Tuesday 22 May 2018

The good things about prosecuting Najib

I'm writing this because my DAP supporting beloved sent me a WhatsApp message just now;

"Wonder what will happen to najib this morning"

As we all should know by now, Najib is meeting MACC people at their office this morning over all those allegations against him.

Well, I think they will ask him questions and maybe they will detain him for more time to question him further.

They have the power to do that.

But still,  I think the MACC people will be fair to Najib.

I think that way because I do want to believe that MACC is now really free to do its job instead of being controlled by powerful people with vested interests as alleged during previous BN administrations.

I do want to believe that the PH government is true to what it claimed to do before its GE14 victory.

That is, Malaysia will have true freedom and good institutions.

And later on, if they decided to charge Najib, I want to believe that he will have a fair trial in a court which is totally independent and free from interferences from the executive.....instead of as alleged during previous BN administrations.

I do want to believe that the judge will not go and say....irrelevant, irrelevant, irrelevant....to all the arguments of the defendant.

If you all don't get it, please read this;

Augustine Paul's role will not be forgotten 

Yes, a free judiciary. That's what many of us demanded all these years. Free this and free that. I'm all for them.

And in the event that the court later rules in favour of Najib, I want to believe that all of us Malaysians will accept the verdict.

I want to believe that we Malaysians are not a lynch mob....especially in this era of benevolent PH administration.

I know, I know....most of you all had passed the guilty verdict already on Najib.

You all are very sure, right?

Relax, remember what Dr Mahathir said.

We will follow the rule of law.

You are innocent until proven guilty, remember that.

Well, that will all be in the years to come as such a complicated trial will take a very long time to settle....just like Anwar's second sodomy trial which I believe is the record holder of being the longest in Malaysian history.....five years if I'm not mistaken.

It would be interesting to see whether Anwar's sodomy case or Najib's alleged kleptocracy practices case being the one more complicated and harder to judge.

And I wonder whether Najib's lawyers will keep asking for postponements like Anwar's lawyers did.

If Najib's probable trial is to start now and last that long, then the final verdict should be just before we once again go to the polls of GE15.

Amazing, isn't it?

Again, if Najib by some chance is to be judged innocent, then we would go to the next polls knowing that BN's defeat to PH in the just concluded GE14 was built on lies.

Okay, okay....I know that cannot be. PH good, BN bad....got it.

But still, in a fair trial, anything could happen.

Let's just wait and see.

So far, I think Najib handles his predicament rather well.

He didn't declare emergency as many feared, run away or try to drag others into his troubles.

Things seem to be still quite peaceful.

Well, last time Dr Mahathir did something similar like this, all hell broke loose.


Fine, I know you all would say, last time Dr Mahathir was wrong, this time he is right.

Whatever makes you all happy, okay.

Well, Dr Mahathir said he would let go of the PM post in two years time.

Anwar will likely replace him.

I hope that one will go smoothly.

Otherwise, we may have another round of trouble.


  1. Today's news:
    "Covert agency linked to former PM raided"
    A powerful intelligence unit – Malaysian External Intellig­ence Organisation – under the Prime Minister’s Department,had massive funding and was used to keep track of government critics in the country and abroad, backed by 300 per­­sonnel, reported only to Najib. Basically operated as a spy agency, and all its activities were tailored at keeping Najib in power.

    1. saya sokong najib sebab banyak lagi orang bangang sokong najib

      jho low

    2. Yup, I think the Sun was the first to report this yesterday but I couldn't find the article anymore. Apparently unit is headed by a lady datuk who is now on holiday!

    3. http://www.thesundaily.my/news/2018/05/21/top-officer%E2%80%99s-house-raided-najib-documents-report

    4. Dh terjawab kenapa Dato Husni Menteri Kewangan 2 letak jawatan... bayangkan kalau Najib Bangsat dan parti Bangsat Najib nie tak kalah mampuslah rakyat Malaysia semua duit bayar 1MDB... minta maaf lah keluar kata2 nie kerana cukup kemarahan kepada BN nie yang jelas perompak durjana... plsss Tun M heret semua mereka nie dan sita aset mereka nie untuk membayar balik kerugian yang dialami negara... harap 7 keturunanlah rakyat menolak BN NIE selagi dipimpin muka2 perompak yang bersubahat ini....
      Little little not die, big big difficult people.

    5. Tunggu sampai habis siasatan sebelum nak judge orang ye

  2. Very sarcastic, Siapa makan cili boh untuk buka puasa rasa lah sendiri.

  3. Annie,

    Could Najib be found innocent in a fair judicial system?

    Hm. let me see now - caught with his hand in the cookie jar, cookie crumbs all over his sarong, stash of cookies in his room, more cookies possibly to be found overseas, etc etc...

    I dunno... I guess he could be found not guilty... I am not a lawyer.

    //If Najib's probable trial is to start now and last that long, then the final verdict should be just before we once again go to the polls of GE15.//

    The longer the case drags on gor, the better it is for Pakatan.

    Pakatan will be able to keep reminding the rakyat of the excesses of a decadent UMNO.

    And dont forget that Najib is probably not the only person who will be charged.

    In my mind, it is better for UMNO to get all relevant persons charged and jailed quickly, so that a new UMNO leadership can claim that UMNO is squeaky clean, law abiding, etc etc.

    Those who are in jail will be soon forgotten and the new UMNO leadership can then concentrate on rebuilding UMNO.


    1. Umno will be left with the likes of Rosyam Nor and Mat Over to lead.

  4. Orang kuat serta jurucakap Kak Ros, si Rizal Mansor tu SPRM dan PDRM tak nak siasat ke? Itu orang simpan banyak rahsia Bijan dan Kak Ros.

  5. Annie's article seem to imply and agree all those institutions mentioned above were allegedly unfair and biased in the past administration?

  6. 1. During pak sheikh's time, most malaysians were pretty naive. They thought that when a leader speaks a lot about religion then he is pious and not capable of doing nasty things and so they rebel or do a "reformasi" pak sheikh's style.

    2. Now in this digital era, malaysians are well informed thanks to Dr Mahathir for not blocking the internet. We get information quicker. So, in the case of Mr Nazheeb, all the birkin bags, money, gold bars and hella lot more inside and outside the country won't be making the rakyat go on the streets and do a reformasi najib style.

    3. Speaking of our previous judiciary system, if say it wasn't fair, then I am sure pak sheikh would "saman" including suing Saiful Bukhari. I am waiting....

    1. Yes, am also waiting for AI to sue Saiful.

      The AI case was between two individuals & most people put their trust in AI because let's face it, people would rather believe that he was defamed and the motive was political.
      Najib on the other hand was alleged to have siphoned off billions of the rakyat 's money. Since people were feeling the pinch from GST, rising petrol prices and cost of living, most were happy to see him being questioned

    2. Different PM diff way of managing the country. Those cash were found immediately after Pru and it can be easily explain. It is the same thing done by all parties. To be fair demand the police and sprm to check on PH as well. And you will find a lot more.

  7. You are being sarcastic, aren't you?

    I think Malaysians are eager to know the truth behind all those 1MDB/SRC stories, who is the Arab donor etc.

    Unlike the sodomy trials, in Najib's case there were lots of evidence from outside the country that cannot be wished away.

    Plus the behaviour of the ministers, heads of govt. agencies all seemingly bending backwards to protect the interest of one man (and his fatty playboy sidekick), stifling investigations, arresting & transferring MACC officers... we were treated to what looks like a massive abuse of power or abetment in a cover-up, building a house of cards.

    How long does Najib think he can get away with this charade?

    1. Heret semua yg terlibat dlm kes 1MDB ini ke muka pengadilan secepat mungkin. Dah tak sabar sabar lagi nak lihat mereka pakai T-Shirt oren SPRM tu.

  8. Ketua (baru) macc dah bukak mulut. Both rtm & tv3 didn't bother to broadcast the full press conference. I wonder why? Nasib baik ada CNA but the audio was poor. Get the popcorn! Panjang lagi cerita ni.

  9. Is it true that the foremost condition set by the DAP for PPBM to be accepted into PH is getting Tun M to ask the court to discharge LGE from his corruption case?

  10. Annie,

    I think if you want to compare between Anwar and Najib, now got more drama.

    Not RM1 rakyat money goes into Anwar private account.

    Some more currently they are counting million, who's money is that? I hope not rakyat money please.

    And then, there are this Jho Low with his huge boat travel around the world. I hope, miilions of RM buying the boat not belong to Rakyat money also ok.

    And then, the court case at DOJ. Where got during Anwar time. Now so much plot and twist and turn. The rakyat is eager to learn what happened.

    And then, investingation around the world, Singapore, Switzerland, US, etc..

    And then, the MACC office broke down retelling what had transpired during initial investigation.

    You have to agree that the drama is much-much more in this one compared to during Anwar time.

    1. Siapa rakyat yg pangkah Dacing PRU yg baru2 ini...ini buka mata tu besar2 kenapa semua Rakyat Malaysia yg lain bertekad undi utk Perubahan kerajaan!!

  11. LOL! Siapa tak ingat drama Anwar? In PRU14 kita pangkah Tun M sebenarnya. Most of us merely tolerated Anwar. Recently Anwar punyalah cium tangan Sultan Johor. Hemm..

    1. Yes..! yes..!

      Annie, majority of us voted for PH just to get rid of Najib since UMNO ppl refuse to do so. Even yesterday, Azwan Bro stupidly asked where Tun M got that RM1 trillion debt figure. I guess he hasn't read the Auditor's Report on 1MDB.

      Annie, many of us don't want Anwar as the next PM. We are praying hard that Rafizi dan the like will see who Anwar really is.

    2. Dulu dia Finance Ministers dia larr PM suka suka hati dia je nak wat apa Sekarang baru tau langit tinggi ke rendah..
      Semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan Tun M menuntut keadilan Rakyat jelata..InnshaAllah

    3. Its interestimg tht rafizi as wakilmrakyat seems to be so fanatic when it comes to anwar. His loyalty should only be to the rakyat and not to anwar.

      I think he messed up his priority. Its sad cause hes quite capable.

  12. Probably if :
    1) Najib did not get involved with Jho Low in those 1MDB excesses, and
    2) Najib did not introduce GST (which made the non-income-tax-paying group suddenly see they are paying taxes in everyday transactions) ...

    ... Najib & BN would have won the elections and all will be business as usual.

    To get an idea how big is the boat that playboy Jho Low is said to have bought with rakyat's money, this picture shows the scale of its enormity :

    1. We want the fatty pig Wharton School unfortunately trained to be dragged into the courtroom!!!

  13. Anonymous @ 22 May 2018 at 11:26,

    //Annie's article seem to imply and agree all those institutions mentioned above were allegedly unfair and biased in the past administration?//

    Aiyah, what is there to imply?

    Blind Freddy could have told you what was going on in the past administration.

    The challenge for the Pakatan administration is to ensure that the Westm8nster system of government is truly applied.

    For that to happen, we, the rakyat, must stand our ground and threatened the Pakatan government with dismissal if they do not do so.

    We have done it once and we can do it again.

    We are rakyat and we are boss.


  14. Anonymous @ 22 May 2018 at 12:18,

    //How long does Najib think he can get away with this charade?//

    For as long as UMNO holds power, which they no longer do :)


  15. Anonymous @ 22 May 2018 at 12:56,

    //Is it true that the foremost condition set by the DAP for PPBM to be accepted into PH is getting Tun M to ask the court to discharge LGE from his corruption case?//

    LGE is a moron.

    Even a dummy like me could have thought of several different ways to protect him from an accusation of corruption.

    My cousin, a lawyer, has even better ideas than me.

    From my understanding, LGE fucked up on a very very simple transaction which by itself is rather meaningless.

    Bear in mind that the purchase of the house had nothing to do with him, it was between his wife and whatshername.

    But being an imbecile, LGE allowed himself to be put into such a situation.

    I have always held the belief that LGE is a fantastic adminstrator but a lousy politician and this is one prime example of his shortcoming.

    He didnt realise that his innocuous behaviour would have such dire consequences.

    Thankfully, he has been made the Finance Minister where he only needs to concentrate on numbers and the results of those numbers, which are just more numbers - it is an easier job than you think it is.

    Why do you think Najib wanted the job of Finance Minster?? Becos it was not really that difficult :)

    Dont get me wrong, Finance Minster is an important job but ultimately you live or die by numbers on a piece of paper.

    And LGE is perfectly suited for such a job - he is a superb adminstrator par excellence, you see, and they love and understand numbers on a piece of paper :)

    Sorry to all my DAP friends, OK?


  16. Anonymous @ 22 May 2018 at 13:28,

    //Some more currently they are counting million, who's money is that? I hope not rakyat money please.//

    From what I have read, Najib says they are donations for his re-election.


    Go on. prove that they are not :)

    // hope, miilions of RM buying the boat not belong to Rakyat money also ok.//

    We have been told repeatedly that no money is missing and no crime has been committed, so according to some people, it is *ahem* safe to say that it is not rakyat money :)

    //The rakyat is eager to learn what happened.//

    Sabar, my friend, sabar. :)


    1. Donations is still rakyat money what?.....

      They say donation all return back to Tok Arab. So now, whose money are they counting?

  17. Anonymous @ 22 May 2018 at 13:36,

    //Probably if :
    1) Najib did not ....
    2) Najib did not ....//

    3/ Najib did not have Rosmah....




  18. Anything can happened ,guilty or not are totally base on evidence . If the prosecutor are lazy to gather evidence and defending lawyer are good in manipulating that limited evidence being produced . We could see number of such cases being thrown out by trail judge .

    Can SPRM gather that evidence ,if they can ,how strong that evident could give a guilty verdict .

    The guilty one will always prepared well for the trail .

  19. Hi everybody,
    From MACC chief Shukri going to the council of rulers, it's known they sit back and approved of Najib wrong doing and shenanigans. Najib abusing power and obstruction of justice, that could be another charge to Najib. Now the mongolian Altantuya case will be open back, that will be another big one on Najib and Razak Baginda sharing of mongolian woman between himself and Najib will be reveal in court before C4ed the poor woman to hid evidence of crime. Big shocker coming.....no wonder Najib keep "praying" each day...too many evil and corrupt deeds done by him already.


      Dek dengar hasutan Najib..... deklarasi jutaan tandatangan rakyat diketepikan, Tun Mahathir dicemuh & dihina hingga anugerah kurnia 'Datuk' diungkit-ungkit & ditarikbalik oleh Istana Selangor, Johor & Kelantan.

      Apakah Majlis Raja-raja tidak kenang jasa Tun Mahathir yg tidak terbandingkan? Atau setidak-tidaknya menghormati beliau yg jauh lebih usia, pengalaman, pendidikan & ketokohan beliau yg diiktiraf seluruh dunia termasuk institusi Think Tank Oxford, PBB & OIC....??

      Semuanya dah terbongkar hari ini bila Ketua SPRM Shukri dedahkan Majlis Raja-Raja 2X tidak hiraukan tentang pecah amanah skandal RM2.6 bilyon & SRC RM42 juta oleh Najib pahlawan pondan bugis.

      Apakah episod sejarah lama seperti 'Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Dijulang' & 'Tun Mutahir' berulang di abad 21 kerana sikap tamak & penting diri pembesar2 Istana & Sultan yg kurang bijaksana menyebabkan Mercu Kekuasaaan Kesultanan Melaka lenyap tinggal kenangan saja.

    2. Ketahuilah Pegawai-pegawai Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) sebelum ini telah menghadap Majlis Raja-Raja sebanyak dua kali berhubung RM2.6 bilion yang didepositkan ke akaun peribadi bekas perdana menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
      Bagaimanapun, ketua pesuruhjaya SPRM yang baru dilantik, Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull berkata mereka akhirnya kecewa dengan hasil pertemuan berkenaan.
      Pertemuan itu berlaku pada tahun 2015, ketika SPRM masih aktif menyiasat akaun Najib.
      "Kami bertemu Majlis Raja-Raja sebanyak dua kali. Kami dua kali bertemu dengan mereka.
      "Tetapi kami kecewa," kata Mohd Shukri dalam sidang akhbar di ibu pejabat SPRM hari ini.
      Beliau juga memberitahu Putera diraja Arab Saudi yang dikatakan “menderma” RM2.6 bilion kepada Najib tidak dapat menunjukkan dokumen sokongan bagi membuktikan perkara itu.

    3. Memetik seorang komentar dari blog Zamkata.....

      Raja-Raja.. bak kata Tok Kadir Jasin negara kita ini mewah dan makmur dengan Raja-Raja. Sedangkan dinegara lain mereka ada satu Raja, kita ada sembilan.. tambah satu Agong.. di tempat saya tambah empat lagi Tok Undang.

      Bertanya juga diri ini, selain dari intai anak bulan apakah lagi sumbangan Raja pada rakyat dan kesejahteraan negara.

      Kita dah lah teruk selama sepuloh tahun ditibai oleh Najib dan gengnye. Mintak tolong pada Raja pun.. bagindo buat dun know je.. sapa nak tolong kita lagi.

      Jadi agakkan saya, jika negara ini diserang musuh, yang lari dulu adalah Raja-Raja. Bang Mat Sabu saya harap jangan lah lari juga?

  20. 5 hours quizzed by MACC.....tak kan lar all the asnwer is ....this is donation, that is donation, itu donation lagi.....semua donation....apasal banyak cash, Cash is King, GE need cash, why in foreign currencies....cause many need US dollars for GE14....

  21. Annie,

    Now Najib being questioned in orderly manner. After that he can go home. Thursday come back and ask some more.

    Not like last time, some people in ski mask raid Anwar home.

    Can you see the difference between PH and BN government. So much different one.

  22. Hi Annie,

    You are absolutely correct.

    Being qualified in law appears to be not wasted upon you.

    Najib will not be found guilty.

    The Bikinis,Hermes,Rolex's were all fake goods from China.

    The fake goods belonged to Desmond and Cindy who were confirmed to be street pedlars in Petaling Street.

    They just tumpang their goods in the high end apartments for fear of the hammer armed destructive Jamal Jamban.

    The gold bars are not made of real gold and are worthless This was confirmed by Habib Jewels.

    The cash bills are no longer in circulation as confirmed by Bank Negara.

    SPRM,DOJ,MAS and other monetary jurisdictions all over the world have confirmed the 2.6 billion as American Pies..just pies and nothing more.
    This was verified by our popular road show comedian Asshole Arul.
    Arul further reiterated the pies had a distinctive taste of crusty quinoa and unify brazenly when chewed.

    Top cop Amar Singh, in a press statement said intense questioning and grilling revealed none of his men ate chocolates. However, he admitted 2 of his men confessed to having eaten a few slices of cheese from Najib's cooler.

    Amar confirmed police would file charges against Najib for false allegations against his men.When pressed further,Amar said it was a case of failing to distinguish between chocolates and cheese.

    So Annie you are right, there will not be any lengthy trials
    or finger pointing the judges for being biased.

    The charges against Najib are petty and he may be compounded RM41.70.

    BN can start preparing for the next general elections.

    Rasta Rules.

  23. Annie this article will cheer you up:

  24. "Dr Mahathir did something similar like this,"

    Errr that was not an election

  25. Confessions of new SPRM boss...what worries me is he went to the Council of Rulers to plead his case and they left him disappointed. The council is supposed to be the final bastion of the rakyat...but they failed. Wonder what the House of Perak will say now?

    1. Council of hopeless. Jaga periuk sendiri.

    2. I think the rakyat are dissapointed too. But we all know their true color.

  26. "AirAsia boss apologises for buckling under BN gov't pressure"

    Can this be considered abuse of power? If so Airasia boss is the key witness?

    1. This one Fernandez did it with any pressure lah. Free will. MAVCOMM deny ever forcing fernandez to do anything. Fernandez promise to show proff of coercion also never show. Fernandez b***s**t lah.

  27. Shukri tell all reveal we have only a few good men ....the royals are hopeless, ministers in najib cabinet are cowards save a few.....officers and civil servants like top cop, apandi and even judges some beyond hope. Morally unfit to serve and even to worship. Truly disappointed in them.

    1. The royal r bound by their roles stated in the constitution which is vry limited tht wht they can do. Remember a few HRH go all out talking abt good governance n corruption.

    2. If all they do is talk common people can also talk..

      The star report some syed remind people tht majlis raja2 did issue a statement regarding 1mbd.

      I remember tht particularly well. But when certain minister told them to mind their own business they just stop saying anything afterwards.

      But again talk, issue a statement. All of which can be done by common people. People are suffering and they just talk and issue statement. Well..

  28. Is anyone not going to question the appointment of Ghani Patail & Shukri on to the board investigating 1MDB? Is there not some conflict of interest? I mean they have already drawn their own conclusions and on top of that, aren't they material witnesses to the case?

    1. For those who missed the train. They drew conclusions based on the evidences theyve gathered. All was conclusive and they are about to detain najib. The day before najib was charged gani was fired, muhidin was fired and dato shukri was chased away even to as far as the US. Wasnt the late kevin was killed some time after?

      I think they just continue from where they last were. Choosing them as the investigating member save resources and time from doing the investigation from zero.

  29. Anonymous @ 22 May 2018 at 18:13,

    //Annie this article will cheer you up://

    The Turd Force will keep defending Najib until the money runs out :)

    His BFF, RPK, is already slowly retreating from his pro-Najib stance hoping nobody will notice that he backed an oppressive untenable regime instead of the rakyat.

    Yup, RPK was willing to sacrify the rakyat on the altar of UMNO for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver and his beloved Parti Anak Syaitan.

    It is now quite laughable that RPK seems to be trying to resurrect his anarchist image after claiming undying allegiance to the Sultan of Selangor, to Islam, to Parti Anak Syaitan, etc etc. - everything no respectable anarchist would do.

    RPK makes a lousy anarchist.

    He probably hopes that by acting the anarchist again, he becomes hip and cool and he will be accepted back into the limelight.

    He is a wannabe Che Guevera who thinks a beret is all that is needed to fool the rakyat.

    He ain't the Moron from Manchester for nuffin :)


  30. Just tell the bhai to give me faster and cheaper broadband service (in Singapore I get 1GBps) can already.
    And stop blocking porn sites. (VPN cost money ok?)
    The rest I don't fuck care.

  31. Rasa macam sarcasm Annie..Let the rule of law prevailed.No more good officers being asked to resign, overnight transfer on so on.

    Your point on our Pak Sheikh.I have little trust on this guy.If you can remember on his court case, he didnt dare to response under oath.My point is simple, "Berani kerana benar".

  32. Well,I am biased.But knowing Tun M,he will not allow dissent.He is not happy if Anwar becomes the Prime Minister during his life time.Lim Guan Eng will be given a fair trial and wil be sent to jail.Tun M wil use that as a sign that he does not interfere with the judiciary.Are you guys ready with a big size popcorn as this drama is going to be interesting.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. That protracted prosecution against Guan Eng was construed as 'Conspiracy' to ruin his political career.


    2. The present government is build on hatred 'Zaid Hamidi'

      BN / UMNO lost on perception 'Najib Razak'

  33. Annie mockingly said...

    "Well, last time Dr Mahathir did something similar like this, all hell broke loose.
    {Photos of Anwar instigating a rally & FRU tear-gassing the crowd}
    Fine, I know you all would say, last time Dr Mahathir was wrong, this time he is right."

    Heh, heh, heh... Dr.M was definitely right on both occasion, Annie.
    Apart from abused of power, the only difference this time; it involved Billions of Rakyat's money being strewn the world over. Of-course nobody was buggered this time around but a couple of people, mysteriously lost their lives tragically... Altantuya included. The authorities could use ithem, if and when they got the evidence, to force Najib into submission on 1MDB-Jho Low.

    Just in case you're insinuating that UMNO-Najib's supporters would go to the streets if he was arrested after that interview with MACC, you might be right. That's why MACC let him go after 4 hours of interrogation.
    Strangely, Jamal Sekincan was just arrested for firearms possession or... for walking in public with a gun at his waist.

    However, I don't think UMNO dare organize a street protest without risking the Party being declared haram by the new gomen. Furthermore, if they still show support for a thief when the evidences are stark naked, they will be scorned, not only by Malaysians but the whole world.

  34. when is the high speed internet as they say...

  35. Hi Annie,
    Compare LGE case with the obvious scandal expose by MACC chief Shukri is like comparing elephant and mosquito, even not mosquito as it is political motivated. You have a MP Datuk (most probably Shadidan) asking with open bribe to Shukri what he want to stop the investigation. Najib clearly obstruct justice and Anakonda telling lies about 1MDB.
    LGE case is done with procedure in Penang government, he did not ask the exco or committee responsible to give special approval to any developers, as CM of course many documents he need to sign. There are many developers in Penang, this mean as CM, LGE cannot buy house or condo la from any developer since he is the CM and anything he buy consider has special interest? He cannot even eat Char Kuey Teow at Gurney drive when the uncle Char Kuey Teow give him foc then MACC consider a bribe.

  36. Pok Kai Hamkachan Kangkung is still giving predictions? Face palm.

  37. Aaah Annie, Annie. Aren't you the one trying so damn hard to help out Malaysian democracy by instigating the abstain from voting cadres? Tut , tut. We shall see how the story unfolds.

  38. Jail for najib and his cybertroopers and all his convert operatoes!!!!! Hang man is coming