Tuesday 19 March 2013

Unite, and Johor will prevail

The most crucial thing for Umno now is for its members to be united.

Otherwise, it's the end of them. It's as simple as that.

With the general election certainly to be held next month, Umno need to avoid from being distracted.

Of course things are not 100 per cent perfect for Umno and its allies but if they could manage to hold everything together till polling day, I'm quite sure their target of winning back the two third majority in parliament could be achieved.

As it is, I need to put it on record again that I'm not an Umno member or that of any other political party. My motivation in supporting BN's election efforts is simply to see PM DS Najib Razak winning a convincing mandate from the rakyat so that he may make the necessary changes for the better in the government and Umno.

I'm not claiming to be "berjuang untuk agama, bangsa dan negara". That would be too cliche. Instead, I am just an ordinary Malaysian who want the country to continue along its path which has brought stability and prosperity over the past half a century since Merdeka,

I feel that Najib deserves the chance to affect those changes for the better, especially due to the fact that the alternative PM is either DS Anwar Ibrahim or DS Abdul Hadi Awang. I'm quite sure that Najib could do a better job at anything compared to those two.

From my conversation with friends who are strong supporters of Pakatan, I could sense that they were worried about their chances of defeating BN.

They are starting to talk about how Najib had failed to improve things and that the rakyat are suffering and against him. They also talked about Najib being saddled with alleged personal baggages. Then they started to talk about how Najib should let go off his post, so that his deputy TS Muhyiddin Yassin could takes over in leading Umno to "war".

Of course they know Najib is currently very popular. So, to make themselves feel better, they have to resort to these sorts of talks. And of course, we know that Muhyiddin is a very able deputy of Najib and he will stood by him. Muhyiddin is not the same as a former deputy prime minister who had wanted to stab his boss in the back and assume the PM post through deceit and treachery. Well, I think you all know who that is.

Then, there are all sorts of other weird moves they were making of late, such as fielding the DAP's 72-year-old supremo, Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah, Johor.

It was supposed to be the signal for the DAP's invasion of Johor. The irony was that, it was announced last night by Anwar, who was once an Umno deputy president. Johor being an Umno fortress has its gate being opened by a traitor.

Whether the Chinese community of Johor will vote in welcome of Lim's DAP army is yet to be known. What ever it is, a question mark should be, why did they send the old man to do battle in Johor? I'm sure there are other younger and more talented DAP leader who could lead the charge.

How about the genuinely talented and hardworking Johor DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau? Well, just hours before the announcement that Lim is to contest the Gelang Patah seat, Dr Boo's vice chairman Ong Kow Ming, who is also the Senai assemblyman had a press conference where he runs down his boss, accusing him of practicing nepotism and trying to break up the Pakatan coalition with his very public quarrel with Johor PKR chief DS Chua Jui Meng.

The way I see it, Dr Boo was stabbed in the back by his fellow Johor DAP leader to ease the way for the Lim family to dominate Chinese community leadership all the way from Penang in the north to Johor in the south.

It's always the classic case of a traitor causing the collapse of the castle.

Johor Umno and it's allies need to be weary of this as it prepares for the oncoming assault.

They should not allow themselves being distracted from the defense of Johor by petty politickings of people with vested interest.

Any attempt to cause disunity and infighting at this juncture, especially among Johor Umno leaders must be immediately snuffed out and those who instigated them should be treated as traitors.

Notwithstanding the challenging nature of defending the State, I am confident that Johor Umno and it's allies will prevail.

One thing for sure, the Johor leadership has always managed to unite in the face of external threats. That is the Johor's trait which has made Umno strong in the State. In all likelihood, that will not change any time soon.


  1. Annie,

    kalau bn letak calon yang pergi bercuti semasa pru12 kat DUN sungai abong saya akan bagi tahu keluarga saya supaya tidak keluar mengundi. boleh tanya orang kawasan sungai abong berapa lama dia pegi cuti dan kenapa dia pegi cuti masa pru12.

    orang muo

    1. I'm quite confident Johor Umno will field the best available candidate in Sungai Abong.

  2. Kit Siang is very old and almost blind already, still wants to be candidate. If win in Gelang Patah also cannot do much for the rakyat since he will most probably spend much of his time in hospital. Since all his family in DAP are politician, it will cause more problems for the rakyat in other constituent too. They will have to visit their father or grandfather and look after him in hospital. Same with Nik Aziz and Haji Hadi. Rakyat don't want sick dinosaur as YB.

    I think it's about time we enact a law to prevent old and those with health problems from contesting in GE. We do not want YB to die in their term of office. This will also save Rakyat's money and reduce political issues related with by-election.


    1. RD= Real Dumno to enact a law for old people. Further, all doctors and hospitals MUST NOT TREAT them. Afterall they are going to die and this will save rakyat's money and reduce human issues. Dead men tell no lies. When they died, young people like RD need not to visit them again or to take care of them.

    2. Yes, we must enact a law prohibiting 'old and often sick politician' like Kit Siang and Nik Aziz, who still wants to cling to power. Because these old politician will cause more unnecessary politicking if they die in office. Another by-election, means more politicking and more waste of rakyat's money. Do you know how much it cost to hold by-election?

      No problem with the ordinary old folks. They have their children or relatives to look after them. But if the politicians, together with all-the-family are in politics, at the same time, everybody in the constituents they represented, will be neglected, at-least for some time.

      "Dead men tell no lies", My foot.
      What if they told lies, before they die?
      The living, especially those in the BAR, will still carry, those dead man's lies. Kugan's death created, lies. Teoh Beng Hock's death, created more lies that lasted almost 4 years, even after RCI was conducted. Just a few days ago, Balasubramaniam died and the living creates more lies. If what he said was true, how come there are two SD? Which one is reliable? If the 1st.SD is not true, how are we to know the 2nd.SD is true. He is already dead. If somebody said, "I heard him say...." or "A friend of mine said, he heard Bala spoke over the phone, saying....".
      That's just hearsay and not admissible in court.

      Don't be a moron.

      Say NO to nepotism, cronyism and corruption.
      Anwar Ibrahim is the 'Father of corruption' in Malaysia.


  3. Old people in my kampong once said, "jangan jolok sarang tebuan". Anwar menjolok lagi.

  4. Gate opened by a traitor- that is so true and so cool on how you describe it, right on their face

    1. True... But in his case, what else is new..?

  5. Perkasa bloggers are attacking Ghani. Hopefully he will be changed.