Saturday 30 March 2013

Hoi! When is the election la?

This is Ai's weekly weekend posting -

By Ai

What is this nonsense I heard that the general election will only be held at the end of May?

Really. Someone in Malaysia called and told me that PM DS Najib Razak is going on an umrah trip next week and the dissolution of parliament will only be after he came back.

If this is true, then the dissolution of parliament will only be after the middle of April and polling day should be about a month later. There should be about two weeks between dissolution of parliament and nomination day and at least 11 days of campaigning period.

I hope what I heard is not true.

I had already bought my flight ticket from Taipei back to KL for a two weeks break starting around the end of April. I was dead sure the election will be held around that time. If the election is at the end of May, that means I will miss my chance to vote. I didn't register as a postal voter.

Well, if that happens, then too bad for me and too bad for BN. One vote lost.

The consolation, however, was that my Chinaman is not likely get to vote for DAP too. He is back with his family and recuperating in Singapore after the almost a month treatment here. He will be too weak to fuss over the election even if it is to be held at the end of May. So, that cancel out BN's probable loss of my vote, I think.

Well, whatever it is, it's really my fault that I may not be able to vote. I should had registered as a postal voter when I first arrived in Taiwan in January. I believe I could had still done so at that time. What to do, it's water under the bridge already.

Anyway, I'm honestly tired of the waiting. I believe most people are tired of it too.

Been checking the sopo blogs and found that most on both sides are going round and round repeating the same things. Except for some pictures of people smelling armpits last week, I failed to find something that's really groundbreaking.

What else are new?
Guan Eng is stupid and childish? Nah, everyone knows that already.
Anwar humping boys and girls? Knows that too. Ok, the armpit thing is new, fine.
Hadi treated like some donkeys by Kit Siang and Anwar? Err, old news again la.

See, aren't that tiring?

Honestly, I don't know what strategy Najib and his people are employing by delaying the election. Bore everybody to death, maybe.

Or maybe, it's because he is trying to prevent Pakatan from pulling some tricks such as delaying the dissolution of the State assemblies under their control so that they can have separate State and general elections.

I guess, we simply have to trust Najib on this one.

As for myself, if the election is held at the end of April or early May, then I will get to vote. If later.....then that's that, sorry, I can't afford to fly back again at the end of May. BN has to do without my vote.

If no election while I'm back home, I plan to spend half of my time with my brother in KL and another half at my Chinaman's family home in Singapore.

I will nonetheless still be hoping that I can vote for now.

Ok, that's all for now.

Cheers everyone.


  1. The Najib durian is the best - no stones.

  2. From what I heard DS Najib will only be there for 3 days (to seek guidance on GE I guess). If he obtains the answer, I am sure he will announce dissolution of parliament immediately after coming back. So brace yourselves....