Tuesday 29 May 2018

Unite Malays in PH first....an idea

I have to admit that I was actually quite touched by this comment at my last posting,


Saya amat sedih melihat keadaan orang melayu berpecah.

Sepatutnya orang melayu bersatu dalam satu muafakat yang memberikan kekuatan kepada orang melayu.

Orang melayu mestilah kuatkan semangat dan azam untuk bersatu di bawah Pakatan Harapan yang dipimpin oleh pemimpin kita yang berwibawa Tun M.

Tidak usahlah kita bersekongkol dengan parti-parti pembangkang yang penuh dengan dakyah-dakyah palsu.

Pimpinan Tun M telah pun terbukti di dalam negara dan di arena antara bangsa.

Umat Melayu sepatutnya merapatkan saf-saf dan memberikan sokongan padu pada Pakatan Harapan pimpinan Tun M.

Ya, saya pun sedih juga mengenangkan nasib orang Melayu yang berpecah.....sampai menitis airmata pun ada....begitu lah.

Obviously the commentator is a PH supporter and most likely a member of Pribumi Bersatu.

I have to say that I find his/her suggestion to be very acceptable.

Nonetheless, if we look closely at the wordings, it was of course directed to the Malays who were not within PH.

Those should be mostly in Umno and Pas.

It's actually quite a good idea for everyone in those two Malay-based party to jump ship to Pribumi Bersatu under the leadership of Dr Mahathir.

Pribumi Bersatu has 13 parliamentary seats, Umno has 54, and Pas has 18.

A bit weird for the bigger ones to jump into the small one, but never mind lah. Demi perpaduan Melayu, as they said it.

That way Pribumi Bersatu will have 85 parliamentary seats thus making it the dominant party in PH.

Actually, that's not bad, right?

However, if I'm not mistaken, such jumping of ships into PH has already been forbidden.

The reason was quite obvious, PKR and DAP don't want a Malay-based party like Pribumi Bersatu to dominate their PH coalition.

At the moment, in PH, the supposedly multi-racial PKR has 47 parliamentary seats, Chinese dominated DAP has 42, while Malay parties Pribumi Bersatu and Amanah only have  13 and 11 respectively. If you want to add PH ally, Sabah-based Warisan, it has 8.

The Malay-based parties look quite weak, right?

I wonder what would happen to them when Dr Mahathir relinquishes the PM post two years from now....that is if Anwar can wait that long.

So how?

I have this idea, but don't know whether can use or not.

How about all the Malays now already in Pakatan Harapan join Pribumi Bersatu first?

If Amanah and Warisan people shut down their party and join Pribumi Bersatu, that would make their combined parliament seats 32.

Then they can get maybe Azmin to bring all the Malays in PKR to join them. Let's say half of PKR MPs are Malays, that's at least another 24 more seats.....Anwar going to be so pissed if this happens :)

With that Pribumi Bersatu becomes the party with most parliamentary seats in PH,

Not bad what.

Maybe after that they can kick DAP and remnant of PKR out and replace them with Umno and Pas people, thus uniting the Malays. And they can bring along the Sarawak bumiputera parties too.

Can or not?

Eeeerrrr....actually that's quite scary, don't you think?

Especially with Pas in there with them.

Really can't stand those people.

Eh, just let the Malays unite as much as they could under Umno lah.

That is if they manage to clean up the party first.

Get rid of the garbage.

Really, Umno under the right people was not so bad.

Dr Mahathir was the best PM when he was with Umno, right?


  1. As long as the Malays are the majority in the parliament it does not matter whether they are in the government or in the opposotion.
    Let us give PH the chance to prove they are better in managing the country(or maybe less than 5 years if Tun M is no longer around).
    I believe the Malays are sensible enough to understand and to be together in the hour of needs.When the Muslim and Malay rights are threatened Malays will unite.
    A case in point is when Tun M made a statement the govt is considering Hindraf I am sure many Malays' hearbeat will stop for a second regardless whether they are the government supporters or the opposition supporters.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Malays will unite if threatened? Nope Malays were colonised for hundreds of years and they didn't unite...that's until Umno came along.

    2. LOL..."and they didn't unite...that's until Umno came along."

      Came along and lied, cheated and stole from the Malays, to be precise.

      At least one thing is very clear now:

      The "ooooh, I'm so neutral Annie" is actually just another Shit Umno Blogger.

      And that's really why Umno lost the elections and BN got 36% of the popular vote:

      The pro-Umno bloggers are Shit.

      Spinners, MyKMU, RPK, Ponytail, Dog, Voice, Annie...this is the quality, those will be the results.

      Garbage in = garbage out.

      Shit in = shit out.

      The matsals say:

      "Evolve or Die".

      You chose to die.

      Kipidap, Neutral Annie, dongibab : )

    3. Is that you Gladiator? Same style with the smiley la.

    4. What a fucking racist with that idea. All of you Annie,Prof Kangkung should and deserved to be fuck up and screwed by UMNO big big time the rest of your life.
      Both of you are not oart of the changes that hapoen in GE14 obvious.You know what, even TDM will spit on both of you so dont pretend that TDM will like your bodek. This is a stupid racist DNA that you guys inherited so that you get cursed from multiracial Malaysian everyday. A real scumbag. UMNO or Jamal Jamban 2.0. I really hate racist. With so many scandal under investigation plugging our country but both of you trying to stirr racial issue. Any religion will condamn you.
      Your stupidity has no bound. You guys said TDM is smart, think again why he wanted to ged rid of Umngok and its pet dogs in BN. Do not use Racist or Religious card, it will bring you down like Umngok. Allah allowed it right, no doubt thats what happen in GE14. Again fucked those came up with racist idea and those who supported it.

    5. malays got this herd mentality, sooner or later they will abandon losers BN & join winners PH mark my words wakakaka

    6. Malays being united is racist....really? Manchester being United, how? Racist also?

      I thought Malays already abandoned BN. That's why PH won, right? So, why worry about Malays getting united?

    7. annie you claimed half malay half chinese fusion, you should be the bridge to malay & chinese harmony (not batuapi to malay vs chinese) sigh
      BTW non malays are worried malays NOT getting united, enuf said annie go ponder this contradiction
      annie so tunnel vision mcm lim sian see who made BN lost all non malays votes wakakaka

    8. Annie what has Manchester United got to do with races. Do Manchester called for different races in their football team to be seperated and unite according to their race. Are you serious?
      If you want any soul to unite, be it malay,chinese indian,kadazan,dusun,rungus,orang asli,bajau,murut and others,we should call for unification as one,that is Malaysian.
      Come on Annie I have heard you said you are neutral but I can tell you are hurt all over when BN fall. Dont deny. Its fine if you supported BN and hope that it will one day be counted as a strong political party but you just shouldnt make a suggestion for a single race base party.
      Let me tell you straight to your face. I can sleep well and my concience is clear even though I am poor. I, love all Malaysian regardless of race and not only that I even love all mankind as long as they treat their fellow human with just and love.
      Racist has no place in Allah kingdom. You ponder. Enough said.

    9. Eh, you tell me la what so racist about Malays being united. Cannot ka? I'm not asking them to disturb others what. What's the problem la?

    10. Your “Malays being united” has failed Malays especially malay felda

      Look at me I’m rich because “Malays are united”

      Jho Low

  2. Betul tu Annie; Kalau nak bersatu, bersatulah bawah satu ketua yg telah diuji, yg ada wawasan, bijak, punyai jati diri yang amat tinggi, daya intellektual jauh mengatasi orang lain, berdisiplin,punyai skil untuk menganalisa masalah dan memecahkannya , dayausaha buat keputusan yang jitu, skil komunikasi yang tinggi, peka , amat kuat bekerja dan amat dihormati di Malaysia dan diseantaro dunia.

    Dalam seribu tahun lagi takkan lahir manusia yang macam ni di Malaysia ni.Malangnya orang Melayu lebih suka berbicara kelemahannya dari kekuatannya yang jauh melebihi kelemahannya.

    Dalam sejarah Malaysia, insan ni ada dimana mana bersedia menawarkan khidmat dan nyawanya agar ibu pertiwi tercinta maju dan sejahtera.Sewaktu kemelut 13 Mei 1969 sapakah insan yg berani menentang arus menegur Tunku Abdul Rahman atas kelemahannya sedangkan pemimpin lain dalam UMNO senyap sepi. Sapakah insan ni dalam zaman Tun Razak telah berani menghantar ribuan Melayu ke universiti universiti luar negara untuk mendapat ijazah dan dengan segulung ijazah ni dapat membantu mempertingkatkan ekonomi keluarga Melayu.Siapakah insan ini yang membuka banyak sekokah berasrama penuh untuk memberi wadah untuk anak anak petani, nelayan dan penoreh getah untuk menuntut ilmu dan dengan bekalan ilmu ini dapat masuk ke menara gading untuk mendapat segulung ijazah yg membolehkan mereka mendapat gaji yg lebih lumayan dan keluar dari kemelut kemiskinan.

    Siapakah insan ini dalam hanya dua bulan menjadi perdana menteri telah melakukan banyak benda ajaib, salah satunya telah mengembalikan ratusan ribu ekar tanah milik syarikat Multinational kembali kebawah penguasaan Malaysia.Siapakah insan ini yg berjaya memodenkan Malaysia dan membawa Malaysia dari Era pertanian ke Era perindustrian dan seterusnya era Sumber Maklumat.Dalam kemelut ekonomi 1998, insan ini juga telah berjaya mendayung kapal Malaysia membelahi ombak ganas krisis ekonomi dengan cara tersendiri sedangkan Indonesia, Thailand dan Korea terpaksa melutut ke IMF. Plus, KlCC, Putra Jaya, MSC, KLIA adalah sebahagian mercu tanda hasil peninggalan beliau dan tiada ada satu pun diberi atas nama beliau.Salah satu peninggalan beliau adalah membuka minda orang Malaysia , " Malaysia Boleh" jika mereka fokus dan berusaha kuat.Gunung Everest boleh didaki, lautan boleh dibelahi,dan Malaysia ada dimana mana.Penunggang Malaysia ada di motoGp, Lambang Petronas ada di GrandPrix.Terasa bangga jadi rakyat Malaysia.

    Siapakah insan ini yg begitu berani membetulkan institusi raja sedangkan tiada pemimpin Melayu sebelum dan selepasnya berani berbuat demikian.

    Malangnya sebab sifat beliau ingin berbuat sesuatu, beliau sering dikritik sebagai seorang diktaktor,autokratik dan di war warkan sebagai Mahazalim dan Mahafiraun.Tapi Mahafiraun/Mahazalim inilah berhenti secara sukarela menyerahkan tugas kepada pemimpin lain bila tiba masanya.

    Dalam zaman Pak Lah, siapakah berani menegur kepincangan yg berlaku sehingga Pak Lah letak jawatan. Dan dizaman Najib, bila tegurannya pasal 1MDB tidak diambik pusing oleh Najib, beliau telah kembali dalam kancah politik walaupun telah lama bersara dan umurnya telah mencecah 92 tahun.Lazimnya kalau manusia biasa dah tidak lagi peduli dengan duniawi lebih lagi dunia politik kerana fokus membuat persediaan diri untuk dunia yg lagi satu.Tapi tidak pada insan ini. Insan luarbiasa ni terpanggil untuk membetulkan keadaan dan dalam keadaan ramai orang memperlekehkan kemampuan beliau, satu sejarah telah tercipta yg ratusan/ ribuan tahun lagi takkan berulang.

    Ya Allah , mudahkan beliau laksanakan tugas beliau dan berilah kesihatan kepada beliau dan berikanlah kekuatan kepada beliau dalam melaksanakan tugas tugas beliau dan berikankanlah ilham dan panduan agar beliau dapat membuat keputusan yg betul.

    1. Clearly, that insan is the not 100% malay mamak kuty..

    2. Very well said.

    3. Dr Mahathir only have a maximum of two years as PM this time. He is also 92, soon to be 93. After that?

    4. "Ya Allah, mudahkan beliau laksanakan tugas beliau dan berilah kesihatan kepada beliau dan berikanlah kekuatan kepada beliau dalam melaksanakan tugas-tugas beliau dan berikankanlah ilham dan panduan agar beliau dapat membuat keputusan yg betul."

      Ameen Ya Rabbal 'alameen.

    5. From my experience, the older you get the wiser and more aftraid of the afterlife. Tendency is to start being honest and real

  3. X kan melayu hilang dunia walaupun UMNO x memerintah Malaysia lagi...moved on guys, x yah buat mcm2 teori or formula utk selamat kan melayu, apa lah...hakikat nya orang melayu akan tetap menjadi Perdana Menteri walaupun tinggal 1 orang Jee ahli parlimen melayu di masa akan dtg. That the facts n will remain that way for many more years.

    1. He will be a PM but a very weak one. He will bullied by the more powerful people around him. A puppet PM.

    2. Macam kat Perak. Pribumi Bersatu cuma ada satu kerusi DUN je tapi jadi MB. Bangga lah tu.

    3. macam jho low is the de facto leader of dumbo cause no dumbo (incl MO1 & komedi) dare to lawan or tangkap jho low adoi

  4. Nope, sorry! I would rather join PKR under DSAI than PPBM under Kutty. I hate LGE, Mat Sabu and all leaders in DAP and Amanah! #sokonganwaribrahimforpm!

    1. Laaaa....how Malays want to unite like that?

    2. 5:10.....

      After so much demonizing DSAI as sodomite....??

      Hey...Kojolla, what talking you, haaaaa...??

    3. Classic statement of the uninformed

  5. Annie,

    Bukankah lebih baik sekiranya orang melayu bersatu dalam Pakatan Harapan daripada berada dalam kerajaan yang Tun M kata kerajaan Kleptokrat.

    Pakatan Harapan sudah menjadi satu parti gabungan yang sah. Masuk PKR, Amanah dan Bersatu pun boleh. Ini tak menjadi masalah kerana kesemuanya dibawah Pakatan Harapan pimpinan Tun M.

    Katakanlah dalam PRU15, UMNO menang 2 kerusi saja, maka Pakatan menang 220 kerusi. Sudah tentulah bilangan perwakilan orang melayu jauh lebih banyak nisbahnya daripada DAP kerana bilangan kerusi DAP maksima cuma 50 saja.

    Dalam keadaan ini, bilangan orang melayu akan menjadi ramai.

    Mengikut kata Rais Yatim, dalam BN ada lebih banyak parti cina iaitu Gerakan dan MCA. MIC orang India dan juga PPP Sedangkan dalam Pakatan cuma satu saja parti cina iaitu DAP.

    Oleh itu lebih baiklah orang melayu bersatu masuk dalam Pakatan Harapan.

    1. Banyak pun tapi parti kecik2 je nak buat apa. Kena kuis je tu nanti. By the way, PKR tu bukan parti Melayu ya. Lagi pun, kan saya dah tulis ada larangan orang nak lompat masuk PH.

    2. This blog is an Umno blog. Pretending to be fair. This blogger don’t care what happens a waste of time joke blog. This is my last comment.

  6. annie, umno perlu pemilihan baru yang fresh, semua peringkat perlu ada pemilihan. Biar akar umbi yg tentukan siapa yg boleh memimpin mereka. saya harap mana2 pemimpin UMNO yg banyak buat onar sebelum ini, harap direhatkan. Bagi pada muka2 baru yg berwibawa. Buang tanggapan yg UMNO ini sinonim dengan lubuk untuk cari kemewahan atau obvious utk perut pemimpin yg tamak. Thanks


  7. why are certain people like yourself is so "taksub" with being united.... is it bcoz everything possible must be so superfical? so simplistic... malas nak fikir? as i said... being united doesnt guarantee ormalways translate being good & strong. sheeps are always united.,for an example [a simplistic one] and berpecah doesnt always means as "weak"@ lemah

    we should focus on doing the right thing and then doing it right [effective & efficient], learn, adapt and moving forward if that means certaim elements of our culture requires to be amended ao be it, if it required to be eliminated, do it.


    1. Malays were colonised for hundreds of years because of their failure to unite. They have to be united and strong before being able to do the right thing. Just like the unification of China of ancient time.

    2. Setuju Annie;

      Melayu sebenarnye lemah kalau tidak masakan ramai raja Melayu asalnya bukan keturunan Melayu.contoh Raja Melaka asalnya keturunan India.Johor,Selangor dan Pahang asalnya Bugis.N.Sembilan asalnya Minang, Perlis asalnya Arab.Logikke pendatang Bugis boleh menjadi raja Melayu sekiranya raja Melayu ketika itu kuat.

      Bila British memerintah, pihak British boleh menukar raja ikut sukahati mereka.Raja Siam boleh memaksa raja di negeri di utara Tanah Melayu menghantar ufti emas.

      Melayu hanya bersatu waktu menentang Malayan Union, melawan Bintang 3 , ketika menuntut kemerdekaan dan selepas Peristiwa 13 Mei 1969.

    3. wrong!
      unite is not the key word... Iqra @ READ ... from the Holy Quran. Malay were colonized for hundreds of years by European who were NEVER UNITED @ wars with each other... [read; Dutch, english etc...]
      They conquered us not bcoz they were united but bcoz they were smarter than us... because they "read" so they have more advance equipment, process, admin etc...

      alasan raja tu sangkut paut dgn isu fuedal... bukan masalah bersatu ke tidak... Eropah tak pernah bersatu, skrg pun x bersatu.. tapi apsal semua nak kesana? sebab die maju kerana diaorg membaca... kita tidak, kita malas baca... ambik jalan mudah... mari bersatu... untuk ape pun x pasti...

    4. engko nak emo sangat aku ajak melayu bersatu ni apahal? ada aku kacau engko? lagi satu, bangsa jerman dengan bangsa perancis tu lain la. nanti lain kali aku cerita pasal penyatuan bangsa jerman pulak, okay.

  8. Annie,

    Why in the world would Malays jump ship to Pribumi in the PH coalition.

    PH is already a legitimate coalition. Pakatan now can use its flags in the coming GE.

    At this moment in time, Pakatan has 121 seats and DAP has 42 seats. That would mean that non DAP seats are 79 seats. In DAP itself there are malays.

    DAP itself is now well accepted in Malay society looking at the result in Penang and Selangor where they governed. In Penang, Pakatan had massive win and opposition only won 2 seats in DUN.

    Looking at the demographic of the Malaysian, bumiputra around 65% and non bumi around 35%. So the composition in the PH match.

    Let say, Tun M resigned after 2 or 3 years and let say Anwar takes over.

    So what?, under the new reformed government, Anwar can only become PM for two terms that is 10 years maximum. What is he going to do in 10 years?

    Do you think Anwar is going to buy blue, pink or black diamond for his wife or Birkin or Hublot watches to Wan Azizah.?

    I doubt that.

    Anwar already in his 70's. He is not going to become PM to his 90's.

    Furthermore, under Tun M there will be reforms being made, such as the AG and MACC will park under the Parliament to ensure their independence.

    How about BN and UMNO?

    If there is a massive overhaul in UMNO, yes that would be good. Is that going to happen? or just the change of one guy?

    Looking at the current dynamics, I doubt very much that there will massive changes on the faces of UMNO.

    Malaysia is a multiracial country, the important things is that the demographic is not skewed too much at one direction.

    It is best if there are two party system, however we have to wait for changes in BN but it will not changes too much now. I think there will be changes in BN only in GE17 or GE18.

    1. As I wrote previously, most of us enjoy talking about having a two party system in a healthy democracy, but the actual fact is that we want our side to rule forever. If we could, we actually wanted to crush the opposition instead of nurturing it to serve as a check and balance to the government.

  9. UMNO & PAS have teamed up in the last election. What is there to be scared about ?

    From Najib and his gang of thieves to ROS, EC and almost all government machineries had given PPBM a hard time before and during the election time. Do you think the rakyat are that stupid that they there are some 800 spoilt votes ?

    PPBM is accepting more and more members. Even those from UMNO are requesting to join. InshaAllah it will be stronger.

    It will take a long time before UMNO could find a good person to lead. It's better to be united under the great leadership of Mahathir now than wait.

    Also, rumour has it that PKR will be teaming up with UMNO & PAS under Anwar's leadership. You should be scared now.

    May Allah have mercy on us Malaysians and not make Anwar our PM.

    1. Again, let me remind you that Dr Mahathir is 92 and will soon be 93. He pledged to hand over power to Anwar in two years time. Think again, okay....what is going to happen after that.

    2. As I said earlier, unite now. Not wait until Dr Mahathir is gone.

      Why wait for UMNO when you know that UMNO now doesn't even have any leaders currently that don't support the penyamun?

      Anwar has to win the election before he could become PM. The only way for him to do it fast is to gain support from umno & pas. And I was told, that is what he's doing right now.

      As anon@7:04 above has explained, under the new reformed government, Anwar can only be PM for 2 years. I am not sure if you can make 2.6billion and more in 2 years time. But, if he does he would be thrown out by the rakyat anytime soon. Because we have learned our lesson good.

  10. Umno parti yang telah rosak. Pemimpin-pemimpin mereka mula dari pucuk pimpinan sampailah kepada peringkat bawahan TAK PEDULI pun nasib orang Melayu. Yang depa peduli macam mana nak kumpul harta. Nak jadi kaya.

    Cara peroleh kekayaan samada halal atau haram belakang kira. Asal jadi kaya. Umno sudah menjadi tempat orang-orang Melayu korup kumpul kekayaan. Bukan membela nasib orang Melayu.

    Bagus juga kalah. Barulah tengadah dan sedar diri. Selama ini hidup dalam buih kesombongan. Tidak sedar apa yang berlaku di sekeliling. Orang Melayu mula menjauhkan diri dan hilang sokongan pun masih tak sedar. Tak perasan.

    Hidup dalam dunia khayalan. Yang mereka akan SELALU mendapat sokongan orang Melayu. Tak mungkin hilang sokongan. Bahana dedak dan suapan yang tak putus-putus. Akhirnya terbonkang kekenyangan.

    1. "Bagus juga kalah"....saya setuju. Time to clear out the garbage.

  11. Dont be racist.
    As lim guang eng said, dont call me chinese, call me malaysian.
    We need all races to make a good malaysia

    1. Call me Malaysian too....after the Malays are united....just like the Chinese are united under DAP.

    2. wrong, chinese support ph, not dap.

  12. wow,....this is like a super racist person talk. They talk about race, confirm Annie blog is a super racist propaganda. Very bad. Is like Donald Trump talk about he need white people to unite or Kim Jong Un need ethnic korean to unite. One day, Annie may got into a health problem, an expert doctor will look, says, this is not Melayu, I cannot treat a Melayu because they have different color skin, and their blood is blue color...so he has to give a Melayu doctor to treat. Even corruption cases, the judge will say. Oh Najib is a Bugis Melayu, it's ok he steal billions, as long he is Melayu is ok. He is also royalty, royalty no problem even they order the killing of Altantuya...they have special blood that glows. Allah will give special preference in heaven to the royals, 72+1 virgin extra in heaven when they die. Long live Melayu....long live LGE...err Najib!! Hidup Bugis Melayu!! Hidup Jho Low!! Hidup Altantuya....Melayu...Bersepadu...Melayu...Kita Ok, You ok? Hidup Najib!

    1. Ya, ya, ya....call me racist all you want. Whenever Malays want to unite, they were called racists, right? If you can have your way, you would not want there to be Malays, right? Normal lah tu.

    2. Why cannot Malaysians unite? Must pecah belah into factions? You can disagree on opinion and bring arguments to the table even the same race. Nobody wants MCA or MIC unite, this will be the same and no different like Communist party of China. That type of party unite. Remember, ISIS also wants Muslim unite, according to their belief and interpretation. Bring the arguments and differences. Unite for the sake of unite is like becoming CCP, ISIS, Zionist & Taliban regime. Look at Iran, same race people, the Iranian Mullahs also whack their own people if they don't subscribe to their views.
      Your end motivation,reason for unite is not pure and good. We don't want PH to unite, we want debates to flourish in PH and the best ideas and arguments win.

    3. ...we want debates to flourish....that's why I don't really censor comments at this blog. That's why I want BN/Umno to be revived so that we could have a two party system and a better democracy.

    4. Very hard for BN to revive, due monoculture and intolerance of different view. Umno does not accept criticism and very arrogant. Other races already fled BN hence the collapse of MCA & MIC. Decades of intolerant and arrogant behaviors practice by BN, some listed examples here

      1. Parliment suppose to be place where the duly elected representatives are free to debate, Lim Kit Siang was chase out by the bias Speaker to stop the speech criticizing Najib and when opening the can of worms 1MDB
      2. Arrogant newspaper headlines like Apa Cina Mau....such arrogant display by a government control paper
      3. Beer festival, a Carslberg celebration where typical these are culture of European where they drink beer to relax, fun and the holigans cause trouble without government put their foot down to stop them
      4. Bible grabbing, simple action where police can easily take action against the gangster but let go until the people need to complain up to Selangor Sultan to intervene
      5. Get out from country
      6. Zahid threatening opposition press like a gangster
      7. Blatant and obvious racist action practice by Najib supporters
      8. Intolerant of other religious beliefs
      9. + many others

      The other ethnic group has totally fled BN...there is no BN anymore. Even the Sarawak dayaks and other left BN platform and looking to join PH where ethnic is not the major focus but sharing ideas and ideals without looking at race factor too much

    5. If that's how you see it, then you have nothing to worry about me wanting the Malays to be united. Because it will never happen, as you put it in your argument, right?

    6. Anon 09:12
      ISIS is not muslim unity, its about muslims killing muslims OK

  13. In Pru 13 Malays were united under UMNO. However what did the unity achieve? Gigantic scandals such as 1MDB where RM33 billion is stolen to be enjoyed by Najib, Jho Low and all sorts of characters? But no self righteous defender of the race cries about that. The equation is always simple: Malays vs non Malays. That is the paradigm and that is how friend and foe is viewed by this segment. In PRU 14, the Malay vote split but what has been the effect ppl are so upset about? Guan Eng as Finance Minister, now a role not as powerful as before as Azmin is Minister of Economy? the DAP fears were rejected by voters even in ultra conservative states like Johor . Or would a more palatable outcome be that Najib retains power and Jho Low parties away in Thailand wit money he stole from all Malaysian tax payers aided by Najib and where all the institution of Government under BN kept quiet?. The voters have spoken : NO more thieves especially the Abata type who steal in the name of Bangsa Agama and Negara. Malaysia is now Tanah Jajahan Pakatan Harapan. those who supported thieves must get used to it and cry for all they want or care cause everybody else seems to be quite happy.

  14. Hey Annie,

    When PH have cleansed Malaysia in the coming 5 years, PAS will take over the country.

    Then we will all be one, under divine rule.

    "You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope some day you'll join us
    And all Malaysians will be as one"

    Ha ha ha ha!

  15. Wishful thinking for PKHKC Melayu to unite.
    Just not in their genes with all that inbreeding, you know? (Macam PKHKC Kangkung)

    The devil is in the details in what precisely DEFINES Melayu.

    I dare say it's Article 153 wherein you are given something for free not because you deserve it but for simply what you are.

    The key is NOT to kill 153 but to redefine it. Then all the PKHKC Melayu can pretty much go fuck spider.

    Melayu unity?
    Looks good on paper, hard to achieve and impossible to sustain.

    Just my 2 cents.

    P.S. How come nobody ask "apa lagi Cina mau?" anymore? LMAO.

  16. Melayu and Red Indians are not that much different. Proud but stupid and weak.

    Another 50 years, what will become of the Melayu? I don't know but wouldn't surprise me if they will be running some casinos in Pahang at the edge of the jungle. While at the same time recall fondly a long time ago they used to gorge themselves on free money.

  17. United? Are you united for soemthing or against something.

    You can be united for something without being a supporter of a political party.

    I think what is being advocated is being united against the fear one has against other Malaysians. I find that dog whistle politics, the politics of campaigning and fear-mongering against your fellow citizens.

    Do politicians in other countries as entire ethnic groups to unite in a subtle dog-whistle against other fellow citizens.

    This unity thing is overblown.

    People will always have differences of opinions, so what.

    No need an overlord or warlord anymore

  18. Annie @ 29 May 2018 at 09:39,

    //Is that you Gladiator? Same style with the smiley la.//

    Nup, not me.

    I ALWAYS sign my comments.


  19. Annie,

    Race and religion have always used fear and loathing to justify their rhetoric.

    In this case. it is the fear of a lack of effective political opposition.

    With all due respect, calls for any particular race to unite reminds me of how white supremists the world over are calling for whites to unite.

    The bogeyman for white supremists is "mud people", i.e. someone like you and me.

    Whilst we, Malaysians, like to think we are clever, we are actually quite dumb because most of us continue to allow ourselves to be defined by race and religion.

    Today, with a new government in Putrajaya, we finally have a chance to stop defining ourselves by race or religion.

    It is not an easy job and my guess is that it will take a few generations BUT should we make the effort to fix the problem?

    Or do we say the job is too big and too hard and just go back to being divided by race and religion?