Wednesday 30 May 2018

Rafizi being a smart aleck - stupidity or planned?

What is this nonsense la....

Mukhriz tells Rafizi not to question Dr M being PH’s winning factor 

excerpts 1;

Mukhriz said Rafizi should not question the winning factor but instead accept the fact that victory was achieved and several states have formed the government.
“We feel that the question over the winning factor should no longer arise as the results are already known and the government has been formed. As such, it is not necessary to bring up these issues.”
excerpts 2;

Earlier the Malaysia Insight portal reported that the popularity of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was not the winning factor for PH in the GE14. Instead, it was the rising cost of living and the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) which had resulted in PH success in defeating the Barisan Nasional (BN).
The former Pandan MP said that the matter was proven based on a post-GE-14 survey conducted by Invoke Malaysia, which found that voters were more affected by these two issues compared to loyalty to Tun Dr Mahathir.
I'm all with Mukhriz here.

What la this Rafizi....I think he's feeling quite sore that he didn't really get to join the PH victory party.

Hey, no matter how much he wanted to spin, everyone knows that without Dr Mahathir, there's no way PH could have beaten BN in GE14.

It was all about Dr Mahathir leading the charge to topple Najib.

It was the hate for Najib, which was nurtured since three years ago following his fight with Dr Mahathir which finally defeated BN. 

The other issues that Rafizi mentioned were not strong enough to trigger the Malaysians tsunami of GE14.

I also think that Rafizi is coming out with such a theory in order to remain relevant.

He must be worried that his arch-opponent in PKR Azmin is steadily getting stronger under the wings of the handsome old man.

Or maybe Rafizi is preparing the ground work for Anwar's take over of the premiership from Dr Mahathir two years from now....or earlier.

I'm quite sure Anwar doesn't like the idea of himself assuming the PM post being shadowed by the aura of Dr Mahathir, who is now considered to be the saviour of this least by PH supporters.

Or maybe he's not very sure that Dr Mahathir will really give him the PM post at all, thus the need for his favourite boy Rafizi to do the hatchet job.

Quite possible, right?

And then there were all those meetings Anwar had with royalties that we know don't really like Dr Mahathir very much. 

Well, don't know lah.

I just have a bad feeling about all these.

Maybe we are going to see another big fight soon.

It's getting quite endless, right.

Anyway, I think the Pribumi Bersatu people need to brace themselves for what's coming their way.

Their party, with just 13 parliament seats should more or less be considered a junior in PH.

Anwar's PKR is the biggest with 47 seats....or is it 51 (not sure whether those independents have jumped over)

Maybe Pribumi Bersatu people could get DAP to help them in case Anwar and his boys decided to steam-roll over them.

I suspect Amanah will go along with Anwar's PKR because it's leaders have about the same supposedly "modern Islamic" background as the soon to be PM. 

Or maybe Pribumi Bersatu could get help from Umno and Pas in the event DAP doesn't want to side with it.

But that effectively means that Pribumi Bersatu will be out of PH.

That would be sad, actually.

Dr Mahathir won the GE14 for them only to have his Pribumi Bersatu kicked out of PH.

I know some of you are laughing reading these thoughts of mine, but really, this is politics and anything could happen.

Seriously, Pribumi Bersatu doesn't look very comfortable at the moment, especially with Rafizi running down Dr Mahathir like that.

And it's not even a month after their GE14 victory.

p.s ; Actually I prefer the Dr Mahathir-Azmin pair than the Anwar-Rafizi one. For one thing, Dr Mahathir and Azmin are more handsome.


  1. rafizi tension oredi..
    he is about to be jailed..
    and i doubt tht mathir even bother to speak to him..
    rafizi mabe felt tht he is being abandon and he tought he would get to be menteri or something..
    since no one cares what he is going through..
    so he blast them all esp mathir..
    maybe he tried to get mathir's help to help out from jail but no 1 cares or serious about helping..
    so now he try to get some attention..?

    1. As usual, you are so out of depth. Read the article with some care la, or maybe it's not in the reading as in the comprehension skill...ohh our hp6 education to be blamed ? Rafizi doing hatchet job for Anwar is so obvious. Dulu dulu kan...Anwar pernah buat the same hatchet job on the hensome old man using Zahid Komedy kan ? Like they said, a week in politics is a looonnng time, so 2 to 3 years is like terribly horrendously impatient man like Anwar tak tahan tunggu la. Hopefully he can be sabar sikit and his turn will come...

    2. Anwar needs to keep his mouth closed for at last 2 years.

      This is a very, very big mess.

      It needs a will of iron to sort it out.

      Next will be the investigations into FELDA, KWAP, TH and Khazanah.

      I think BNM the truth is already surfacing.

      This is no time to be lembik.

      Let Tun Dr M. give the bitter medicine to the country.

      It won't be pretty.

      Anwar should go on lecture tour or whatever he wants.

    3. DSAI sebaiknya jangan terlalu melibatkan dalam urus tadbir Kerajaan PH (kecuali sebagai Penasihat bila diminta saja) untuk mengelak dicap sebagai monopoli kuasa anak beranak sementara selesai semua kerja2 pembersihan & pembangunan semula dibereskan oleh Kabinet pimpinan Tun Mahathir.

  2. Tak pe

    Asalkan bukan umno

  3. Annie,

    Rafizi is just one guy.

    Probably he got carried away with prior PRU14 momentum even though the election is finish already.

    That is why, I think Khairudin recommend that he should be given a job so that he knows the election is over.

    Perhaps Rafizi is trying to guage the reaction of people if he makes this kind of statement to see what is PKR position in the minds of the people. He got a lot of theories. Some are correct and some are bullshit.

    There are 4 guys in PH. PKR is only one of them. DAP also has a lot of votes and Amanah seems to get along well with Tun M.

    Another thing is that, maybe, just maybe Anwar is too eager to become PM.

    If so, Anwar is anything but stupid.

    If you listen to Anwar speeches, he has the instinct and insight about what is in the minds of the people. Anwar knows that Tun M plays a major part in winning the GE14 regardless of what nonsense Rafizi said. He even admitted that.

    I think it is premature for worries.

    DAP and Amanah now getting workup on the their jobs now. They got good cabinet post, yes?

    So, Annie you should stop worrying too much.

    Take more vacation to beaches like in your previous post and mountains maybe.

  4. We know this is not coming from rafizi himself. Anwar Ibrahim just being anwar like the good old umno days.

    Pan will not side to pkr if anwar is about to pair with umno.
    Tun M know where is the handbrake.
    Ban umno, let them scattered.
    Dap are not so stupid to let the malay anger to them. Heck LGE two times said he is msian first chinese second.

    Anwar is really a cancer to msian.


    1. Wa manyak setuju itu macam cekap maa aa ,Wa pon manyak pikir itu macam lea aa .

      Ini sebelum Wa atak cekap lea aa , Wa lebih pecaya itu Uncle Lim dali itu Aluar lor rr and Wa pecaya itu Tun M pon atak ini macam punya hat tapi lia manyak itu concentrate kasi pulih ini negala lulu maa aa.

      Manyak main politik punya politician tatak babut untuk negala and lakyat maa aa.

    2. “See them, floundering in their sense of me and mine, like fish caught in the puddles of a dried-up stream — and, seeing this, I thus live with no "mine", not forming attachments to my experiences.”
      —The Buddha

  5. what kind of people listen to rafizi....maybe the rafizi kind of people listen to rafizi.....(habitual liars)

  6. Time untuk mencucuk ye Annie..Nice try.Rafizi kena belajar duduk diam dam biarkan Tun M menjalankan tugasnye dengan aman. Berkokoklah Fizi bila Tun M berlaku khilaf dalam buat keputusan.

  7. Isn’t it the same outfit which predicted Kelantan wouldn’t win a single seat in Kelantan?

    It turned out it was the other party which failed to win even ONE seat in Kelantan. Errrr.. wait a minute, there are actually TWO states...

  8. Rafizi is the new Jamal. Someone has to do dirty work. If Jamal more on street smart ways, rafizi more on book smart ways.

    He is a strategist. He knows to he need to control Mahathir little bit and prepare the rakyat for next step.

    1. Rafizi is no strategist. He's just a spokesperson for Anwar or better known as Anwar's balaci.

      They're just testing if Anwar's still relevant but it turns out that no one really cares.

      I am just waiting for Anwar to "saman" Saiful Bukhari....

  9. Kos sara hidup sahaja tidak mencukupi untuk menyebabkan rakyat khususnya orang Melayu untuk MENUKAR kerajaan. Aku yang tak belajar MCKK ni pun boleh fikir logik...

  10. Out Syed the Box is condeming Anwar now so there must be a backlash , perhaps OSTB must stop doing so first .

    1. I think someone has to put anwar in check.

  11. Hahahaha, Annie play role batu api....let Rafizi fight Mahathir supporter, hehehehe. Api api la.

    It's a healthy criticism, there is not 1 single factor that contribute to PH win, but various factors, that includes the point mention by Rafizi and also the factor of Mahathir. They are both valid.

    Irregardless, there is a good read on BN gangster culture and "cash is king" concept implement by Najib and Fat Adnan in distribution, deciding who is in or out in another party. Kayveas gets the whack by Najib money politic for daring to question Najib. He is lucky didn't get slap by Mat Over for daring to challenge the corrupt Najib.

    1. mat over shud slap macc for questioning his 'beloved' BN MO1...


  12. Rafizi says its based on survay , Mukriz is just defending the father without much basis , show laa some evidence , show some professionalism .

    MOF says hutang 1 trillion and showed evidence , but when rebutted ,came down back to 700 B.

    Mahathir say HSR cost 100B and no benefit a single sen but UMNO says potential lost 70000 jobs and 200B income . Please show evidnce .

    We are an inteligent society to assess for oueselves .

    1. Yup i agree about mukhriz. But i hardly call invokes survey evidence. Same body predicted pas with no seats won at all.

    2. During PH's ceramah tour between TM and Rafizi
      Both has spoken on the GST issue
      TM commandeda bigger crowd
      The special effects grew exponentially after TM being named as prime minister inwaiting
      Najib and gang failed miserably after demonishing TM


  13. Based on the above photo Azmin looks kike a Mahathir trojan house after all .

  14. Do u know that beside rafizi, got another writer that predicted rite for GE14 result...only him saying PAS will won Kelantan n Terengganu. Check this out

  15. macam raja putar kelentong, annie runaway imagination terbaik wakakaka

  16. My preference is for Azmin to the 8th PM of Malaysia.

    Skip Anwar.

    Liew Chin Tong made a brilliant observation - that the greatest threat to PH in the future will be KJ as the head of either a completely new Umno or a new multiracial party.

    KJ has the charisma to win.

    If Anwar is in power in PRU15, I think PH will lose.

    That's why Anwar should step aside and let Azmin be PM.

    Azmin has good track record in Selangor and is closer to KJ's age.

    With Azmin as PM, only then will PH win in PRU15.

  17. God is great......

    Selepas memperbaharui aduan kepada polis di beberapa negara berkenaan skandal 1MDB, Datuk Khairuddin Abu Hassan hari ini bertemu pegawai Interpol di Lyon, Perancis untuk membuat permintaan rasmi bagi menjejaki Low Taek Jho, ahli perniagaan kontroversi yang dituduh menggelapkan berbilion dolar daripada syariakt bermasalah itu.

    Khairuddin bersama peguamnya Matthias Chang pernah ditahan bawah Akta Kesalahan Keselamatan (Langkah-langkah khas) atau Sosma kerana laporannya mengenai 1MDB kepada pihak berkuasa asing. Beliau berkata satu perbincangan panjang lebar diadakan dengan Interpol Bahagian Hal Ehwal Perundangan untuk meletakkan Low dan seorang lagi pegawai penting yang dikaitkan dengan 1MDB, Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil bawah pengawasan “red alert”.

    “Kita tahu di mana mereka berada,” katanya dalam kenyataan kepada FMT tidak lama selepas meninggalkan bangunan Interpol.

    “Jho Low terutamanya mesti bertanggungjawab atas segala pengkhianatannya dalam menyelewengkan puluhan bilion dana kerajaan serta duit rakyat dalam kes skandal 1MDB,” katanya, merujuk kepada Low.

  18. This is surprising!

    I thought that you would blame everything that Rafizi has done or is doing on your favourite boy, Lim Guan Eng... :o :D

  19. Even after win big in this election, rather than get down to business of governing, Some people still have not finish campaigning. Conducting studies. Creating drama after drama.

    Holding a political rally in the first night of Ramadan. Being disrepectful to the Muslims holy month. Why didn’t these people take a brake for a while? You’re in the government now. No longer opposition. No need to overdoing stuff. Rakyat are tired already.

    So what happen next? Invoke road show telling people Mahathir is not responsible for PH win big. Anwar and PKR did.

  20. Wow.this blog is getting more interesting and Annie is getting more prolific.
    After reading through all the comments here (assuming each comment is written by a different person) it really shows that the PH people are not really united.There are Anwar people,Mahathir people and DAP people.Amanah people are nowhere to be seen as like their President,the supporters are not so well versed in English (haha).
    Anwar's party has bigger number of seats and therefore bigger influence.If the old man does not act properly Anwar together with DAP and probably warisan and other Borneo partisles can simply motion a no confidence vote on the old man.
    I have made a mental calculation,even with the help of UMNO and Pas,the old man will not survive the no confident vote on him.What I am really worried is at the age of 93 whether all decisions made by the old man are based on rational thinking since he is running the country single handedly.
    Prof Kangkung


    1. Kangkong

      Thank you for the concern ,everything will be OK in Pakatan , though there is a bad talk here and there which is quite normal , but seeing Tun M at the helm most people are confidence that thing will do well.

      There's lots of character in PKR which I sure that Tun M is very much aware and I believe that DAP seriousness in nation building will give Tun a strong footing .

    2. Pros Kangkang,

      "...the old man will not survive the no confident vote"

      The phrase is: "the old man will not survive the no confidence vote".

      Please return to your former job at Lorong Haji Taib, as your dedak supply is gone.

      Also, try to get an education.

      You need it.

      Prof Sawi

    3. Wow..Banyak Profs kat sini.I thought once MPN is disbanded..the Profs will consign into oblivion..

    4. PKHKC Kangkung as opposition trooper is quite amusing to witness.

    5. Bear in mind pros kangkung....

      The Grand Old Aging & Vintage Still Handsome Statesman, came back to lead again at 93 years old with incredible victory which stunned the entire world.

      A Great World Record Feat Indeed.....!!

  21. Hi everybody,
    Red alert, red alert, UMNO cyber trooper head Lokman Noor Adam is running operation to stir up trouble between PKR and Bersatu. Watch out PKR and Bersatu supporters....BN cyber trooper on the move. Be on the lookout for troubles. Beware of hantu jembalang cyber trooper on the prowl.

    1. Anonymous30 May 2018 at 14:26

      Lokman Noor Adam just published one critical article on M'Kini attacking PH.

      But don't worry, if his cybertrooper is the standard of Prof Kangkung, then nothing to worry about.

  22. Annie,

    On a more important note.

    Just recently after the cabinet meeting, Tun M had announce the Tabung Harapan or "Hope Fund" to gather donation in order to reduce the huge debt that our country are facing.

    We need to come together regardless of political or whatever differences we have in order to save our country for massive debt that we facing.

    Good move by Pakatan Harapan to save Malaysia.

    1. Just a symbolic gesture, but Tun is trying to tell Malaysians:

      "Our finances are not good. Tighten your belts and we have to recover together."

  23. Aku dah ckp pada student aku sebaik sahaja the new government took over with their promises,which is quite impossible to fulfil when the government cut the revenue through the abolition of gst.
    My favourite words are 'padan muka'
    One increament for the civil service is cancelled (padan muka).
    Hari raya bonus is reduced to 400 as compared to RM500 as promised by Najib.For 41 and above grade no bonus (padan muka).
    Prof kangkung

    1. Well prof. Not all of us are mata duitan. We are all quite happy to help strengthen back our country

    2. Prof ;

      Tun M is teaching the people something. 1.Dont expect more dedak 2.Live within your means, kalau tak mampu jangan berboros belanja.

      Tak faham ke


    3. Kangkung, if you really are a professor, at least make sure your spelling and grammar are impeccable and faultless.
      Pity your students - if you had any.

    4. Pros Kangkang,

      Your dedak supply has been removed.

      Tun Dr M is now having to clean up your former paymaster's culture of "Cash Is King".

      Please ask them to lelong one of Kak Rosie's handbags so you can get paid.

      Prof Sawi

    5. Prof kk, kita pekerja swasta x kerja separuh mati & bayar tax hanya utk (sbhgian besar) pekerja gomen goyang kaki makan gaji buta.

    6. Kena lagi si Kejora Musibat aka professor kangkong kali kong, tak serik & malu ker.....??


  24. Kangkong ,

    With no more GST ,that RM 400 will be manageable . Last Hari Raya price of petrol was up , thank God this Hari Raya the price is under control .

    Harapan sentiasa ada .

    1. Haha.wait and see.kalau sapa yg ckp brg mahal juga walaupun dah x ada gst i will say 'padan muka ' again.after all all the essential items were not taxed under gst or zero rated.nak turun mcm mana lagi?
      Prof kangkung

    2. Even the average families don't just live on those few essential items. Anak2 perlu school bags, needs pens and pencils, uniforms, needs pocket money....mama and papa needs to perm her hair or get hair cut, sister needs braces for her teeth, brother needs glasses for his eyes, little brother needs to frequent visits to dermatologist for his eczema etc etc etc etc. So this 6% reduction will bring down prices. Got it ?

  25. other than Dr M, jho low was also one of the major catalysts to topple MO1 & BN adoi

  26. First to topple BN , you need a towering Malay in the truest sense of the word and the TUN fits that bill.
    Also Umno/BN tend to take voters for granted, esp those so called rural Malays.Umno/bn mantra of repeating the 2.6 billion rm as political donation fall flat. Umno/Bn fail to understand the temperament of Asians and the Malays in particular. Do they think the rural Malays are so naive to believe the TUN at 90 plus , come out of retirement just for fun? Well they found out the hard way on May 10.

  27. Prof,

    Majlis Prof. Negara akan ditamatkan.

  28. former stk boy30 May 2018 at 23:57

    High time we mend our country. Letih lah berpolitiking nih...Tak kemana.

  29. Eventhough it’s largely academic, it will be good if we understand correctly the factors behind GE14 result. Rafizi (or whoever behind him) should exercise restrain and announce only when the study is completed not shooting from the hip crying for attention. Criticise if necessary but for now we should just let Tun M and his colleagues do their job.

  30. Skrg Tun n TDM tak abis2 kata Malaysia akan bankrap. Shut up! You have won and deal with it lah.
    We have oil on the tree and we have oil in the sea. So, we have income to grow and finance our projects. True, Najib screwed up badly but not all. Mostly with Felda and IMDB.
    He was building new modern hospitals, new highways( even though some are not needed for now ), universities expansions, new airports etc.
    PFI projects if managed properly will generate income to pay for the loans.
    And government will not be burdened to pay for them.
    The problem he also cut major funding for goverenment schools and universities. Most of the academicians supported pembangkang.
    Tun can impose windfall tax to corporations to add income.