Wednesday 2 May 2018

The possible silent killer

Just got back to my hotel room.

It's now past 2am.

Had dinner with some pro-BN friends and then chit chat till past midnight.

There were those from KL for the election like me and others who were JB based.

Learnt a bit or two about the current local political scenario, especially from the Johor guys.

I have to admit that I'm not as well versed of Johor as before because I've been in KL for quite a while.

Nonetheless, I still think I can tell which stuff that they told me were real and which were just bullshit.

But I don't really mind the whole thing too much, because I always enjoy listening to them all.

Yup, even the bullshit parts.

Anyway, despite all of them expressing confidence that BN will win in Johor, I did notice that they were concerned about the possibility (even if it's chances being remote) of Pakatan pulling an upset in the state.

It's actually quite hard to predict how it's going to be because of the "silent" campaigning in social media.

I believe that for Johor, it will hinge primarily on how many Johorean Malays will switch to support Pakatan.

Bear in mind that 83 per cent of them supported BN in 2013.

Other than the campaigning in cyberspace, the fact that most Johoreans tend not to be too emotional when it comes to politics made it even harder to guess the possible outcome of this election.

And I still think it's going to be quite a tough fight till the end in Johor.

Whatever it was, I had a quite good day yesterday.

In the morning I had breakfast at the W W Laksa House at Taman Waterworks.

It's something I used to regularly do but haven't done so since the last general election five years ago.

In the afternoon, I went to Aeon Bukit Indah.

The place was packed with people enjoying yesterday's Labour Day holiday.

It's nice seeing people enjoying themselves and appeared not to be bothered by the ongoing GE14 campaigning.

That's good, I think.

Honestly, I can't wait for us to end all the nonsense by May 9.


  1. Keep on voting BN and PAS
    we will be getting scandals after scandals in our GLC,
    we will be suppress and bully,
    we will endured high cost of living endlessly,
    we will see thief among our leaders and their cronies,
    we will see racism rise uncontrolably,
    we will suffer from the cutting of subsidies,
    we will whitness kleptocracy replacing democracy,
    we will taste bancruptcy,
    we will be famous for stupidity,
    we will be pressure to pay more GST,
    We will be loosing grip on our economy,
    we will be enjoying watching Parliament of comedy,
    we will have more 1mdb,
    we will have more idiots in Paspisspussy,
    we will see Azalina kencing berdiri,
    we will see Zahid buat comedy,
    we will have a bias judiciary and IGP,
    we will....wa lau eh banyak lagi....

    1. we will watch China taking over malaysia

      we will watch Kak Ros wear more pink diamonds

      we will watch our EPF vanish into the pockets of the First Klepet

    2. pkr are no better....lying liars plus samseng

    3. UMNO is thousand times worse

      Don’t let the fantasy of PAS deceive you

      PAS jilat Jho Low, anjing Jho Low tu, jangan jadi bangang Sokong PAS

      Pasal Jho Low lah najib sanggup jual tanah melayu kepada communist China, yelah hutang 1mdb tinggi nak mampus

      Ni ah long ke ape nie?!

    4. Annie has cockily disparaged Pakatan Harapan as disunited, unfit, inexperienced and undeserving of a win... but doesn't have the guts to tell us that she endorses the continued rule of an unrepentant criminal government.

    5. "...she endorses the continued rule of an unrepentant criminal government."

      Of course.

      Of course BN will win.

      Malaysians are lazy, immoral and corrupt.

      You can buy them very easily with money.

      Look at RPK.

      Look at some "Senior Ex-Editors".

      Look at the KBU.

      Look at the "unofficial" KBU in the ROS, EC, AGC, courts, you name it.

      All bought with dedak.

      How to win against such a rigged system?

      Yes, the fatty hippo and all these corrupt minions will feast well on our money for the next 5 years.

      HIDUP BN!!!!!!

  2. i have not come across any politician who has honest and sincere intention of serving the people, despite them telling people that rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan. but then, pakatan haprak people also same la, dua kali lima sahaja. anyway, your last para is damn good. i also just cant wait come may 9. come what may, life goes on, politicians come and go..

    1. Anon 8:43 you sounds almost right when you say pakatan haprak people also same la, dua kali lima anyway. Despite that fact you have to make a choice between BN and the so-called pakatan haprak. Perhaps you can choose pakatan haprak given that they have yet to redress the balance of their dua kali lima ability to the tune of 1mdb, felda, tabung haji, kwap, mara fiascos. You should give pakatan haprak the opportunity to rake up billions of loans justifying your dua kali lima claims. Then only it becomes true. If you don't vote them into power how could you prove they are just the same.

    2. Anon 11:42...Anon 8:43 dont need to make a choice,
      just dont vote

    3. Idiot

      You have a weapon to murder your rapist, why not use this weapon to murder them

      Excessive your power to vote

    4. dont vote....simple

  3. Masa Tun M keluar umno..apa pemimpin kanan umno kata..
    Tidak memberi kesan..
    Tua nyanyuk..
    Baling kaca pun tak pecah..

    Samseng umno jumpa Tun.. .itu sungeeii
    Pensyarah PAS jumpa Tun... Tunduk bawah, leher kejang
    Najib... Langsung tak datang..

    Sekarang, tengok potret dah terkicit.

    1. KD,

      Aku nak terguling..kikikiki
      "Najib...Langsung tak datang..
      Ada jugak perdana menteri macam ni..only in Malaysia.

      Tapi potong gambar Dr.M ni kurang senonoh.

      Sebenarnya ramai living Tun's berpihak kepada PH melainkan Tun Abdullah (kot). Malaysia jangan lupa..Tun ni anugerah tertinggi Perksekutuan.

  4. Plan A - failed as rakyat are not voting this Bullshit Nasional
    Plan B - activate BN steal an election macam BN stole or songlap 1mdb

    1. Plan A, Pakatan fails and their leaders go play the kites.
      Plan B, Pakatan fails and their leaders play the gasing.
      Plan C , Pakatan fails and their leaders pencen.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Pros Kangkang,

      We all know the only "play" you are good at is spreading your rear end to receive dedak.

      Mat Salleh call it a "suppository".

      You call it "gaji".

      Prof Sawi

  5. come 509 BN loss, BN long knives will be out for each other even before Harapan long knives can reach BN adoi...

  6. Nice photo there Annie ...

    Did somebody say this country is bankrupt ?
    Was it that wise , old but nyanyok man and his cronies ?

    Cant immagine what he and his crony will do to this country if they are in power ?
    But one this is certain cant teach old dog new tricks ..


    1. Another Waghih2 May 2018 at 15:28

      /Wise, old but nyanyok man and his cronies/
      Are you writing about your father and your relatives here?

    2. Bankrup dalam istilah ekonomi dan politik bukanlah sebijik seperti muflis individu di mahkamah.

      Dah nazak nak bayar hutang, duit dah kering, belanja lebih dari pendapatan itupun dah kira muflis, putus darah.

      Sudah tentu luaran masih indah kerana pemimpin bersikap, biar pape asal bergaye..

    3. Old but nyanyok man and his cronies ...
      N S Highway
      Penang Bridge
      KLCC Twin Towers
      LRT (First lines)
      Upgraded/new modern hospitals
      Upgraded/new schools
      ... wahh banyak lagi..ngantuk la tido dulu..

  7. BN..Bini

    Seriously we should be wondering are there any good capable leaders in BN mainly UMNO. If they are brave and capable they should ask Najib to resign as the resentment of the people is on Najib and his wife. It will be pretty easy for BN to win without Najib and just too bad they don’t have really capable and good leaders. Najib got so much baggage and it’s known as a kleptocrat throughout the world and only the blind will still follow his lead. Perception is very real in the political world. Maybe as Tun M said all in BN have been stuff with dedak.

  8. Its OK, Anne.
    At least BN & PAS sudah menang dari sudut BENDERA.
    U can see BN and PAS flags and Najib's Picture all over the country. But very few PH's falgs and of course no picture at all.

    PH is just like poor Cinderlela, being bullied all the time. Whereas I liken BN & PAS as the two ugly sisters yang mengada-ngada. SPR is the wicked step mother and R.O.S the unrelible father figure........HEHEHE.
    WE ARE THE PRINCE CHARMING of course. Handsome and caring.
    Between Cinderlela and the 2 ugly sisters, who would we choose...???

    1. If the shoes are fitting, why would it drop in the first place?

      If there were no selling out, how would a foreign espionage operative got assassinated after returning from subuh prayer?

      If there were no assistance from some locals, how would so many foreign espionage operatives flew back to their country of origin so easily after killing a man at the airport?

      They say, Islam is the true religion, Allah is the only true God, Al Quran is the true words of the one true God. But despite being true Muslims, some Muslim leaders in the country are seriously lacking in truthfulness, integrity, and honesty.

      They say, there are bad people in other religions also.

      That’s true, but that means also that there’s nothing special about the so-called one true religion, it’s just another religion, that’s all.

      By the actions of the so-called bad muslim leaders, they put their god and their religion as equal to other religions and deities. That’s a great sin in Islam and that’s called ascribing partners to Allah.

      They are the sinners called musyrik.

  9. Annie,
    Obviously the number of flags, be it along the highways, town centres,in the villages,or where ever, does not really matter la..........Merdeka Centre says there's a "big" drop among the Malays towards BN, but not yet to the strength of a tsunami. To many, INVOKE's projection is just a Rafizi's joke. Then again looking back wouldn't GE 2008 be the biggest joke?

    1. Imagine how much Umno cronies made from Printing & Jilat disfigure Malaysia with the corrupt dacing.

      Don't be amazed if each flag costs RM400.

      Remember the case of RM420 screwdriver?

      The car jack worth RM50 that the crony charged RM5,000?

      The scanner worth RM200 that the crony charged RM4,000?


      Please vote for Barisan Neraka, and get cheated out of your money again.

      Prof Sawi

    2. Yeah ...imagine how much Turn M cronies made in his 22 dictatorial yrs .

      He force all of them to hoard the monies .
      The day after Turn M retired ..all his children became billionaires.

      Remember BNM forex ?
      Remember Realdmild ?
      Remember MAS ? (watch the video la)

      And yet the idiot Pakatoons still want to remake history .

      All the best anyway .


    3. Idiots will remain idiots.rememeber the Lebai Malang folklore story? These pakatoons people are the real lebai malang
      Prof Kangkung

    4. Waghih2 May 2018 at 16:01

      No, don't remember ancient history of 30 years ago. Not relevant la, makcik.

      Remember 1mdb?

      Remember felda?

      Remember Eagle High?

      Remember pink diamond?

      Remember Wolf of Wall St?

      Remember TH?

      Remember KWAP?

      Remember Cow-Condo?

      Remember Kelate FA?

      Better to live in the present, oi makcik oi......

  10. If PH wins PakLah will be persecuted first n sentence to 10 strokes of rattan for his offences. Pleading a pillow for his age the judge allows.
    For Najib Razak .. He asks two pillows but the 20 strokes torn the pillows after just 5 strokes.
    If BN wins Tun DrM will suffer the same casualty. Bcoz of His age the learned judge spare the rattan. But TDrM insists he wants the rattan. The judge asks how many pillows? TDrM with his trademark smile... No pillow. Just tie Najib Razak behind my back..

    1. HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

      Two thumbs up!

      Or ask for the Badak Air Betina (Songlap Specialist).........for extra padding!

  11. after 61 years of BN misrule, half of msians still earn below RM2,000 a month but MO1, jho low & riza aziz can songlaply earned billions, how rakyat will support & vote BN sigh

    1. The cowmama is running free.

      Annuar Musang is running free.

      Isa Samad is is running free.

      The Bibirpink Thief is running free.

      Jho Low is running free.

      The Greedy Hippo is is running free.

      Riza Aziz is running free.

      Is this the country we want?

  12. from BN insiders (aka silent killers) - BN will win only 20 parlimen seats...

    1. and ph win all the rest with high majority....and now all the delusional macai is going to be happy reading this

    2. so Bodoh Nasional reverse pyschology lah so now BN is busy producing phantom voters & printing phantom votes to hijack GE14.
      anyway will civil servants & rakyat stand still & let BN thieves & pirates do all these nonsense sad...

  13. 16.24..
    Bn insiders...LOL
    Another cousin of Pizi Sotong..
    Be realistic...itu Parti Mungga contesting 58 Parliament seats..
    I do not want to predict..
    Use your own assessment and do a little research on the who and who their candidates...
    What about PAN's ....
    PKR..without PAS they will be doomed hanging on Chinese support only..

    1. Yes.100 % agree with you
      Prof kangkung

  14. Annie,

    I suppose you would not have titled your post the way you did if there aren't 2 camca of truth to the tajuk.
    So this shows the possibility is real and that you can't help it but to say it like it is.

    Well most of ua still think that BN may still win with a super slim margin. A hung Parliament would be more interesting. A PH win would be very much desired and a landslide PH (however improbable) is delightful.
    We are all sick and tired of the endless politics of longakang grade for almost 2 decades prior of which we had fairly good daily lives thatbwe were not at all bothered by what Dato' Ssri Dr.Mahathir did but to go to ballot boxes and pangkah the dacing without having a second thought to choose the moon or the rocket or the fist. Think of it. Don't be like a one professor here who even with a microscope he still couldn't see the ailing dacing dah senget..berat dosa.


  15. Banyak cekap pon tatak guna maa aa ,sendili sutak hidup ,sendili atak mata bolih tengok maa aa.

    Boloh punya olang pon mau "halapan" masa lepan yang terang maa aa.

  16. 17:10
    a malay tsunami to destroy dumbos from destroying malay institutions...

  17. And the RM500 to each DRB staff. Is that true? What is the incentive for?

    1. Particularly disgraceful, have been reports that down in rural villages BN workers are demanding that the recipients of cash handouts, amounting to as much as RM2,000, must swear on their holy word that they will vote BN in return for the election bribe.

      These poor folk are therefore allegedly being enjoined to make their oaths with respect to dirty money, compounding the sin already imposed upon them.

      If this is widespread allegation is a slur against BN, then their leader ought here and now to make a public televised announcement that no person who has received cash at this election must feel in any way bound by the word of Allah to vote for BN or any other party.

      If Najib fails to do this, given the reports that have been circulating, then he stands guilty.

    2. So, what is Plan Z?

      Sources close to Special Branch have allegedly leaked details of a full-scale operation to ensure that there will be ‘votes available on the night’ to top up failing BN candidates.

      It is little surprise. The country is already awash with discussion about the concerns relating to postal votes from the army and civil service, both of which are put under enormous pressure to put the combined million or so votes in the hands of BN. The secrecy surrounding the destination of those votes and the practice of distributing them to marginal seats has long stained the management of Malaysia’s elections.

      However, over and above this established abuse, we now have allegations that boxes of standby ballot papers will be distributed to all vulnerable BN constituencies (which by now means all of them). Given the blatant level of cheating already on display, these concerns deserve credence and all good people should be put on warning.

  18. Malay Tsunami ? .... Nahhh.
    Malay Wave ? .... Sorry WCW.

    The sentiment have changed now and most malay have got a better grasp of issues being played out by oppo.
    Fast respond from govt on issues raised has help thwarting the effect.

    In GE13 ..the oppo had a field day in raising issues and folklore and the govt seems to be helpless in addressing it .

    Nowdays it is the reverse ...
    Even in my various WA group , the oppo guys are not getting the mileage . Any issue they raised was shot down immediately ...with facts n figure .
    Especially on fake news.
    1MDB is no longer an issue anymore. Nobody dare to open it up .
    Guessed Bro Azrul did a very good job with his tour .
    I did attend one of the session and it was marvelous . The presentation was excellent with fact , figures , flowchart n letters. All question raised was promptly n clearly answered.

    And yesss the oppo ceramah in my place is a quiet affair . Hugely different from those days ...

    So folks ... start placing yr bets.

    By the way.. Annie's assesment is better than WCW.


    1. Waghih, before you get overboard with Arul aka Bro Azrul (sudah convert dan potong agak nya ) with his so called 'facts,figures, flowchart n letters, do read this : (excerpt only )

      Arul Kanda and the lies about 1MDB :

      *Arul Kanda claims 'Transparency: the company has become much more open, transparent and accessible, both to the media and to the public'.

      Truth is, not one 1MDB annual report has been released since he came on board. Instead during his time, the auditor-general’s report on 1MDB was made secret under the Official Secrets Act, probably on his advice. He never told the government to make the report public.

      These two documents are all that is needed to condemn or exonerate 1MDB.

      *Arul claimed...' Massive debt reduction: 1MDB debts have been massively reduced from RM50 billion to RM31 billion.'

      By selling power assets at a loss which was bought with bank loans in the first place of around RM10 billion. The sale extinguished that borrowing and further borrowings of about RM10 billion in the books of the power companies, all of whom took substantial loans to build their power stations. And he goes around boasting about this, the sale of the only solid assets 1MDB acquired and that too at an inflated price. Most of the rest of the assets cannot even be found.

      First, some US$7 billion of 1MDB assets cannot be accounted for or verified. In other words, it has gone missing. Now who says this? Our own auditor-general in a report which has been classified as secret under the Official Secrets Act. Numerous press reports, one of which is here, quote this figure and this has not been denied or refuted to date.

      Meantime, the US Department of Justice (DOJ), in an updated report, said that 1MDB officials and their associates had embezzled US$4.5 billion between 2009 and 2014, which it added further was laundered through the global financial systems, including in the US. That explains part of the missing money. It is the most extensive action brought under its Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative.

      The department said that the money was used for personal gain. They include purchasing luxury properties, artworks, a private jet, jewellery, funding a movie production company which produced movies like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. The luxury yacht, ‘The Equanimity’, which is said to belong to Malaysian businessperson Jho Low, was one of the assets on the list.
      Add to this figure of US$7 billion, or about RM28 billion, a sum of about RM12 billion which includes items such as bond mispricing of RM6 billion, overpayment for assets by RM3-4 billion and overpayment to financial advisers of about RM2 billion. A detailed explanation of how this was obtained is in this report, the first part of which I wrote. That makes a total of around RM40 billion at least.