Wednesday 6 September 2017

What if Kim Jong Un is a Muslim and Rohingya people are from China

Imagine that Kim Jong Un is a Muslim and North Korea is an Islamic country.

And they have this,

complete with nuclear warheads and hydrogen bombs.

Well, I don't think chubby face Kim would ever get to that point in the first place if he's Muslim.

America would had bombed him out with the rest of North Korea back to the pre-dinosaur age even before he could say "annyeonghaseyo".

I'm quite sure China, Russia and the rest of the gang would not say a word.

That's my thought when I read all those news about the current tension in the Korean peninsular.

Poor America, this time they can't simply smack Kim like they did to all those Arabs.

Good for Kim that he only threaten to nuke mainland US rather than use his nuclear missiles to wipe out Israel like all those Arabs would have done if they have such an arsenal.

Otherwise, I think America would had bombed North Korea, irregardless of Chinese or Russian protests.

You see, Israel is actually mightier than America. It can order the super power around.

Really, that's how it is between Israel and America.

Anyway, Kim and his country are indeed quite a bit of nuisance.

We had our own little trouble with them just a while back when Kim's brother Kim Jong Nam was assassinated James Bond-style at KLIA a few months back.

There were quite a bit of fuss at that time.

Now it's rather quite quiet and probably things were back to normal.

Except for that incident, Malaysia is actually quite pally with North Korea.

We have been good to everyone.

Even to funny countries like North Korea.

I'm okay with that, though. As long as they didn't disturb us, why disturb them, right?

Hopefully Kim and gang will not one day aim their missiles at us.

That would be terribly rude of them.

Anyway, on another matter, things seemed to be getting worse with the Rohingya people of late.

They got kicked around quite badly and more were driven out off their homes in Myanmar over the past weeks.

So much with Myanmar's Noble Peace Price winner Aun Sang Su Kyi being in power there now.

Myanmar really shouldn't treat those people like that.

It's a real case of ethnic cleansing and should be treated as such.

Too bad for the Rohingya people that the world seemed a bit slow to react to their plight.

Maybe that's because they are Muslims or maybe it's because of their skin colour.

If they are European with blonde hair and blue eyes, maybe the world would have reacted faster.

Okay, the Bosnians are European but the world was quite slow too when they were slaughtered by the Serbs in the 1980s.

But then again, they are Muslims.

Rohingya's case is worse. They are Muslims and not Europeans.

Well, that aside, I think we Malaysians do have the right to say something about the plight of the Rohingya people.

That's because we are hosting hundreds of thousands of them who fled to this country.


It's not because they are Muslims, okay, but because we can't be hosting them forever here.

If suddenly a few hundred thousand people in China were prosecuted and they flee here, we should protest to China too, despite the refugees being non-Muslims.

And of course we have to help the poor prosecuted people from China too.

In the meantime, we should pressure their government to take them back and treat them better.

I think that's what our government is doing about the plight of the Rohingya people.

I'm cool with that.


  1. No protest for yemeni & qatar against saudi attacks, oh they are muslims so no one care...

  2. Annie. What ifs. You just love to tickle us. Good. By the way what is 'annyeonghaseyo'? I hope it's not something that I shouldn't be asking.

    1. It means Hello or How are you...a greeting.

  3. What if is a useless scenario
    It involve idealism, speculation and at worst, a fantasy
    It's involve space and time dimension and parallel worlds
    What we humans of Malaysia can do is fixing things and dealing with things as humanly as possible
    Because the current scenario is malaysia involved luck and millions of factors involved
    What we can do is a change thru clean, transparent voting in GE14

    We certainly do not want future generations to consider us, the gen y and millennials as "bacul"
    We can oust pm najib the corrupt deceiver and its corrupt machinery
    The unreasonable zombie parasite must be dealt with

  4. Annie,

    North Korea is a communist country. Kim Jong Un is a communist. Communism is godless. So if Kim Jong Un is a Muslim, that should either be an impossibility or that Kim Jong Un is a Murtad.

    Going with that logic, as thing goes in North Korea, if Kim Jong Un is a Muslim, then Prof Kangkung the gambler and I would bet with the last sen we have that the North Koreans would be the BEST MUSLIMS in human history.

    Why? Because if Kim Jong Un were to ask the North Koreans to pray seven times a day, none would dare pray only five. So if Kim Jong Un will follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, you will see a true Islamic country the entire North Korea.

    Having said that, you look at the Melayu Islam. They don't have a chubby Kim Jong Un, like what you said. But, do the Melayu Islam fear Allah like the North Koreans to Kim Jong Un? Yes or No?

    If no, then you should know what are the chances for the Melayu Islam to go to Allah's Jannah. Jangan main main. They are doomed, hancur, mampus if their fear towards Allah cannot compare to the North Koreans' towards Kim Jong Un.

    About Rohingya being Chinese. Look, at the West of Myanmar there's Rakhine. At the East, Shan State.

    Shan State is Chinese, from the Kuomintang remnants army. You look at Shan, do they fear Thailand or Myanmar? How many times were Shan being attacked? They stood strong even until today. And their economy is not just opium trade, or emerald. They do produce crops and they have good tourism income, too.

    But you look at Rakhine and the Rohingya. What's the difference here? Let me tell you what is the difference.

    Human beings are the same, the difference is in their faith. Hence the way they do things, their principles, moral values and so on. That, faith, decides whether they would succeed, or not.

    And the Rohingyas don't.

    1. "Having said that, you look at the Melayu Islam. They don't have a chubby Kim Jong Un"

      The Minangkabau & Bugis have Jho Low to steal money for them.

      With the same Kim hairstyle, Jho will also look like his twin.

  5. In the meantime, PAH (Parti Ameno Hijau) is getting dumber & dumber........

    PAS hari ini mengisytiharkan satu undi kepada Pakatan Harapan bererti satu undi kepada DAP, yang menurut ketua pemudanya dibayangi Evangelis Kristian yang mahu menawan negara ini.

    Kenyataan itu muncul selepas gabungan pembangkang baru-baru ini mengisytiharkan PKR tidak lagi boleh berunding dengan PAS berhubung pengagihan kerusi pada pilihan raya umum akan datang.

    Ketua Pemuda PAS Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi dalam satu kenyataan berkata DAP sudah mencengkam PKR, PPBM dan Amanah sebagai proksi.

    Kih kih kih.......

    "Evangelis Kristian yang mahu menawan negara ini"?

    Hang ni mabuk ketum ke?

    I'm more afraid of Bugis pirate jual negara to cover his massive crimes........

    1. Isn't this the same line Umno has been using for years?

      I guess Pas is just an Umno branch now.

  6. Annie,

    //America would had bombed him out with the rest of North Korea back to the pre-dinosaur age//

    Pakistan is a Muslim country with nuclear weapons.

    Pakistan is as crazy as Nth Korea in their threats to bomb India.

    Yet, Pakistan has not been bombed back to the pre-dinosaur days by anybody.

    The reality is that neither Nth Korea nor the US will be going to war - yet.

    I am no war expert but I think there is a protocol which is followed before countries engage in war.

    One element which will start off a Nth Korea v US war will be when Nth Korea fires off a missile towards Guam or the US mainland.

    Then Nth Korea will be bombed back to pre-dinosaur days. :)

    //You see, Israel is actually mightier than America.//

    I am surprised that an intelligent person like you buys into that "Israel controls America" crap.

    Many Israelis are no different from you or me.

    Yes, they have loonies amongst their midst, just as we have Hadi Awang here, but everybody has a crazy uncle or three.

    Yes, there are many Jewish names at the top levels of American society but then there are also many Anglo-Saxon names, Danish names, German Names, French names, etc etc.

    For crying out loud, Donald Trump is of German ancestry and his current wife is of Slovenian ancestry.

    How come we never hear of the Anglo-Saxons controlling the US? Or the Danes? Or the Germans? Or the French?


    Because people love conspiracy theories and Jews are a useful whipping boy.

    In Malaysia, we pick on the Israelis because they are not nice to Palestinians.

    Of cos, we only mean the Sunni Muslim Palestinians.

    Never mind, if the Israelis are nasty to Shia Palestinians or Christian Palestinians, OK?

    Yes, there are Shia Palestinians and Christian Palestinians who live in refugee camps and who suffer just like those over in Gaza, but let's not worry about them, OK?

    Somebody else can help them, right?

    //I think we Malaysians do have the right to say something about the plight of the Rohingya people.//

    We, common folk, can say all we like about the Rohingyas but there is nothing we can do about it.

    No good blaming Aung San Suu Kyi either - there is nothing she can do.

    The real culprits are the Myanmarese Army generals who control Myanmar.

    And the Malaysian government is very friendly with those generals.

    My guess is that those Myanmarese generals will keep on killing Rohingyas and our Malaysian government will do very little.


    1. - Pakistan did some nuclear tests and that's about it. It's able to do so because US allowed it to do so to balance India which used to be Russia's main ally in the region. I doubt Pakistan which is a US allly really have the bomb.
      - Dr Mahathir said the Jews rule the world by proxy. I believe him. It's true that the Jewish lobby is very powerful in Washington. Nobody can become a US president without their support.
      - Malaysian government is doing its best to help the Rohingya refugees. As I wrote we are host to a few hundred thousands of them. It's the same thing we did for the Palestinian, Bosnian and the Pribumi of South Africa during apartheid.Aung San Su Kit did nothing for her own Rohingya people or even acknowledge their suffering.
      Thank you.

    2. re: "And the Malaysian government is very friendly with those generals".

      There's Malaysia interest in oil&gas business in Myanmar.

    3. As expected from Gladiator..karangan tepi jer la kat annie

    4. 16.17... elok klau kau duk diam2 kat tepi jer...

    5. Ever since I discovered this site (just only recently), I have to admit to being partial to most of Gladiator's POV. Just because he's thorough by addressing all the pertinent points raised by Annie hardly earn him the label of being fact, he's rather succinct and it's a pleasure to read reasonable and balanced view expressed so briefly and clearly. So have to agree with 22.32...elok klau kau duk diam2 kat tepi jer, hahahaha.

  7. Once in a while it is good for you to write on something international in nature.Tapi nature sesetengah dari pembaca blog ni tak boleh keluar dari kepompong pemikiran kekampungan.apa juga isu balik-balik cakap pasal Najib.
    History has shown from time to time,there will be some 'crazy' leaders who somehow will be remembered for a long time to come.
    Hitler,Stalin,Pol Pot,Saddam are among top of the list.
    This Jong Un has the potential to be listed alongside his more famous 'brothers'

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pros Kangkang,

      Your paymaster will also go down as crazy.

      Crazy to think he could turn KWAP funds into jewels and cars and get away with it.

      He will die in disgrace, the Razak name forever ruined.

      You will die in stupidity.

      Prof Sawi

    2. Hi Prof Sawi,

      I truly admire your array of arsenal.Funny but really hard hitting.

      Dying in stupidity.....that's insanely hilarious.

      You know what...each time I visit this blog the first thing I would do is to look out for your masterpieces. Lepas itu baru baca other comments.

      Not too long ago I said I have fallen in love with sawi and nothing has changed since.You are just too good.
      Pergi restoran pun I order sawi. Gave up kangkung after doctors advised me to stay far far away from them.
      The good doctor told me that if I insist on consuming kangkung,the cause of my death in my death certificate shall be stated as "Over Indulgence of Stupidity"


      Rasta Rules

    3. TQ Sdr Rasta Rules.

      Unfortunately while home-grown kangkung is OK, dedak-fed macai kangkung like the self-appointed "Prof" is not.

      Better to avoid him completely, and choose other sayur.

      Prof Sawi

    4. Lololol....yes, prof sawi and rasta rules are also my fav here too. Strangely, ever since I got introduced to this site, I suddenly found myself afflicted with kangkung allergy ! Keep it up, guys, looking forward to more of your writes :)

  8. Even if Kim Jong Un is a Muslim and North Korea is a country in the Middle East, The US STILL wouldn't dare to attack them. It is not about race or religion Annie, it got nothing to do woth it. That fat boy with funny haircut has nuclear weapons in his arsenal!..

    That's the single only reason why military option is out of equation to The US. As long he keeps hold to it, Super powers wouldn't dare to mess with him. Kim Jong Un knows this and have a good time teasing them. That's why in pics he's always smiling and laughing all the time. He's having fun..

    1. One expert analyst said that if N Korea is attacked by US, expect to see almost immediately at least 10 million South Korean vaporised, and this figure does not include yet those in Japan.

  9. Young, fat and rich spoilt brat who loves deadly weapons: Kim Jong Un.

    Young, fat and rich spoilt brat that loves money : Jho Low.

    1. Jho Low loves money openly. We know at least one couple pair who love money too, but not too openly. These kleptos refuse or not smart enough to work for their own money, but their obsessive greed and humongous envy of the rich drove them to such short-cut big time thievery.

  10. Annie,

    //It's able to do so because US allowed it to do so to balance India//

    I don't think the US had a choice.

    If I am not mistaken, Pakistan got the nuclear weapons know-how from China and their rocketry know-how from the Nth Koreans.

    //I doubt Pakistan which is a US allly really have the bomb.//

    Pakistan is the only Muslim nation to have nuclear weapons.

    This sort of explains why Iran is pushing to get its own nuclear program going.

    No need to explain why. You know what I mean alh? Pakistan Sunni? Iran Shia?

    //Nobody can become a US president without their support.//

    I had always thought that the black and Latino vote was a lot more powerful than the Jewish vote, which was why I thought that Hillary Clinton would storm into the White House.

    Now, I am not saying that Wikipedia is a reliable source but I was puzzled enough by your statement to have a lookee see.

    It suggests that Jewish support does not always guarantee success at the polls - Nixon didn't get it, Reagan didn't get it, Bush didn't get it.

    If I am not mistaken, Trump didn't get it either because of his tacit support for the far-right extremists for the KKK and other white supremacists.

    //Aung San Su Kit did nothing for her own Rohingya people or even acknowledge their suffering.//

    Aung San Suu Kyi can do nuts about the Rohingya problem.

    The REAL power in Myanmar lies with the Myanmarese military.

    If Aung San Suu Kyi says anything which upsets the military, they will just shut down Parliament - fact.

    The military has reserved certain powers for itself, viz home affairs, defence and border controls.

    Here is an old article on the Myanmarese parliament.

    //Thank you.//

    Oh, stop it :)

    It's your blog and I feel uncomfortable when you thank me and I don't reciprocate because we are just chit-chatting - sort of :)


  11. I have already tell UMNO higher ups to declare state of emergency regardless of Kim Jong un decision to launch a nuke or not
    Be super sensitive, declare state of emergency even if a mosquito bite appeared
    Use the media to retards the local Malaysian into thinking as such

    Jho low

  12. Anonymous @ 7 September 2017 at 11:25,

    //That fat boy with funny haircut has nuclear weapons in his arsenal!.//


    Reminds me of the song by Denis Leary, "I'm an Assshole".

    Extract from lyrics

    //I'm gonna wipe my mouth with the American flag
    And then I'm gonna toss the Styrofoam container right out the side
    And there ain't a goddamned thing anybody can do about it
    You know why? Because we got the bombs, that's why

    Two words, nuclear fucking weapons, okay?
    Russia, Germany, Romania
    They can have all the democracy they want
    They can have a big democracy cake walk
    Right through the middle of Tienanmen square//

    Whenever I hear that song, I just love that phrase, "Two words, ....".

    And ain't it true :)


  13. Kenaikan harga minyak adalah untuk membantu orang miskin, kurang mampu

    Do you believe it? This toilet paper newspaper?

  14. *Petrol Malaysia :*
    *29/06/2017 - 06/09/2017*

    Turun : 2sen (29.6.2017)
    Turun : 4sen (6.7.2017)
    Naik : 4sen (13.7.2017)
    Naik : 6sen (27.7.2017)
    Naik : 4sen (3.8.2017)
    Naik : 5sen (10.8.2017)
    Naik : 3sen (17.8.2017)
    Naik : 3sen (24.8.2017)
    Naik : 1sen (31.8.2017)
    Naik : 4sen (07.9.2017)

    2x turun = 6sen
    *8x naik = 30 sen*

    Kerajaan babi kangkung suka gembira

    1. That's how the current administration hoodwink the people. 6 cents for you, 30 cents for us. 6 billion for you (BRIM), 42 billion (GST) for us. Wink wink..

    2. Umno umno umno umno umno....undi lah undi BN .....

  15. Dear commentators,
    The rohingya's issue is a muslim problem. Look and learn at what happened in bosnia, the rest of the world will just be a bystander when comes to islam and muslims. It's time for the muslims through oic to take a unilateral action to protect muslims from this atrocity. the un will only wait and see until rakhine state burnt to ashes before coming to rescue and this is their sop. Enough is enough for this nonsense!

    1. Dear 1356

      Many of the commentators here are not interested with Muslim problems because I guess many of them are nonMuslims
      As a Muslim I symphatize with what happens to Rohingyas.
      We Muslims will always be marginalized if we don't have the knowledge,wealth and power

      Prof Kangkung

    2. And in education here non muslims are marginalized...

    3. Surah Ar Rad 13:11:
      " For him (are) successive (Angels) before him and behind him, who guard him by (the) Command of Allah. Indeed, Allah (does) not change the condition of a people, until they change what (is) in themselves. And when Allah wills for a people misfortune, then (there is) no turning away of it, and not for them besides Him any protector."

      Ever wonder why god has seemed to be forsaking the palestinians & the rohingyas?

    4. Dear 1356,

      There's an OIC for Islamic countries. There's no such thing for other faith e.g. an Organisation for Buddhist Cooperation, or Jewish, or Christian, or what have you.

      Why? Because obviously only the Muslims would think that a lifeless thing could have a religion, so they have Islamic organisations, islamic country, Islamic eateries, Islamic loans etc.. Hell, they also thought that a company registered under the Companies Act can be WAJIB (compulsory) to perform an Islamic duty called zakat.

      Soon they will go crazier and their Islamic company must perform hajj?

      Why is there a need to form OIC? Because only the Islamic people have the conspiracy against people of other faiths or religions. Otherwise why would you form an organisation to bring together people of Islamic faith while others don't ?

      And everyday you claim that there's a conspiracy against Islamic people, and since time immemorial you drew a boundary for your own exclusive world bringing in all things you thought sacred, calling them Islamic this , Islamic that., and every now and then issued death threats against anyone whom you accused of trespassing your sacredness?

      And eventually your own failure as a human being bring upon you a disaster you couldn't bear, you would start to scream and accusing others of conspiring to destroy Islam ?

      I offer you a solution, it is easy. Call upon all Islamic people to offer two rakaat prayer tonight, together. Call upon Allah for whatever help you Islamic people may need. And wait for the help to come. If it comes, then you are truthful and the whole world might just turn Islamic. But if help doesn't come, then know that Allah has perhaps abandoned you Islamic people, then you go in to the forest and start to meditate until you find truth.

      And make peace with yourselves, and with others.

    5. "We Muslims will always be marginalized if we don't have the knowledge, wealth and power"?

      Pros Kangkang,

      Despite being a self-described T20 Melayu you are certainly B1 (Bottom 1%) both morally and intellectually.

      Or follow your paymaster and let a fat Chinaman steal knowledge, wealth and power on your behalf.

      Prof Sawi

    6. Bro Sawi, for Kangkungman knowledge must equal to wealth and power.

      But don't we know that the man of iman wants Self-Knowledge above all so as to escape the crippling diseases of wealth and power?


    What a Kim-Chee Megalomaniac! 😟

  17. One blogger wrote this with regards the Rohingya : ...I personally don't have much sympathy for their predicament. They chose to be different, then they should not grumble or cry when they are treated as such.

  18. Anonymous @ 7 September 2017 at 13:56,

    //The rohingya's issue is a muslim problem.//

    No, it is not.

    It is an internal Myanmarese problem with humanitarian implications.

    The humanitarian aspects make it an international problem which falls within the ambit of the UN as there may have been crimes against humanity.

    I heard on the BBC that there is apparently a technical definition of genocide and there is currently debate by relevant bodies on whether this is applicable to the Rohingya matter.

    I think that if the definition is met, Myanmar will face severe action by the international community and this can include direct military action.

    //the rest of the world will just be a bystander when comes to islam and muslims.//


    You are trying to create a bogeyman out of nothing.

    You just want Muslims to hate non-Muslims.

    The UN has been trying to resolve this matter thru dialogue for a few years now.

    Kofi Annan is the UN special envoy responsible for this.

    //It's time for the muslims through oic to take a unilateral action to protect muslims from this atrocity.//

    What unilateral action are you proposing?

    A declaration of war against Myanmar?

    Just walk into Bangladesh and start helping the Rohigyas? With food? With medicines? With weapons?

    By making this a Muslim issue, you are doing nothing but advocating for a non-state party like Al Qaedah and the Islamic state to be involved.

    Calling for the OIC to help is pointless because they are simply not interested.

    It would have been trivial for the OIC to offer Bangladesh US$1billion to assist the Rohingyas in settling in Bangladesh, or bribe the Myanmar military to stop their persecution of the Rohingyas.

    But I will bet you anything the OIC are simply not interested.

    OIC members will cry poor - oil prices are low, they have challenges to meet in their own countries, etc etc.

    The reality is that they would rather save the money for their lavish lifestyles, the jewels, the fast cars, the good food, the shopping in the fashion capitals of the world.

    I do not recall reading anywhere about any official or unofficial statement and/or official or unofficial aid by any OIC country about the Rakhine troubles.

    By all means lend your voice to the atrocities in Rakhine state, Myanmar.

    But please do it as a human being, not as a Muslim.


  19. Talk about Rohingya we can't avoid that Malaysia contribute significant amount of socìo-economy of people of Myanmar.

    Did you know that Malaysia company through Malaysia Human Resources and Immigresen Policy employ or bring in one of the hiğhest number of Myanmar foreign worker in this country after Thailand.

    Year 2017 the number of Myanmar worker in Malaysia is about 130000.

    Simple maths:
    130000×RM1200(avg salary)
    =156 000 000

    Let say they send back half of the salary to Myanmmar.
    156 000 009 ÷2 =RM78mil.
    They send around RM78 million monthly to their country which all level of government agencies and people involved in Rohingya annihilation.

    Didn't you Malaysian feel guilt.
    They should stop this and not only talk and talk or make Demostration.Frèeze and stop the Policy of recrùiting Myanmar worker.

    They,people of Myanmar most of them is farmer didn't know wth. demonstratìon is all about.

  20. It's too little too late for anwar

    Jho low


    Perbualan ini dirakamkan disebuah KEDAI KOPI di Pekan Kecil di Negara Yang Sedang Maju dan Sejahtera Hidup Rakyatnya..

    Pemuda B :
    "Berapa gaji kau sebulan...?"

    Pemuda A : " Gaji aku setiap bulan adalah sekitar RM2,000.."

    Pemuda B bertanya lagi,

    "Setiap bulan gaji kau habis dibelanjakan atau ada sedikit kau simpanan..?"

    Dia menjawab,

    "Setiap bulan habis, tak cukup lagi adalah, selalunya terpaksa pinjam kt Mak Mertua..,"

    Maka aku pun jelaskan kepadanya,

    "Kalau kau habiskan kesemua gaji kau setiap bulan sebanyak RM2,000 maknanya dalam masa sama kau bayar RM120 cukai GST.."
    (6% daripada RM2,000 = RM120)

    "Setiap bulan kau terpaksa bayar RM120, bermakna dalam setahun kau bayar sebanyak RM1,440..."

    "Kau bayar GST RM1,440 setahun kpd Kerajaan.. kemudian KERAJAAN bagi balik BR1M kat kau RM450 je setahun.. Sebenarnya dia bayar BR1M pakai duit siapa..?"

    Tanya Pemuda B kepada Pemuda A.

    Mendengar penjelasan ringkas itu, wajah Pemuda A tiba-tiba berubah, dia mulai sedar bahawa selama ini dia berasa terhutang BUDI dgn Kerajaan kerana pemberian BR1M.

    "Pergh, Aku rasa terhina.. sebenarnya BR1M tu duit aku jugak..,"

    Jawabnya seperti baru tersedar dari mimpi.

    Pemuda B : " Aku kongsikan ini kerana aku percaya ramai lagi sahabat-sahabat di luar sana yang selama ini tak sedar bahawa BR1M itu bukanlah duit Kerajaan yg diberikan kepada rakyat, seperti seorang ayah memberi duit saku kepada anaknya, tetapi sebenarnya BR1M itu adalah duit KITA sendiri... Tipah Tertipuuuu...!!

    Kerajaan Kutip GST RM1,440 tolak RM450 (BR1M) = RM990

    "Sebenarnya aku yang bagi BR1M RM 990 kat Najib, bukan Najib bagi BR1M kepada aku..,"
    Kata Pemuda B
    mengakhiri perbualan dalam isu tersebut.

    Sedarkah kita .....

    aku tak kaya tp setiap kali aku berbelanja kerajaan UBN minta dari aku 6%........maknanya Kerajaan UBN LEBIH MISKIN dari aku
    minggu ni aku bagi lagi +0.04sen setiap kali aku beli minyak RON95 .....miskin sungguh rupanya kerajaan UBN ni

  22. Malaysia better stay out from this Rohingya stuff. Don't get too over involved and over excited about the issue. We have got nothing to do with it. Please stay out of trouble. It is us who stand a lot to lose being overly concern and overly caring.

    You don't know these people. Violence that arised over there is not our problem. Please don't get carried away with your feelings and emotions. If their immediate neighbours with the likes of Banglas and Pakis couldn't care less and couldn't be bothered about them, why are we get so much into trouble worrying about it?

    These fellas know a lot about them. A lot more than we do. They know what's really going on. You don't know these people. The culture and customs of these people are highly unusual and creepy. They are a bunch of weirdo which running in contrast to our society and way of life.

    Being Muslims like us doesn't mean we should embrace them with open arms. You ain't know nothing about these fringed minority. Things happened for a reason.

    On the surface, they seem quite normal like everyone else. But underneath of it, it is an active volcano. There lie unusual roller coster of emotions, of jealousy and anger which they keep hidden and suppressed. It will only pop up once in a while.

    They are violent people in nature. They are really good at hiding it. A lot of them are sadistic people and psychopath. Probably after years of being exposed to hardship, violence and brutality. Should these people a bit more prosperous and armed, they could become formidable minority and a force to reckon with.

    We have had a share of problems involving them here. Seducing our Muslim wives and daughters and secretly bedding them behind our back. And then the wives and daughters become addicted to them because a lot of the men are very well-endowed and really good in bef compare to Malay men. It wrecks havoc to the marriage institution in the country.

    Have you ever heard a case last year where a young boy was beheaded and his headless body was found by the river in Setapak. The boy went missing after returning from home a prayer at nearby mosque. It turned out the guy who murdered the bot was his brother in law, a Muslim Rohingya.

    His sister got married to this guy because her family got so impressed with him. His loving attitude and kind behaviour had charmed the family. The family loved the guy so much that they even let one of the girls in the family marry him.

    The guy murdered the kid because he got so jealous so jealous with him. The kid apparently had become a blue eye boy in the family and being showered with love and adulations. With the kid gone, he thought all the love and affections would shifted back to him. Jealous over a little boy? How bizzare.

    1. It's already our problem because over 100,000 of Rohingya are already here. Thank you.

  23. Actually it's very simple
    M is driven by his personal agenda. So anything goes. Ultra Melayu ke Kuda DAP ke.
    Whats so surprising abt that? Be real man.
    Better you spend your time on Economics 101, dari duk defend M all the time.

    Jho low