Monday 11 March 2013

Remembering how Pakatan treated our police

I think even the most staunch supporters of Pakatan have now realize that their side is not going to win the coming GE13.

It's just that they don't want to say it out aloud.

Deep down inside, they know that they can't improve from their 2008 gains.

With PKR and DAP openly quarreling over coveted Chinese majority constituencies such as what's happening in frontline state of Johor, Pas losing huge chunk of credibility among the Muslim electorates over the "Allah" issue, Pakatan's PM candidate DS Anwar Ibrahim bogged down by multiple scandals, and a host of other damaging issues, everyone should know that BN will win.

The only question now is how much BN is going to win.

Whether they like it or not, Pakatan have to admit, their only sure bet for support at the moment will come from the Chinese community. My sources said it's between 70 and 80 per cent.

But that would mean only the Chinese-based DAP will benefit from the Pakatan collaboration while Pas and PKR will suffer for it.

My sources told me that Pakatan's support among Malays/bumiputera is only between 15 and 25 per cent while among Indians between 30 and 40 per cent.

Bear in mind that the Chinese community which was said to be mostly supportive of Pakatan made up about 30 per cent of the voters while the combined Malay/Bumiputera and Indian communities which are more inclined towards BN made up the rest 70 per cent.

Mathematically, according to those estimates, BN will win.

And those estimates were made before the Lahad Datu Sulu gunmen crisis which has made many to sit up and look around at the peace and prosperity we are enjoying and taking for granted.

Now, we know how fragile all those luxuries are and how those who secure peace for us are not really the "anjing kerajaan" and in cahoot with Umno and BN to suppress the people as accused by Pakatan.

Those much vilified policemen are actually our saviors who sacrifice their lives so that we can enjoy our lives as the privileged Malaysians.

I am sure it's still fresh in our memory how policemen were treated by the hooligans among the Pakatan supporters during all those riots in down town KL -

Remember this video?

It's by pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini. And the bitch cursing the police and instigating the crowd to overturn the police patrol car is the person holding the camera. In case anyone forgot, the policeman in the car and an innocent bystander who was trying to help him was beaten up by the mob right before the patrol car was overturned. Prior to that the mob had attacked the car causing it to went out of control.

There are actually so many of such videos condemning our police made by the Pakatan people in Youtube.

Now that we know from what is happening in Lahad Datu that those much maligned policemen actually lay down their lives for our safety, would we still want to vote those Pakatan ingrates to power?

I doubt so.


  1. What Nurul Izzah said about the PFF/GOF was very insulting, and I take it personally as my dad served the PFF from '71-'93. He fought the communist insurgency of the '70s & '80s piracy threat in Sabah. He & his comrades deserve better than these ungrateful Malaysians.

    I attended the funeral of DSP Michael as he was a family friend. I can't confirm if this info is true as the funeral was conducted with a closed casket. I was told by a senior police officer that the he was the person who had his eyes gouged & was one of two to be decapitated. There was even a more gruesome rumor about the desecration of his remains flying around in the village but should best be left unsaid.

    He was one of many who willingly put their lives on the line in service of our nation. Yet, we get "upright" citizens accusing them of many things, a lot of it undeserved.

    Even in light of what happened over the last week or so, we don't see many, if any at all, PR leaders coming out with unequivocal statements of support for our brave warriors. And naturally this culture of ungratefulness filters down to their supporters. You only have to look up comments in TMI which is filled with catty & venomous remarks aimed at our security personnel.

    Our society's inherent problems are taking what they have for granted & a culture of blaming others for anything & everything wrong. And it will get worse before it gets better, if ever.

    And our ungrateful & unthinking PR politicians can take a lion share of the blame.


    1. What you said is very true. It's very irresponsible of the Pakatan leaders to inculcate the hate culture among their supporters. They drummed it into their supporters conscience that the police are their enemy while the actual truth is that those policemen are normal decent human being who are trying to do their job to ensure our security. Yes, there are a fraction minority of bad apples among them, yet all of them were tarred by the same Pakatan brush.

  2. As Tun Mahathir said ,guided democracy is best option as Malaysia are still not ready for full democracy and he is right.
    I believe a good government does not totally defends on a good quality leadership only, wheres opposition too play an important role as that what democracy is all about but alas ,looking at the quality or our opposition and their mentality I doubt if they really understand the principal of democratic government .
    Looking back what we Malaysian had gone through since 2008 ,so much government time and money had been wasted in tackling unnecessary internal political issue that been croup up by the opposition in which that precious time could be spend productively for country development .
    One thing clearly shown that in our opposition attitude ,it's seems that they does only hate the government but the country as well.

    1. I believe the blame lies on the Pakatan leaders who are so desperate for power that they failed to differentiate who are the real culprits causing whatever maladies in our society. They politicize everything that they feel could advance their ambition. Also to be blamed should be BN leaders who are selfish and only interested in furthering their own vested interests instead of serving the rakyat. These leaders need to be rejected by the people as they blurred the line between good and bad to the point of corrupting our political system.

    2. Billions and Mahathir13 March 2013 at 17:30

      "Also to be blamed should be BN leaders who are selfish and only interested in furthering their own vested interests instead of serving the rakyat." right on bro.. remember when Tun Mahathir was forced out as UMNO President, his sons and daughter have already accumulated billions worth of asset. See Forbes list of richest Malaysians.

      Your reminder is timely indeed to Tun M. You cannot hide 2 billions under your bed hahaha..

    3. ya ya ya....they are swimming in money. Tell that to Dr Mahathir's pro-Pakatan daughter Marina.

    4. Annie you can clearly see Kutty's daughter is very pro-Pakatan. Then we must be very disappointed with kutty. He talk and do too much that he turn his daughter to pro-pakatan. Man, his daughter so close to him can see the true color of her father.

    5. When opposition ask UMNO for debate on policies, where is the government and what is the response? You only knows and feel hate. You equate opposition to haters. Ask yourself and what you think the role of opposition? If no answer, you know NUTS.

  3. I for one hope that in PRU13, the Pakatans will be put to their rightful place - at the bottom of the heap. A collaborative effort of inspiring hate among Malaysians is the only everlasting impression of what they have left Malaysia with. 3 groups with 3 different agendas for this country of ours and yet, so many of them - those people who cling to their so-called principles and support them but are so blinded to not realize that in these 3 groups, nothing good has come. This country needs good and matured politicians that can serve as a balancing power to the political winners at the end of the day. But those in power in those 3 groups are nothing and short of being politicians that Malaysians deserve. So, my hope is after PRU13 - some of these names from the unholy trinity will disappear for good.


    1. A good start would be Tian Chua. Then we can work our way up. But I'd happily let him & the others stay IF we can see the unholy trinity of Haha-Dee, Anu-War & Kim Juan Eng consigned to the bad rubbish we say good riddance to.

  4. bourne identity22 March 2013 at 22:52

    and this is what we get for making sure every malaysian citizen, particularly in the affected areas, are able to sleep under the blanket of freedom while we do violence on their behalf.
    as an exvat69er of 1977 to 1993..Im disgusted that not a single voice from that group of sick parties came forward to give us support...
    terima kasih daun keladi to those who prayed and gave support to my former comrades and members of the armed services of our country...