Saturday 27 February 2016

Be more like Singaporeans

At my aunt's place in Singapore.

Rode over here last night for the weekend.

Woke up for Subuh just now.

It's exactly 6.44am as I start writing this now.

Everything's quiet.

Well, they suspended TS Muhyiddin Yassin last night.

Was not really surprised.

I expected that from the start of the Umno civil war.

Doesn't matter.

They should just cut the bullshit and sack the guy.

No need to suspend.

For me it's just part of things turning full circle for Malaysia.

The country is reverting back to its old self.

It's the end of an era.

We actually took a departure from our true path on Feb 12 1996.

The lunching of Multimedia Super Corridor by then PM DS Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

That's 20 years ago.

Click on this link to know more:

MSC Malaysia

Don't worry. It's just a link to Wikipedia and not some wierd website.

Well, we were the envy of the world at that time.

Even the Singaporeans were envious of us.

The price we have to pay : We have to give ourselves the freedom of speech and expression in cyberspace.

Well, as you all may noticed, it's ending now.

You can't simply write what you want anymore.

If you do, you will be shut down...or blocked.

PM DS Najib Razak explained why.

Please click on this link:

Netizens for the greater good 

Some of you all may be angry over the whole thing but Najib does have a point there.

Some of us have really been abusing the freedom.

I have seen certain people instigating racial and religious hatred like nobody's business.

These people are making it their life mission to tell the Malays to hate Chinese and vice versa.

They even want the Muslims and Christians to hate each others too.

All because of their personal hatred and vendetta.

Definitely not for the greater interest of Malaysia.

The Malaysian cyberspace has become really toxic because of these people.

They needed to be stopped.

I believe that we should counter these hate mongers by arguing better than them in a free cyberspace.

Apparently, the authorities think otherwise.

They are taking the much easier route.

They have decided to just shut down  everyone who were deemed to be abusing the freedom in cyberspace.

As you all already know, a few have been shut off for various offenses.

I don't agree with the method, but who am I to protest.

Since they are already at it, I hope that they will soon go after the racial and religious hate mongers.

They are the most dangerous among the lot.

I hope the authorities will not be selective in implementing this policy of shutting down the bad people from cyberspace.

I hope it applies to everyone across the political divide.

Anyway, this is like before we have the internet.

You talk too much, you kena.

Maybe they will go after Dr Mahathir after this.

After all it's the handsome old man who started all these silly freedom thing with his MSC project and Vision 2020.

Actually, I don't mind so much that Malaysians now have less freedom.

We will be more like Singaporeans that way.

Hey, that's what the DAP people want all along, right?

Here in Singapore, they don't have Singapore Insider or Singaporekini, okay.

They also don't have blogs inciting racial and religious hatred.

You make a bit too much noise, you go in, okay.

I think they can even charge you in court for being smelly.

Anything that's disturbing to others is wrong in Singapore.

Being like Singapore is really not bad at all.

The whole place is clean, people are disciplined, the facilities and attitude are genuinely of first world stature, and there's almost zero corruption.

And on top of that, the PM is handsome.

Even more handsome than KJ, okay.


  1. The problem is they dont block people or sites that promote racial or religious hatred. They just block news or blogs that showed evidence of the wrong going of Najib and his bandits.

    1. I agree with this Anon.

    2. One had the foreskin and with that had the foresight and the other well...

  2. Singapore put brains first. Here we put religion first and when you put religion first then you must accept that it is the road to ruins. Muslim countries are proof of that.

    1. Too much of a generalisation, isn't it?

    2. You put the "wrong" version of religion first - Saudi wahhabism and PAS islamist!

    3. There is nothing wrong of putting a religion first.The problem is these stupid people like IS and PAS are misuse and misinterpret the religion for their own purposes.If we look at Islam, there is nothing wrong with it.Islam promotes unity, honesty, religious tolerance, rejecting racism etc.What these idiots do is to give Islam a very bad name.

      Prof Kangkung

    4. Saudi wahhabism is actually behind the decline of almost all Muslim societies in the 21st century. Without it there would be no ISIS, no Osama bin Laden. But I still would not say that PAS are at that level, not by a very long way.

      If anyone is misusing religion for gain, it is Umno. Look at the games they are playing with hudud, simply to entrap PAS.

    5. Anon 08.34,
      Untuk memahami dan mengenali sesuatu agama, JANGAN LIHAT APA YANG UMATNYA LAKUKAN tetapi fahami dan hayati ajaran agama itu!

      Untuk memahami ajaran Islam kaji AlQuran dan hadith/Sunnah Rasulullah dan bukan apa yang lakukan mereka yang mengatakan diri mereka Islam! Apa yang mereka lakukan banyak yang bertentangan dengan ajaran agama!

      Agama Islam telah memacu kecemerlangan apabila umatnya mentaati ajaran agama. Lakukan apa yang diperintah dan jauhi apa yang dilarangNYA.

      Baca semula sejarah zaman kecemerlangan Islam semasa kerajaan Abbasiyyah. Bangdad menjadi pusat perkembangan Ilmu dan sebagainya! Baca sendiri kerana ruangan ini tidak cukup untuk saya memberi pendidikan sejarah kepada anda.

      Jangan jadi katak bawah tempurung yang merasakan dunia tempurung mereka amat besar!

    6. Prof, janganlah hentam PAS teruk mcm tu. Most of their members DO follow the values you mentioned.

    7. Pada masa sekarang Parti Najib hanya takut kepada PAS kerana hanya PAS beserta dengan jentera PAS saja yang boleh mengancam kesemua kerusi yang UMNO tandingi kerana itulah blogger pemakan dedak telah diarahkan oleh PMO supaya jangan sama sekali menyerang pemimpin2 PAS tapi halakan peluru pada DAP PKR serta penyokong TUN sahaja dan dimasa yang sama najib dengan pemimpin UMNO lain mengambil sikap berbaik baik dengan pemimpin kanan PAS mereka kini cuba memancing PAS sebagaimana pemakan2 dedak dalam UMNO di pancing dan dibeli.

      Aku kompidem PRU14 parti PAS akan meraih jumlah kerusi lagi besar jika PAS sanggup bertanding di semua kerusi yang UMNO tandingi ini kerana orang melayu yang sebelum ini mengundi umno akan beralih mengundi PAS berbanding umno pkr amanah & dap malah dalam situasi sekarang PAS kelihatan lebih bersih berbanding dengan parti parti lain inilah peluang terbesar bagi PAS untuk memanopoli majoriti kerusi parlimen dalam sejarah pilihanraya.

    8. Bro mdzfrs, Hadi Awang still refuse to retract his TAKFIR of 1981 - Amanat Hadi Awang. Dont forget Memali tragedy of Ibrahim Libya directly because of Hadi's takfir of all things BN. And the Ikwanul Muslimin group Brotherhood Al-Mauna rebellion also.
      Allah bless and protect Malaysia because of the true faithful. Let us be concerned about the state of Islam in our hearts.

    9. Of-course, Malaysian have to put religion before anything else. The first tenet of our Rukun Negara is 'Percaya Kepada Tuhan'.
      Then there were allegation that DAP, with its top leaders, most of them Evangelists, wanted to turn Malaysia into a Christian State. i guess that invigorates the Islamist even more.

    10. Muslims today works on allegations - that's enough for them to go into a hissy fit. Proof tak payah.

      With more than 56 kumpulan ajaran sesat (as stated in Jakim portal)- imagine if each kumpulan has 1,000 pengikut - that's 56,000 orang Islam yang dah sesat, newer kumpulan sesat regularly exposed, many kumpulan ajaran sesat muncul and under the radar, shiah Melayu pun dah hampir 70,000 pengikut and growing and soon Melayu pecah Melayu Sunni and Melayu Shiah, Wahhabi and Salafi, Tabligh and Islam ISIS,Melayu UMNO,Melayu PAS, Melayu PKR dan Melayu DAP all this shows only one thing - Melayu dah pecah dan retak tunggu belah aje.

      Christian state? Well if God decide it shall be no force on earth can stop it particularly when Melayu sekarang tunggang-tebalik.

    11. Jgn lupa, Melayu UMNO Team B

  3. HAHAHA......I agree with u Annie.
    After they close down everything, everyone in Malaysia WILL LOVE PM more......KIHKIHKIH.
    Unfortunately Annie ....semakin katup, semakin susah payah orang mencari jalan nak masuk MALAYSIAN INSIDER, OUTSIDETHEBOX, DINTURTLE, JINGGO & OTHERS.
    Me include.
    Before this, I rarely masuk MALAYSIAN INSIDER.
    Now I am trying hard to go in......KIHKIHKIH.
    KALAU NAJIB ADA TELOR, he'd better lock up the hansome old man. He is the one who started all this 20 years ago.

  4. Annie,

    I think they have made a very bad move to sack TSMY. The self-interest of the crooked accomplices in the MTU is showing all too clearly. They are all yes-men who have "benefited", and are now so deep in the cesspool that they cannot swim out.

    You really have to watch this clip:

    This was before all of Najib's scandals really started.

    Isn't it excellent advice? And he had no anti-Najib motive to say it. He is just telling the party to clean up its act. It's good and sincere advice.

    It's really quite disgusting to watch someone like Abdul Rahman Dahlan, who is a talentless opportunist kaki bodek, trying to "lecture" TSMY.

    TSMY was already an UMNO leader when Abdul Rahman was still wetting his shorts in school. Please show some respect.

    Then ARD talks about "UMNO Rules".


    Then why isn't the 2.6 billion declared in UMNO accounts for 2013/14, as required by law?

    What a hypocrite.


    1. Sikalang masa yang terbaik paling untuk DAP maa aa , Bulayu lagi manyak pechah-pechah .

      Next election eaa aa ,Wa ingat tatak parti Bulayu cukup kuat untuk kasi telaju kelajaan lagi lor rr . Bila sutak tatak kuat itu barisan mesti pechah punya maa aa ,tatak kuat apa macam mau jadi kepala maa aa.

      UMNO akan tetap ada ,presiden atak kekal ,lebih sendili pikir maa aa , Wa tatak pakar ,tapi Wa ingat itu macam bolih jadi maa aa.

      Atak masa kuat ,atak masa jadi tatak kuat itu biasa maa aa.


    2. Saulala Lufang,

      Ini sibinarnya masa yang paring teluk untoo itu DAP, sibab dia soolah manyaaaaaa gaduk sama kawan2 lama mcm PKR & PAS. Macam olang butih cakak, itu DAP soolah jali manyaaaaaa allogant.

      Jali, soolah sampai masa PKR & PAS masukkan DAP dalam tong sampak (ya, Tokong masuk tong, ha ha!). Lipas itu, mesti bikin geng sama itu UMNO glassloot. Wa tadak tipu sama lu, Saulala Lufang: busu-busu 1 jutak akar umbi UMNO, kalau lu tanyak dia olang, "you lagi hormah sama Tun Dr M & TSMY, atau lu suka itu penipu bisar perpangsa Pukis kat Butajaya sikalang?" - dia konpom pilih Tun & TSMY, pukan penipu perpangsa Pukis itu.

      Sikalang Saulala Lufang bikin kira siki, maa ee aa:

      1 + 1.5 + 2.2 = 4.7 jutak pingundi Bulayu.

      Arli UMNO pro-Pukis: tak sampai 2 jutak.

      Jali, olang Bulayu yg anti-lasuah bolih minang sinang atas olang Bulayu yg plo-lasuah.

      Kalo ini macam eee aa, itu lanun Pukis sama itu patak ayer gembuk kina lali cipat2 atas itu plivate jet pala waktu 3 pagi, pi Kazakhstan. (Jangkak lisau, bawah tiram dia olang soolah simbunyi baki 'tonation' itu. Wang untoo hiloop mewah tarak hal maa aa.)

      Macam olang butih cakak:

      "Good liddance".

      Itu macam maa aa, Saulala Lufang.

  5. Being like Singapore is really not bad at all.

    The whole place is clean, people are disciplined, the facilities and attitude are genuinely of first world stature, and there's almost zero corruption. And on top of that, the PM is handsome.

    Firstly, if you wud pls keep your beauty assessments private. You don't really know what's happening at grassroots and heartland of Common Joe Singapore

    1. And secondly.....

      Are you really privy to what's "happening at grassroots and heartland of Common Joe Singapore"?

      Is "Common Joe Malaysia" that better off?

      Maybe that's why so many Malaysians come to work in Singapore!

    2. Maybe Lee is not that handsome and maybe Singapore is not that "pretty" underneath. They feel the repression too. I think many are frustrated also.

      But the exchange that Singaporeans make is that they have a generally OK-run country. I am not sure the "not-hensum Lee" would survive in Singapore if he did what Najib has done since last July.

      There was one quite high ranking guy who made $90,000 (Sing) by marking up the price of pineapple tarts for some govt function there.

      He got 15 months jail.

      That is nothing compared to the amount of "marking up" followed by songlap into Umno crony pockets we have here.

      French submarine songlap is more profitable than kuih-muih, for a start.

    3. You never kena 2 years NS how you know?!!!

    4. And dont forget many Indonesian, Bangla etc try their luck in Malaysia if Malaysia is that bad!

    5. Anyway si hensem Lee initiated the TPPA and now they're gonna overrun Malaysia with super capitalism no?
      Bye-bye kinder gentler nation ...

    6. Mr. Tebing Tinggi II,

      Foreign workers have been allowed to become a major problem for common Singaporeans by this government policies. 20 years ago not like this. See for yourself

    7. France has 1st healthcare ranking in the world. Singapore comes in 6th. Malaysia is 49th.

      Recently, due to gastric problems i got a stomach CAT scan in Singapore public hospital costing S$800. In KL the private hospital charges less than RM1000 for a complete body scan. You go figure out how common joe Singaporean gets by .. we have the poorest salaries among first world countries but one of the most expensive public health care costs and most expensive public flats also, and not to mention most outrageous car prices.

  6. But there may be a benefit.

    Let's do the maths:

    GE13 votes:




    So note that UMNO was already weaker than PAS & PKR combined.

    I think that given a strong alternative, about 30% of UMNO grassroots will abandon the party. That is a conservative estimate. PAS grassroots are most certainly not pro-UMNO. The chunk of fence-sitter Malay voters is also very, very large.

    What about a PAS-PKR-UMNO 2 pact?

    With the strong leadership of Tun, TSMY, Shafie, Mukhriz etc, they would completely wipe the floor with the remains iof UMNO headed by Najib's corrupt few minions.

    PKR will pick up urban votes and PAS/UMNO-2 together have enough semi-urban and rural reach. In urban seats, DAP / Amanah merely need to agree not to create 3-way fights. That's it.

    Even with the worst gerrymandering, I think this is a winning formula.

    The people do not want a diseased, selfish and corrupt leader any more.

    No sane person would.

  7. Kipas Annie Kipas, mother F

    1. Hang nak kipas? Nah, ambik nih jer:

      Jgn usik Annie.

      "Please refer to your local electrical appliances dealer for more details."


  8. Next is #tangkapmahathir. Maybe we get to see mahathir arrest like anwar with 50 polis barging into mahathir's house. Next #bebasmahathir

  9. "Suspended Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin today said he was presented with evidence about the deposits from state-owned SRC International into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's personal bank accounts.

    Muhyiddin said from the evidence, it was apparent that a crime had been committed.

    "About the money from SRC International that went into Najib's personal bank accounts, I was personally informed by the former attorney-general (Abdul Gani Patail) together with evidence which clearly showed it to be a criminal act," he said in a press statement this morning."

    Annie, let us be realistic here.

    Nobody believes the story that Najib was ignorant of the SRC money in his account. The A-G's explanation is rubbish, because he got the dates mixed up - if the 2.6 bil baki was returned in 2013, how does he connect the excuse that Najib thought the much later SRC money was from the same donation?

    Even a Form 4 student can see the flaw.

    And yet, TSMY is sacked merely for pointing out the glaring truth.

    What kind of justice is that?

    But in the long run, those who spoke up will be remembered a lot more kindly by history and Malaysians than those who remained silent for self-interest.

    1. Let's fly higher my fellowmen .....

  10. The fat ah so is whacking you kau kau Annie. Like a mad dog she is.

    1. I'll take your word for it. Fat Ah Soh's blog is so boring I can't bother even opening it any more.

      Mad dog? Well, if it looks like one, smells like one, and barks like one....

      Spaying may be an option?

    2. Malaysia isn't entirely free of rabies..there is still one mad b****h (female dog term) still frothing n dripping with malice at your heels...

  11. Singapore is efficiently run but the PAP aren't angels. Ask most singaporeans. They will whisper about condo discounts, covered up scandals etc.

    But Najib is shameless extraordinaire. The levels of his greed, lies, corruption is unmatched among recent nations' leaders.

    He claims he didn't know SRC money in his account. Who gave his bank account number then? Random ah? Lucky draw?

    He is a curse to his father's legacy and to Malaysia. And all those yes men and yes women and yes she-he will get their come uppance, and it will be devastating.

    Everyone I talk to reviles him and his clutch of nodding donkeys. Habis BN surely, sad because I used to support BN. but no more if Najib is at the helm.

    Dunno what that sor poh Ah So is shit-stirring today as I refuse to read her blog. One day (and I suspect soon) she will explode with all that hate, bitterness, jealously, resentment etc. And the sad thing would be no one will give a shit. All that sucking up to pro-Jibs will have no effect as she's dispensable. She'd outlived her usefulness to them -- a self-hating Chinawoman willing to whack and curse her own race, Christians and chinese based political parties.

    Ignore her Annie. Like how we pity a rabid mangy dog yapping and barking incessantly because we know it's on its tottering dying legs.


  12. Annie,pi la blog Pak Budin.Lawak giler spin dari Pak Budin.Najib cakap dia keluar dari mesyuarat MKT Umno sebab kalau dia dan Zahid stay akan wujud conflict of interest.

    Tapi Pak Budin cakap sepatutnya Zahid yang kena stay mempengerusikan mesyuarat bukan Hishammuddin.Ini bukti Najib was-was dengan kesetiaan Zahid.Bukan apa,takut2 kalau Zahid yang mempengerusikan mesyuarat bukan Muhyiddin je kena gantung,dengan Najib sekali kena gantung hehe.Itu kalau menurut spin Pak Budin la.

    1. Terbukti najib yg juga presiden umno bukan berjuang utk partinya, jauh sekali untuk rakyat tapi dia berjuang nk pertahankan diri je, satu hari nanti najib akan kena juga.... seperti dlm sebuah kapal rakyat akan karamkan dia bersama kapalnya.....

  13. She really is a weirdo - so bitter.
    I masuk blog dia, just to read and pass time but, I just cannot stomach her balabbing, so nauseating. Ulang-ulang-ulang DAPsters, protun......EEEEEEEeeeeee.

    1. Eeeee Berani u, cik minah. I cannot lah read her crap.rasa nak muntah. Seriously.

    2. Ah Soh blog best avoided unless you like looking at snakes in the reptile house in the zoo. Geli tapi small doses. Of course larger doses will just send you straight to sleep.

  14. Is it true? I just read that Malaysian Insider's Jahabar Sadiq's sister, Faridah Begum (exjournalist), is married to our wonderful AG Apandi?

    Like Tamil movie scenario lah.

    1. Betul kot.Bekas anak buah Datuk Kadir Jasin di NSTP

  15. Annie a lot of Malay believe hardly the Singaporean Chinese are hardcore ally of their brethren in Malaysia especially DAP the so call splinter party of PAP when Singapore break-up with us.

    The fact is those believe just a famous legend among the malay.DAP is indeed the reincarnation of PAP in Malaysia but their course of political struggle and vision differ 180 degree from PAP in order to suit Malaysian Chinese chauvinistic agenda.

    The DAP way of politic makes Singaporean leader alerted of the danger that
    chauvinistic mentality influence could do enormous harm to their citizen.They can't let their people regressing to the old politics which is DAP still entrapped to which can hampered their development or worst destroyed what had they achieved so far.

    1. Did you use Google translate ie you wrote in Malay and translated your comment into English before posting? Your English is as confusing as Lufang's Malay.

  16. Ahhaa baru tersedar bangun dari mimpi agaknya pimipinan malaysia??? bila negara nak roboh baru masalah di tangani diperkuat dgn undang-undang sedangkan musuh pagi petang siang malam dipimpin masuk menyusup tanpa segan silu kedalam kabinet dan jaringan kerajaan selama ini!

  17. tsmy shd have left earlier rather then wait. why would najib want a no 2 that backstab him even after investigations by pac,macc,pdrm and bnm revealed that najib is not at fault. there was already a conspracy to topple the pm n current givernment right from the beginning. one by one these people get what they deserved...finally the government is making their move...and now monitoring the blogs and making strict rules on what is being said and imposing harxher penalties...we welcome this... I hope the people of Malaysia especially the netizens will learn something from this. Freedom of speech doesnt mean we can abuse that priviledge as we please. Lies, fitnahs are easily spread ...and the consequences are greater than what we think.Lets support the government on this one.

    1. re: "tsmy shd have left earlier rather then wait. why would najib want a no 2 that backstab him even after investigations by pac,macc,pdrm and bnm revealed that najib is not at fault....Lies, fitnahs are easily spread ...and the consequences are greater than what we think.Lets support the government on this one."

      You sure are a vicious liar!


    2. "Lies are easily spread..." tapi sape yg pembohong terbesar?

      Jawapan 1 : (Diam)
Jawapan 2 : Akaun itu tidak wujud.
Jawapan 3 : Ejaan nama Najib Razak oleh WSJ adalah silap.
Jawapan 4 : SWIFT Code di dalam dokumen WSJ adalah tidak benar
Jawapan 5 : Saya tak guna duit itu untuk kegunaan peribadi.
Jawapan 6 : Penulisan Wall Street Journal adalah berunsur fitnah.
Jawapan 7 : Saya akan saman WSJ pada hari Selasa.
Jawapan 8 : Najib tidak jadi saman WSJ kerana dia tidak terkenal di Amerika Syarikat
Jawapan 9 : Adalah bodoh jika Najib Razak guna akaun peribadi sendiri untuk terima wang
Jawapan 10 : RM2.6 billion itu tidak wujud.
Jawapan 11 : RM2.6 billion itu adalah derma
Jawapan 12 : Akaun peribadi Najib sebenarnya adalah akaun amanah atas nama Umno
Jawapan 13 : Lebih baik Najib pegang wang dalam akaun peribadi dari dipegang oleh proksi
Jawapan 14 : Penderma RM2.6 billion itu adalah adalah dari Timur Tengah
Jawapan 15 : Sedekah RM2.6 billion datang dari penyokong-penyokong Umno
Jawapan 16 : Najib berhak untuk merahsiakan derma kerana ianya untuk akaun peribadi
Jawapan 17 : Duit derma lebih selamat di dalam akaun peribadi Perdana Menteri
Jawapan 18 : Ahli-ahli Umno memang dah lama setuju wang sumbangan boleh masuk ke dalam akaun peribadi Presiden
Jawapan 19 : Duit itu guna untuk pilihanraya dan kerja kebajikan
Jawapan 20 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan ISIS
Jawapan 21 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan DAP dan YAHUDI
Jawapan 22 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan Muslim Brotherhood
Jawapan 23 : Duit itu sebagai tanda terima kasih kerana Malaysia berfahaman Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah
Jawapan 24 : Duit itu bukan duit rakyat, jangan dengki dengan rezeki seseorang
Jawapan 25 : BERSIH dan pembangkang juga menerima duit derma dan perlu isytiharkan penderma mereka
Jawapan 26 : Jangan ganggu pentadbiran Najib, zaman Tun Mahathir sudah berlalu
Jawapan 27 : Dulu Tun Mahathir pun mesti dapat derma dalam akaun peribadi untuk pilihanraya
Jawapan 28 : Bank Negara sudah lama tahu, dan saya tidak melakukan apa apa kesalahan
Jawapan 29 : Ada ramai penderma, bukan seorang penderma
Jawapan 30 : Zahid Hamidi jumpa wakil-wakil penderma
Jawapan 31 : Saya telah membelanjakan kesemua RM 2.6 billion untuk kegunaan Umno
Jawapan 32 : Henti kan fitnah. Saya tidak pernah menyoal Pak Lah bagaimana dia cari duit untuk pilihanraya
Jawapan 33 : Menuduh Najib adalah sama seperti menyerang umat Islam Malaysia
Jawapan 34 : Walaupun saya telah memecat ramai orang, saya berjiwa besar
Jawapan 35 : Jangan persoal cara Najib Razak memerintah. Dia perintah mengikut sunnah Nabi
Jawapan 36 : SPRM jumpa penderma tunggal, bukan lebih dari seorang
Jawapan 37 : Raja Arab sebelum meninggal memberi sedekah RM2.6 billion kepada Najib
Jawapan 38 : RM 2.03 billion telah di pulangkan kembali kepada Raja Arab sebab tak habis digunakan
Jawapan 39 : Derma sedekah itu adalah hal peribadi antara Najib dan Raja Arab
Jawapan 40 : Tiada kesalahan jenayah di lakukan oleh PM. Minta SPRM mengugurkan kertas siasatan dan kes di tutup kerana tiada fakta jelas dan tiada bukti.


      PS: bnm & macc mana de "clear"? Dua2 nak bawak org tu & 1mdb ke mahkamah, berdasarkan siasatan. Pac blum buat laporan; pdrm blum siasat apa pon. Nie lah contoh klassik "lies, fitnahs are easily spread"!

      Sedar diri dulu, ler...

    3. so why not charge him already?
      clearly a lot of talk but no actions.
      anyway ...even if the court clear him ....people like yoh will still bein denial.

  18. So billions of ringgit secretly pocketed by the prime minister from a foreign government, who kept quiet until it was exposed in the media, who denied it was his account, then media exposed some more, then admitted it was, then kept changing his story everytime the media exposed some's fine with you?

    Trust, honesty, opposed to denials, fudging, grudging admissions, abusing authority to cover up truth seekers...

    I've always supported the BN but not this rapacious liar and his ilk.