untuk bertanding sebagai Calon Exco Puteri Umno Malaysia & Calon Ketua Puteri Umno Kuala Kangsar. Saya memohon sokongan dari adinda-kakanda seluruh negara dan terutamanya bahagian Kuala Kangsar untuk beri saya peluang ini.

Terima kasih banyak-banyak atas sokongan & doa, hanya Allah sahaja boleh membalas jasa & budi baik anda semua. May Allah shower His countless blessing to you & your family, insyaAllah 😊


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  1. If UMNO has more leaders of this calibre, then they are in good hands. Best of luck. Stay true to yourself and always maintain your looks and appearance just like the picture above.

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    2. Please don't cut from other blog and paste it here. Thank you.

  2. //Saya buat ini kerana Allah, parti & negara.//

    I don't think He had anything to do with Rosmah Mansor, Jamal Yunos, even Abdul Hamid Mohamad but i stand ready to be proven wrong.

    And if tomorrow Umno transforms and rebrands into a multi-racial political party championing the rights of all races forming the Malaysian citizenry, will she candidly still want to be calun nombor 61?

    And if she is willing to learn, who in Umno Wanita will be able to teach her the true illuminations of sublime politics in this trillion-ringgit indebted country? Shahrizat, perhaps?

    This is the twenty-first century. There should be less government, more self-reliance on private enterprise. If a race needs help, build goodwill with the others and fight the injustice of race-based, religion-biased and patronage-striken actions if only to discard the feudal mindset that had enchained mindless millions before GE14 and it seems still enchaining a sleepy crop after who persists in denial of the crimes done onto all Malaysians that has brought all to this stage.

    If the race needs help, isn't it more logical to reproduce less so that each in the family will have more in order to develop better, then use the progress to get more wisdom and courage to venture out? Fall a hundred times to learn the one lesson in life that there is really no free lunch. If one gets, someone else didn't.

    And exactly, hour by hour, in an 8-hour/day, 5-working days/week, does an Umno Youth rep of KK buat apa? Fill out a Gantt chart before deciding anything.

    Heart alone won't solve problems. Dignified and honest evaluation of reality is needed.

    1. Talk so much and it comes to no fruition. Umno is obviously for agama 1st bangsa dan negara. It is crystal clear. It does not need any manipulation of facts by others outside the party who obviously have their own agenda. Say NO to outsiders'/ agents/provocateurs out to destroy umno and its principles. Anon 17.18 is one such species out to demoralise the sacred party. Long live umno forever.

    2. which facts have been manipulated?

      if making comments you cannot accept makes one a species, what be you?

      typical of idiots - never read properly, cannot think clearly, fail to understand completely, so can only do ad hominem attacks.

      Umno forever? good luck then with such supporters.

    3. "Umno is obviously for agama 1st bangsa dan negara."

      Umno is obviously for money 1st, money 2nd and money 3rd.

      Sacred party?

      Kih kih kih.

    4. Umno is obviously for money, power and pussy.

      Sacred party my foot!

  3. Annie Yang neutral,

    Why the girl cannot sleep. Everyone was overjoyed that day.

    You have to admit that 9th May did a lot of good not just to Pakatan but UMNO as well.

    Now we have UMNO that want to change like this gal here.

    Of course there are others who do not want to change.

    This girl just aiming for Puteri UMNO cawangan Kuala Kangsar only?

    Why not the female UMNO aim higher , maybe vice president etc. ?

    In Pakatan, woman are better presented. The deputy PM woman, we have Zuraida as the cabinet minister. There is talk that the speaker will be woman.

    I think nowadays in UMNO, woman can outperform the men in UMNO. The UmNO guys, a lot of them are mediocre.

    Annie, what are you waiting for? .It's time for you to jump in the bandwagon sinve you favor UMNO so much.

    Nobody believe you are nuetral , but hey , it's a free country.

    But don't complain if the UMNo guys shove you to the side.

    1. Zuraida used to have a special assistant by the name of Adam Rosly or whatever.Disneyland bungalow.Zuraida have magic wand that transformed that young man to be a millionaire.Bravo
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Pros Kangkang,

      You seem to forget that the magic wand of the Bugis pirate made himself a BILLIONAIRE. Ditto the hippo.

      I guess your eyes must be quite filled with dedak.

      See an optician.

      And a brain surgeon.

      You need both.

      Prof Sawi

    3. Prof. Kangkang,

      There is a saying in Malay which goes, bacteria across the sea you can see but the elephant in front you, you cannot see.

  4. i dont like your UMNO tendencies but you are very pretty annie

    mintak kahwin boleh?

    1. How you know Annie pretty? Ada gambar Annie tak?

    2. Most of Annie's readers are stupid. They never read the articles published clearly.

    3. Anon 19.57 is the stupidiest of the lot

    4. Well idiotics here esp anon 22:15.. Haven't you all heard the saying, "empty vessels make the most noise"?

      The poyo blogger Annie and ramai mat saleh celup wannabe makan belacan here fit at it the most. As for melayu umno macais say, rumah siap pahat masih berbunyi.

  5. Good luck, Annie, may you bring clean, honest and positive change to UMNO! God knows it needs a major major MAJOR purge and clean up for sure.

    Of course, if you ever feel that UMNO no longer represents your principles and stands for integrity, competence and progress, feel free to join one of the parties that really stand for all that I have said... aka DAP :D

  6. Annie,

    According to the minister for multimedia, the UMNO debate can be telecast in RTM.

    This to support Pakatan pledge of free expression of speech.

    Pakatan will not interfere in the debate. Just look only.

    It will interesting to see those UMNO guys debate among themselves, especially the Oxford graduate Vs the Kelantan prince.

    Looks like our country have changed for the better. More democratic than before.

    During BN days, a debate is considered a dangerous events.

  7. Annie,

    This is the first time I look at your picture.


    You are mixed blood , Chinese + Malay but you do not look like Chinese at all.

    1. Did Annie claim that this Fara lady is she ? Better clear up this misunderstanding before you go further ?

  8. Annie,

    Since you name has a Puteri, it would logic for you to become Puteri UMNO.

    Are you related to the Perak kerabat?

  9. is this you annie...everytime i see that so beautiful

    >james bond

  10. Hi Annie,

    Last year my friend pointed me to you, but you definitely look different from the picture.

    Maybe you undergo a plastic surgery procedures. Nowadays, anything can happen.

  11. Annie,

    I guess one has to admire Puteri Farhana for making a stand. (Why would anybody want to name their child Puteri?)


    1. Perak style Mr Gladiator .. Kalau ayah nya Megat anak perempuan nya Puteri..

  12. Hello kawan kawan,
    Interesting topics coming up.

    1. Altantuya case buka semula, reopen!! Police report lodge, by Altantuya father, linking Musa Safri Najib aide de camp.
    2. Mindef looking into Scorpene submarine deal, Perimekar dealings with Razak Baginda.
    3. Teoh Beng Hock case also maybe open again.
    4. Najib said all birkin bags, luxury goods are gifts, donation again (some from son in law). Ada bayar cukai kah? Make claim that money with various currencies seized are Umno money (why need foreign currencies ya?)
    5. Claim doesn't know about money transfer to his account and blame it all on 1MDB board directors.
    6. PKR simple Selangor MB appointment also having twist and turn. What's going on in PKR?

    Jeng jeng Najib going to Jail? will his cousin Razak Baginda jail the same time? Jeng jeng.....pop corn....

    RPK super busy spinning Altantuya stories, Annie busy spinning Guan Eng stories, but the real story is 1MDB coming up and Najib is going to jail....jeng jeng jeng...

    1. "Interesting topics coming up"

      oke...but where is it the Interesting topics...keldai

  13. Wow.. tak sangka Annie is so beautiful.... kpidap Annie!! Will support you always!

  14. Why some reader think the lady Contestant in the poster is Annie is beyond my comprehension. Mereka tak baca betui betui ka...:(

    1. sudah baca betui betui

    2. come on annie.. rebut this like you did with umno macai assertion

  15. soon to be a dumbo shining example - mo1 the father of all prisoners (bapuk segala banduan) wakakaka

  16. What a waste Annie. Beautiful and talented lady but in a wrong sinking party.

  17. Hafsah Osman @ 21 June 2018 at 10:03,

    //Perak style ... Kalau ayah nya Megat anak perempuan nya Puteri...//

    Ah, thks for helping me become a little less dumb :)

    So, that fellow my eldest sister was going out with was probably from Perak.

    His name was Megat something something. He was a nice guy and I liked him.

    Unfortunately, I dunno why he and my sister never took it further.