Thursday 3 May 2018

Scary stories for Johor BN

"It's too quiet that it scares me."

That's what my friend said to me during dinner last night.

He was talking about the current atmosphere of campaigning in Johor as compared to what it was during the last election five years ago.

My friend was part of the team working for then MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman during the BN's defence of Johor in 2013.

He is still politically active and knows quite a bit of what were happening on the ground in the state.

"I have a bad feeling about all these. Things are so subdued that we can't really gauge the real general sentiment," he said.

My friend said it was foolish for the people of current MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin to be too optimistic as some of them have predicted that Johor BN will perform better in this coming election than it did in 2013.

"What are the basis for them to say that? What had Khaled done over the past five years which was better than what Ghani did before that? Tell me a single thing that Khaled had done which is his own initiative from the start.

"Sometimes I feel that these people simply said all the positive stuff just to make themselves feel and look better," he said.

My friend also cautioned me not to make assumptions based on only what I saw on the surface of things.

"For instance, that day you went to Kukup and you said  you saw BN flags all over the place. Do you know that those flags may not necessarily meant as an indicator of support for the BN candidate for the Kukup state seat but instead only meant support for the Tanjong Piai parliamentary candidate?"

A picture I took at the Chinese coastal village of Kampung Air Masin in Kukup. The small green structure on the right is the village public toilet. It's very clean like the rest of the village.

He said Datuk Mohd Othman Yusoff aka Tok Moy, who was named as BN candidate for Kukup and rumoured to replace Khaled as MB may even lose.

Tok Moy is up against former Pas Youth chief Suhaizan Kayat who is now with Amanah.

"Don't be surprised if only Wee Jeck Seng survives in Tanjong Piai. Tok Moy and the MCA candidate for Pekan Nenas (the other state seat in Tajung Piai) may lose," said my friend.

He said things have changed a lot on the ground in Tanjung Piai.

"If you don't believe me, go and stay in Serkat a few days, mix with the people there and you will know what I'm talking about," he said in reference to a village known to be an Umno stronghold in Kukup, Tanjong Piai.

I told my friend in jest that what he said may actually be good news for the Khaled team because if Tok Moy falls in Kukup, then Khaled could remains as MB.

"What if Khaled also falls in Pasir Gudang or Permas or both?" he shot back.

I asked him whether he is so sure that BN will do that badly in Johor.

"Almost my entire family, whom you know to be hardcore Umno have switched sides. That's how bad it is," he said.

"And they don't make much noise over it except for the nasty messages about BN that they wrote in our family's WhatsApp group."

"That's why it's actually scary."

I asked my friend for his prediction and he said he is expecting BN to lose between 12 and 16  of the 26 parliamentary seats in Johor.

Pakatan currently have only six parliamentary seats in Johor.

"What about the state government?" I asked further.

"If BN loses only 12 parliamentary seats, it may likely retains the state government, but if it's 16, then the whole thing may collapses as well," he replied.

I asked again how sure he was about such a scenario.

"Well, I know for sure that we are going to lose at least Segamat, Labis, Tebrau and even Pulai. Yes, your Jazlan is in serious trouble in Pulai," he said.

Well, that's indeed scary....for Johor BN.

They simply have to work harder over the coming days before the polls and prove my friend wrong.

And by that I'm not talking about just hoisting party flags.


  1. the PH people will say they'll win; BN people also will say they'll win; PAS people also will say they'll win; who to believe? vote wisely on 9th May... your vote counts and will determine our children's future and their children's future..

    1. this scare tactic using the children future is not going to work....dont vote pkr or dont vote at all

    2. Vote for Pakatan Harapan

      UMNO jilat Jho Low, hipokrit punya party perompak

      Ku nan bangla besar mana dapat wang sebanyak itu? Dia secretary umno penyonglap

  2. When i read your last post about the flags i knew it was nothing.

    I said the same thing to outsyed. Flags used to be a thing. Now not anymore. Plus people are now arguing in facebook not to waste resources on flags.its wasteful and not environmental friendly

    The truth is people already know who they are gonna vote. Regardless if there are flags or not. Tht silent tht u heard is the silent protest. Then theres a loud protest too. But u get my point.

    Im actually suprise u dont know this. Sure its scary. For u. Cause this time theres gonna be real tsunami

    1. dont vote pkr

    2. they are samseng

    3. Pkr will win

    4. Hi Annie, Today is my first time visting your blog after many years.

      If you count the flag, BN n PAS will win hand down, no doubt about that.

      I hardly read mainstream newspaper and watch tv.Any discussions on politics are mainly via whatsapp.If you look at whatsapp comments and follow up commments in youtube n other blog, PH will win the election.

  3. I am so looking forward to see how Johorean Malays will vote in GE14. Election in Johore is the most exciting and intriguing election in GE14.

    I have never looked forward for a particular day for a long time; the last time being the time when I was waiting for my nikah day!

  4. Annie...that's what we have been telling you for the past family for 2013, 3 of us supprted PR and 4 supporting Bn..this year, all if us will vote PR..and that's not including our 12 children aho are new voters

  5. Annie, dengan "kecanggihan" terkini, penyokong umno tak keluar mengundi pun, skrip BN Menang sudah tersedia.

    Pengundian hanyalah formaliti memenuhi demokrasi.

    Jangan bimbang tentang sunyi sepi atau jumlah hadir ceramah PH, semua itu tak mampu mengatasi "kecanggihan" Najib mengendalikan pru kali ini.

  6. For GE14
    BN will send in their phantom voters or votes...
    PAS will send in their angels votes...
    Harapan will send in their MERE voters (pakcik, makcik, uncles, aunties, etc) sigh

  7. tebing tinggi3 May 2018 at 14:20

    quote, They simply have to work harder over the coming days before the polls .

    People has see thing for the last five years , I doubt it's could be changed in this last few days .

    People of Johor are waiting for this change "especially the Malay" ,they know that their future does not defend on the party or institution ,it's only lies on them .
    "Harapan" look like their only way now for better Johor and Malaysia .

  8. Why worry?

    You think a guy who songlap close to 4.5 billion from 1MDB alone will be honest in PRU14????

    BN 100% will win.

    So, what is Plan Z to win?

    After gerrymandering, bribes, & Fake News Act?

    Sources close to Special Branch have allegedly leaked details of a full-scale operation to ensure that there will be ‘votes available on the night’ to top up failing BN candidates.

    It is little surprise. The country is already awash with discussion about the concerns relating to postal votes from the army and civil service, both of which are put under enormous pressure to put the combined million or so votes in the hands of BN.

    The secrecy surrounding the destination of those votes and the practice of distributing them to marginal seats has long stained the management of Malaysia’s elections.

    However, over and above this established abuse, we now have allegations that boxes of standby ballot papers will be distributed to all vulnerable BN constituencies (which by now means all of them).

    Given the blatant level of cheating already on display, these concerns deserve credence and all good people should be put on warning.

    Yes, like I say:

    Why trust a crook to play fair?

  9. My Singaporean cousin went golfing in Desaru and told me that he saw BN flags everywhere and hardly or no opposition flags.

    I told him that the number of identical flags, posters or banners won't influence most voters who have already made up their minds.

    As for Toy Moy, he was my colleague, a computer marketing executive way back in the 1990s and I have met him a few times since he was heading his MOY Publications which published the Ujang and another Malay humour magazine, so I kind of would grudgingly be pleased for him if he becomes Johor's next MB, even though he is in the "wrong" party, as far as I am concerned.

    1. Tok AhMoy is there as future MB because of Forest City.

      Why do you think those "People In The Big House" have become sudden Umno spokesmen on football FB pages?

      Coincidence, ke?


    2. Pkr will win

  10. Teluk Intan is suppose to be a contest that many are paying attention to. But i dont see many picture of the BN chairman around town, what is happening ?

  11. yes, Its very scary. BN spent million of ringgit to print flags and other election materials and the amonut is beyond your imagination. They paid the workers who may not be BN supporters but only cari makan and asked to put the flags as many as possible anywhere. But the machinereis are not really working, duduk enjoy and syok sendiri saja. This is over confident attitude. But PH are really working, and the wave of support increase day by day. I am yet to see a mega ceramah by BN where people come on their own free will with a large crowd. All events organised by BN are full with free goodies, free food and even transport are provided. You never know that they will support BN.

  12. Compared to previous GE ..the oppo was boisterous . BN was on defensive mode most of the time .
    So was the result ?

    Now ..the oppo are quiet , their big brother are gone .
    So .. what is the expectation ?

    Frankly ... PH will kaput ?

    Thanks to Superman Hew ...

    The Melayus are preparing their Kris.


    1. Waghih,

      "The Melayus are preparing their Kris"

      For what?

      Some Melayus are known to use their Kris for one of three things:

      i. The practice of khurafat; this would include tarik rezeki and buat sihir;

      ii. Halau Jin / Bela Jin / Meramalkan nombor empat ekor;

      iii. Jual kepada tokeh cina yang mampu bayar (cukup pergi buat Umrah).

      These people are syirik to the core.

      Preparing their Kris nak buat apa?

      Nak beli nasi lemak bukan main pandai sebut "aku jual" "aku beli", nak akad konon.

      Nak terima tips bukan main pandai tanya "halalkan" ?

      Nak bersara bukan main nangis teresak-esak minta "makan minum halalkan", nak jawab di akhirat konon.

      Bila terima duit daripada wakil BN masa kempen pilihanraya terlupa pulak nak tanya halal atau tidak? Nak janji undi BN lupa pulak shake-hand lafaz akad "aku jual undi" "aku beli undi"?

      Lagi nak tanya: ambil Kris buat apa? Ada kuasa sakti ke, wahai geng khurafat?

    2. As an old man I have gone through many elections.The mood is subdued because PH people have lost confidence without the Pas support.Amanah cannot bring the votes.So is Bersatu.
      Prof Kangkung

    3. Eh ari tu bukan Hishamuddin dah cium keris ke????

    4. macam hungry ghost fest, ceramah2 BN mostly empty chairs perhaps BN is invoking the ghosts & phantoms to vote (no need old kangkung) wakakaka

    5. Pkr will win

  13. May the Scales of Justice quickly descend upon mr. sweet lips mappadulung, betrayer of Malaysia.

  14. sorry annie if not ubah its tukar hidup harapan...

  15. 509 hari tu dlm sejarah the 'mighty' BN fall (no tears unless you are annie amoy)...

    1. Keep on dreaming bro/sis
      Prof kangkung

    2. To the Pakatoons ...

      Remember ...

      " Never say NO to the PM "


    3. 19:45
      May the end be end for BN...& im crying tears of joy wakakaka

    4. The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.
      - Martin Luther King Jr.

    5. Pkr will win

  16. Warigh.
    Agreed with your comments
    DAP seemed so quite esp in urban areas.
    GE 13 still remember nearly 30k attended their rally at Gelang Patah.
    Even my fishmonger friend at local market known hardcore DAP supporter told me the election mood is absent,you know why,no Rocket Flags around.
    The other PH components failed to attract crowd as before the crowd were mostly PAS hardcore supporters.
    As per normal BN campaign mostly done at daylight where their big guns used the govt facilities to full advantage to dish out goodies and simultenously counter Oppo campaign issues which I observed very effective as compared to night campaigning which had few limitations such as nighttime is the time for working class to rest.
    As for Johor my assessement is that Johoreans had made their decision earlier whom to vote and attending night campaign is not that important esp Oppo campaign where no new issues or issues had been solved by the govt.

  17. 1- Reversed psychology

    2- Wake-up call

    3- False-flag

    4- Psyched Up

    Whatever it training their gun on Tun M has backfired BIGTIME!

    Now, it makes you wonder a slow 93 years old as moving target yet with the latest top-of-the-range sniper's tool still didn't work.

    Yet, we're seeing M01 were getting even reckless via expletives like kepala bapak, gugat, orang tua dan sebagai nya.....and this is supposed from the kepala-lanun...apa lah nak diharap kan dari kuncu kuncu lanun seperti Jawa engrrishhh-gibberrrissshhh, mat Dahtelan kata orang bodoh kalau tak tahu siapa M01, mat 3.85 CGPA dah macam mat 3-suku....huh????

    Coming back to the sniper's tool thing....

    1- salah kiraan velocity kut?

    2- senapang canggih tapi operator tidak mahir?

    3- tersilap kiraan kelajuan angin...down-wind, cross-wind, head-wind, down-draft....??? Vortex? lagi ler dorang tak paham!

    4- motion anticipation tak ngam? sebab 93 yr old slow-moving but swift in moving out of cross-hair?

    OK lah Annie....we are in America, not paid not on payroll....except for the love of the country....cheers!


  18. This election is so difficult to predict that no one dares to call the winner, not even Daim.
    With the exception of that Pok Kai Ham Ka Chan Kangkong, go figure.

    1. BN will win

      Jho low
      Adun indonesia
      Parlimen Hong Kong

  19. Hi Annie,

    In JB town, so many BN flags one....

    But in whatsapp, facebook etc, so many support PH, cannot even count.

    Even this blog also so many PH supporter. BN only kangkong and waghih feller.

    Nowadays, everybody using smartphone.

    In PRU13, people use nokia 3310. No whatasapp or facebook. Now, so much had change.

  20. The end is here...for BeeEnd!

  21. still waters run deep... goodnite to annie & im dreaming of a Harapan govt...

  22. Geram saya dgn tu #undirosak who want to rosak GE14...
    To fight this GE14 mother of all tsunamis, perhaps losing BN & bapak segala songlap (MO1) to seek assistance of #undirosak wakakaka

  23. The most scariest story - can BN postal & phantom voters steal an election???
    From rakyat dihebatkan to rakyat ditumbangkan sigh

  24. Many PH supporters reflected at blogs as Annie"s Blog
    Of all you know they are the same persons esp anons giving
    BN postal & phantom voters steal election...if that case how come Png and Sgor won by

    1. 10:31
      the postal votes mainly civil servants, civil servants mainly malays right!!!
      Pg & Sgor got many non malay areas so how to apply these postal votes right!!!
      better apply these postal votes to marginal dumbo areas get it???

    2. Pkr will win

    3. 10.31
      so you support Bastard Nasional #undirosak + phantom votes to win GE14 ptui

  25. 10.31
    zahid said those working in spore shud not not vote if they cant get leave then those civil servant servants shud not not postal vote too if they can not go back to their kawasan to vote OK
    PS i hv frens non civil servants working in KL going back to ktan to vote sigh