Tuesday 2 April 2013

A posting of no political consequence

Today is exactly a month since I started this blog.

I was encouraged to do so by my friend Ai, just before she quit her own blog. She said it's a good hobby, especially for someone like me, who spend a lot of free time watching weird cartoon shows and sleeping at home.

I'm not sure why Ai quit her own blog and gave it to Tinsel, who is also a friend of mine, as she never told me to this day the real reason why she did that. But I suspect that it got something to do with her sick boyfriend. Whatever it is, that's her personal decision. Her blog Big Cat was doing fine, I think, but she quit it anyway. Well, girls tend to do weird things for love. I used to do such things too for my ex, but that was a long time ago. I'm quite sure I wouldn't do any of those silly stuff for any man anymore.

Fine, I know I'm just writing nothing of consequence here. Just feel like getting things out of my chest.

It's not really a good day, actually. I'm tired from work and when I reached home was told that my uncle was very sick. He is in hospital. I can feel that my parents were very worried about him. When they came back from their anniversary dinner, I can see that my father, especially looked very sad. He was not allowed to see my uncle who was in the ICU today.

I hope my uncle will recover.

I hate seeing my father being sad. As he grows older, he has become even more susceptible to his melancholic mood. Sometimes he got stuck in the mood for days. The only one who could snap him back in shape is my mother. She would scold him back to his senses. The only problem is that, I can't stand it when my mother starts scolding him. I would leave the house whenever that happened. Miraculously, however, when I got back, my father would be okay again.

Ok, before I end this, maybe a little music is nice too. Ai used to do this in her blog, and I like it.

My father once told me that this song was introduced to him by my uncle many years ago when he was still just a kid.

p.s In conjunction with my first month as a blogger, I'm putting the stat counter of this blog on display. You can see it at the bottom right of this blog page. The primary reason I'm doing so is to make the DAP cybertroopers realize that this is just an insignificant blog which has very limited number of readers. So guys, no need to troll my blog too much as you will be wasting your time.


  1. Congratulations on your first month of blogging. I hope your blog prospers and continues to provide enjoyment to you and your readers.

  2. Congratulation.
    25k views in a month! I don't think this blog in insignificant. Don't be too humble. Lets the trolls come in and don't dissuade them.


  3. the DAP cyber troopers are a paranoid lot that anything that's not to their liking, they will attack will full force. you should thank them Annie. they are doing the publicity work for you. now more people will know your blog.

  4. Hello, Annie, your stat counter is pretty impressive ok! Mine already 6 months and it is nowhere near that figure. Now I know my blog really has very very very limited readers. But it's ok. Blogging, for me, is just for the fun of it. So, keep up the good work, Annie!

  5. Everyone must die. We are all here for a short time. So what you do while here is what matter.

    Tell your dad to spend his time on earth better and appreciate the time left. Accept that death is inevitable but life must be enjoyed so that we are always at peace with ourselves when we have to go.

    That s why some become bombers and die for a cause they believe in.

    Whenever you feel sad about some one dying remember, we will be there too so there is nothing to be sad about.