Monday 18 March 2013

Crazy Ai

On Saturday night, I gave Ai, the former owner of the BigCat blog the pass word to this blog so that she may write a piece on what ever she wanted. I had done the intro to her post in the draft column. This whole idea, I thought would be good in providing a space for talented writers who wish to write but do not have the time to keep a blog due to other commitments such as in the case of my dear friend Ai.

I had after that went on an a trip to a place somewhere outside KL and stayed there throughout Sunday. I had not taken a look at what happened to this blog or others as I was having a rather splendid day at that place. It was only when I reached home later late last night that I found out the havoc caused by Ai's posting. The stat counter had gone crazy with the page view hits for her posting at that moment at 1,815, and the overall page view of the day at 3,873. The past two weeks since I set up the blog, my daily average overall page view hits was only around 150. I did some check and later on found out that the main sources of the traffic came from Ah, Annie! , Why the BN cyberwar machinery can’t match Komtar and  Easy Weekend

Thanks to Datuk Rocky, Helen and Tinsel for the links.

Nonetheless, I was not happy with Ai's posting as I suspected that she had made up the story. I sense that she was just trying to mock someone due to the highly sarcastic tone she adopted in the posting CONFIRMED! Hishammuddin to replace Ghani as Johor MB. By the way, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein as Johor MB? Come on la. It will be the death of him, I think. I think he should remain at the Federal level. 

I called up Ai in Taiwan this morning and caught her as she was about to leave home for her classes.  

She just laughed at my indignation and admitted that she wrote the posting just for the heck of it. 

"Well, I know there is a move by some people to change the Johor MB even before the GE13 and Hisham's name had been bandied in the blogs. So, I thought it's a good idea to give them a bit of a push to make them happy," Ai said before cracking into another fit of laughter.

I have to admit that my friend Ai is a bit of a crazy girl. 

I also would like to apologize (for myself and her behalf) to those who actually thought that Ai's posting was for real and failed to see that she was being sarcastic over the whole thing. Hope you all will forgive us.

Now, I need to go to work. Have a pleasant day everyone.


  1. I knew it was in jest. I am in Johor and we have not heard any serious candidate to challenge Ghani or Shahrir in their posts.

    The person to ask is the Sultan of Johor. He has the last say on the Menteri Besar post. I remember 2004 when Khalid Nordin was supposed to replace Ghani but was blocked at the last minute by the palace. Maybe this year will be different.

    Ghani has been working hard on the Iskandar project and we are starting to see results. The property market in South Johor is booming and the residents can feel both the good and the bad of a booming economy.

    Lim Kit Siang is coming to Johor and I am quite sure this will be his Waterloo. It will be a bridge too far and we will sing his political requiem after GE13.

  2. This is the very reason why some people will never trust bloggers and their writings. Reka2 cerita.

    1. This is the very reason why we need to use our brain when we read so that we can differentiate between facts and fiction or when the writer is being serious or sarcastic.

    2. Anon 00:27

      have you heard of critical thinking when reading?
      this is seriously lacking in PR supporters who are believing every single "reka2 cerita" from PR politicians and bloggers..