Wednesday 16 May 2018

Pribumi Bersatu's strength

As I pointed in my last post,


Dr Mahathir is the PM but his Pribumi only have 12 seats.

If Pribumi combines with Warisan they would have 20 seats.

If PKR, DAP and Amanah combined, they would have 101 seats.
Short of 11 to form a simple majority without Pribumi and Warisan. 
If Warisan goes with them, they would have 109 seats, short of three seats to get a simple majority without Dr Mahathir's Pribumi. 
Maybe they could get those three extra seats or more from somewhere.
This will be quite interesting when Anwar gets out of jail.
The guy may just pull this one up.
Hey, he may not want to wait for Dr Mahathir to step down.
He had done that a long time ago and suffered for it.
Anwar may also not like someone like Azmin to cut queu.

Then someone commented this;

For ur latest update, all 3 bebas already join now PKR hv 51 seats..thnx.
Well, that really doesn't look good for Pribumi at all.

With that kind of strength in Parliament, I doubt PKR, DAP and Amanah, being the original members of PH will sit still and let Dr Mahathir does as he pleases forever.

Yup, especially so once Anwar gets out of jail.

Anyway, lets have a look at the situation at the state assemblies too and see how Pribumi stands,

Perlis - BN 10 / PKR 3 / Pas 2
There is actually no Pribumi state assemblyman in Perlis. But Shahidan Kassim was said to get everyone to jump to Pribumi.

Penang - DAP 14, PKR 14, Pribumi 2, Amanah 2 / BN2 Pas 1
It's DAP and PKR winning the bulk shares of the state seat but I believe DAP will still be the dominant one.  Pribumi only has 2 seats.

Kedah - Peribumi - PKR 8, Pribumi 5, Amanah 3 DAP 2 / Pas 15 / BN 2
Mukhriz is the Menteri Besar  but his Pribumi only has 5 seats as compared to PKR's 8. Surely the top PKR guy may get itchy. By the way, Pas on its own has 15 seats.

Perak - DAP 18, Amanah 6, PKR 4, Pribumi 1 /  BN 27 / Pas 3
Perak also has a Pribumi MB in Ahmad Faizal Azumu but the party only has his single seat. The king in Perak PH is DAP which has 18 seats. Should be noted that BN has 27 state seats in Perak.

Selangor - PKR 28 DAP 14 Amanah 5 Pribumi 4 / BN 4 / Pas 1
Selangor MB is Azmin and PKR deserve to have their man as MB becaause they won 28 seats with DAP being second with 14 seats. Pribumi only have 4 seats in the state.

Negeri Sembilan - DAP 11, PKR 7, Amanah 2 / BN 16
The menteri Besar is Aminuddin Harun of PKR which won 7 seats. PH however is dominated by 11 DAP assemblyman. Pribumi doesn't have a single seat. BN on the other hand has 16 seats.

Malacca - DAP 8, PKR 3, Pribumi 2, Amanah 2 / BN 13
Adly Zahari of Amanah is the new CM of Malacca but his party only has 2 seats. Pribumi also only has 2 seats. DAP is the king of PH in Malacca with 8 seats. BN however has 13 seats.

Johor- DAP 14, Amanah 9, Pribumi 8, PKR 5 / Pas 1 / BN 19
The palace-backed Osman Sapian of Pribumi is the Johor MB but his party only has 8 seats as compared to DAP's 14. BN has 19 seats on its own, double than that of Pribumi or Amanah's 9 and PKR's 5 or Pas' one.

Pahang - BN - BN 25, Pas 8 / DAP 7, PKR 2,
The ever faithful Adnan Yaakob is still MB, holding the fort for BN in the state with 25 seats. There's no Pribumi in Pahang.

Terengganu - Pas - Pas 22, BN 10.
Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar of Pas is Terengganu MB. It's a clean cut Pas win here. No Pribumi in Terengganu.

Kelantan - Pas - Pas 37, BN 8
Ahmad Yaakob of Pas continues as MB. It's also straight forward here. No Pribumi in Kelantan.

Sarawak - BN - None.
Definitely no Pribumi in Sarawak.

Sabah - Warisan 21, DAP 6, PKR 2, Sabah Star 2, BN 29.
No Pribumi in Sabah either. Shafie's Warisan is likey doing it alone there. I don't see him wanting to share the spoils of war in Sabah with Pribumi.

Okay looking at the above, it's clear that Dr Mahathir's Pribumi Bersatu doesn't have much clout even in the State assemblies, even where its men are menteri besar such as in Kedah, Perak and Johor.

Pribumi doesn't even have any state seat in Perlis, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan, Sarawak and Sabah.

In Perak, the Pribumi Menteri Besar is definitely going to be a puppet because he is the single representative from his party in the assembly. No backing what so ever.

DAP, in contrast, controls PH in Penang,  Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, and Johor.

Yup, that's really the scenario.

For Pribumi people, especially, please double check the situation, okay. I might be lying about all this.

Well, if I'm not lying, then this is what the Melayu said

Menang sorak kampung tergadai.

But hey, this is the new Malaysia.

No more Malays, Chinese, Indians dan lain-lain,

We are all Malaysians.

As Guan Eng and his friends said so lah, okay.

Guan Eng and new Penang CM Chow. Cute, right.


  1. Apa la Annie ni, still merayau Pribumi seats la here and there....cakap la you want AMENO seat join back Pribumi....aiyah...don't pusing pusing beat around the bush. Malaysia politic simple je, there's the people faction and there's the pengacau royal faction...that faction make use of UMNO take care their rice bowl....that's why itu Najib makan duit manyak lor......look at Johor, BN lost already still the istana wanna kacau GET sapu habis the seats and change the state laws.....we know la all the meddling behind the scenes. From Najib, Altantuya till today. After pushing down Badawi, they thought they put their man Najib in place hoseh liow.....wait la Anwar come out...siap la....don't kacau kacau.....tiap tiap hari racist ini racist itu, religion itu religion ini....want to divide and conquer the rakyat.....buat bising lagi, one day change tu Republic of Malaysia baru tau. Diam la!

    1. BN will win

      Jho Low

      Lolololo hahahahahahahaha
      Gelak guling guling aku aaaaaahhhhhhhhahahahahahah

    2. Hahhhhh, gelak lagi lah Jho...all the way to Sg Buloh!

    3. macam nazri cakap, jho low is a pondan who dare not come back to contest GE14 for BN wakakaka

    4. Saya percaya Najib tidak bersalah dalam hal ini. Janganlah kita terus menghukum Dato Seri Najib. Beliau seperti yg kita sedia maklum, sygkan negara kita lebih dari diri dia sendiri. Pantang melayu menyerah kalah. Kami sentiasa dibelakang Dato Seri. Hidup Najib! - (ini adalah contoh ayat dari macai, jgn kecam sy..)

  2. Annie,

    //DAP, in contrast, controls PH in Penang,  Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, and Johor.//

    The nature of politics in Malaysia means that DAP don't control shit.

    At best, DAP will play second fiddle to PKR, PPVM and even Amanah.


  3. cocok...cocok....cocok............HAHAHA.
    Cubalah PKR tunjuk PRU, back to basic.
    Jangan jadi batu apilah Annie.
    Better revive umno fast otherwise PPBM control all next pru.
    We don't vote for ANWAR in JB.
    We vote to get ridd of Najib and wants Tun Det to build our nation back to normal.
    Don't believe Anwar have the element to do this.
    Great mind like Tun Det saja yang boleh selesaikan masalah Malaysia. Jadi cukup-cukuplah mencocok.
    Move on.......revive UMNO fast

    1. Dont care about Bersatu overall performance.With the 92 year old man leading Pakatan Harapan,Johor, Melaka,Negeri Sembilan, Perak, & Kedah falled to PH.With Warisan as partners Sabah and Malaysia also fallen to PH.Just waiting for this maverick to slice UMNO into pieces.Tunggu ye.The show baru start.

  4. We vote TUN Mahathir to save Malaysia, Rocket tak jalan on that day.

    1. If it isn't obvious yet cik Annie, ....... this is dedicated to the one and only saviour of the nation of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir:

  5. Annie,

    Good morning.

    First of all, remember the Mappadulung thing? There’s a Sultan Abdul Jalil I at the end of it. Ya, make no mistake about it. He is a Sultan in Sulawesi.

    So there you have it, the kampung halaman is in Sulawesi, and that’s the escape plan. Not Kazakhstan, not Koh Samui. Sultan Abdul Jalil I is rich enough to have palaces around the globe and in Hollywood but the Jajahan is in Sulawesi, hence the declaration ‘Pendekar Bugis’ in Melaka.

    The ex number two also was said to be a descendant of Javanese in Ponorogo. The Raden was believed by his followers to have kuasa sakti because of keturunan wali songo.

    When all else fail, they have the big motherland to go back to, and in the case of Sultan Abdul Jalil I, there could also be a SMF (Sulawesi Military Force) enshrined in their Great Bugis Charter of Sulawesi . In times to come, when the horde of Bugis armies are ready, together with Sultan Abdul Jalil I’s brethren forces in Malaysia, they could make a come back BY FORCE.

    So don’t worry for the losers Annie. They are, after all, pendatangs like the Chinese and Indians.

    What was being killed in PRU14 is not only UMNO BN. In fact, the greatest defeat is the racial politics permeated by UMNO BN. That’s the devilish ghosh (or you may call it langsuai to make it sound Indonesian) worshipped by UMNO BN supporters. That’s their tuhan. (why do they puasa, anyway?)

    So nothing wrong to admit ourselves as Malaysians. After all, when Bangsa Johor was proclaimed, you said that it would be more appropriate to call ourselves Bangsa Malaysia.

    That’s how Tunku Abdul Rahman proclaimed the Rakyat in Merdeka.

    1. "What was being killed in PRU14 is not only UMNO BN. In fact, the greatest defeat is the racial politics permeated by UMNO BN." Ya...we became bored. I think from now on, we look at Policies & Performance only.....if PH cannot perform, out they go.


  6. "Menang sorak kampung tergadai"...another stupid scare mongering act by you Annie. Shame on you. Masih nak takutkan Melayu hilang kuasa di Tanah Melayu. You ni bodoh sangat laa tak paham2 macam MT UMNO. kalau Najib terus berkuasa, orang Melayu akan hilang Tanah Melayu. itu pun tak nampak ke?

    You are really stupid Annie.

    1. High five, bro!

      All correct points.

      But careful, Annie is a lady, we must use bahasa halus kan ; )

    2. salam anie n semua...

      jadilah u yang lama...masih nak berbicara mengenai parti bila audit negara dah keluarkan kenyataan yanng sebelum ini najib simpan rahsia dia...

      rakyat terengganu kena kencing 5 bilion...orang melayu tu kencing...bukan dap anie...

      kalaulah dap tu jahat sekalipun masih belum ada audit kata dia rembat duit melayu 5 bilion...budak2 1mdb dah rembat duit terengganu 5 bilion...

      ingat sikit ke...

      kalau lepas ni memanng terbukti benar 2.6 bilion...macam mana umno bn nak hidup...sbb selama ni mereka tipu kata duit 2.6 bilion tu derma...

      tu pun dah ada blogger umno bernada kalau salah kena terima akibat dia..bukan ke mereka selama ni kata semua tuduhan tu adalah fitnah...

      bersubahat pun sama juga seperti menyokong....

      semoga anie n semua blogger yang lain kita memberi idea membina malaysia ye...jangan risau..kalau ph wp tun dr mahathir atau anwar sekalipun jadi pm tapi tidak melaksanakan tanggungjawab mereka n janji mereka, mereka akan d tumbangkan...

      pru14 membuktikan kita rakyat malaysia ada power...


    3. Annie is beginning to sound like that other blogger whom she calls sister.

    4. Korunck memang tidak sayang aku ke??!

      Jho Low

    5. Menang Sorak kampung tergadai

      Macai UMNO aaaaaaahahahahahahahahahah
      Annie.... aaaaaaahahahhahahahhahahahhahah

  7. Mahathir will not live forever. At 93 he cant fight mother nature and the old man knows it. At best another 1 or 2 years of pushing, then the old man has to let go for us to solve the problem. Does he care who he lets go, i think as long as it is not najib he will be fine with it. Mahathir has shown malaysian that you can change government and not destroy the nation.

    1. I think he has nothing to gain, so big THANK YOU to Tun....for coming back to clean up the nation.

  8. Cuba ingat tuhan ...annie oiiiii...jangan dok laga-laga orang...terima lah hakikat BN DAH KALAH

  9. After six days can I be faulted for asking, “where is the government”.

    It has all been a TDM + Daim show (with Ambiga as pelakon tambahan),

    The creation of the Council of elders and the committe of institutional reforms clearly show that TDM does not care a hoot of any inputs from members of pakatan in terms of policy and direction!

    But as they will always say, its still early days.

    Perhaps if TDM is to discard his Pribumi bush jacket and put in a light blue PKR shirt or all white DAP uniform, everyone can go to bed!

    1. JohorMali16 May 2018 at 09:01

      You made a very good point.

      Actually some of the people he's chosen are very good & experienced...BUT NONE OF THEM ARE ELECTED.

      That's a big problem.

      In proper democracy, there is Collective Cabinet Responsibility and Individual Ministerial Responsibility.

      Actually, KJ should have resigned over the Rm100 million missing from KBS, Ismail Sabri should have resigned about 8 times over FELDA, and so on.

      Actually, almost EVERY BN minister should have resigned because of graft in their ministries.

      Tun must go back to that:

      Collective Cabinet Responsibility and Individual Ministerial Responsibility.

      Daim is not elected. He is not accountable to us.

      I guess Tun is in "honeymoon period' now, but he must appoint full cabinet ASAP.

    2. Macamana la Tun nak appoint ministers. It took nearly a week for the component parties to give him names of candidates. If up to Tun, he wanted to name key cabinet members before monday. Tun named 3 ministers immediately and already someone not happy. All of committee members are non politicians & do not belong to any political party.

  10. Kih kih kih....

    I fully understand your intention in writing this post, Annie.

    It's back to the old, old, old, old, old, old, Umgnok scare tactic of "the Chinese will control the Malays' that they have been using for years.

    This is what Malaysia said to that:


    Please try a more original tactic, because Malaysians saw through that shit - and rejected it. In fact, let's be more specific:

    Malays saw through that shit - and rejected it. Because this was a massive Malay tsunami against Umno.

    Also, please get the name of the party right, at least:

    It's either "Bersatu" or "PPBM".

    Tun, TSMY and all their leaders called it "Bersatu" until ROS banned that name from being used.

    They never called it "Pribumi" in their speeches, or in interviews.

    It's either "Bersatu" or "PPBM".

    Kerjasama Annie amatlah dihargai.

    1. Actually Annie is using the same arguments of that other blogger whom she once called sister...

    2. The Fat Ah Soh you mean?

      Let sleeping hippo lie...hee hee

  11. Even your blogging captain got it right (and he's very rarely right):

    "Mahathir did not win this election by himself. In fact, if others need reminding – surely Mahathir doesn’t and is fully aware of that – his own party Bersatu won only 13 seats out of the 52 it contested – the largest number of seats in the peninsula contested by any party in the Harapan coalition. At 25%, that’s the worst win rate of all the parties in the coalition ... 

    This time they had Dr Mahathir and they won.

    Without Dr Mahathir, they would have failed again."

    Bersatu is a very new party. Even 12-13 seats is fine. Amanah also did quite well with 10.

    There will be more once Umno is deregistered.


    1. Spot on, 9.16.
      This is what Annie is now, in denial mode, same as the rest of the UMNO/BN hordes.
      Snap out of it Annie, face reality. Learn to live and fight another day, and fight fairly.
      And another thing, for a very young party, both PPBM and AMANAH did very well in GE14.
      And if they stay the course, they will perform a whole lot better in future. UMNO/BN should prepare themselves to be in the opposition bench for a long, long time. Make humility a top priority too.

    2. The big loser is the BN, down to just 32% of the popular vote. Only one in three of Malaysian voters voted for the BN.

      The biggest loser of all is PAS. They fielded candidates in the largest number of Parliamentary seats - 160 constituencies.

      No other single party, not even UMNO, fielded so many candidates.

      Yet despite fielding candidates for 160 Parliamentary seats, PAS only won 18 seats. A success ratio of 11% only.

      What is more relevant is Parti Amanah. They fielded candidates in 27 Parliamentary seats and won 10 seats. Amanah has a 37% success ratio. This means that Amanah was THREE times more successful than PAS - and in the first outing.

      Amanah too must start working hard from now to keep their seats and also to expand their influence. Their rival is clear - it is PAS.

      PAS has also not made that great a headway in Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah. In the past these states have always been marginal wins for either PAS or BN. Even now the seat differential is really slim, just one or two seats difference between the ruling party and the opposition.

    3. BN will WIN!!

      Jho Low
      Aaaaaaaahahahhhhhhhhahahahahhhh bodoh... aaaaaahahahahhhhhaha

  12. Kicking that Nazi Lokman Adam by firing him on the spot was a sweet revenge.

    This time he is really Pak Kai Hamkachan.

    Huat ah!!

  13. Annie, you are as medieval as umno, aren't you?

    1. Annie decided to use Retro Outdated Umno Psy-War Tactic.

      It's listening to 1980s Hits on radio...nostalgia kan?

      : P


  14. This is very instigative articles ,and you Annie is the instigator ,you really sound like that Rookie and that big Dog,yet you say you was never on UMNO dedak .

    Who didn't know what the outcome of GE14 and if you are sincere you should be able to produce better data ,how many seats that Peribumi contested and how many they lost ,the same goes to Warisan , Amanah and PKR.

    What game you are trying to play Annie ?.

    1. tebing tinggi, you have been reading this blog for a long time. I think you should know by now that I only write what I saw and give my opinion on it. Umno still around to give dedak ke? If I really write this after eating Umno dedak, lets pray I vomit blood and die, ok?

    2. Toksah drama sgt lah Annie...chill lah...politics only kan!

    3. Rilex lah Annie

      Jho Low


    4. Lately you does not sound like the old Annie that I used to love ,anyhow I still love it but your peribahasa is exorbitant .

    5. tebing tinggi. She got no choice la..kerja kena buat laa.. itu mat rock..anjing besar..muka tembuk..hantu laut..sekarang semua kena buat cerita macam ni la..sikit2 sipi2 cocok..batu api..kasi itu pakatan tak pakat..apa lagi mau buat..tengok itu cencurut sudah..lagi maseh ada lagi itu maseh ada gaji la..

  15. I don’t think the Malays in PH are the same like those in Umno. They for sure have more pride and dignity. And the DAP is a party of principles and loyalty. You won’t find them hoping here and there unless Tun M changed his promises of change to the country. Dream on Annie.. make it wet😜

    1. Anonymous16 May 2018 at 11:07

      Make what wet???

  16. Annie,
    Haiya....itu Najib sudah jual to Cina already lor....Jolok superyacht kena compounded by DOJ.....Swiss AG buka fail and will co-operate with new AG to get back the money...

    6 Billion Terengganu oil royalti magic show become 1MDB, last sekali hutang 42 BILLION rakyat kena bayar. Itu Hutang tak kisah Melayu kah, Cina kah, Hindustan kah, Annie Kah, Rocky Bru kah......semua kena bayar hutang.......itu Anakonda cabut lor to India, Bugis warrior run to Sulawesi, Komedi run back to Java, Jolok sail away to Greece...........siapa mau bayar? Rakyat Malaysia la yang kena bayar....not only DAP la...

    1. PS:

      The declassified 1MDB audit report confirms the figure of RM42 billion in debt.

      For a company that had only RM1 million paid-up capital.....perghhhh!

    2. Ini semua phitnah!

      Jho Low

    3. Jho

      You better start running faster than Usain Bolt, bro.

      The "Tunminator" is after you bro...

  17. Sabor ajelah Annie. Penyokong tegar PH sama je dgn penyokong tegar Umno. Take a break & just watch events unfold. We start Ramadhan tomorrow. I still maintain whatever happens next, ge14 outcome is good for the country.

    1. Sebernarnya Pakatan Harapan nie paling jahat di dunia

      Saya nak kongkek Minah Salleh pun susah... kesian saya...

      Jho Low

    2. Fei Low ah,

      Lu sudah kongkek Paris Hilton mah, using our money.

      Cukup dah.

      Nasib baik u akan kena extradite tak lama lagi, otherwise you kongkek Kim Kardashian using our money too.


  18. Like to share what MSO says in his blog. Ini petikan terakhir tulisannya hari ini. Nak baca semua, masuklah ke blognya;

    ............Makanya tanganilah kemenangan ini dengan baik, penuh bertanggungjawab, penuh rasional, penuh keinsafan dan penuh kesyukuran.Tanpa kesedaran itu semua kemenangan yang amat berharga ini boleh bertukar menjadi malapetaka dan sia-sia sahaja. Kita kena penuhkan maknakan perjuangan dan kemenangan. Rakyat harus mendapat manfaat sepenuhnya atas perubahan dan menjamin ia lebih baik daripada apa yang ada sebelum ini. Apa yang perlu dihindari kita jangan bernasib malang, lari dari mulut harimau termasuk ke dalam mulut buaya.

    Baik kepada Dr Mahathir waima Anwar Ibrahim jangan menganggap kemenangan ini hak mutlak anda. Jangan.

    Selamanya kemenangan ini perlu letakkan atas tanggungjawab semua rakyat. Yang tidak perlu dilupakan juga kemenangan ini adalah bergerak dari aspirasi PAS dan DAP. Aspirasi PAS mencapai kemenangan ini menerusi mereka yang berada dalam Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) kerana mereka adalah pembawa jiwa PAS tulen. Amanah adalah mewakili rakyat yang sejak lama dahulu meletakkan pembaharuan dan kesejahteraan boleh dilakukan oleh PAS dengan pendekatan dan konsep Islam diterima pakainya.

    Begitu juga dengan DAP, mereka juga ada saham besar dalam kemenangan ini. Selamanya DAP akan menjadi king maker dalam politik Malaysia termasuk menjadi pemantau sekaligus penguasa politik Melayu.

    Dan Melayu liberal dalam PKR tidak boleh berasakan kemenangan ini hak mereka atau mendakwa merekalah lebih berhak daripada pihak-pihak lain. [wm.kl. 9:24 am 16/05/18]

    1. "Rakyat harus mendapat manfaat sepenuhnya atas perubahan dan menjamin ia lebih baik daripada apa yang ada sebelum ini."

      Give Tun some time, the country's mess is huge. Check back in 9 to 12 months and then we judge....

  19. Correction for Penang. DAP 19 state seats plus 7 Parliamenary seats.


  20. "Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan" ,
    Wa kasi uchap pada semua kawan-kawan .

    Ini politik apa macam-macam bolih celita maa aa , sutak kasi itu kuasa ,sendili-sendili suka-suka buat ,manyak lupa itu lakyat sutak kasi pilih untuk lakyat punya sejahtra maa aa ,bukan sendili punya kauasa suka-suka buat.

    Wa manyak pecaya itu Uncle Lim sangat pegang itu janji and Tun M sangat serius pada janji ,kita lakyat hanya halap satu ubahan yang baik and satu halapan yang manyak telang .

    Kalau tatak ubah and tatak halapan ,kita kasi UBAH lagi maa aa, tatak hat punya lea aa.

    1. soolala lufang,

      kami see-mua mesti seelalu ingak aaaa...lakyat is boss!

  21. woi ane

    sudah lah, your umngok dah kalah dah....jangan lah nak mengadu domba between mahathir and anwar. this time around mahathir will definitely hand over to anwar. i doubt mahathir will live till 100. plus wan azizah now respects mahathir so much cos she has seen how sincere mahathir was during the last one year.

    so as for ane and your co bloggers pemakan dedak umno like rocky, big dog, another brick in the wall etc etc can now go out with you guys tails between your legs and eat crow for all i care.

    adios amigo

  22. tebing tinggi,

    //Who didn't know what the outcome of GE14//

    The truth is that nobody knew what the outcome of GE14 was, ok?

    Those who were saying they did, were just guessing, like our Prof Kangkung was.

    As for Annie on UMNO dedak, I am reasonably certain that she is not.

    I cannot explain my methods but suffice to say that I have a knack for these sort of things. :)

    I think it comes from years of practice in sexting with females in chat groups - one gets a feeling for when the other person is genuine.

    You should try it yourself then you too can spot a fake orgasm every time :)


    1. "I think it comes from years of practice in sexting with females in chat groups - one gets a feeling for when the other person is genuine."


      Have to rename you as "Gatal-diator" man!

  23. Annie audit report on 1mdb is out, perhap now u will understand the imdb saga

    1. A lot of heads gonna roll.

      Get some popcorn!

  24. Anonymous@ 16 May 2018 at 13:25,

    //Have to rename you as "Gatal-diator" man!//

    I am a single male who does not pretend to be like Hadi Awang who wants us to think that he doesn't have a dick between his legs.

    Anyway, what is wrong with being "gatal" anyway?

    Is it not a normal human trait amongst those of us who are single and free to make our own choices?

    Of cos, if one was married or in a relationship, there are moral and ethical considerations but I am single.

    I guess those who are married or in a relationship would rightly be jealous of those who can freely choose their sexual partners.


    1. i sokong u bro!

      just don't finance ur 'little brother's' adventures using public money, like jho low & paris hotel la hilton!

  25. Well annie uve been wrong before about the pru.

    Anyway why is it menang sorak kampung tergadai again ?

    In the end I trust tun to do whts right and be prepared for whts coming. One thing for sure he did not take anwar in because he wanted to. Tht much is obvious and im glad.

    1. 'Anyway why is it menang sorak kampung tergadai again ?'

      more like finally the HOUSE WILL BE PUT IN ORDER.

      Hidup TUN!

  26. Dah mula cucuk jarum,nampaknya?

  27. Annie, I thought u are better than this. lately u have been sided towards BN expecially the last 6 months. It dosen't look good on u.
    We need to move fowards, most of us voted for Tun leadership full stop.

  28. Hello Annie,

    Pakatan Harapan already formally registered.

    Now no more DAP this and that, or PKR this and that.

    Now is Pakatan Harapan, ok. Kappish.

    Why don't you advice BN to wise up, the strategy to break up Pakatan Rakyat failed and Pakatan Harapan now turn up and even stronger.

    Stop using the short cut strategy to break off the opponent. Instead, gain trust from the rakyat.

  29. Today mahathir terminated 17k bn free loader from government. Saving $$$$$$$$. We love tun. Ku Nan with his 4.2 billion land deal. KJ 100 million stolen money. Zahid who wears 100k watches sure cut deal somewhere. Tangkap mahathir jangan tak tangkap.

  30. alamak amoi ni tu pasal la orang suh kahwin...sekurang2nya adalah benda nak buat malam2...siang boleh pi kerja n balik malam pulak boleh la dikerjakan...
    tapi mulut macam sial ni patutla xda sapa nak...andartu la ko amoi oi...hahaha jangan dapat laki umur 94 dah la...

    1. Huuih, komen dari seorang yg cerdik, ..not. Bulan ramadan ni bukan hanya puasa kat perut je sdr. Simpah malaikat 44, dari dapat laki atau bini macam ko, lebih baik membujang seumur hidup. Semoga puasa sdr bukan hanya sekadar berlapar.

    2. bak kata tuan punya blog lu suka lu baca xdak suka xyah baca...kalau ada adik comel2 info la ada 3 quota kosong lagi ni...n samala semoga puasa saudara bukan hanya sekadar berlapar...

  31. Umno will be de registered, once this is done, Bersatu can lure their lawmakers to katak. Tun said no Umno BN katak, but when Umno de register, their law makers no longer Umno ppl, they are "clean" to do so. Lolz.

    Isnt already stated that Bersatu = Umno 3.0?