Wednesday 13 March 2013

Environmental bullshit turned to racial bullshit

Yesterday, two of our soldiers died while defending this country from the Sulu gunmen who terrorize Sabah. Alfatehah for our fallen heroes and may Allah placed them among the righteous and blessed their families with patience in facing this challenging time.

On the very same day, DAP announced that they are fielding Wong Tuck, the environmental terrorist wannabe as their candidate for Bentong. This is the very same nutcase who had threaten to burn down the Lynas rare earth plant.

The thing is, at the Press conference yesterday, Wong, being now an electoral candidate, announced that he no longer has any desire to burn down the Lynas plant. You may read the story Begitu mudah lupa laungan 'No Lynas, no mutants'? at Helen's blog.

Suddenly now that he is a politician and a probable wakil rakyat, he no longer want to brake the law or instigate others to do so.

This is so typical of these hypocrites. They stoke the fire of hatred to gain support of the people and once they got it, they will forget their "ideals".

Their stupid followers were then left in a lurch as they go around collecting new supporters who could provide them with more support to move further up in the world.

The best example is none other than DS Anwar Ibrahim. Just check out the number of his former followers who were used and later discarded when he no longer needs them or have found a replacement who could provide him with better benefits.

Anyway, back to the Wong nutcase, an interesting question about him being a DAP candidate is why was he being placed in Bentong to face the MCA number two DS Liow Tiong Lai?

Why was he not fielded in Indera Mahkota where the Lynas plant is located? He is after all claiming that he is contesting as an environmentalist and a champion of shutting down the rare earth plant. Surely PKR doesn't mind giving up the Indera Mahkota seat to Wong to further Pakatan's environmental struggles, isn't it? After all, the PKR MP there has been sleeping all these while.

DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng said it's because Wong was born in Bentong. But, since when was it that DAP care about such things? It has after all fielded a Johor-born Malacca-raised Guan Eng to contest in Penang and when they won, made him the Chief Minister and later on promoted him to become a tokong, so they said.

My assessment is that Wong Tuck was actually to be fielded in Bentong as it has always been considered to be a Chinese dominated constituency where he stands a better chance of winning than in the mixed constituency of Indera Mahkota.

That is why all those saving the environment bullshit was actually....just plain bullshit.

At the end of the day, it's about DAP's racial politics as usual.


  1. Thats the quality of our opposition to be, honesty is something they want others to have but was never with them .
    Malaysia was never blessed with quality opposition ,how could we have trust in them to be the alternative government.
    Looks like the devils that we know is still the right choice.

    1. I have to admit that BN has its faults. Nonetheless, I think Pakatan has even more flaws, and simply unmanageable as a coalition. Given the federal power, they will start tearing each other apart and in the process destroy the country. Their cooperation, due to their poles apart ideologies is based on hypocrisy.

    2. Annie. Why it is not happening in Selangor, Penang and Perakand destroy the state especially Selangor. why Jibby had to tell other UMNO off and make himself commander in cheap?

    3. Anon 16:43
      Actually it's happening in those states. In Selangor for instance there is Pas guy Hassan Ali being kicked out for fighting over Islamic issues with DAP guys. In Penang Guan Eng's deputy CM from PKR called him an arrogant tokong. In Perak....eerrr, Perak lost to BN already because some PKR and DAP people decided they can't stand their fellow Pakatan people who are so obnoxious like the Ngeh and Nga cousins.

    4. You like Hassan Ali to implement Shariah laws and can you asked him to show his proof about converting to Christians.
      This limping woman is very happy as she is the Deputy Speaker and has a Mercedes car. Who get better deal? You or her? I think you lost out because she is the Deputy Speaker of Perak LA.

  2. What is DAP if not the sultans of spin?

    As for the voters, fool 'em once, shame on PR. Fool 'em a second time, proven beyond doubt that they're idiots.

    1. And yet they accused BN of fooling the rakyat. All those campaigns such as Hijau and Bersih are actually mere camouflage for their raw racialist political ambitions.

    2. Still, that's where BN is lacking in thrust. DAP & PKR are masters in manipulation of public perceptions. They have tentacles that reaches far into the social media & online news circles.

      Let's be honest, nowadays a lot will accept whatever is written on Wikipedia as the gospel truth. As such our youths are swayed by the constant peddling of lies in daily prescription doses fed to them by the spin doctors of PR.

      After all many believed that Joseph Gobbels said "Tell a lie big enough & keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it..." How ironic.

    3. ...but in the end, Joseph Gobbels committed suicide with his wife and little children....such is the fate of liars.

    4. Now that would indeed be welcome fate for some of our politicians, the sooner, the better *evil grin*

    5. We are waiting to see commit suicide and who are the liars. May Almightwho y see to that liars.

  3. My friends and i once loved to laugh about politicians in Taiwan, and how chaotic the political scenes and real life political dramas there. Hey, as Chinese saying: "wind and water takes turn to rotate" (风水轮流转), i guess it's Taiwanese' turn to watch and laugh as our Malaysian political dramas unfold...

    As GE is coming, many many are envy and yet jealous of those nobodies who got elected in last GE... it was kind of durian runtuh. Since then, many Wong Tucks are trying to find his causes or agendas to, hopefully, be famous and invited by any Pakatan to stand in next GE. These Wong Tucks, are Taiwanese called 政客, not genuinely politician who fight for common people's interests, but those look for personal gains.

    Sad, but real, this is part and parcel of modern politic... not only in Taiwan or Malaysia now, but all over the world.

    I am from Kuantan, and to Wong Tuck, yes, please contest in Indera Mahkota, be a genuine fighter for the good of the people. Otherwise, please take off your Hijau shirt, and disappear from here!