Monday 14 August 2023

Mat Hasan should take over from Zahid and rebuild Umno/BN

Umno was thrashed once again the other day.

It won only 19 of the 108 seats contested in the six state elections.

Fourteen of the seats won by the party are in Negri Sembilan, thanks to the lack of Perikatan's presence in that state.

Okay, maybe it's also because Mat Hasan did a good job there as state party chairman.

Still, spin it all we want, the reality is that Umno as a whole is dying.

The two big issues are Zahid's leadership as Umno president and the party's collaboration with Pakatan, especially DAP.

It wouldn't actually take a genius to figure out that if Umno wants to get out of its tail spin, it has to get out of both those issues.

First, Zahid has to go. I have no doubt about that.

A leader who has become a liability to the party has to be replaced.

It's immaterial whether he has actually done wrong or otherwise.

If he fails to handle the accusations against him and those accusations hurt the party, then he shouldn't remain as its leader.

I have been saying this from back then when Shahrizat's NFC cow in condo issue hurt Umno.

That issue caused Umno and its BN allies to lose hundreds of thousands of votes back in the 2013 general election.

It doesn't matter whether Shahrizat actually kept cows in her condos or not, the point is that she refused to step down at that time and Umno suffered because of it.

Then there's Najib who failed to handle the accusations against him, when he was PM. 

It doesn't matter whether Dr Mahathir was right or wrong in attacking Najib, because what really matter was that those attacks were handled poorly and led to Umno and its BN allies going into the longkang in 2018.

Zahid is doing the same as Najib, only worse.

Throwing people that oppose him off the boat is not helping Umno just like what Najib did leading to the general election in 2018.

I wrote about this repeatedly at the height of Najib-Mahathir war back then to a point that I was accused by stupid pro-Umno bloggers as being a DAP agent.

Najib only resigned after the 2018 defeat but it was too late.

Realistically, the only option for Umno now is for Mat Hasan to take over from Zahid.

I know KJ and some of the other rebels will say that's not good enough. They want Mat Hasan out too.

But let's be realistic, that's the only way it could be done in the present set up.

Mat Hasan needs to be brave in this matter or otherwise he will be remembered as being complicit along with Zahid in ensuring the final destruction of Umno.

Once he takes over, he has to try to bring back all the rebels into the Umno's fold once again.

Okay, I know it's risky to do that but all the Umno rebels that I personally knew still love the party.

I believe they can help revive Umno if given the chance to do so.

Then there's the issue of working with Pakatan, especially DAP.

Mat Hasan (assuming that he does take over the party's presidency) needs to take  Umno out of that and rebuild BN with MCA and MIC.

Umno and the rest of BN should stay out of the current administration.

They shouldn't be with Perikatan either.

It's indeed better if the BN coalition stays in its own bloc and work on convincing people that BN is the alternative to both the hopeless current Pakatan establishment and potentially scary Perikatan administration.

Umno and its BN allies need to stay somewhere in the middle between them.

Let Pakatan and Perikatan fight to get support from Sabah and Sarawak to form the government for now.

I believe that's the only way for Umno to survive.

Maybe it's too late in Perikatan-dominated Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah but there's still hope in Pahang, Johor Melaka, Negri Sembilan and even Perlis, Perak as well as Sabah.

Meanwhile, let Pakatan and Perikatan fight over Penang and Selangor. 


  1. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result is insanity. Asking him to resign is then kerja orang gila
    What the members should do is revisit your constitution.Clause 8.5.3 that enable members to call for Mesyuarat Agong Khas. It requires half no of members to support the call. So just call for the Mesyuarat Agong Khas. Do a referendum before that to propose change in the UMNO cogan kata ( Fasa 2) from Bersatu, Bersetia, Berkhidmat to Bersatu, Bersetia, Berkhidmat untuk Zahid. Then go to the mesyuarat and exercise yr right to speak ( Fasa 6.2.1). There can discuss also same addition into Tujuan outline under Fasa 3.1 to 3.7. Only with such clarity things can happen. wallaualam. I think it is not fair that news about dapur UMNO take centre stage in the news. We need more on how to keep cost of living low, development for job creation, food security etc. pls settle it in house. As negara ada undang undang so does UMNO ada perlembagaan. Keep the noise down since it is proven kerja orang gila

    1. Orang umnok bukan tahu siapa itu einstein

  2. Pi mai pi mai tang tu juga.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  3. All those manifestos are of no use to a lot of voters. Its basically about not voting for a party you do not trust anymore but voting for a "safer" party, what have you got to lose. BN lost in GE14 because many voters don't want Najib and Rosmah to be back and not because they like TM and AI more.Many malays have seen Umno's men and cronies got so filthy rich over the decades instead of spreading it out to bring them to middle income group at least.

  4. tok mat is also a crook and that is why he and zahid can get along...

    tok mat as defend minister...are stealing alot.

    just look who is holding the defend minister post ?

    BN already lose GE15...but among the demand made was defend minister post given to umno.

    tok mat is zahid 2.0

    Mahadhir said that umno sudah rosak...he knows better what is going on inside there.

    umno need to get rid of all of them together with most of all those ketua bahagian people.

    >james bond

    1. It takes a crook to know another crook.

    2. @ 007

      theres lot of accusations there on tok mat.

      why dont just fold umno already, members who prefer a pn single brand of culture, go join them. those who are more left- centrist-multi cultural, go join PH

      2 party straight fight. who you reckon sarawak will join ?

    3. 11:05

      if you have any plan to go back to china....then there will be no need to reply to your comment.

      you become irrelevant

      >james bond

    4. @007

      after 50y on the crutch, handouts, etc, your insecurity still shows. cave is back there.

    5. anon 08:07
      handouts ? open a dictionary if you are dumb to know the meaning.
      whatever the malay received...its their rights..its their country.

      handouts is giving 100 millions plus to chinese school just to pay their salary per month.

      and before you come out with chinese pays the tax rubbish...its already included in the sales of whatever shit you are selling plus petronas sime darby and others contribute to 80% of taxes.
      >james bond

  5. 22.8.2023 date of BRICS Summit di Afrika Selatan. New currency BRICS akan dilancarkan.

    1 Dollar BRICS = 55 USD . Jiwa pemimpin PMx lebih pada IRI, KAF, NAD, IMF dan World Bank berkiblat pada USA. Link kenapa PMx suka Jadi hamba Amerika Syarikat sebab USA is great katanya PMx lagi.

    Dollar US akan jadi tisu tandas.. Hyper inflasi akan melanda America Syarikat, France Kanada dan UK.. Malaysia akan lebih gawat lagi jika bergantung pada Dollar US , IMF dan World Bank..!! India sudah mula singkirkan US Dollar berurusan sesama anggota BRICS.

    Dari dulu lagi aku dah habaq kat suma Malaysia perlu menyertai BRICS. Mungkin pemimpin Melayu yang ada dan Parti UMNo PAN dan PKR terdiri dari barua DAP@LeeKwanYew barua Israel Jew East Asia..!?

    Momentum sebagai inisiatif BRICS+ China telah melahirkan aspirasi yang semakin meningkat daripada beberapa negara membangun terbesar untuk menyertai kumpulan BRICS.

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    Lebih 40 buah Negara sudah menyertai anggota BRICS. Negara dari pelbagai geografi seperti Argentina, Turki, Arab Saudi, Algeria Iran Argentina Indonesia Arab Saudi Yamen Syria Vanezuela Chile Nigeria Botswana Bukina Faso Mesir Colombia Mexico dll dan lain-lain telah menyatakan minat untuk menyertai BRICS.

    Negara-negara BRICS berikrar untuk meneroka kemungkinan melaksanakan langkah seterusnya ke arah pengembangan keahlian, dengan salah satu sasaran utama ialah keputusan mengenai kriteria ahli baharu.

    Dari dulu dah habaq Malaysia perlu sertai BRICS, gugurkan penggunaan Dollar USA tapi sah sekarang semua pemimpin Malaysia berkiblat pada little Israel di Asia Tenggara (Singapork) dah menjadi barua LeeKwanYew@DAP.

    Lagi link "USA is super great dan penuh human right" kata PMx Malaysia saksikan video di bawah ini

    Maka PRU 16 nanti ada saki baki pemimpin Melayu jadi sang barua barua LeeKwanYew@ DAP yang perlu dilingkupkan seperti melingkupnya legasi Tun Mahathir Bin Mohamad..!!!


    1. malaysia is a small country, indonesia is joining brics. perhaps we too can benefits from indonesia

      brics is a multipayment organization where currency is backed by gold and commodities.

      latest is brics sharing their medicine technology to africa where africa will not need to rely to EU.

      yes malaysia should join brics...less dollar less war less killing

      >james bond

  6. It is believed that Tok Mat is as tainted as Kpop. So his taking over the job won't solve the problem either. Umno is rotten from the top. It was Dap benefited the most from the convenient marriage. Chinese never lost after all. Madani should take stock of the pathetic prn results with egg all over its face.

  7. Indonesia jadi rebutan anggota BRICS dan G8..!? Kenapa Indonesia tetapi bukan Malaysia..!?

    No more USD to BRICS. Hanya Najib Bossku sudah memulakan langkah bila mengambil inisiatif dengan AIIB dalam urusan pelaburan Malaysia bersama anggota BRICS.

    Selagi pemimpin bodoh jadi hamba George Soros seperti Anwar Ibrahim, Tun Mahathir Lim Guan Eng ekonomi Malaysia nilai ringgit akan terus menjunam.

    Memacu Pemulihan Ekonomi Global. Malaysia wajib sertai Pakatan BRICS.

    IMF vs BRICS selepas Covit19 : Iran dan Argentina anggota baru BRICS. Malaysia bila lagi..!?

    G7 negara maju kenapa Indonesia diundang ke G7..!?

    Maju kah G7 ini..!? Pada para barua2 Melayu DAP@LeeKwanYew PKR, GTA, COMANGO, Pluralist Murtad, PAN dan PejWang yg kagum doonia barat G7 ini bingkisan dari USA.. Hidop USA, Long Live G7.!! Hidop Barua..!! hahh saksikan

    DoJ,WSJ, Reuter, CNN Bloomberg adalah akhbar yg sllu dipetik oleh barua mereka disini utk jadi batu api melaga2kan pemimpin Malaysia..!

    Kehidupan rakyat Ketua nagara G7 yang hebat iaitu USA.. pada barua kalian saksikan link ini..!!

    The Straits Times melapur bahawa syarikat minyak milik Indonesia, Pertamina dan syarikat minyak Russia, Rosneft akan meneruskan projek membina kilang 16 bilion penapisan minyak di wilayah Jawa Timur.

    “Bagi kilang menghasilkan bahan api dan bahan mentah untuk industri petrokimia ini, pihak Russia sudah berunding untuk mendapatkan pelepasan cukai.

    Ucapkan Selamat tinggal Dollar America. Lupakan dan pedulikan Singapura Bila US Dollar jadi kertas tisu USA bangkrupt dalam masa 24 jam dan sekutu nya di Asia Tenggara iaitu Singapura pun akan turut jatuh...!

    Bank Pembangunan Baru (AIIB) ditubuhkan pada 2015 dengan modal permulaan $50 bilion oleh negara BRICS -- Brazil, Rusia, India, China dan Afrika Selatan - sebagai pengimbang kepada Tabung Kewangan Antarabangsa. (IMF)

    BRICS dan Projek Wang Digital: Alternatif kepada US Dollar, Gelombang Baharu dalam Sistem Pembayaran Antarabangsa? BRICS New Development Bank memberi tumpuan kepada mata wang di luar Dolar AS sebagai mata wang utama. Tiada lagi US Dollar..!!

    Rusia mula membangunkan sistem pembayaran nasional sebagai alternatif kepada perkhidmatan pemesejan kod kewangan SWIFT yang berpangkalan di Belgium pada 2014 selepas sekatan Barat dikenakan ke atas Moscow.

    BRICS use New Monotary System Finance

    Sidang kemuncak BRICS di Afrika Selatan 22.0gos. 2023 ini mungkin merupakan sidang kemuncak G-8 yang menetapkan matawang BRICS . Anda tidak akan pernah meneka (berkat keangkuhan yang berpanjangan dan keegoan Barat), tetapi China juga menjadi tuan rumah kepada ketua-ketua kerajaan negara-negara membangun yang dikenali sebagai BRIC (Brazil, Rusia, India, dan China).

    Peralihan imbangan kuasa, kepentingan ekonomi dan strategi geopolitik menjadikan ini penting.

    Saya ulangggg...!!

    No more USD to BRICS. Hanya Najib sudah memulakan langkah bila mengambil inisiatif dengan AIIB dalam urusan pelaburan Malaysia bersama anggota BRICS.


    Global War on Terrorism la,
    macam2 depa teduh Taliban, ratusan ribu terbunuh, became refugees bla bla.

    Agak2 berperang sbb depa sayang rakyat Afghanistan ke, nak protect Islam ke atau dok peghembang nak cekop benda lain2?..

    Zaman British depa2 maid kolek sampai licin bijih timah bawa balik harta kekayaan kita k Negara mereka.

    Hmmmmmm .. $$$$$$$$$

    Professor Nasi Lemak


  9. I don't believe Umno can survive on its own merely by seeking a middle ground within the current political landscape.

    Umno has abandoned its sense of purpose in championing the elevation of the Malay community to greater heights, endorsing Islam as the religion of the Federation, and embodying meaningful nationalism.

    Currently, Malaysia needs a leader of integrity, a proven, just leader with unwavering commitment.

    This leader must possess a clear vision of the meaning of Tanah Melayu and hold strong moral values to navigate the complexities of governing in a racially polarized nation.

    Tok Mat Hassan doesn’t possess it. A rhetorical leader may not necessarily have the potential to influence Umno's survival.

    Umno needs a young and proactive leader.

    Umno can look to Dr Akmal, the Umno Youth chief, as the chosen one to bring hope and political vitality to the struggling Umno.

    To remain relevant, Umno should align itself with Perikatan Nasional's struggle for nation-building with new mindset.

  10. Despite winning 14 seats in N9, Umno has no guts to demand for the MB spot. Why stoop so low as to help phDap to win the state? One way to save Umno is to kick out both the president and its deputy. The point is who has the cheek to do so. Not only that, the federal govt must also be ousted. Just can't stand the KimJongNon's methodology of governing, especially when he is trying his best to muzzle the media and people.

    1. didnt ph win 17 seats ? failed your maths ?

    2. Umno14+dap11+pkr5+pan1+PN5= 36
      This is the equation. But what to do, the luar tabii govt always does it the songsang way like the boss enjoys doing so.

  11. Umngok dah jadi parti zahid hamidi... Bior ajelah si luncai terjun dgn labu2 nya. PRU 15 salahkan poster boy, tetiba PRN jadi collective responsibility la pulak.

  12. option 1 - Remain in the unity govt - tok mat / johari takeover, bring back the likes of kj, sha. Empower the youth leaders, take charge of the unity govt narrative & go down padang to explain to grassroots. Zahid needs to go to jail if he is guilty. Enough of the Najib is innocent BS

    option 2 - Pull out of unity govt, can stay as 3rd force in a confidence supply agreement with Anwar or just remain outside, build the narrative from there with new leaders tok mat / johari / kj. the unity govt still has majority anyway. i dont see east malaysians pulling out as PAS has spooked them plenty these last 12 months.

    option 3 - join the opposition. get eaten up by PAS & Bersatu. Umno is history.

  13. Excellent posting by Änonymous/Aug20 re the 3-options open to UMNO. I only have one comment.Am getting tired of the numerous accusations at the unity government being non-reformist.These people cannot differentiate between the clarion call of PKR`s "Reformasi"slogan trumpeted since time immemorial, and what the present unity government is.Anwar is from PKR and leads the unity government.True.But, the unity government is not a PKR government.That`s the major difference, and Anwar had better be aware of this too, as he seems dangerously pandering to the wants of the conservative majority just to buy cheap brownie points.No way any party or coalition can out-Islamise PAS.Never fight fire with fire.Simply won`t work!

    1. annie may not agree with this, but anwar is doing the right thing by tackling the hard core poor first. to be fair to tsmy, the covid years we were just playing defence in social economic management - we spent too much to be sustainable. we have to tighten the belt, take care of the poorest 20%. It also means the middle income earners fall into a gap - this is not unique to malaysia - all around the world you see the middle income getting squeezed.

      at some point, someone needs the kahunas to change our education system. everybody knows the local school & varsities are failures - hence the vernacular streams, tahfiz schools, internationals schools etc. all these needs to be done away with into a single stream.

    2. Anon 13:41, so, is more religious study the answer? Is it likely to foster more integration or seggregation? Is giving more voice to jakim is likely to lead to moderation?

      Has it all suddenly become more palatable to you simply because anwar ibrahim introduced all these instead of pas? 2x5 aje... or maybe he is worse coz he is cunning but suave.

  14. Hampir 60 Negara hadir sidang Summit BRICS di Afrika Selatan... Agenda utama new currency BRICS hapuskan kuasa Dollar Amerika...

    Bang Non kerajaan Madani Masih menagih nasihat IMF World Bank dan Amerika Syarikat

    Madani simbol kerajaan Freemason

    Dollar Amerika Nak runtuh disidang summit BRICS esok 22.8.2023

    1 Dollar BRICS = 55 USD

    Bodoh bang non bodoh....

  15. USA sudah bangkrap..!!

    Hampir 60 Negara hadir sidang Summit BRICS di Afrika Selatan... Agenda utama new currency (R5) BRICS hapuskan kuasa Dollar Amerika...

    Media utama USA dan UK spt CNN, CNBC, Reuter, AP, Washington Post Malay media Singapura dan Malaysia buta Mata seolah olah tiada apa apa yg penting dan tidak buat sebarang liputan BRICS..! Mudah dihadam mereka semua hamba IMF World Bank dan USA..!!

    Bang Non kerajaan Madani Masih menagih nasihat IMF World Bank dan Amerika Syarikat

    Madani simbol kerajaan Freemason

    Dollar Amerika Nak runtuh disidang summit BRICS esok 22.8.2023

    Bodoh bang non bodoh....

    Bila anggota BRICS currency simbol R5 akan muncul pada 22.8.2023 di South Africa

    Iaitu 1R5 = 55 USD

    Makna nya haper...!?

    Semua orang especially Amerika, Eurpo, UK , France , Aussie dan sekutu USA termasuk Singapura akan memgalami defecit matawang menyebabkan nilai Dollar merudim terutama Rakyat dan selebriti USA.

    Jika Harga roti katakana di USA 2 USD maka mereka akan import bahan roti dan menjual roti di USA maka Harga Kan melambung sekitar

    2 X 55 = 110 USD hanya sebuku roti

    Selamat muflis USA... Gud Bye Dollar gud Bye IMF dan World Bank...

    Saya ulangggg...

    Bodoh bang non bodoh....hamba USA, IMF dan World Bank...!!

    1. JongNon bukan saja bodoh, tapi bodohsombong, kukubesi, kakikelentong, penipu dan pm paling teruk pernah kita ada. Semoga isu ambalat dpt menjatuhkannya. Lagi pun dia tiada sokongan majoriti Melayu. Malulah asyik berpauh pd dap dan umno utk kelangsungan politiknya.

  16. Anggota BRICS : Hanya Malaysia Madanon suka dibawah tapak kaki Yahudi IMF dan World Bank

    Arab Saudi, Indonesia, dan Argentina disebut sebagai favorit menjadi anggota baru pertama BRICS, sejak masuknya tuan rumah KTT tahun ini, Afrika Selatan, pada 2010.

    Perluasan keanggotaan BRICS itu didukung oleh China.

    Tak hanya itu, Beijing berencana mendorong blok BRICS menjadi saingan penuh G7 selama konferensi tingkat tinggi (KTT) mendatang di Afrika Selatan.

    Saya ulangggg

    Hanya Malaysia Madanon suka dibawah tapak kaki Yahudi IMF dan World Bank

  17. "Activist who disapproved of Anwar's act of converting Hindu youth to Islam questioned by police"

    PMX dah sama taraf macam sultan2 ke atau msia dah jadi negara dictator x boleh tegur pemerintah langsung?

    How is this a better M'sia?

  18. I am a simple man. My ideas are simple too.
    Umno grassroots should join Pas or Bersatu. Leave the hardcore leaders in Umno. These leaders, whatever happens will not resign. They will not budge even if the majority wants them to step down. They are are working for their own selves not the party.
    Make PN a strong party, where Islam and the majority race are well represented. This will provide political stability to the country. If the dominant religion and race are squeeze out of the ruling apparatus and mechanisms of this country, mark my words, political instability ensues. And economic uncertainty follows.


    To all k'jaan madani supporters, this is what you have elected. This is the guy that started the islamization of our national schools & now the daughter of his abim bff is continuing the plan.

    The lower income malay children will be further left behind, those that can afford it will shun the national schools & this country will be further segregated, seemingly by race but in actuality by social class.

  20. BRICS: 60 Negara Donia Bersetuju Menolak Dollar A.S.. Malaysia masih menagih kasih dari IMF World Bank..!?

    Negara-negara BRICS sedang mencari untuk mengenepikan dolar A.S. dengan melancarkan mata wang baharu untuk menyelesaikan perdagangan antarabangsa. Link

    Perkembangan itu mencabar ketuanan dolar dan boleh menyingkirkannya daripada status rizab global.

    Langkah itu memberi inspirasi kepada negara-negara Timur membangun yang lain untuk membuang dolar dan mempromosikan mata wang asli mereka untuk perdagangan global.

    Jika momentum berterusan, lebih banyak negara Timur boleh berganding bahu dan menamatkan pergantungan kepada dolar A.S. sepenuhnya.

    Dollar US lingkup maka Singapura bakal melingkup sama... Dari dolu lagi haku dah pesan Lupakan Singapore... Hanya pemimpin Melayu Barua bangang bodoh DAP@LeeKwanYew yang masih perasan hebat..!!


  21. Freedom of speech in Malaysia now means being intimidated by the police

    " Malaysia is starting to see those who criticize the prime minister and policy, are subjected to harassment and intimidation. This is a direct affront to the basic human rights of Malaysians. Shashi is not the only activist called to Bukit Aman. Activist Arun Dorasamy was also called. "


  22. Bayangkan apabila kerajaan sendiri menjadi scammer. Masihkah ada harapan lagi ke kerajaan mcm ni? Itu pun tak termasuk skandal2 terbaharu yg didedahkan tempoh hari. Selain itu, apa sudah jadi dgn pembongkaran banglo pajakan, kereta mewah bmw jaguar, pembelian tanah yg dicurigai? Bagaimana pula dgn isu Ambalat, taikun Indon ree dan kalimah Allah? Rakyat berhak tahu sebab negara ini bukan bapak dia yg punya.
    Cakap memanglah pandai. Kononnya dirinya bersih. Nah, sekarang peluang dah ada utk come clean.
    Dulu dia kata, rakyat adalah mata dan telinga utk kerajaan. Sekarang lain pula jadinya. Apabila rakyat mula mengritik, polis dihantar utk tangkap dan soal-siasat. Kononnya demi mencegah fitnah padahal kesemua itu berfakta. Itu sebenarnya gejala kepimpinanan berkuku besi. Kalau tak mahu ditegur dan dikritik, jalankan tugas dgn baik bagi memakmurkan rakyat dan negara. Rata2 rakyat dah tak tahan la, apatah lagi nak tunggu 4 tahun lagi. Lagi pun kerajaan ini langsung tak ada sokongan majoriti Melayu, kurang drpd 20%. Meluat betul suara garau dan muka pokka Madanon ini.
    Harap2 Gelombang Penolakan Madani semasa PRK di S.Jeram, Pulai dan Pelangai akan menjahanamkannya nanti.

  23. Adoiiii

    Kau org bawak Tun org tua bodoh berucap Mme Nak melingkup lagi bagi banyak majority kat PH DAP lerr nnpk nya

    Boboi tu liberal, Marina Gereja tu lagi tebal bebal liberal nya bawah jenama SIS yg cabar hukum mahkamah syariah baru baru ni...

    Cukup lah bawak orang tua bodoh ni ... Klu ada kuasa diberi kembali orang Melayu kena caci maki lagi... Kroni Cina di lambing kembali...

    Kalau tak caye PH dapat lebih majority ko org tunggu keputusan PRK Ni Pulai dan Jeram ni

    Bangang Ni kenapa ko org jemput ceramah

    Org tua mangkuk tu barua DAP@LeeKwanYew yg di bakul sampahkan...

    Sepatutnya legacy Ni kena ajar canner Niger , Mali, Bukina Faso, Sudah, Tongo, Gabon dah halau France Germany UK dan USA keluar dari benua Afrika...!!!

    Kasi Berambosss trus org tua Bodo ni...

    Adopiii iiiiiii..?!?

    1. Apa yang awak melalut ni?
      Macam tak centre saja!

  24. 'The biggest problem in Malaysia is not race politics. The biggest problem is class domination. This is a subject the politicians don’t want you to talk about.'
    This is a profound quote from a respected political analyst .
    Today he and his cohorts choose to be in elegant silence.

  25. Zahid's DNAA has proven Anwar's hypocrisy to the core. Whatever he did and said all along were merely perfunctory. All FAKE. From reformasi to reforbasi and now reformati. Dead and six feet under. Its tombstone is carved with words like kpop, dnaa, akalbudi, walanon, madani.... This useless govt is ruining the whole system and country. Hooorrraaayy PHBN!!!

    1. @719

      its not this current govt. its msia’s system of governance, accountability, or lack of it. put in any permutation of coalition, the same will happen - Tun has gone many rounds on this. His latest of course is the champion of malay again.

      AGC / MACC under parliament needs to happen soon.

    2. The story still not end bro. Tale of bungalow and tunnel probably will follow suit. 40 seats which prop up his government is no chicken feed

    3. Hahaha... how apt.

      Reformasi ----> reforbasi ----> reformati

      Prinsip dah lebur.

  26. 2 Babi Dari Singapura langar anak kecil Mati ditmpt kejadian

    Mungkinkan pepatah "Asal Babi Lepas" berulang kembali...

    Ingat tak Samseng Babi Singapura pakai RON95 pemandu Grab kena gantung Grab

    Silap ari bulan asal Babi jer lepas lagi ni...



  27. Dari dolu aku dah habaq kat hang pa suma.. kenapa PN di Pulai tewas dng majority banyak

    Hat bawah sanun adalah tulisan aku minggu lepas... Kan dah aku Kata Kan.. Jangan bawak orang tua bodoh tu ke pentas ceramah PN...

    Orang tua bangang tu tugas untuk saman dan lawan batang tubuh Bang Non saja bukan Nak bawak Proklaminasi Pantek pukimak dia...!!

    Ni haah tulisan aku seminggu sblom PRK Pulai dan Simpang Jeram..!!

    PN akan gagal rampas atau kurangkan majority PRK di Pulai dan Jeram Gara Gara ceramah Tun Mahathir di pentas PN di Pulai...!!

    Adoiiii aaii... Kenapa lahh ko bawa orang tua Bodo tu setannnnn...!!

    Kau org bawak Tun org tua bodoh berucap Mme Nak melingkup lagi bagi banyak majority kat PH DAP lerr nnpk nya

    Boboi tu liberal, Marina Gereja tu lagi tebal bebal liberal nya bawah jenama SIS yg cabar hukum mahkamah syariah baru baru ni...

    Cukup lah bawak orang tua bodoh ni ... Klu ada kuasa diberi kembali orang Melayu kena caci maki lagi... Kroni Cina di lambing kembali...

    Kalau tak caye PH dapat lebih majority ko org tunggu keputusan PRK Ni Pulai dan Jeram ni

    Kenapa si Bangang renta ko org jemput ceramah

    Org tua mangkuk tu barua DAP@LeeKwanYew yg di bakul sampahkan...

    Sepatutnya legacy Ni kena ajar canner Niger , Mali, Bukina Faso, Sudah, Tongo, Gabon dah halau France Germany UK dan USA keluar dari benua Afrika...!!!

    Kasi Berambosss trus org tua Bodo ni...

    Saya ulangggg

    PN akan gagal rampas atau kurangkan majority PRK di Pulai dan Jeram Gara Gara ceramah Tun Mahathir di pentas PN di Pulai...!! Tungguuu yer..!!

    Adopiii iiiiiii..?!?


    Ooo... wow! Mesti ahli umngok bangga giler...