Wednesday 23 May 2018

Hishammuddin should be the one

I had a long chat with several people last night.

After listening to their argument, I decided to change my opinion on who should lead the Umno's revival.

It has to be Hishammuddin and not KJ.

Number eight? Work first Hisham

KJ should be the number two instead.

Zahid has to make way as do others who made too many mistakes prior to the GE14 defeat.

The Mahathir kutty thing was among Zahid's worst blunders.

And his team is even worse than Najib's.

After listening to the others last night, I have to admit that Hishammuddin made the least mistakes among those at the top of Umno.

Even less than KJ.

KJ needs to recalibrate himself a bit more....think and work more for the interest of Umno.

Well, if I have my way, everyone should be thrown out, but then who should do the work to rebuild Umno, right?

Okay, as pointed out by my beloved that day, I was emotional when I wrote this post,

Well, I'm just human like everyone else.

But all the really bad ones have to go.

They must go for Umno to be revived.

Umno needs a new face.

Hishammuddin and KJ at the top should not look too bad.

Not perfect, but the best there is to it.

Could Umno be revived?

My answer is YES.

I'll write more about that later.

Need to get ready for work now.

Have a good day.


  1. salam

    ni cadangan untuk umno..semua yang ada sekarang lepaskan semua jawatan n cari orang baru...orang lama yang ada cuma guide orang baru...macam kerajaan skarang buat dengan majlis penasihat...mereka tidak berada dalam kerajaan tapi mereka mencari keputusan terbaik...

    zahid dengan dakwaaan mahathir al iskandar kutty..iskandar tu datuk tun dr mahathir..

    hisyam menegakkan benang yang basah dengan mempertahaankan najib...mungkin ada kebenarannya hisam kurang liabiliti tapi lepas ni kalau isam ambik boleh dah lambang umno tutup keris dengan sarung...

    sbb dia d kenali dengan nama hishamudim cium keris mitaka maaf..

    ramai lagi yang masih menyokong umno tapi d pinggirkan...

    kj..biarlah dia berlalu pergi...naik pun bergema laungan rasuah kat pwtc...skandal ecm libra masih belum berjawab...tingkat 4..ingat tak...

    cari je calon umno yang tidak mendapat tempat sebelum ni...yang lama2 ni menjadi majlis penasihat sudah...

    pakatan harapan dah jadi kerajaan...kalau skandal forex 30 tahun boleh buka..rasanya selamat ke geng2 umno ni...kan abik sipolan jadi presiden tup2 masuk mahkamah ke rasuah atau salah guna kuasa...ganti lagi sipolan kena mengadap lagi sbb terlibat sama dengan salah laku rasuah..

    cari yang benar2 d asingkan ...nama tidak pernahg dengar pun tidak apa..yang penting dia bersih...sebagaimana tun dulu tiada kuasa pun masih najib n paklah pening nak cari salah laku dia wp power 22 tahun...

    saya yakin dalam umno ada orang tu...cuma kena cari sahaja...siapa sahaja asal yang bukan pernah menyokong najib sekurang2nya secara nyata...

    yang ada sekarang lebih sayangkan jawatan sampai tak berani nak tegur wp salah...ini ke yang umno nak...kalau masihi mahu...d persilakan..n kekal duk tampuk lama...masih tak boleh tegur wp buat salah sbb yang d lantik ialah orang yang sayangkan jawatan dari nyatakan kebenaran..pahit kan...inilah realiti umno yang ada sekrang ini...

    apa jadi dengan yang menegur spt sang kelembai..kena maki hamun..apa jadi dengan facebooker yang mitak najib berenti dulu ke berehat dulu ke...kena tibai dengan geng2 fb kami sayang najib...


    1. Dear Annie,

      I agree with gie7 above. Zahid is too obvious not a PM material not in this world not even in the afterlife if I may say so.

      The good sincere with integrity ones have left. Like the MACC Chief has mentioned, only 3 ministers have integrity. The rest you can forget. This includes KJ and Hishamuddin.

      UMNO can be revived only with new untainted people at the helm. Those who protect and defend the siphoning of billions of ringgits from the rakyat and the country should be ditched.

  2. Annie,

    You don't have to be too apologetic laa sis. Calling a spade by another name is "ketinggalan zaman". Time has changed... even politicians now do not "tapis" their words when they speak. Your handsome old man, after becoming PM again even uttered "bullshit" live on air without apologising.

    On another note, that cibai DAP chinese Anthony Loke thinks he is too great. I know lah chinese has no manners one... but looking down at the civil servants (majority are Melayu) gathering to welcome him at MOT is biaDAP. Typical DAP chinese.

    1. Blackmoon the mother of all racist. Patutlah dibangsatkan oleh Najib. Sepatutnya kak Ijat kurung kau dlm kondo dia bersama lembu2 dia.
      Annie tolong block komen2 yang ada unsur perkauman. Jangan biaran blog kamu dijadikan sarang untuk lembu terkutuk ini.

    2. "Annie tolong block komen2 yang ada unsur perkauman. Jangan biaran blog kamu dijadikan sarang untuk lembu terkutuk ini."

      Annie blog posts also ada unsur how?

    3. Hahaha!!! Skimo Horny... another one of those DAP chinese lickers. Truth hurts, right?

    4. Keep it coming Blackmoon, and PH will be fine with lots of own goals from truculent Umno members like you.

  3. You are right, Zahid is still in la-la land, see this news:
    "Acting Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi believes that BN will be able to make a comeback against a government that is built on "hatred".

    "A government that is built on hatred, on issues that (BN) could not respond to due to poor communication, or not being grounded in reality – eventually the government will be punished by the people," Zahid told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur..."

  4. Me too. For some reason I prefer Hisham to KJ. Having said that, x ada ke barisan2 ex mb yg boleh pergi kedepan, eg Tok Mat,Zambry or Tok Pa, Anifah?

  5. Annie,

    //It has to be Hishammuddin and not KJ//

    Hmmm... to be honest, I have never really considered Hishammuddin to be leadership material.

    He was somewhat incompetent as Defence Minister as he never really fixed up the porous border over in Sabah.

    Could not lead his way out of a wet paperbag.

    But maybe he had always been overshadowed by others.

    Perhaps it is time for him to step out of the shadows and be his own man.

    //Zahid has to make way as do others who made too many mistakes prior to the GE14 defeat.//

    Yeah, Zahid cannot stay.

    He had all the power vested in him to ensure an UMNO win in GE14 and he cocked it up!!

    He was even arresting ppl left right and center for stepping on the cracks in the pavement to ensure an element of fear existed in the populace and he still could not deliver a win.

    Zahid Hamidi has shitstains all over him and yet he is trying to tell everybody he is clean.

    //KJ needs to recalibrate himself a bit more....think and work more for the interest of Umno//

    I think KJ might chuck the towel in and go into the corporate world.

    Of cos, with UMNO no longer in power, the question is how welcoming would the corporate world towards KJ.

    //Hishammuddin and KJ at the top should not look too bad.//

    Well, it don't look too good either but what to do?

    The toxic UMNO culture has ensure that there are very few viable leadership choices.

    It's hard to call yourself a circus if all you have are a couple of clowns and a few donkeys but maybe that is better then some tired old mangy halfblind lions pretending to be fierce, right?

    //Could Umno be revived?//

    Of cos UMNO can be revived.

    Zahid Hamidi must read your blog and came across my comment previously about having rank and file members decide on who to lead UMNO, so he has opened all positions to be contested. :)

    But, does UMNO want to be revived?

    It is not much use trying to revive UMNO if all the current office holders use their power and money to win back their positions.

    Let's admit it, if Zahid Hamidi decided that he wants to keep the post of President, he has enough money to ensure he can keep it, and there will be nothing anybody in UMNO can do about it.

    Those who want to revive UMNO should also ask themselves why they want to revive UMNO. Personal gain? Racial superiority?

    Forget the nonsense about protecting the rights of Malays, OK?

    We now know UMNO never protected the rights of Malays - there are 284 handbags out there somewhere which give lie to that belief.

    Malays constitute the majority of the population and it beggars belief that they cannot protect themselves.

    If anything, Malays have announced to the world that they can protect themselves using a new institution - the ballot box.

    Don't believe me?

    Wait until PRU15 and watch what happens if Pakatan does not do a good job governing the country.


    1. "We now know UMNO never protected the rights of Malays." Wrong.

    2. Of course all parties are protecting the Malays. UMNO , PKR , PAS , AMANAH , BERSATU, PBB , even WARISAN . Because only by protecting the Malays will they get to lead... to rule and to benefit themselves also. So no need to question about protecting the Malays.

    3. "We now know UMNO never protected the rights of Malays."

      Yes, they did. They protected the rights of the Malays to be cheated and stolen from to pay for Rosie's handbags. Thank you very much, UmNonok.

  6. Hisham...dia ni lembek macam sepupu dia jugak..Furthermore, I hate his crooked smile..

    1. I know some people who smiles like Hishamudin at the university I studied

      He is sly and coward piece of shit
      Cannot trust one
      He never crosses me however

    2. Hishamuddin does not have the moral and ethical conscience to uplift the Malay peoples. The 1 MDB fiasco showed up his downright lack of character!

  7. Kalau Hisham, lebih kurang Puad Zarkasi..

    Fuad jadi boss JASA walau kalah Parlimen. .
    Hisham yang kalah Parlimen nak di angkat pula jadi Presiden.. ??

    Sekurang kurangnya zahid daM Kj menang Parlimen..

    Hisham dan zahid kena out..

    Biar Kj dan anak² muda lain lead, yang dah tua, masih sayang umno, sokong sahaja.

    Umno mesti ada style, pendekatan dan format baru.. Biarlah generasi baru ini diberi kebebasan penuh..

    Tak perfect juga tetapi ada taste baru..

    1. Hisham kalah parliament?

    2. Dia ketinggalan bas annie, tp klau ikut u kan lbh baik ghani othman yg ketuai dumbno 😀😀😀

    3. Hahahaha.. Hisham memang..

      Atas isu tanah ATM yang dikatakan turut "tergadai" dan dijawab oleh Hisham boleh membawa kepada siasatan SPRM sebagai mantan menteti pertahanan

      Hisham juga hampir tewas naib presiden kalau tiada tangan ghaib..

      Even kj ttifak juga akan terlepas fengan siasatan 100 juta KBS..

      Umno harus bersih dari unsur tersebut apabila bangkit

  8. Like it or not. The ones who would revive UMNO will be those now voice out their U-Turn towards Najib and UMNO. Never mind what they did before or whether they are sincere or not. The people had rejected UMNO not only for the corrupted leaders but more disgusting is the whole party condoning and defending them.
    This is where the revival of UMNO can only be done with total mind resonstruction. And how to start is by condemning the old leaders and its ways. If the party cannot take it then no way UMNO can be revived.For that KJ and Mat Jazlan had done the right thing.

  9. Sorry, Annie, the whole lot must go.. All MT.. It is not one man mistake, the whole team... Revamp now, or they will have hard time to be accepted by the younger generations.. The future of our nation lies in the hands of the young ones..

  10. Gladiator,

    UMNO protected the rights of Malay okay. Just take a look at the GLCs and government service to see how well they are protected. Problem is when you have members using UMNO to enrich themselves, that is where the big problem starts. Anyway this is a good wake up call for them to get their ship right. They should have dump Najib Razak when he started having that young fuck Jho Low advising him. And UMNO going forward should be less feudal. All the best to UMNO. I really hope they can rise from the ashes. To give us Rakyat a good opposition/government.

    P.s. please get rid of Ku Nan. Just do him in to kill off his political career. He did so much damage to KL. I am pretty sure there are enough evidences to kill the Jabba the Hut. Get someone who doesn't speak the lingo Cash is King.

  11. In order to even survive GE15, UMNO need to change to United Malaysia National Organisation and not United Malay anymore. Open up and get rid of those MCA and MIC too. Maybe the name UMNO is stained change it to Barisan Malaysia. Race based party are for the 60s, 70s but now we are in 21st century and time to change and move on. Most people are educated now and as a government, you need to be a government of Malaysia and not by races. Let's not divide to rule but unite to rule and what better way to unite is by having all races into one party instead of having race base party. Think about it.

  12. My preference is all UMNO top leadership masuk jail due to rasuah. Sure ada kes coz there is no other reason for them to support a thief. Then only UMNO can be revived.

  13. Annie @ 23 May 2018 at 10:43,

    //"We now know UMNO never protected the rights of Malays." Wrong//

    Eeerr... was it really protecting the rights of Malays or was it merely feeding the Malays candu?

    If done prperly, the candu trick works really well, you know.

    The British used it very effectively against the Chinese back during Manchu rule, to the extent that the Chinese actually believed they were the ones benefiting from taking the candu :)


    1. Since everyone loves Dr Mahathir now, get someone to ask him whether what Umno did all those years was protecting the Malays or feeding them candu. Did he fed the Malays with candu during his 22 years as PM and Umno president? Ask him that. Don't take my words for it.

  14. Anonymous @ 23 May 2018 at 11:01,

    //UMNO protected the rights of Malay okay//

    See my comments above re candu to Annie.

    //Just take a look at the GLCs and government service to see how well they are protected. Problem is when you have members using UMNO to enrich themselves, that is where the big problem starts.//

    Some protection, eh?

    More candu, old chap?

    Let me help you light the pipe :)

    //They should have dump Najib Razak when he started having that young fuck Jho Low advising him.//

    Hahahaha... they were busy smoking candu.... eeerrr... sorry... protecting Malay rights :)


  15. I am waiting to see Azeez hauled to the court.

    I have no doubt that the new SPRM boss was referring to Azeez when he said that he was approached by one MP from the north to persuade him to stop the 1MDB investigation in 2015.

  16. Annie,

    You want to promote the cousin.

    Well, some people would say, why he stay silent all this while.

    UMNO need to be able to offer something better.

    By the way, the new minister for broadband says that double the speed, half the price.

    I'd say, it's about time.

    Now I can go to Life of Annie blog with half the price. So far ok what.

    Then, housewife can get kwsp. Water can get free some more. Wahh so good one.

    Finally, watching RTM is becoming more pleasant.

  17. Anonymous @ 23 May 2018 at 11:10,

    //Let's not divide to rule but unite to rule and what better way to unite is by having all races into one party instead of having race base party.//

    A great idea but...

    Are Malaysians ready for such an ambitious venture?

    A multiracial party is fantastic but will it be leadership by merit?



  18. Nothing to be sentimental about Hishan or KJ or anybody else in the UMNO lineup ,in fact the whole bunch are what that make people reject UMNO even among the elderly .

    If UMNO are serious about revamp and about getting back the people trust ,the state lesion and the bahgian also should't be considered for re election ,there to much stink's in them.

    At this moment we still didn't see any serious effort ,maybe because they sill don't ' INSAF' .

  19. Bluergh. Truth is umno stinks right now. They might as well disbar and create a new party.

  20. Annie, we should look into why the system behaved like it did, that is, what caused ministers, heads of government agencies etc all conspiring to protect the interests of one man whom they know is doing something illegal. In doing so, they are also committing offences in covering-up, obstructing the course of justice. It had to wait for the decision of an electorate to put a stop to this, otherwise it would have carried on ...

  21. Hishamuddin's baggage is pretty massive as well. 3 issues stand out:

    1. Blood bathing of his keris.

    He will never ever gain non-Malay support after making such a statement.

    2. Weak Minister - weak as Education Minister, weak as Home Minister, and weak as Defence Minister.

    3. Did not stop, curtail or prevent UMNO and Najib abuses of power - as the highest ranking VP of UMNO, he did nothing to stop UMNO and Najib. NOTHING.

    He may be relatively clean, but the fact he kept his mouth shut while abuses and robbery were running rampant all around him immediately disqualifies him from absolute leadership position of the Opposition.

    The whole UMNO Supreme Council lot deserve to go down, honestly speaking. Useless bunch of people.

  22. Annie you asked:- Did Tun M fed the Malays with candu during his 22 years as PM and Umno president?

    For 22 years during his premiership and several years more after that, he poisoned the UMNO Malays mind into hating the DAP chinese so that he can cling on to power. Now he lick the DAP Chinese to get back into power.

    I thought only the UMNO Malays are stupid... the DAP Chinese are no different.

    1. TUN M displays leadership skills
      While leading both BN/Opposition he wins
      Give him any party by name,he can make it a winner
      No needs for candu/dedak
      Malaysians are not stupid


  23. Annie @ 23 May 2018 at 12:40,

    //Since everyone loves Dr Mahathir now,//


    Heheheh, not me :)

    And what is this thing you call "love"?

    I am not familiar with that word :)

    //get someone to ask him whether what Umno did all those years was protecting the Malays or feeding them candu//

    I don't reach that far in the new Pakatan government yet, just one or two contactsat state level and one or two contacts at federal level at the moment.

    But, the answer to your question is easy.

    In his time, Mahatir fed Malays candu.

    The real question is not what was in the past but what is now in the present and what will be in the future?

    Now that Mahatir has a second bite of the cherry, will he continue that candu-feeding strategy?

    For Pakatan, that would be great, don't you think?

    Just think, continue the UMNO policy of feeding candu to Malays and Pakatan can also rule for 60 years :)

    Manyak cantik - yeah, Malays are the best, Malays are the tuans, Malays own the land, Malays must have priority over everybody, etc etc etc.

    Come on lah, why not aim for Pakatan rule for 100 years?? Don't make the same mistakes as UMNO. Get better quality candu.

    But I dunno.

    Maybe Mahatir is feeling his age and old people go a bit strange.

    Did I mention that I used to look after old people in an old folks home?

    Does Mahatir want to atone for his past sins and try to fix his fuckups from the past?

    I dunno.

    Only time will tell.


    1. Please note that I didn't use a single "Malay" or "Melayu" word in the post. Thank you.

  24. Is it desirable to revive UMNO? If the party is rejuvenated, will the same entitlement mentality live on, and it is the same monster all over again? Now people are using the word 'UMNO-DNA' as a derogatory term for those in position but with the UMNO baggage.

    UMNO have been in power for so long that they think the country's top posts are theirs in perpetuity. Now they are just powerless men-in-the-street. All politicians including those currently in power should remember they are there by the grace of the people.

    1. Depends on voters sentiment. After all Malaysia is a democratic country.

      As long there is a cause for UMNO to stay relevant to their voters group.

  25. when there is Harapan, there is no hope for dumbo...

  26. Annie,

    Hisham???!!!... again, Hisham???!!!.. well umno ‘deserved’ that (for him to be president), not Malaysia!!.. and Annie The Neutral can start campaigning for him.

    p/s; you need to ‘work’ really hard for hsham annie since this buggar thiink by keeping ‘quiet’ and act ‘donno’ all the time can make him Prime Minister. Selamat Berjuang untuk Hisyam annie


  27. Dear Annie,
    perhaps, the first question UMNO should be asking is how do we regained the trust that was lost?
    this question should be answered by every card carrying UMNO members and the result must be honored by UMNO leadership. If that means a wholesale cleaning at the be it. whatever the outcome is, UMNO must learn to be accountable for their actions. it is true, shit does smell and it stinks

  28. Dear Annie , to revive UMNO you need the old grandees of UMNO to do it. After all you are fighting Tun Mahathir and the team , a formidable one and Hisham and KJ is no match . How about Tengku Razaliegh Hamzah .

  29. Annie @ 23 May 2018 at 13:50,

    //Please note that I didn't use a single "Malay" or "Melayu" word in the post. //


    But we are discussing UMNO - a Malay-based poliyical organisation, and hence my remarks refering to the Malays.

    My apologies if you thought I was sniping at you.


  30. I'm just enjoying seeing the PKHKC Melayu tossing and turning inside the burning wok.

  31. Who to lead UMNO?Simple. Ask all potential wannabes to make a public declaration of their assets. Easy to spot the "dedak" eating ones. I will go for Johari Titiwangsa. He lost the elections but comes across as a knowledgeable likable person.

  32. {Picture of Hisham & Wife}

    "Number eight? Work first Hisham"

    Hehehe... if I'm not mistaken, the slot for 'eighth PM' had been reserved for the Rear Admiral... in two years time... after Dr.M had put in place an abuse-free administration of governmental and legislative agencies. e.g. No more political appointees in GLCs or GLiC such as TH, PNB, Felda, Felcra, etc.

    Therefore, Hisham had no choice but to wait for GE15. However his chances depend on whether or not the Rear Admiral fuck-up.

  33. Just wait a bit longer.. Maybe by the time the MACC goes through all the Umno big guns there will be no more present leaders left for them to choose.. lolololol

  34. UMNO searching for a shining star to bring them out from darkness? Bring back those that were sacked for going against the leadership.These are the people who can give UMNO a real fighting chance in the next election.

  35. Yg bodohnya org kampung,lembaga hitam ni disanjung olh mereka kerana dedak,sedar la skit org2 kampung,spesis ni mmang penyamun besaq,curi duit tabung haji plk tu

  36. The main problem with our country is there is no accountability. Everything tidak apa apa. Come on, we are talking about 9.8B.

    This is treason !!!!

  37. Annie, please la, hisham put all his men to be the calon all over Johor in PRU 14 and he slashed all calon selected by the Palace. Heard the Palace got very murka with him and some say want to buang negeri. And many bahagian in Johor boycotting the PRU because their calon been slashed at the very last minute. And now BN kalah, so he become so silent and looks very stupid because he thought he can win big and get prepared for the Umno Election to challenge the president post. But now, only tinggal HOPE. And The Palace also already kawtim with new government of the day, no umno no problem lah.

  38. ...dear annie, wish is for tun m to revive umno

    deep down tun m still loves the olde umno,
    the olde umno of pre merdeka or just after our merdeka

    ...however, does the current umno still has members who has those kind of ‘semangat’

    ...without the semangat of the olde umno....then in reality the current umno is passé and no longer relevant...then ph will replace umno...

    ...cheers all.....

    ph is now merely doing what we should have done when we achieved merdeka.....61 years ago....

    ..sutan nahu....

  39. Malaysians are in-built supporters of that ancient cultural remnant called feudalism.
    Didn't anyone notice that Najib had zero work experience when he quickly became deputy minister at 23 years and menteri beast at 27?
    We assume that the children of top leaders will excel in their own right, we suck up to them like hamba, offering them to abuse us.
    Mahathir determinedly wanted Mukhriz to be a key minister after his 22 years' reign ended. I guess at age 93, he has seen the light and Mukhriz will never make it, that's why the wise father kept him in Kedah.
    Now, Hishamuddin? You gotta be kidding, people who have worked with him during his stint in Skrine & co., and subsequently, hishamuddin loong(which later became lee hishamuddin) tell us that this man has a lot of echo between his ears, doesn't know basics of law.
    Him clean? Are you naive or what? His dealings with Ekovest Lim through his brother Haris have enriched the family to a smelly and enviable scale. Hairdos the family nominee and partly owns Duke highway, plus a chunk of Ekovest. Every compulsory shiny sticker on our beer cans and cigarette boxes is issued by Haris. Talk about rent seeking, this is a disgraceful example of poor rakyat propping these fake royalty families.
    Please, enough of ugly aristocrats!

  40. I am so glad that so many readers of this blog put up suggestions on who should lead UMNO.It shows that many still have soft spot for UMNO in their hearts.
    When I put forward a suggestion to my students in my class that UMNO should just be disband many of my students show surprise (These are first time voters who mostly voted PH).
    On the topic of leadership I believe Hishamuddin still carries bad image of Najib as they are cousins.In.that aspect KJ is a better choice.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. semua student saya sayang UMNO

      jho low

  41. Why KJ? He couldn’t bring the youth votes in 2013, couldnt again in 2018, how is it going to be different in next 5 years? No disrespect to him but he is exactly the perfect example of umno of the past, being put in a position of power. If umno really want to reinvent, they need a new leader. Someone new needs to step up. My 5 cents. Thank u

  42. No no no KJ, Hishamuddin or Zahid......all ketua bahagian and ketua cawangan lama kick them out.

    Let the members find someone with no baggages be helming the leadership. It may take another 10-15 years. So be it. But appointment the three kaki rasuah is a no no.

    If not kasi tanam UMNO supaya berkubor selama lamanya. Faham?