Friday 29 March 2013

Panda, dragon and the arrogant tokongs

Helen wrote this rather funny but I think accurate assessment about MCA -
Why the MCA mascot is now fittingly the panda

I too think that MCA should choose a different mascot. Maybe they should have choose a dragon instead. More garang, I think. 

Well, never mind, those were just mascots. The MCA guys probably choose the panda because of its cuteness and the endangered animal being from China.

Whatever we think of MCA, I believe there are still those who sincerely believe in the party and working hard to ensure its survival.

The party has after all done good for the Chinese community even before it become a political party in the early days of this country's birth.

Among its major contributions to the Chinese community was assisting migrants to gain citizenship in this country when the authorities opened up the door for them to come here in the early days prior to Merdeka.

If not for MCA's efforts at that time, I think the Chinese would probably be just 10 per cent of this country's present population.

Even my mother probably would not be a born in Malaysia. Her grandfather came to this country around that time. 

Heck, I would probably not even exist. My Ma and Pa probably would not have even met.

Another big thing done by MCA was that it has been instrumental in ensuring better education opportunities for members of Chinese community.

They collected funds for the Chinese schools, provide scholarships for the students, and setting up institutes of higher learnings such as TAR college which caters mostly for Chinese youths.

What are DAP's contributions to Chinese education in this country? 

It has to be admitted too that most MCA people who were given the opportunity to be wakil rakyat work hard to assist those in need. The MCA community service centers are arguably the most active compared to other parties.

Another thing I like about MCA is its leaders being mostly realistic about their political shelf life. They mostly know when to go and give way to younger people.

This is what the party president said two days ago -
GE13: About half of MCA's candidates to be youths

Meanwhile, the father and son leaders of DAP are going around town like cockerels daring this and that people to fight them -

Take me on in Gelang Patah - Kit Siang dares Soi Lek

GE13: Guan Eng wants face-off with Penang BN chief

Such is the arrogance of the DAP tokongs now as everyone is talking about MCA being on the brink of extinction.

Well, it is for the Chinese community to decide if they want to be totally led by the Lim family and their arrogant ways or preserve MCA as a check and balance. 


  1. They are arrogant and vindictive as well.

    Not to mention in their short time leading a few states they have shown themselves to be really dirty.

    Plus they insult people's intelligence.
    Did they seriously expect people to believe their stupid excel and now typo error excuse. Really.
    They must really enjoy looking down on others.

  2. Dont just spin for the sake of spinning..Get the facts right..Who challenge LGE to a fight first? People respond positively to the challenge you guys say he acts like tokong and arrogant..Guess if he chickens out you guys will say he is a coward.You cant fool us all of the time.

    1. Read this part of the Star report carefully -

      "A news portal had quoted Teng as saying that he was willing to contest against Lim in the general election.

      Teng, who is the Gerakan secretary-general, reportedly said this when asked if he was brave enough to take on Lim in the polls. He, however, did not name any particular seat."

      See, Teng was ASKED whether he was brave enough to face Guan Eng, and his response was that he is willing. Guan Eng's response to that was by being gung ho and daring his rival to face him any where, any time. Very much like a kindergaten bully.

  3. "Well, it is for the Chinese community to decide if they want to be totally led by the Lim family and their arrogant ways or preserve MCA as a check and balance."

    We Malays will observe and judge too the choice of majority Chinese in PRU13. Then we know the true colours of the Chinese people..

  4. DAP has done wonders for Chinese in the country - by sowing seeds of hatred & distrust towards other races to further widen the racial & to an extent religious divide to now be a chasm that divides Malaysians.

    Perhaps they'll propose a tunnel of sorts to bridge that gap if they get the keys to Putrajaya

  5. I don't think MCA is on the brink of extinction. When I was living in Desa Petaling, I use to vote for the MCA against DAP. I was living among the Chinese then. I am not sure now, but I think the older generation among the Chinese are more moderate in term of race relation. Not like young and single people who were imbued with animosity and hatred. Older people with children or grand-children and those who runs businesses, would prefer peace, safety and harmony. They might not show their support for MCA due to fear of backlash or ridicule from those rowdy and fanatical stalwarts of DAP. It is same in PAS communities, where some are UMNO supports at heart only, for obvious reasons. When you lived in a village, full of PAS fanatics, you must act like them, too.

    I think the contest in Gelang Patah or anywhere else in Johore, will be tough but with Malays and Indian support, MCA can still win, with small majority, though.


  6. Cina jangan tertipu dengan DAP..majoriti melayu akan pangkah BN balik..mereka dah tak percaya kat anwar lagi..hanya segelintir saja yang masih terpesona dgn air liur dia..orang india juga telah buat u-turn..jadi amat malang bagi kaum cina kerana kuasa politik mereka hanya bergantung pada DAP selepas pru13 ini kerana selepas ini org india yang akan didahulukan..fikir2kan lah...

  7. "Collect funds for the Chinese school"
    That the biggest mistake MCA has ever made and they facing the music from all SRJK(C) brought up , with their Chinese first mentality .