Monday 18 June 2018

So much for rule of law

So, according to

Kit Siang: 'Innocent till proven guilty' 

not applicable on Najib 

Well, what are we waiting for then, just arrest Najib and throw him in jail lah.

Why need to investigate him some more?

Wasting tax payers money only, if you ask me.

While we are at it, may as well shut down the courts too.

That can save us lots of money.

You know lah that our country is drowning in debt and almost bankrupt what.

May as well set up an online polls where people can vote whether an alleged criminal is guilty or innocent.

No need to look at the facts and evidence.

If the majority of people who voted at the polls feel someone is guilty of a crime, then we just throw him or her into jail.

How about that?

Why the pretense of upholding rule of law?

It's such a waste of time, money, and energy, right?

What? You all angry with me for saying all these?

Go lah ask Kit Siang, Hanipah Maidin and the other PH lawyers whether they agree with me.

Going by their logics about Najib, they should agree with me.

Sheesh....I really shouldn't read news quoting these people....make my blood boil only.

Anyway, Najib surely doesn't act as if he's guilty of anything.

Go relaxing in Langkawi some more.

That irritates me, actually.

After all he led BN to defeat in GE14. He must be guilty of something, right?

I think Kit Siang and others like him were even more irritated than me about this.

That's why they are making such dumb ass statements.

They are encouraging mob rule, if you ask me.


  1. What about this--

    "Hanipa: 'Innocent until proven guilty' only applies in court"
    Published on 17 Jun 2018, 11:43 am | Modified on 17 Jun 2018, 11:50 am

    1. Hehehe...

      Annie's just bad at spin, lah brader.

      The Apek Tua was just echoing Hanipa Maidin - the point being, PRU14 results show that the public already judged the excuses given for 1MDB and rejected them.

      Neither of them were saying that Najib should be jailed without any trial.

      Poor Annie.

      She will never reach the standard of The Very, Very, Very Best and Most Hard-Working Blogger, Si Ponytail Kelabu.

      He's the ultimate!

  2. Agree with you 200% Annie. Good job. Great cadangan. Why waste anymore time, money and effort? Just put him in jail.

    1. Dint talk about others opinion. Abon 1637 n Annie what u guys think. Is Najib guilty or not. Make your stand. Let us see your judgement. Thats public court.
      My judgement is, he is guilty as charged when he is finally charged. What say u?

  3. Your link didn’t work la Annie. Where and when Kit Siang said that?

  4. It took 8 years of loooonggg trials for Khir Toyo to get behind bars. For buying underpriced bungalow. How long will it takes for Najib?

    After 5 years,GE come knocking..

    1. Hihihi.... He might want to beat Anwar's record i.e 5 years and then woilaa... full pardoned.. criminal records erased... fuhyooo!!!

      Former CJ said actually Agong by himself, doesn't have the right to confer full pardon to a convicted felon. His job is only to confer AFTER the pardon board agreed to pardon the person, not the other way around but amazingly... after freezing Tun for 5 hours in that cold palace before agreeing to allow the PM oath-taking ceremony to take place, Agong gave the pardon before the pardon board convened.

      If that can happen to Anwar... don't you think more bizarre amazing thing can happen to Najib too?

      Maybe that's why he can afford to relax and play golf.


    2. Anon 22:12

      If Anuar could be pardon , Najib too can , Yeah !.

  5. grand theft 1mdb deserve grand trial 1mdb, time is of the essence wink

    1. The circumstantial evidence on Najib alone is colossal in terms of his exposed monetary felonies over several national jurisdictions globally. And the headcount of the individuals specifically identified as associates in his criminal activities is staggering... so legal court proceedings towards his incarceration by all appearances are sure to be merely a proper formality to the condemnation of a deranged political narcissist.

  6. Ni masalah ttg power.
    Dulu Mahathir lamenting pasal power.
    Dia keeps on saying power korups, n absolute power corrups absolutely.
    In Western style demokrasi, simple majorii dah sebabkan korupsi, dan hanya 2/3 majoriti saja dah sebabkan total korupsi.Ni yg Tun sedang usahakan.

    1. This is the meaning of the hadith narrated by Nuzaifa bin Yaman:
      “Keeping trust has been naturally ingrained in the depths of men’s hearts. Then the Quran came and people learned it from Quran and the Prophet's Sunnah.”
      (Sahih Muslim)

  7. Isn't it like the doctor's hippocratic oath, "do no harm"? Say one sees someone bleeding at a road curb. Does he restrain himself from reaching out to help because he doesn't want the risk of doing harm from not having his doctor's bag with him?

    Likewise, this Hanipa-Lim statement which would appear strange to laypeople not trained for the courts to which the statement 'innocent until proven guilty' applies to justify the peculiar protocols of judicial process.

    Of course, both of them did make a mistake of saying what they said without thinking it would be misconstrued in the general context by people untrained in legal matters.

    Take it as due to post-Raya exhaustion a month after post-GE14 exhaustion. Also, age.

    I cook well and do decent housework, Annie. Take me.

    1. As a handyman of impeccable competence and carriage, i mean. (and a good heart too)

  8. The concept is simple. TUn M called Najib pencuri. Najib should saman TUn M. If Najib tak berani saman, najib ialah pencuri. Semua boleh panggil najib pencuri. CUba kalau najib kata Tun M pencuri, Tun M akan saman. Contoh kedua, kalau ada orang ragut bag awak, awak akan jerit pencuri. Mai sekor umnok kata kat hang, tak bleh panggil dia pencuri. Innocent until proven otherwise. Ko tak rasa nak bagi pelempang kat dia kah ? Jangan malu bagi pelempang jer ... bila dia marah, ko cakap saya pun innocent until proven, sambil ko bagi 2-3 biji lagi pelempang. NAjib adalah pencuri. Sebab dia ialah pencuri. CUma tunggu masa didakwa saja. Satu dunia tahu dia pencuri. Adik beradik pun tau dia pencuri. So, tak yah lah nak dolak dalih itu dan ini. Sekian.

    1. najib saman tun m you pay....cannot then shut up idiot

    2. Dr L adalah pencuri.

      Sebab dia tak saman aku , so memang confirm dia adlaaj pencuri.

    3. Dr L,if I were Najib I will let nature takes its course.Dr.M is full of hatred to Najib because to him Najib was responsible in stopping Mukhriz progress in UMNO.(Mukhriz lost in vice presidency battle because Najib didn't support him.Mukhriz was kicked out of Kedah MB post due to Najib's invisible hand).
      At the age of 93,how long can Mahathir lasts.If Mahathir leaves this world to play Mahjong with LKY before Najib is sent to jail,I believe Najib will go to jail smiling (if he is found guilty,that is moot).
      Prof Kangkung

    4. Why BN Will Win GE14

      The trouble with Pakatan Harapan is they are a victim of their own propaganda. It is like back in Nazi Germany when they kept saying they were winning the war and believed their own lies right up to the point the Russians surrounded Berlin. Propaganda is meant to fool your enemies, not yourself. Once you start believing your own propaganda you are in serious trouble. Then you will start believing that you actually won GE13 because you won 50.87% of the votes.

      Raja Melan**p Berbabikan Petra Kamaruddin

  9. now, it sounds much tougher to ve criminal convicted. liars may benefiting from dis complication of system. one can lie obout things, destroy all of records n files much faster than d investigator ability to ve it ....or one has other resources that make one's case of innocent stand.

    So i think…there should be a two way of principle here. those who ve clear records n plenty of support documents ….. shuld be applied to guilty till proven innocence principle. its not difficult in dis case to prove one' innocence. simply bring out all recorded details n go clean. how about tat?

  10. mcm MO1 songlap, jamal fugitive wanted by polis shud not be allowed to contest dumbo elections???

  11. Annie,

    // Kit Siang: 'Innocent till proven guilty' not applicable on Najib//

    I think LKS meant that in the court of public opinion, Najib is guilty as hell.

    But I do understand why you are not happy with the sentiments expressed by LKS - those sentiments can be construed to be advocating the trial of Najib in a kangaroo court.

    //Anyway, Najib surely doesn't act as if he's guilty of anything.//

    Well, he does seem very confident of himself, doesn't he?

    Perhaps, it is because he knows he a dead man walking and there is no point worrying about when the execution date will be.

    So, might as well enjoy the freedom while he can, and hentam Pakatan here and there when he can.

    //They are encouraging mob rule, if you ask me//

    No lah.

    Over the last few decades, Malaysians seem rather apathetic and really hard to work up into a frenzy.

    During the PRU14 ceramahs, I noticed that virtually all the speakers, around my kampung, used hype to try and work up the crowd.

    But when I looked at the faces of the listeners - they all seemed bored shitless.

    So, mob rule?

    Well, not by Pakatan supporters, I don't think - they seem a bit hard to motivate.

    Maybe it is easier to get UMNO supporters worked up into a frenzy, I dunno.

    Jamal Yunos always seemed to be able to get good-sized crowds together baying for blood.

    Wasn't he involved in a few altercations where cars were smashed, drivers bashed, etc etc?


  12. Innocent till proven guilty onky applies in court of law but not court of public opinion. So Lim kit siang, hanipa maidin etc were correct.

  13. Telokwanjah says:

    Annie, why isn’t Tok Pa standing for Umno elections ?? I mean if the good guys don’t event wanna run .... abih laaas Parti

  14. Anonymous @ 18 June 2018 at 18:58,

    //I cook well and do decent housework, Annie. Take me.//

    Where do you want Annie to take you? :)


  15. hi annie!betul la ape yg m chronicle ckp tentang you!

    1. Annie is not an Umno blogger.

      Annie is a Very Neutral blogger who actually is a PH mole.

  16. Annie, why do you like to put up photos of DAP leaders in not so flattering poses ? Like the ones on LGE & LKS..

    1. To attract DAP people to read this blog.

    2. What a wonderful world it could be if I would control my own satanic impulses...

    3. Annie's a sadist :)

  17. PH terminators (Dr M, Anwar, LKS, LGE, dll) will terminate BN soon & rakyat wont sympathize with annie & BN craps mcm 2 party system, check & balance blah blah blah wakakaka

  18. Why worry about the law? Just let the law takes it cause. PH should be worry about ruling the country. MM is worry about AI. AI is worry about MM. Why don't just appoint KuLi CEP..

    1. To many things to worry about.only MM is running the country.The rest are simply following his orders.
      One exception is when this young guy Syed Saddiq made a police report to MACC for allgedly corrupt practice of DBKL in awarding the Ramadhan Bazaar lots.I salute this young guy but I do not know how long he can be in politics as he is an embarassement to his own party.The handsome old man will probably not too pleased with his action.
      Prof Kangkung

  19. Prof Kangkung,

    //only MM is running the country.The rest are simply following his orders.//

    Come on lah.

    That is typical UMNO thinking, just one person in charge, and the rest are just kambing, following orders.

    Pakatan is a coalition of equals.

    Mahatir might be PM but I don't think that he orders LGE or Mat Sabu or Muhyiddin around.

    I would have thought that Mahatir is smarter then that - he would know how to give his ministers space to set their own agendas within whatever guidelines that have been agreed to by the Pakatan leadership group.

    Well, at least that is what I think Mahatir would do, and if a dummy like me can think of it, I am pretty sure Mahatir can do much much better.


    1. Gladiator,
      Everything that operates in this universe follow certain rules whether by nature or man made rules.
      If the rules are broken the system will not last.
      Back to our democratic rules,the majority hold the power.However in the case of PH everything turns topsy turvy.Bersatu is a minority but its leader is the Prime Minister.By right a PKR leader should be the PM of Malaysia.
      There is no such thing as equality in the equilibrium of power.Those who held more seats should have more power.
      I wonder what will happen to Bersatu when its leader decides to leave the team to play mahjong with his old friend.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Prof Kangkang.

      Pakatan Harapan is an entity.

      The leader of PH is Tun M.

      The mandate is clear given to Tun M by the Rakyat.

      Pakatan Harapan is a legal registered to ROS.

      You have to open a dictionary to understand first what is the meaning of "entity".

  20. Annie,

    From what I have gathered, the Rakyat have to pay RM825 million because of the 1MDB this November from the report in the media.

    This RM825 million do not include in the 50.5% of GDP , how BN calculated last time.

    So, Najib is innocent is it?

  21. Prof Kangkung,

    //If the rules are broken the system will not last.//

    Not always the case.

    Rules can change due to changes in the enviroment and adaptation occurs.

    //Those who held more seats should have more power.//

    The operative word there is "should".

    Again, I suggest to you that this is typical UMNO thinking where the tyrany of the majority is used against the minority.

    //what will happen to Bersatu when its leader decides to leave the team to play mahjong with his old friend//

    My guess is that Muhyiddin will take over, given that he is the most senior guy there at the moment.

    Mukhriz and Syed Saddiq will probably move up the ladder as well.

    And I am sure there are others in PPBM who will step up.

    I see PPBM surviving, at very least, past GE16.