Saturday 12 May 2018

Malaysia still needs a good opposition

Someone commented this,

annie urgent pls open new topic BN frogs jumping here & there & everywhere wakakaka

Well, I think it's a good thing.

That way the remnant of what used to be BN/Umno could be rebuilt to be a good opposition.

This country still needs a good opposition.

Let the bad ones leave.

For instance, of the early defectors in Johor, one of them was actually among those mentioned in this post of mine on March 28 last year;

Sleepless in Johor 


My sources said the operation is indeed ongoing and MACC is currently cornering at least three "big fishes" and quite a number of smaller ones.

The three big ones are two state assemblymen, one of whom is a high ranking office holder in Kota Iskandar, and the third, who is also a politician, holds a very powerful post in the state administration.

They were said to be very rich.

For example, the assemblyman who holds no position in Kota Iskandar was believed to have at least two palatial homes, eight luxury cars and children who own several plots of land each and maximum Amanah Saham Bumiputera accounts.

The other two "big fishes" were believed to have even more than that.

I'm quite sure more of such kind will jump over to PH.

Remnant of BN/Umno will be small indeed but it's better that way.

Only the good ones will stay and they could start the rebuilding properly.

I believe that's what the rakyat need.

They will need this new opposition in case the new PH government goes bad.

I know, most of you all will say there is no way it will go wrong.

After all, the evil BN/Umno have just been defeated.

It's euphoric.

Well, I do hope some will remember there must be checks and balances.

That's democracy.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Personally, I hope the new PH government could at least keep its promises to give us freedom of press and expression.

And maybe repeal all the repressive laws like what the BN government did with the ISA.

Anything else to add to that would be bonus.

Otherwise it's going to be business as usual, just that it's going the other way around.

I had a WhatsApp conversation about all these with someone who is a DAP supporter and this is what she sent me;

Here's the link to read about the Taiwan's Kuomintang party;


Maybe the new opposition people can read this too;

Liberal Democratic Party 


  1. 60 tahun takyat tunggu dapatkan pembangkang yang berkesan.. Apakah umno akan jadi pembangkang yg berkesan?

    Masih ada yang bercakap macam dia masih kerajaan? Mimpi belum habis..

    60 tahun hanya pandai angguk, mampukah mereka menggeleng..

    1. I think you should write more about this thought of yours in your blog. Thank you.

    2. Annie, belum apa² Ketua Pembangkang sudah letak jawatan, how?

    3. Pls don't be so immature.Thank you.

    4. Chill la Kluangman

  2. Annie,

    First serious misstep by PH - PKR now disputing the Cabinet positions.

    My comments:

    - TSMY as Home Minister - OK, not worse than Zahid

    - Tokong as Finance - OK lah, the fella chartered accountant and Penang quite well-managed (despite all the BN smears)

    - Mat Sabu as Defence - HELLO!!! Mamat nih no English spikkings, lah. MOD have to layan a lot of foreign visitors & partners. Hisham last time can lah, because his England powderful. Mat Sabu should take Mael Sabri's old folio, Rural. It's natural fit for him.

    Now even Tun's Indian spinmaster, Outsyed, is trying to blame Anwar for this confusion. But come lah, you cannot cut PKR out of the equation, it's silly. You all competed under the PKR banner, doh!

    Hopefully once Anwar is released then gaffes like this won't happen.

    PH better show better maturity, otherwise in GE15 you all get kicked out.


    Never forget that.

    1. Anon 20:42,
      It is PKR that is being childish. It has been 3 days & they still couldn't come up with names to propose? Come on la, u want the stock market & currency to be decimated come Monday?

      Many ppl voted for the coalition because of Tun, ppbm. W/out Tun jgn harap PKR & Dap dapat bentuk kjaan in GE14. Don't foget that.

    2. Brader,

      Rakyat memang boss. Sebab tu tertonggeng bn dan umno sekali.

      Macsm ni la, brader;
      PH ni hari ru tak ada calon PM yang boleh diketengahkan buat modal kempen. Brader tak layak sebab dalam jel. Jadi orang tua ni tengok dah 2 kali la tak jadi jugak. Dia pergi tolong. Dalam tolong dipersetujukan orang tua ni calon PM. So bila menang dan dilantik PM, dia buat kerja PM la. Dia bukan lantik 70 menteri. 3 aje. Ada wisdom tindakan dia ni. Yang dilantik nya Presiden2 parti komponen PH. And these 3 kementerian yang perlu tindakan segera. Pentadbiran Malaysia tak boleh cuti lama2, brader.

      Kalau nak tunjuk siapa kepala dia besar, disband aje la PH.

      The strategy going into election with one logo bears fruit. Every one of the PH component parties did better than in PRU13.

      Toksah bila rumah dah siap pahat masih berbunyi. Aku tengok anak beranak Lim ni ok aje. Dah menang.

    3. I always maintained that PKR politician cannot be trusted.Too much of UMNO DNA still in them.So soon they have forgotten who make the slaying of BN possible.They still think that the voters are voting for PKR and not Tun.How wrong can they be.

    4. Without Tun PH would not be in power.....but funny......why if 4 parties they never said who from pkr.......then the whole gang went to bincang w/ anwar. Problem is wan azizah cannot make any real wait to hear from Anwar.

      Wrong sequence la......go get everyone's input FIRST.

      Basic la....

    5. If you count DPM position as one, then all 4 parties got something.

      Of course wan azizah is just being a seat warmer as usual.

      My guess is Anwar will take over as DPM for a while. But he needs to be patient. Let Tun do the hard cleaning first.

    6. Correct market need to be assured the government can and will function as per normal. Mahathir played it right by having the 2 days holiday give time for people to be rational with government change. It avoid the market collapse with such fracture winning coalition. The Market and investor gets nervous when country is fill with bickering politician. You want to see Rakyat wealth go down with the market.
      By the way any you pkr parliamentarian manage country before. If you haven't shut up and go learn from the old man.
      UMNO is too pampered, I don't think they have working hard attitude. Probably need new blood in UMNO before you see good opposition

    7. "And these 3 kementerian yang perlu tindakan segera. Pentadbiran Malaysia tak boleh cuti lama2, brader."

      Betul lah tu.

    8. Also, lets look at the 3 appointments objectively. Who does PKR wants for the 3 posts? Nurul Izzah as finance/ defense/ internal affairs minster? Pls la, I don't think she has ever held a real job in her life.

      Tian Chua & rafizi x layak coz not MP. Or does rafizi secretly wants the FM post as a senator? Sorry la, the country cannot wait a week for key posts like that. At least Guan Eng has run a state.

      Tun M dah atur strategy begitu cantik. Kasi cuti 2 hari utk stabil kan keadaan. At least these 3 guys ada masa hari ahad nak cari office kat mana.

    9. So far, 95% of the comments I have seen online have whacked Rafizi kow-kow.

      But why no response from Kak Wan?

      Surely she signed off on these 3 ministers being appointed?

      PKR must sort out their "left hand / right hand" problems.

    10. Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan berkata pelantikan orang awam tanpa latar belakang ketenteraan seperti Presiden Amanah Mohamad Sabu sebagai menteri pertahanan tidak menjadi masalah asalkan menerima tunjuk ajar daripada kakitangan yang pandai.

      Presiden Brig Jen (B) Datuk Mohd Arshad Raji yakin Mohamad Sabu mampu menggalas tugas penting itu sekiranya diberi masa untuk belajar.

      “Dia perlu menerima tunjuk ajar disebabkan jawatan penting. Saya rasa dia boleh belajar, yang pentingnya kakitangan mesti pandai-pandai jangan cari yang tak pandai,” katanya kepada FMT.

      I still think Mat Sabu very dodgy.

      Both the Foreign Minister and Defence Minister need to have excellent English skills as much of their work is dealing with overseas counterparts.

      You saw what happened when Zahid spoke at UN!

    11. ...english speaking as a criteria for defense minister.... ??? ...adoihhhhhh you think the defense minister for North Korea speaks good English ???


    12. God protect the Askar or cadet pompuans in the army.

    13. LFE no expert in Econ. Penang Econ not so good lor. FDI way down.
      Whatever still remnants there all fr Tun's era or Gerakan.
      He sells a lot of lands in a short time to gen income. The hutang contra to Fed gomen through selling water assets right?

  3. Annie,

    Umno (dan BN) ni had a chance to bertaubat. Tapi pembesar2 umno pilih untuk sokong ketua membabi-buta tanpa berbelah bagi walaupun ketua ni tidak menunujukkan wibawa dan integriti ketua.

    Sepatutnya umno dah belajar semasak-masak nya. Presiden Pertama mengundur diri bila dia tak dapat sokongan. Presiden kedua juga mengundur diri. Presiden ketiga meninggal dalam jawatan. Presiden keempat juga mengundur diri. Presiden kelima juga bebuat demikian seperti juga presiden keenam. Presiden ketujuh tak mau undur diri sampai dipaksa setelah hilang sokong rakyat. Yang heran nya ahli umno gagal menterjemahkan aspirasi dan boleh diam seribu bahasa.

    Demokrasi dah mati dalam umno dan merebak kepada bn.

    Akhir nya bahana datang.
    Salah siapa Bila dah putih mata ?

    A longest serving 5th President Umno has warned members of this decaying. Unfortunately cash is king won against reform. So terima aje la.

    The problem with the 13th executive assembly is that they became very powerful that Legislative Assembly were not allowed to function the way it should be. Pilih speaker jamban la lagi ! Judiciary were a joke.

    Memang patut Rakyat tolak.

    We have seen a "good" opposition leader in noh omar. With the character potrayed by many umno MPs, umno can hardly be relevant again.

    1. ko citer apa ni mangkuk???kalau nak buat citer lucah pi myfirstime la...

    2. pH is cash is King monster, just look at the numbers of katak hopping around

  4. "Personally, I hope the new PH government could at least keep its promises to give us freedom of press and expression."

    Somebody pls. give that Rayer fella one tight slap for being such an insensitive pundek.

    "Close down TV3" pulak.

    Hello, you guys complained about BN people being you want to do the same???

    Mangkuk hayun betul.


  5. Are the Johereans really waking up from the downs ,only time will tell.

    Tun M cant's look at every conner .

  6. Annie's worst fears has come true. "New Johor MB may copy BN policies on opposition due to 'budget constraints'

    I guess it takes 60 odd years for UMNO/BN to be defeated, but then i suppose this Pakatan Johore can only last one term?
    It makes it so much easier for UMNO/BN to be a credible opposition without much sweat. In 5 years UMNO/BN can declare that famous phrase "I AM BACK."

  7. Hi Annie,
    Where is Rocky Bru....seldom see him posting? I see the old dog exNST Kadir taking over the government media operation. A lot of management being far Astro Awani, RTM positive stories on Pakatan Harapan....any cybertroopers jumping over? Politicians jump, cybertroopers also can jump right?

    1. I think Rocky at home in Puchong. Kadir, you have to ask PH bloggers. Jumping cybertroopers, I hope they all join PH, easier to have good opposition that way. Thank you.

  8. Mahathir has appointed muhyddin and mat sabu as his home minister and defence minister respectively. He now controls the police and army. Anwar Ibrahim will probably get taken out next and Barisan would be reduced to nothingness. We will see the return of the one party dictatorship rule. I am sorry annie, I don't see Barisan surviving.

    1. Maybe. Hopefully not.

    2. Semoga tuhan memberkati rakyat Malaysia. The person who needs it the most now, is DS Najib.

    3. I don't think Tun will repeat the mistakes of the past.

      The rakyat will not stand a government that repeats the mistakes of repression or corruption.

      We saw what people power can do.

  9. i agree, BN/UMNO will probably be relegated to history books, or even not depending on who is writing the book. The memories of UMNO being the mover for independence will fade away within one or two generations, all it will be known is the party that practiced corruption and not a single development will be attributed to UMNO and BN under DS Najib helm.

    1. I don't think Dr Mahathir agrees.

    2. Annie; UMNO need to be overhauled from top to bottom .UMNO need a leader of Tun M stature to make this happen.The current stock of UMNO leaders are useless.Pray hard in a crisis like this, one "Kamal Ataturk" will be borned to prevent UMNO from total annihilation

    3. The more pressing problem is that legally, UMNO should not exist any more.

      The unofficial KBU at the ROS really cannot give any excuse.

      No party elections = deregistration.

      If the new ROS looks the other way, that is bad governance.

      Follow the law.

  10. The BN total defeat is a clean up process. When the party's A to Z culture is so corrupt, behold, with one stroke of GE14 the whole gang-bang is demolished. How artistic the will of Allah. As for renewed support for a has been party, it is once bitten twice shy for the people.

    1. Who then you want as opposition? Or you prefer a one party it used to be?

    2. We cannot have a one-party system.

      BN's problem now is that they need PROOF of their fitness.

      The reason many voters trusted PH is that in close to a decade of power, Selangor govt did a good job (they now have supermajority, 51 out of 56 seats). Penang too. So there was "proof" that voting PH will not make the world end.

      BN now only holds two states, Perlis and Pahang.

      They must really overperform there - in terms of being clean, of driving growth & investment etc.

      But it's a long shot.

      I would see KJ as their only hope, but he also has baggage - the RM100 million KBS baggage.

  11. your efforts to support BN is sincere but unfruitful this time. your redeemer

    1. I never expect what I write in this blog to be fruitful. I'm not trying to convince people. I'm just writing my opinion based on my observation. That's all. Thank you.

  12. Annie,

    Of course Malaysia needs a good opposition.

    Rafizi said this in his talks before the GE14.

    Apparently, he is the one making noise about not getting enough from the cake.

    The rakyat had given the vote to these people. We do not care if Anwar is not around in the presidential council. We do not care about all that.

    What we want it for them to deliver.

    Tun M expeditiously creating the cabinet post so that the government can function as soon as possible.

    People complained about DAP this and that but I think DAP and Amanah were consistent in delivering rather than politicking.

    Once Pakatan in power, then automatically, BN will be the opposition along with PAS.

    PAS have been the opposition for quite some time. They will continue to be the opposition for a very very long time.

    Is PAS a good opposition?, I think not. Most of the ulama stay silent in the Parliment most of the time.

    Will BN be a good opposition. They are proven to be getting worst in governing. I doubt very much that BN will be good as an opposition.

    1. Please tell me straight to the point whether you want a good or weak opposition....and who you want them to be?

    2. it seems that u have already made up ur mind ek dearest Annie....who you want them to be Annie?

    3. eri, if you think I have already made up my mind, why did you ask some more? Why don't you instead give your thought on who you want as opposition if any at all.

    4. "Will BN be a good opposition. They are proven to be getting worst in governing. I doubt very much that BN will be good as an opposition."

      The more fundamental question is:

      Will there even be a BN?

      It looks like there won't.

      I would see that the merger between UMNO and PAS is the only way...


      In the next two years, you will see very, very detailed exposes of what BN has been doing while in power.

      Can Hadi make an Islamic party hook up with such people?

      PAS grassroots will not tolerate it.

  13. dumbo is materialistic not idealistic right
    i dont see political donation fund coming from treasury, contracts, businessmen or arab(s) to maintain dumbos political struggle OK i will see dumbos soliciting fund by milo tin (DAP style) but who will donate to them wakakaka
    unlike dumbo, kuomintang is not a get rich party wink

    1. You obviously want a one party system under PH.

    2. annie the new opposition is PAS (not dumbo) thks

    3. And Pas is good opposition? Pas good for the country? Fine.

    4. Check with kelantan, tganu & those who voted PAS (Prof Kangkung too), they will say PAS is good this is the new force OK one man meat is another man poison wink
      Look like you (not many other dumbos) are fighting alone for dumbo against this PH juggernaut (enhanced by BN frogs) annie surrender lah wakakaka

    5. Ganu mentality no pelik sikit. Take Banyak cakap, tapi Kali dah tepu, habislah.
      Kebanyakkannya Hati Umno. Tapi dok leh tahan doh dgn Razif n Najib.
      Bukan dok tahu Najib control semua pitis royalti minyak utk projek kat dinung.

  14. Yes, we need a good opposition.

    However, I think current BN structure will not recover simply because both MCA and MIC have imploded. There's no incentives anymore because their existed previously based on economic and patronage reason. Now that UMNO is no longer in power, there is no reason to stay with them.

    So UMNO is going to end up standing alone in the aftermath. A pure Malay party with a purely Ketuanan Melayu agenda. Bear in mind in the next 5 years, Harapan will not be standing still to wait for UMNO to catch up.

    Yes, we should have a good opposition. I don't see UMNO will be able to fill that role.

    One thing is for sure though. Judging from the new cabinet and formation of council of elders, Ketuanan Melayu is dead. And it is our duty to make sure it doesn't rise again.

    I am 56 years old. For the first time, I am proud to be Malaysian. And from this day forward, in the eyes of the new government that we have chosen, I am no longer a Pendatang but a Malaysian who deserves a place in this land.

    1. So you want Umno and the others with it dead, fine. Who do you want to be this good opposition then? Pas?

    2. "So you want Umno and the others with it dead, fine. Who do you want to be this good opposition then? Pas?"

      Annie, right now we need to see numbers in Parliament.

      PH now has bigger numbers than even BN did in last Parliament.

      IF PBB becomes PH friendly, then effectively PH has a 2/3 majority. Such a majority can be very dangerous, as unjust laws can get passed.

      I am looking to PH to be mature and give Oppo MPs a better voice (and allowances!). Look at the select committee system in the UK. That is mature politics. It also means that UMNO and PAS MPs can be more vocal and effective.

      If PH overuses their powers, then I think they will not win GE15. If they do a good job in these 5 years, they will exceed a 2/3 majority.

      We must always be watchful.

      Never trust any politicians.

    3. I didn't mention PAS at all. Don't be stupid and disingenuous. Out of the ashes of imploding UMNO a new party may rise. In fact, UMNO maybe able to survive if Zahid also steps down and let the younger leaders to come up.

      As I have said, they may have a chance to rebuild a multiracial coalition (without the baggage of MCA and MIC). But at this moment, it doesn't look like they are doing that.

  15. Yes, we do need a good opposition, one who supports good ideas and policies and oppose bad ones. That way the rakyat will be protected.
    Wakil Rakyat from PAS have not been speaking much. Maybe in this Parliament they will participate forcefully and be absent numerous times.

    1. The rakyat is much more aware now.

      PH must deliver and give good explanations for their policies.

  16. Annie,

    I think it is still too soon to ponder.

    The most important things to do now is for Tun M to get a steady government.

    He need to ensure all the institution , the AG, MACC, etc is to be reformed. PM only 2 term.

    After that, as what the PM said, 1MDB to be investigated. This need to be done quickly so that it can be put aside and we need to move on.

    Only then the rakyat will be able to gauge clearly what is happening since 9 years ago and review BN whether it can be a good opposition or else.

    Now at this point of time automatically, BN is the opposition. They will be sitting at the opposite side in the Parliament.

    Alternately, you can suggest to create a totally new party to be an opposition. We are democratic country.

  17. Objective was to get a Good Governance government. Whatever that is left is supposed to function as an effective opposition which now falls on BN.
    It is still early days and what is happening is expected. Those who are in for personal gain will make moves to benefit themselves in the interest of serving the Rakyat !
    Yes, we need a strong opposition so that it can take power when the other side fail. But for now, BN will have to clear up their management structure- lean and mean- and that will take time. It has to prove that it is capable and able as the Opposition before it will be given a chance to rule again.
    BN lost because it was so out of touch with the grassroots. UMNO grassroots voted for TDM who gave Malaysian pride.
    Do you think BN or what that will come out this can be an effective Opposition and be a real replacement for PH? Looking at their performance in Selangor and Penang, one is not so sure. That is why the Rakyat didn't even bother to have one now

  18. Firstly. I was only hoping for Najib to lose in Pekan and BN to win the election.

    But it went the other way round instead! Najib won the battle in Pekan but lost the war! Syukur alhamdulillah!

    I hope BN can be a strong opposition as act as a check and balance to PH. Hope Maslan can finally say something intelligent in Dewan Rakyat.

  19. Annie.....THE GREAT MIGRATION OF THE FROGS has started in umno. Most of the frogs are trying to jump into PPBM wagon. I hope PPBM won't accept them or, as Rais Yatim said it,PPBM will ends up as BN2. So, we wasted our time fighting to bring them down in the first place.
    I don't understand, why they must do this great migration. I would respect them more, had they stay put and becomes a formidable opposition. I told my sister and brother in Law not to leave umno eventhough they vote PH. Umno needs a big overhaul otherwise it will go to a slow death. I don't want umno to die. I don't believe Tun Mahadir wants umno to die either. I don't think Tun akan mintak ROS declare umno HARAM. So selfish of the frogs to leave the camp when this is the time for them to show that they are the true fighters. Bukan Confuscious said, the real test of our strenght is when after the fall, we fight back for survival and win...???

  20. unlike annie crying over split milk, i already embarked on my anti BN campaign to topple BN since 5 years ago immediately after GE13 for this GE14 PH victory...
    BTW no one is crushing BN, they will crush themselves whatever will be will be...