Monday 11 June 2018

Dr Mahathir's worst idea so far

I have always been supportive of the much maligned Proton.

You can check that out in this blog's archive.

But I have to disagree when

Mahathir speaks of new national car

With all due respect to the handsome old man, I have to say that's just not right.

In fact I have to say that's his worst idea since becoming the PM for the second time.

I have to go along with this call,

Forget national car, focus on public transport

I think even MoF Guan Eng would agree.

After all he's the one who keep saying we are drowning in debt.

He may even be the one who wanted the crucial MRT3 project to be shelved because of that.

But of course he wouldn't dare to object to anything Dr Mahathir says these days.

That's just the way DAP is now.

They need to keep the peace so that PH could survive.

They can't risk antagonising the millions who voted PH because of Dr Mahathir.

Anyway, I don't really believe Dr Mahathir will continue with such a national car project after the general opposition against it among Malaysians today.

He probably just floated the idea to see how the public would respond and it turned into the first serious objection against him after GE14.

The Proton experience has not been very good for too many people.

Well, maybe he'll do it later.

Whatever it is, I hope he'll only do so after we have fixed our public transport system first.

After MRT3 at least.

We need a proper public transport system if we are to be a fully developed nation by 2020 or now they said 2025.

Dr Mahathir is now in Japan. Surely he knows how important is the rail public transport system in that country. I can't imagine how Tokyo would be without it.

Dr Mahathir and Dr Siti Hasmah taking a ride on the MRT


  1. a very good idea for de future once our economy is put in place...

  2. I have to say this even though many people might not agree with me.IMHO Tun has some illusions.He is stuck in the time tunnel (that is in the'80s).I hope a psychiatarist needs to evaluate Tun's mental health.At 93 years of age, it is no wonder some of his decisions are so erratics.Brace for more erratic decisions from the old man.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pros Kangkang,

      "At 93 years of age, it is no wonder some of his decisions are so erratics"

      The only thing "erratics" was your education, obviously.

      Also, be reminded that this 92-year-old man completely defeated BN cyber-sundal like you. Obviously, none of you had any substance.

      But keep making a fool of yourself publicly, please.

      Prof Sawi

    2. It was lapuji and his invoke bandwagon who did all the cyber mongering abd wgere is he now?. Parti munge just joined in on the last lap and attempt to take the credit. Prof sawi scoundrel, a typical ph mongering machine with lies, fake and forever cursing attachement. He forgets it is only 1 month not yet 2 minority government he is parading abt. Idiot. Kuikui..

    3. Anonymous11 June 2018 at 22:46

      Please keep attacking and insulting Tun Dr worked very, very well for you in PRU-14. EXCELLENT STRATEGY!!!

    4. I remembered very well back then when Japan first manufactured 'Honda' car in the early 60s, no one would even want to look at it. Today Honda cars are the most popular in the world. I've had 8 years working experience with 2 Japanese Multinational Corporations and it is their policy that the Companies strictly purchased & kept Japanese & Proton cars only.

      Likewise, Malaysians and oppositions in the beginning made fun on idea having own national car by giving such name as Musabishi or Yamahathir (during Mahathir and Musa era). At that point of time, car owners were very rare - cars were lucrative/luxurious and not essential item due to low income. Miraculously, in the span of short years, prosperity emerged & Proton became the best selling cars and pride of the nation - but sadly Proton started having problem due to no support and lack of interest from Tun M successor, the zzzzz pm.
      It became worst when the penyamun menteri/pm najib sold it off to The Red Chinese Communist Company.

    5. Prof babi berkangkungkan dedak pasir

  3. I think you're right Annie.

    He's just mooted the idea to see how Malaysians think about it.

    Maybe he's trying to tell the younger generations that one day, they should think seriously about having a national car.

    I still remember when he first suggested Proton back in the 1980. I was in my early teens at the time.

    I thought it was a too outrageous of an idea.

    Kita rakyat Malaysia yg kerdil ni nak produce our own car? No way! Tak mungkin!

    Then... Proton Saga came out. At RM 12,000 a unit, it was the cheapest brand new sedan one could buy. It was so cheap that opponents of Proton made up stories that Proton Saga was made from tin milo yg dikemek-kemek jadi chassis...

    At 14 yrs old, I really believed the story! hahahaaa... rasa bodohnya bila ingat semua tuu...

    Because Proton Saga was cheap, many kampung folks could afford to own a car. Something they could only dream of before that.

    Utusan even carried a survey. In late 80's and in the 90's, Proton cars (Saga, Satria, Rusa, Wira, Perdana) were so popular among Malays (bcos they were affordable), according to the survey, on the road, for every 1 Toyota there were 7 Protons.

    When I went to Maldives, I saw our wira. I went to London, I saw our wira but with a different name, I forgot the UK's version of wira. We were a proud nation at that time.

    One day...

    When we have been able to reduce our debt to the lowest amount possible (mana ada country yg takde hutang langsung, right)...

    I hope...
    Malaysia will rise once again...
    As a proud nation... in syaa Allah...

    1. Things were different then.Protectionism was the rule of the game.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Are you professor kangkong or professor pekong?

      Now listen to what I'm gonna said and listen me good so that you'll never be a deadwood.

      Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that having a new national car project would help boost Malaysia's engineering capability.

      When he first started the Proton car project back in the 1980s, Malaysia had no knowledge whatsoever about how to build cars but gradually acquired the knowledge to design, build and mass-produce cars over a period of more than two decades.

      Unfortunately Proton has been sold to the Chinese Commusinist who have been given the right to manage Proton. So Malaysia now is not making use of those skills.

      Tun Mahathir, who first disclosed plans for the new national initiative for Malaysia at the Nikkei Conference here yesterday, said there was a need to create opportunities for Malaysian engineers to do things on their own in Malaysia.

      He had pointed out that Proton was no longer a national car.

      At today's press conference, Tun Mahathir said quite a lot of Malaysian engineering companies had to close down because they could not supply items according to the demand of the new owners or managers of Proton.

      "Malaysia need to revive them because the whole idea about investing in a national car is not just about building a national car, it's about becoming a catalyst for growing the Malaysian engineering capability.

      He said that was exactly what happened with the Proton project.

      Tun Mahathir said the automotive industry is a very big market.

      All over the world people are outsourcing parts of motorcars, we can produce parts for branded cars in Malaysia and export them which will earn us a lot of foreign exchange.

      Got it, kiddo.....??

    3. Automotive engineering capability built this far under Proton can be further enhanced by developing ancillarry industries which spawn upon the already existing skills. A new wheel? Really?

  4. One of the criterias of a develop nation is that it has to have some advanced technological know how, resources and development.

    This project of another national car could be the catalyst for us to become a developed country. We're not talking about old technology petrol cars. More on hybrid, electric, solar or anything of that sort. And of course one that could generate income for the country.

    If you're talking about improving public transport. That can be done simultaneously. Not necessary in klang valley only. But throughout the nation. Just don't think of getting HSR that could benefit only a few.

    So,I have no problem at all with the new national car project. We must start thinking about the future rather than just about now if we are going to be the best.

    But then again, we have to take into account the slow learners. And perhaps this project might not materialise at all because of these people.

  5. Annie,

    Problem with Proton has always been poor management. They had good technology partners & transfer (e.g Lotus) - but wasted it all.

    The parallel is MAS - same issues. They got a real good guy with the German Moller, but he wasn't corrupt enough.

    It's a shame that we can't get our act together like Japan and South Korea. China cars are teruk, but give them 10-20 years, who knows?

    I will keep an open mind on Tun's suggestion, but really this time we must NOT fail.

    Best managers possible.

    if pemain import, takpe lah.

    Only the end result matters - we should have a Malaysian car in demand across Asia (at a minimum.)

    PS: Perodua also is a foreign transfer of tech, but it's been better managed than Proton. Big difference. It's ALL about management nowadays. Good luck to MAS with their new guy...

  6. Annie,

    Long-long time ago, in the Penang Island far-far away.

    Tun, decided to build a bridge.

    People say it is a crazy idea. Cost so much money.

    Now they built a second bridge.

  7. Irrespective whether it's a national car or not, could this new brand compete globally? Proton, in its national car days, often relied on government grant just to survive. The Koreans took years before their cars became a recognizeable brand globally.

    Tun declaration that Proton is no longer recognize as a national car is not music to Proton ears. Whatever protection provided to them previously should also be lifted. Was that the message been sent? Anyway, in the era of Malaysia Baru, the voice of the masses matters most. Once the rakyat rejected the idea, it won't see the light of day. It's not LKS or DAP that have the final say. DAP fate as a governing party is also in the hands of the masses as well.

  8. He wants a legacy so people can remember him by. If he proceed with mrt n ecrl people will have to thank najib and the hensem old man does not want that.. hehe

    1. That old man is so vengeful.No wonder he is reluctant to hand over the power to Anwar since he has done so many bad things to Anwar (whether rightly or wrongly).He is scared that Anwar will take revenge on him when Anwar is in power.He needs to protect his family too when he is no longer around.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Prof, i think you must have eaten too much kangkung,or your account had been hijack by someone. How else to explain such drop in standard (not that your standard is high) in what you put up now.

    3. The most jarring noise is the braying of a kangkung donkey

    4. Professor Kangkung.

      Put this onto your brainless head.....

      Mahathir is so synonym to Malaysia. Mahathir is Malaysia, so does Malaysia is Mahathir. Also Maha means 'great'.

      Mahathir is more known than Malaysia to the Arab world, notably at Mecca, Medina & Palestine.

      One can never erase his legacy and aura whenever driving along the NS highway stretching from Southern gateway JB to far North Bukit Kayu Hitam. Whatmore if you at the heart of KL city looking at Petronas Twin Tower, the majestic Putrajaya, PWTC, and so on.

      Latest, even the Japanese PM is so excited and honoured to meet much so he presented the No. 7 jersey of the Japan National Soccer team symbolizing and acknowledging Tun Mahathir as one of The World's Best Player.

      Btw, professor kangkong what have you got, haaaaa.....??

  9. i like this idea....malaysia should not keeps on buying and buying things...we also need to sell something like producing our own car and sell

  10. Annie,

    We need a catalyst to drive the economy.

    The market of automobile is very saturated, yes, but technology will change the market.

    Nokia was king a decade ago. Then came the smartphone. The whole market turned upside down.

    Same thing can happen to cars.

    We have 30 years of experience in automobile manufacturing.

    The expertise is there. We have our own engineers for automobile engineering and design.

    The market for cars will change with new generation of electric cars and hybrid electrical & fuel combustion engine.

    If say, the new model will be affordable and much-much more economical, then this will definitely beneficial to Malaysian.

    We will have to see what kind of cars that will be offered to Malaysian and how it will impact the cars prices in Malaysia.

    1. Anon 01:03

      That's wishful thinking... Why throw good money over bad ?

  11. Annie,

    Hmmm... a national car?

    I dunno.

    Can Malaysia support 3 car manufacturers?

    Should govts be involved in making cars?

    Could the money be better spent in providing better waste management, sewage and drainage infrastructure, schools, etc?

    If the numbers stack up and we can make a good profit, why not?

    But, I don't think the numbers are there - Proton is a classic example of why Malaysia should forget about car manufacturing.


  12. IMO car industry is not the right launch pad to go into hi-tech manufacturing. Cars are soo last century. With the sharing economy, less & less cars are needed. Protectionism doesn't work anymore & will only hurt the consumers. I hope Prof Jomo & Dr MAK will set Tun straight.

  13. Good public transportation system will reduce traffic congestion. If more affordable cars built, then provide more parking spaces please.

  14. Hi Annie,
    The point Tun is trying to make is not only about making car, the hidden point is mastery of technology itself, if car is consider a high technology investment and needed skills, then if Malaysia able to master these technologies, means, not only can we make cars, we can make planes, trains, ships, rockets, etc. People critisizing Tun, has not use their brain, no wonder Tun said there are many still need education.
    Those crying public transport, do we make our own buses? do we make our own High Speed Train? do we lay down our own steel tracks? You see, we still depended on foreigners for our own comfort and paying for it. National car is just an analogy. The message must be absorbed so we must have some industry and strive our best that we can claim we can make and wholly Malaysian.

    1. Totally agree! I think a lot of people are just against the idea for the 'perceived' disadvantage they 'think' it would have on the nation. Many don't even know if the 'perceived' disadvantage is valid or backed by numbers / facts. You are spot on there, having our very own national car would not only mean we can produce cars but the technology can be utilised for other industries. And don't forget, the automotive production can be converted into war production, should the need arise. Tun M is way ahead of any of us and the ideas and dreams he has for Malaysia is never just for his legacy or for fame, but it has a deeper and more substantial benefit for the nation and its people. I trust Tun M and would give him this vote of confidence for our national car!

    2. Then just go improve with perodua no need create new just cause he want to his name stamped on it. Don't be gullible. He is creating a car industry for his cronies.

    3. 12:44 idiot...

      Today Tun Mahathir said in the meeting with Japanese entreprenuers - we need Japanese technology which is very advanced. And coupled with Japanese work ethics, Malaysia will be able to develop much faster.
      He expressed hope that Japanese investors would set up more manufacturing plants in Malaysia, providing more jobs for Malaysians in the process.

      One of the challenges that Malausia has is the vast unemployment rate - school leavers & graduares alone stretched to millions. We need new investments from abroad so that jobs can be created for our people," he said.

      The meeting was attended, among others, by top officials from companies such as Panasonic Corporation, Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corporation, Hitachi Ltd, Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, Honda Motors Co. Ltd, Marubeni Corporation and Japan Airlines Co. Ltd.

  15. Those of us who have been to more developed countries would probably agree with me that having more cars on the road will not good.More pollution,more congestion and time wasted unnecessarily.
    In developed countries their public transportation system is so efficient.The bus runs on time.They have tram etc.
    Tun Mahathir is a very strong-willed person and doesn't take no for an answer.I just hope someone who is close to him(someone like Anwar Ibrahim,haha) can whisper to him,for once he is wrong.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Are there 2 Prof Kangkung running around in your blog, Annie ? Like the good and evil with bad engrish and fluggly ideas and thoughts; and the other rational and with quite a good sense of humour, haha

    2. Dear JJ,
      I have keep tracked almost all the replies in Annie's blog.So far nobody has copied my 'Prof Kangkung' nick.Thanks for your understanding guys.I do not write solely in this blog.In facebook I seldom touch on politics as I believe facebook is a medium for social interactions.I have friends from both sides of the political divide.
      Prof Kangkung

  16. electric cars are the future hidup Dr M...

    1. Many would agree electric cars are the future...especially with fully autonomous ones coming on mainstream...we can't wait for such a day. But this does not mean we as a very small country, just barely escaping from a kletocracy governance, and with the amount of debt to clear and everyone being advised to tighten belts...this does not mean we should rush headlong into the car manufacturing industry again ! Not even in another 30 to 50 years, by which time, the main global players would have gone to some other stratospheric level. We should do what we do best and be very very good at it and keep upping our standards there. Let's not get into another mess, please !

    2. Do you mean the electric wheelchair?Like the one used by the late Prof Stephen Hawking.
      Prof Kangkung

    3. prof kangkung
      pls continue to uphold your blinkered katak di bawah tempurung wakakaka

  17. Telokwanjah says:

    Industrial Policy was never spectacularly successful anywhere - except in post war periods where resource allocation was crucial.
    Even in Japan - take a look at the state of their semiconductor industry for example.

    The kind of innovation that projects like car manufacturing brings is really getting passé. Maybe someone can show Tun the new shared workspaces and collaborative incubators etc.

    Weworks in Sungai Petani ? Why not !!

  18. You remove Article 153 first then only start a grand project like this. Any grand projects for that matter.

    Otherwise it's doomed to fail.

    1. Over Malays dead bodies.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. john63ny - Are you the professor kangkung graduated at the backstreet of Chick-cargo, US (Ulu Selangor)....??

      I remembered very well back then when Japan first manufactured 'Honda' car in the early 60s, no one would even want to look at it. Today Honda cars are the most popular in the world. I've had 8 years working experience with 2 Japanese Multinational Corporations and it is their policy that the Companies strictly purchased & kept Japanese & Proton cars only.

      Likewise, Malaysians and oppositions in the beginning made fun on idea having own national car by giving such name as Musabishi or Yamahathir (during Mahathir and Musa era). Miraculously, in the span of short years, Proton became the best selling cars and pride of the nation - but start having problem due to no support and lack of interest from Tun M successor, the zzzzz pm. It became worst when the penyamun menteri/ pm najib sold it off to The Red Chinese Communist Company.

    3. PKHKC Kangkung does not speak for all Malays. That's for sure.

  19. Float the idea, let the private sector fund the "national" car initiative. See whether there are takers.

    Government should stay out of the business sphere.

    Enhance our community colleges and polytechnics,let them produce the automotive engineers.

    The education part taken care by the government. This is the role of the government.

    If a Tun loves cars and is obsessed with them, he can invest and be the partner. Don't use rakyats money to fill your hobby.

  20. Thank you for your post. I do love Proton X50 , and you?

  21. Hoping to see more vehicle options like Proton X50 .