Wednesday 27 March 2013

Forty seven per cent Chinese not good enough for Jui Meng

Apparently, PKR number one man in Johor, Chua Jui Meng has gone missing.

Attempts by journalists to contact him have been futile ever since PKR de facto leader DS Anwar Ibrahim announced DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang as Pakatan's candidate for Gelang Patah last week.

Chua had been fighting Johor DAP chief Dr Boon Cheng Hau over the seat, leading to their very public spat last month.

The announcement of Lim's candidacy for Gelang Patah effectively means that Chua has to contest in a constituency where he has less likely chance to win.

The former MCA leader who betrayed his party for a new lease of political life in PKR after Pakatan's unprecedented gains in 2008 has been going around telling anyone who care to listen that he has been working hard for the people of Gelang Patah over the past one year and therefore deserves to be a candidate there.

However, everyone in Gelang Patah knows that the Pakatan man who has been working hard there for many years prior to 2008 is Dr Boo.

Now, both Chua and Dr Boo had been sidelined by their leaders from KL and are not going to contest the much coveted seat.

Anwar and Lim doesn't care about serving the people of Gelang Patah as what is more important to them is ensuring they get enough parliamentary seats for Pakatan's passage to Putrajaya.

Dr Boo seems to be more gracious in accepting his fate. Chua, on the other hand seems to take Anwar's betrayal of his expectation to be fielded in Gelang Patah rather more bitterly.

Johor PKR election director Steven Choong, who has been the party's spokesman in the State since Lim's candidacy was announce admitted to pro-opposition portal Free Malaysia Today that he expected Chua "to take time to accept the decision" because he has been serving the Gelang Patah constituents since last year.

Choong said Chua will most likely now be fielded in Segamat against MIC deputy president Dr S Subramaniam.

You can read the three-day-old FMT report here -

Jui Meng tipped to stand in Segamat

By right, Chua should be appeased for being given the chance to contest in Segamat as the constituency has the Chinese community as its largest number of voters at 47 per cent as compared to the 43 per cent Malays and 10 per cent Indians. On top of that he will be contesting against an Indian whose community is the smallest among the three in Segamat.

It is a known fact that Pakatan is banking mostly on the perceived anti-BN sentiments among the Chinese voters to secure some seats in Johor. All their target areas are those with high percentage of Chinese voters.

But from the way Chua is keeping mum right now, it appeared that the 47 per cent Chinese voters in Segamat are not good enough for him. Gelang Patah by comparison has about 53 per cent Chinese voters.

So what is it that Chua is still not satisfied about?

Let's say that he will get the full support of the 47 per cent Chinese voters in Segamat, all he needs now is just a minimum 4 per cent votes from the other races to win. Surely he can get that, can't he?

Well, why then he is still sulking?

My bet is, Chua must have some knowledge that indicates he will not get all of those 47 per cent Chinese votes in Segamat.

I believe that he knows it is a fallacy that all Chinese believe in the garbage being dished out by Pakatan.


  1. Chu aJui Meng is maximizing the news-cycle coverage for his impending candidacy la. Hehe

    Chua JM will contest in Segamat, where he enjoyed lots of spillover support from his days in nearby Bakri areas.

    Segamat is a good solid seat for PR and CJM will be pairing with few more national PR leaders to focus on the Northern Johor front...

    Interesting times ahead.

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Yea rite....Jui Meng is sooooo thrilled that he got stabbed/screwed in the back by Anwar over the Gelang Patah thing that he is throwing a big party in Segamat soon.

    2. The funny part is "nearby" Bakri seat. The CT from KOMTAR doesn't even know where Bakri and Segamat is.

  2. Well Chua Jui Meng is always more popular in Northern Johor than down south, so he's going back to his old stronghold area. No need to drama about him coming home to lead there.

    Having Kit to contest Gelang Patah is good for PR Southern Johor. Kit Siang just put 6 nearby mixed-seats in danger for UMNO/BN. Look for him to spend day and night barnstorming across the southern belt. Those UMNO/BN bloggers who mocked him as old and blind haven't seen anything yet... Haha

    Oh yeah, please ask Chua Soi Lek to stand against Uncle Kit la.
    Very tired looking at that wife-cheater's face nowadays!

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Yup, I'm sure the Segamat folks are so thrilled too that they are going to get that MCA reject who has been played out by his own PKR and kicked in the butt by his DAP allies as their wakil rakyat.

    2. Lim Kit Siang barnstrorming? So, true..:-) It requires a brain to enable brainstorming, Lim Kit Siang ain't got one so he is barnstorming alrighty. Patut lah bahlol tu unable to get close to governing since 1966 if not for the jail-bird.

  3. Both state leader PKR and DAP Chua ,Boo Cheng have been demote to disgrace by their own leader due to the arrogance of their Party leaders.

  4. Some old people just refuse to give up. LKS wants to ensure that his son and other family members are in power. As if there is no younger people who are capable of being fielded. His party is a dynastic dictatorial party. People should realise that absolute power in the hands of LKS, LGE and his family members is not good for the country.


    1. Yep, only morons stayed n supported Dumb Ass Party, the smarter ones like lee lam thye, wee choo keong, kerk guy etc had long left the racist chauvinist pigs.

    2. Theres Mukhriz and Mahathir. Better Kedah to be under Malays then under Tamils...

      UMNO lost in Kedah. Mahathir/Mukhriz has no right to be there.

  5. CJM is as popular as a fart.

  6. Never minds what DAP and PKR strategic playing ,what is important what UMNO are doing to hold to their ground ,are they still going flirt with safe seat[Malay majority] given to their component ? or they should be more careful by by now.

    Malay are tired of their representative from component party ,who actually not serving them [serving the minority they belong ] ,and if this are not being look into accordingly there might be a lot's of protest vote [or they simply did't not vote] just like what happened in 2008.
    With the currents political scenario UMNO should not take for granted that the Malay will go anything thats are BN ,though all these years they might do that but now the racial issue does concern them too, [thanks for all the racial bashing by the Pakatan's who claim to be color blinds ,'kononya' bulldozing their racial agenda.

  7. Kluang Girl,
    Still flying in the daylight,hit lamp posts,then posted a day dreaming comments.Do not be so confident that all Chinese support PR..mah, The middle income and moderate Chinese are getting fed up with the arrogance attitude of some PRs top brass.esp those non performance MPs parachuted from other areas.LKS had the experienced of losing the election at area alien to him before and this time around it may occurred again.Optimism is good but over confident is dangerous..mah.