Tuesday 26 March 2013

What the Chinese DAP supporters conveniently forget

Most of my Chinese friends are Pakatan supporters, or to be more precise, they are DAP supporters.

Their political stance is more or less the same - The Malay BN government only care for the Malays and discriminates the Chinese and other minorities. It is also corrupt and ineffective. As for the non-Malay members of the BN government, they are regarded as just running dogs of their Malay colleagues from Umno. MCA = Chinese running dogs, MIC = Indian running dogs, etc.

Of course they don't openly talk about the Malay stuff as that would make them sound like racists. Normally they would masked the "Malay" word with the word "Umno". But, sometimes it just still slips through. I would normally listen to their rants without saying anything.

I actually understand why their political inclination is such.

Basically, they just can't stand being governed by the Malays whose community is in their eyes of lesser quality then that of their community. The part about corruption, poor governance, flip flop decision making process etc, despite to a certain extent being true, were just the usual camouflage to what is deep inside their actual perspective of the BN rule.

Ask any honest Chinese person and they will readily admit that they think the Chinese community is of a better quality than the Malays'. They have a better work culture, better financial management, care more about their children's education, etc. And I don't fault them for thinking that way. To a certain extent, I do agree with them that the Chinese are better in a lot of things compared to the Malays.

But of course, the Chinese are not better than the Malays in everything. Every community has its advantages and disadvantages. However, it's just not productive to go tit-for-tat every time we want to discuss this, so I just rather not do a comparative study on the subject between the Chinese and Malay communities in this short posting.

Anyway, these Chinese friends of mine are not actually underprivileged or unemployed. They are mostly educated young professionals, and earning good salaries working at multi-nationals and companies of good reputation. Some are even working for the government or government-related entities, and earning good salaries.

Occasionally, when I'm in the mood for a bit of argument, I would asked them back whether their life is so bad in this country that they make it sound that this country is governed so badly that we are on par with Zimbabwe or that the minorities here are treated as bad as the blacks in apartheid South Africa of yesteryears. After all, that's what the DAP leaders had been labeling the BN government's affirmative policies - apartheid. DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng and Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau are among those who had used that terminology to describe BN's policies.

The usual answer that I got from them when I passionately asked those questions would be in the negative.

Anyone can have a good life in this country if they work hard enough to get it. That, they have to agree with me, as they are the living testimony to that.

But, of course my friends would not want to admit that without a fight either, thus they always added that this country could be much more than what it is now.

And for dramatic purposes, they would further add - "We could have been like Singapore."

Ok, at that point, I would normally start laughing.

Honestly, why would I want this country to be like Singapore? I rather Malaysia be like Maldives, for heaven's sake. Nice beaches and more fun, don't you think?

Well, actually I would be laughing because this Singapore bit reminds me of my Pa and Ma whenever they argue about politics. Singapore is my mother's last line of defense when my father cornered her and made her admit that her life and those of her family are actually better than those of his and his family despite all those BN affirmative actions. (As I had mentioned in an earlier posting, my mother is a Chinese while my father is a Malay)

Normally, when my mother starts talking about Singapore, my father just make a funny face and let her carry on with it as he knows that's the limit to the argument. I know he loves her very much and for that he lets her win. He would tell her to stop giving him a headache and just vote for DAP when it is election time. As for himself, my father never bothered to vote at all, which reason is still a mystery to me till this day.

Whatever it is, I do notice that my Chinese friends, as it is with my mother, always without fail never address the whole issue of how it's going to be once Pakatan, consisting DAP, PKR and Pas rules this country.

They normally talk as if it's going to be just DAP being up there running Malaysia the same way as PAP runs Singapore. They conveniently forgot that the non-Chinese side of Pakatan consist of the ultra-Islamist Pas and the wishy washy PKR led by the morally questionable DS Anwar Ibrahim. And these non-Chinese side of Pakatan outnumbered the Chinese-side.

They also conveniently forget that these non-Chinese elements of Pakatan may have  their own agenda on the side and they would work on it once they come to power.

Has it ever occurred to the Chinese DAP supporters that Pas will not forever be the Malay lapdog of Pakatan? That Pas' ultimate goal is to unite the Malay Muslims under its ultra-Islamist banner once they managed to kill off Umno? Has it ever occurred to the Chinese DAP supporters that Pas will eventually swallow up the Malays of the wishy washy PKR? That their wish for Umno to die will leave no voice of moderation among the Malays to prevent the ultras from taking over the leadership of the community?

If DAP is now feeling strong because the about 30 per cent Chinese are united under its leadership, then just wait until the almost 60 per cent Malays unite under Pas after the demise of Umno.

Do the Chinese of DAP honestly think that the Pas people love their Chinese way of life so much better than the Umno people?

OK, some may say that the Chinese in Pas-ruled Kelantan and Kedah seems to be fine. Well, they are by percentage very much lower than those at the national level so that they are not feeling the heat much. Do wait until the Pas-DAP game is already at the national level. I am quite sure things will not be so rosy by very much in the new Pakatan federal government.

Well, so much for the Singapore dream...


  1. I dunno why the Chinese have so much to complain about anyways.

    Most are educated, well heeled professionals who won't think twice about dinner of RM100 per pax or spending 2k on the latest gadgets.

    Whenever I ask this group of friends on their PR/DAP inclination, the first word to come out would be "change". They want change.

    So I'll ask them what kind of change they want. They'll say less corruption. So I'll ask them how corruption affects them which would normally stump them.

    Then most will change tack & say the "corrupt UMNO" gives nothing to Chinese like them. So I asked if they want for anything at all that the government deprives them off. More often than not I'm met with silence. More than a few would retort & accuse me of being a "Malay lover" or "UMNO lover" & at heated times, "Chinese traitor".

    I've come to realize that the reason why a lot of Chinese are anti establishment is merely because they feel they're sidelined by the government. Truth is, they're way above the poverty line & should be comfy with their income but men is not exactly known for being contented, more so if the urban legend on Chinese greed is to be believed.

    So, they're caught up in the heady promises of cheaper things & corruption free government when they have zilch knowledge on what the former will do to our economy & inflation or what the latter is all about really.

    It is all about the promises of rainbows & the pot of gold at the end of it. Not understanding real bread & butter issues is besides the point for them. As a Chinese in Malaysia today, it is all the rage to follow the herd & support DAP's call for change.

    Their naivety may yet come back to haunt them as they end up with nary a voice in the administration. And if it comes down to that, serves them right.

    1. I have been in the business social circles, and the only way the chinese do business is through corruptions, albeit coerced unto others to be corrupted so as to " do short cuts" in every means.If any chinese says that im saying bullshit , then I'd say they say bullshitts a thousand times. Even amongst the chinese , with some cordon bleaus, or a few gro's or usage of some bumiputeras as their short cuts, the'll do it. Politics is politics, but to stab a dagger to your fellow business compatriots and says that they are are a corrupted melayu through their doings and their under tables dealings, then you dont deserve the malay support. The chinese are as a coruppted race as ever, dont deny because you guys does business . Is it worthwhile to do crimes in flesh trading , morality at its bests. Tolong lah , cakap mau serupa bikin. Dont pretend to be holier than tho attitudes when they themselves commits to crimes in Malaysia.

    2. UMNO have ACA and now MACCA. As Kutty said malaysia is an islamic state, they are supposed to nip corruption and stop the spread of this cancerous disease. But Government put slogans here and there and servants just gaji buta. If Chinese uses money, but our enforcement officers who are mainly non-non-Bumi, always "apa mau buat"? Those non non-Bumis always want to ask for kopi money in the streets.
      You all talk racists but in the streets in BB, Chinatown, Pasar Road, who always want kopi money? Isn't it the FAILURE of the Government for over 50 years? There are crooks and good guys in every race.

  2. annie, nice!
    the chinese dap supporters conviniently forgot that, unlike singapore, malays are still the majority here.

    wait until the ultra malay islamists unite under pas, and see whether they the chinese can still enjoy whatever they are enjoying now... haha...

    1. How Khairy made UMNO lose26 March 2013 at 19:15

      Why the Malays did not vote for UMNO? your father not voting, he is just one of the many Malays in 2008 that were dienfranchised from UMNO.
      That is a very good lesson how UMNO
      was taken over by Tamils that they have forgotten the Malays on the street.
      The Tamils were eager to be accepted as Malays thinking that it is a sure way to riches. Just look at those tamil Kalimullah, Khairy, Munir, Mahathir,Fernandes etc. They have amassed billions aming them.
      But these false Malay leaders forgot that UMNO was formed from many Persatuan Melayu.

      The episode where UMNO was lead by an Indian son was the telling point. UMNO Presiden was mabuk with kuasa and wealth, when asked about business men meeting him, naturally I know a lot of chinese/Indian business men.

      Chines carpet beggars never had it so good. Gambling licenses, ipps until the Chinese thought Malaysia is their country.

      So UMNO Malay, culturally side was lost. When P Ramlee the Malay icon died he was a pauper while Malaysia was getting richer. When his wife Saloma died, she was a pauper too. All these during Mahathir time.

      When asked about poor Malays, he said,if everyone is a millionaire then things would be expensive. So only my sons and daughter can be millionaires.hehe... that way things can be cheap. When KJ who was found corrupt but allowed to win the UMNO Pemuda, Hishamuddin attiude reflect the old ways. Dulu sayapun dia orang tak terima. So thats how KJ made UMNO lost Selangor.

      Selangor, is a well educated state. The malays just refuse to vote. Will Malays in Selangor refuse to vote these time? Depends on the candidates. Despite 3.3 million members only half voted!

      Corrupt candidates must not be chosen. Malays are not stupid. What is the point of UMNO governing Selangor if the leaders are weak like Khir Toyo. UMNO needs to lose so that Malays can come together again and get rid of the Tamils influx.

    2. As a muslim if you don't like strict islamic law, say so why be a hypocrite?

    3. Islamic law is ancient arab laws. We Malays should never be hypocrite. We should reject strict islamic laws as the past.

      What Omar did to drunken Arabs should in remain in Saudi Arabia. The world has move on.

    4. You caught me. Islamic law is ancient arab laws. So who make new laws and from where? Perkasa? Or by H. Ali or the leader in Perak? Or some from Turkey?

    5. Parliament make laws in democracy.

      It is not one man sitting on a mountain who make laws nowadays.

      Democracy and religion and priests and ulamas dont mixed.

      The world is more complicated and sensitive to individuals now.

      Even Christianity have to make way to gay sex now in US and europe.

  3. Are the Chinese, as you said, always better than the malays in many aspects of life? Although claimed as much, this seem to be the prevailing urban legend believed as the Gospel truth by most chinese.

    Are the malays inferior than the chinese in every nook of life? This seem to be the current picture thrusted upon the malays, an idea to which they cease to desist when push comes to shove. Closer scrutiny, however, ravage the accepted legends in ways more than one.

    Oh I do not contest, however, the fact that in the material context the malays are not at par. This, coupled with better business acumen amongst the chinese, pave way for better economic stabilities for them. Add to that a culture or almost non-existent religious and spiritual constraints in getting businesses, for example, and one is unbounded in one's path towards better financial freedom. In fact, in this sense, the only way a malay muslim can compete and be at par financially with the chinese is for him to ABANDON his religion or religious scruples, an idea which has time and again been evangelized by closet non-believers and atheists like Syed Akbar Ali, amongst others. And thus lately the malays have been better at doing dubious practices like kickbacks or under-the-table encounters just because the receiver would want to be as rich as the chinese, and the giver equally so. This is one aspect of learning from the chinese that malays have only recently required with an art.

    But is this what malays SHOULD be doing? Selling their souls for a few coppers of fleeting rewards, while totally disregarding the eternal life in the hereafter which was prepared for him? It was still fresh in our minds how Tunku Abdul Rahman had to TAKE LEAVE in order to do his UMNO campaigning, with his campaign money BORROWED by him from some rich businessmen. How times have changed. Perhaps the idea of not being rich before one dies is a scary one to most malays nowadays, a far call from his prophet, who died in a condition where he could not pawn back his shield to a Jew. This, and perhaps also due to the hadith that says, "Poverty is My Pride", is enough for people like Syed Akbar Ali to be running a manic spree of Anti-Hadith and Quran-Only crusade in the internet.

    To be Continued ...

  4. ...Continued

    Anyway back to discussing who is better who is well off or who is nobler. Of course the question is insane. Stupid. But as I said, close scrutiny does not bid fare to the well wishers.

    I once hired about 9 internship students from a local university. 1 of them Indian, 2 malays and the rest Chinese. “Chinese are better at academics” was what perhaps induced me to give a real world problem to them, and they took a week to do it. When the time came and I asked for the solution, they said they were not able to solve it. And in came Fazrul who, seeing the problem for the first time, solved it IMPROMPTU in front of everybody. I still remember everyone, including his chinese classmates, gathered in a circle and giving him a standing ovation.

    Another Chinese towkay friend of mine complained that his son mentioned that in his university (a local IPTS, thereby meaning almost always Chinese-funded) the top scorer is a malay. And what about that malay secretary of Lim Guan Eng who made a police report about DAP. You know---the one whom Guan Eng called 35 times, went out of work for more than a year after falling out with his boss and being threatened by Guan Eng to “finish him” if he doesn’t retract back the police report. How fared him and his family after having monetary support pulled from under his feet? How does his children and wife survive? Well surprisingly, his son recently managed still to get 10As for his SPM even though under dire circumstances. I wonder what about Tokong Lim’s offsprings?

    I am sure that these are not isolated cases, and I am sure there are a lot more. But for those who insist that this “Chinese are always superior” adage, it surely puts a dent in their dogma. Unlike the malays who never insist on being better than anybody, a superfluous feelgood ego based on popular urban legends will be disastrous especially when one realises it too late.

    But yes, the chinese are always better in their wealth. They are richer and can afford more things: faster cars and bigger houses. But what the malays should be thankful about is their faith. Faith teaches a person to be thankful, to be contented, to be happy with whatever you have and, in case one needs to work harder to gain more wealth, through faith one does it with better human elements: no kiasu, no greed and more neighbourly. If all this fails to convince, put it this way: at least you malays, if you keep good faith, are all assured of success in there hereafter and you could all do that without having to bury expensive paper Mercedes Benzs with you in your graves!


    1. There are rich and POOR chinese just like any community. Look at all rich man's sons and daughters. There are Rich Yuppie malays, chinese, Indians spend their time shopping overseas, pubs, shopping, car racing, disco, Hip hop, rap etc.
      Yes, malays have their faith but look how they create and show sex stories and films about their fellow malays. Is that faith? Even religious leaders in Perak and formerly in PAs, mention and they have proof of conversion. If they have proof, then I support them, those doing it should go to jail. If the leaders lie, should they go to jail?

  5. Little Annie
    We will write about the impending destruction of MCA shortly. It is such a great event that even thinking about it brings tears of joy to our eyes.

  6. I really resonate with your thought on this, Kacukan. especially on SAA tendency and his disdain towards religion of Islam practiced by Malay. True, there are many bad habit we have, but surely SAA could see beyond that...is material possession has possessed him to drop whatever faith we have? I like his blog, his take on Pakatan which I'd say more often than not hits the nail. but alas...

    Thanks again Kacukan for the last para, kira macam baca tazkirah pulak :)

    oh, and Annie, nice and good article. Thank you.

  7. Agree with Kacukan and Zakzak. I once wrote a nice rebuttal to Syed Akbar Ali in his blog. Nothing vulgar: just sensible, but opposing his viewpoints.

    It never got published. He publishes comments from people who say things like "Bravo Tuan Syed" or "You are the greatest Tuan Syed", even though none of them contribute anything intellectually.

    The guy's a joke.

    1. He's just to full of himself that he sees it fit to criticize others & their religious beliefs with his cynical prose.

      When Pope Benedict XVI stepped down, he wrote a piece about it insinuating lots of stuff. He allowed a crude about the Pope wanking of which I replied asking the commentor if he was speaking from experience but was also shot down by the great & wonderful SAA. Since he doesn't conduct himself with integrity & transparency in his censorship, I've not returned since.

    2. Anti censorship27 March 2013 at 21:34

      Good for SAA to write about the Pope wanking. The Pope and catholicsm is responsible for colonisations and the killings or people all over the world stupid!

      Telling the pope to wank is not far off because the priests are known to sodomise altar boys and fuck nuns.

      So what his wrong to point out the evil of catholicsm? The msjority of europeans dont believe ths mythology anyway, just google. The US was borned out of the fight against the evil catholics system.

      If the Europeans still believe in Catholicsm, they would be enslaving and colonising other cultures in the world today.

      Islam is from the middle east too and full of yesteryears mythologies. SAA just saying what others are realising too. So you can stick to your make believe world.

    3. Anon 13:38:

      That is no surprise. SAA is a diehard supporter of Tun Dr. M. Same kind of thinking. No tolerance of dissent, admiration of authoritarian dictatorships, and likes to surround themselves with an echo chamber of cheerleaders. They are worse than the worst of the Pakatan Rakyat cheerleaders.

  8. Dear Annie.
    On this posting, I don't have much to say.
    That's what I am think too.


  9. If Chinese wants to better the political situation of Malaysia, why are they voting in the people of DAP?

    Are they blind or do they have battered wife syndrome?

  10. now it's all the Chinese fault !! don't be racist lah Annie.

    The main reason why the rakyat reject UMNO/BN is because UMNO/BN corrupt to the core !!

    1. For the record, I never said it's all the Chinese fault. Why would I want to say that as it is the same as blaming my mother for giving birth to myself. Thank you.

    2. R u muslim ? How do u think chinese feeling while being treated as 2nd citizen since born in here. . If social contract is de facto fair and impartial . It will not cause Chinese rebellion to against UMNO -BN . Secondly thing is , Malay historic facts are doubtful .Could u tell me , the historical time-line (Tamadun) in this land .Tanah Melayu never constituted before British colonial .I believe Orang asli is the origin . In the meantime, Malay must appreciate us on the other hand , because of China , Malay -Melaka -sultane is safe from Siam . If not , Malay will be so cocky nowadays. .. Annie , ur mum is religious traitor ,her soul will burn in hell . And u son of bitch , has no right to question Chinese will.

  11. DAP Cina = ZIONIST JEW

  12. Yeah that Syed Akbar Ali, the penasihat MACC actively censored comments that don't agree with his postings.

    Quite sad behaviour for a publicly-paid appointed official who sometimes works as a goldsmith.

    ~ Kluang girl

  13. Annie,

    In one of the previous general elections, I was at a PKR campaign centre and when PAS lost Terangganu, a pro-Pakatan supporter prominent in one of the opposition NGOs said, "Good! Now they can go dancing."

    I later went to the DAP office in Paramount Garden's Petaling Jaya and some of the supporters present were happy that PAS lost Terengganu.

    I then thought to myself - "Hmmm! So this is the kind of unity within the Pakatan. One of their allies loses and their members and/or supporters are glad because they don't agree with some of their ally's policies."

    The socio-political-economic conditions in Malaysia are different that in Singapore, so there is no point comparing.

    Singapore has been highly urbanised for a long time and it is a majority Chinese place, which is much exposed to western influences.

    It also has an authoritarian leadership which is mostly Chinese, so it can rule over the majority Chinese with a firm, no nonsense hand.

    Malaysia has been largely rural and agrarian for a long time and only recently have we become 70% urban.

    Malaysia's population is majority Malay, who have a different value system, priorities and culture than the minority Chinese and neither are wrong.

    It just happens that the Chinese value system, culture, priorities, etc is more suitable for progress in a modern capitalist economy.

    Likewise, countries in Europe which are majority Protestant Christian are more economically vibrant than those with a predominantly Roman Catholic or Orthodox Christian population.

    It's been said that Protestant Christianity is better suited to a capitalist economy, while Roman Catholicism and Othodox Christianity are legacies of a feudal, agrarian economy.

    A French visitor, a journalist once told me that he had noticed thatthe Chinese here are more into commerce and making oney, while the Indians are better intellectual and philosophical pursuits. That's why Indians make good litigation lawyers.

    If Malaysia is to become as well run, organised, corruption-free and efficient like Singapore, we will need a strong, ethical and no nonsense Malay leader who will rule the country with a iron fist to clean up corruption, nepotism, cronyism, reign in divisive politicians, NGOs, etc.

    That brings to mind someone like Napoleon Bonaparte who ended the dysfunctional democracy in France, with governments which came and went, internal political infighting, etc. after the French Revolution, which weakened France and let its neighbours capture parts of its territory.

    Napoleon crowned himself emperor of France and ruled like a king but while the politicians and nobility hated him, the ordinary people loved him.

    Till today, elderly Russians still carry portraits of Joseph Stalin in demonstrations. They lived under him, while STalin's critics and demonisers within Russia or outside did not.

    Once in a while, countries need a firm hand to pull them out of the mess they have gotten themselves into.

    1. In the Past UMNO has discussion with PAS and even ask PAS to join them. Very funny if one to look into politics.

  14. Melayu mudah lupa ,not Chinese ,they did on purpose to demoralize the Malay to think that they are actually inferior compered to them ,which actually has already some infect on Malay ways of thinking as being feeling inferior .
    I don't have to specified ,but we can encounter this in our everyday life around them, 'anything that's good is their doing ,whatever bad is because of the Malay but it's really scaring that the Malay did not realize it,after being told of the same thing frequently the Malay are believing it,Melayu memang lemah dan mudah lupa.

    1. Ko bodoh. Nasib baik ko keling bukan Melayu. Kitaorang tak lupa pada kelin mcm ko..hehehee

  15. after ge13, BN will win, but there will no chinese rep in gov. wut u think will happen? and remember , malays still the majority. many have left pas and pkr. believe me, this anti malays will not bring any benefits to chinese...

    malays are very 'pendendam'(dlm diam)

    1. still racist thinking. ask IT Shiess, if he needs a coloured policeman, lecturer when he is in UK. You never ask those white Americans if Obama mistreat them and David Cameron mistreat non-christians and non-whites? Or shopping and eating overseas, they will not serve you because your colour and speaking is different and you are an alien?

  16. Boom 10:19,

    Your statement is stupid. I am a malay, an UMNO follower and wish that BN wins. But are we pendendam? Absolutely not!

    We in BN, especially UMNO, know the contributions of the chinese in this country. They are a valuable and integral part of our country and society. If we had been pendendam, things would have been chaotic since long time ago. But the winners write history, and history itself provide the testimony of what we really are.

    After May 13 when we gained political power and upper hand, did we go on a chinese-hating rampage? Did we deny the chinese and Indians from becoming cabinet ministers to symbiotically build this nation up? Were all the top 10 billionaires in this country groomed by our last Prime Minister malays? What kind of crap are you talking about.

    What we ARE against are these: Firstly the communists. Yes, a great majority of them are chinese but therein is where the connection ends. Secondly, racist-based parties like DAP who have purely chinese agenda, purely chinese compositions and claiming to be multiracial but being proved time and again that such is not so.

    But this abstinence from being pendendam will not hold long, if threats of "Malai Si!" or "Malayu Pigi masuk Hutan, Ini Negeli sekalang Cina Punya" and continous innuendic references to abrogating the bumiputra rights and the malay sultans are constantly trumpeted by them. What else do you want. 70% of the nation's wealth, 8 out of 10 of the top country's billionaires not enough for you?

    The ones who are really pendendam is explified by a certain Jailbird who, once freed, takes it upon himself to go on a spree of vengeance, even if it is at the cost of his own race, his own religion, and, succinctly, his own DIGNITY and INTEGRITY.

    But I digress. Dignity is nothing compared with the fleeting pleasures of a China Doll and Man Love.

    1. You are 3 monkeys in one. No see, no hear and no speak. Maybe you insult the Indians because you cannot see them when the night set in. There are so many Indian Leaders and Singa of Jelutong. Devan Nair, Patto, Karpal Singh. Sleeping? You call that Chinese Agenda? Why, now you did not go over to Danok, Padang and Golok?

  17. Annie, you write well. You have good grasp of the crux of the argument and you demonstrate it with real-life situation. In many ways, your experience is a reflection of what many of us have experienced but we are unable to express it as you have done in your posting. It is not so much just the Pakatan politicians, but also their supporters who are derisive of our support for the present government. It is a case where they believe that it is their intellect that has led them to become Pakatan supporters, and it is our lack of it, that has led to our stance. I believe that it is their ego from their belief of their superior intellect which has led them to ignore failings and gaps in the Pakatan allliance and the danger of these failings to the future of our country. They'd rather be damned than admit Pakatan's failings because it would mean that they're not as intellectually superior as they thought they were. So it is heartening to read a balanced viewpoint, argued with clarity and with sincerity of wanting what is best for the country and not for the sake of arguing vague ideological principles such as keadilan. Keep up the good work Annie, and don't let the cybertroopers boo you out of the blogesphere. Won't be long before they come-a-calling!

  18. What makes everybody think that Singapore is great? Do you think that there are no corruptions?

    The government controls everything that only the good news come out, while the "bad" things are repressed. If the civic conscience-ness of singaporeans are so great, why are thye acting like a55 when they go out of singapore?

    Anyway, how difficult is it to control a dot?

    if you guys have the time, follow www.stomp.com.sg. -- you will find out how a "closed" govt controlled, chinese kiasu mind works...

  19. How khairy Made UMNO lose, Pls lah check ur facts! P Ramlee passed away in 1973 and Tun Mahathir became PM in 1981, how can u blame Tun? I wonder if he was even a member of the cabinet in 1973!

  20. what's chinese actually want?they hold economy?yes..so can chinese tolerate in they business with other races such as malay?can they break monopoly the economic cake to other races?aren't they chauvanis?

  21. The Malays have been receiving too much shit from the chinese from the time the chinese arrived in Tanah Melayu. Why cant they just be grateful for the new life they enjoy in Malaysia.they refuse to be assimilated like their clans in Thailand and Indonesia. This has caused so much problem by all the PMs in managing this country. The never appreciate the good things that they enjoy in this country. Once on a plane, a chinese whom i know is from malaysia, replied to a stewardess, when asked where he is from, said that he is from singapore. Everything that has gone wrong in malaysia are all the fault of the malays or BN or Umno. Saying umno or BN is just being a little polite , when what they meant was still the Malays. I commonly here chinese and indians saying malays are bodoh and lazy, just visit the opposition blogs ro see these. How long can we continue to take this shit from the chinese, and worst from the indians who only make up 7.8 percent of the population and who cant win a single seat without malay votes.The make fun of our culture, our Sultans and our religion, they attacked malaysia when they are overseas and make friends with the enemies of the muslim malays in malaysia.they tried hard to convert us to christians, they will find every loop hole in the constitution to fuck the malays. Please do not think that the malays will continue to take this shit , for the sake of stability, muhibbah and economic growth forever. The pre independent malay leaders that are sabar like tunku are all dead and gone. We tried very hard hoping that the chinese will change and be good malaysians, but we have lost hope and for all these good intentions, we got screwed not only by the dap but also by mca for the last 56 years. No more tolak ansur, we will teach pkr,pas and dap a lesson they wont forget in PRU 13.

  22. R u muslim ? How do u think chinese feeling while being treated as 2nd citizen since born in here. . If social contract is de facto fair and impartial . It will not cause Chinese rebellion to against UMNO -BN . Secondly thing is , Malay historic facts are doubtful .Could u tell me , the historical time-line (Tamadun) in this land .Tanah Melayu never constituted before British colonial .In the meantime, Malay must appreciate us on the other hand , because of China , Malay -Melaka -sultane is safe from Siam . If not , Malay will be so cocky nowadays. .. Annie , ur mum is religious traitor ,her soul will burn in hell .

    1. Of course the malay appreciate the chinese, didnt they get their citizenship? Wait, they are rich too rite?

      How do u know u will end up in heaven?

  23. Fuck u mum asshole .. convert to most evil religion . u son of bitch ..

  24. Annie......this is a really a blog of a very high quality!!!!

  25. well i am most inclined with your views annie. and certainly by having a Malay/Chinese parent would really be a bonus in understanding the Malay side/Chinese side mentality.

    although there were things thats needs to be improve in terms of governance but the BN status quo must still stand.why?? because years of governing has bring more good to Malaysia. and years of PR proganda seems to be doing more harms to Malaysia in so many ways.

    BTW i use to support PAS and its endavour of Islamic State, but its poor policies and continous use of slander to win hearts/vote which is sin in islam really shows how the New PAS really is.

    The BErsih rally for me shows that the only capital that the PR has be it PAS/PKR/DAP is inciting hatred and dissatisfaction
    twisting and bending every bit of news and facts even rumours become fact and slander become the truth.if the arab springs has anything that we could learn of is that inciting sentiments and hatred is indeed a stupid way of making changes.

    like the old malay saying
    "ikut hati mati
    ikut rasa binasa"

    and it seems to me that most PR supporters is ikut hati&ikut rasa.

  26. You're just another blind racist..

  27. Annie - you said it well and truthfully, especially the part that the Chinese could not stand being governed by the Malays since they thought there were of superior race. I've always thought that how most Chinese would think about themselves.

    I agree with "Anonymous6 April 2013 14:14"; his last few sentences, "We tried very hard hoping that the chinese will change and be good malaysians, but we have lost hope and for all these good intentions, we got screwed not only by the dap but also by mca for the last 56 years. No more tolak ansur, we will teach pkr,pas and dap a lesson they wont forget in PRU 13."

    1. they have a superiority complex indeed.

      Annie - you hit the dot