Friday 15 March 2013

An email from Ai

I received an email last night from my friend Aisya, who some of you would know as Ai, formerly from the BIGCAT blog.

I called her and asked if I may post it in this blog for the benefit of those who miss her and she said okay.

So, here is Ai's email -

Hi Annie,
I hope u r doing fine. Sorry for not calling as promised. A bit of rushing here rushing there. You know lah. Anyway, I'm ok over here. The weather is ok but still a bit chill at night. Vincent seems to be responding well to treatment. He seems much better here than in the hospital in KL. I'm shuttling back and forth from uni and hospital everyday. Very tiring. The manja boy still can't eat much though. Complaining about the food being tasteless all the time. Sure la tasteless, he cannot take any salt at all. Anyway, his ama and Amy are flying over next week to look after him for a while. So, I think I can take a rest a bit. Hopefully he will be discharged soon.
Don't have much time for anything else, actually. Honestly, I'm not really sure now what I'm doing at the uni. My brain just can't focus. Worried about Vincent all the time. U know me lah. I'm always like that.
I see yr blog not so bad la. Just starting like that la, a bit slow. Take it easy, ok. Anyway, I really got no time to check the blogs everyday now. About the brick in the wall thing, you just try not to get involved. If they still want to attack, let them. I think the Johor guys know what to do. Tell Tinsel to cool off too. I think she is getting a bit too garang. Never mind, I ll tell her myself later. Btw, I saw the posting by shuzheng, very nice of him. I always like Li Bai. Thanks for telling me.
About writing in your blog, let me think about it. As it is I really got no time. But maybe once a week ok kut. See lah how. I ll tell u later. Ok lah, I need to finish some more work now. Anything u call me. I can't call u. No money he he he. U take care.


  1. TKC girls problem20 March 2013 at 16:28

    Tsk..tsk..tsk.. Kesian this TKC girls.

    cannott find Malay men. hmmm.

    Im sure this is the general trend in TKC. Highly educated Malay girls not able to find men.

    Itulah. Ikut lagi cakap ustazah kat TKC. Pakai tudung, tutup, kaki,tangan, muka, mata, otak.

    Akhirnya kawan dengan lelaki Cina kafir...tak cebok, makan babi...muahaha..

    such irony but sad indeed. Just look at those fat women in 1 the million purple walk.

    And none can perk a male interest..hmmm

    1. Huh? What?

      I say. The class of cybertroopers they have assigned to this blog is truly abysmal. Not that they have better quality ones elsewhere, but the ones here are downright unintelligible and incorrigible. These must be the mutant rejects from their cloning test tubes, kut.