Friday 18 May 2018

Cursing Umno leaders

I was with a group of pro-BN people when they told me that the current BN leadership has reappointed Rahman Dahalan as the coalition's communication top man once again.

I can't help but to say this aloud;

"What a bunch of moronic chicken crap."

Seriously, what the fuck was wrong with those silly bastards.

That Rahman is a loser with crap ideas and they wanted to keep him as their top communication man.... I mean seriously?

I told the pro-BN people that if that's the best what their leaders have in mind when it comes to communication after the GE14 defeat, then they better just forget about the whole nonsense.

They all better quit and join PH, okay.

End of story.

If I'm one of them, I would demand the entire BN leadership to step down.

Let start with Umno.

Okay, Najib has stepped down.

Next is Zahid, he should go too. He's as responsible as Najib for the defeat.

And Zahid should take along his people, especially his entire stupid communication team.

Yes, that includes you Tiger. You can go fishing all you want after that, okay.

Bloody idiots.

Hishammuddin, you can go too.

Yes, your team is useless too.

And Najib is your cousin, that's enough a liability for you.

Shahrizat....the most irritating bimbo of a Wanita chief ever.


Why oh why Najib kept her.....that's beyond me.

Two general elections and the party Wanita chief can't stand anywhere to contest without losing....what the fuck is that?

Wanita people, you all still want to keep this female biawak hidup on your shoulder?

Enough la, okay.

The entire supreme council....they better resign, all of them.

They were responsible for kissing Najib's ass all the way to the GE14 defeat.

Spineless pricks.

No quality whatsoever.

They even include that most arrogant moron of all time Puad Zarkashi.

Having that guy in the line up alone is enough reason to kick the entire council out.

The state party chiefs.....except for maybe Tok Pa, Tok Nan and Mat Hassan, the rest should go.

You all Umno people still want to keep that lump of shit Noh Omar to lead you all in Selangor ka?

If you do, then go all deserve it then.

The division chiefs....get rid of them all la.

They too have to take responsibility for the defeat due to their cash is king mentality.

Yes, I agree with Dr Mahathir on that one.

Get new people to head the and good.

Who is to lead the party then?


Yup. No choice, okay.

I know, the guy got baggages too, but at least he's young and young people find him not so bad.

He's about the only hope left for Umno's revival.

That girl Mas Emerianty or something from Puteri can also stay.

Make her Wanita chief. Merge Wanita and Puteri to make things easier.

Makcik-makcik  have to accept this as they were also at fault for keeping that useless Shahrizat for too long.

All these must be done in the coming months leading to the next Umno general assembly and party election later this year.

I got a few more suggestions on how Umno people can fix their party, but I'll write it later.

They need to get it in their head first that the rubbish must be thrown out before the cleaning up could begins.

Otherwise, they should just give up and join Pribumi Bersatu.

Can get funding from DAP later.

Okay, that's all for now. All the cursing here tires me.

Good night.


  1. "Whosoever shows you your faults is your friend. Those that pay you lip service and shower you praises are your executioners.”
    - Umar ibn Al-Khattab

    1. When Umar radiAllahu anhu was anonymously traveling around the environs of Madinah, dressed in his usual old and tattered clothes when he came upon a shepherd boy tending his flock. Umar requested that he milk one of the sheep to satisfy his thirst. He offered the young boy money for the milk.
      The shepherd replied that he would willingly offer him a drink, but the sheep were not his; they were entrusted to him by the owner and he did not have permission to offer milk to anybody.
      Umar radiAllahu anhu being the guardian of his people took the opportunity to test this young boy suggesting that he sell him one of the sheep so he could milk it and then slaughter it later if necessary, while the shepherd profits from the money Umar was prepared to pay him. He offered the shepherd an explanation for the missing sheep suggesting he tell the owner that a wolf had eaten one of the flock, so that nobody would know the truth. But the young shepherd could only exclaim, “What about Allah?”

  2. UMNO need to sort out their members list first. Unlike known personalities who quit UMNO, the number of ordinary members who had left the party since 2013 are in the millions. They just did not bother to send quit letters to their respective branch/division. I'm one of them.

    As for having KJ as the new leader, it's just like kicking Isa Samad from Felda but keeping him in SPAD. Plain stupidity.

    1. KJ hmm...Got Integrity or not.. His sin as the leader of the 4th floor boy is still not yet forgiven

    2. KJ's bigger problem is the RM100 million missing from KBS.

      He should have resigned.

      How can rakyat trust a guy who stays in power after such a big sum of money is stolen under his watch?

  3. Agree with you, all UMNO leaders should resign except Tok Pa, Tok Nan and Tok Mat.

    Tambah sikit Nazri n Ahmad Maslan should be allowed to stay as jokers..

    1. Tok Pa was the best they had.

      Clean, moderate, humble, no scandals, etc.

      In modern Umno such a person cannot succeed.

    2. salam

      camne korang boleh ok dengan tok mat..''

      lupa ke dia yang cadangkan kepada mt supaya tiada pertandingan jawatan tertinggi umno...lupa ke...

      tsmy masa tu nak lawan najib n cuba nak betulkan umno...tapi tok mat lawan tsmy...

      tok mat bagus ye...kalau nak salahkan..dia yang patut d persalahkan...halang tsmy ...

      kalau umno rebah kali ni tok mat ada syer..

      apa guna orang baik kalau tak boleh tegur benda depan mata...

      sayang jawatan...tsmy tu jawatan no 2 kerajaan boleh je tegur..sampai kena pecat..apalah agaknya dengan jawtan mb..

      skarang d mana tsmy..baru menteri kabinet..tak tau orang no berapa...kalau dia ampu najib masih duk no 2...

      itu beza tsmy dengan tok mat...caci maki..kena pulau dengan umno sendiri wp masih berjawatan timbalan presiden waktu tu...em...

      tok mat tok mat...


  4. Annie,

    How about anifah aman?

  5. Life of annie

    We don't care kak ijat is bimbo or whatever. We care because she is CRIMINAL and THEIF.

    Where is our RM250 million stole by Ijat!??

    It's gone.

    Rakyat money gone forever.

    1. Don't be surprised ya - once Apandi is gone, the NFC case may be reopened.

      "You can run but you can't hide"

  6. Hahahahahahaha!
    Why now only got so much to say? You suddenly found your tongue??

  7. funding from DAP??hahaha....

    1. 'Can get funding from DAP later.'
      Posting konon hantam orang UMNO tapi.. ayat batu api mesti ada...

  8. Even Though I'm not UMNO supporter I totally agreed KJ should lead UMNO once n for other choice that's is it. Good luck UMNO.

  9. Kun nan to stay, i thought u hate that guy

  10. There are "72 bags of cash and jewellery" reason why nobody in UMNO deserve to be elected as the new leader. It is just impossible to believe that the entire MT are not aware of this. It is just absurd that no pahlawan Melayu in MT dare to challenge a lanun or is it a lanun thing not to expose one another?

    284 boxes of handbags - bought in Petaling Street? Or did the owners were planning to set up a Ramadhan stall to help ends meet?

    1. All d member of mtu makan duit haram from jibby

      Of course they are remain quiet

      They are accomplices

      If mat maslan can get rm2 million one cheque, u think how much can zahid get


  11. Today only 72 boxes of cash and jewelry, 284 boxes of luxurious bag confiscated from one najib home. The ccd chief claims tooooo much cash to count. You umno clown must have known that the big chief has been stealing from government coffers. Shame on you for being complicit to the crime. You umno clowns had the power to vote the the thief out but didn't. The nation had to do it for you.

  12. Annie

    Fully agree with your points on Abdul Rahman Dahlan.

    Reuters article on last days of Najib said that he lived in a bubble because his advisers never told him the truth.

    Pendek kata, he was surrounded by kaki bodek.

    Abdul Rahman Dahlan & that Eric Seeto guy failed to create any proper defence for Najib.

    When ARD admitted on the BBC that Najib was MO1, it proves he never read the DOJ report.

    If Najib is MO1, then he is responsible for the theft, hello!!!!!!

    The reason the Americans did not name him is because he was the sitting PM.

    They need to replace ARD lah.

    Kaki bodek is no use to Umno now.

    Imagine the huge torrent of exposed truth coming soon on SRC, 1MDB, Felda, MARA, etc.

    You better have someone with nerves of steel to handle the comms for Umno.

    And even then...

  13. Also:

    "Mas Ermieyati can stay"

    No, no, no.

    She was exposed as one of the people on the Ambank trail of money from the 2.6 billion "donation".

    Along with Shahrir and Mat Maslan.

    I hear they are going to re-examine the Ambank trail.

    That is bad news for all the Umno KBU, because now we will see how much kickbacks they took.

    Also very bad news for PAS, because nobody will cover up any money trail from Najib to them.

    Read up about it - the Ambank account held by "Mr X".

    Mas Ermieyati is already tainted.

  14. Hello Annie, 72 bags of cash, 284 boxes of handbags and more on the way found in a "Tan Sri" condo linked to Najib......habis already Najib.....Sharizat condo cash for the cow feed will be checked by MACC soon, that's why she is so quiet, planning to escape. Tengkunan cash also faster hide and distribute to his relatives....special branch already watching his house....Zahid under monitoring as well...

    NGOs being formed to investigate murder cases linked to Najib, Altantuya, Kevin Morais, Ambank Chairman and others.......this time Najib will get the death sentence.....mati la....very jialat d...

    1. I bet they don't find d pink diamond 27 million

      Becos rosmah won't be so stupid

      She transfer already to secret location maybe outside Malaysia

      Where is rosmah???

    2. I am also very curious. Did she manage to find a way out of Malaysia?

  15. Rajinder Singh,

    //Why now only got so much to say? You suddenly found your tongue??//


    Easy to tell that you are a newbie reader :)

    Look up Annie's archives.


  16. Actually the second person who failed UMNO/BN besides Najib was KJ. As Youth and Sports Minister and UMNO Ketua Pemuda he totally failed in bringing in the youths to vote for BN. Even after spending millions on his youth related programs. One of the main reasons BN/UMNO fell was because they were totally rejected by the youths. Kj needs to take responsibility for that.

  17. what about other politicians with immense wealth like ones in PH also..hehe. So far rakyat seemed so orgiven and don't that fully by the rule of law?

  18. Tok Nan - please la. He is like Jabba the Hut. With his sack, sack ,sack before GE, he was as responsible for the anger. Moreover not even elected. If you want young look, just removed all the old corrupted crap. With the tons of loot now being discovered, it will take a long time before Rakyat can forget. Hey, Imelda looks like the maid compared to our Marie.

  19. close the door before dumbos cabut, police need to act fast...

  20. Chill, Annie..chill

    Suggest Annie to join UMNO. What UMNO really need at this point is the infusion of young and talented professionals. Even PAS nowadays attracts far better quality candidates for GE14. Even rarer are those who still care for UMNO at this point...

  21. when it is so cancerous, let BN or dumbo die...

  22. Annie,

    There is no doubt UMNO has to undergo massive surgery.

    New blood and new faces are needed to drag UMNO out of this mess.

    The old guard just simply must go.

    Of cos, for obvious reasons, Pakatan supporters would love the old guard to stay.

    Pakatan knows that as long as the old guard stays, UMNO will not change.

    UMNO will remain a party where ass-kissing takes precedence over ability.

    If the old guard stays, UMNO can always be easily beaten up.

    KJ for President? President of UMNO, that is :)

    Hmmmm, why not?

    KJ may have his faults but I have always felt he is a good role model for young Malays.

    He is intelligent, he is forward thinking, he is of the 21st century.

    KJ could be just the man who can give UMNO that much-needed change it needs.

    BTW, like most people, I used to think poorly of Shahrizat Jalil.

    But on polling day, I met up with my UMNO friends for a quick lunch and during our discussions, I mentioned her.

    (Hehehehe.. yeah, I know, you should have seen the faces in the local Pakatan Bilik Gerakan when they found out that I was having lunch with my friends - UMNO friends. But I didnt care. My friends came all the way from KL to catch up with me).

    I was told by my friends that Shahrizat Jalil is a good person who is very very hardworking.

    She commands huge respect amongst Wanita becos of her very down-to-earth manner.

    She was a leader who was not afraid to clean the toilets side-by-side with her sister Wanitas.

    As my friends tell it, Shahrizat was brought down by her stupid greedy husband.

    I was also told something which I have not heard anywhere else and I am not disclosing it becos I think it will identify my UMNO friends.

    Let's just say that stupid greedy husband simply could not and did not wait for Lembugate to become a successful meat producing venture.

    Shahrizat was left to pick up the pieces and defend the indefensible.

    My UMNO friends have no reason to lie to me and they are not your average UMNO members, ok?

    I am beginning to think that Shahrizat Jalil may not be the bad evil person I thought she was.

    Of cos, it may be entirely possible that my UMNO friends are personal friends with Shahrizat and want to defend her but from what I have noticed of Shahrizat, she is fiercely loyal to UMNO, passionate about Wanita, and yes, I have noticed that she is a good worker.

    But I think it will be difficult for her to get beyond where she is now.


    1. Wow bro

      U is brave guy to defend kak ijat

      But nvm, we respect each other opinion

      Agree to disagree...

    2. Gladiator,

      You have to look at the logic of your argument, bro.

      You mean Shahrizat was a victim of her husband's greed?

      But how could the theft have been done, unless through her? She was the minister who had full powers over the NFC:

      And who really believes her claim that her hubby & kids bought luxury condos and cars and she didn't know???

      Sorry, impossible.

      This is like Jibby saying he knew nothing about the Wolf of Wall Street, Riza's penthouse, or Rosie's pink diamond.


    3. you are a joker!! she has been defending the plundering by the thieves. what integrity when you are fiercely loyal to the thieves??

  23. Oklah maybe Annie really independent of her blog captain. She can hantam Rahman Dahlan kaw kaw.
    Well for UMNO.. ex MB Perak Datuk Zamry should be good..unless UMNO Malays are also allergic to metallic.By the way where's that Azeeeez.. quietly sailed off in the Gaza flotilla or what. This guy also knows how to be do-gooder.

    1. Azeez Baling is in very big trouble.

      If you remember the day that Apandi cleared Najib of the SRC 42 million, but the cameras zoomed in to the chart held in his hand?

      The money trail leads to companies controlled by Azeez.

      It's all going to come out.

      He's headed for jail.

      If I'm a KBU, I will quietly take my mistress, my stolen cash, and run away to my London home.

      Before they put me on travel blacklist.

      Azalina also corrupt giler.

      Annuar Musang too.

      All these heads will roll.

  24. Hello everybody,
    We know la, who take what, who sogok, who corrupt.....Sharizat fall because of "greedy" husband? sapa la nak percaya. KJ take shares from ECM Libra, remember those days with Kalimullah the putar king then....when Najib faction attacking KJ, that time bukan main Rocky Bru attack all quiet already....banyak alasan given, all because Difernandeskan already......maksudnya given pressure excuse by ruling government like Tony he also scare open Myanmar market...scare no subsidy in home market Malaysia given to him like he used to get at the expense of think cheap price all because he is smart kah...think la who give him license to operate, the routes, the discounts in airport fees and other charges untung already buy football club, invest other countries like Vincent Tan, why invest overseas....the money should roll back and invest into the local bizness and communities...not going to other countries...siap la, PH will scrutinize the deals.....toll long ago finish already selesai still until now collect payment..Itu RPK kelentong watch the show la....Anwar pandai, not fall into trap....let Tun M does the work...they thought they can laga laga Anwar and Mahathir like last time and collect the spoils later....the people are watching.....and we know what is going is not coincidence PH symbol is an EYE...... the All SEEING EYE......

    1. If you look at this Malaysia you have to bodek the gomen.

      Businessmen are like politicians.

      They will jump ship to save themselves.

  25. Second echelon leaders of Umno were non existent when the previous leader chose loyalty instead of talent. This resulted in many young capable Malays joining the opposition.
    By the way, if somebody can compile a list of (comical) quotable quotes by former Umno leaders, I suppose it may become a best seller.
    Many of those quotes would put Saddam's comical Ali to shame.

    1. "By the way, if somebody can compile a list of (comical) quotable quotes by former Umno leaders, I suppose it may become a best seller.'

      About 60% will be from Mat Maslan alone!

      Official Badut of BN...

  26. 1Malaysia will celebrate when eventually dumbo become ABU, i told you so wakakaka

  27. Anonymous @ 18 May 2018 at 11:08,

    //U is brave guy to defend kak ijat//

    Nup, me no brave.

    Just have a bit more information about her :)

    Personally, I think it is stupid to keep believing something when there is new evidence presented.

    Of cos, one has to determine if that new evidence is true and correct.

    The ability to make that call is what differentiates us.

    Bear in mind that even if one makes one single solitary right decision, it does not make one any special :)

    I have made many many bad calls in my life. There was this time when I thought this very sweet pretty girl liked me but......


    1. "There was this time when I thought this very sweet pretty girl liked me but......"

      Was her name "Annie"?

  28. Annie,

    Moving on, what would be UMNO's new political ideology?

    Would it be racial politics like in the old days?

    Memelihara hak ketuanan Melayu, memantapkan ekonomi bumiputera dan sebagainya?

    A political party is a political party. It has to play politics, it has to have its own political ideology.

    Maintain status quo or embrace new ones?

    That's the impossible task, is it not?

    It has not found anyone capable of putting forth any new ideology.

    The existing leaders are icons to an old age, they are known to be corruptible, kurang ajar, flaring up racial tension for political mileage, disguised as Islamic when they are not, and pengecut.

    But to find new breed to lead, the old farts won't let go. UMNO is, after all, a filthy rich party.

    Right now everyone stays quiet, not least because they were intimidated by the election results, they are also scare that by making too much sound the old man's axe will befall them.

    Everyone of them have shit in their closet.

    1. "Right now everyone stays quiet, not least because they were intimidated by the election results, they are also scare that by making too much sound the old man's axe will befall them."

      Tun never forgets.

      Be careful.

  29. Anonymous @ 18 May 2018 at 11:06,

    w33ssweess//Sharizat fall because of "greedy" aq1?//

  30. Hi Anne,

    Re-brand ? Rejuvenate ? Repackage ? Reinvigorate ? Restate ?
    Renovate ? Recharge ? Repaint ? Redo? Recall ?

    Nothing of the above will bring back BN to life again.

    It is best to leave them to rot, die and disappear.

    Most never ever want to be ruled by them again.

    Just the 2 events unfolding (the depth of the IMDB thingy and the sea of seizures from the condos) are enough to shut the door, bury BN and conduct the last rites thereafter.

    Many other sordid things would be unearthed and unravelled in the next couple of days so much so, it would make Imelda's excesses appear minuscule.

    It is just about the right time for BN to visit the nearest casket shop to provide the correct measurements.

    They can make their wishes known if they would like to be buried together or separately.It wouldn't make any difference.

    My obituary for them : "Rot and die.Never to walk on muka bumi again".

    While the euphoria of sweet victory is mellowing down on the nation, on a cautionary note, the recently freed bird and its grandiose speeches,its arrogance and its demeanour makes me feel somewhat worrisome.
    Can our freedom be short lived ? Hope TDM has a nose to sniff such waft and be on alert mode at all times.

    Time to listen to Bombino Live at KEXP.

    Rasta Rules

  31. Annie,

    If you want a good laugh...

    This kangkung prof suggests these people to lead Umno back to glory...

    - Former Negeri Sembilan menteri besar Mohamad Hasan (kah kah kah)

    - Zahid Hamidi (kah kah kah)

    - Tok Pa (OK, one good suggestion lah)

    His view on KJ...

    "But Awang Azman disagrees with a suggestion that Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin play the role of the opposition leader in Parliament, saying the Rembau MP has yet to prove his worth.

    “From observation and feedback from the ground, he has not been doing things for the sake of the party but is only interested in making a name for himself."

    Pale otak hang...

    You mean the rest of the Umno leadership are different????

    Seriously, how do these people get the title of "professor"?

  32. when there are BN proliferation of thieves, pirates, liars, conman, racists, bigots, cowboys, cowladies, etc, BN lost their rights to champion two party system or check & balance OK

  33. Anonymous @ 18 May 2018 at 12:43,

    //Was her name "Annie"?//

    Her name was Donna.


  34. I think al the present leaders of Umno should go.. as I said in the comments in this blog before there are no brave and capable leaders in Umno.. they are all stuffed with dedak that they cannot open their mouth.. I said before all they have to do is be brave and ask Najib to step down and BN will not lose but then now it’s too late for them.

  35. Kak Ijat had her whole family working at NFC, including a daughter only 20 something earning more than RM$20,000 PER MONTH! She knew what was going on.

    As for KJ, he is as innocent as all other UMNO MPs, senators and even Najib. When the new Government brings in a law requiring evidence of (unusual) wealth, many UMNO people will also have to explain if they declared that source of income to Inland Revenue. So polis will have to send out more lorries to collect the loot. The chickens are coming home to roost. Keep Nazry...we all need a clown to laugh at.

  36. ....dear Annie,

    ....since pak lah watch, umno as an organisation is likened to be in a comatosed state
    ....during najib watch, umno as an organisation was under the ‘spell’ of the greedy witch/wife
    ....where zombies were encouraged to fill the corridors of power

    ....thus right now, in order to lessen the ‘pain’, is just to let umno die


  37. Hi everybody,
    Now we know why Najib champion "Cash is King" philosophy for UMNO...where got race, religion & country anymore? slogan is for self, cash is king and the rest to hell....

    72 bags of cash in 1 condo alone...god knows how many undeclared and kept dunno where.....every election, bags of cash handouts to stuff their macai we know where the source of dedak already.....

    Annie, you also got dedak.....

  38. "Supporter: Nothing to dispute over confiscation as Najib is well off"

    If this is what Umno still has to offer ..........

    1. HA HA HA HA!!!!!

      This is why Umno is finished.

      You remember 2 years ago when Rosmah's PA made a deposit of RM2 million over the counter in Affin Bank?

      All the kaki bodek in Umno rushed to her defence, saying "nothing unusual".

      But Kak Ros haven't had a job since 1984.

      Explain where the money came from?

      Umno thinks the rakyat are fools.

  39. Hi Annie,
    The corruption case by Najib will put him away behind bars for years to come.......that is only corruption.

    The Altantuya case......whether she is pregnant with Najib seed....hence the C4 to destroy the DNA evidences will be investigated...and what Shafie told Sirul in Australia...and to reveal, who order him to kill Altantuya....remember the killers are Najib bodyguards.....a lot of whispering already to Tun Dr M, he knows the whole story already. He's been briefed by the French intelligence as well regarding the Scorpene deal...that is also corruption by Razak family....

    Kevin Morais family is demanding justice as well as the Ambank chairman son demanding justice....

    The curse of Altantuya is coming to haunt Najib, hence the revenge from the "otherworld"...when you do evil....the evil will find you.......bertaubatla Najib oh Najib.....

    1. "He's been briefed by the French intelligence as well regarding the Scorpene deal...that is also corruption by Razak family...."

      The case is active and ongoing in France now.

      Meaning, they have evidence even before PRU14.

  40. In fact I used to asked many many years ago,"Isn't there ANY good man/woman left in UMNO?" The answer looked and looks so obvious.............

  41. Anonymous18 May 2018 at 11:55

    //You mean Shahrizat was a victim of her husband's greed?//

    Yup, in a perverse sort of way.

    Pls do not misunderstand me.

    Shahrizat probably had her snout in the feeding trough as well, all the way up to her eyeballs, BUT the idea wasn't to gasak everything.

    Sure, take RM10million or RM20million for starters - just not everything because NFC had to be setup to the stage where it was viable.

    Here is something else I probably should not be telling you - there was even more money coming once NFC had been sufficiently set up.

    NFC was meant to succeed.

    But of cos, we now know that all of the RM250million was lost.

    Shahrizat may have known of the unauthorised expenditure but the real culprit was apparently her husband.

    Shahrizat's real fault seems to be in not stopping her husband from mis-spending the money.

    Anyway, that is what I heard, OK?