Saturday 19 May 2018

Perangai tolol Umno

I learnt the words "perangai tolol Umno" from a Chinese friend while in Johor during GE14.

He must had learnt it from some Malay friends who were fed-up with Umno people.

In polite English, the words mean - stupid Umno attitude.

I actually want to use those words to describe this piece of news today;

Zahid, Hisham, Khairy should take top three posts

 without contest 

Yes, Ali Rustam is the one who said that.

Can someone go and smack his mouth shut? Please.

Really tolol punya perangai.

Umno already three quarters dead now, still got this convicted money politics offender running his mouth loose.

Can't shit heads like this just shut up.

In fact the whole Malacca Umno leadership should keep their mouth shut on things like this, okay.

You all already lost your state to DAP lah mangkuk.

Read this;

Yup, you all supposedly Umno leaders from those five states mentioned in the post, plus those from Selangor better just shut up.

That's because you are all losers to DAP....Selangor because you are led by that stupid can win two third prick Noh Omar.

Get this in your head;

This Umno election, there must be contests from top to bottom.

Otherwise the party is dead, okay.

Get rid of Zahid.

Hishammuddin too if you all could.

They are hugely responsible for the GE14 defeat.

And if Wanita still want to keep Shahrizat, you all better just jump into the river lah.

I'll give up if that's the case.

All these remind me of the last party election in 2013.

I was campaigning hard for Mukhriz to be made vice-president at that time.

This is one of those posts I did to get him support,

I had supported Mukhriz at that time because I felt that Umno needed to be rejuvenated after the lacklustre performance of BN/Umno in GE13 earlier that year.

I personally told Mukhriz at his house in Bukit Tunku that if he didn't contest the VP post, then Umno will have nothing new to offer in the next general election.

At that time I already knew that the Umno leadership wanted status quo for the party election.

Mukhriz did in the end contest the post but unfortunately he lost as apparently everything was stacked up against him.

You can read my post about it here;

Well, it all went downhill after that.

And when later they were about to kick him out of Umno at the height of the Dr Mahathir-Najib fight, I warned them,

  • As we know now, they are indeed dead.....okay, three quarters dead.

  • So, Umno people, you all still want status quo for this coming party election?

  • Want to follow that tolol Ali Rustam?

  • Or do you want to rejuvenate the party after the GE14 defeat?

  • Your choice, okay.

  • I know, I old Umno supporter self is back tonight.

  • Sigh....need to recalibrate to neutral again.


  1. Annie

    Hee hee, I have to say your swearing is getting quite frequent now...I thought ladies were supposed to be more refined *ahem ahem* never mind lah, just be yourself...

    1. Ultimately the ummnoo shit hit the ceiling fan and everybody is smeared stinking...

  2. Let's examine the problem, OK?

    Here.....the senior Umno leadership currently.

    Acting President:

    Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

    Deputy President:

    Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

    Acting Deputy President:

    Hishammuddin Hussein

    Vice President:

    Hishammuddin Hussein
    Ismail Sabri Yaakob
    Mahdzir Khalid

    Women Chief:

    Shahrizat Abdul Jalil

    Youth Chief:

    Khairy Jamaluddin

    Women's Youth Chief:

    Mas Ermieyati Samsudin


    Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor


    Salleh Said Keruak

    Information Chief:

    Annuar Musa

    That is the current Umno leadership line-up.

    Every single one of them is directly tainted by corruption, except Hisham & Salleh Said Keruak (OK lah, there are rumours, but let him get benefit of doubt.)

    As for KJ, you will recall that when he was a 4th Floor boy, RPK kept a series called "The KJ Files" that had about 17 chapters. Also KJ was warned for money politics by Umno, remember?

    So how lah???

    You want Malaysians to trust these guys?

    And the fun & games has just begun.

    Both Ku Nan and Annuar Musang are in very deep trouble.

    Just wait.

  3. OK, problem No.2....

    Here's the current MTU line-up.

    Mustapa Mohamed
    Jamil Khir Baharom
    Idris Haron
    Ismail Sabri Yaakob
    Idris Jusoh
    Ahmad Shabery Cheek
    Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim
    Abdul Rahman Dahlan
    Hasan Malek
    Shahidan Kassim
    Mohamad Hasan
    Razali Ibrahim
    Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin
    Mohd Puad Zarkashi
    Tajuddin Abdul Rahman
    Azalina Othman Said
    Sohaimi Shahadan
    Abdul Latiff Ahmad
    Shamsul Anuar Nasarah
    Bung Moktar Radin
    Ab Aziz Kaprawi
    Reezal Merican Naina Merican

    Of that list - the whole list - only 3 members are clean.

    Now, you can say "well, replace them" - but who is the new talent underneath that can take their place?



    This is the problem - Umno never groomed a second batch of leaders.

    Can that be fixed once the milk has been spilled?

    I don't think so.

    Other than KJ, name one person in Umno under 45 who is even remotely competent?

    Jamal Jamban???

    He's 48.

    Maybe he can still be next Umno President...

    1. Sdr Anon 21.35,

      The list reminds me of what my primary school disciplinary teacher taught me some 53 years ago (Anglo Chinese School Ipoh circa 1965 Mr.Brian Foenander)

      "All crows are black, which among them is the dirtiest nobody knows."

      Rasta Rules.

    2. Doctor Nawar Ariffin,candidate for sg pinang in Kedah who lost too...capable,young,very clean..know him personally for years...

    3. I vote 4 mat maslan as next president of umno

      He can no more cook nasi goreng gst, so he's quite free...hehehe

    4. What about Johari Ghani? Aside from his 1MDB-related stance during his stint as Finance Minister I can't really remember any scandals implicating him.

    5. Anonymous20 May 2018 at 07:51

      That's the problem though.

      "According to Bernama yesterday, Second Finance Minister, Dato’ Seri Johari Abdul Ghani said that “the Finance Ministry (MoF) has never given any public funds to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) to help settle its debt”.

      That was clearly a lie.

      Not good for No.2 guy in MOF to be joining in the cover-up.

    6. Of that whole list, who is the most corrupt of all?

      Give you a clue:

      Not a male (? ummmmmmm)

      Name starts with "A"

      MP in Johor

    7. Johari Ghani is tainted by 1MDB. He should have followed the example of Husni Hanadzlah...make an excuse and leave quietly.

      At least Husni has no blood on his hands.

  4. Hi Annie,
    Bugis warrior now claim witness from who....hahahahahaha Bugis warrior also scared of 93 years old man?

    All the corruption money is actually donation for ISIS fight and GE14 in support of BN.....did anybody saw gold bars being pass around to fight ISIS or use in GE14? Donations from Jho Low and Saudi Prince...

  5. Annie,

    The body language of Zahid & Hisham is not good.

    Go to YouTube and search.....

    "Kelangsungan Politik UMNO Berpaksikan Sokongan Padu Ahli"

    You can feel how depressed the whole room is.

    To me, it's a mistake for any of them to visit Najib & Rosmah right now. it just looks like they are endorsing what happened before. It sends wrong message to the public. If you feel sympathy for them, send private WhatsApp, lah.

    if Zahid & Hisham want to rebuild the party, you have to leave those 2 crooks behind. Stay away.

    1. salam bro...
      macam mana nak stay away sedangkan dapat share juga...

      dah lupa ke kita yang zahid tu boleh jadi saksi untuk kes derma 2.6 bilion...kalau kes tu sangkut kat mana lagi umno nak duduk...bekas presiden ambil duit...
      skarang pemangku presiden parti pun kira sangkut sbb tipu idup2 orang malaysia n orang umno yang dia dah jumpa penderma tu...

      yang lain2 mesti dapat share kan...



  6. How could those who bring down UMNO ,want to revive UMNO ?.

    If UMNO want to have back it's dignity and trust, they should throw out everybody in the MT ,Bahagian and let it revive from the Cawangan level . Someone who have no name but sincere enough to see UMNO survive to do the job . No way they will 'UMNO' got back the people trust if those in the present line up are still in the party.

  7. Annie,

    The next UMNO elections must be held by next April, ie April 2019.

    Now, there is no need to have it in April, 2019, just by April 2019.

    In other words, the elections could be held, say, in July 2018.

    But my guess is that the current officeholders will do their very best to delay the elections as long as they can so as to regroup, consolidate and strengthen their positions.

    All sorts of excuses will be given for the delay - the legal action by some UMNO members, branches need to hold their elections, this needs to be done, that needs to organised, blah blah needs to be settled, etc etc, so April 2019 is the earliest possible date.

    So come April 2019, Zahid Hamidi will probably get elected as President, Hishammuddin Hussein will be Deputy President, and all the old faces will be back in the Supreme Council.

    Hmmmm, this reminds me that some time ago, I suggested that one day Najib Razak will step down as President of UMNO, and Zahid Hamidi will become President with Hishammuddin Hussein becoming Deputy President.

    Of cos, I thought then that Najib's departure would come some time around 2023 after he romped home triumphant in PRU14.

    Well, looks like the handover happened a bit earlier than I thought, albeit Zahid and Hishammuddin are merely Acting Predident and Acting Deputy Predident respectively, at the moment.

    So, I guess I am almost right.

    *Sigh* Story of my life - always almost...

    I remember this sweet pretty girl... oh, sorry, I have used that storyline already.. damn...



    1. I think kj gonna feel vety frus lah

      The old guard will not listen to new ideas

      They keep saying generasi muda is important but they won't let kj shine

      Mebbe kj will cabut kut

    2. "...but they won't let kj shine".

      No, they won't.

      Umno still believes in rigid hierarchies. So they will not allow KJ to "potong queue".

      That is bad, because seriously - KJ is Umno's only hope.

      There is no-one else.

  8. Kami sudah bilang;
    Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi

    Bikin batu nesan aje la

  9. It reminds me of top heavy Japanese corporate management structure. The old fuckers refuse to retire and hold on to their executive positions while the younger and dynamic managers feels frustrated and demoralised.

    UMNO is like that. If I were Melayu, I'd spend my efforts developing my career in private sector or professional fields than joining UMNO.

  10. Harapkan pegar, pegar makan padi. Thats how i felt too annie. If there's no change in mtu, they will never win the next election. I was hoping the govt to change every 5 yesrs. Check and balance. So umno, if you want to be the govt next time, listen to the roots...

  11. Anonymous @ 20 May 2018 at 00:19,

    //So umno, if you want to be the govt next time, listen to the roots.//

    Nah, perish the thought.

    It is not in the nature of UMNO leaders to listen to the grassroots.

    Roots are only good for one thing - to absorb the shit... eeerrr... sorry...I meant, fertiliser to make those at the top strong and powerful.

    Loyalty, remember? Not intelligence, OK?

    The current UMNO leadership will not have the decency to commit seppukku for their incompetence which resulted in their loss.

    I am sure they will say that, "Look, DAP leaders never resigned despite losing so many times".

    True, but DAP leaders did not lose becos of sheer incompetence - they lost becos of the gerrymandering. Quite a different matter, dont you think?

    Also, by staying in power in UMNO, they are somewhat protected from raids by PDRM and MACC.

    For example, I dont believe that Najib would have been raided if he had stayed on as President of UMNO.

    But, we know he just could not stay on, he was just too great a liability.

    Note that Zahid Hamidi, who appears to be just as guilty as Najib, has not been touched.

    In fact, nobody from the UMNO Supreme Council has been touched.

    Now, is that becos those guys are squeaky clean or because they hold powerful positions?


    1. The test will come when the entire money trail from the Ambank "donation account" is exposed.

      Because it leads directly to the KBU.

      Let's see Mat Maslan trying to explain how he spent a secret, personal cheque of RM2 million issued to him by Najib.

      That is definitely graft under the ACA.

      A lot of the KBU can be charged.

  12. Even though I'm a malay unfortunately I'm not UMNO member coz i from Sarawak...lucky rite. But i need to stated my point as a neutral rakyat so that UMNO tak ilang di telan arus n zaman. What I want to say is UMNO should change from up to bottom, choose leader that can work with all races not only for Malay....hidup melayu demi ketuanan melayu x sesuai lagi kena buat slogan bru yg ikhlas jujur yg ble di terima boleh rakyat Msia kseluruhan nya....pimpinan baru UMNO di harap pergi ke Jepun belaja dgn LDP bagaimana nk bangun smula memerintah negara...LDP ni mcm UMNO jgk memerintah bpuluh tahun tp akhir klh LDP dpt ambik smula Jepun...x sangka kn mesti ad formula...tu jee smoga UMNO akan jd lbh relevan utk rakyat bergantung hrp...thnx.

    1. Bangsa Melayu berada dalam keruntuhan dan keruntuhan itu disebabkan oleh Najib dan pemimpin bangsa Melayu UMNO yang berkompromi nilai2 moral mereka.

      Tidak sahaja pembangkang menjatuhkan maruah Najib tetapi orang UMNO sendiri yg telah melakukan perbuatan yang menyebabkan Najib berada dalam keadaan serba salah yang pada akhirnya menjatuhkan maruah Najib sebagai pemimpin negara.

      Najib sendiri yang memilih orang seperti ini untuk menjadi penyokongnya. Akibatnya adalah kepada Najib. Itulah akibat menggunakan orang tak terpelajar dan ulaq ayak sebagai kuda tunggangan.

      Replace whole MTU & KBU...restart parti Umno.

  13. Hopefully the UMNO leaders kena tengok cermin dulu n ask?Are they liability or asset? Kalau dah rasa diatu liability, berentilah dan beri peluang pada irang lain.UMNO need to clean the membership list. Cannot imagine with party members more than 3 millions, you cannot win the election.Nak menang PRU, kena ada strategilah.Tak cukup cetak bendera BN banyak banyak.

  14. KJ is just as responsible for the heavy defeat. He didn’t bring in the youth votes and is a hypocrite for saying he should have advised Najib. If KJ is still in UMNO leadership come GE15, I’m voting DAP!

    1. "Stick to the truth even if the truth kills you. Trust is that there should be no difference between what you do and say and what you think.”
      – Umar ibn al-Khattab

  15. Leopard cannot change spots, years and years of corruption, hard to change.....want contracts,example KJ ECM libra shares given foc instant millionaires like instant maggie mee.... tengkunan pusing pusing taman rimba kiara land, instant millionaires.....they know, all these hidup melayu ketuanan melayu slogans....background, masuk poket......jho low la, desmond lim front, take out keris wave here and there, bugis warrior this and that, but at the end, want witness protection program, people giving him money is donations......Razak oh Razak, your son is the most corrupt NEP recipients and a shame to the Bugis Malay.....malu oi...possible get death sentence for so many murder cases under his watch....royal or no royal...kena chop like mary antoninette.....rakyat dah susah still want to jolly and enjoy.....mati la kau...

  16. MO1 must learn to change his song fr shalalala to jailhouse rock thks

  17. Mustapa Mohamed should lead UMNO out of the wilderness
    Tainted character should stay away from the limelight,and do not aspire to be prime minister
    It goes to both sides of the political divide
    If the tainted character is successful,he will assuned two ministers post
    (1)prime minister for the country
    (2)prime target for criticism
    Inorder to defend post no.two all medias have to be shut down
    There you goes again



    1. Good choice.

      The only reason Tok Pa has low profile in Umno is because he doesn't play money politics and is not surrounded by hordes of corrupt kaki bodek.

  18. blogger2 dumbo adalah banggang kata MO1 adoi
    annie amoy pls dont be neutral but start to bash dumbo (kick dumbo when they are down) wakakaka

  19. MO1 brought bad luck to BN & MU both lost, both BN & MU shud kick MO1 out...

  20. Very descriptive post, I loved that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

  21. annie & mainstream media (eg TV3, NST, star, tec) shud not be neutral, they shud continue with their villification of PH (LGE not handsome & not wearing shoes lah) so now continue with your REAL struggle wakakaka

  22. As Finance Minister, if LGE home is raided and found to have a lot of cash stashed up with various foreign currencies, golds, expensive watches and birkin bag collections...what does it mean for ketuanan cina??

  23. Ali Rustam???????????? That joker!!!!!!! And to stand in the SAME parliamentary seat the second time and hoping to win? Didn't he hold the Malaysian Book Of Record for the MOST number of guests for his son's wedding? Obviously he never learns la.... BTW why not just jsk any school teacher in Malacca how he made them wait for hours for any official function "graced" by him ......

  24. Just my 2 cents.
    This time rejuvenate mean nothing bcoz they believe they still had quite significant number of seats and supporter.

    Wait until the next 2 election, after they lose terribly on the next election and PH began sloppy after easy win and rest in their comfort zone.

    Those crooked member need to be vanished first. Umno has been rotten to the core since Tun M term. True leader will never emerged victory in their party election.