Saturday 5 May 2018

Chinese tsunami not receded by much in Johor

It was quite obvious from my observation on the ground for the past two weeks that the Chinese tsunami which hit my home state hard in the 2013 general election has not receded by much.

It's very hard now for me to believe the talks about shifting of Chinese votes back to BN.

Okay, maybe there are some who are coming back to BN, but I believe that they are not big enough in number that Pakatan, with DAP playing the leading role, will still get at least 80 per cent of the Chinese votes in Johor.

I asked via WhatsApp someone from my hometown Kluang whom I wholeheartedly believe on why the Chinese have remain hostile towards BN.

And this is what she wrote to me, which I'm publishing in full,

1. For Chinese there is a term called 贪官污吏 (u can google translate) and the administration is being viewed as such now. 

U can argue that it is fakenews and all about 1MDB is not true but sorry that’s how ur people view you. 

Maybe not all but at least the top level include their wives I guess. 

I think u can see a clear disconnect from the ground when stories about Rosmah's diamonds and bags and the yacht etc  these are all the people’s money 民脂民膏

The current BN has successfully created an image of 贪官污吏 meaning corrupted civil servants which make a lot of good civil servants unhappy too. They may be the silent group that can slaughter BN this round

2. I don’t think things were that bad still in 2013 there are still people who believe Najib is just a victim of Mahathir constant belittling of his successors but this time I can sense that the sentiment is very different

3. My uncle, an EC graduate, chinese, English speaking, civil servant all his life and now still enjoying pension from the government, he has been active in MCA all his life. 

Last election he was rooting for Gan (MCA candidate) in Kluang and this round he just stayed at home and openly supporting opposition. 

He said most of his gang, all former long time members of MCA, now kind of miss Chua Soi Lek (former MCA president) because he at least would stood up for the Chinese against Umno. 

He said now the current MCA only follow Umno so what’s the point of sending them into the Cabinet just for the sake of Chinese representation on paper? 

He said Chua is a man of principal at least he immediately admitted the scandal and resign - that’s what a man should do.

4. On Mahathir. My uncle said the old man is just a human. 

Yes he has made mistakes but not because of what but because he is a human. 

And ruling our country was not easy. He said Mahathir has made us proud. 

He said most Malaysians were prouder as a Malaysian then vs now. 

At least Mahathir can handle all the foreign media and has no problem defending his policy. 

People from the west who hated him still respect him. But we don’t see this kind of quality in our current leaders now.

Btw my uncle is 75 now. He voted for BN all his life but I doubt so now.

Well, that's the most honest opinion I got so far from a Chinese from my home state.

I met my old DAP friend here yesterday -

He more or less confirmed the general Chinese sentiment in Johor.

He among others said that DAP was having a tough time trying to make the Chinese not be too enthusiastic like in the last general election in order not to spook the Malays.

So, Johor BN should know now what's happening on the ground and not be blindsided by their so-called analysts and experts who said that the Chinese are back with them just to make everyone around the campfire feel warm and cosy.

They simply should not be overconfident and instead work harder and smarter for the remaining few days of campaigning to avoid the probably remote but real danger of defeat.


  1. Annie,

    Is RockyBru your mama-san?

    Don't shy lah, tell us pls : )

    1. Kah kah kah kah kah....

      Amboi... manjanya pasangan suami isteri baru ustad Mat sabun al-buaya ini. Bertuah abang Mat , dapat bini solehah free hair bermini skirt.... putihnya kaki... Kita berbaik sangka, yang putih melepak tu stokinnya.....

      1. Abang Mat darling, jom kita welfie... KLIK SINI

      2. Saat indah bersama bini baru... KLIK SINI

      3. Siapa tak sayang bini ooiii... KLIK SINI


    2. Teringat pulak kisah Abg Mat kat bilik 121 Hotel Perdana dgn Normah.Abg Mat ni ada auralah.tu yg ramai terpikat.
      Prof Kangkung

  2. Annie,

    I like to ask you this question: where will UMNO be without the Malaysian Chinese ?

    Before you give your best answer, perhaps you may want to consider these:

    A. The only INDUSTRI the UMNO malays are good at is the Industry of Politics. This has gained world recognition. They call it Kleptocracy. UMNO members gain political positions for what? There’s but only one purpose for them to bertanding for any positions, that is so that they could misuse their power to pecah amanah and to abuse their position for self gaining. Who were their buyers? Some bad Chinese (as described by Robert Kuok) and now the mainland Chinese.

    B. In areas where the number of Chinese is not significant, like Kelantan and Terengganu, UMNO has no place to stand because the Malays themselves don’t believe that UMNO could lead them to kemenangan di akhirat. UMNO is supported only because they made the Malays believed that the Malaysian Chinese are out to jahanamkan Melayu. When the bogeyman is no longer around, ke manakah UMNO nak pergi?

    Nak pergi mampos?

    So perhaps UMNO couldn’t exist without the Malaysian Chinese but the Malaysian Chinese could, should and always have wanted to bercerai dengan UMNO.

    It’s UMNO who is refusing to let go their tokeh.

    And that explains why UMNO wants to bring in PRC communists so much, for a replacement and a reminder to the Malaysian Chinese so that they would think twice before dumping UMNO because now UMNO already has a second source of income.

    Income from what? Kalau bukan daripada pecah amanah dan salahguna kuasa, apa lagi?

    1. Anon 1050.
      You do not know how Malays think.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. I know how malay thinks
      They are a greedy people, they beg for money
      They suck my dick for a dollar, menteri especially

      Jho Low

  3. Ya ya penang tunnel is not a corrupted act la. Tanjung Bungah also gud leh?

    U not ashamed meh?

    BS only lah. Double standard leh.. no problem

    1. Anon 10:57

      Perbezaannya ada tiga:

      A. Satu dikatakan sebagai kapir sementara satu lagi menganggap dirinya sebagai bukan kapir,

      B. Satu diajar oleh tuhannya bahawa dunia adalah sementara, akhirat jua lah untuk selamanya, sedangkan satu lagi bahagianya di dunia sahaja,

      C. Satu telah diajar untuk membezakan antara halal dengan haram, sedangkan satu lagi tiada konsep al halal wal haram fi islam.

      Jadi nak ikutkan, kleptokrat lagi jahanam sebab dia buat jugak walhal dia tahu.

      Selain perbezaan, antara mereka itu ada juga persamaannya, yakni dua duanya salah di sisi undang undang.

      Maka engkaulah juga yang buat persamaan itu.

      Maka aku nak tanya, kalau dah tahu kedua duanya itu bersalah, kenapa satunya disiasat dan dibawa ke mahkamah tetapi satu lagi tidak?

      Double standard leh.. no problem

    2. Imam Fudail bin Iyad berkata: “Seandainya aku memiliki suatu doa mustajab (yang pasti dikabulkan) niscaya akan aku peruntukkan untuk penguasa, kerana seorang penguasa yang baik akan membawa kebaikan pula bagi negeri dan rakyat.”
      (Bidayah Wan Nihayah, 10/199)

      Celakalah Joe Low Ah Jib!!!

  4. Question:
    I hear the concept of "reincarnation" is making a comeback. So, why are politicians like Ahjibgor proof that reincarnation is real?

    Answer: Because you just can't get that screwed up in just one lifetime! Shitty karma lor ...

  5. malay + chinese + hindraf = GE14 mother of all tsunamis (S&S are again missing the boat chuckle) hidup Harapan!!!

    1. mati harapan !!!
      harapan also 2x5 bn,
      dont vote.

    2. I vote for your prostitute daughter because I fucked her last night

      She told me she don’t need you anymore

  6. Malaysia deserve a better prime minister. BN deserve a better chairman. Umno deserves a better president. The guy has brought all of them down with his tons of baggage but nobody couldn’t get rid of him.

    Imagine if someone else leading the charge now in BN let’s say Muhyiddin (if he still in Umno) or Zahid, I think Umno will fare much better. BN will fare much better. These two don’t have scandals hanging over their heads and still command the respect of a lot people.

  7. mengapa BN dumbo tak tolak MO1 manakala rakyat dah tolak MO1...

  8. What surprising to me is that tens of thousands which swarming PH rallies all over the country right now was SUPRISINGLY multi-racial. This never happened before. Lots of Malays and lots of Chinese. Quite a number of Indians.

    Even in big football matches you don’t have this kind of mixed crowd. It only filled with Malay crowd. Before this, it used to be Malays pre GE-12 or lots of Chinese (especially in GE-13) but now it seems equal.

    Everyone now had had enough. Whether you’re a Malay, Chinese or Indian. The feeling is the same. HE has to go. No matter what. Only then the HEALING can take place. If he’s still around, we’re going to have same bull all over again.

    1. I already wrote this previously. The anger in the general populace against bn, especially that klepto head is very, very strong.

      And yet, bn kangkung people cannot feel that anger. Well, too bad for them.

    2. The "kangkung people" are happy with their leftover crumbs of dedak - not knowing that the biggest & fattest khinzir feed first.

    3. BN seronok tengok kita masing-masing PH dan PAS berbalah. Dia akan menang. Lebih baik kita berpegang pada realiti. Antara PH dan PAS, lebih banyak undi untuk PH. Namun undi untuk PH masih tak cukup untuk kalahkan BN.

      Dari dulu lagi dah cakap, PAS mmg penting masuk dalam PH sebab ada penyokong yang betul-betul totok. Kajian bebas yang baru membuktikan, bukan main-main ni. Namun sekali lagi fikirlah baik-baik. Kita kena pilih antara satu PH atau PAS? Apa dapat kalau undi kita berpecah kepada dua? BN menang, itu mudharat yang lebih besar daripada segala mudharat yang ada. Semua kezaliman akan terus berlaku. Kita terus susah.

      Untuk pujuk PH undi PAS lebih susah sebab PH lebih ramai. PH gabungan undi sebahagian Melayu, hampir seluruh Cina dan hampir seluruh India. Kepada yang masih fikir2 untuk sokong PAS, berkorban kali ni untuk sokong PH. Demi halang mudharat yang lebih besar. Lagi susah untuk mana2 pasukan pembangkang menang pada PRU15 dan seterusnya akibat rejim BN yang semakin berkuasa. Macam2 penipuan dan penindasan akan berlaku. Kita tak boleh biarkan. Ini sangat mudharat. Makin tertekan rakyat. Jenayah akan meningkat, negara terus hilang kedaulatan. Kena fikir yang itu.

      PRU14 ni ibarat hidup mati pembangkang. Kita tahu apa BN mampu buat. Kalau kali ni BN tak dapat ditumbangkan, lepas ni semakin susah. Kita menumpang Tun M sebab dia boleh tarik Melayu UMNO. Dan sangat rugi PAS tak ambik peluang untuk bersama. Kerana Tun M lah imej PAS buruk. Kalau bersama, pasti Tun M akan tolong bersihkan imej PAS macam mana dia usaha bersihkan imej DAP. Bukan untuk membersihkan Tun M, tapi untuk menumpang pengaruh dia sahaja.

      Jadi ini adalah rayuan undi. Undi untuk PH kali ini. Bukan untuk yang lain. Kali ini sahaja, kita kena bersatu. Demi Malaysia, tolonglah. Undi Pakatan Harapan.

  9. america will be 'angry' when rakyat topple BN MO1 who 'made' america great again wakakaka

  10. "I asked via WhatsApp someone from my hometown Kluang whom I wholeheartedly believe on why the Chinese have remain hostile towards BN."

    Why Chinese?

    Anyone with half a brain is hostile towards BN.

    Only the ignorant, and those bought over by dedak still cling to this regime, but that's because they are too crap to survive otherwise.

    Some ex-journalists come to mind...

  11. predicting a BN inflicted debt tsunami will make a Bankrupt Nasional adoi

  12. MO1 will announce not to become PM even BN 'win'. PM will go to a bangsa johor (H20) thus helping BN or annie win johor but helping komedi & BN lose other states wakakaka

  13. why BN so Bodoh Nasional when annies whatsapp can reach kluang or rural areas, why anti BN news via whatsapp, FB or internet cant reach reach rural areas, estate, felda, kampung, dll...BN lose!!!

  14. Annie copy.paste all tht ur friend write above. But now its for the malay. This is wht we feel too.

    Im suprise u dont know this by now. And yes watch out for silent majority

  15. Who needs the chinese votes anyway?GE13 proved that UMNO can survive without the Chinese support.Things are better this time around.If worse come to worst UMNO can form coalition with PAS.bye bye chinese.hehe
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Kolot la Professor Kangkung ni
      Letih la dengar argument lu
      Umno is dying la
      Think national, Prof.
      Don't be so "ultra"

    2. Bodoh Nasional kangkung
      dumbo need malays more than malays need dumbo, so anytime malays can dispose dumbo right...

    3. A professor kangkung still at ABC (kindy right) level - Anything Blame Chinese wakakaka

  16. As a resident of TTDI, Ku Nan is my main reason NOT to vote for BN despite voting for BN in the last 5 election. Shame on you BN. Bersubahat dengan developer Cina merompak hak rakyat berselindung di belakang tirai undang-undang. We are NOT stupid. Don't give us the lip service rakyat didahulukan. More like kocek BN didahulukan.

  17. Ku Nan is best buds with Desmond from Melton la. Yang buta pun tau. Look at all the sweetheart deals using rakyat's money for that road to PBD for Desmond's project. Chopping trees in Kiara Park...hey what are friends for. And the converting a kindie to double 7 storey office block. Ken also gave money to bagi jalan Menara Ken can be built. Then say oh everything is done by the book. Rules and regulations not broken. I love it when Melayu BN pakat with Chinese developers to screw rakyat then go demonize the ordinary Chinese with Apa Cina Mau? Can I say jangan tamak sangat la. Duit tu pergi Mekah masih haram. Screwing rakyat is a guarantee masuk neraka. I dont vote in Segambut but I hope you folks send a big signal to those flers loud and clear. And to Ken, Desmond, that Amalan Setar ppl,tolong hamkachan. Siapa buat business kat building korang takkan maju. Malah bankrap.

  18. I've more or less decided to vote for change. It pisses me off that bn thinks they can put a candidate whose integrity is questionable as PM and we will swallow it. It pisses me off when religion is blatantly used as a means to keep people docile. It pisses me off when the yet to be earned extra oil revenue & future taxes are being wasted as gula2 pilihanraya.

  19. BN will win. But there will be some major upsets. Whatever it is, DSN will have a tough time telling the folks in UMNO why he should remain President. The REAL show starts when UMNO convenes. Hehehehe. Some of his deputies are eyeing his seat. PAS under Bawang will not go anywhere la. Those lebais just love be screw in their asses by UMNO.

    Nak merompak pun don't do it so blatantly.

    As for Adnan Jabbar The But, dude don't la so greedy. Nanti karma befall your family. Anak mati sebelum ayah. Cancer...God works in mysterious ways.

    1. Anon 05:44, do not use sickness or death as proof of bala dari tuhan. It's below the belt. My aunt who is sebaik2 manusia has outlived 3 of her children, 1 to cancer, another to heart attack and another to stroke. If your god did this to punish someone like her, than I rather be an atheist.

  20. Excerpt from Financial twitter;

    Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Razak is now in the state of panic and chaos. He didn’t realize it because he has chosen to be surrounded with bootlickers – including paid cybertroopers, propagandists and bloggers – who keep telling him to relax and be cool because he could defeat not only mentor-turned-rival Mahathir, but regain the precious two-thirds majority.

    Do you really think Mahathir is truly upset that his newly created party – PPBM or simply Bersatu (Malaysian United Indigenous Party) – was declared “illegal” at the last minute by the Registrar of Societies (RoS)? Do you really think Mahathir believed his protégé-turned-rival Najib would allow him a smooth journey of using the “Bersatu” in the first place?

    Flashback – in 2013, also almost at the eleventh hour, DAP faced the same fate like Bersatu today, when the same corrupted Registrar of Societies (RoS) tried to deregister the opposition party over allegation of conducting unfair and undemocratic party elections. Only after Najib realized that the stunt could backfire was DAP allowed to contest under its rocket logo.

    Chinese Voters Support DAP

    Mr. Najib thought he was the smartest man on planet Earth when he instructed the RoS to ban Mahathir’s young party just a day before the parliament was dissolved. He is clueless even until this minute that Bersatu was nothing but a red-herring. The 93-year-old Mahathir deliberately setup Bersatu to lure Najib, who gladly swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

    How could the self-proclaimed Bugis warrior Najib has the impression that a one-year-old Bersatu party could rival the mighty UMNO is beyond basic comprehension. Had he stopped for a minute and think with his head, instead of his toes, he would have had allowed the young rival party to compete, and bash the opposition until the kingdom come.

  21. A pantun as received from a MALACCA BABA community;

    Hujan pergi, keluar matahari,
    Rakyat semua sudah satu hati,
    60 tahun, bukan 60 hari,
    Apa salah, kalau TUKAR satu kali?

    Makan sana, makan sini,
    hati rakyat tak boleh dibeli,
    Bangun pagi, gosok gigi,
    9hb 5, tiga hari lagi,
    HARAPAN mari, BN pergi.
    HARAPAN naik, kroni mati.

    Tak mahu tukar, habis satu negeri.
    Sudah baca, jangan ragu-ragu lagi,
    Kasilah HARAPAN naik satu kali,
    Masa depan kita tentu lebih berseri

  22. I’m a 51-year old Malay, NEP beneficiary and I’ve voted BN in all GEs.

    But BN is not getting my vote this time, And it’s trending among many middle class Malays like me.

  23. Last GE13 i voted BN & truly regretted macam hebatkan MO1, jho low & riza aziz songlap 1mdb billions.
    This GE14 i tukar & vote Harapan.

  24. When rakyat appealed to tangkap jho low, it was rejected by MO1 & BN sigh
    When MO1 appealed to vote for him & BN, it will be rejected by rakyat right
    Retribution to BN simple

  25. BN macam zombie already dead but still kicking so this GE14 let give BN a burial they 'deserved'!!!

  26. I am 56 year old Chinese, victim of fucking NEP and I've voted DAP/PKR in all GEs.
    Ini kali kasi itu Pok Kai Hamkachan UMNO die kao2.