Friday 8 March 2013

Anwar sues Press to cover link with Misuari

This is one of the latest news which is related to the ongoing Sulu gunmen crisis -

Anwar files RM100mil suit against TV3, Utusan over allegations

Now, that is not exactly something new. It's Pakatan leaders' standard operating procedures (SOP).

If they are caught in their own web of deceit, they will try to silence their critics. Their favorite method is to sue their opponents so that they can't say anything pending the hearing of the case in court. They will then do all they can to delay the case until the issue cool down. Example - Anwar sues former tennis partner Nallakaruppan also for RM100 million for calling him a bisexual. The case is still pending in court after one year.

It is also to scare other detractors from pursuing the matter.

This method of silencing critics was used with much success by the Singapore's ruling PAP, which offshoot, the DAP is poised to do well in the coming general election by employing the same tactic to silence critics.

Back to Anwar's suit against Utusan and TV3, the opposition leader said he is not involved in the Sulu gunmen crisis and that he has not met with the self-styled Sultan of Sulu.

Fine, but how about the much circulated picture of him being pally at a meeting  with Nur Misuari, the MNLF leader who is famous not only as a rebel in southern Philippines but also for his ability to wed young girls.

Why didn't Anwar mention anything at all about his recent meeting with Misuari? He should at least deny that.

Nur Misuari is a known ally and confidant of the self-styled Sulu Sultan and he had openly admitted that some of his MNLF fighters had joined the Sulu gunmen when they decided to "invade" Sabah.

The gunmen are also known to train with MNLF and equipped by them.

Nur Misuari had also openly voiced his support for the Sulu gunmen and even threatened Malaysia of dire consequences should the gunmen and their leader were killed in the ongoing crisis - Nur Misuari warns KL: Don't kill Raja Muda

The link is definitely there between Anwar and Nur Misuari here -

and the link between Nur Misuari and the self styled Sultan of Sulu is as evident in the earlier picture.

(Trivia : Looking at the picture of Nur Misuari and the self styled Sultan of Sulu who are both in their 70s, it is clear that Nur Misuari is the healthier and younger looking. My bet is that, it got something to do with the age of their respective wife who are also in the picture.)


  1. SOP, eh? Well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


  2. Any idea as to how much he has sued others for & how much he actually received in damages so far?

    1. I never keep count but I believe the courts which he accused as being controlled by Umno had indeed awarded him some amount of damages.

    2. Guess it is easy for him to do so as he has a cadre of lawyers he can call upon to file tons of rubbish in court. It is a wonder everyone's favorite environmental terrorist, I mean activist, Wong Tack didn't threaten to burn AI's office for cutting down so many trees.

  3. Wrong bro, if its bengkok, let it be lah, what.?Buncit.? Nah.!

  4. well it look like me but its no me.....