Thursday 31 May 2018

Graduates need to learn the hard life and not rely on promises

These stories are not very nice.

Pakatan's PTPTN pledge

 put on hold for now

Over 400000 PTPTN defaulters 
to remain in banks' blacklist

Even this one doesn't look good to me;

Pledge for PTPTN borrowers to delay
 repayment still being studied

I meant, the other day they said those earning less than RM4,000 per month can postpone the repayment of their studies loan, but now they said that one is still being studied.

Why la like that.

As I wrote in my previous post, they should study things first before making an announcement, and not the other way around.

Want to make election promises also like that.

See first whether you can do it or not, then only tell people.

Otherwise, like what PH people used to accused of BN, "janji dicapati" instead of "janji ditepati".

Remember, at one time they even said can give free higher education.

Simply simply say only.

Well, what to do, it's done already.

PH won, okay.

Anyway, I was never agreeable about borrowers of PTPTN not having to pay back their loan.

The money is needed for the next generation of students.

That's why I was against it from the start when PH turned the issue into part of its election campaign.

Ok, ok...."Najib stole the people's money, so that's why things are like this now"

The mantra....I know.

The new Education Minister said that,

Still, they shouldn't make that promise.

Nonetheless, the PTPTN borrowers shouldn't complain too much.

At least they got to borrow the money for their studies which is better than in some other cases.

For instance, my mother actually worked for two years as a waitress in Singapore to save enough money before going to study in Taiwan.

She even worked in factories in Singapore during her school holidays before that to have enough money for her education.

My mother is not from a rich taukeh family, okay.

Those days there was no PTPTN and scholarships was almost unheard of among Chinese school students unless they are extremly good in their studies.

So, really, the PTPTN borrowers simply need to learn to live the hard life a bit and pay their loan.


  1. Aiyaa Annie,

    You are working so hard to attack Pakatan. Cannot give them chance.

    Still say you are neutral. ?

    Nevermind laa, we don't believe you. Most of us have an opinion about you.

    Anyway, the minister of education said that this PTPTN thing is put on hold first.

    I mean , we are talking about Tun M and even Anwar. This two guys always put education their first priority.

    I am sure they will do something about education.

    At this moment , those who are previously blacklisted from going overseas are now cleared. Some can do hajj or take a break to makan angin. That is a good start.

    I am sure once they clean up the mess, education will be a priority.

    Actually Tun M want to be the education minister earlier but cannot.

    So, what next on your attack Pakatan list?

    World cup maybe?

    1. "At this moment , those who are previously blacklisted from going overseas are now cleared. Some can do hajj or take a break to makan angin."

      Hey, pay PTPTN loan first la.

    2. annie wow your blogging skills is attaining the standard of the legendary Red Bean Army bless you dear :)

    3. Ya ka??? Thank you, thank you :)

    4. You're right Annie. Pay hutang-PTPTN first, before going for the Haj/Umrah or makan-angin.

      Almost the same reason why I'm against Najib's using 1MDB's hutang money to sponsor thousands of village Imams for the Haj.

    5. It’s not about not giving them a chance. It’s about keeping them honest. They go into MOF for a couple of days and lo and behold they suddenly find hidden debt of RM500 billion which they use as an excuse to roll back some of their election promises. And in the process caused a mini market meltdown. They should just own up that their pledges were unrealistic. Moody’s already called their pledges credit negative.

    6. Agree Annie that PH should kept to their promise.Orang yg mungkiri janji adalah munafik.The education minister should take note.If got problem to fulfill say so and should provide alternative or partial fullfillment. Then explain and ask forgiveness to the rakyat. If you start to ignore your promise, you will lost your integrity and rakyat will judge you similar to BN.Then "horns" and "tails" will start growing on your head and bottom - nak jadi syaitan lah tu.

      Whatever happen - PH you should not ever curi duit rakyat under whatever circumstances.

    7. annie i dread one day it would be RBA lwn PH sigh...

  2. Org muda terutama first time voters betul-betul tertipu dgn janji-janji palsu PH.Nak buat mcm mana nasi dah jadi bubur, samada suka atau tak kena hidup dgn janji palsu PH.
    Banyak sgt isu yg mennyebabkan rakyat semakin kurang yakin dgn kerajaan baru ni.Thinngs became topsy turvy.Can you imagine the party with the smallest number of seats is rewarded with the post of the PM.
    Prof kangkung

    1. We kick the thief out that is the biggest thing everyone who voted ph should be proud of, period. Umno has stop paying division better check if you got paid this month by ummo. I see your posting very few now. You get paid by per posting or what from umno?

    2. Any issue the PM was selected from party with the smallest seat, tak halal ke or not comply with the constitution.?. We are looking at the most capable person that have the confidence from majority of the assemblymen.

    3. Populist solution like Tabung Milo Harapan Negara and termination of gov servants, bring back old cronies, keep blind eye on Rules of Law, scrap economic-benefit project like HSR, make many u-turn and merry go round decicion within 20 that what you mean capable???

  3. Annie,

    Toll pay now over between Sg. Besi to Seremban.

    That's good news yes?

    I am sure , you will not write this. Only look for the negative one in Pakatan.

    Well looks like good things will come. Now only less than 1 month.

    GST also start to be zero starting tomorrow.

    1. Well, I got people like you to write about the good stuff. And I'm waiting for ALL the tolls to be no longer around. About the GST, wait until the SST takes over lah. See whether really good news or not.

    2. That toll already scheduled to end on 31st May. Nothing to do with election promises

  4. I am worried that Mahatir's Cronysm is back again.

    1. At least Dr.M did not solicited dubious middlemen such as Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet and Jho Low in government businesses.

  5. Annie,

    You mantra now is "PH will not fulfill all its election promises".

    Because you want thieves to run the country again in 5 years' time and run down the country to the ground.

    Then what will you get? Satisfaction that PH fails to govern the country?

    Really, tell us, what is it do you want for the country? Thievery BN govt or a rookie PH govt which is doing its best to govern the country better and make lives of everybody a bit better?

    Apa lagi Annie mahu?

    1. Annie mahu buat bising je kalau ada yang tak betul.

    2. Annie tak pulak bising ya, yang rakyat kena bayar rm143 juta semalam pasal 1MDB.

    3. Tunggu for the 'refurbished' UMNO.
      Prof Kangkung

    4. Mana yang korang belum2 lagi dah terlebih bising aku malas nak tambah.

    5. Prof kangkung 00.43
      Ya memang we are waiting for the refurbished umno headed by the tujudin, a buaya replace by another buaya.

    6. Kangkung.

      Refurbish, banyak nak pakai duit. Ku Nan dah hantar memo ke semua cawangan... tiada lagi peruntukan bulanan.

      Oooo... baru kita tahu... rupa-rupanya, UMNO guna WANG Rakyat untuk urusan Party.
      Patut pun penyokong UMNO sangat risau, jawatan Menteri KeWANGan diberi kepada DAP. Takut DAP buat macam President UMNO yang kelepet WANG untuk beri pada setiap cawangan, setiap bulan.


    7. Don't worry - they can always use TIN MILO since they look down, doing it the professional way using TABUNG HARAPAN. TIN MILO donation tak perlu diaudit,
      boleh masuk poket sendiri separuh, nobody complaint!

  6. Kajian semula bukan bermaksud membatalkan niat suci supaya PTPTN hanya dibayar ketika gaji mencapai RM4k jauh sekali dari langsung tak perlu bayar.

    Kajian semula lebih bermaksud supaya tidak ada penipuan, helah atau apa juga kelemahan.

    Pembayaran semula minima RM30/bulan pada yang bergaji RM1500-RM4000 sebagai contoh masih tidak membebankan + insentif jika bayaran dapat dibuat segera atau tanpa gagal.

    Kerajaan wajar menyediakan saluran dan jawatankuasa kajian supaya publik dapat melontarkan idea dan seterusnya PTPTN masih terus berfungsi pada pelajar baru.

  7. Bayar lah hutang. Honestly some of the pptn student should get refund from their college. The quality of education from these higher college so poor. I think student to sue the college for delivering poor education or at least get refund by returning their certificate.

  8. Actually we are 5 years late. If the Malays have voted out BN in 2013 we can be very sure all the promises made by the then PR coalition will be fulfilled . As it is 5 years down the road we are all screwed by the kleptocrats. 5 years ago we are a rich country but now we are hutang keliling pinggang.

  9. You know why PH cannot keep their promises..
    Your captain blogger have the answer.

    Alhamdudillah .. thank you Najib Razak


  10. Bayar lah hutang. Dont renege.

  11. I hope its not for the sake of being popular that PH gomen suddenly decided to scrap toll collection at Seremban-KL Expressway.

    Hopefully the PH gomen could learn a lesson from BN... i.e after Najib declared toll-free at Batu 3, Sg. Rasau and 2 other places, there were 2 separate mishaps where 5 or 6 people lost their lives when the car they were travelling, rammed into the toll-booth, at Batu 3.

    1. Bukan PH yang scrap the toll....konsensi tamat pada

      12.00 mlm 31-5-2018 la

    2. Oh, I see.

      However, that toll concession at Batu 3 & Sg.Rasau too, was supposed to end in 2018. Unfortunately to the Rakyat, in 2011, Najib conveniently extended it until 2038.

      That's another 20 years of needless, waste RM2.14 Billion of Rakyat's money to pay for lost of revenue to the concessionaire. Or maybe, they have planned it all along in 2011.

  12. Anwar dah start 'main belakang' bila dia berjumpa dgn raja-raja Melayu.I ak sure the old man is not happy with what Anwar is doing.
    Anwar said he wanted to give lectures overseas while waiting for his turn to become the Prime Minister as a form of self-imposed exile.However the situation in Malaysia does not warrant him to be away for so long.
    I am sure Mahathir is keeping an eye on Anwar.I am waiting with bated breath what is the next course of action to be taken by the old man to put Mukhriz closer to the pinnacle of power.
    Prof kangkung

    1. Wow prof kangkung. Your english suddenly so powderful!! You write or someone else ah? *wink*

    2. Sorry kangkung..
      Everything is ok except mukhriz part.
      Mahathir will out Azmin closer to the pinnacle of power.

  13. Yeah, I agree that PH should not have promised this loan goodies.

    A lot of loans where used for buying handphones instead.

    You should compare with the student loan system in US. They are brutal. If you don't pay, they will go after your mother, your cat and your soiled underwear.


  14. Apa lagi Bulayu mau ???,

    Hutang 600 juta > komplin

    Hutang 1 trrlion > komplin

    Tabung delma > komplin

    Itu world cup 'Astro' > komplin

    Kasi tayang RTM > komplin

    Bayar PTPTN > komplin

    Tatak kena bayar PTPTN > komplin

    Tatak tol > komplin

    Bayar tol > komplin

    Bikin HSR > komplin

    Kasi henti HSR > komplin

    Jalan Manisfto > komplin

    Tatak jalan Manisfto > komplin

    KWSP kasi bini > komplin

    KWSP bini tatak kasi > komplin

    Menteli kewangan Cina > komplin

    Menteli kewangan Bulayu > komplin

    GST kasi hput > komplin

    SST kasi timbul > komplin

    PM angkat wang > komplin

    PM kasi siasat > Komplin

    Mat Sabu tahanan punya menteli pon > komplin

    Aii Yaaaaa!!!! ini macam , apa macam hilup ?.

    1. Haha... good one lufang.

  15. Hastening the recovery process on the missing billions from oversea can help overcoming the financial constraints
    If these 400,000 student defaulters can fork out a ringgit monthly it can pared downed the total debt
    Can you all imagine the multiplying effects


  16. Annie,

    Fresh grad life is memang tough. Regardless who is on top, memang susah nak cari kerja. I grad masa Pak Lah, my cousin masa Najib. Melainkan family korang orang kuat Umno atau BN then maybe cari kerja tu senang. Maklumlah peluang pekerjaan pun banyak if you are in the right circle. Masalah UMNO pimpinan Najib langsung tak rakyat friendly. You tengok cybertrooper dia. Bloggers Najib. Hidup gila mewah. Rakyat masih dianggap bodoh. Saya pun grad Uitm. Tak pulak dapat rezeki cam orang yang hanya berpolitik jilat Najib non stop. Dah kalah tu merendahkan diri sikit. Tengok Tun Faisal yang panggil orang uneducated. Nak saya ingatkan orang sebegini. You kerja tu apa manfaat kat Rakyat? You dapat belajar tinggi-tinggi pun sebab polisi Tun M dulu. Kononnye you educated sangat. Lepas tu main racial cards. Eh benda tu rakyat tak main dah. If you tak boleh jaga periuk nasi rakyat, you hidup mewah gila, nak main racial cards. You betul betul ingat rakyat uneducated? Silalah walk the rakyat's walk.

    Selamat Berpuasa.


  17. While we may continue to use the words
    smart and stupid, and while IQ tests may persist for certain purposes, the monopoly of those who believe in a "single general intelligence" has come to an end. Brain scientists and geneticists are documenting the incredible differentiation of human capacities, computer programmers are creating systems that are intelligent in different ways, and educators are freshly acknowledging that their students have distinctive strengths and weaknesses.

  18. To those graduates who voted for PH, EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT ! ! !

    1. anons 08:37

      Kita graduates yang berotak lar, bukan otak lembu and we voted PH without regret but filled with joy that we played a part in creating history in this country by helping to get rid of MOI, greatest disgrace this country ever had.

    2. Why is that?
      Still crying over bn defeat?..

      Pay your loan idiot.
      Future generation need that money.

    3. budak kpop. apa tau...semua mau free aje..
      without prev MO1 your parents are nothing and you all are nothing...
      bodoh sombong...lain kali baca habis habis la all the issues raised by PH. Fitnah ke, fakta ke, separuh masak ke, tipu ke...buat research tu,analyze...
      sebelum election PH janji bulan bintang, lepas berkuasa jual temberang suruh rakyat bayar hutang.

    4. Anon 10:33, u mean w/out Najib u are nothing? Memang le, u x leh hidup atas kaki sendiri.

      BTW, dah buat kajian ke najib tumbang sebab budak kpop? Anda pasti majority golongan 40an, 50an & keatas x mengundi Tun?

    5. Malang bagi rakyat Malaysia apabila usaha memacu pendidikan negara dipegang oleh pendusta. Menteri Pendidikan, Dr Maszlee dengan lancang memfitnah mengatakan kerajaan dulu menyembunyikan hutang.

      Kepimpinan kerajaan PH seolah-olah senada dalam memainkan fitnah hutang negara ini. Semua ini tampak sebagai jalan mudah untuk melarikan diri dari melaksanakan janji dalam manifesto PH.

      Hutang negara tidak pernah disembunyikan. Semua data dan maklumat hutang negara boleh diakses dengan mudah di laman web rasmi kerajaan dan Bank Negara.

      Berikut adalah senarai pautan yang boleh diakses orang ramai. Tiada diselindung.

      1. Government debt 686.8Billion

      2. Contingent Liabilities aka Debt guaranteed by Federal Government berjumlah 226 Billion(*end of 2017)

      3.Senarai projek Public Private Partnership (PPP) yang berjumlah 200 Billion

      Baru ini terdedah gambar Perdana Menteri, Mahathir Mohamad dengan dokumen tertera manipulasi hutang negara.

      Setelah apa yang berlaku bermakna jelas kini, sememangnya kerajaan PH cuba memanipulasi dengan jahat perihal Hutang Negara bagi menipu rakyat serta memburukkan kepimpinan EX-kerajaan BN sebelum ini.

  19. "Some leaders seek power for its own sake; some leaders seek power in order to increase their own resources or those of family, friends, and close associates. Those are not the leaders whom I admire, nor are they the leaders that young people should emulate. As I make clear in the pages that follow, the key to effective leadership is amoral: The skills that I describe can be used for the ends of a Nelson Mandela, or for the ends of Osama bin Laden. BUT once we turn from description to prescription, it is clear that, as individuals and as members of broader communities, we should do all that we can to increase the incidence of good leaders—individuals who are engaged, excellent, and dedicated to the pursuit of ETHICAL ends."

    -Prof. Howard Gardner

  20. "The less a person understands his own feelings, the more he will fall prey to them. The less a person understands the feelings, the responses, and the behavior of others, the more likely he will interact inappropriately with them and therefore fail to secure his proper place in the world."


    On behalf of most of the Malaysians who voted for this liberating change of government, I just need to say this. Ask not what the country can do for you, but ask yourself what you can do for the country? My point here is patriotism.
    Hermes beratus biji estimated 150 million tak marah.
    Duit beratus juta jumpa dlm rumah mengalahkan bank tak marah.
    Emas sikit punya banyak jongkong jumpa kat dlm rumah mengalahkan kedai emas, tak marah.
    Penthouse segala anak beranak kroni kat New York tak marah.
    Semua tak marah. I dont get it. Kenapa tak marah? Ni dah kira tahap Emelda Marcos dah, tapi still tak marah?
    Now bila LGE announce account derma untuk negara, segala kata kata sarcasm keluar. Tong milo la, Bersamamu la. Segala macam orang melayu mengata. Yang cina yang india rata2 ligat pi masuk duit dalam tabung negara. Eh melayu, patriotik dekat mana?
    Apa salahnya kita bersangka baik.. Nak tolong, tolong. Kalau mampu apa salahnya. Taknak tolong, tak perlu tolong. Diam je. Takyah pula di bulan Ramadhan ni membawang sambil hasut orang lain yang patriotik. Terutama yang melayu. Ni persoalkan kenapa tycoon ni tycoon tu tak derma. Allahu. Dia kena whatsapp you lepas dia derma ke macam mana ceritanya? Membaik pulih negara ni usaha bersama. Everyone is doing their part hatta Robert Kuok yang duduk kat Hong Kong tu pun balik untuk membantu.
    This is a together effort.
    Sedih betul. Kalau semua orang macam ni masa zaman Tunku Abdul Rahman dulu, tak merdeka la sampai sekarang. Melayu ni kadang² bukan lagi mudah lupa dah, tapi memang langsung tak ingat apa².
    Ni biar melayu sorang ni yang cakap pasal melayu. Kalau bangsa lain jentik, melayu terkedu. Tahu pulak sayang UITM, cuba suruh derma untuk UITM, mula la kata tong milo la bagai. Bila disuruh memartabatkan melayu, dia nyanyi ‘anak kecil main api’ ramai2.. tapi nyanyi je la isi tak sampai. Ramai² cakap pasal integriti tapi bawah meja hulur duit kopi. Rasuah dari anak kutu sampai tok kutu. Dapat lot berniaga, dia sub kan dekat Indonesian. Ada jugak yang lepas masuk kerja punch card minum kopi dulu satu jam, pastu kita marah orang cakap melayu pemalas. Lepas tu kita cakap pasal Ketuanan Melayu.
    Kerajaan nak potong 2% gaji untuk bagi pada isteri pun melayu mengamuk. Padahal dia tak nampak berapa timesfold duit tu lepas berapa tahun. Ada nampak bangsa lain complain? 2% tu pun dari 11% yang memang tolak for KWSP pun, on top of that dapat free pulak RM50 sebulan, tapi melayu tak nampak semua tu.. Pastu orang cakap uneducated, marah pulak.
    Ini lah yang nak diubah, supaya melayu Malaysia ni jadi kuat, high endurance, jadi front face negara ni yang majoriti mmg melayu pun. Kalau melayu boleh jaga diri sendiri, tk payah orang tua umur 93 tahun datang balik nak betulkan Asean tiger yang dah jadi Asean mouse ni.
    Tapi apa boleh buat. Selagi bukan jari sendiri yang terpahat. Melayu, you dont know how strong you are until you are pushed to the edge.

  22. ...cont

    Hakikatnya duit derma ni rasanya takdelah sampai mampu menghapuskan hutang negara pun but its enough to highten the rakyat’s sense of love to the country. Tak bangga ke tengok rakyat bersatu sampai sanggup bagi their hard earn money for the country? The thought of that pun makes me proud. Been feeling proud being a Malaysian these few days. Dont we all want a better Malaysia? Isnt that the ultimate objective? Then why cant we just move forward towards it?
    Kenapa kita nak jadi melayu typical? Orang selaraskan harga minyak pun komplen. Orang eliminate 6% gst to 0% pun komplen. Melayu, dari dulu sampai sekarang fanatik parti, bukan fakta. Tapi dia kata, dia ada semua fakta. DOJ, audit report, semua katanya tak betul. Yang betul siapa? Ibarat tin kosong, pung pang pung pang tapi itulah, kosong.
    Yang tak setuju menderma tu, takpe, its ok. Takde sapa paksa.. but dont belittle orang yang ikhlas nak berbakti.
    Anda maybe sayang parti. Kami yang lain pulak sayang negara ni. Yang patriotik lebih tu ayuh rapatkan saf, untung² pak arab yg derma 2.6b tu pun join derma juga. Kali ni kita tak payah ‘pulangkan’ derma lagi, kita gunakan untuk baiki negara.
    Dalam dunia mmg ada parasit. Nak enjoy the perks but segala benda to correct the wrongs semua para parasit tak setuju unless mengenyangkan perut sendiri. Macam kutu ba alif ba ya.
    Tahu cerita burung hud hud? Kecil paruhnya, besar hatinya. Bukan mcm sebahagian kita, besar mulutnya, kecil hatinya. Anyways, Ihya Ramadhan. �� jom banyakkan amal dan sedekah, ingat mengingatkan sesama kita. Wallahualam.


    1. So True,

      Lu cekap manyak atak betut maa aa , Wa eaa aa , kalang-kalang manyak sedih lea aa ,tengok Bulayu itu macam punya hat .

      Apa yang Bulayu hendak ,Wa lagi tak tau maa aa, semua macam salah lor rr.

    2. Yawnnn!!!...
      Dengar khatib beri khutbah Jumaat di masjid lagi dapat manafaat dari dengar bebel munafik liberal ni.

    3. # Menyesal undi PH1 June 2018 at 11:14


      If you cannot write legibly please go back to pre-school.
      Do not flaunt your stupidity in this forum.

    4. Bro. So true, there is no point throwing pearls to swine


    5. Apa pasat itu Lu tatak kasi sugest itu Cina sekolah n Tamil sekolah kasi tutup lor rr .

      Lagi 50 tahun pon ada ini macam cekap maa aa.

  23. Hi Annie,
    Now UMNO members no more dedak start jumping out already. Some jump to PAS, some jump to Bersatu, some jump to PKR. No more UMNO already, MCA also dead...MIC also irrelevant. A lot of jumping here and there now.

    Katak si katak lompat
    lompat la tinggi tinggi.
    Cepat la adik cepat
    Kita masuk la Harapan pergi

  24. shouldn't judged before the trial with valid and truthful facts...but hmm many netizens already acting like fair judges.
    The truth is PH is a hypocrite and had fooled the people. sad..!

  25. Rakyat pula bagai dipukau dengan alasan kerajaan mengenai Hutang Negara! Mereka mengangguk tanpa memahami situasi hutang negara dan definisi sebenarnya. Istilah ini sengaja digembar-gembur berulang kali sehingga rakyat mula percaya bahawa kerajaan tidak boleh laksana semua manifesto dalam 100 hari kerana hutang negara.

    Bukan sahaja rakyat, malah para pelabur juga turut terpedaya dengan mainan hutang negara ini dan bertindak membawa keluar modal. Tapi melihat kepada panik pasaran begini, apakah barisan pakar dibelakang kerajaan tidak menyuarakan kebimbangan? Atau sengaja membiarkan dan suatu langkah sulit lebih besar sedang diatur oleh mereka?

    Apakah barisan taikun-taikun bilionair dalam dan luar negara yang tiba-tiba muncul selepas PRU14 ada kene mengena dengan pengumuman rancangan menyenarai IPO Petronas! IPO Petronas merupakan saham mewah/mahal! Rakyat marhaen hanya mampu membeli jumlah kecil unit sahaja bila IPO ini disenaraikan.

  26. We didn't go bankrupt at 103.4% debt-to-GDP when Tun Mahathir was first the Prime Minister so how are we expected to go bankrupt when the ratio is just 50.8% or even 80.3% when Tun M is PM again?

    So, why did Lim Guan Eng and the PH Govt inflate the debt to scare the public?
    Because it makes political sense even though it scares away investors and is negative to our economy.
    What can be better than using this story (along with the Tabung) to say how bad BN was before and because of this, PH cannot fully deliver its manifesto?
    It's a convenient way to blame someone while they are down and a convenient excuse to use if they themselves cannot deliver.

  27. Tak hairanlah kenapa pada ketika ini pelabur - pelabur asing pun takut nak membuat pelaburan mereka di Malaysia kerana watak dan karektor pemimpin Rejim ini tak ubah seperti Badut.

    Mana tidaknya. Pengumuman berkaitan dengan tabung yang kononnya nak selamatkan hutang Negara itu hari ini hanya menjadi bahan lawak jenaka dilaman media sosial semata - mata.
    Bagi sesetengah pihak, Rejim Pakatan Haprak tu kononnya nak tunjuk yang mereka sedang berada dalam keadaan yang sangat kritikal sehingga terpaksa mewujudkan tabung berkenaan.
    Menurut logik pencacai Rejim Pakatan Haprak tu, tabung tersebut hanya diwujudkan bagi mereka yang mahu memberikan sumbangan. Ianya bukan paksaan atau dijadikan perkara wajib.
    Tapi yang kelakarnya, tanpa segan silu juga, Rejim Pakatan Haprak tu kata diorang nak belanja sebanyak RM 40 juta hanya semata - mata untuk menyiarkan perlawasan bolasepak World Cup secara percuma.
    Malah, tambah menghiburkan ialah apabila mereka umum nak bayar pampasan sebanyak RM 500 juta kerana mahu membatalkan projek High Speed Rail dalam keadaan hutang Negara yang kritikal.Walhal, projek itu bukan sahaja mampu memberikan peluang pekerjaan kepada 100 ribu orang rakyat di Malaysia dengan kemahiran tinggi. Bahkan ia turut menyumbang kepada perkembangan ekonomi Negara secara langsung.

    Kalau diorang dah tau keadaan hutang Negara pada ketika ini sedang kronik, apa kejadahnya diorang masih nak sibuk bayar tayang percuma World Cup dan bayar pampasan kepada Negara luar?

    Kalau setakat nak bayar hutang Negara ni, padan kutip derma dari anak beranak PM ke - 7 dan kroni - kroni dia je. Kot selama hari ini pun, dah beratus - ratus billion diorang rembat duit rakyat dan menjadikan ianya sebahagian dari kekayaan peribadi mereka sendiri!!!
    Dan elok rasanya generasi k-pop ni dari menderma ke kerajaan yang diHARAPkan membantu rakyat (bukan mintak HARAPAN dari rakyat menguruskan negara) membayar PTPTN ,hutang kad kredit dan segala-gala mereka...!

    1. a bad loser...u! instead of getting angry like dis u better learn something to help umno back on its feet....again. be a good loser n find ur way formula maybe? xyah le nak melolong gini. nampak sangat ko punya keciwa...

      anyway bila lak gov paksa ko derma?

  28. Rilekla Annie, ph ada 5 tahun kut nak tunaikan janji. Kita yg dah matang ni undi ph bukan sebab manifesto nya tapi sebab nak buang najib.

    Saya bersependapat dgn Rafidah Aziz, manifesto 100 hari ni benda bodoh. Trend 100 days ni ciptaan consultant & penjual buku motivasi. Let this be a lesson to those politicians in ph, next time jgn cakap ikut sedap mulut. To the naive yg graduates, let this be a life lesson, never trust any politician implicitly; always ensure there are checks & balances.

    1. So korang yang dah matang ni undi PH sbb tu ke. Bakar sendiri punya kelambu sebab marahkan nyamuk? Ni dinamakan pandir...

  29. FRIDAY, JUNE 1,

    [Video] Pendapat Mengenai Tabung Harapan Yang Merompak Rakyat Secara Terang²an-goto Rezqeen Hill blog...(well, some points to ponder about) i still think the Tabung Harapan is unnecessary for now. Its the gov job to face the debts and find ways, not cheap ways like this. And rakyat pun satu. bodoh piang...

  30. Nothing new la Missy.
    Duly Piji said like Monash University can be built with a few million ringgit only. Unlike Uni Swam that needs a few hundred million ringgit.
    Also lamented that gomen hospital can be built at much lower ringgit at a few hundred thousand ringgit per bed. Unlike gomen hospital cost of building at over 1 million ringgit per bed. He really cannot understand the gomen builds a complex instead of just one building. Buat malu MCOBA jer