Friday 22 March 2013

CONFIRMED! Taib Mahmud bought Channel News Asia

Ai send her article a bit early this week. She said she may send another one during the weekend.

By Ai 

Hi, everyone. I hope you all are ok.

Actually I saw this particular article at the Channel News Asia's website and can't resist writing something about it. Just a simple short one ya.

Here goes....

Actually it's true.

That dastardly Sarawak crook Taib Mahmud is now the main shareholder of  Singapore's Channel News Asia. He bought the whole Singapore media organisation using illegal logging I was told by my "sources" in LONDON.

Taib's main purposes for acquiring the Singapore media organization was actually to enable him to suppress the latest attempt at implicating him with corrupt practices. You may read the details here -

Global Witness on Taib: Was it really a sting operation?

The first thing Taib did after acquiring Channel News Asia was to force it to run this story -

Singapore refutes claim it withholds tax info

SINGAPORE: Singapore's Finance Ministry and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) have refuted a claim in a recent video that Singapore facilitates tax evasion in Malaysia by withholding information requested by the Malaysian government.

The video, published by the NGO Global Witness, alleges that Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and his family are involved in corruption.

In particular, the video featured a lawyer claiming that the Singapore government has a "firewall" and does not share financial information with the Malaysian government. 

In response to queries from Channel NewsAsia, the Finance Ministry and MAS said: "The allegation is simply false. Contrary to what was claimed in the video, Singapore has to date provided fully the information requested by Malaysia for tax purposes." 

The authorities said the two countries have had a good working relationship on tax matters. 

Singapore has also designated a wide range of crimes as money laundering predicate offences including corruption, bribery and fraud. This is in line with the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). 

The statement said: "Singapore therefore has been and remains able to provide mutual legal assistance to the fullest extent permitted under our laws where there are requests from Malaysia." 


  1. A smoking mata sepet girl, I like that. Used to have a chinese girlfriend who chain smokes, its so cool, whats more with sun glass on.

    1. Unlike me, Ai has Malay eyes and doesn't smoke. She also tends to be more sarcastic than me.

    2. Hi AI..just girls with big eyes ( no need to hide behind sunglasses and all that gimmick) and thick long lashes. They are simply more sexy and ahhhhh... the fresh sweet smelling breath of bouncy health makes it more provocative. They are so cool.

  2. Does Channel News Asia (CNA) act as a spokesman for the Singapore's Finance Ministry and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)?

    When did Taib acquired CNA? Just after that GW movie?

    I thought is was just a family feud over timber concessionaire. The former Head of state was Taib' uncle Tun Rahman Yaakup and their relationship is not friendly. The main player in the allegation are Norlia & Fatimah, both daughter of Taib's uncle Rahman, who also has another daughter, Norah Tun Rahman, as MP in present state government. It also happen that Norlia's husband is Justin Jinggot, a PKR strongman in Sarawak.

    There sure is something weird here. When it involved power & wealth, siblings also can kill each others. No wonder Tun Dr.M forbids his sons or relatives, to be involved in politics when he is PM.


    1. hmmm...I think I need to stop Ai from posting these sorts of sarcastic stuff....

  3. Next up, he's gonna buy CNN & even take over the Murdoch empire. As for the allegations against ol' white hair, I'd take it with a pinch, no, make that a couple of spoonfuls. I don't believe uncle Rahman has forgotten how he was humiliated & dumped into cold storage by his former favorite nephew. To fail after Ming Court must have given uncle Rahman nightmares.

    As for the two lawyers, lets wait & see what happens when they're made to answer to their peers as I understand a police report has been lodged by the Advocates Assoc of S'wak. If I'm not mistaken they've scheduled an internal inquiry too.

  4. He bought CNA and now in negotiations to buy over Global Witness.
    We can all expect a 2nd movie soon.
    Global Witness is going to do a PI Bala.


  5. Your forgot, Najib has bought The Economist as well...thus, the article published favouring BN to win! ;-)

  6. Oh, wow. I hope you got clearance from Channel NewsAsia to reproduce their report in toto? After all, you would want a posse of highly-paid Singapore lawyers suing the pants off you for IP theft and copyright breach, would you?

    1. Unlike some low class Malaysian opposition leaders, Singaporean CNA doesn't sue obscure anonymous bloggers, unless maybe if they distort their reports.

  7. everybody has a skeleton in a cabinet even the writers, you are no angel. we always point a finger to others but we never strip naked in front of the mirror and look at ourselves if we are fat , thin or even skinny. so watch out with whatever we say.