Thursday 24 May 2018

Malays consumed candu?

Candu is the Malay word for opium.

The following is my conversation with commentators of my last post;

It's actually on what Umno had done for the Malays which I think should be highlighted to help revive the party.

Annie @ 23 May 2018 at 10:43,

//"We now know UMNO never protected the rights of Malays." Wrong//

Eeerr... was it really protecting the rights of Malays or was it merely feeding the Malays candu?

If done prperly, the candu trick works really well, you know.

The British used it very effectively against the Chinese back during Manchu rule, to the extent that the Chinese actually believed they were the ones benefiting from taking the candu :)


Since everyone loves Dr Mahathir now, get someone to ask him whether what Umno did all those years was protecting the Malays or feeding them candu. Did he fed the Malays with candu during his 22 years as PM and Umno president? Ask him that. Don't take my words for it.

Anonymous @ 23 May 2018 at 11:01,

//UMNO protected the rights of Malay okay//

See my comments above re candu to Annie.

//Just take a look at the GLCs and government service to see how well they are protected. Problem is when you have members using UMNO to enrich themselves, that is where the big problem starts.//

Some protection, eh?

More candu, old chap?

Let me help you light the pipe :)

//They should have dump Najib Razak when he started having that young fuck Jho Low advising him.//

Hahahaha... they were busy smoking candu.... eeerrr... sorry... protecting Malay rights :)


Annie you asked:- Did Tun M fed the Malays with candu during his 22 years as PM and Umno president?

For 22 years during his premiership and several years more after that, he poisoned the UMNO Malays mind into hating the DAP chinese so that he can cling on to power. Now he lick the DAP Chinese to get back into power.

I thought only the UMNO Malays are stupid... the DAP Chinese are no different.

TUN M displays leadership skills
While leading both BN/Opposition he wins
Give him any party by name,he can make it a winner
No needs for candu/dedak
Malaysians are not stupid


Annie @ 23 May 2018 at 12:40,

//Since everyone loves Dr Mahathir now,//


Heheheh, not me :)

And what is this thing you call "love"?

I am not familiar with that word :)

//get someone to ask him whether what Umno did all those years was protecting the Malays or feeding them candu//

I don't reach that far in the new Pakatan government yet, just one or two contactsat state level and one or two contacts at federal level at the moment.

But, the answer to your question is easy.

In his time, Mahatir fed Malays candu.

The real question is not what was in the past but what is now in the present and what will be in the future?

Now that Mahatir has a second bite of the cherry, will he continue that candu-feeding strategy?

For Pakatan, that would be great, don't you think?

Just think, continue the UMNO policy of feeding candu to Malays and Pakatan can also rule for 60 years :)

Manyak cantik - yeah, Malays are the best, Malays are the tuans, Malays own the land, Malays must have priority over everybody, etc etc etc.

Come on lah, why not aim for Pakatan rule for 100 years?? Don't make the same mistakes as UMNO. Get better quality candu.

But I dunno.

Maybe Mahatir is feeling his age and old people go a bit strange.

Did I mention that I used to look after old people in an old folks home?

Does Mahatir want to atone for his past sins and try to fix his fuckups from the past?

I dunno.

Only time will tell.


Please note that I didn't use a single "Malay" or "Melayu" word in the post. Thank you.

Annie @ 23 May 2018 at 13:50,

//Please note that I didn't use a single "Malay" or "Melayu" word in the post. //


But we are discussing UMNO - a Malay-based poliyical organisation, and hence my remarks refering to the Malays.

My apologies if you thought I was sniping at you.


Interesting, right?
Well, if you all want to comment on this issue, please be civilised and try not to be like this one;
I'm just enjoying seeing the PKHKC Melayu tossing and turning inside the burning wok.

Thank you


  1. Annie,

    I hope your readers understand that the use of the word "candu" here is in the metaphoric sense.

    Yes, I know, there are some people who would be stupid enough to think that Malays were actually given real opium.

    Maybe the new Minister for Education can improve things here but unfortunately, that would take at least one generation :)


    1. I think my dear readers are intelligent enough. Thank you

    2. Protecting or giving candu is very subjective and varied based on which side are u on.
      Let gladiator alone analyze najib action by throwing lot of money during PRU 14 whether it is protecting himself or 'candu'ing the people.

      Lets talk something that can easily be judged.

      1. Arul kanda said he don't know about 1mdb financial matter. So what his tour around msia with the rationalization plan all about?

      With multibillion ABATA bussines and debt, 1mdb has ONLY 1 employee which is arul kanda.
      Husin lempoyang can only screaming. WOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!.

      Datuk Kamal Mohd Ali, 1 of the 1mdb BoD said 1mdb investment is a scam. Can you believed that?

      Forget about malay comfort zone, candu or protection.
      They cast their vote and umno meet their fate.
      Gladiator and fellow najib supporter can hide behind their "fitnah" candu as long as they want. The so called protector of malay no longer work.
      Wake up idiot..
      How u wanna revive umno if still lalok with your ABATA and fitnah candu?

    3. is this got something to do with perang candu back then

  2. Dear Annie,

    Why do you refer to a couple of commentators ? It's the same person with different comments.

    Candu or not he neither have billions of ringgits in his bank account nor have lots of birkin bags, gold bars, expensive watches, jewellery and millions of ringgits, dollars, etc in luggages packed ready as if he's going somewhere and never coming back.

    Why don't you guys make a police report so that he can go on another round of interrogation and see if he gets out clean like the last time. Oh ya! Better still sue and prosecute him if you have enough evidence.

    Talk is cheap.

  3. Orang Melayu faham apa maksud candu dalam post Annie ni. Yang belum umur 30 tak pasti la. Tak payah la Tuan Gladiator ni qualify pulak.

    Apa dia candu yang Mahathir kasi from 1981 - 2003, Tuan Gladiator ? Bagi la tau. Saya tak dapat candu pun. Subsidi ada la. Ada orang suka serkap jarang. Jangan macam tu...

    What most Malaysians crave has become reality and it takes si tua ni (yang ramai rakyat menyampah) to have made it possible. Now we can look at New Malaysia. Isn't this all that matters now ?

    Biar la the new executive assembly bikin kerja dulu. They know well that they had better be better than the assembly bisu, pekak dan tuli that we had the last decade or so

  4. Annie,
    please stop writing about UMNO,MCA,MIC,GERAKAN,PPP & Other BN component parties because it make me puke. All of us knew what Datuk Shukri chief of MACC called our ex MACC chief the Bali guy a traitor. I think this word traitor should be extended to all BN leaders and members. They are not worth mentioning. One by one they are waiting for their turn to rot in hell.
    Write in your opinion which one of them you think will be the first one to be send to Bamboo River Resort if you dont mind. Really appreciate if you could do that.
    Thanking you in advance.

  5. Lifeofannie still try to play racial divide n rule game

    This is call outdated umngok blogger tactic

    That game all the umngok blogger try, the rpk, the ponytail, the unspinner etc etc

    You all is very predictable lah

    Dat's why you all kalah teruk in your psyops

    Despite all d money spent

    Time to grow up lah lifeofannie

  6. Annie,

    If you want to solve a problem, first of all, you must know what is the problem, and then the cause of the problem. Only then you can fix the problem.

    If your car engine broke down, you don't talk about the color of the car or the light or car stereo.

    The elephant in the room is 1MDB.

    They had finished counting the money and the amount is more then RM100 million. This do not include additional jewelries and expensive merchandise.

    whose money is this belong to?

    The people of Malaysia have to pay more than Rm100 million soon because 1MDB cannot pay. I believe there are more coming that rakyat have to pay.

    The rakyat already pay up RM7 billion because of 1MDB.

    Lately,according to finance minister, the RM9+ billion investment by 1MDB is a scam.

    What is this?

    So, tell me Annie, what is the real problem that we are facing?

    Is it because of this "candu", the title of this piece.

    or is it because of your simplify answer that BN lost because Najib fail to answer?

    or is it because of thievery.

    1. Annie is becoming like that repulsive blogger she once called 'sister', so she is not going to listen. Furthermore Annie is now elated with another blog posting about Najib fighting back.

  7. Anonymous @ 24 May 2018 at 01:22,

    //Gladiator and fellow najib supporter can hide behind their "fitnah" candu as long as they want.//

    Whatever gave you the idea I am najib supporter?

    Oh, you are a newbie here, right? :)

    BTW :-

    1/ learn the history of your nation.

    2/ learn to make your own reality-distortion machine instead of blindly using the one provided by politicians


  8. Anonymous24 May 2018 at 00:56

    //It's the same person with different comments.//

    I sign ALL my post using the handle "Gladiator".

    //Talk is cheap//

    Apparently, it seems to be even cheaper if you don't sign your post :)


  9. Candu? Dedak? Why confuse the kampungs? Its just rasuah. Rasuah means rasuah..Not money politics. Not duit raya. Not duit kopi..isk! just to cling to power...

  10. Anonymous@ 24 May 2018 at 01:18,

    //Subsidi ada la.//

    Wah, lu tak dapat candu, gua tak dapat subsidy.

    Apa itu sudsidy? Bagi tau lah :)


  11. I can't see how UMNO will rise again...even with KJ or Hisham as their new leader...unless...until next time I will let u know how..

  12. Chill guys, bring your candu to De'Native Guesthouse in Cameron Highlands. We'll have a party discussing who's more "candufied" than the other! Cheers!