Saturday 18 February 2017

Who were these poor kids? (updated)


Please also read this good advice by Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister DP Chew Mei Fun, who is also the MCA vice president,

Respect feelings of families in cycling tragedy


Most of you all probably have read the story of this tragedy,

Eight teenage cyclists killed, mowed down by car

You all also probably asked who are these kids roaming the streets on bicycles in the dead of the night and why did their parents do nothing to stop them.

Many of us probably had even passed judgement on these kids and their parents.

Bad kids, useless parents.

But I think we should know these kids and their parents much better if we want to really know why and how things happened leading to the tragedy.

Bernama has a story of one of them,


JOHOR BAHRU, Feb 18 (Bernama) -- One of the eight teenagers, Mohd Azhar Amir, who was killed when a car ploughed into a group of cyclists here early this morning, was a quiet boy and enjoyed helping his elder brother sell puddings.
According to his mother Shabariah Yusof, 49, her son often went out with his friends at 11 pm after helping his brother sell puddings at Kampung Senibong.
"He would only go out cycling with friends after helping his brother. I don't know where they went but he usually came back after 3 am.
    "I found out about the accident when his friends came back and told me about it," she said in a choked voice when met by reporters in front of the Sultanah Aminah Hospital (HSA) Forensic Department here today.
Mohd Azhar, 16, was eighth of 10 siblings and went to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Permas Jaya 3.
    Meanwhile, his elder brother, Khainurizam Amir, 33, said he had often told his brother not to get involved in the cycling activity.
"I have told him on numerous occasions not to get involved in the activity but children can be stubborn. He would leave the house on the quiet when friends beckoned and we hear from others when something happens," he said.
In the incident at 3 am, eight male teenagers were killed while eight others were injured, two critically, when a car ploughed into their bicycles in Jalan Lingkaran Dalam, near the Mahmoodiah Cemetery near here.

Bernama stories are not always the best because sometimes they lack details, but based on this one, the deceased boy and his family apparently lived in Kampong Senibong where he and his brother sold puddings.

It's a fishermen village of about 400 people famous for its seafood restaurants.

If I'm not mistaken, the village is about 100 years old.

It's one of several remaining traditional Malay villages in the rapidly developing JB.

Many of the inhabitants of these villages are squatters.

Almost all of them are from the lower income group.

The seafood restaurants in their village mostly belong to rich people from elsewhere.

Based on the story of the tragedy, all of the victims are Malay teenagers and I believe they came from the same background as Mohd Azhar whose story was highlighted by Bernama.

I'm actually quite familiar with the condition of the Malay villages in JB.

Some are good but many are not so conducive for growing up kids.

It's the conditioning of the kids living in those villages which I believe led them to indulge in activities leading to the tragedy that happened this morning.

I learnt that the night cycling of the kids is called "main lajak". They raced each other on modified bicycles down the hill from Mahmoodiah to a spot near Jalan Skudai every weekend nights or early morning.

It's probably the only form of outdoor entertainment they were interested in and could afford.

True, the parents were partly to be blamed for letting their kids getting involved in such a dangerous activity, but kids of that age and living in such an environment as where they lived were hard to control.

Bear in mind that the villages where these kids lived are in the midst of the rapidly developing JB. Villages such as Kampung Senibong are surrounded by high rise luxury apartments such as Senibong Cove.

It's likely hard for them to cope with peer pressure and the need to keep up with things around them.

The kids, who were mostly from poor families may felt out of place in their surroundings and struggling to adapt, leading to them getting involved in social ills such as the one leading to the tragedy.

Whatever it is, hopefully those in power can do something to help people such as the families of the unfortunate kids.

Surely something can be done. Maybe if their welfare could be cared better, they would manage to improve themselves and live better lives than now.

Maybe they could be helped to live in more conducive environment.

We can't just say - Too bad, you can't adapt, you get out.

We are humans after all....and we live in Malaysia, and not some poor third world countries, okay.

Note  (Feb 23 2017) :

There have been several requests for me to take down pictures of the victims' identity cards.

I want to clarify here that I decided to publish them because I don't want the kids who died in this tragedy to become faceless victims that everyone will soon forget.

It's in no way meant to disrespect them or their families.

The kids were real human beings who lost their life in an accident which we can learn not to repeat.

The memory of them should stay with us.

However, after careful considerations, I decided to grant those requests because I don't want to cause discomfort to any quarter.

Still, least we forget, these are the kids who died in the tragedy :

1. Mohd Azhar Amir

2. Mohamaad Azrie Danish Zulkiefli

3. Muhammad Shahrul Nizam Maruddin

4. Fauzan Halmijah

5. Muhammad Firdauz Danish Mohd Azahar

6. Haizad Kasrin

7. Muhamad Shahrul Izzwan Azzuraimee

8. Muhammad Harith Iskandar Abdullah



  1. Innalillahi wa innailaihi rajiun. Al Fatiha.

    May their family find strength and courage to live through this very difficult time.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry. Please don't be too rude for this posting. Thank you.


    2. Miskin punya olang ,apa bolih buat maa aa?.

    3. I'm sorry but i'm very concerned about their mykads being uploaded like this. I think it's pretty unethical to upload them without any censor or cropping further.

      They are sensitive documents. Please reconsider to post only part of the photo or censor a little so no one can print them willy nilly for any kind of identity document abuse. Thank you.

    4. ^ Yes, very much agree. At least censor their IC number and addresses.

  3. All kids need space to roam and play especially when their parents can't afford to give them ipad tor iphone to keep them occupied. I am surprised that despite being a rich state johor doesn't seem to have sufficient facilities for its bangsa johor rakyat.

  4. Annie,

    For a vehicle to kill 8 cyclists suggest that that vehicle was travelling at excessively high speeds.

    I have a feeling that such accidents are quite common throughout Malaysia but they usually involve just one cyclist returning home late at night in some god-forsaken kampung somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. Not a very newsworthy event, is it?

    The race-car culture we are fostering in Malaysia has to stop.

    We are doing nothing about educating our drivers that speed kills.

    We are doing nothing about enforcing the law equally and equitably against those who flagrantly break road rules.

    We are doing nothing.

    If there are that many cyclists on the road at that time of the night, is there an appropriate number of PDRM personnel out on patrol on their motorbikes or in their patrol cars?

    Are there sufficient street lights or road signs or speed bumps to slow down speeding cars?

    I don't gamble but I am willing to lay down money that the answers to my questions are "No".

    8 young kids have now died.

    Isn't it time for the authorities to come up with a comprehensive plan to prevent such a tragedy from happening again in another kampung somewhere in Malaysia?

    Knowing this to be Malaysia, I suspect that this accident will be written off as another one-off event and forget about all about this accident by next week.

    And those 8 kids would simply have died for nothing.

    My condolences to their families.


    1. Yes.. I do agree. Watching the news in the first place made me thought the same as u.. I dont wanna say this but I am sure that the driver was 'someone' or 'someone's relatives' that they had to cover.. Ppffftttt!!!

    2. Yes.. "i sure the driver was 'someone' or 'someone's relatives' that they had to cover. " 😡 8 org terbunuh boleh lepas macam tu je. Undang2 malaysia!!

  5. They were mostly from poor families who come each election voted the same to remain poor. For the kids, they lead an aimless life with not much to look forward.

    Hope you won't remove this comment.

    1. Where's Mr. Janji diTepati a.k.a. encik jibi mdb?

    2. Pffft... Najib as usual, a tired man who is completely useless at serving malay
      than having a party in western new york

  6. a sad tragedy indeed.
    we as adults are to blame coz we see them on the streets n ignore them.
    lets be more alert and responsible.

  7. Kids need space to roam and play buat at 3.30am.....?????
    I tried my best to sympathize but I am sorry I cannot.
    I imagine myself driving home at 3.30am.
    It is a lonely road and I am a bit scared and wishing
    to be home fast. Suddenly at a corner,I saw a group
    of kids loitering around with their bikes!!!!
    How fast can I control the sterring to avoid them....???
    The driver must have tried her best, hence u can see
    the result - the car turned over upside down!!!

    1. Eight kids died. Eight more injured, two critically. I'm quite surprised that you can't sympathize no matter what were the circumstances. Anyway, the kids were riding bicycles, not robbing or harassing people. Those who survived claimed the car was going very fast and the driver was using her handphone. Bernama has a story on that but I decided not to put it here because it may not be fair for the driver. As I put it in the posting, we shouldn't judge but instead consider what to do to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. Thank you.

    2. Driver wasnt using her phone. Police confirmed that she wasnt in any way using her phone. The survivor made it up. But i agree with your point. What makes the kids be doing something as main lajak whatsover? What makes them involved with this kind of activity? Us. The adults.

    3. (Excuse my English at first place because my grammar are bad) As I read the details in police report. The driver were tried her best to control her car however the kids conquered all 3 lanes and she doesn't have enogh space to avoid them. Even though I'm sympathize with this incidents, but logically majority gonna point the faults on parents. We all have the urge to boost our adrenaline and having fun with friends. But for me, letting kids below 15 years old at 3 am without any supervise is something wrong. Besides the authority and netizen already take actions for this activity but sadly replied with middle finger and getting insulted by them. That's why DYMM Sultan Johor said 'let the kids cry instead of we (parents) crying because of them'. Just my view on this case. Al-Fatihah

    4. A very concerned citizen19 February 2017 at 02:11

      As the above comment mentioned, police have stated the driver wasn't using her handphone at the time. Link here:

      Sorry, hard to sympatise with those parents. I do feel sorry for the tragedy, this tragedy shouldn't happen and very shocking. But 3 am isn't the time for those kids to do those things. No logical explanation can justify kids going out at 3 am without supervision.

      Kids around my kampung are much poorer, less smart and very very very stubborn, but they don't do stupid things at 3 am. They do it during the day and early night (it's kids, normal for them to be naughty). 3 am only lots of rempit can be seen, kids cannot be seen at all.

      I can still accept teenager age 16 going out late night once in a while. They are big enough to take care of themselves.

      But for kids as young as 8-15 going out doing dangerous things at 3 am? Unacceptable, irresponsible, and reckless from their parents.

      I don't blame these kids. They are immature and always looking for fun. But no matter what, no matter how hard our life is, kids must be monitored by their parents. Responsibility is number one.

      If this incident happened without the knowledge of their parents (some kids like to sneak out silently at night after their parents asleep), I apologize for my harsh words.

      Things had happened. Let these the be a lesson for all of us.

    5. I agree with Annie.

      However, I blame the driver, no matter what.

      When you drive, you must be very vigilant at all times. Your sight must focused the horizon or to the furthest visible distant.
      And most importantly... at the slightest intuition of danger... to yourself and other road-users... hit the brakes (NOT the gas pedal). Avoid hitting pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists, since they highly susceptible to injury.

      The car hit those cyclists from behind. Therefore, its irrelevant whether those bicycles have been modified or without brakes. If non of them have rear light-reflectors... its just sad that their parents and elders in their community have 'tidak apa' attitude towards safety... since they must have known that those kids use to cycle at night in large groups.

      If the driver was not speeding, her car would have stopped, almost immediately and not run-over so many teenagers. Anyway the skid-marks could determine whether she hit the brakes or the gas pedal, instead.

      Through experience, the Police should know better... that drivers usually do not report the truth. There are cases where the Police and insurance agents, coaching drivers in reporting accidents to avoid being penalized, especially if they have powerful 'cables' to powerful people.

      On the other note... I have 5 boys myself and I've made very strict rule, ... if they haven't sat for SPM, they must be home before 7pm.
      But... I don't have to let my kids sell puddings or nasi-lemak to support the family. Therefore, I'm not in the position to tell parents how to manage their children.

    6. I agree with commentors above. It is great Annie that you highlighted their poverty/low income family status with the inclination to social activity "main lajak". However, the main lajak event shouldn't be happening at main roads nor at the wee hour. There are some people that has been complaining about this activity to higher up people (since the past 10 years) but to no avail. The law implementation & fully tight enforcement should be done right for the sake of safety. Some dash cam recording from locals show these kids(probably different kids but still main lajak circle) cycling their way through 3 lanes ignoring the cars behind! Now that's just plain ignorance. We can't totally blame the driver as she was found not speeding or using her phone beforehand. This tragedy should be a reflect for all, yes ALL;, main lajak kids themselves, families & friends, police, society and support from authorities. 8 deaths and a traumatised driver are more than enough. Al-fatihah.

    7. Ini saya ambil daripada satu forum. The guy has experiance with those bysical kids on the road.
      Please read what the guys say about the kids;

      xpayah ko cakap.. aku ni memang org jb. biasa nampak geng budak beskal jempol ni. dah masak. ko cakap lah apa sekali pun dgn org yg xfaham.. tak ngadap geng ni kau pikir dia faham?tengah pagi buta merayap berlumba aksi superman naik beskal. jalan kat tengah2 berkumpulan kdg2 makan jalan buat bodoh je ko hon.. ko plk kena slow bila diaorg jalan bborak naik basikal dlm group ramai sambil bcerita. untung yg tahu slow.. yg tak tahu sebat je langgar dah tak masal salah org lain. Ko hon, dia cakap ko bodoo dan buat sign kurang ajar.

      Kunun bebudak ni dah berenti kat tepi jalan but amoi tetiba langgar diorang. Kunun diorang nampa
      meh aku ingatkan..geng ni juga dulu konon kawan kena sorok hantu kat villa nabilla. pelbagai bomoh datang.siap acik tabur garam kat pokok.

      satu malaysia kena tipu. termasuk aku yang sanggup datang jengah villa tu nak menyibuk. lupanya kihkih... budak tu nyorok kat rumah kawan. kalau satu malaysia boleh tipu, tipu tengah duduk tepi jalan secara sopan tetiba dilanggar apa lah sangatkan?? ko pikir balik.. mak pak dia cakap tak tahu anak keluar malam sbb kata nak jaga adik kawan lah, itu lah ini lah.. dgn mak pak sendiri boleh tipu.. apatah lagi dengan org lain?masih ada lg nak percaya cakap budak mcmni. pelik2

      Yang dok timbulkan isu amoi bawak laju...Berapa laju amoi tu bawak? 187.5 km/h ke? Kalau dah kena langgar, tak kisahlah 40, 50, 60, 70 km/h pun mati jugak. Takkanlah amoi tu nak bawak 15km/h di dinihari yang hening dan bening tu?!!

      memang itulah hakikatnya amoi tu try mengelak tp 30-40 basikal mcm semut kiri kanan tengah jalan pusing2 mcm mana nam elak.?? yg bangang nak sanjung menangkan budak2 melayu main basikal tu mmg bodowwwww

    8. "Jiwa rempit. Hati kena kering."

    9. Here's another comment regarding this, taken from other forum............unfortuntely tak boleh tepek video, tunjuk budak-budak main basikal kat hiway.
      Siap ada facebuk lagi, so masuklah facebuk anak bilis ni.......see if U can sympitize.

      En sebu, dah ada kt page blkg org gitau polis sampai dh x terkawal bebudak ni...mlm ni buat ops esok dtg balik, polis buang beskal la....diorg persendakn polis la...blh tgk kn kt fb anak bilis ni tulis "3 paku turunpun wa x goyang la"

      Kan polis dah cakap byk kali dah polis ambik tindakan dorang menghanjeng jerr.. polis datang dari jln ni dia angkat beskal dok jln sebelah sana lak... dah la dorang ramai bertebaran cam semut... kalo semut senang leh spray jer... ni anak manusia... tampar kang mak bapak kecoh lak... tu pun ada yg polis rampas n buang beskal... nak sekat jln pun akan ganggu kenderaan lain lagi kawasan berbukit.. kang polis lak yg kena rempuh ngan amoi... Ko kalo kesian sgt ko tepon la bapak dorang... pujuk2 suh bertabah...

      And another coment which I am sure U anggap kejam, but they deserve it!!!!

      Weols sgt skeptical diorang insaf, knowing budak2 sampah ni. Belajar x mahu. Bukan sikit diorang atas jalan tp ramai gile. Yang buat aku geram dan memang aku harap pasni ada lg yang kene lenyek jadi bangkai sebab these children is our nation's future. Pastu esok2 nak salahkan bangsa2 lain la klu x berjaya. We are never gonna move forward. So, aku rase diorang mmg patut mampos! Maybe ada yang akan berubah, tp anggaplah ia collateral damage for a better nation. This cycle would never end unless bagi mampos je semua. Korang tengokla, mat rempit upgrade hidup beli motor besar, perangai macam hanjing gak atas jalan kan. I am sorry to sound very cruel, tapi aku harap ada pemimpin cam duerte muncul and tembak mampos je hanjing2 jalanan ni termasuk ngan parents diorang skli.

      And another one from a guy nick abangbeca;

      Arap bebudak ni serik nak wat lagi pangaii celaka menyusahkan org lain ni... 9 member dah innalillah depan mata sekali harung tak tau la kalo tak seriau lagi....makbapak dorang pun sambil mengangkang nak wat anak baru boleh tengok2kan gak anak2 yg dah keluar hasil kangkangan2 sbelum ni..

      kalo masih ada aktiviti ni lagi arap abam lori lak yg bersihkan sakibaki ni.... yg sultan tu dah simpati sgt sampai nanges2 boleh la tambak satu lagi pulau wat port bebudak ni berlumba.... duit byk kannn... tak pun bagi dorang berlumba dlm kawasan istana la... baru selamat...stakat nak sedia lawyer utk yg mati tu bukan leh wat aper... yg dah mati tu takdenya nak bangkit dari kubo balik berlumba... yg idop tu kena pikir camner cara supaya tak menyusahkan manusia lain..sekolahkan skali makbapak tu....

    10. Well, guess that's your opinion on this. Bad kids, let them die, they deserved it. End of problem. Easy. For you they are just garbage. Too bad then.

    11. Yup annie, we should encourage them. Maybe do team johore cycling team. Those kids are daredevil.

      Polish their attitude on the track not on public road. Maybe ask those restaurant owner or developer to develop these kids to state cyclist if that they want to be.

      But surely with disiplin. Sampai bila nak harap Bandar Penawar je to produce sportsman.

      JB Cycling Team perhaps(?)

    12. Well Annie.
      It seems our society is full of selfish and inconsiderate people. Its reflect the ideology of Daesh and to some extent... what RUU355 is all about, where they think the best methodology of managing and dealing with what they perceive as 'social ills' is through cruel punishment.
      That's what is happening in the middle-east today.

    13. Means, U much prefer the poor unsuspecting Amoy to die, rather than those bunch of rascal so that they can kill more unsuspecting drivers on their way home at dawn, in the future........????
      Driver-driver yang salahlah, ye.
      They should not be driving along that road at dawn because the road belong to those rascals.
      Than there should be a sign - beware of boys on their bikes!!!!!!, if the Amoy happens to be the one
      that killed the Myvi driver at Jalan Tun Razak becuase she went into the wrong lane, menentang arus at dawn, ini memang patut semua orang marah. But not this poor innocent Amoy, please.

    14. Read my post carefully. It's not about blame. It's about finding ways to prevent the tragedy from happening again. Thank you.

    15. I blame u cik minah for uploading unnecessary info on public discussion.

      You are who to be blame. Dah sepuluh tahun baru sekarang nak upload comment. Ape da... Dah terlambat cik minah ooiii... Sekarang ni boleh buat preventive measure. Be positive sikit cik minah.

      Nak cari root causd bukannya kena blame orang. Ape da..

    16. I find it hard to sympathize with these bicycle kids
      Especially when they post pictures and selfie on facebook for their 'cool and adult-like mischief'
      But please enlighten me, im trying very hard to be positive and open minded

    17. There. Your Highness of Johore already made a rule to be implemented. Keep an open mind yea. Problem solved.

  8. "But... I don't have to let my kids sell puddings or nasi-lemak to support the family. Therefore, I'm not in the position to tell parents how to manage their children."

    Thanks RD for this qualification.

    And thanks Annie for the symphatetic write up.

    I agree with RD on community's involvement. Jangan kita hanya menghukum. More importantly how we as a nation engage with these kampung youngs.

    1. Thank you Anon 03:24.
      May I add.

      Elders in the community should befriend or get to know the young... best when they're still in primary schools. More so if they are friends of your kids.
      Talk, joke, tease and teach them some new tricks and facts of life.
      How lightning and the roar of thunder come about and not what the Ustad usually told them... that God is shooting setan or iblis... using man-made hand-gun?

      Tell them the benefits of brushing their teeth before going to bed... not as they used to hum in kinder- gardens... 'bangun pagi berus gigi'!

      Occasionally take them for a teh-tarik & roti canai session. Talk to them in English. Ask them to make a habit of speaking to themselves in English.

      Ask them about school. Tell them that life would not be easy if they do bad in school. Tell them that nobody would respect drop-outs or a crook. That pretty girls would prefer a well-off guys with fancy cars and not a Mat-rempit.

      Tell them the benefits of choosing nutritious and healthy food instead of deliciousness. Tell them the importance of having healthy teeth.

      Tell them why Tunku Abdul Rahman ditched Singapore.

      Hopefully when they grew older, at least they would avoid doing 'unhealthy' things in-front of you.

    2. Yes RD. Adults engagement with the kampung or taman boys are getting less. The educated ones would isolate themselves and their kids. During cuti they go for holiday trips within or outside the country. No longer they want to come back to taman or kampung and be part of them. The mindset gap is too wide sometimes. Life revolves around technology for virtual interaction. I feel sad. But I hope there will be more adults that make effort to befriend young lads the way you have suggested. Thank you.

  9. My parents were poor when i was young and we lived in a filthy low cost flat in penang. My parents were firm in educating their children and the most badass thing i ever did was sleeping in class when i was young.parents,dont blame poverty for neglecting your child. Dont breed if you cant take care of "amanah Allah".

    1. Agree with U.
      I was poor too. My father was just a JKR labourer, eraning less than rm300 to support 12 kids plus his parents. He had to do 3-4 jobs, mind U. Mom was only a house wife. But, none of us go out riding bike at dawn, cos may pa cannot afford to buy one bike what more 12!!! We were told to help mom and study hard so that when we grow up, we will enjoy better lives and so are we now.
      Thanks Bak...Alfatehah for U and mak.

    2. Yes.totally aggree anon 833 and che minah.
      Poverty is not the reason for you to do some stupid things.
      I grew up in an estate.Both my parents were rubber tappers.But my late father was really a father and my mother managed to raise me and my 4 siblings reasonably well

      Prof Kangkung

  10. Annie,

    Why must a kid help anyone to sell pudding?

    How did a kid who travelled on a small bicycle rode from Kampung Senibong to Mahmoodiah Cemetery? How far was that distance?

    How many kids followed their parents to see JB Chingay on that night? Was there any reported incident? No?

    In Kelantan, there was a kid who was killed by an ill-maintained dilapidated goalpost which fell down on him when it was hit by a ball. As a well-known otak udang prof put it, quite correctly, "let them live the way they like it".

    After all, didn't our PM said it, god speed, BR1M is on its way?

    And RUU355 will make the pudding tastier and who knows, it would just add more rezeki to the pudding sellers?

    BTW, China Ambassador was reported to have promised to help getting JB Chingay recognised as a world heritage.

    So that BN will have more time to do other things instead.

  11. Dear Annie,

    Im not so sure how familiar you are with the streets around JB, but as someone who has spend the better part of life here, I would say this tragedy is inevitable.

    Personally I've had multiple near miss while driving around here trying to avoid these bunch of rascals. It is worse during long school holidays since they will go out with their bikes during daytime and hogging the lanes. And I dare you Annie to try to talk to them about road safety after you nearly had an accident trying to avoid them, 10/10 these kid would jeer and prepare for the torrent of insults from them. Some would get pretty physical with your car and you would be very lucky if your car survive with a minor scartch or two. This is coming my past experience and I'm sure many motorist in JB would vouch about this.

    When you talk about sympathizing, frankly there is none from this lane of the road. It is easy to sympathize for those who are no longer here with us today but my dear Annie, they had it coming all this while. Paiting them as anunfortunate bunch from the "gheto" wont do any good either, it is degrading for those who are brought up there.

    Let me take an excerpt from your writing.

    "Meanwhile, his elder brother, Khainurizam Amir, 33, said he had often told his brother not to get involved in the cycling activity.
    "I have told him on numerous occasions not to get involved in the activity but children can be stubborn. He would leave the house on the quiet when friends beckoned and we hear from others when something happens," he said."

    This paragrpah clearly shows how the family FAILED to enforce any kind of curfew. They already knew that the child would sneak out and why did they do? Giving an earful and expecting the child would magically change his habits. How freaking naive is that. Clearly the family doesnt event bother to take any proactive measures to prevent the child going out in the first place. The family are the one who should bear the blame all this while and instead we have a traumatized driver being accused of speeding, drunk driving and using the phone. And yeah dont let me start that the deceased had another 9 siblings. Talk about family planning while being in the lower income group...

    This might disrespectful and condesending but Annie, when the safety of my family is at stake because of these little buggers, empathy is the last thing on the back of the sound mind. Instead, logical and realistic thinking is needed.

    I wonder how would you paint the kids if a family were the one who perished, because of them. Would the rapid development of JB again be scapegoated..


    Another view from a local.

    1. Kata budak2 sampah. Takkan marahkan "sampah" sampai ko sumpah diorang mampos ye tak?

      Kena boo ngan "sampah" pun nak kecik ati? Mara? Kecewa? Hilang harapan kat anak bangsa sendiri?

  13. Annie,

    One question in all of this is :-

    Where were the policemen who were supposed to be in charge of that area?

    I read somewhere that these sorts of gatherings have been happening for over TEN years!!!

    Like WTF!! TEN frigging years!!

    Without intervention by the lical police, I am not surprised that young kids think it is OK to take over a main road.

    And no, I still refused to hold those young kids TOTALLY responsible.

    If we are to be responsible and caring adults, it is our duty to shoulder the burden of making our society a better place - not just blame somebody else and say, "I was not like that so I don't care".

    As I understand it, in Islam, if a person commits a crime, eg stealing bread, the question must be asked why.

    If he is stealing bread for profit, he is punished.

    If he is stealing bread because he is poor and is hungry, those who are responsible for the poor and needy are punished.

    Thus, the people who should also carry responsibilty for this tragedy should include those who are responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of our young people, ie the police, the social workers, the policy makers, the teachers of religion, etc etc.


  14. Missing a point here.....didn't the driver saw these kids and why did the police reveal as to why the car mowed these kids?

    Biggest concern is not just the parents but the road users as well.

    Usually govt will imposed curfew for the youngs but that will not be the answer.

    Just speechless on the incident as I was a kid and a road user as well.I knew that area and the road is big and bright.


  15. This time I don't agree with your post.

    It was a tragedy waiting to happen.

    The parents are to blamed for this tragedy.

    The kids' background had nothing to do with this, but their parents carelessness that need to be blamed.

    You were barking at the wrong tree.

  16. In KL plenty of them, in Penang pun, Kelantan pun sokmo selalu. Put it this way some of them wish for death to come. Why? They were told compassion will come and provided to the beneficiaries. Some don't mind to get injuries same reason, insurance compensation. Why kapcai rider willingly doing stupid maneuvering on the road. Ask them. They will tell kalu mati lagi elok tak payah hidup. Hidup pun susah. Suddenly reality set into life and cannot afford to move forward. Do you think the beneficiaries shall ask for compensation for death and negligence. Ask them those survived will they do it. They will forget who died and will say to bad. Some looking foward for insurance claims.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry. Please don't threaten to kill people in this blog. Thank you.

  18. We Malaysian are lucky lots, guns are not cheap and death awaits by just having bullets. The phenomenon about kids hooligans and dare devils attitude are world wide. Not to melayu or like some idiot FMT commentator to put tongkat race. Nak blame parents ? Mana rotan, guru pukul sikit abang, emak, atuk masuk sekolah nak belasah guru, report police dan bagainya.

    The daredevils stunt like parkour were turn into international sports and got sponsor, the skate boarder were made for the elites kids in Malaysia.

    Macam ni lah nak jadi baik meluntur buluh biar mula dari rebung, nak berubah seribu daya, dan kalu ikut nafsu lesu, ikut badan binasa, ikut hati mati. So ?


  19. Annie,

    Please read the cold-hearted response of Chubby Jazlan, the joker of Pulai:

    “Those who died are a new generation of delinquents who are a menace to vehicles on the roads, especially at night.”

    Hello fatboy,

    Look at those faces.

    Do they look like vicious mat rempit to you????

    This Jazlan loser should be kicked out of Pulai once and for all.

    He's put his foot in his mouth constantly.

    1. Exactly. These are boys, not men.

      Heartless comment from useless NJ, the man who sold his fat backside to cover Jibbi's songlap from 1MDB.


  20. Salam semua. Sy sebagai ibu merasa sedih atas tragedi ini.
    Tetapi sy muskil..kalau sy jd ibu sy tak akan benarkan anak2 keluar selepas magrib apalagi sampai 3 pg.
    Anak2 kena didisiplinkan supaya berada dirumah jam.sekian2. Bqca buku jam sekian2... penggunaan basikal hp dll mesti ada kawalan.
    Barulah pelajaran dan perangai anak2 boleh menjadi lbh baik.
    Kalau dah jadi macam ni peguam mana pun x dapat hidupkan balik anak2 ini.
    Menyesal tiada guna.

    Selain itu boleh tak pihak berwajib tangkap je budak2 yg merempit2 ni dgn alasan membahayakan keselamatan.

  21. I've read few comments here and some of them blame the driver. It is unfair to me to blame the driver alone and as I live nearby the area, I can say that the kids are mostly to be blame. Some of you might say they looked innocent but trust me they are not. They are quite a gangster on the road despite their young age. Even if we slow down, they didn't even give way and even provoking us at time. Sometimes we are scared of our own safety as they travel in groups. Dear Annie, please don't blame the development for their misbehavior. I lived at that area as well and we consider it as kampung in a city and there's not much place to play but it didn't turn me or some of us into these type of kids. Parents should monitor their kids. If they can't even scold their kids, do you think these kids will listen to other adolescents that advice them?

    1. Haven't you heard of accidents where the driver:

      - Had an heart attack, mistook a longkang for the road or some people having difficulties seeing in the dark especially... at night.
      Note: Some people become momentarily blind, immediately after the headlights of an oncoming car had passed-by?

      - someone falling asleep on the wheels?

      - in panic, especially new lady drivers... they hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes?

      Note: I had the experience once... luckily at the parking lot. She was trying to adjust her car nicely as I came-in the empty parking space on her right. Suddenly I heard a loud sound of screeching tires and her car hit the left side of mind, just before I switched of the engine.
      Long story short... With the steering wheel turned fully clockwise, she hit hard on the gas-pedal instead of the brake, as she had the illusion her car moving as I came in on her right.

      I've also many times experienced, while driving on a kampung road at sundown... saw headlights of what I first thought was an oncoming vehicle. I maneuvered so that it could pass me on my right... until my left tires went off the road. Then only I realized... its not an oncoming but a stationary car parked on the left side of the road with engine running and its headlights blaring at my face.

      Note: That is why it is an offence to park your car against the flow of traffic, anytime... Less you don't already know.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Its unfair to blame the driver
      All sorts of people from every discipline must be held responsible

    4. From what Annie has written, it was not about blaming anyone. She was only sympathetic with the kids and the families but it seems to harbour that feeling is not right in so many people's eyes. We must continue to condemn and to point fingers straight between the temples of those parents who have lost their children and the time to do it is now when they are still grieving! Because that's what we do best, blame and make people feel their worst.

      Regardless of everything, in all religions, we are taught to respect the dead.

      But kalau rasa tak puas hati sgt, yang mana yang komen padan muka, bagus dah mampus tu pergi sendiri jumpa all the parents of bdk2 yang dah meninggal tu cakap exactly how you have written in your group forums. Sampaikan sendiri kalau hati tu kering sangat.

    5. Orang dilanggar, sejahat mana pun dia, orang yang melanggar sepatutnya bertanggungjawab diatas kesalahan melanggar. Melanggar tetap salah. Kereta melanggar pejalan kaki, salahkan pejalan kaki melintas tanpa melihat kiri kanan. Kereta langgar orang buta, salahkan orang buta berdiri atas jalan tanpa dipimpin orang awam. Kereta langgar motosikal, salahkan motosikal berada di tengah jalan. #iniKelakar #lawakhambar #Malaysia #MalaysianJokes Malays will always be Malay. Melayu selalu mencari salah orang lain ja. Pemikiran Melayu sungguh. Sebab tu Melayu tak pernah bersatu hati. Melayu selalu nak jatuhkan Melayu ja. Pity.

    6. a strict regulation must be imposed for the kids, the driver and every other discipline involved

  22. I agree with Annie.
    Its not about who to blame. It can be an incident a young rempit dies falling of his bike. Do we also say padan muka mampus dah. Annie was just trying to locate the source of the problem. Next time it could be some kids from Tanjung Kupang, Kampung Pendas or Kampung Pok.

    1. Can happen anytime, to anyone

    2. To anonymous at 16:13; My comment is referring to people that fully blames this driver. Even I know of these kids reckless cycling, i didn't use padan muka. I do sympathy as they are young. What I'm trying to say is don't blame wrong side for this. Yes, Annie is looking for the source of this thus i've mentioned that their parents should monitor their children. The police even do rounds. If you haven't encounter with these kids first hand, you wouldn't know. Throwing rocks, scratching, etc is a normal sight u encounter.

  23. Sympathies to the parents of the dead kids. From Allah they came, to Allah they return.
    Johor is a state governed by UMNO/BN. It is the norm that every kampung has a Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung to oversee development of the villagers and the kampung as well as to monitor the security of the village and inhabitants. Now, why hasn't the JKKK come up with programmes to eleviate this teenage social misdemeanors before they morphed into a bigger menace. Building sepak takraw courts, creating football fields, setting up youth clubs,cycling teams, kompangs teams, kuda kepang or zapin troupes, organizing tution classes are some of the means which may help the kids from participating in the exciting, adrenaline pumping but practically time wasting and useless activities ie mat rempit junior.
    UMNO Warlords, I am certain, can now start collecting funds to achieve this end. Perhaps UMNO Youth have a role to play in this matter. Or the State goverment can start similar programmes in the whole beginning with the tragedy stricken kampung. It may take time but in the long run will be beneficial to everyone.
    If the kids are usefully occupied they may not participate in such a dangerous and unproductive activity. Who knows maybe another nationally renown cyclist, motorcylist, footballer or at least a useful member of society can be developed from these programmes.


    Allahumaaghfir lahum waarhamhum wa afihim wa'fu anhum ajmain

    bi barkatil Sayyidina Muhammadin Mustafa, habibina wa shafiina wa maulana - alhamdu lillahi rabbil alamin

    1. Bless the beasts and the children.....

  25. Read

    Think of the impact on the country in the future if we write off these kids. I have a feeling there is a high percentage of them all over the country. Yes the parents should shoulder some of the blame but the parents probably need help themselves. Instead of championing RUU35 and focusing on khalwat, maybe all these Jakim, Jawi, Jais, etc should be concentrate on educating parents on their responsibilities, especially the fathers.


    Berkuatkuasa serta-merta, selepas jam 10 malam,
    kanak-kanak di bawah umor 18 tahun tidak dibenarkan berkeliaran tanpa pengawasan orang dewasa.

    Sekiranya didapati berlaku, kanak-kanak tersebut
    dan ibubapanya akan menjalani sesi kaunseling
    selama 2 bulan tanpa kompromasi dan ibubapa mungkin dipenjarakan @ saman RM5000 kerana gagal mengawal
    tingkahlaku anak masing-masing.
    Pihak polis akan mengambil tindakan tegas kepada
    ibubapa yang ingkar dengan arahan ini.

  27. That's a hoax Cik Minah

  28. TV9 dah keluar. Memang benar.

  29. Hoax Hoax Hoax Hoax Hoax Hoax
    Hoax Hoax Hoax Hoax Hoax Hoax
    Hoax Hoax Hoax Hoax Hoax Hoax

  30. My 2 cents opinion

    The RTD should come up with new policy for female drivers.
    Future female drivers need a lot of hours on the road until they competent enough only then they be given the license.

    As we can see and experienced..female drivers not even capable to park the car properly. Among the biggest factors of traffic jammed when more than one third on the road were female drivers.
    Not only they need more classes, they need to learn about cars

  31. Would someone do a finding as to why these illegal motor racing and bicycle racing is so prevalent among Malay children. Why are Malay children always loitering at wee hours especially on Thursday to Sunday nights. Tak perlu fokus pada pelajaran kot. Budak Cina, malam ulangkaji pelajaran dan hari Sabtu extra kelas. Tambah pulak kelas tuition. So tak banyak masa untuk lepak.

    1. Betul. Bertuah anak Melayu. Yang fikir masa depan, anak Cina. Anak Melayu gadai nyawa.

    2. Paspispus telah merosakkan etika dan moral orang Melayu dengan agama pencaci karut mereka.

  32. Anonymous @ 19 February 2017 at 21:43,

    //My 2 cents opinion

    The RTD should come up with new policy for female drivers.//

    2 cents? For that opinion?

    You are overcharging by at least 3 cents :)


    1. Hi Glad..

      Overcharging??!!..I learn few tricks from najib..

      Long Padely

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry. Try not to be too rude and I will let through your comment. Thank you.

  34. "....and we live in Malaysia, and not some poor third world countries, okay."
    think again.

    1. Malaysia is a third world countries
      No questions asked
      Never deny that fact
      Malaysians must not delude themselves that they are the best in the world
      Please dont infect other people with your delusion
      Delusion can be very costly
      Some company lose billions of dollars because they delude themselves that their product is the best
      Dont let anyone convince you that delusion is good for your health
      Also dont equate placebo effect and delusion
      You cant have a team and leadership that based on placebo effect

  35. Poor kids. This really broke my heart. Allah knows better and may Allah ease everything.

  36. Compassion: sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

    I fear that many of us have lost this. Compassion is not only for those who are baik. But more so for those yang tergelincir. Remember Allah SWT is Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem,the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful. He doesn't leave His hamba despite them being thankless. He opens the door of His mercy to whomever He pleases. For Allah Ta'ala is Al-Fattah. May Allah Ta'ala forgive us our arrogance. May His infinite Mercy be upon those who have passed on and their families. And us all. Ameen Ya Rabb.

    Hani Sophea

    1. Thank you for this Hani. In all religions we are taught to respect the dead. From most of the comments here, it shows the boys lived in a a failing society which lacked compassion.

  37. parents should keep their kids at their side at all times outside of school.
    it irritates me that this happen. dont say the parents are busy working or poor or no place for kids to play n some thousands other excuses. those who blame the kids and say good riddance must check themselves at the mental hospital. These are just kids..they dont know any better and it is up to the adults to teach , shape and groom them. what is the purpose of having kids when u know they are meddling with something bad for a tragedy just waiting to happen? and for the police and local authorities how can u not do nothing when these cycling at the wee hours of the morning are already well known by everyone in that area? why were these kids not round up and given a harsh lesson?

    1. Ayoyooooo....balik-balik nak salahkan polis, sociaty, authority except mak bapaknya. Even the Sultan Knows,
      WHO IS TO BE BLAMED. That's why, dia dah keluarkan
      arahan ini, ditujukan kepada ibubapa, bukan WE THE
      CAR DRIVERS. The road is meant for car and lorry,
      not bycicle. So we should thanks the Amoy for solving the problem, which the parents, polis and society cannot solve.


      Berkuatkuasa serta-merta, selepas jam 10 malam,
      kanak-kanak di bawah umor 18 tahun tidak
      dibenarkan berkeliaran tanpa pengawasan orang

      Sekiranya didapati berlaku, kanak-kanak tersebut
      dan ibubapanya akan menjalani sesi kaunseling
      selama 2 bulan tanpa kompromasi dan ibubapa
      mungkin dipenjarakan @ saman RM5000 kerana gagal mengawal tingkahlaku anak masing-masing.
      Pihak polis akan mengambil tindakan tegas kepada
      ibubapa yang ingkar dengan arahan ini.

    2. Please note that Sultan of Johor had issued a statement on his FB wall saying that he has not issued any such statement. Thank you.

  38. I find it interesting that you keep saying you are not putting any blame but your blog is clearly pointing at the driver of the car. Impossible to hit 8 kids at one shot so therefore she must be speeding and playing with her hp?? Have you seen videos of how a group of those kids were riding their bikes doing superman stunts in the middle of the road in the wee hours of the morning? The driver could have hit one bike and lost control of her car causing her to hit the other kids in the process. Can I say she wasn't speeding...well, it depends what is your definition of speeding. I don't think anyone drives at 40-50km/h in the middle of the night when there are no other cars on the road. The cops have ruled that she wasn't using her hp despite one of the survival kid claiming that she was. Seriously, the kid can see the lady using hp if she was speeding and it's dark at night?? Blame the parents?...well, I don't fully blame them but then again.... A father of a survival said he didn't want to control his son because he doesn't want his son to be stressed out. Really??? So he rather his son do whatever he likes just so his son won't be stressed out??! Wait till the boy goes out to the real world after Form 5. Are the kids to be blamed? Definitely. Do they deserve to die? Of course not. But unfortunately for them, their reluctance to listen to their parents and anyone who lectured them about these mat rempits stunts in the middle of the road have caused their own deaths. Blame the govt maybe? I dunno la....but one idiot minister did encourage mat rempit acts and in fact wants to build a 30-million facility for these rempits. RM30-million would have been better spent on education and healthcare, don't you think? Monkey see, monkey do. The kids were emulating the mat rempits. Bicycle now, motorbikes later when they grow up. No difference. Ever wonder what if the driver lost control of her car trying to avoid the kids and ended up getting killed herself? I have read several comments from readers here and elsewhere who have came across those cyclists and got booed by those kids after lecturing them. Send those kids to juvenile centre for a short period of time and provide them counselling while they are in there. Let them learn that life isn't cheap. And while they are in there, some disciplines and listening to authoritative figures will do them good.


  40. Long Padely,

    //Overcharging??!!..I learn few tricks from najib..//

    I am glad you took it in good humour.

    But the fact is that driving skills have nothing to do with gender.

    I know of a family where the daughter is an excellent driver, a good mechanic and a passable car electrician but her two brothers are absolutely hopeless.

    So, hopeless that one of the brothers gets his GF to drive him everywhere and the other brother only knows how to put petrol, air and water in his car!!

    OK, maybe that last brother may know how to change a flat tyre but I am not very sure.

    But that family might be unique.

    In my family, my aunties are good drivers.

    I have female friends who are also good drivers.

    Also, I know of female race car drivers, female mechanics, and there is even a female in my village who fixes air conditioners on cars.

    Nupe, driving skills have nothing to do with gender, as far as I know.


  41. Cik Minah @ 20 February 2017 at 12:16,

    //balik-balik nak salahkan polis, sociaty, authority except mak bapaknya.//

    No, mak bapaknya need to take some responsibility as well. They are not completely blameless.

    //The road is meant for car and lorry, not bycicle.//

    I am not a lawyer BUT I think that, like most countries around the world, Malaysian law considers bicycles to be legal road vehicles.

    If so, that means that roads are also meant for bicycles.


    1. Dah tengok video yang I tepek....?????
      Macam mana budak-budak basikal tu conquer the road...???

      And ada satu news today, a motor rider died in road
      accident at Subang Jaya, bertembong dengan basikal.
      Penonggang tu a 26 years old girl.
      Di Subang Jaya, yang banyak guna basikal are
      banglas, Myangmars and Indonesian gurls.
      They too conqure the road - bawak barang banyak,
      barang terbuang macam kotak, tin, pasu, dll.
      Sometimes, dua tiga basikal jalan sederet sambil
      Tak kesian ke orang mati akibat mereka......????

    2. U ni sebenarnya nak ape cik minah?

      Aku rasa mesti arwah bak n mak u bangga dapat anak mcm u.

    3. I agree with Glady.
      Road-users, include cyclist.

      Dear Cik Minah.

      Di Kampung saya, jalan Kuala Ketil ke Bukit Selambau, kadang-kadang berpuloh-puloh ekor lembu dan kerbau... juga... 'conqure the road'.
      Maklumlah... pada malam-hari, diatas jalanrayalah, lembu paling suka tidur untuk memanaskan badan.

      Nak salahkan lembu juga ke?

  42. parents partly to blame? PArents are FULLY to be blamed. shud charge them for negligence

    1. Sebagai ibu bapa , tidak sewajarnya menghukum ibu bapa mereka (kanak-kanak basikal). You dont live there. You don't know them. You don't understand how they are behaving the way they are behaving. Most importantly, you are not in their shoes. Senang lah cakap kenapa biarkan anak-anak mereka keluar rumah balik rumah sebelum subuh. Ketika mengeluarkan kata-kata menyalahkan ibu bapa mereka, ketika komen memburukkan budak basikal, ketika menghina mereka, anda yakin bahawa keturunan anda baik-baik ja pada masa akan datang? Bercakap ikut sedap mulut ja tanpa menghiraukan perasaan ibu bapa mereka yang kehilangan anak mereka. Allah itu Maha Mendengar. Cuba terkena di keturunan anda, tahu pula melatah. Mulut Melayu ni suka kutuk orang ja. Media Malaysia , baik TV atau surat khabar, semua tahu nak memburukkan budak basikal ja, salahkan ibu bapa ja. Dunia ini bulat, jangan sampai terkena batang hidung anda sendiri, baru nak insaf, baru nak teringat dulu mulut pernah mengutuk anak orang.

  43. I think its better if we emulate Thailand's traffic laws/rules/ethics... whether explicit or implicit.

    In most cases of road-accidents in Thailand, especially when it involved moving vehicles... including motorbikes, bicycles or pedestrians... the bigger bodied vehicle are to be blamed or at fault.

    Hence it will become customary for those driving larger vehicles to be more cautious and considerate towards smaller vehicles or others road users. That is why, pedestrians are King of the roads in Thailand. And that is also why, small towns do not have the need for traffic-lights. Everybody, including motorbikes drives slowly in town and give-way to pedestrians.

    We also have almost the same... sort of unwritten rule/laws... when it involved accident with children wearing school uniforms, especially areas near schools where the're signboard, depicting them.

    There's even a joke... If your child is involved in an accident, walking or cycling to, or coming-home from school, a Lawyer will surely come to your home to serve you.

    Of-course the lawyer will get a certain percentage from the compensation that you will be getting.
    So... avoid being involved in a road accident with children in school uniform. You will sure be at fault... no matter what.

  44. Cik Minah @ 20 February 2017 at 14:29,

    //Dah tengok video yang I tepek....?????//

    Yes, I had a look.

    Now, let me say that I am not a lawyer, so I do not know if bicycles are allow on highways, OK?

    I think some countries, very specifically, do not allow bicycles on highways but are OK with roads.

    So, except for one fellow who was riding on the wrong side of the road, you may be surprised that I don't find anything seriously wrong with those kids riding their bicycles on the highway - assuming that the law allows those bicycles on highways.

    You will notice that they pulled across to the left hand lane when the car approached and caught up with them.

    In fact, that is EXACTLY what a polite user of the road should do - if you are in a slower vehicle, you pull across to the left-hand lane for the faster vehicle to pass you.

    Simple road courtesy not always shown by adult road users but shown by young kids.

    //Di Subang Jaya, yang banyak guna basikal are
    banglas, Myangmars and Indonesian gurls.//

    Alamak!! bagi chance lah...

    Most of them cannot afford cars or motorbikes.

    That may one of the better ways for them to move around.

    Also, bus services may not be always convenient around Subang Jaya.

    //They too conqure the road//

    OK, if they do that, it is a matter for PDRM kan?

    Yes, it may be their fault for "conquering" the road and being irresponsible BUT we should expect PDRM to be doing their job too.

    The law of the land should apply to all - not just Banglas, Myanmarese, Nepalese, Indon dan lain2.

    //Sometimes, dua tiga basikal jalan sederet sambil

    Again, this is a matter of law and a job for PDRM.

    I am quite sure that some countries permit two cyclists abreast in a lane, while others allow as many as you can fit in one lane provided you are not a danger to others (whatever that means).

    Cik Minah, it is all a question of respect for each other on the road.

    Let's pretend that the law says we are both equal on the road.

    But you are in a big heavy car and I am in a small light bicycle.

    Does it mean that because you are big and strong, you can bully me? Push me around? Disrespect me? Look down on me because I cannot afford a car? Say that I cannot use the road because I am on a small light bicycle?

    You know and I know that would be wrong - no need for upbringing, no need for religion, no need for anything.

    Just need to be a good decent fair-minded person to know it is wrong for big heavy vehicles to bully small light vehicles.

    But you know and I know that many Malaysians do not think like you and I, right? :)


    1. "Big vehicle bullying small one. Look down on me because I can't afford a car? Disrespect. Bicycle cannot use this road.. (selfish la tu).
      ... no need for upbringing, no need for religion, no need for anything."

      You're very kind, thoughtful, open-minded and have a very compassionate heart.

      Thank You Glady. Malaysia will be more peaceful & harmonious if the're more people like you.

  45. Yang melanggar sepatutnya dihukum, bukan dibebaskan. Melanggar orang sampai membawa kematian adalah salah.

    1. Di Malaysia, undang-undang kita pelik sikit.

      1. Penyamun masuk rumah. Tuan-rumah cuba mempertahankan anak-isteri dan harta di dirogol/rompak, kemudian pukul penyamun sehingga mati, didalam rumah sendiri...pun boleh didapati bersalah dan dijatuhi hukuman mati.

      Kalau di Amerika... kes sebegini dipanggil 'self-defense'. Malah kalau penyamun dibunuh dalam pagar rumah kita pun, tidak menjadi kesalah di Amerika.

      Mungkin budaya kita... terlalu ramai peminta-sedekah. Mereka boleh masuk rumah orang untuk minta-sedekah.

      2. Orang buat report Polis... 1MDB curi duit Rakyat. Yang buat report, termasuk Lawyernya di tangkap guna akta SOSMA... menjatuhkan ekonomi Negara?

      Pelik Sunggoh.

    2. Oh... saya terlupa.

      Minta maaf Annie.

      Ada satu lagi contoh undang-undang Malaysia, pelik:-

      3. Di Kedah, dulu... 5 ka 6 orang mati keracunan makan kenduri. Lauk ayam-busuk masak-merah... tiada sesiapa dipertanggung-jawab dan dihukum denda/penjara kerana cuai, menyebabkan kematian/tanpa niat/ atau demi menjimatkan kos menyebabkan kematian.
      (sepatutnya dah tahu ayam dah busuk, buang dan beli lain).

  46. RD @20 February 2017 at 20:32,

    //Malaysia will be more peaceful & harmonious if the're more people like you.//

    Thanks for those nice words but ....

    Never ever believe anything you read on the Internet unless and until you can check it out yourself or you have thought about it yourself.

    For all you know, maybe I am actually an evil person in real life pretending to be a nice compassionate guy on the Internet :)

    Believe me, such people exist and I have seen them and met them in real life and on the Internet.


  47. the ah moi hit the kids but i truly can understand her situation.
    3 am ur senses are not as alert especially coz u r tired , sleepy and the area not fully lighted. kids n bikes were not wearing any safety features. anyone driving alone would have got panic when suddenly encounter with anything that blocks ur path during that time.

    1. If you're tired, sleep and afraid of dark-not fully lighted roads:-

      1. don't drive when you're sleep or not alert.
      2. call Uber or grab-car, instead
      2. make sure you reach home before dark.
      3. have someone, send you home or spent the night at friend's house.

      Haven't you heard of... Don't drink and drive. It's the same. If you think you're not fit to drive because of anything, don't drive.

      And... if you got 'panic' its your fault. You might step on the gas pedal instead of the brakes... when you panic.

  48. One more thing... Anon 01:12.

    If... in an accident report to the Police, you wrote that you're sleepy... not alert, then got panic when the road was blocked by the teens on bicycles...

    That's it... you're incriminating yourself.

    So.. be careful when you make police report.

  49. Macam mana boleh dapat semua ic mykad anak2 yang dibunuh tu. Mohon mana2 peguam yang ada diluar lebih2 lagi disekitar johor sedara2 kerabat ke , tidak kira bangsa apa pun sila hulurkan khidmat guaman kepada keluarga mangsa untuk pastikan keadilan siasatan berjalan betul telus dan ADIL. Ini hal kemanusiaan 8 nyawa telah dibunuh.

  50. Dear blogger / admin tolong delete mykad arwah Allayarham anak2 yang menjadi mangsa ini. Tolonglah respek mangsa dan keluarga mangsa. Letakkan diri kita ditempat mereka. Ini hari mereka ,hari kita belum tentu.Mykad orang yang melanggar membunuh mereka tidak disiarkan pulak. Please, saya sebagai netizen merayu padamkan mykad2 tersebut. Dikhuatiri mana tahu ada pula orang suruhan diarah untuk mengugut waris dan keluarga mangsa. Please protect their privacy. Dlm zaman ini macam2 boleh berlaku. Saya sungguh berharap tidak ada lagi gambar2 mykad mangsa di dlm blog ini atau di mana mana lagi. Terima kasih.

  51. Usually its the vehicle that is racing or running at a high rate of speed. Here we have a group of boys racing on bicycles at night. So even if the driver was following all rules of the road there is nothing that could prevent this tragedy from eventually happening. Also taking into account that it was around 3 a.m there abouts its dark and I high doubt the boys had head lights. The other factor is the bikes moving at a rate of speed down a hill would not be able to brake to avoid the car. One thing that all the above factors I have noted have in common is that it added to the thrill of the race for these boys. They have nothing compared to the next class up. In the past a child would grow up and he may encounter another that is very rich and has all the toys with his/her parents wealth. Maybe he see's it on t.v but for the most part the people in his community are within the same income and wealth range. How I see it happening now is these groups of kids that have nothing compared to all the people moving in and surrounding there town who kids have what appears to be all the toys, joys and devices of a good life. If that was not enough just the visual these new groups of kids that have more are arrogant, self centered and actually follow in their own parents foot steps in the actions they take to belittle the poor kid make sure they make the poor group know they are poor and in so many words they stick it to them. So in order to avoid the pain the kids that are poor avoid the contact if they are in school they will not go back, if they were involved in a sport activity or something in the community they come up with a reason why they don't want to go back. They find other like minded friends and together as a group the hate grows not only at the other more wealthy group but also themselves. They hate themselves there life they hate being alive. These type of thrill bike races have elements of extreme and social desires. The race is dangerous other kids have died before so the kid looks at it as a way out he is part of something, he is somebody at that moment, he truly and honestly in his mind does not care if he dies his life is worth nothing he has nothing. Even though it all appears bleek and dark the one thing the event does for the kid is it gives him a desire to be, a pleasure to fantasy about, a social to talk with the other kids who are part of the bike racing gang. The people in charge of the government will do nothing. Maybe they will send police out to round up all the boys and take there bicycles away. That is the wrong move. A park and an area needs to be developed that is equal to or if not some what better than what is on the other side of the city where the wealthy kids go hang out. These kids need a system to be put in place to make them feel good about themselves, give them competition and social. Money will have to be spent. It will not i've seen this time and time again the officials would rather give money to a project that will increase tourist to the local eating establishments or hotels or anything that will bring in more money or help the business owners who don't even live in the community. The bike race if it is every stopped it will be done in a way that would live the boys with absolutely nothing. It will be done in a way that will make the boys think lower of themselves and the community. The next step will be the boys consideration of joining a criminal gang.