Thursday 7 March 2013

Expose those who tried to sell our country

The best way to prevent the Sulu incursion tragedy from recurring is by uprooting the cause of it.

The authorities need to get to the bottom of it by carrying out full investigation on what were the cause of the incursion.

The Sulu people, I believe, had never pulled such a stunt on us.

Except for some piracy raids carried out for financial gains by some certain criminals posing as jihadists from southern Philipines, Sabah was a relatively peaceful place.

So, what triggered the deadly incursion?

This, the government need to thoroughly investigate and disclose to the public.

It needs to be disclosed to the public because there are possibilities that the whole mess was instigated by elements from within our country.

These elements need to be exposed so that we Malaysians are not going to be duped by them anymore. We need to nip such insidious buds to save the country.

I believe these worries are not mere baseless speculations. You may read one here -  An Autonomous Sabah?

As contended, it's not the first time that there are individuals who are willing to sell this country's sovereignty for personal gains.

The history of this country teaches us that every time someone gets greedy for power,  we'll lose a portion of our country. Sometimes it was mind boggling how the sovereignty of the country could be sold off for mere pittance.

It's the same thing which happened to the Sulu people themselves. Their Rulers sold off their land in exchange for foreign assistance to maintain what little power they have left at that time, and now they really have nothing much left.

And yes, they are Malay Muslims, just like those in our country.

Well, who said the Malay Muslims would not suffer the same fate as all those other races such as the native Americans who had either went extinct such as the Aztecs and Mayans, or living a pitiful existence in land reservations in the US or Canada.

The Malays of this country should particularly learn from the tragedy of the Sulu people.

And Malaysians, irrespective of race need to reject selfish leaders who are willing to sell off our country to the highest bidder to satisfy their own lust for power.

There should be no compromise in safeguarding our country's sovereignty.

Maybe today it's just a bit of Sabah being sold off for some extra votes, but tomorrow, it could be the rest of the country.

If they can promise the poor Sulu people parts of Sabah, I wonder what may stop them from offering the rest of the country to others with more power and finances to support their quest for Putrajaya.

If these traitors go unpunished, I fear Malaysians will one day ended up being crank pots too.

Just imagine this news headline in Singapore's Straits Times 50 years from now -
Armed group claim Jurong part of the defunct Johor Sultanate.


  1. Perhaps we should look into two root causes:

    1. The government allowing masses of Mindanao Filipinos to move into Sabah for the sake of winning votes.

    2. Our implicit support for Moro militants many years ago. Its well known that arms & funds for the militants flowed through Sabah for thes militants to wage their guerilla war on the Philippines.

    1. I think we are already checking the first one via an RCI. Maybe we should expand the jurisdiction of the RCI to check the second one too. Check whether all those allegations were true or just lies of the opposition.
      But whatever it is, we should find out why the Sulu gunmen choose to go crazy only now. Why not before this? Why when we are so close to the GE13?

    2. Stupid do stupid does7 March 2013 at 18:58

      To stupid chinese anonymous 12;35, why would anyone invite mindanao Filipinos for votes? Whose votes? Who knows which way they vote?

      The assumption is they voted for PBS. There was no UMNO then.

      Who got the money to give Moros militant weapons. Stupid. Sabah economy is controlled and run by Chinese.

      Do you think Chinese gave money to Moros?

    3. Yeah lets go to a bigger root.
      3. RCI on how 1m were given citizenship during MERDEKA period.


    4. to Anonymous 8 March 2013 09:25:

      i believe that question has been answered. those were foreigners, which include filipinos, who have been living in sabah for years, perhaps longer than your family has been here if you are one of the latter races brought here by the british. they probably have more right to be made nationals than those who allegiance to the country were nothing less than questionable.

  2. Have you read the Federation of Malaysia Agreement and what it guarantees Sabah and Sarawak?

    Read first lah.

    Then tell whether UMNO/BN has been honouring it.

    Very funny you know, the buggers who promised heaven and everything to Sabah & Sarawak have not delivered what was in the agreement. Instead they have weaved the conniving ways of West Malaysia in these two 'virgin' territories, doing damage to at least three generations.

    Hopefully the thinking changes.

    Otherwise, there are significant examples - the USSR and East Timor. Dont be very blind. Open your eyes and tell your political masters to change their ways.

    Even the tiny red dot has realised. When will BN/UMNO realise?

    Or the buggers want to remain bodh sombong forever?


    1. Anwar must had told Nur Misuari all these when they met prior to the Sulu incursion. Why don't you tell YOUR political masters that plotting the break up of Malaysia to enable them to get to Putrajaya is treasonous.

  3. Such an interesting read. I'll definitely be coming back for more. Keep up the good work.