Sunday 1 July 2018

Annie left the party

I decided to leave the party early last night.

I was simply fed up with it.

Further more, I was tired.

I'm not much into partying anyway.

Was there just because there's this white guy who invited me to be there.

Then everyone got drunk, which something I don't really like.

I know la that it was a bit of a beach party but the drinking was too much.

Well, white guys' beach parties are always like that.

So, I stayed there just for a while before claiming to the host that I was not feeling very well.

Managed to sleep early last night, which was good.


Umno election results?'s like that lah.

Umno is a Malay party, so the results should reflect the kind of leaders that Malays want.

I think the other Malays dominated parties are also more or less the same.


The Umno people used to elect leaders such as Dr Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim too.

Just like DAP being a Chinese dominated party.

That's why it has Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng as its leaders because Chinese prefer them to lead.

Same also in America. That's why they have Trump as president over there.

But I really don't have anything to comment about the Umno election results at the moment except to say that this seems quite good,

Zahid invites KJ, Ku Li to join new Umno leadership

That way they can get together to rebuild the party.

Hopefully Zahid really meant what he said.

Otherwise Umno will lose more good people.


I'm not an Umno member, okay.

I'm not even among those you can describe as good people.

So, that's about it.

Eh, here's this song to go with this Sunday mood;


  1. You can be better than what you are.
    But the answer can't be found at a beach party.
    It has something to do with the past. And present.
    You need to be swept off your feet. And made to see
    That balance is all there is to regain.
    The peace lost from loss of that balance
    The resonance with what is good and right
    The positive sense of reality transformed
    The confidence again to get up to a fresh start
    The intimacy of the kiss of life
    The touch within the feel within the magic of the moment
    Yes, that's what you need...

    Umno? Nah, Annie.

    1. You're welcome to join our tupperware party,no membership fee,no hidden agenda,no gst or sst. Only a bunch of old ladies having good times over cup of tea.

  2. In UMNO election, at least there are chance the non elites can be elected. DrM, Ghafar Baba, Anwar Ibrahim, Pak Lah and now this orang Jawa from Ponorogo.In DAP election, the top leader always Lim Kit Siang n Karpal Singh clan. Others does not deserve to be elected.Democratic party, my foot.

    1. Ini baru melayu kena tipu melayu sejati. Wahai Anon 15:48 tiada perkataan untuk mu selain padan muka. Demecratic konon. Dont be an asshole. Leave the politician with their party alone. Support those with intergrity,with moral and clean. It doesnt matter they are from which party. Praise them when they did good condemn them when they did wrong. A good MP knows when to leave their party if their leader acted badly and dishonestly. Do not support a racist. We are all Malaysian. Everyone contributed to the nation. So take your" my foot" and shovel it up your ass. You deserved it. Go joint Jamal ikan tongkol.

    2. Mangkok Ayunlah Skimo Horn. UMNO racist ??? that make the Chainise second class citizen, marginalised and they were heavily discriminated..My foot...Look around you, these second class and marginalised citizen are living in bungalow and drive Mercedes.

    3. There are a lot of melayu,cina,india,kadazan,dusun,
      iban,rungus,orang asli yang kaya dan yang miskin di negara kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia. Tiada beza nya di sisi Allah. Memang lah kau ni racist tegar. En. Mangkuk Ayun are they all living in bungalow and drive mercedes.? Please dont cherry pick on quoting. Please dont be a racist. The only place for a racist is HELL. Mengucap lah.

    4. Racist Tegar??.Biar betul..Racist Tegar nilah in the last 2 PRU had voted for DAP with a clear conscience.

      Just count the asset owned in Kuala Lumpur...Majority of the Chinese owned the assets while the bulk of Malays owned the low cost assets.Get my drift, dear.Ini fakta, bro.Tak your own research.

      For saying this fact, you called me racist. Some more fact about the Malays. They are accomodative lot. They can accept 5 Kings from keturunan bukan Melayu (3 Bugis, 1 Minang dan 1 Arab) n they can also accept all the Prime Ministers from not pure Malays blood. Historically, they can welcome all other races to live in Malaysia without much resistance.

      Kalau nak belajar racist tegar, learn from downsouth.Google "Singapore Eugenics" and you will understand what I mean.No bullshit.

    5. I just dont like racist. I have friends rich and poor of all races and all religions in our country. If u think you are not Alhamduillah.

  3. "I'm not even among those you can describe as good people."

    Nor is Zahid.

    "Highly-placed sources said the former deputy prime minister will be asked to explain allegations that funds from the foundation were used to pay off credit cards belonging to him and his wife amounting to RM800,000. Dr Ahmad Zahid is the chairman of the foundation. Records showed the foundation was registered in 1997 and its role is to receive and administer funds to eradicate poverty."


    Stealing from the poor.

    Cantik lah tu.

    Same as that Umno lady who casually helped herself to YAPEIM funds, I guess.

    And the new V-P lineup?

    You can bet that long-time crooks like Mael Sabri and Mahdzir Khalid are also heading behind bars.

    KJ's comments were interesting.

    He lamented the facts that warlords had bought the election.

    This is funny.

    Tun has always had a soft spot for KJ.

    if KJ had won, I think Tun would have left Umno alone.

    After all, he was President for 22 years.

    There is a matsal saying, “don’t get angry, get even.”

    You think Tun did not note which Umno leaders called him bad names before PRU14?

    That is why 900 accounts are frozen, the MACC are investigating all the warlords, and the de-registration case (led by Tun’s personal lawyer, Haniff Khatri) will be heard quite soon.

    Umno will die a slow, painful, horrible death.

    The warlords will end up in jail.

    But that’s what thieves and robbers deserve, I guess.

    1. They all called tun nyanyuk

      Now we see who is smart

      Zahid komedi is finished

      All the top umno warlord is finished

      Padan muka bro

    2. Wait wait. If all umngok corrupt leaders went behind bars what will happen to the macai macai that live from dedak and who praised and worship the warlord will do to themself. Commit Harakiri?

    3. They will commit




    4. Anon 18:01

      Apa you meghoyan ni.. just take care of your PH leaders.. silap2 semua ikut masuk dalam. No hurry.

      Zahid exDefense Minister la.. 70yrs of accumulated "personal" history of individuals dalam tangan dia la..tebal files masing2.

      Hmmm as a Muslim, mana dia bole dok menuduh melalak sana sini macam orang kapiaq. Rugi aje dia solat 5kali sehari tau..

      Tunggu la. Right time terbongkar le semua.

      Meanwhile just monitor your own leaders, ramai nampak gaya akidah dah melelong semacam.. anyway tak mengapa, kamu dah hafal angka2 nih ke belum?

      PPBM 12/122
      Melayu 25%
      Cina 93%
      India 63%

      (Katak2 longkang tak kira tau)

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. "Hmmm as a Muslim, mana dia bole dok menuduh melalak sana sini macam orang kapiaq. Rugi aje dia solat 5kali sehari tau"

      Kah kah kah...

      Zahid told the Sri Gading Umno divisional meeting that the representatives also explained to him that Umno was not the only recipient of such donations.

      “When I asked them why they donated US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) to Malaysia, they said ― 'Malaysia is not the only country we are channelling our money to. There are many more friendly Muslim countries who we are donating to’.

      “They want Umno and BN to continue ruling the country,” the Umno vice-president was quoted as saying.

      Zahid did not name the Arab family that made the donation but confirmed he had seen the original documents for the funds transfer.

      He also said this was proof that no Retirement Fund Inc (KWAP) funds had been transferred to Najib's accounts, the news portal reported."

      Katak2 longkang pon x caya si Indon nih ler....

    6. Zahid is a liar & thief...

      Yep that's the values of UMNO all right.....

  4. all the ketua bahagian need to be change first

  5. Another lady who "decided to leave the party".

    Meaning Umno went from 54 to 51 MPs in just a few weeks.

    Bekas ketua Pergerakan Puteri Umno Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin mengumumkan keluar parti itu dan mengisytiharkan dirinya sebagai anggota parlimen bebas.

    Mas Ermiyati dalam satu kenyataan melahirkan kekecewaan terhadap perubahan dalam parti yang disifatkannya "tidak kesampaian".

    "Harapan untuk melihat mereka memilih sekurang-kurangnya 70 peratus muka baru yang berwibawa di pelbagai peringkat tidak kesampaian," katanya.

    Tambahnya, beliau turut percaya kepimpinan sedia ada masih enggan menerima kenyataan bahawa rakyat telah menolak Umno.

    Sebaliknya, katanya, mereka beranggapan Umno hanya mangsa kebencian rakyat kepada bekas perdana menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak yang juga bekas presiden parti.

    "Pemulihan apakah ini, kalau virus masih dibiar berleluasa dan ubat terlalu pahit untuk ditelan?

    "Ikhlas saya katakan, Umno kebelakangan ini telah tergelincir dari landasan asal hingga ditolak oleh bangsa Melayu sendiri," katanya.

    Well, it seems that the Umno election isn't going far enough even for their own MPs.

    I have heard predictions that the number will be 35 or less within the next 6 months.

    But let the MACC and PDRM do their work first.

    Maybe Mat Hassan will be the only newly-elected Umno leader who avoids arrest.

    1. I think one group will leave umno

      At least 20 mps

      Become independent

      Then join bersatu before pru ke15

      That's the plan

  6. Apa sudah terjadi kepada Puteri Farhana Calon 61 ? Kalah teruk juga nampaknya.

    1. Isnt her Annie ? You mean Annie lost UMNO elections?

    2. No 19 she made it to exco. The blog exposure certainly helped

  7. Annie the sore loser after her favourite KJ is dumped.

  8. There is nothing hopeful nor exciting about UMNO'S new line up. Same old same old rats are still there

    1. The struggle between “old” politics – money, warlord pressure, insularity, entitlement, racial rhetoric and unquestioned loyalty to the leader – and “new” politics – ideas and policies, more national and substantive engagement on issues and with communities, and greater empowerment of the grassroots – played itself out in the party campaign.

      The first won.

  9. Ok time to change UMNO English acronym to a Bahasa Melayu acronym. Demi bangsa dan negara kononnya. Practise what you preach la. Martabatkan bahasa ibunda ku.

    1. Dont forget Annie also the wannabe matsaleh celup makan belacan type. She hails up melayu..melayu and dare to underestimate bahasa kebangsaan in her blog. Twisted makcik bawang.

  10. With the election of Zahid, together with the 3 veeps where everybody knows are Najib core loyalists, it shows that the culture of patronage and ‘gravy train’ are still being held with high regards. Though the survival of the party is at stake, it’s still business as usual for them. It is hard to shake up decades of old system which deeply ingrained within the party.

    Personal fortune is much more important than the survival of the party. How unfortunate. With the same old combo at the top, PH are gping to be around for a long haul. The political landscape has changed but Umno refused to change.

    1. Very true bro

      Umno version of cleaning is....

      Recycle the same dirt!

  11. will annie abandon dumbo party since khaled has become no 5 dumbo wakakaka

  12. Sweetheart, Khaled Nordin has win the UMNO VP. I'll prepared the form. :P


    1. Khaled actually least corrupt vp

      Ismail sabri is worst

      Madzir khalid also teruk

      But cannot beat wak jahid la

      Wait till macc charge him

    2. I hv no idea at all or more abt tis khaled but i'm juz joking with annie.


    3. As a matter of facts i did not hate umno but the corrupts one lets the law deal with it. But the only thing i can't stand is their selling point of others blood to be in cahoots of plundering the national coffer, i wud rather disminished my votes.

    4. HahaHaha...the Ultra Moron Nepotistic Order?

  13. Hi Annie,
    The first problem is how they get back umno funding and money. There is real fear, pirates are lurking to claim umno money and assets once disbanded. Zahid komedi gonna profit once umno disbanded, he can lay claim the biggest share as president. Very lucky guy, who came from Java at the age of 12, can suddenly become billionaire with special privileges. Zahid, plays the smart political game....and he will be set for life. No need worry anymore.

    1. Don't think so bro

      He really insult tun dr m

      I think this indon is in v big trouble bro


  14. Congratulation UMNO's you have vote ,
    like Annie beach party ,when the participants get drunk Annie left the party. Isn't it normal to get drunk in any party,Annie should have known .


  15. Who really destroy UMNO ?.

    1. Nasruddin took his donkey to the market place and sold it for 30 dinars. The man who bought it immediately put it up for auction. "Look at this fine animal!" he shouted to passersby. "Have you ever seen a better specimen of a donkey? See how clean and strong it is!" And he went on to list the many qualities of the animal. At the end of his sales talk a man said he would give 40 dinars for it. Another man offered 50. A third offered 55. Mulla Nasruddin who was watching was amazed at the interest everyone was showing in the donkey. "What a fool I was to think it an ordinary animal," thought Mulla Nasruddin. "It is an incomparable beast, one in a million..." He suddenly realized that the owner had received a good offer and was about to close the bidding."75 dinars once..." said the man.”75 dinars twice..."
      "80 dinars!" offered Mulla Nasruddin.

  16. Zahid is a crook. The rest in the top leadership corrupted

  17. macc is indicting him, komedi from president to prison wakakaka

  18. im also not much in partying anyway but i partied till i dropped when PH won (& dumbo lost) wink

    1. It's the last surreal dance of the jibno jailbirds.

  19. Telokwanjah says:

    Tahniah kepada Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi!

    Teruskan dan kukuhkan legasi utuh gemilang Datuk Seri Najib demi masadepan parti tercinta, bangsa dan Negara!

    Tahniah !!!

    1. Talk cock sing song .... sungguh memalukan marwah seorang manusia keturunan Nabi Adam.

  20. Annie,

    Zahid Hamidi the new UMNO President?

    That's great news - for Pakatan.


  21. mcm america & indonesia when local interest rates are hiked those BN or dumbo mau hutang sure die (but ringgit sure appreciate & 1Msia party) wink

  22. It is believed Umno has 3 million members in a Malay population that is 67% out of the total Malaysian population of 30+ million.

    That 3 million figure has not been updated; with many having left or remaining fallow, the figure could be much smaller.

    But let's be charitable and take it as still 3 million Umno supporters. These 3 million supporters could NOT have individually told the 200+ divisional reps who they want to be appointed to the Umno supreme council at the recent general assembly, for that matter all past general assemblies. Maybe a handful would have but it is impossible for all to have done so.

    Therefore the 200+ voted on their own and independent of what their constituents had wanted. That's 200 out of 20 million or 0.001 percent.

    Therefore, zero point zero-zero-one percent of Umno members decides the course and fate of Umno's fifty plus seats so said to represent 10 percent of Malaysia's total population.

    All the unsustainable socio-economic policies and problems have arisen because of the personal interests of that 0.001 percent, the socalled kaki-bodek and elites, supremacists and mobmafia, corrupters and thieves of the indigent.

    If Umno members want to reinvent Umno, they have to sit down and optic those facts clearly. Furthermore, Islam is but 61% of religions in the country. It is not large enough to monopolize the word 'official' exclusively.

    The question remains unanswered for the last sixty years:

    Can our Malays think?

    1. "All the unsustainable socio-economic policies and problems have arisen because of the personal interests of that 0.001 percent, the socalled kaki-bodek and elites, supremacists and mobmafia, corrupters and thieves of the indigent."

      And those guys now control Umno again.


      Hanco ler Umngok...

    2. Anon 07:39
      Still having the opposition mentality or isit Herd mentality?

      Hello. Dont waste time on UMNO.. instead concentrate on PH la.

      Ni dah 50hari, make sure tunaikan semua janji 100days ya. That shld be your priority, no excuses tau atau nanti orang cakap "janji keling" marah pulak.

      Janji2 harga turun dah pun nak beres.. dalam 50hari saja
      1. harga pasaran saham memang2 turun
      2. Hmm smalam 4.04 harini 4.03 haiyaa bestnya dah juga turun.

      3. Dok nunggu harga properties saja lagi. Kalau boleh dapat bangalo siap swimming pool harga murah2 macam Guan Eng, alangkah bahagia? Tak perlu kena tuduh Rasuah macam dia.

      Apapun dok kalut hal Melayu nape? Majoriti pemain saham pembeli hartanah2 are the chinese, tak kesian kat mereka ke?.. nanti byk yang terjun tingkap atau dkejar Along payah PH nanti.

      Start showing results la. Melayu apa susah, ikut teladan Daim belayar pi buat busness kat SAfrica, sana pun kami boleh berjaya macam dia.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  23. Professor Nasi Lemak,

    //make sure tunaikan semua janji 100days ya. //

    It has already been announced that not "SEMUA" promises can be delivered in 100 days.

    Some will take longer but the intention is to fulfil those ptomises even after the 100 days is over.

    But the truth be told, not too many Pakatan suppporters will care about the 100-day dateline.

    From what I know. many Pakatan supporters are willing to wait 10 years before deciding on any move.

    This much Pakatan supporters know - we, the rakyat, can change governments if we want.

    We are rakyat and we are boss.


  24. Thanks, Tuan Gladiator.

    This Prof Nasi Lemak is just silating his art of deflection. The red files hid debts and exposures not known when the manifesto was constructed by a Pakatan which did not know about them and was outside the government which had caused the mess.

    Now that the size of the debts are known, it is candidly impossible to fulfill all the 100-day promises.

    Anyone with a doctorate would have concluded likewise. Yet this Prof Nasi Lemak did not. In fact he has also complained there has too much exposure of the debts..."moneyx3".

    Is he trying to help Umno to hide their crimes by deflecting the rakyats' attention to focus on Pakatan's manifesto?

    That he still thinks it is so easy to fool anyone must
    make the quality of his doctorate quite suspicious. Perhaps it was awarded by Jamal Jamban's School Of Plumbing? Then it must be positively of the lowest standard because even an ex-convict like Khir Toyo will be resigning from Umno because he could take it that the Umno delegates had accepted racist-fugitive-thug Jamal Jamban as one of the Umno Malays' leaders. All would still remember Jamal Jamban standing with Noh Omar behind Najib son of Razak of May13 infamy. Just a small memory, that is all.

    This technique of deflecting attention is so the overused. Take the entire Umno bigwigs who have just been elected. They have talking about 'transformation', 'membership reconfiguration', even 'checks-and-balance'.

    Where the real hell is their confession that they have been accessories to the stealing and abuse of the rakyats' funds?

    Because they know if they confess, they incriminate themselves.

    But the rule of law that they had killed for so many years in order to practise their double standards must now operate so that the rakyat of this country can believe again that those who do wrong will not go unpunished.

    And even if the wheels of justice grind slowly, the alternative wheel of Justice will in the end roll over all who have done bad things and committed outright crimes.

    You don't need a PhD to believe that.

    You also shouldn't eat so much nasi lemak. Bad for what's remaining of your prefrontal cortex.

    It's clogged.

    Now go away and face your mirror. It's still not too late to change.

    Leave us alone to admire Annie.

    1. Anon 14:18
      Kan dah cakap.. PH ni semua Herd Mentality.. cannot cimment anything at all except repeat RM1trillion, bla bla nonsense

      Okay la.. let them meghoyan and bask at their glorious win.

      Meanwhile besides EPF.. they are using banyak dana2 dari tabung2 Melayu Bumiputra (75% Melayu yang they say bodoh) to buy back all the shares dumped by foreign investors.

      Please monitor the market closely..

      Hello kawan. Nasi Lemak kat Seoul I can sell a plate for RM36.. penat nak jual sini sekadar RM4 satu pinggan tau.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  25. Gladiator.. grow up la.. "We are rakyay and we are boss" kamu nih masih sekolah tahun 1 ke?

    Your understanding of "boss" sebenarnya klo Melayu sebut "kerbau kena cucuk hidung" orang putih term you all "cow" pasai semua sekadar Herd Mentality saja..

    Boss kata terjun dengan labu, luncai2 pakat terjun.. main ikut sja, otak sendiri dah elek.

    Neway.. Tsunami Cina dulu kalut bawa dana belayar gi pasaran China, dah pulak trade war.. sana dok mula merudum plus melelong sini pula PH kasi harga pasaran saham, mata wang dan hartanah KO..

    Kesian "boss2" dok kena kelentong.

    Haritu palu gendang sampai budak sekolah pun pecah tabung sumbang kpd tabung harapan. (Kalau nak bayar kos satu minit minyak jet Tun pun tak cukup).

    Ni dok ajak pula mencarum jumlah ikut suka dalam EPF.. kekeke Duit EPF ni la yang perlu dguna dok beli balik saham2 yang foreign investors campak.. hari2 "boss" dok kena kelentong.. kesian nya.

    Owh.. "boss", tegur Mat Sabu jgn tak tegur. Dia tu dah Minister.. zaman berkokok macam ayam dah berlalu.. Menteri Pertahanan kalau asyik berkokok, parah negara kita nanti tau..

    Professor Nasi Lemak.

  26. Mdm Annie, please remind ur readers not to use racial slur comments,tq

    1. annie already remind...but they are stupid...and they think its cool to use that...and when no one is watching....they will even kiss any backside for wealth

  27. Professor Nasi Lemak,

    //"kerbau kena cucuk hidung" //

    If that was the case, BN would have won comfortably in PRU14, just as they had won in the last 13 PRUs.

    UMNO, with its supposedly loyal fanbase, would have easily beaten every Pakatan candidate.

    But it did not happen for UMNO.

    //Boss kata terjun dengan labu, luncai2 pakat terjun.//

    Oohh, you mean like "loyalty before intelligence"??


    Fortunately, many Melayus, especially UMNO Melayus, decided to show intelligence during PRU14.

    Make no mistake, it was the Melayu vote which brought down UMNO - nothing else, bukan Cina, bukan India, bukan lain2 but Melayus who decided.

    And now that a Pakatan govt is a reality, many UMNO Malays have made another remarkable smart move, they have left UMNO en masse to sign up with PPBM.

    Such a move is simply not possible unless those Melayus were thinking.

    We can argue abt what they were thinking, but the fact remains that they ARE thinking.

    Those Melayus who refuse to think have remained in UMNO, happily accepting Zahid Hamidi as their new President.

    Can you imagine that?

    Zahid Hamidi?

    They voted him to be the new UMNO President?


    Talk about "kerbau kena cucuk hidung"!!!



  28. Thanks, Prof Nasi Lemak and Tuan Gladiator.

    I take back all that i wrote which might have caused discomfort. My apologies. I was only thinking about Mahbubani's Can Asians Think? a book he wrote many years back. Thinking that let me to wonder whether Malays in Umno had thought through everything before returning most of the Umno warlords.

    Unlike them, i remember seeing the poor Malay man who could not even buy a better pack of nasi lemak for his family. Or the Chinese boy who had to chew a piece of bread with plain water for his breakfast. Or read of the poor Indian lady who walked on one railway line to kill herself. If we think back, this country has gone through more than two recessions in living memory. People lost jobs, families lost ties, and businesses folded overnight. Many dreams were dashed. I just don't want it to happen all over again for any and all of you.

    Well, let me join Prof Nasi Lemak in Korea to sell our national dish. Because PFI at rm47 billion (1MDB rm42 billion) just exploded. Or maybe they are connected; hard to say since the last PFI accounts were done only up to 2012.

    But if i join with Prof Nasi Lemak, that means leaving behind Annie.

    And that's on pain of death - impossible.

  29. Wow.This blog is getting more interesting.
    Prof Kangkung

  30. dun mind dis old fart.. prof nasi basi. he’s just trying to convince himself tat his hero from d rogue regime had an outright defeat is not one hell of a winning for us. well u got d point…. we’ve to clean d shit left.

  31. Helo kawan,
    9 jam Zahid Komedi kena interbiu MACC, besok sambung lagi 9 jam. Pasai nak tanya sapa donation tu sampai 9 jam.
    Yayasan kebajikan tu old trick la, nak escape income tax tu.....tapi isteri pakai wang yayasan untuk shopping bukannya buat masjid. Jangan ingat orang bahalol macam ameno...fugitive si Jamal Tongkol pun bolih lantik

  32. Anonymous @ 2 July 2018 at 17:16,

    //I take back all that i wrote which might have caused discomfort. My apologies.//

    As you don't sign your comments, I have no idea what you are apologising for, sorry.

    //I was only thinking about Mahbubani's Can Asians Think?//

    Sorry, have not heard of the author or the book.

    //Thinking that let me to wonder whether Malays in Umno had thought through everything before returning most of the Umno warlords.//

    Well, the remaining UMNO Malays are probably the ones who subscribe to the "loyalty before intelligence" characteristic so desired by UMNO leaders.

    Zahid Hamidi can be very happy that he now has a group of very very loyal supporters.

    That is why Zahid “I’m not answerable to you” Hamidi is not afraid to be rude to journalists when he was leaving after being questioned by MACC.

    Presumably, the RM800K he spent on himself and his wife from their family-run charity organisation is all syariah compliant.

    At very least, his UMNO supporters will believe it :)

    //Unlike them, i remember seeing the poor Malay man who could not even buy a better pack of nasi lemak for his family.//

    No lah, must be your eyes playing tricks on you.

    Under UMNO, Malays have been empowered, highly educated, are all making oddles of money and living life high on the hog.

    Are you sure he was Malay and not an Indon or an Orang Asli (Orang Asli don't count as Malays, OK?)?


    //Because PFI at rm47 billion (1MDB rm42 billion) just exploded.//

    Yup, this PFI scandal is HUGE!!

    I first heard of it about 3 or 4 years ago but there was very little info on it.

    I look forward to hearing how UMNO folks will defend it.

    //But if i join with Prof Nasi Lemak, that means leaving behind Annie.//

    Oh, stop it :)

    You are starting to sound like a creepy old man :)

    Hm... that reminds me of the good Haji, M Zin, formerly of Alor Gajah :)

    Remember him?

    He had quite a crush on Annie until he reluctantly admitted that he would kill her if she strayed from the path of righteousness.

    What a strange way of thinking.


  33. Prof Kangkung,

    //This blog is getting more interesting.//

    What makes you say that?


  34. ...PFI at rm47 billion (1MDB rm42 billion) just exploded..

    Macam2 dok tengah exploded sekarang.

    Dah check performance stock market kita ke sejak PH took over???

    Gajah Depan Mata Tak Nampak Tapi Kuman Seberang Lautan Yang Nampak Jelas

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  35. Meanwhile the world celebrates the finding and rescue of Thailand 12 boys and their coach lost for the past 10 days in flooded cave.

  36. Kangkung and Nasi Lemak both are PKHKC.
    60 years NEP and trillions of RM produced such retards? I think Melayu should just go jump into Muar river la.

    1. WTF is wrong with u? Can't u be a little bit civilised in yr comments. U hv an upbringing problems ? Yr dad bang yr mom n ranaway ?


    2. Hello Annon 01:08
      Kalau pasai trillion2 you kena la pi tanya geng PH you sendiri;

      Kenyataan dibuat oleh Setiausaha Politik bagi Pengerusi DAP Perak dan Ketua Biro Pembangunan Ekonomi DAP Perak, Chong Zhemin pada 8 Disember 2015

      Sumber :

      He should be able to beri kamu pencerahan yg sewajarnya.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  37. Anon 1 July at 16:05

    In addition to that, kemenangan Zahid menunjukan bahawa Umno masih dalam situasi “In the state of denail”, “dalam keadaan penafian”.

    Corak kepimpinan kleptokrasi yang mana Zahid telah mewarisi daripada Najib masih lagi diterima oleh perwakilan Umno.

    Umno tak sedar bahawa kepimpinan berdasarkan penipuan, menggelapkan wang Rakyat dan rasuah masih dibelai, disokong dan disanjung tinggi oleh majoriti perwakilan.

    Jesteru itu, ahli Umno masih buta, pekak, bisu dan tidak peka. Rakyat telah menolak kepimpinnan kleptokrasi Najib yang mana pemerintah yang menggunakan kuasanya untuk mencuri sumber-sumber negara, satu ketika maharajalela.

    Terbukti nyata kalahnya Umno dipilihan raya yang baru lepas.

    Sayang seribu kali sayang, Umno yang dulu berkembang dan hidup bersama-sama kami masih tidak insaf. Sayang! bala kepada Umno akan mereput secara beransur-ansur dengan sendirinya.

    1. UMNO reput????
      Haiyaa Amaa Apaaa.. ape kamu ambil nih sampai naik mengoyan gini sekali.

      Neway.. best tak composition cabinet baru PH?. Bunyi2 ade yang dak happy..

      Nanti you asyik kalut UMNO reput.. tengok2 dalamanan PH lagi banyak anai2 slowly eating your house.. boleh tiba2 runtuh rumah PH tau.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  38. need jho low to arrange meeting between MO1 & prince turki so how MO1 can claimed close relationship with al saud fmly??? if dumbos are not lying they are very good in kelentong (spinning) adoi

  39. MO1 propaganda (or poobah) units abolished, i will miss all the fightings with them & now only left 'neutral' annie :(

    1. National Professors (or poobahs) Council also abolished, we will see the last of professor kangkung dll professor poobah wakakaka

    2. oh noooo! please spare us. dun write about professors' poos anymore!

  40. Najib arrested.
    PKHKC Kangkung can go fuck off to Perlis and stay there with the monkeys.

    1. Anon 1640
      Alhamdulillah, finally they have the guts to arrest Najib. This should be the way..

      Ni macam perangai kapiaq, bertahun2 melalak menuduh menghukum without proper trial..

      Sorang dah rehat kat hospital.. jangan yang lain buat drama sakit jantung la sakit tua la during the trial...ya.

      Sementara tu.. monitor the stick market ya.. tadi pi nak sell my ASB.. satu agent cakap mykad cannot swipe, satu agent cakap opiser incharge not in..

      Agaknya investments kita depa dok rancak pusing2 main tikam2 beli jual saham ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak.

  41.…dis not an easy feeling. thou its not an outright sympathy but its still hard to ignore wats he going through right now. it all gets a bit too infatuated people celebrate his pain. its a mix sorrowful time for me. but wat can i say. people r just angry. only god can help u…accept ur fate n repent. tat my heartfelt sorry for u…ds najib.

    1. Amboi Hakim Fatin..

      Entah2 you pun dok jual goreng pisang macam saya. Tapi dah cerdik pandai sampai dah boleh menuduh dan menghukum Najib?

      Kamu nih Muslim ke Kapiaq ke?

  42. Unknown aka Pro Nasi Lemak(?),

    //Kamu nih Muslim ke Kapiaq ke?//

    Just discovered your own "Islamness"? :)

    Funny how many UMNO supporters have now become such good Muslims today.

    Just like that - suddenly, after May 9th :)

    Even Najib!


  43. First time here although reading your blog for quite sometime.
    Strange for a blog like yours gets so many comments.
    I think they all love you very much
    Even they don't agree with you.
    You are definitely intriguing.
    Best be neutral when blogging just like the matured politicians.
    Keep up the good work