Monday 14 May 2018

Pribumi coalition and a dream two party system

I'm having another look at the GE14 results at the federal level and I think I want to comment a bit on them.

PH - 113 (PKR 48,  DAP 42, Pribumi 12,  Amanah 11)
BN - 79
Pas - 18
Others - 12 (Warisan 8, Ind 3, Star 1)

PH won with 113 seats, plus the eight seats of their ally Warisan from Sabah.
So, all in all they have 121 seats.
Maybe they are still waiting for more BN component parties to quit and join them.

So far Sarawak's PBB said no to PH.
They have 19 seats.
Maybe they want to go on their own instead of following any of the coalitions based in Peninsular. Without PBB, BN will only have 60 seats.

Dr Mahathir is the PM but his Pribumi only have 12 seats.

If Pribumi combines with Warisan they would have 20 seats.

If PKR, DAP and Amanah combined, they would have 101 seats.
Short of 11 to form a simple majority without Pribumi and Warisan.
If Warisan goes with them, they would have 109 seats, short of three seats to get a simple majority without Dr Mahathir's Pribumi.
Maybe they could get those three extra seats or more from somewhere.
This will be quite interesting when Anwar gets out of jail.
The guy may just pull this one up.
Hey, he may not want to wait for Dr Mahathir to step down.
He had done that a long time ago and suffered for it.
Anwar may also not like someone like Azmin to cut queu.

But knowing Dr Mahathir, I think he is smarter than Anwar. He may think like this;
Pribumi is to combine with BN without the Sarawakians, they would have 72 seats.
Remember the bad boy Najib no longer around, okay.
Then, if they manage to persuade Warisan, they would have 80 seats,
If they also manage to get Amanah, they would have 91 seats.
Then, if the Sarawakians also ended up joinimg them, thats 110 seats.
Then if Pas also joins them, they would have 128 seats.
That would be a real Pribumi coalition running the country.
Dr Mahathir would of course be the PM.

If that ruling Pribumi coalition becomes a reality, DAP and PKR which are more multi-racial and liberal would be the opposition with 90 seats.
Anwar can be the opposition leader again.

Then I think we can have a good two party system with a good opposition.

Can or not?

Dr Mahathir versus Anwar again, just like last time.

That would be fun, don't you think.


I know you all laugh too.....but lets watch how things turn up.

I'm putting a music video here to lighten the mood a bit,

Nice, right?

Yup...dream, dream, dream....


  1. Adoi. Tun bermati2an nak selamatkan Malaysia. The rest sibuk berpolitik? Tun punyalah kerja keras dari lepas menang. The rest buat apa? Horse trading? Shame on you! (kalau betullah Annie punya sangkaan).

    I think DAP is not that stupid. Amanah too. But let's see lah how it unravel in near future.

    1. I hope that is not gonna happen.
      Country already sufffered under kleptokrat leader.

      Just pray Anwar didnt bring his old attitude. If mahathir can change, why not him.

      We really need a reform. This mess up join venture just kill the mood. People already put their trust in PH. If some of them still greedy, then 3rd force will come out. We will never in good shape


  2. Another theory floating around is BN (79) plus PKR (48) is 127. Ahmad Zahid denied a report that he met Anwar today. If it is true that both of them really met, what do you think they are discussing about? Anwar might want to preempt Tun Mahathir? I think the drama has just started and get ready with our popcorn.

    1. You assume all the non-Malays MPs in PKR will kiss Anwar's behind if they were promised RM25 million, the same amount DAP's Jelapang assembly-woman got in 2008?

  3. PKR was not happy with the Finance Minister post be given to DAP. Are they negotiating with BN to form a coalition led by PKR? You think PKR will betray their supporters?

  4. Hi Annie...
    Appreciate your view.

    But..can you make more "interesting" contigencies beside that arithmetic ...I'm sure you can...
    How about :
    Did Mahathir never think about that calculation before he made desicion to join force with former enemies back to Deklarasi Rakyat establishment?

    I suggest you to make some serious analysis on why DAP which over 40 year of effort agree to"keep" their rocket on this 14th Election ...
    How about TYT Sarawak visit Tun...Why Brunei Sultan met Tun this morning ? Come on Annie...I guest you must have more viable prediction on this beside that calculation which is no big secret...
    Bye Ann

  5. sweet dreams, sweet girl

  6. Hey Annie,
    I recommend you another song..

    Fantasy by Earth Wind and Fire

    Keep fantasising and dreaming .. hope it’s not a wet dream 😜😜

  7. For ur latest update, all 3 bebas already join now PKR hv 51 seats..thnx.

  8. Sorry Annie. Panjang sikit.

    Annie sedang 'dream, dream, dream' ke apa?

    Dah dua kali Anwar mengepalai Pembangkang dan tak berjaya menyatu-padukan mereka. Malah pernah bertanding sesama-sendiri dalam beberapa kerusi, menentang UMNO/BN.

    Ya... mungkin scandal 1MDB memberi kelebihan pada Dr.M, tetapi hakikatnya, DAP lebih percayakan Dr.M dari Anwar yang diketahui akan gunakan Agama (misalnya RUU355), demi keuntungan politik beliau yang sudah lama mahu jadi PM.
    Manakala Dr.M tidak pernah berganjak, menentang Hudud-PAS.

    Annie bermimpi ka... yang semua Ahli Parlimen DAP, PKR & Amanah akan 100% ikut cakap/kehendak bekas-banduan salah-guna-kuasa dan bekas-banduan l***t tu?

    Annie sedar tak?... selain satu-dua kerusi yang dikowtim dari Amanah/PKR, PPBM bertanding dihampir kesemuanya, kubu-kuat UMNO, manakala DAP & PKR hanya bertanding dikerusi yang agak selamat atau yang pernah mereka menangi.
    Contohnya di Langkawi... mampukah Nurul Izzah, Wan Azizah atau Mat sabu menang jika mereka bertanding di Langkawi?
    Oleh itu, 12 kerusi yang dimenangi PPBM itu amat bermakna buat PH dan atas dasar itu, mereka menghormati 'keyakinan' dan keberanian Dr.M. Dan... yang paling penting... selain Dr.M, tiada siapa yang 'mampu' atau berani menegur Panglima Angkatan Tentera, Polis, maupun Istana.

    OK... sekarang saya pula yang 'dream, dream, dream'.

    Dr.M sudah arah, hentikan terima katak-lompat dari UMNO-Najib.

    Maklumlah, UMNO-Najib sedang berisiko dibatalkan kerana tak ikut Perlembagaan sendiri. Sebab itu mereka tergopoh-gapah, mahu bermesyuarat-bahagian dalam Bulan Puasa ni. Lepas tu baru boleh adakan PAU secepat-mugkin, sebelum diharamkan ROS-Baru.
    Jika tak sempat buat PAU, kerusi ADUN dan AP yang dimenangi UMNO, termasuk yang telah melompat, akan diistihar HARAM.
    Jika mereka masih gagal mengada PAU sebelum tarikh pencalonan PRK(Pilihan Raya Kecil), PH/PPBM dikira menang tanpa bertanding.
    Jika PAU berjaya diadakan, kebarangkalian-besar hanya PPBM & Amanah yang akan bertanding supaya mereka berpeluang mendekati jumlah kerusi yang dimiliki PKR & DAP.

    Hakikatnya, cara ini lebih democratic daripada menerima katak-lompat, yang secara terang-terangan mengkhianati hak & amanah yang diberikan pengundi dalam PRU14 dan sudah tentu akan dicemohi Rakyat.
    Malah dikalangan rakan dalam PH sendiri pun, sudah ada yang menyuarakan rasa tak puas hati, takut PPBM akan 'berjangkit' virus-UMNO, jika terus menerima ramai katak. Sudah la yang sedia ada pun, kesemuanya bekas-UMNO.

    Mungkin sebab itu, pengampunan Anwar terpaksa dilewatkan sedikit atas alasan... "What we want is to restore the rule of law". Semuanya mesti dilakukan mengikut undang-undang sedia ada. Pada masa yang sama, Dr.M sedang 'mendaulatkan' undang-undang & peraturan untuk memastikansupaya, Rasuah berada pada tahap paling minima, apabila beliau sudah tiada.

    1. "Maklumlah, UMNO-Najib sedang berisiko dibatalkan kerana tak ikut Perlembagaan sendiri. Sebab itu mereka tergopoh-gapah, mahu bermesyuarat-bahagian dalam Bulan Puasa ni. Lepas tu baru boleh adakan PAU secepat-mugkin, sebelum diharamkan ROS-Baru."

      Sdr RD,

      Am curious to see the outcome. Will Tun allow his once-beloved party of 22 years under his presidency to be de-registered?

      But Tun is not sentimental, he is ruthless. "Killer instinct."

      Let's see...

    2. Anonymous15 May 2018 at 05:57

      No need to wait and see. If Umno survives, it is a direct competitor of PPBM. So, Umno will not be allowed to survive. Tun wants Bersatu to be the new Umno. Simple...

    3. He is sentimental to some degree. But wht makes him the man is to be able to make the hard choice. For this we can trust him to run the country

    4. From the mamat who kena "death stare" from Tun....

      Kamarul said if the Umno MPs remained together under Zahid whether or not the party was deregistered, this would be advantageous to PKR.

      “Zahid is closer to PKR, given that he used to be Anwar Ibrahim’s protege, so if they remain together, then Anwar is likely to benefit.

      “But if Umno is deregistered, then PPBM would have an advantage in attracting individual MPs as it would be more attractive given that the nature of the party is similar to Umno and also because Dr Mahathir Mohamad is prime minister.”


      Draw your own conclusions.

  9. Hi Annie,

    Great permutations,fabulous imagination and wishful thinking!

    Shockingly you have discounted Suryati Ibrahim (ROS) in your wish list of numerical games.

    She happens to hold the purse key and in a couple of days she will know if she too will listen to the song which is highly recommended for her as well.

    Thus far the song has been dedicated to the ex PM, his wifey, Irwan, Sharir, Dzulkifly and Apandi.The list may expand based on events unfolding in the next few days.

    BN can be rest assured that they will never get near to Putrajaya for at least,the next 10 years.Period.

    Selangor and Penang has proven it and the recent election results of these two states shows BN has been decimated like mince meat.
    The peduli rakyaat programmes of Penang and Selangor, if extended to all PH ruled states plus the elimination of GST will give PH an iron clad hold to continue for at least the next 10 years.
    BN has to counter these goodies to have any semblance of winning over the rakyaat. With all the best brains found in PH ,it is highly unlikely BN can offer anything to sway the rakyaat and it has been proven that BRIM just did not work.

    Anwar,LKS or anybody else cannot match the wily TDM.He will ensure everything is in place and none holds anyone at ransom.And he knows (as much as everyone else) that power has now shifted to the hands of the rakyaat. And Anwar too knows about this.

    As days pass to weeks and months, the dirt and mess created by BN will be laid bare by the new administration and whatever little support that they have conjured till now will evaporate and vanish never to return.

    And Suryati has to show to Parliament the exact clause that empowered her to give a lifeline to a dead donkey which was already in ICU for 18 months. And if she succeeds, you can play and continue with the number games.

    Exciting times ahead for many of us while all the sinners can start listening to this 1977 classic by Peter Tosh -Downpressor Man (the lyrics are fittingly appropriate for many who belonged to the previous regime).And as a 9th time voter, this is my dedication to dem people.

    Rasta Rules

    1. If they don't do too much infighting, PH can break BN's 60 year record.

      BN as it is today is finished.

      Wait till Tun chews them up and spits out the bones.

    2. That Suriyati head will roll soon, bro.

      Pls don't forget she gave PPBM a hard time and refused to register Harapan.

      Simple rule of life lah bro:

      If you cross swords with Mahathir Mohamed, you will lose. And he will make sure you pay the price.

      Makcik ROS tu konpom endangered species, bro...

    3. "Makcik ROS tu konpom endangered species, bro..."

      Not endangered species.

      Extinct species.

      Other people who better be worried....




      Fei Low

      Riza Aziz

      EC Chief

      MACC Mat Misai Gatal


      Pandikar X Mulia Langsung

      Nazri Samseng Padang Rengas & KBU biadap yg sewaktu dengannya

      Hancur, beb.

      Semua hancur.

  10. Hi Annie; Outsyed was postulating PKR+UMNO+PAS. As Zahid with Ketua Umum PKR was very close.TGHH was very close with Ketua Umum PKR too.This gave them easily 49+79+18=146 seats.In reality, UMNO without power will be difficult for them to survive.Alternatively, a good Chance for them to dissolve and enter PKR en bloc.With a few more parties from Sabah n Sarawak, they can become no 1 multiracial party in Malaysia.Politically this can be done but I am not sure the voters will accept.In my case I had voted for Pakatan Harapan candidates and not for PKR candidates as I believe no component party shall become dominant.

    1. Ketum PKR and Hadi Ah Wang are musuh, though.

      Hadi Ah Wang and Mat Sabu are musuh too.

      I think Zahid & Ketum PKR were buddies before but now not so close.

      But, I do believe that Zahid met him.

    2. I don't think the non Malay and even the enlightened Malay MPs from PKR Will go along with the idea of corporation with Umno and pas. Their values are too different.

  11. LOL...

    Annie, please read Outsyed the Box for a far more realistic theory.

    But his theory is also complete bullshit, like yours.

    Let me explain why yours is bullshit:

    "Then, if the Sarawakians also ended up joinimg them, that's 110 seats. Then if Pas also joins them, they would have 128 seats."

    You think Sarawak parties will be in a coalition with PAS? The reason Sarawak has never permitted Umno is because they don't want religious & racial extremism to come into their state. Check out how many votes PAS got in Sarawak after Hadi's comments last year....ha ha ha!

    As for Outsyed, he is like RPK, a spinner.

    He is paid to undermine Anwar, lah.

    His theory is bullshit because you honestly think Malay PKR voters will embrace the thought of Umno corruption? No way. It would be suicide for PKR.

    It's like taking a clean white shirt straight from the washing machine, putting it on, and jumping into a sewer.

    Will never happen.

    1. Never say never. Circumstances change, people change. The end of never might be closer that you think.

  12. Nope, I don’t think it will happen. The rakyat had had enough. Enough politics. Let’s get down to work. There’s a lot of issues need to be attend to.

  13. PAS contested 160 seats, won 18. 18 out of 180, that’s like what 11%. One should distinguish between real politics or fantasy politics. Ukur baju di badan sendiri. And the president talked about Pas being kingmaker. Kingmaker la sangat... Wake up and smell the rose.

    1. Wait and see PAS case vs. S.Report in xde Umno to pay for PAS legal bills, mcm mana nak finance? Look like PAS leaders have to sell all their kereta mewah......kesian dorang

  14. Lifeofannie

    Ya you are really dream dream dream, kawan!

    You think Amanah and Pas in same coalition? No chance, they are enemies

    You think the Christian voters in Sarawak will tolerate Pas in the same coalition as the Sarawak parties?

    Will never happen lah.

    Do better analysis kawan.

    Only real possibility is that Umno and PPBM merge in 10 to 15 years time. Right now you think Tun and Muhyiddin can forget all the insults that Umno made towards them?

    1. Anon 07:02, Zahid Hamidi & Anwar were best buddies. Zahid were even held under ISA around the reformasi time.

    2. "Only real possibility is that Umno and PPBM merge in 10 to 15 years time."

      No, I think PPBM actually IS the new Umno - that means, they will get registered and grow in size. And replace Umno.

      The party that looks after Malay agenda is PPBM.

      That's why my prediction - Umno Baru will be de-registered.

      It may be sad to say, but you will need to read about Umno only from history books.

      This is because of anak Tun Razak.

      If his father was alive today, he would be devastated by how Najib killed Umno.

  15. Ayoyo....all this royal meddling coming back already kah??? Ayoyo........

    Look at Johor, royal meddle and choose ex-UMNO...cause without UMNO type of mindset people, nobody gets contract and can jolly enjoys...

    UMNO account balance almost gone Federal contracts, cannot tahan la.....must join back PH....

    Letting in UMNO types is like letting cancer cells into body....hehehehe

  16. boboi is wanting 2b PM otw

  17. Anybody know when hudud will be implemented in Terengganu or Kelantan? PAS & UMNO agree on HUDUD. Now they control those 2 states....implement la HUDUD......Sultan also get sebat for drinking whiskies.....Now they banned Cinemas already...cannot watch Avenger Infinity Wars....kesian....

    Ask RPK comeback from London....he drink to much, let Hudud sebat his backside....

    1. RPK dah sebat backside sendiri with massive self-pity......kih kih kih.......the rock, the dog, the wall dok senyap jer......xde direction from "above".......

    2. Don't worry.

      The Unspinners paymaster has resumed paying them, so they are back in action.

      Hopefully the 3 bloggers you mentioned will also have their dedak supply renewed soon.

      Otherwise I know that keropok lekor is a good business : )

      PS: What happened to Prof Kangkung?

    3. Prof Kangkung has a new name i.e Bena Rose.

  18. Ber spekulasi la korang. As for me, I'm going to cut down on the amount of time I spent on sopo blogs. Dah penat. Am just going to watch events as they unfold on the news. Watching the news is palatable again since dah x nampak muka or dgr suara u know who. Ciao!

  19. Annie,

    I have no probs if anybody wants to speculate on any possible outcomes for a new Malaysia.

    For myself, I feel that ee can only really get a good sense of what a new Malaydia will look like in abt 2 or 3 years when the dust has settled and work has ptogressed to a sufficient degree to make any meaningful guesses.

    If I am unhappy about any aspect of this Pakatan coalition in 2 or 3 uears time, I will certainly be making my voice heard.

    I now know that even as an orang biasa, I have power.

    Pakatan had better kiss my ass or else.

    I am rakyat, I am boss.


  20. Only umno supporters are hanging on various conspirasy hoping umno come back to rule. Please move on and figure out what umno need to stand for now. Is it race or i can make this country better.

    With regards to strong opposition, would umno still stick to their race base agenda. Do you think this GE14 is a vote against race policy. If it is that people voted against race base policy. So what agenda now umno need to sell as opposition.

    1. Umno have to first convince rakyat that MONEY POLITICS is gone from their culture.

      Wait for Umno election...who is going to sponsor the vote-buying?

      (Remember Isa Samad and Ali Rustam cases?)

    2. There is a court hearing on the legality of the party soon
      Wait for this to unfold


    3. Yea, its nice to see how UMNO will be having their Party Election without money being thrown around.

    4. RD; Interesting to see how many members will turnout if there is no dedak.Only the hardcore will stay while the majority will fade away.

  21. So this is the new strategy of UMNO-BN cytros.When all the ILovePM ,UMNO the Malay saviuor , nothing wrong with 1MDB, FELDA , TH ..failed. The pre election conspiracies of fallout among PH coalition.. backfired. So now guys don't give don't you. Or should I say the job still need to be done is it.All the best Annie...and dream on.

    1. yes, after shock they need something to reduce stress n depression. when i was small, d time my emotion got low, i used to play bent yo-yo or number game with my siblings to hv some laughs at. sometime d simple guessing n playing tat funny moving sphere bearing some natural knacks for fun.

      so let them ve it. for me…i enjoy big time for dis moment. ya….feel proud to be Malaysian now. every time d new leaders talk with such poise n smartness…n praised by d eminent figures of d world, esp dr mahathir n nurul izzah, feel my goosebumps growing bigger each time. never happened bfore!!!!

    2. i wonder who likes listening to what anonymous fatin likes and her experiences and stories...what a misery piece of shit this fatin must be

    3. Woi 17:53 biadap betoi engko nih...must be reincarnation of prof kangkang, betul tak? Kurang ajar!

  22. If push comes to shove Tun will just throw in the towel and he will be remembered as a hero forever, something that no other poliicians in Malaysia would ever achieve.

    After all he has achieved his objective of throwing Najib.

  23. Hi annie the old arguments stand. Those from umno cannot be trusted if they can stomach all the crimes done by najib and co.

    Also u r forgetting something umno could be disqualified, isnt the case still pending in courts ?

    On the side notes anwar would always prefer jalan belakang. U could also take tht literally haha.

    Id prefer him to show his true color now than later. The phrase mendukung biawak hidup comes to mind with the current situation. Although tun had no choice then.. this hu ha with the new cabinet is to be expected from anwar

    We'll see wht happen

  24. I have always been suspicious with Anwar.

    I didn’t trust him back then and I don’t trust him now.

    Maybe Tun DrM has the final card; he could have made a deal with Agong to postpone Anwar’s pardon for 2 years; in exchange with something I dare not write in here for fear of the Sedition Act.

    After the shocking win of PH in GE14, I am starting to believe that fantasy could become reality in Msian politics.

  25. BN or dumbos insulted Dr M & Anwar so much & OMG BN bloggers (incl annie) are hallucinating maybe one will work 'happily tanpa waswas' with lost BN or dumbos wakakaka

  26. adoi annie from counting flags to trading frogs wakakaka
    Semenajung is NOT Sabah lah, sorry your frog article will apply to Sabah hahaha


    KUALA LUMPUR — It would be a “foolish” move for Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to hand over the reins to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim immediately after the latter’s release from prison, according to Tun Daim Zainuddin.
    Daim, who heads the newly-appointed Team of Eminent Persons to advise the Pakatan Harapan (PH) federal government on its policies, told Straits Times that a more pragmatic leadership transition would only be “mid-term”.

    “The transition will be mid-term. If you break your promise to the people, they are not going to trust you anymore. It will be foolish for anybody to change [prime ministers now],” he was quoted saying in a recent interview.
    According to the Singapore daily, the timeline for a leadership change will most likely happen in 2020 as Dr Mahathir had repeatedly said he needs at least two years to resolve the problems left behind by Najib’s administration.
    Daim also told the ST that he had met Anwar recently to convey the message that “you all tried how many elections and failed. Whether you like it or not, Mahathir succeeded”.
    Dr Mahathir returned to office as the seventh prime minister 15 years after retiring as the fourth PM in 2003.
    He had previously led the government for 22 long years from 1981.
    At 92, soon to turn 93 in July, Dr Mahathir is the world’s oldest democratically elected world leader.
    Anwar is still serving a five-year sentence after being convicted of sodomising a former male aide and is currently warded at the Cheras Rehabilitation Centre here for treatment of a bad back.
    The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V had last week indicated he is willing to grant a royal pardon to Anwar, and the latter was supposed to be released today.
    But the Pardons Board has shifted its meeting to tomorrow, and Anwar’s release, as such, will be delayed. –

    1. Ya betul.

      Actually Ketum PKR is too lembik to do hard clean-up ops.

      Tun is already moving fast to put Jibros behind bars. I think the rest are shaking in their boots.

      Now to tangkap the giant fatso, Jho Low.


    2. Yea get him, tie him up, roast him... the greedy fat pig jolow

    3. TUN is a man with a mission with a clarity of purpose.Bearing in mind Tun's timeframe will be 2 years, Tun has to deliver many things within that timeframe.Many things need to match up to Tun's speed.


    Pakatan Harapan will not accept Umno into its fold due to the uncertainty surrounding its legal status, prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had said.
    “Umno cannot join Harapan because it is uncertain is it is legal or not legal,” he told a press conference yesterday.
    The Harapan chairperson said it was up to the court to decide Umno’s legal status, while the Registrar of Societies (ROS) could decide its status of registration.
    On April 20, a group of 16, who were then still Umno members, filed a judicial review to quash the ROS’ decision to allow Umno a time extension in order to hold its party elections.
    They also sought the de-registration of Umno under Section 14(2) and 14(5) of the Societies Act for both provisional and permanent dissolution.
    The ROS and Umno organising secretary Abdul Rauf Yusoh were named as respondents.
    This followed their argument that the last day for Umno branches to hold their elections was on Feb 28 and the last day for the supreme council and 191 divisions to function was on April 19, this year.
    Meanwhile, Mahathir also said yesterday that all the ‘old policies’ under his predecessor Najib Abdul Razak, will be reviewed.This included the Transformation National 2050 (TN50), an initiative to plan for the future of Malaysia in the period 2020 to 2050, as well as National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS).
    In an immediate response, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin urged the government to put the people’s best interest above anything and not to make decisions based on political differences

    1. KJ is doing a lot of damage control.

      Or trying...

      ...but it's very hard now lah.

      Jibros killed the reputation of Umno.

  29. While Annie dreaming this and that, playing the racial card, religion etc...

    Tun Dr M is moving fast to finish off Najib. Dr M is meeting with former AG Gani, CJ.....charge sheet is already there being prepared and ready anytime....SRC International 42 millions to Najib account, clear cut case, obstruction of justice, another charge, conspiracy to defraud the nation one more charges plus many other Scorpene, Altantuya, Razak Baginda, Sirul in Australia.....all open back...

    Najib in real deep deep shit already........whether can escape alive or cool......

  30. President Abe Lincoln once said:
    "Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing."

    Before we can identify men and women of true character to serve as leaders, we ought to be very clear about the criteria of good character.
    Almost everyone opposes some things but no one can lead in all things - so take an honest look into the mirror first.

    1. The Swiss A-G just approached Malaysia to re-open 1MDB on their side.

      We will soon find out what "character" Jibby, Rosie, Jho, Riza & Apandi had.

      The Swiss A-G asked Apandi for help twice, and he pretended not to hear anything.

    2. If there is to be peace in the world,
      There must be peace in the nations.
      If there is to be peace in the nations,
      There must be peace in the cities.
      If there is to be peace in the cities,
      There must be peace between neighbors.
      If there is to be peace between neighbors,
      There must be peace in the home.
      If there is to be peace in the home,
      There must be peace in the heart.

      - Lao Tzu

  31. Your writing is a big bullshit. You think trading chair (read kerusi parlimen) like buying chicken in the wet market? I dont know how qualify yourself as a writer. Banyak makan dedak juga ke?


  32. I only have this to say,

    When they say that was a Chinese tsunami , but they only manage to throw Koo Soo Koon out.

    When the Malay's "mengamok" they throw everybody out.

    Anuar should have learn his lesson ,though many doubt his sincerity but he must remember without Tun, the Malay support wont be so overwhelming ,though Najib factor put into account .

    1. That's why Ketum PKR kena sabar sikit.

      Chill lah....dah chill 5 tahun dlm penjara, tak kan x boleh chill 2 tahun lagi...brader!

    2. Q: Why is ketum so anxious to be PM?

      A: So that he can resume his determined rear admiral "duties" to the youth of the nation?

  33. annie you still love dumbo more than nation (selamatkan negara) sad

  34. I think

    Anwar still remember what TM did to him long time ago. Its not just simply he said that he support TM. At front OK looks like very supportive but behind TM only God knows. Its about pride, cannot easily throw away, wash the hand and say " OK la we kawteam .."

    Sendiri Mau Ingat.

    1. Anwar also remember what najib & dumbos did on sodomy 2.0 so how leh...


    2. Wa lebih pecaya itu Uncle Lim , Wa ingat lia betut-betut mau ini Malaysia betut babut punya maa aa , itu pasat lia kasi buang lia punya loket n team sama Tun M.

      Wa pon manyak ingat itu Uncle Lim manyak pecaya sama Tun bolih kasi UBAH maa aa, lulu dia team sama PKR n PAS pon tatak bolih maa aa.

      Semua olang mau kasi support laa aa ,balu bolih bejaya loo rr.

    3. agree. pretty much everyone knows wt d situation was. the only way forward was to do some horse trading with each other. no other way if they wanna get d job done. but as conviction politicians they know where to draw d line. and anwar knows wat is not for nego.

  35. macam sama je posting kau dengan mat rock yang tak rock langsung tu..

  36. Ask Kangkung to come back la.... miss the comic relief

  37. Anwar will be free tomorrow!!!
    Will he be installed as the PM............????
    Not that easy.
    First of all, he got become a Parlimen Representative or Member of the Parlimen. To be a Parlimen member, he go to win an election. Prof.Khoo Khai Kim said, definately he would take his wife's seat - PANDAN. If there is such an election, what do U suppose will be his election campaign? - No more Najib and coruption so would it be Pilihlah saya untuk jadi PERDANA MENTERI.......????
    HEHEHE..........Boleh ke dia menang dengan kempen ni...???
    Umno of course will fight tooth and nail for the seat. Kalau dia menang, fine he will become the 8th PM. Bagaimana kalau dia kalah..........?????
    Of course just like Najib, nobody would have this kind of thought. Mana mungkin dia boleh kalah ?
    Ya, dia boleh kalah sebab takada benda to fight for, except he wishes to be a PM!
    Orang PKR mungkin pangkah dia but would the Rakyat condone this....???

    1. syiok sendiri Bugger Nasional ptui

  38. of course we are all laughing annie...laughing at ur ketidakcerdikan....hahaha....

  39. 1MDB is coming into light.
    Tun M is working super fast to nail down Jibby and Rosie & Co.
    Zahid Komedi is next. Remember dedak? Pretty sure Komedi got some of it for him to keep quiet and not rebel. So to Zahid, go ahead and chat with Anwar. We are just waiting for your turn to get blacklisted. Another pertinent issue that Tun will need to look to is our GLCs.
    Tun M will need to purge alot more of Jibby's ppl serving as proxies in GLCs. Namely those in our FIs. In CIMB, Jibby's bro is one. Tolong abang with RM23 mil tu...jangan lupa. In Maybank, I heard the appointment of a Dato Sherri who is now BOD to Maybank IB is a proxy to Jibby. Also guess what? Arul Kanda's best friend Kevin Davies is a MD in Maybank IB. Gawd knows what information he has been passing on to Arul and vice versa. We don't need Jibby's poison around especially in our FIs. Dato Muz, I heard is also a close UMNO proxy. Tolong jangan main-main with our money in Maybank and CIMB.

    Next target should be Jibby's cronies. Judging by how he and she does business, better go through thoroughly all the deals done by them especially Rosie.

    Ku Nan which is Rosie's biggest champion, also need to be investigated. Looking forward to a by election in Putrajaya. Takpe la Nan. Kan dah kaya dengan duit kopi Desmond. Desmond Lim also need to be investigated. Time to go after those that offer bribery and those who accept it.

    Sekian Terima Kasih