Friday 15 March 2013

In the Komtar's crosshair

Just opened this blog and was greeted by six new entries in the comments box.

Here they are,

When opposition ask UMNO for debate on policies, where is the government and what is the response? You only knows and feel hate. You equate opposition to haters. Ask yourself and what you think the role of opposition? If no answer, you know NUTS. onRemembering how Pakatan treated our police Anonymous at 17:02

Annie you can clearly see Kutty's daughter is very pro-Pakatan. Then we must be very disappointed with kutty. He talk and do too much that he turn his daughter to pro-pakatan. Man, his daughter so close to him can see the true color of her father. onRemembering how Pakatan treated our police Anonymous at 16:58

We are waiting to see commit suicide and who are the liars. May Almightwho y see to that liars. on Environmental bullshit turned to racial bullshit Anonymous at 16:46

Annie. Why it is not happening in Selangor, Penang and Perakand destroy the state especially Selangor. why Jibby had to tell other UMNO off and make himself commander in cheap? on Environmental bullshit turned to racial bullshit Anonymous at 16:43

If doing well, why still BR1 to rakyat. To cronies well but not rakyat. So rich become richer. on Securities Commission's annual report indicates Malaysia doing very well Anonymous at 16:38

So another guess work by Annie about those men in black in Komtar. Why not Annie go and prove it. Easy, in Komtar just follow anyone in black. Ask the jaga how many men in black. Of course, who will tell the truth especially UMNO is so rich to dish out $$$ and MCA can give free dinner. So giving $$$ by UMNO and MCA to bloggers is kacang putih. on Focusing on the all important GE13 Anonymous at 16:35

I believe anyone can guess correctly where these comments came from. Just look at the time when the comments were posted. They were most likely by the same person.

I'm not trying to flatter myself, but I believe I'm now under the Komtar's radar.

Probably the Komtar gang had assigned a low level cybertrooper to troll this blog. I conclude that it's a low level operative because of the low quality of the comments. That's probably because I'm a new blogger.

Nonetheless, in all sense of fair play, I'm letting those comments through. That particular cybertrooper probably need the extra few ringgit as payment if those comments went through anyway. Better let him/her have it. I'm not a cheapskate.

Notwithstanding the quality, I have to applaud these Komtar cybertroopers. They are indeed very efficient. Notice how they immediately latched on a target once they identified a potential threat. The BN cyberwar machinery, could never match that. Well, not with the present way of how they are doing things.

Why I concluded that it's the Komtar gang? Well, because these six comments came just after Helen posted this

DAP’s biggest social media network is The Star

Helen, arguably the Komtar's gang's number one nemesis had done it again. She must had irritated them to no end with that posting. Being linked by Helen is, for me, an honor.

Now, I believe I have to live up to the expectation.

I'm neither Ai nor Tinsel, but I'll try :-)


  1. Don't you just love it how they make insinuation which if pursued, they will have no further answer or information to?

    And when they feel the sting from the chilies they ate, they'll resort to their time honored SOP of insults and/or cuss words.

    If cornered by bombardments from the establishment supporters, more often than not, they invoke the wrath of the Creator on you.

    Trite lah their tactics even if they're more organized in their operations. There's only so many blogs an UNPAID reader like me can visit regularly. Even then, I don't give my two sen worth in every blog post as I don't have an opinion on everything under the sun & I'm not tied to a comments posted daily quota.

    Still, I very much would like BN to have a proper structure in their cyber strategies to counter PR's cyber bullies. I'm sure there's no shortage of VOLUNTEERS willing to help out on ad hoc basis FOC. I tried visiting BN Youth's Cyber something site sometime late last year. Guess what? The site is defunct. A lesson not learnt by BN 5 years on.

    Let's hope BN will eventually realize how important dissemination of info on cyberspace is before it is too late. A paradigm shift there would be most welcome.

    As for you Annie, keep it up. Good to see them Komtar folks wriggling & hot under the collar. After all, it's early days yet.

  2. Annie the She Man- if you are the wo man. Otherwise you just another cheap skate. First it is a cyber tropper from Komtar or out of country? I am not paid but as mentioned if you are a Wo man, admit you are paid if you can send all your time in front of a computer. If my comments are low level, why wo man Annie feels jitter? The usual UMNO stuff - unable to retort back but can only say - ignorant, thick skull head and bad.
    UMNO should be shame of itself as everyone knows UMNO has been using Tax payers money in the name of Federal Government for its political campaigns. Komatar does not belong to PR or DAP. It belongs to UMNO/Gerakan/MCA/PR/all Penang tax payers. UMNO is ignorant that if PR uses Komtar for non-governmental purpose, it is against the law. Instead, UMNO allow Gerakan under Lim Chong Yew to engaged his relative in Sinkapore as an architect to design Komtar building.

    1. Dear, this comment is also of not very high quality. Sorry.

    2. Annie - She Man you can use them to make your boss very happy - propaganda about PR bullying since you are unable to rebutt them. You can only complain Hans Solo and Luke Skywalk are "attacking" the Empire as bullying.

    3. It's Skywalker, dear. Not Skywalk.

  3. Annie,I think you're spot on with your suspicions that some low level techie was assigned your case file. Kudos to the fella for bringing some colour into the comment but screwing up Luke's name? I mean really??!! Not like we're even talking 'bout Qui Gon Jinn or Obi Wan Kenobi or Jar Jar Binks here right?

    As for Anon 13:28 & 14:32, have you even tried trawling the websites to see how you & your kind honorably rebut arguments with a liberal sprinkling of the f-word etc? And how when confronted with fact heavy questions & answers, you've conveniently disappeared into the darkness only to reappear on a different thread?

    We've even had one impostor on STL who conveniently unloads the f-bomb when someone asked nothing more than a degree of respect for our slain heroes telling the commentor to zip up if he hasn't been to the airport to greet the remains or attended the burial. When the commentor replied caustically that he was at Subang & attended one of the funerals, our resident troll conveniently slithers away without a word of apology like the snake that he is.

    So you see, we have a measure of what you all do since variety is not the strong suit of your kinds. And the hideous English? Try working on that first before swinging back will ya?

    1. I'm actually more of a Star Trek fan, but I think I'm quite familiar with the main characters of the Star Wars franchise :)

    2. A trekkie!! I hope you had seen the Star Trek exhibition in KL. If you haven't, it was extended to the end of April so you can still catch it. Pretty cool even for a non trekkie like me.

      May you live long & prosper. Your blog too ;)

    3. Annie

      I smell, feel and look your favourite must be Darth Vader as you act and write like one. Your favourite dress - Stormtroopers. Most common action to bash the rebels.
      No problem in getting Darth vader, stormtroopers or the General customs. You can wear them and looks and sound cool when you attend the exhibition. Please enjoy them.

    4. You're Bobba Fett. You do whatever your paymaster want. Then you got eaten by a Sarlacc.

      And no one will miss you.

  4. malaysia need sure u r chinese but if u r malay....i lagi a chinese woman son....i always admire chinese since im small....for me, chinese is 100000x better than malay in thinking, civilisation, principles, attitude, value, business, unity, food, and of course i love my religion so not include religion....:)........i even dream and tried my best to win a chinese girl as my soul mate just my like dad.....

    but that was before ge 12......pasca 2008, chinese troopers shud i say komtar????malaysiakini, even long before, malaysiatoday......has humiliated chinese....C.H.I.N.E.S.E....they proove that chinese just like other races, there ae some of them good, some of them bad, some of them lazy, some of them stupid bla bla politic chinese has put their community as low as no one could imagine that the "rightful minded" is not born in every chinese after they have been "treated" as pendatang.........b4 anyone attack me on pendatang, read me, im a son of pendatang from china and indonesia and im pendatang to this world.....i only shud care and angry if ppl called me pendatang if i which is only i know myself that i didnt have enough love for this me pendatang, ill die for malaysia.....

    lastly, i have a friends that report directly to jpm, and he was cybertropper for umno under umb salary list..he once invited me to join him.......i told him, umno cybertroopers cannot win pr cybertoopers because we are not organise and we dun have opposition we will lost no matter how.......but if he really interested i guess, as a start...we need to talk how much we need a strategist and unite in attacking and deefending...but i guess no one in umno really reaedy to surrender his post and salary for the sake of party.........nonetheless....umno/bn is not the best but its just better than PR/PAS/DAP/PKR

  5. Good attempt ...english needs some polishing! I noticed that Malays would actually try to be nice. Chinese ..or even Malays who can't express would use 4letter words!

  6. Yes let use 4 letter words " FUCK YOU" because they deserved it , even if you like you can joint them. Or you want me to repeat about that anon 22.16.