Friday 8 March 2013

Pakatan people silenced by security forces' success

When the Sulu gunmen crisis started almost a month ago, I noticed that the conversation among pro-Pakatan colleagues in my office revolved around how the government via the security forces had failed to properly patrol the maritime border in Sabah.

Their complaints then switched to how incompetent the government was via the police when two policemen were killed in a gunfight with the gunmen in Lahad Datu on Saturday which finally triggered the whole bloodshed.

Their derision against the government went a notch higher when six more policemen were killed in an ambush in Semporna.

When the Malaysian security forces launched an all out attack against the Sulu gunmen on Tuesday, my pro-Pakatan colleagues once again switched their criticisms against the government, this time to a different angle by accusing it as failing to act swiftly and firmly against the gunmen from the start of the crisis.

Of course they never mentioned the authorities' attempts at solving the crisis without any bloodshed for the first three weeks. And also of course they never touched on how the Pakatan leaders would likely accuse the government of these and that in case too many lives were lost if such a crisis was to be hurriedly solved by force.

And when the first day of the security forces' offensive ended  with no clear cut results, they immediately jumped on it and cheering that the government had failed and the army, air force, navy and the police were incompetent. They even claimed that the air raid had totally went haywire with bombs dropped on the wrong target etc.

They however went silent when it was announced today that 32 gunmen were slain in separate clashes ever since the operation begins yesterday.

No more complaining....for now, I guess.

That brought the total gunmen killed so far at 52 which include those killed in the earlier clashes. The operation continues as our soldiers and policemen step-up the hunt for the remaining gunmen.

I noticed my pro-Pakatan colleagues' lackluster response when I announced that update of the crisis to everyone in the office today. It was as if they did not want our security forces to be successful as it will bring positive response from the people about the government's handling of the crisis.

Well, maybe they will later on accusse the government of acting inhumanely by rejecting the "ceasefire" and "ending of hostility" offers by the handlers of the Sulu  gunmen based in Manila.

Yea's too late now to play with words.

After the death of eight policemen killed by them, all deals are off except for their unconditional surrender.

I can already visualize Ambiga of Bersih, Irene Fernandez of Tenaganita and those pro-Pakatan lawyers stylizing themselves as anti-war activists protesting against the government's "disproportionate use of force" against the gunmen.

Deep down inside, I wish the pro-Pakatan Bar Council people will send observers to Lahad Datu the same way they did during the rioting of Bersih to ensure there will be no human rights violation being committed by our security personnel.

The sight of the lawyers in their black suit going into the Sabah wilderness the same way they did during the Bersih riots would be precious.


  1. Another thing is the many armchair generals that this incursion has produced. Real war is not like DOTA or Call of Duty.


  2. The lot of them turned into military, tactical & weaponry specialists since the standoff started. They seem to run out of words since last week.

    Dunno if you realize it, but you barely see PR leaders anywhere remotely close to the slain heroes. Four elected rep attended one funeral & some troopers went to town with it. Ngeh even tweeted on Sun for his followers to pray for Teluk Intan folks who were "harassed by BN gangsters". He didn't do the same for our defenders up in Sabah.

    I suppose their (non) actions laid bare their true feelings & deep rooted hatred for our security forces. After all, they had branded our uniformed personnel as dogs, murderers & a few other choice descriptions before.

    Would it take losing everything we've taken for granted all these years to eventually teach us the value of appreciation?


    I popped by from Helen's blog. You're doing good, so keep it up. Looking forward to more as I just bookmarked your blog.

    1. Thanks. Looking forward for more comments from you.

  3. my thots exactly...u wrote down what i was thinking inside...looking forward to reading more from u.

  4. Hi Anne, am also from Helen's blog. Clearly you are articulating a lot of people's private thoughts, i.e. where are the opposition leaders in all of this? Isn't Lahad Datu also part of the Malaysia that they want to govern? If they want to lead Malaysia, they should be seen to care about the people there, even though they are miles away. Leave politics and different ideology when it comes to the nation's security...