Sunday 10 March 2013

From Ai to shuzheng

Got a message from Aisya this afternoon. She requested for me to thank shuzheng on her behalf for this posting of his -

On earth, no feasts last forever

Ai, who is a bit of a Malay nationalist always fondly refers to shuzheng as the "ultra chinaman".

Sometimes it's weird that friendship could developed between people of different species like those two. For instance, Ai is an admirer of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad while shuzheng always seems to hate the old man. Yet, they managed to bridge that gap between them.

This is the unique quality of true Malaysians. We may be of different races, religions and ideologies, but our moderate ways of doing things has enabled us to give leeways to each others, irrespective of how extreme our differences of opinion could be. It prevented us from tearing each other up these past half a century after our Merdeka.

Let us all appreciate this unique quality of ours and reject any attempt at turning us into absolutists. For instance, not all Umno people are bad and so do those among DAP people.

Campaigns of hate waged since 2008 has done much harm to  race relations in our country. I'm honestly worried of what will happened to the country after the next general election. The racial polarization will indeed worsen as a result of the hate mongering.

With the BN's Chinese component parties said will be wiped out by the DAP's Chinese solid support, we will likely have a Chinese block in the opposition and Malay/bumiputera block in the government. I seriously doubt the largely Malay Pas and PKR will get more parliamentary seats than DAP and want to be led by the Chinese party in the opposition.

Seriously, if you check all the frontline States such as Sarawak, Sabah and Johor, the only real worry BN has, is the Chinese community's votes.


  1. It's has been predicted that if Pakatan were to win this coming GE , DAP will be a leading party of that coalition and naturally DAP will lead the government.
    My argument is simple , Malay vote will split into three namely UMNO ,PAS ,and PKR where chinese vote will be solid behind DAP, 'looking at the current trends' which mean to say no Malay base party would will get majority.
    The worst senerio in this coming GE if UMNO failed the Chinese base party in BN like MCA and Gerakan will lompat to DAP, though they might win in Malay majority area and that will make DAP even bigger in number.
    We might be expecting the first Chinese PM in history or we will get a puppet PM who is a Malay.

    1. Possible, but very unlikely, I think.
      First of all, the BN's Chinese-based parties are already in very bad shape. Many, if not majority of their own members are going to vote for the opposition.
      So, there is no question about those parties jumping to Pakatan, because they already had in a way done so. This was evident in Johor, which is a frontline State where most MCA divisions reported that the number of Chinese voters who are voting BN is going to be lower than their membership in their respective area.
      Nonetheless, the votes of the non-Chinese are definitely coming back to BN. Pas and PKR are going to lose a lot of electoral seats in States like Kelantan, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.
      The more likely scenario is that Umno will be the outright dominant party in the government while DAP lead the opposition. Pas will consider joining forces with Umno to ensure the party's survival while PKR will implode and suffer the fate of other splinter parties of the past.
      This may sound good for BN for now, but I think not so for the country in the long run. We will markedly be divided along racial line more than ever and things will get even more combustible in future.

    2. She 've been talking about her boyfriend being a chinaman. is Shuzeng...........?

    3. Anon 22:31,
      Nope, shuzheng is definitely not Ai's boyfriend.

    4. I like the sound of the PKR imploding. May God make it so.