Sunday 31 March 2013

Happy Anniversary to my Pa and Ma

I took these from Helen Ang's blog at -

Silent anger among Malays is growing

Translation excerpt is also by Helen Ang -

6:30 onwards — Translation from Hokkien
“Is it possible for us to become first class citizens in Malaysia? For 50 years, over a period of 50 years we have been second class citizens, third class citizens, fourth class citizens, aaah. Enough is enough, true or not? So we need to tell Abdullah Badawi, to say to Ong Ka Ting, say to Koh Tsu Koon so that they will know … we want to be first class!”
“Do I have your promise that all of you here will vote for DAP?”
That speech was delivered by DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng just a few nights before the general election in 2008.

I wonder whether the Pas and PKR Malays realized what was being said by Guan Eng to the Chinese folks during his campaign rounds.

Noticed that Guan Eng was asking the Chinese crowd (in Hokkien) whether they want to be first class citizens. He did not talk about equality among the races. If he wants the Chinese to be first class citizens, who are then supposed to be the second, third and fourth class citizens?

I wonder how would the Malay supporters of Pakatan in the crowd would had felt if they understand Hokkien and what Guan Eng was saying to the Chinese in the crowd. Would they felt like first class citizens?

Anyway, are the Chinese really second, third and fourth class citizens? Are they being so oppressed in this country? Are they suffering so badly?

I think you all should answer that for yourselves based on your own personal observations.

As for myself, the Chinese are already first class citizen in my family.

My mother runs the show in the house. My father let her have her ways most of the time because he always tries to avoid quarreling with her. It's very much like the Sino-Malay relation in this country.

My mother, despite being totally Chinese educated works for the government and earning almost twice my father's salary. She is a smart, feisty and tenacious lady.

My father, by comparison is a quiet man. But my mother has always told me that he is actually the smartest and funniest guy she had ever met. She said if not for his lack of ambition, my father could have been very successful in his career. "Typical Malays," she would quipped. My father would laugh whenever he overheard her saying that.

Actually, I can write a book about my parents. Their relationship mirrors the history of Malaysia, actually. Love, overcoming differences, acceptance, tolerance, commitments and responsibilities for each others, etc.

Anyway, I do know my parents love each other very much. Maybe my father seems to love my mother more, but that's probably because he is the sentimental Malay type. Whenever he bought her flowers, my mother would scold him for it. Don't waste money, she would told him. But he still continues to buy her flowers, because I think my father knows that deep down inside, despite her fiercely practical Chinese self, she does love receiving those flowers from him.

Pa, Ma, I know you all are not reading this or any other blogs, but still, I'm wishing you all the happiest of anniversary here.

I'm glad the two of you met many years ago and manage to love each other despite your differences. I love you both, very very much.


  1. This election is about pakatan and umno. Not malay and chinese. Can you stop twisting things to suit your nefarious agenda?

    1. Which part of Guan Eng's speech that I twisted? If he wants the Chinese to be first class citizens in front of thousands of Malaysians of all races, why did he has to switch to Hokkien to say that?

    2. Sorry mate. When Lord Lim decided to speak in Chinese, he was playing on the siege mentality he & DAP has nurtured in the Chinese community for years.

      As a Chinese myself, I've not felt overly oppressed by the government. Sure I didn't get to study medicine in the local universities but hey I'm grateful that my best friend, a bumiputera did & he's now my personal on call physician who dispenses medical advice at a call for free.

      Come on lah. Be fair to the government. Yes, there are race centric policies in the country but it does not deny the Chinese their rights. You still get fuel subsidies no?? And if you're poor, you'll still get welfare help & BR1M.

      So zip it already. Life in Malaysia is not perfect but it sure as hell beats a lot of countries. Don't believe me? Ask them immigrants arriving in droves, legal or otherwise seeking their fortune here.

    3. Wow. Look at your comment. "about pakatan & umno."

      Brader, macam crusade against melayu je? Who's the racist here I wonder?

    4. now that GE13 is fast approaching, the PR goons are in full combat mode. very active, hyper active. speaking of LGE, the man is fond of saying different things to different people. when addressing a Chinese crowd, he will tell them that voting for the Developers Associates Party will bring them first class status. when he's doing the rounds in Malay areas, he will say that Malays have nothing to fear by voting for DAP. the Indians on the other hand, they will be offered this and that, he will say to the Indians "just name what you want". but of course we know this is all hogwash. he will promise the people the sun, the moon, even the stars. people should ask him this simple question. I know this question will elicit laughter from readers, still I want to ask this question. can LGE promise us The Rainbow ? don't laugh, please people, don't laugh. I know why you people are laughing, but I hope people can get a hold of themselves. oh my. please people, don't laugh.

    5. Alamak.... You're question about the rainbow requires me to listen to the different covers of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Shy lah to say at the moment, I think Matthew Morrison's cover on Glee is my favorite.

    6. Anon 12.02 - which part of stupid are you?

  2. I think the Chinese and non Malays should remain as second class. The minority should not demand more than the majority want to give otherwise they should get out from this country and 'balik China' and be the first class there. Corruption or no corruption, the non Malay should just keep quiet and this is the UMNO right to be corrupted in their own country.

    1. It's unfortunate that you think that the Chinese and non Malays are the only ones who are against corruption, while the Malays don't mind about such things. In many instances, people like you reveal your racist tendencies without even realizing it.

    2. For your kind the solution has always been pretty simple eh? Balik China or India lah? I'm Malaysian, Chinese & this is as much my country as it is yours. Who gave you the right to expel a non Malay Malaysian? You punya datuk kah? Can you deny that the other races played their part in nation building as well?

      As per your comment, you condone corruption. That goes on to show that you never gave a damn about this country in the first place. Also that puts you in the same category as those blinkered PR goons who would justify any means to the end.

      I pity you for being such an ignorant fool.

    3. Sorry Anon 01:15, I'm not sure who you are addressing.

      If it's me, then I think you are being an ignorant fool yourself. My mother is a Chinese and I consider myself a Chinese most of the time. Why would I want to banish my mother and myself back to China.

      If it's Anon 17:42 the one you are addressing, then I think you are the same person and was trying to divert from the issue. Good try, but, never mind, I'm not going to spike your comment this time. Next time, I will. Please don't try such tricks in my blog.

      I know you are trying to highlight about the ultras to obscure the racist tendencies of people like Guan Eng. Well, racists are racists no matter which side they are on. We need to reject them all....yes, even if it's Guan Eng.

    4. ABU,DAP troll playing reverse phsy...
      Annie , jangan terpedaya and percaya ini anon 17.42, orang DAP/ABU jugak saja nak jadi batu api..
      From your comments you all have been bought.
      This is what he wants..semua orang gaduh...


    5. Annie

      How do you consider yourself a Chinese and not Malaysian? What chineseness do you practice? Ask former big cat if chinese in malaysia same as those in Taiwan? Are chinese in Malaysia same as those in Taiwan or matter in Hong KOng or Mainland China?

  3. I told my hubby n I told my Malay friends, if only they understand what the DAPs have been telling the Chinese rakyat on their campaign trails, they might have a different opinion on these guys. Recently, one ' Superman' DAP invited his audience to join him in sending the PM n his wife to the grave to the cheering n clapping of the crowd. OMG.... I think Gongze would turn in his grave ! The 'Superman' was more of a typical opportunist to me 'cause towards the end he nonchalantly brought out his 2 CDs n a book on more bad jokes..... He told the crowd that his 'beautiful n educated' wife ( unlike the PM's wife) was going round with his merchandises...
    I wonder how much he made that night?

  4. Yo Annie..dah kena kencing helen ang !!
    A smart gal like you also termakan propaganda si helen


  5. Funny...not the first time I hear. Its usually the Chinese wife who will * dominate* the Malay husband. The Nonyas are usually the smarter of the pair and they are usually so *garang* one :)

  6. Wow! A tribute to your parents can be 90% politics huh?
    Damn funny la.

    Anyway, for the benefits of commentators that like to shoot off their mouths about DAP ceramahs, don't you think NST, TV3, Utusan would have splashed those so-called DAP racist speeches on the front-page? Last time i checked, Utusan got sued left and right & lost every time with damages averaging RM50k for every defamation cases in the court.

    I would suggest that you guys go to MCA ceramahs and hear what their leaders, who are ministers/deputy ministers are saying to the crowd in Mandarin!
    I remembered hearing MCA Donald Lim during GE12 ceramah in SS2 PJ telling the small Chinese crowd to support MCA, so that it can fight the Malays for Chinese rights! Wow! I was shocked that the Deputy Minister then can spew such anti-Malay rhetorics. Later i found out from friends that other MCA leaders also like to hentam Malay community in ceramahs in their own areas. But i don't think they dare to repeat that in English/Malay languages. Haha...

    Next time, try going to MCA ceramahs and record their speeches in Mandarin so you guys can translate what they say. You'll be very surprised...

    At least in most DAP ceramahs you have speakers speaking in two-or-three languages for the benefit of the audience. And now with Youtube everything can be heard and translated for the online crowd.

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Since you seem to be a bit off so early in the morning like this, let me tell you that this is a sopo blog. So, most of the time the postings are political. Yup, today is my parents' anniversary. You want to believe it or not, that's your choice. If you don't believe it, you don't have to read my blog and go elsewhere.

      As about the MCA people telling the Chinese that they want to fight for their rights, well, at least they are being honest about it. They are a Chinese-based party and they announced it to the world. At least they are not hypocrites. The DAP people on the other hand claimed themselves to be multi-racial but for all intent and purposes, most of them are Chinese chauvinists who thrive at instigating the community by telling them that they are being treated as second, third or fourth class citizens.

    2. Annie, now you want to talk politics during your parent anniversary. Multi-racial means for all races. So why non-malays still have to pay 10% more in houses costing more than $200k? Your mother always talk about Sinkapore because she as a chinese feel sometimes treated like second, third and no class even she has a bumi husband. So MCA is stabbing UMNO at the back and chinese.

    3. Anon 11:41,
      So, that 10 per cent more expensive houses is the reason why Guan Eng told the Chinese that they have been treated as second, third and no class citizens. Ok, now I got it. No wonder most Chinese in Malaysia are living in the squatter areas. Fine, let's topple the racist BN!!! Happy?

    4. You will be very happy if everyone treat you as equal. You would like to pay extra or more than the rest? Very happy to pay more for most things?
      You think all Chinese live in Bkt Kenny? You think money free fall into non-squatter areas? There are many Chinese like the Pinoys working legally and illegally in overseas. Ask Kuching Besar whether he met Chinese Malaysians in overseas. There are also many high class non-bumis areas.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry, Kluang girl. You can insult and abuse me all you want in this blog and I will let your comments through. But I also have my limits. I wouldn't allow anyone to insult my parents in MY blog, especially not today. As I said, if you think I made up the story about my parents, you don't have to read this blog.

    2. morning Annie. these PR goons are being paid RM5 per comment. that's why they come in early. they need the money for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper etc. that's how they make their living. you have to understand this. these people have no proper occupation. that's why they have to enlist as cyber troopers.

    3. She was probably trying to make some cash in time before the Mc'D breakfast period ends. You know how much cybertoons love waffles and waffling.

  8. Happy anniversary to your parents. May god bless them both...

  9. You are a true Malaysian Annie! and I salute you for your bravery standing up to the Chinese chauvinist pigs. As for the hse discounts, plse la, most only give 5% and actually Chinese get more undercounter discounts from the mostly Chinese developers!!!!!!