Sunday 20 May 2018

Two lumps of shit and a question to Khaled Nordin

Dear Umno people, do you all still want to keep these two?

If you all do, then I advise you all to check and find out who made the most money from the BN/Umno's party flags, banners, posters, t-shirts, billboards etc business for the past two or three general elections.

In fact, I think you all should demand the party leadership to engage external auditors to check on how those two handled the Umno headquarters.

Clean up the place, okay.

That is if you all want to fix your party after the humiliation of GE14 lah.

You all don't want also, can. No problem.

Your party can continue to rot for all I care.

For those who don't know, those two are Umno secretary-general Ku Nan and party working secretary Rauf Yusoh.

They are very rich people.,,,at least by my standard.

Talking about people making lots of money from the party, I would like to ask the current Johor Umno leadership on who among them made the most money from the lavish spending on flags, posters and billboards during GE14 that day.

The billboards, for instance, were amazing. Almost like during the coronation of Sultan Johor.

Khaled, how much the party spent and paid to whom for the expensive looking billboards such as this one along Jalan Skudai, JB?

There were so many of these gigantic billboards of grinning Khaled that day.

Khaled, people saw you grinning on the billboards, they suddenly felt like voting for BN ka?

Your boys told you that, did they?

And those billboards must be very expensive.

I do know that those small stupid looking ones made up of wood structures and put up at road junctions cost at least  RM5,000 each.

Some people must had made millions that day despite BN being humiliated at the polls.

Real bastards.

Johor Umno people, you all have to get rid of all these people if you want to take back your state from DAP.

Really, your state is controlled by DAP now.

Read this;

I know, some DAP guys have been visiting this blog and whacking me for repeatedly highlighting that post.

But that's the truth.

No need to hide la.

Anyway, earlier today I was so bored that I went to D'Pulze Cyberjaya, which is just 10 minutes away from where I'm staying.

Did a bit of knick knack shopping at Daiso;

Also bought some salad and fruits for buka puasa.

I'm hoping to lose some weight.

Eh, enough lah.

Here's a bit of song I was singing as I was getting bored in my room earlier;



  1. Blavo !!!!!!!! , kita ata lalam "DAP territories" ,Uncle Lim pasti manyak sukak maa aa .

    Siapa salah ?. DAP salahkah .

    Cina salah kah ?.

    Melayu salah kah ?

    Sendili pikir maa aa .

    1. Takkan Melayu hilang di atas bumi.
      Takkan Laksamana Cheng Ho tak kenal budi Sang Perwira.
      Takkan samseng bertopeng dapat hapuskan Pak Budiman.


    2. Anon 20:07 '

      Bulayu tatak hilang maa aa ,itu nama Yakub ,Leman ,Idris tetap ada maa aa ,tatak hilang punya lor rr.

      Nama atak tapi selupa macam hilang maa aa .

      Pak Budiman itu siapa ?, Wa tatak kenal lea aa ,itu nama macam Wa Indon punya kuli , aii yaa ini lunia lalam wang nampak semua budi lupa maa aa .

      Tun selalau cekap Bulayu mudah lupa .

    3. Cilaka lu Lufang;

      Sudah 61 tahun merdeka, lu cakap Melayu pun tak pandai.Balik Tiongkok la..

    4. None of Umngok leader yang bolih pakai. Annie buat apa cerita atau ambil peduli hal umngok. Bukan main sombong dan temberang sebelum GE14.
      Perasuah,penjilat,perompak tu semua mana ada maruah, jadi mati hidup mereka tidak penting lagi untuk rakyat Malaysia. Saya anggap mereka ini sampah masyarakat atau pengkhianat bangsa,agama dan negara demi poket nereka. Saya lebih rela syaitan yang menerajui daripada mereka syaitan tang bertopengkan manusia. Ptuuiiii....

  2. Annie u join dap la after all u hv chinese blood wat, then 1 guess ur hatred toward chinese(dap) will be lessened

    1. Why you so stupid one?

    2. Anon 19:58, thx for the confirmation: chinese=dap=chinese.

      All the melayus in dap are just wayang, shadow puppets being moved by the puppet master.

    3. annie is trying to instigate a war against DAP & at the same time she is instigating a dumbo civil war so in fact annie or dumbos are war mongers sigh
      after GE14 PH want to peacefully rebuild the the nation for the people right...

    4. Yes.

      I think leave Life of Anus to her boring, repetitive bitching & whining.

      Much more interested in watching Tun clean up Malaysia.

    5. annie manala benci cina?

      annie hanya benci sendiri bukan cina

  3. follow annie lead, dumbos (pahang) will blame & whack johor dumbos for losing its crown jewel wakakaka

  4. Najib: I did not steal from the people

    Najib: I gave up power in good way but now not treated well

    Their boss.

    1. We want Jholow in court!!!

    2. Najis this is just the begining. Treated badly? Woi penyamun worst to come. Padan muka.

  5. Annie,

    Hopefully, UMNO members understand that their defeat in PRU14 is a blessing in disguise.

    This is a chance for UMNO to rejuvenate and renew itselt, to discard all useless baggage, to trim the deadwood.

    But we must not forget that the old guard have been around a long time and they have build strong defences to resist any attempts to remove them from power.

    I have a feeling that getting rid of the old guard in UMNO is going to be a challenge - there are just way too many of them, and just way too many people depend on the old guard for a livelihood.

    I'll bet that Pakatan supporters are hoping and praying that as many of the UMNO old guard are retained for PRU15 :)


  6. Bravo. Time to get rid of Jabba The Hut types.. Otherwise good talent will not join. Can the party rid itself of these. Yes, after 15-20 years with the Party out of power. Without the money oxygen, then will all quietly drop out. For now, the Party is rich with assets ripe for picking. They will find ways to stay on at the highest level.

  7. KebangkitaK semula? Bina semula? Tak kesahlah apa slogan yang umno nak pakai, Hisham dah buat perutusan. .perutusan zahid belum nampak?

    Kj dah bebaskan diri dari jadi keldai, dia sudah tidak lagi terhutang budi pada paklah dan najib.. Sudah tidak yerikat dengan senioriti termasuk Hisham dan Zahid.. Kj go to be Presiden.

    Cuma umno mahu berjuang atas intipati dan dasar apa lagi.. Kj syorkan umno dibuka kepada semua kaum.. United malaysian..
    Asset "racial" sudah tidak boleh dimainkan, bukan lagi senjata, samarata?

    Orang Melayu akan memilih PAS atau BERSATU..

    1. Get that annie, racial isu is no more an asset in current msia politik so stop seeing dap as a chinese party

  8. im suffering BN fatigue, whether BN live or die i dont care wakakaka

  9. Hi Annie,
    Rumors the raid carted away are UMNO money, Najib take out as cash and stuff it into condos of his frens Desmond and UMNO money freezed as evidence corruption in 1MDB, cannot touch already...last time put in bank account don't want...Najib withdraw out and put into condo due his policy Cash is need a lot of cash at hand.......habis la dedak kena freezed already...Utusan also going bankrap soon without contract from Federal government and cash handout from dedak no cure... very strange, now Pak La senyap je, and gangster Nazri also quiet...Pak La smart.....undur, negotiate and get Tun title and enjoy retirement lifestyle, still get put into text book as Bapa Happy Retirement Modal Najib, will be known as Bapa 1MDB, or Bapa Rosmah.....or worst Bapa Altantuya....Tuesday masuk lokap.....dunno he will apply MC or not...

  10. You talk as if DAP is bad. They only have 5 years to show johorean they can do better job than BN. It they dont do a better job then bn get back the state. If they do a good job then bn have another 5 years wait for DAP to f**k *p. For DAP to do well in Johor they just need to make sure the majlis perbandaran are working effectively. Simple state needs. Federal does the development work.

    1. But DAP cannot get the job done their way because PH gave them a UMNO goon as MB.. just hope for the best..good luck to them

  11. At the moment it is hard to see how umno can reform itself. All its leaders are in denial. They are blaming voters for being ungrateful. They don't get it, we elect them to govern the country. Whatever money they spent on or give back to us is the rakyat's money. Kita bukan mintak sedekah.

    If they have any sense, they will allow all posts to be contested. KJ is NOT the saviour. KJ said he knew how unpopular najib was but chose to keep quiet. Is that the quality of a leader, let alone a reformer? KJ is not a leader this country deserves.

  12. Dear Annie,

    You read my mind. In fact, I think most Malays still want Umno to exist dengan syarat.... those corrupted dinosaurs are shown the door.... oh, please Umno ppl, be brave! Get rid of ALL of your current leaders!

    Rejuvenate yourself!

    I'm sure, given the chance, pasti ada some decent patriotic men and women who really love the nation, who can lead Umno back on its 1946 track.

    Honestly, my family and I voted PH simply because we wanted to get rid of Najib. We want to help save Malaysia. But we don't want Anwar to be the next PM. He's dangerous. The speech he made at Padang Timur that night still gives me the shivers.

    1. Same to me. I vote PH because of Tun and I hate Najib.I dont vote PH in order for Anwar can be the next PM unless dia dah tobat.

  13. Over development in KL. Over development in Putrajaya. Empty lands and empty spaces who had been sitting idle for a long time in suddenly buzzing with activities. Everyone was like what’s going on? Building frenzies everywhere in these places!..

    New buildings soar to the sky one after another. Lorries and construction cranes become daily spectacle. A case in point is lands being developed around Alamanda. There’s a lot of construction taking place. Sometimes seem excessive. Even spilled onto trunk road. Hampering traffick.

    Bottleneck around the area. One lane being blocked to road users from dual carriage road. Nobody knows what kind of stuff they currently build? Eating up trunk road around the area? As if construction also involved roads being used daily by road users. One traffic light had become malfunction due to construction.

  14. Petrosaudi, the partner in crime of 1MDB kleptocracy, whistleblower Xavier Justo met with Tun recently, soksek sok sek telling Tun Mahathir all the secrets to the old man's ear, habis la Najib.
    With UMNO money freezed, whistlesblowers and insiders meeting Tun telling everything on Najib, Najib had no where to run. Najib now asking for protection because afraid of Altantuya father or Ahmad Najadi son hiring hitmen on Najib.
    So, considering the safety, Najib should stay in prison because that is the best protected place to be in at the moment.

  15. Good luck, love. Hope you find another toy soon.

  16. Aiyo..marah betul Annie.Go ahead Annie, keluarkan kemarahan mu.Kalau tidak boleh jadi gila.

    Orang BN peduli ke, kalau dia belanja duit untuk PRU sebab dia orang konfiden akan menang.Saya rasa dia orang baru bayar 50%, yang lagi 50% selepas PRU.Bila dah kalah, mana nak cekau duit? Lepas ni mungkin akan keluar kes saman menyaman dan kes bankrapkan UMNO.Kita tunggu ye.

  17. Annie,

    Don't be too upset. Chill up.

    I think Zahid and Hisham and the gang are very confident to get 2/3 majority in PRU15.

    There are many people already said, UMNO will change when it lost.

    Now there is a bit of motivation to change but may be not too much.

    Annie must be patience, after PRU17 or PRU18, I think UMNO will change. Don't worry be happy.

  18. no need for annie to work so hard to hidupkan umno yg baru as umno already killed themselves for not doing party erection and/or ROS will kill umno for not doing party erection
    retribution to umno for only taking care of MO1 erection LOL

  19. Now that there is no 'Menteri Agama' portfolio in PMO, I suggest Religious Institution such as Jakim & MAIWP ... better still, of all faiths... be located in Istana Negara under the purview or jurisdiction of the YDP Agong. All other State Religious bodies, in respective Istana Negeris.

    Therefore, all matters relating to Religion will become the responsibilities of YDPA & Sultans as 'Ketua Agama'. In the long run, Politicians would not be able to hijack Religion to cloud wrong-doing or to garner votes.
    It should also be made a rule that politicians, especially those implicated of stealing Rakyats monies, MUST request permission from the Istana if they wanted to make use of Tahfiz children for any purposes. Hence, preserving the sanctity of the Religion.

    Of-course, as a rule too, political appointees are forbidden in TH, Zakat, Yapiem, Bank Islam, etc.

  20. Get rid of those two turds. You thought JB was bad? We have it worst. Atleast I don’t have to see Ku Nan’s ugly mug on billboards in Kuala Lumpur anymore. What an eyesore to such a beautiful city.

  21. You made to Malaysia Chronicles aka Sawarak Report today. Congratulations

  22. annie pls donot offend MO1 & kunan cause dumbo black money is stashed with them & most dumbos are not reimbursed yet for their money spent for GE14
    if you continue your dumbo rebellion then most dumbos wont get paid & go Bankrupt Nasional wakakaka

  23. still harping on DAP vs dumbos adoi where in GE14 see DAP vs dumbos??? annie you need your brain (if any) to be examined OR admit yourself to Tanjung Rambutan OK

    1. Didn't your mother teach you to be polite when you are in people's house ?

  24. MO1 macam durian dalam daging kpd umno, umno shud boikot MO1 (so karmatic after GE13 it was boikot cina)

    1. durian = duri (so sorry for my wrongdoing)...

    2. unlike MO1 who never admitted to wrongdoings ptui

  25. Anonymous @ 21 May 2018 at 06:04,

    //Atleast I don’t have to see Ku Nan’s ugly mug on billboards in Kuala Lumpur anymore. What an eyesore to such a beautiful city.//

    I recall reading somewhere that only under developed countries or countries with a dictaorial government, have big pictures of their leaders plastered everywhere.

    Maybe there is some truth to this.

    For example, does anybody know how the Prime Minister of Sweden or Norway look like?

    Has anybody seen huge posters of Queen Elizabeth recently all over London?

    What abt the US? I dont recall seeing any billboards with Trump's face reminding Americans thst he is the Predident.


    Well, maybe it is about time the government AND royalty let their governance do the talking, snd not their faces on a billboard.


  26. As an UMNO supporter (I mentioned several times before UMNO is in my DNA),I feel sad about UMNO loss.So many people have written UMNO off.
    Will UMNO survive?The answer is yes and no.
    Let me go to the no answer.UMNO will not survive if within this 5 years PH is better in governing this country and in prorecting the constitution.I have so many whatssap groups.Almost every group talk about politics.When BN was governing this country,BN and UMNO was whacked by these people day and night.When their party have become a government the role is reversed when we UMNO supporters in the group try to be good critics.They the govt side tend to lose patience with us.I guees being in opposition is much easier.
    My yes answer is if UMNO is ready for changes.The top UMNO leaders like Zahid and Hishamuddin can no longer be in position of power as they are seen as to be too close to Najib.KJ is a good choice to steer UMNO out of this chaos.
    UMNO will thrive if PH touch on the Malays two sensitive issues that are Malay rights and Islam.These two things can spur Malays to being nostalgic about the good old days of UMNO rules when nobody dare to touch on these issues.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. I think umno will terkubor for good if led by kj. Maybe not ge15 but ge16 or 17. Of course it will depend also on how well ph govn is at governing.

      Have u ever seen kj engaging the marginalised groups, e.g. did he do anything on basikal lajak kids? Did he ever engage the taxi drivers? Ini orang nak kerja2 glamer je.

    2. Did you cry your heart out after the results of PRU14 were announced?

    3. Prof. Kangkong,

      You're back. It took 2 weeks to pull yourself together I presume.

      I can assure you UMNO is not in your DNA.

      If you look into the microscope, your DNA is the same with DAP. There are 23 pairs of chromosome in your DNA, same with PH.:)

      A mouse or cat have different set of chromosome.

      I partly agree with you KJ might be the one.

      Other than a few, Tok Pa and Shabery Chik, the rest of the crowd not really a viable opposition team.

      After PAU, if the situation is status quo in UMNO. Maybe you guys need to see plan B, a totally new party. KJ can pull the good ones from UMNO and the rest can stay to rot.

      I think PH can govern well like they did in Penang and Selangor. But, we still need an opposition.

    4. Methaporically speaking
      Prof kangkung

  27. Dayang Senandung21 May 2018 at 13:23

    Those 2 ku nan n raop are totally crapped. Putting them back in umno its like back to the ancient era zaman dinosaur. People who still have their nostalgic feeling towards umno.... please listen to the people outside d box of umno .... do take their sincere advise. Coz advice from internal umno mostly are 'nak jaga hati punya pasal n mulut manis maa'. Maintaining those people just like melayu proverb "mengabihhhkan borehhh jaaa...."

  28. Prof Kangkong.

    I don't think UMNO will ever recover if people like Zahid, KJ, Ku Nan & Raof are still hanging around.

    Furthermore, if UMNO as the opposition now, continues using Utusan & TV3 to demonize the PH gomen, they would retaliate by undoing gerrymandering by the 'previous gomen'. Therefore, in GE15 will be more democratic where there are almost equal-representation in all constituencies.

    For example... P106 Damansara & P111 Kota Raja, with >100,000 voters each... Currently 2 Parliament seats, maybe in GE15 will have 4.

    So be careful when using race & religion to garner votes. No point winning the rural Malay votes when urban-seats have already multiplied.

    1. Persempadanan semula can only be done once in every 10 years.
      Prof kangkung

  29. Gee, PKHKC Kangkung still dare to show his face. No shame just like Kunan.

  30. Hi Annie,

    To be a political leader (or to lead a party) one has to master and excel in the following :

    a) Must be an agitator.

    TDM had it when he went up against Tuanku Abdul Rahman and LKY.

    Rear Admiral had it when he demonstrated at the plight of the rice farmers during his ABIM days and much later against TDM (Reformasi)

    b) Must be a good orator.

    TDM and Rear Admiral are real good orators who can hold the crowd spellbound at any event rain or shine.

    c) Must have good organisational skills.

    Both have proven with PKR and Bersatu and later together with PH.

    Now, if BN or UMNO has any thoughts of reviving itself from the recent disastrous outing, do they have anyone with the above a,b,c in their ranks ?

    Without that (a,b,c), they can forget about coming back alive again.

    BN as a whole, has nobody to fit the descriptions to have any faint hopes of revival.And I don't see no one in UMNO having the a, b, and c to give life to the party.

    Real sad state of affairs for a crazy 60 odd year old diamond which can shine no more.

    KJ ? He is just another opportunistic rabble-rouser

    Time to listen to the enriching Rootvalta -I Lagens Namn.

    Rasta Rules