Wednesday 30 May 2018

MRT also out....sigh

I think this is quite unfortunate;

MRT Line 3 joins HSR among cancelled projects

In my prevous post,

Farewell to Shinkansen dream

I had hoped for this,


Hopefully they won't cancel the next phases of the MRT project too just because that was started by Najib.

I think MRT is important to have.

If we can't be connected by rail all over the country, then at least we could do so in KL. Otherwise we will forever be stuck in a third world traffic jam city.

Yes, please don't scrap the next MRT project. 

If they want, I can even delete the part about MRT being started by Najib and say PH started it instead. That's better than getting stuck in jams again.

Well, what to do. It's already cancelled.

The reason given was because the country doesn't have the money for it.

However, earlier today, a friend gave his opinion that the MRT project was really cancelled because the new government doesn't like the contractors appointed by the previous government and not because of financial reason.

He said the project would likely be revived later when they get a more favourable contractor to do it.

Don't know lah...honestly, I don't really care who is the contractor as long as we can have a proper rail transport in this increasingly jammed city.

This evening it took me an hour and half to get home because of the jam. It should have taken me 45 minutes to do so.

Maybe I should use my bike again to commute.

But seriously, is the country so poor now that,

Government to accept donations to strengthen financial position


Last time we got that Arab donation thing, now we got this rakyat donation pulak.

Maybe it was really meant for fellas like those billionaires Robert Kuok and Daim Zainuddin.

Ya, they are the ones who should donate to the government.

One billion ringgit each. How about that?

Maybe our royalties could also chip in.

Well, I don't think I have much to spare.

Pay income tax also struggling already.

How about you all ? Got money to donate to government or not?

Whatever it is, guess from all the noises made by the government, our country is really in bad shape.....

Except that, how come that day our handsome new MoF Guan Eng said

Economy remains strong,

 fundamentals solid

Everyone said our country is going bankrupt, how come he said like that.

And then he also said the country's debt is over a trillion ringgit.

These are all very confusing, okay.

Some more, it was also announced today that

Malaysia to develop island near Singapore

I think that would be something like China's reclamation project in the middle of South China Sea.

Maybe not so big, but could still be quite costly.

But never mind lah, at least it's for the country's sovereignty....I think.

Ya la. After we lost the Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Putih.

Maybe we can after that tell off the Singaporeans like we used to back then.

Eerrr....actually I don't really like that. I don't want to quarrel with my Singaporean cousins.

I rather have the full specs MRT, okay.

I really like the MRT and hoping that we all can have a good one like in Tokyo and other cities of the developed countries.


  1. No la Annie,

    This time it is real.

    The government got so many debt.

    They even ask for donation from the public to save malayMal.

    This time, it will not go to private/personal account but a genuine donation fund. A real deal one.

    Maybe the donation earlier we return back to Tok Arab, can we ask them to give back. ?

    1. Annie...

      Setelah perbendaharaan, kekayaaan, harta/aset, tanah pusaka bangsa digadai jual serta disonglapkan hingga kontang habis diratah Najib/Rosmah, Jho Low, Reza Aziz, Isa Samad, Annuar Musa, Musa Aman serta semua menteri2 bn, kbu2, penguasa2 & ketua2 institusi korup;


      Atas kesedaran mewujudkan budaya 'self belonging' & semangat patriotisme cintakan bangsa & tanah air demi membina semula negara, saya mendukung 'Tabung Harapan' yg diinisiatifkan oleh Otai2/Mahaguru2 Ekonomi Taraf Dunia serta pemimpin-pemimpin Malaysia Baru kita.

  2. Ask Najib, George Kent, Pavilion, SP Setia guys to donate.


  3. We had given the mandate to the new government ,so they could decide what are the best for the rakyat .

    We had given the mandate to the previous government ,so they have decide .

    What about the outcome of those 8 boys "basikal lajak" who was crushed to death at 3 am in the morning ,is their death was fated ,not to see the outcome of GE 14 result ?.

  4. Lifeofannie

    Pi tanya your idol, Jibbi al Songlap, what he say about how much money n jobs 1mdb can create?

    You see or not lifeofannie?

    If he songlap 4.5 billion usd is same as 20 billion ringgit plus

    Tat mean ur mrt already got converted onto Rosmah's handbags

    Pls go ask 4 refund for all malaysians

    1. Annie...

      A woman is always there behind a success or failure of a man. The fact that the nation's coffer was emptied due to siphoning, daylight robbery, embezzlement and lavish extravagant spending is crystally clear.

      Here is one good example....

      The Handbag of Tun Dr Siti Hasmah recently went viral & later Revealed....

      The handbag Dr Siti Hasmah was seen carrying is from a Japanese leather bag heritage brand called 'Hamano', priced at around USD533 (RM2,122), the all-leather material bag weighs 550g. The Hamano brand was established in 1880 and they pride themselves on their craftsmanship, with each bag's design being handcrafted.

      Now prepare for a shock.....
      Tun Dr Siti Hasmah's Hamano bag, however, comes nowhere near to one Hermès Birkin bag owned by Rosmah priced at USD380,000......!!

      The Hermès Birkin bag has become even more "famous" thanks to a recent investigation into Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor's loot.

      284 boxes filled with designer bags were recently confiscated from the former prime minister's house to use as evidence into the 1MDB scandal.
      Apparently, amongst the stash included the much-coveted Hermès Birkin designer handbags.

      Hermès Birkin bags are notoriously known to be one of the most expensive handbags in the world.

      Mind you... one Hermès Birkin made out of white Himalayan crocodile skin and diamond encrusted buckles broke the world's record for being the most expensive bag sold at an auction for about USD380,000 (RM1.5 mil).

      Not sure how she got her hands on it, but Rosmah was seen sporting this exclusive bag.......!!

      Thus, comparing Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah with Datin Tak Berseri Rosakmah - is like comparing the depth of Ocean with a pond filled with sewer.

  5. We cannot live like we are in bugis fantasyland lah

    If u follow previous gomen, our financial v strong

    1mdb can pay all debts no problem

    Felda in good shape no problem

    National debt very managed no problem

    You want to swallow lies

    Or u want d truth?

    Now we enter reality age

    No more fantasy

  6. Replies
    1. If ph cheat much, why is Nacheat rhymes with cheat ? Ini bukan saya yang cakap...this Nacheat is coined by others on social media and this najib's new nick is very very popular...everyday they chant Nacheat, Nacheat, Nacheat.

  7. Annie,

    //The reason given was because the country doesn't have the money for it.??

    well, the Mole article says MRT3 was going to cost RM50billion.

    That is a lot of moola.

    I mean, it would be nice to have the ECRL, the HSR, the NRT3, Bandar Tun Razak, etc etc but where in the hell are we gonna get the money?

    Should we take reduce spending on hospitals, schools, providing good clean water, improvements to our sewage systems, etc etc?

    So far, the HSR, the ECRL and presumably MRT3 have been shown to be unprofitable, so why build them?

    //now we got this rakyat donation pulak.//

    As someone said elsewhere, it is merely for folks to show their patriotism.

    There is no real way the ordinary pakcik and macik can even pay off the daily interest on a RM1trillion debt.

    It was a good suggestion from you that Robert Kuok and Daim kick in RM1billion each but even that amount of money is nothing, not even RM100billion from each of them would help very much.

    //But never mind lah, at least it's for the country's sovereignty//

    Hmmm... not very sure why this project is being mooted but as you say, maybe it is to assert our sovereignty.


    1. But Guan Eng said economy remains strong, fundamentals solid. Why he said that?

    2. Annie..fundamental =asas

      Pada asasnya ekonomi Malaysia memang kukuh. Tapi banyak hutang bcos of previous BN semua jerung lapar. Every level must pay to kroni. Sigh

      Tak pe.. tak lama lagi Tun pegi Jepun maybe your Shinkansen dream will come true.

    3. My ‘economy’ is solid too but i cant afford a ferrari or lambo . Dont live beyond ur means

  8. Last time we got that Arab donation thing, now we got this rakyat donation pulak.
    - That donation goes to your Dewa Dewi boss.... but not ours.

    Maybe it was really meant for fellas like those billionaires Robert Kuok and Daim Zainuddin.
    - Is it this two guys whose created the debt ?

    Ya, they are the ones who should donate to the government.
    - Why shoud them ? Are they create the debt?

    One billion ringgit each. How about that?
    - It not the figure that matter. RM 1 consider okay.

    Maybe our royalties could also chip in.
    - By your own capacity, did you think you have the guts to convice them for donation? Leave it to them..jangan provoke kuat sangat..nanti tak cukup tanah..okay !

    Well, I don't think I have much to spare.
    - Then.. keep quiet is quit okay what !!.Nobody forcing you to make such contribution .

    Pay income tax also struggling already.
    - If you have to, then you have to.

    How about you all ? Got money to donate to government or not?
    - If they have or doesnt bother between them and country.Why must kepochi !!! Haiya !!

    Whatever it is, guess from all the noises made by the government, our country is really in bad shape.....
    - Yeah.. you may say that.. but it the same noises which said BN will win 2/3 on last election.I suggest..masuk telinga kiri, cepat cepat kasi keluar telinga kanan.

    The new MOF minister shock upon discovered what your Dewa Dewi have done to Malaysia.

    By the way, why dont you check on google what the South Korea citizen have done to their country during 1998 Asian crisis..just check harm what !!!


    1. Sorry. Those are not very good answers.

    2. Aiyaa Annie,

      If you cannot afford too much, donate RM5 enough laa.

      You can afford to go to Pahang beach, take HSR but cannot afford to pay RM5 ?

      If one person RM5. 100,000 people then half million already. This money can be use to pay debt 1MDB that is due next 2 weeks.

      I think more money needed to pay, billions. If people can afford , they can pay more.

      Azmin Ali said in Parliament, we have to pay interest only, 31 billion a year, excluding principle. Our revenue only about 240 billion a year.

      So much to pay hutang, not enough.

      The economy, the state of supply and demand of goods and services still ok. People are doing business but the debt are high.

      The economy and debt are 2 different things.

    3. I don't have to google...the Koreans came out to donate generously...they throw in their rings, bangles, rantai rantai etc. I'm sure Annie will have at least a little cincin or some earrings kan ? But as forcing, this is just a gesture, a symbol la.

  9. After 3 weeks in the government I realize the government supporters are becoming so defensive.I remember when Tun became the Prime Minister of Malaysia almost all Malaysians welcome him (I was 17 years old then).
    This time around every single decision made by the old man was received by Malaysians either with mixed feelings or critically.
    Nobody jumps for joy when the government decided to abolish the gst even though the abolishment is supposed to reduce inflation.when he cancelled the HSR he didn't get much support even from his own people.
    Poor old man.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Are you really a professor ? Anyway....i heard you were deeply depressed on 9th/10th May and have disappeared from this site for several days. Are you back in full form already ? Looks like it....babbling nonsense again. You took a survey that 'nobody jumps for joy' for zero-rated GST ? And as for you know he didn't get much support even from his own people ? If i have a professor like you teaching me, I would rather play truant than to become a PHD ( permanent head damage).

    2. Jj,did you read what Anthony Loke said about Tun decision to cancel the HSR?
      Prof kangkung

  10. i dont like mrt...not all malaysian are going to use it....or are all malaysian living in klang that we really need to have this shit now ??

  11. "Malaysia to develop island near Singapore"

    Didnt you know Annie, that Singapore already claim the sea territory around Pulau Batu Putih (at least 12 nm) after they had won in ICJ.Today, Malaysian fishermen and authorities are prohibited to land at the island.

    For the Tun M's plan to develop the middle rock, I think is related to the sea territory claim limitation that was defined by UNCLOS.

    One issue worth considering is the status of the aforementioned three features (Pedra Branca, Middle Rocks, and South Ledge). Whether or not each of those features qualifies as a status of island will define the maritime zones it is entitled to. An island, according to Article 121 of the UNCLOS, is a land area that is ‘naturally formed'; surrounded by and ‘above water at high tide' which is entitled territorial sea, contiguous zone, EEZ and continental shelf. If it is a rock that ‘cannot sustain human habitation or economic life of their own', it can only claim territorial sea (12M). For example, if Pedra Branca is only a rock based on the definition set out by the UNCLOS, then it is entitled only to territorial sea but not EEZ. On the other hand, a feature appearing only during low tide but submerged during high tide is called a Low Tide Elevation, which, according to the law of the sea (Art. 13 of UNCLOS), has different maritime entitlement compared to an island (see Figure 3)
    Tun M is forward looking at least 100 years ahead.

    When he proposed Malaysia to reclaim Pulau Layang-Layang, not many people understand his rationale . Similar case to Pulau Sipadan n Pulau Ligitan. Malaysia won the case in ICJ because Malaysia has assert the authority on these islands.

  12. Annie @ 31 May 2018 at 00:57,

    //But Guan Eng said economy remains strong, fundamentals solid. Why he said that?//

    Firstly, I am NOT an economist.

    Secondly, I don't think LGE said the economy was strong - he may have but I don't readily recall it.

    I think he said the fundamentals were solid.

    Thirdly, the fundamentals, eg we still have oil, we still have some manufacturing, we still have palm oil, etc, may be solid, but the previous management of the economy based on those fundamentals may not be.

    Fourthly, why did LGE say that the fundamentals were solid?

    I guess it was to reassure the markets that Malaysia is not completely bankrupted yet - there is still a good chance we can trade our way out of the shithole we are in.

    BTW, the pre-election economy may be strong because of imperfect information to the market, eg investors thought that the national debt was 50% of GDP.

    Previously, I have already said elsewhere on your blog that I have always suspected Malaysian economic data have been fake and Mahatir seems to have agreed with me.

    Apparently, since the disclosure of the RM1trillion debt, foreign capital have been cashing in their chips and pulling out of Malaysia for the last 3 weeks.

    Personally, I am not too worried about it because bargain hunters will enter the market to pick up premium stocks at cheap prices.

    From the little I now know of funding arrangements for the various megaprojects, it appears all that funding was geared towards paying off 1MDB debts.

    Which leads us to ask - what happened to all the money that 1MDB was supposed to be making?

    Just before the elections, Arul Kanda was going around telling all and sundry that 1MDB was doing fabulously, making lots of money.

    So where is all that money?

    I mean, 1MDB cannot even pay a measly RM150million due on 1st June.


  13. You must be able to differentiate between political statement and real facts. Current and previous governments are run by politicians who are trying to outdo each other...

  14. Annie,

    Mane kau tau Daim/Kuok and others billionaire lain tak bagi duit??!!
    Are MRT 3 project cater the whole nation??!!

    p/s: kau ‘melantun’ kuat sangat la.. sebijik cam umno ( tapi aku faham kau kan neutral )


  15. Seriously ? You would rather have this MRT project which will only benefits those in the klang valley than having to see this country with less debts/good economy ?

    One step at a time.

    If your pahlawan bugis najib didn't steal anything maybe we can still have the luxury to have all those nice trains...

  16. I will donate RM500. It's not much obviously but I feel I have to do my part to save the country.

    Even though it's the PKHKC Melayu that fuck it up for all of us.

  17. pr0f kangkung 00:51
    hello pcik, call dr m org tua keapa pun, he is no match for u n to d whole bunch of umno’s intelligence...if any. now he is right on d throat chocking d whole supply of umno’s life lines. scrapping glcs n those huge projects is not a stupid decision to make but a brilliant idea to put umno in a histry bin n safeguard malaysia. do u think we ve to enjoyit pcik? no…we pity u too.

  18. This is insane.

    //Malaysia to develop island near Singapore//

    Malaysians has pick a sick old man as their leader.
    His hatred towards Singapore still exist deep in his heart becoz he has never win a single battle against Singapore. Even after the demise of Lee Kuan Yew, he is still trying very hard to score a point against Singapore or else he thinks he will not rest in peace after death.
    Only a psycho would want to beat a dead man.
    That's what I called a sicko.

  19. (a) While it is the right thing to do for the new FM to publicly announce details on the national debt, he could perhaps have done it better and with the prescience that he is now the FM and not an opposition leader.

    For instance, he could have said, "IF we include all liabilities that the government must pay, then the debt/GDP ratio will eclipse by 30 percent the previously set norm. That said, here are the things we will be doing to solve the financial commitments ahead especially the size of the financing charges that the country is contracted to pay.... The market is to note that the principle of the new government is to honor all contracts signed, review and resize projects that have not been launched, and practice the CAT principles on a national level patterned after their successful adoption at state level. Needless to say, the new government will adopt a pro-business and pro-investor approach but now with transparency, integrity and honesty so that businessmen and investors can be more assured of a better deal for their money and the citizens of this country more benefits at fairer costs."

    Saying it all like that would have kept the markets stable and placate jittery investors so that the transition to a new administration and way of management would have been smoother and less damaging to the future of all employment sectors and the provident-retirement funds and the financial and construction sectors which were asked by the previous government to prop up the markets.

    (b) Singapore more integrated to Malaysia can spur two-way exchange that will help bolster investment and employment, reduce our local military expenditures, uplift standards of administration and influx more tourists into Malaysia who land on the island as the regional tourist hub.

    Developing a small island as a sovereign gesture is a waste of money, and seen as irresponsible especially after announcing the size of the national debt; at his age, the PM should no longer let Singapore's past slights on him personally affect his decisions on that country personally.

    (c) some of the mega-projects like HSR and MRT3 can be resized; rather that unilaterally cancelling them, the announcements could have been better rephrased.

    For instance, "given the need for better financial management with the objective of creating a stronger and more transparent economy to boost productivity and investments, we are looking to resizing the projects on an affordability-basis. Ideas are invited on how the benefits can be tapped for all stakeholders while keeping costs true to investment and not at prices inflated for political agendas, as was what were done by the previous government. We need to make Malaysia great again for our citizens as consumers, all businesses and industries as producers and the banking and services sectors as financiers."

    Government communication must from now on be smarter taking lessons how stupid it was in the previous BN-run one.

    (d) there are many things to improve, less means to do so, but enough brains and wise people still left to help put forward ideas that can be adopted. The social media machinery needs to be spruced up and upgraded so that a more holistic and detailed approach can be tapped to really make solid improvements that the citizens can immediately relate to and therefore create the very success factor now tampered by disgruntled BN cybertroopers and other mischief-makers in the background. Ego, mischief and stupidity are the three new enemies today.

    1. Give me a break. This man and the entire team are right. Don’t hide and pretend. Reset. You think they are simple ka hahayo

    2. Also, no body likes long winded stories.

  20. See what Annonymous 30.5 Annie is like justice. She is blind. She hates BN. But actually really sayang them. As long as bukan DAP. Hahahahahahaha 🤣