Saturday 30 March 2013

Pigs can fly, says Guan Eng, and they will believe him

Apparently, DAP is now so well entrenched in Penang that it can paddle any amount of nonsense, especially to the Chinese community there, and they are still going to buy it.

The best part of it is that the majority of the Chinese community in Penang knows that the DAP is bullshitting them, yet they are still going to support the party. The reason being, it is just the trend of most Chinese to support DAP and vote anything but Umno (Asal Bukan Umno - ABU, which also subconsciously means Asal Bukan Melayu). Not to do so means betraying the community. At least that's what the DAP's propaganda is telling them.

Meanwhile, their almost extinct Chinese rivals can only scream and shout but to no effect about the bullshit being dished out by Guan Eng and gang. Here is a story of that -

Tan: Guan Eng's 'typo' excuse absurd

Yup, first there was that excel error of the DAP's central executive committee election and now the typo error of DAP's billions ringgit tunnel project.

DAP sec-gen and Penang CM Lim Guan Eng was not even bothered to give better excuses.

Guan Eng knows the people know his excuses were bullshit, but he doesn't care because he was cock sure they are going to buy those bullshit anyway. He is supremely sure that he has already in his pocket the support of especially the Chinese community.

At the moment, no matter how absurd it get, the majority of Chinese community members will believe it as long as it was endorsed by DAP leaders. Even this picture, I think -

DAP is so sure they are not going to lose any vote over such things that their leaders Kit Siang and son Guan Eng can strut around challenging their rivals to fight outright Chinese majority constituencies, of course.

Let say these are all errors committed by BN, I'm quite sure the reaction would be different.


  1. The most stupid leader that DAP have ever had.The Chinese suppose to have good analytically with number and mathematics. I think he 'use other method' to get his degree from Monash University.How can he qualified as professional accountant when the CEC data is unreliable and his multibillion RM tunnel project data is un-trustworthiness.

    If Guan Eng work as Accountant or Auditor Not from His father company and make this silly mistake to audience,There are 95% chance that his boss will kick his ass out of door at his day first of his employment.
    Anyway he needs to go for more training in the Arts of Wagging Tongue. He's still in amateur level.

  2. Lord Lim as Tokong can make hogs & swines sprout wings to take to the skies if his holiness so wishes.

    With limitless power, the godhead of Penang will sweep through the state & bring the winds of change to a community that adores & worships him.

    So untouchable is he that he struts around like a peacock & challenges his doubters to a showdown not unlike high noon at OK Corral. And by his side are his goons masquerading as community patrol out to wreak havoc to his detractors & those who dares to defy him.

    In fact, his mightiness is so complete that he is consumed by it to the extent that he refers to himself in the third party.

    So Annie, you better watch out. You better not lie. You better not shout I'm telling you why.

    (Cue music - The Police)

    Every crab (claw) you break...
    Every pudding you make...
    Every drink you take...
    Every slice of cake...
    He'll be watching you...

    Oh, and you may just get a bullet in the mail, snail mail that is... If he can somehow get your address lah...

  3. Nothing much could be done 'Annie' , Chinese are Chinese ,when they tell you that they are color blinds actually they are telling 'blood is thicker then water' never the reverse . Lets nature play it's curse and just see what the outcome and hopping the Malay are aware that racial inspired politic they are playing.
    Alas !, Malay are always Malay they are not perturb by such act of aggression .

  4. Really Annie? And dont your bosses have anything of substance to go with? Seriously, try harder.

    1. So, you do believe in Guan Eng's claims of excel and typo errors? Please explain how such mistakes could happened at an important party elections and the accounting of multi-billion ringgit project.

  5. When i first heard about the excuse,i almost fall from my chair seems now that LGE dont care anymore about intellectuality and even can put up such stupid excuse when dealing with billions,on typo error!!!I How on earth can this failed accountant become a CM,only Malaysia Boleh!!!
    The truth is,racist aside,the only way to win these chinese vote is to cut their lifeline to make wealth here,then they sure will swing the vote becoz to them wealth and money are everything. Bila diorang rasa 'haiyaa manyak susah mau cali makan sikalang ooo!!!" for sure diorang tukar angin punye......

  6. It is indeed an absurd stupid ridiculous reason for his lie. CM say typo error on CEC results, now the same ridiculous reason for his pet project.

    I still don't understand why majority of Malaysian Chinese still listen to this conman. The public knows he is lying but yet willing to look the other way.

    A conman is a conman. He is lying and deceiving us Chinese but yet Chinese still take the entire hook line and sinker.

    I really pity the Chinese race. We are so stupid until be are blinded.

    Like Yoda said in Star Wars .... "Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate. Thats the path to the Dark side."

  7. No matter how, we have been cheated by MCA for so many years.. it is time for me Chinese to support PAS rather than this useless MCA , look at kelantan on how the Chinese are well taken care by PAS...