Monday 21 May 2018

It's more than just smear campaign

I have to disagree when,

Najib says BN lost because of smear campaign against him

Close, but not entirely true.

My opinion is that BN actually lost because Najib failed to handle the smear campaign against him.

He failed to do so primarily because he surrounded himself with either self-serving crooks or simply stupid ass-kissers.

Last Umno general assembly 2017 - All so useless, actually.

That's why he never saw it coming till it's too late.

Yes, in that sense, it's Najib's own fault.

Smear campaign? All PMs before him had to endure a smear campaign one way or another. The difference was that they managed to handle it while Najib failed.

As far as I'm concerned, the first sign that Najib is not very good at selecting his people was when he decided that Umno didn't have to change after the general election in 2013 (GE13).

He had wanted to keep all the useless people even after a less than convincing election victory that year.

He agreed with those around him that the party election later that year should retain all the top leadership, including the bad ones.

That's how bad characters such as Shahrizat, Ku Nan, Rauf, and so many others who only care about their own interests are still there until today.

Then when Dr Mahathir started his direct attacks, Najib listened to a set of bad advisers on how to handle the handsome old man.

They advised him to whack Dr Mahathir.

That really killed it for him.

You whacked the handsome old man, you die, okay.

It's a proven thing, yet they still continued with their suicidal vanity that if Dr Mahathir can attack Najib, it's only right for them to hit him back.

Actually, it's their ego talking, not their common sense.

These advisers insulated Najib from the reality that direct confrontation with Dr Mahathir was taking its toll on the party till the end.

They include those who controlled the media, and they worked to enrich themselves from their position by building "mini empires" for themselves.

Some controlled news organisations and paid social media practitioners albeit quite useless ones with almost zero credibility.

Classic example is when a junior press secretary could get datukship and afford to build a swimming pool at his house.

When I was told about that particular case, I was like...what the fuck....and the boy used to be such a good kid.

All the supposed power got to his head, I guess.

Hatred towards the then establishment was made worse by these people.

For instance, when media operatives started purges to further secure their position such as what happened at Media Prima, so many were displaced and they turned against the establishment.

Those include the famous cases of former NST group editor Mustapha Kamil Mohd Janor and Utusan senior editor Ku Seman Ku Hussein.

This is another case similar to those two media guys which I highlighted on April 16 2015

Yes, the husband of the lady in that posting is actually a media guy too.

There were many others.

As we all know now, the collective hatred from such cases build up to the tidal wave which swept away BN on May 9.

Najib also failed to realise that his failure to monitor people he appointed to important position and do the necessary corrections where they slacked off, also contributed a lot to BN's defeat.

This is an analysis on my home state which appeared just a day after GE14

How BN lost its impregnable Johor fortress

So, it's not just about smear campaign.

It's about how the smear campaign was being handled and ultimately having a good administration for the people.

BN/Umno needs to realise of its own shortcomings which contributed to its defeat.

It's not really just about the attack against Najib.

They need to realise that.

Yup, no doubt about it. Too much garbage already.

Najib leaving the leadership is not enough.

It's time for Umno/BN to do a thorough clean up.


  1. When you feel that you are superb and you are at the top ,everybody is praising that you are the best ,make you forget to look at yourself the mirror .

    A lesson to be learned .

    1. I dont think Najib and his supporter will ever learned. They know but they will never admit.

      Once they admit najib will lose ground, only few will remain loyal and the rest feel embarassed and disgusted to be assosiated with him.

      Contrary, UMNO will never be revive if they cannot admit the damage that has been done by najib to the country.

      How can you repair a broken structure if u r not really understand the root cause of the problem?

      Either burn it to the ground and built new structure as just what Tun M did or hired a profesional that willing to offer his neck to solve all the problem without demanding anything in return.

      If Tun M can't, well who can?
      KJ, Azwan Bro, Razali ?

    2. You can't make shit to be more shitty by smearing it can you?

  2. Hi Annie,
    Tomorrow Najib will report to MACC HQ to record his statement. What donation, from which Arab donor, what purpose, why keep so many cash, gold and bags at home, why SRC transfer money to him, is it donation again etc

    1MDB taskforce headed by Ghani, Kassim, Bador, Shukri.

    Komedi will be called to record statement as well, which donor he met and Nazri too for what purpose the donation etc.

    After statement, Najib will be remanded and put on orange shirt for court.

    RCI will open back on Altantuya case and Najib might get another case on top of 1MDB, SRC, Altantuya, Scorpene, obstruction of justice and many more.

    Xavier Justo going in and out meeting Tun Dr M telling many secrets.

    Kevin Morais case open back and investigated whether he has the charge sheet, special branch looking into it.

    Also special police force under Najib Gestapo tactic in PMO as intelligence officer reporting only to Najib to check on Najib critics being searched for records of their monitoring.

    Very hard for Najib to escape. Anwar advice to get a good lawyer, and the Singh lawyer may not do very well and need UMNO lawyer Shafie to defend him.

    1. Annie you used to say that you are very confused with 1mdb. Confused or not is you yourself knows it. Well read what Anon 19:10 said here. The.main reasin Umno fall from grace was not Najib idiotic liutenants but the nain reasilon was 1MDB. His ministers and followers are all pembodek that make rakyat hates them all was a second reason that contributed to the downfall. Well all the syaitan deserved it. Insya Allah.

  3. problem is annie they refused to be cleaned...somemore no contest lagi....aiyooo...

  4. UMNO lost Selangor 10 years ago, but the party stayed the same.

    Now UMNO had lost Malaysia, and yet the party refuses to change.

    What does it take for UMNO to change for the better?

    Seriously, UMNO will disappear in another decade if the party does not change its ways.

  5. Too many BN/UMNO empty vessels in Songkoks and Tudungs brought the house down. When one surrounds himself with EMPTINESS, REGRESSION is what he will achieve!

  6. Jib is so delusional. BN lost becoz Jib and his macais stole billions of rakyat's money. Period. Curi sikit2 mungkin rakyat boleh tahan lagi so long as he manages the economy well. Ini dahlah mencuri lepastu buat rakyat susah dgn gst and penarikan balik subsidi.

    1. No we have to change the mindset. No curi is allowed at all sikit or byk.

    2. otak mcm anjing cacat sj jadi macay barisan berukotak mcm anj

  7. Hi Annie,

    I remember Muhyiddin said before he was step down.

    He said he must speak up to ensure UMNO has integrity, even though UMNO lost an election, it can still able to function as an opposition with integrity.

    I guess they do not want to support him then, now is a little bit too late. The damage has been done.

  8. Hi annie,

    We got a the first woman DPM in Malaysia.

    There will also be 30% more woman in the cabinet.

    That would be a good thing also right for woman.

    In this country of ours, there are more woman graduated from university than man. This has to be corrected also with the new education minister.

    So, quit bitching too much. Things are getting better.

    1. How come you got time to read my bitching? Nothing better to do is it?

    2. Annie

      Salam Ramadhan

      Lately cannot but noticed you being temperamental ie. expletives like the Fxxx words and counter-reacting to certain comments that seem to get under your skin.

      Annie, Ramadhan or not stay cool as before where you just 'let it go' and not be bothered with some boneheads' commentaries, just chill babe!

      I don't know you and never seen your face but the caricature tells me you cute, must be, me think?

      That said, my take these people 'humping' you not because they want to get under your skin, only trying to get under your skirt....jangan marah ler gurau jer!

      OK lah terawih sampai jauh malam sebab puasa sekarang 16 jam setengah and its not even summer...

      Cheers Annie!

  9. Annie,

    Tolong highlight sama the MAS (Malaysia Airlines) debacle. Christoph Mueller axed thousands of staff only to quit over a year letter. Another mat saleh Peter Bellew takes over pun belah jugak. What have they done to MAB? Those sacked staff what happened to them? Ada yang jual kueh tepi jalan. Pity them. Maybe another reason rakyat hate bad administration move by the previous government, they just don't care anymore.

    - Hantu Siber -

  10. losers MO1 & dumbos are still bitching & remorseless...

    1. macai2umno ni mmg bodoh mcm bajib&menteri2nya juga...bahasa mudah mcm ni pun tak boleh faham? mmg bodohlah sbb budak tadika pub boleh faham..Wahai macai2 umno!! sorok2lah bodoh tu sikit

  11. It is more than what you mentioned above.

    You forget to mention the elephant in the room. 1MDB and all the sewaktu dengannya dubious deals.

    And sorry. Rosmah Mansor is also a factor.

    Judging by their behaviour they seem to think Malaysia is their private piggy bank and what they did is not wrong.

    Unfortunately, all UMNO folks think that way.

    So please bugger off and go rot in jail. If they are still not on the blacklist to travel, please retire overseas with the ill gotten gain.


  12. Creedence Clearwater Revival21 May 2018 at 22:21

    The Emperor's New Clothes.. Syiok sendiri and no one around him wanted to say anything.

  13. Annie,

    //My opinion is that BN actually lost because Najib failed to handle the smear campaign against him.//

    Look, Najib is in denial, just like many other UMNO politicians, OK?

    It's everybody else's fault except theirs.

    The message is clear from UMNO leaders - "It is not our fault for losing government, it's YOUR fault for not voting us".

    I find it amusing that there is already talk that the top two positions in UMNO should not be contested but every other position is up for grabs.

    Like WTF??

    It seems like Zahid Hamidi and Hishammuddin Hussein are doing all they can to ensure that my prediction comes true, i.e. when Najib goes, Zahid will be President and Hishammuddin will be Deputy President.

    I mean, they are only acting President and acting Deputy Predident at the moment, which is not quite the same thing.

    Yes, it looks like I was right about promises made in Mecca, wasn't I?

    Heheheheh.. now what did I mean by that???

    Of all people, Zahid Hamidi should have followed Najib out the door.

    He was Home Minister and he used his position to ensure that there was as little opposition as possible to UMNO.

    PDRM was used almost like UMNO's enforcers.

    Anybody would ask difficult questions or publish nasty comments found that life became very difficult.

    Compare that to Mahatir who has specifically asked PDRM to stop arresting anybody who criticised him.

    Annie, every single member of UMNO's Supreme Council should step down and allow rank and file members decide their fate.

    Apparently, allowing the top two positions to be uncontested is to preserve unity.

    Well, how about allowing ordinary rank and file members to agreed among themselves who should be the leaders?

    Is that not a better show of unity?

    But we are talking about shameless people here, people who believe in their godgiven right to rule.

    Anyway, why should I care what UMNO decides?

    I am pretty sure that the Pakatan leadership group is hoping and praying that UMNO retains as many of the old guard as possible.

    It will make life real easy for Pakatan in PRU15 ;)


  14. And so mahafiraun has begun to act with all his dendam in his heart. Met up with chief justice (executive subverting judiciary?). Chummy up with xavier justo, a convict. Abuse the executive arm by appointing 4 other men with vendetta against najib to investigate and indict najib. Raided najib's house for 4 days looking for purported evidence. Conveniently dropping corruption charges against his new lackey, lim guan eng. Appointed mat g string as defense minister despite having scandals. Confusing the nation by declaring we're in a lot of debt when our debt levels are manageable and contradictorily, chose instead to scrap the gst. Even sarawak report has shut up about taib mahmud.

    This stinks to high heavens. Mahathirism 2.0.


    1. Who say PM can’t meet Chief Justice? We don’t know what were they discussing. You being quick in passing judgement already shown your personal malice. Too quick to arrive at conclusion what had been transpired as if you were there.

      In the constitution, Chief Justice CAN meet prime minister. CJ have to consult PM to do a number of things such as in the appointment of senior judges. Otherwise the appointment of senior judges would be unconstitutional without going through PMO.

      Trying to uphold rule of law you said holding a grudge? Then what do you expect new admin to do? to forget it all and swept it under a carpet?

      New administration have a difficulty to find officers who is NEUTRAL. Most of them, especially senior officers are still loyal to previous government. They’ll find it hard to execute orders against their old master.

      Hence by bringing old players back into the groove, it will become easier for them to their job. Vandetta or not, billions of unaccounted money need to be brought back to the Treasury. We the rakyat wish them the best of luck.

    2. orang UMNO tak sayang aku ke?

      jho low

  15. Anonymous @ 21 May 2018 at 22:10,

    //Rosmah Mansor is also a factor//

    Yup, forget GST, forget petrol prices, forget Mahatir.

    Pakatan needs to reserve special thanks to Rosmah for her role in bringing down UMNO.

    As I read elsewhere, when the rakyat was complaining abt rising prices, Rosmah tries to get us to feel sorry for her because it is costing her RM1200 for her hairdo!!!

    Is it any wonder why Rosmah had all but virtually disappeared in th he 30 days before polling day?


  16. Annie,

    From the media, the Johor UMNO had spoken.

    They still wanted to have Hisham as the President.

    From what I understand how the things work, the Presiden candidate need to get enough nomination to contest the top post.

    So, I guess the clean up as you said have to be KIV later. Maybe PRU18 or PRU19.

    I think you have to be patience to save UMNO. We need to save Malaysia first, that is the utmost priority. This kind of things should never be allowed to happen again.

    Meanwhile they are still counting the loot which some people say it is slander.

    Slander? Really?

    As for KJ, I still remember the video he did with Najib in a warong or coffee shop for the election campaign.

    So, he is not at fault right....

  17. @ 23:17
    How sweet is victory?
    How sweet it is to ram the arse of you lot?
    It's just the beginning.
    Now you know how it feels to be at the other end of a big fat baseball bat.

  18. Apabila Kj gesa pertandingan diujudkan pada semua jawatan, ia sebenarnya memberi semula kesegaran untuk berpolitik.

    Terutama kepada penjilat dan pendedak yang sudah dibiasakan, bagi mereka umno kalah PRU satu cerita lain, nak bertanding dalaman, wang tetap perlu ditaburkan.

    Hisham lawan Zahid, Kj nak menyebelahi siapa?
    Kalau sokong Hisham, Zahid akan letak proxi..

    Antara Zahid dan Hisham, siapa yang paling berpengaruh isu kedua.
    Isu utama, siapa yang paling banyak duit..

    Umno akan tetap sama..