Sunday 27 May 2018

Black Stone Beach cantata

Took this picture just seconds ago,

I'm actually somewhere in the East Coast.

Just resting at this place called Black Stone Beach.

Nice, right.

It's my true happiness to be here.

I really need to stop thinking of politics for awhile.

Why would I care so much about all those political nonsense, right?

They said BN was defeated in GE14 because PH is better than it....wrong, BN lost because Malaysians just wanted to get rid of Najib and the gang.

They said there is no more racial politics in Malaysia....yea right, I'll believe them if they can convince me that DAP is truly multiracial.

Those sorts of nonsense.

It really doesn't make much difference.

Okay, I'm going to a nearby Ramadhan bazzar to buy something for buka puasa.

A song for my beloved....miss you dear.


  1. "BN lost because Malaysians just wanted to get rid of Najib and the gang."..Agree with your statement Annie. My hatred towards Najib n gang was so high that I stop buying Utusan, Star n NST for years. And I stop listening to TV3 news and everytime I heard Najib speech on the news in radio or tv? I will switch the channel.In my whatsaapp group , I will always sent anti Najib articles and majority in my group are against Najib.We are not that stupid to accept Najib explanation on 1MDB.But we can forgive, if Najib repent and asked for forgivenese for his mistake.But, it is already too late.Najib now must be answerable to his deeds.

    1. Bro,

      Your hatred towards Najib made you stop buying and watching those mainstream media... itu biasa lah bro.

      But do you realise that it also clouded your vision and block your mind to the sins of past govt leaders who are now your PH idols?

      And you are also blinded of the corrupt leaders of the previous opposition state (read Penang and Selangor) who are also now in Putrajaya???

      Shame on you lah!

    2. Shahrizat songlap lembu rm 250 Juta Masuk kondo singapura

    3. The family of Women, Families and Communities Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil is accused of using 250 million ringgit ($83 million) in soft government loans meant to develop the cattle project to buy luxury apartments, expensive overseas trips and a Mercedes.

    4. Blackmoon;

      Apa yg nak saya malukan.My focus is clear.Get rid of Najib or in future this country will suffer.I didnt give a dammn on Tun M past mistake or DSAI past misdeeds.These are noises for the time being I will ignored.It will make my decision difficult.The choice now is between Najib n Tun M, between PH n BN.Choose BN you will save Najib, Choose PH you will save Malaysia .Make your right choice.

      With the latest exposure on 1MDB based on facts declared, I am clear that I have made the right choice.Sorry, Bro .

    5. For Gold, some men's thirst are never filled ...

    6. This BulanHitam fella is one lame cybertrooper.

      Bring back Prof Kangkung!


  2. Waa !, itu pantai manyak centik lor rr ,manyak luat maa aa . Black stone beach ,Wa tatak penah lengar ,Wa atak tau, itu pantai batu buruk ,tapi tak pernah sampai maa aa ,manyak halap bolih jadi macam Annie ,atak masa atak wang sana jalan sini jalan ,manyak syok lor rr.

    Racial politik eaa aa, itu race mana bolih buang punya maa aa ,Cina tetap Cina lea aa ,Bulayu selalu manyak lupa Bulayu and also atak manyak Bulayu lalam I/C saja lor rr tapi lia cekap lia Bugis la ,Jawa la ,ai yaa manyak macam Wa pon sutak manyak lupa lor rr .

    Annie happy holiday lor rr.

  3. Setuju dengan annie 100%..
    Blogger terbaik..

  4. PH is better than BN - fact.

    DAP has fielded more Malay and Indian reps than UMNO and Pribumi ever had non-Malay reps - fact.

    Yeah, perhaps you need some time away from politics... it is really clouding your judgement and objectivity :)

    1. but not all malay are malay...some malay are keldai as some chinese are ah long

    2. It is still too early to judge whether PH is better than BN or not.Things are under control when the old man is still around.Can't you feel like laughing your heart out when Mahathir appointed himself as the Education Minister and Anwar made a statement that Mahathir can appoint himself as the Education Minister after reading the PH manifesto.Isn't it funny?
      Prof Kangkung

    3. 22:20,

      Let's not have any keldai in PH. Wishful thinking.
      But there will have to be some keldai around. This is how things work.
      This is a fact.

      PPBM multiracial party ??
      Liew Ching Tong must have had too much pot that it causes him a hangover.
      This is one more idiot. They just can't stop (refuse to stop) asking questions you already know the answers. This kind of idiot. They have in mind to provoke, provoke and provoke. Let't have a Liew Ching Tong's DAP multiracial dulu.

      Some PH dudes got to be telling this Mr.Liew Chin Tong :let's not get into that now". Like A.Kadir Jasin's soft reminder to the Finance Minister.
      Let's not break the momentum for now. That game must be played later.

      For now stop whining, complaining and revealing facts. Since LGE has already known the facts, WE want to know WHAT is LGE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT ? ABOUT REDUCING IT. ABOUT SUSTAINABLE MALAYSIA.

      WE the people want action !
      What has been done wrong takes time to make right. So start now.

      We are not into this game AGAIN.
      Please get out of it, man !

      We want to hear what the Council of Elders say

    4. Pros Kangkang

      Don't you find it even funnier when you pinklips paymaster appointed himself finance minister and stole money from 1MDB and SRC?

      Prof Sawi

    5. Fixing economic damage will take 2 years, I think.

      One important step Tun should look into...

      Northern Growth Corridor.

      Because PP, Kedah & Perak all controlled by PH, they can really collaborate to bring in more FDI.

      Add a brand new airport in the north, as good as KLIA.

      Use tax incentives to get foreign manufacturers to base here.

      Think big.

  5. Well Annie BN or DAP is just a party. What ever decision or action the people inside the party represent the party. So getting rid of Najis and the Gang is the same as getting rid of bad management,bad people, bad kleptocrat,bad pembodek andvthat means getting rif of bad BN. DAP had proven to be a very good state government of Penang and a multiracial party with lots of chinese,malay,Indian,Sikh and many more as a members.
    Is UMNO,MCA,MIC,GERAKAN a multiracial parties. Then where the fuck the question of DAP not multiracial comes from. As a malay from Penang I really praise and salute what LGE has done for Penangites. Never melayu dibangsatkan, melayu makan melayu, melayu tipu melayu tapi bangsa lain disalahkan. Hebatnya melayu UMNO dan PAS. Kita bukan baru dilahirkan beberapa minit lalu dengan mata yang tertutup lagi. Buka lah mata tu kerana sudah tua mau mampus kesemuanya. Lihat lah sendiri. Jadi lah manusia yang GENTLEMAN sekiranya hendak sokong membabi buta dengan cakap SAYA SOKONG TIDAK KIRA DIBANGSATKAN ATAU DI TIPU HIDUP HIDUP. Hah ini lah baru Male bukan Female

    1. This is also for you lah!
      Malas nak menaip benda yg sama.


      Your hatred towards Najib made you a numbskull.

      Do you realise that it clouded your vision and block your mind to the sins of past govt leaders who are now your PH idols?

      And you are also blinded of the corrupt leaders of the previous opposition state (read Penang and Selangor) who are also now in Putrajaya???

      Shame on you also lah!

    2. Ok Blackmoon,

      You can't compare a Black Hole with a Red Star can you?
      Which one sucks in all light?

    3. "Malas nak menaip benda yg sama."

      Malas nak baca, lah.

      The BN cybertolol as shit and lazy as before.

      Gonna be a long 5 years for you guys.

  6. Annie, Nice to see you enjoying the coast!

    Although I read your blog daily and value your perspectives - I rarely find myself in full and complete agreement with you - this time though I agree 100 percent. Well except the miss your beloved thing !

  7. Annie,

    Good thing you are taking a break : )

    Now as you walk along the beach, you can think of before & after PRU14.

    BEFORE PRU14, BN (multiracial alliance):

    Umno - malays only

    MCA - cinabeng only

    Gelakan - konon multiracial, 98% cinabeng

    MIC - indians only

    AFTER PRU14, PH (multiracial alliance):

    PKR - malay-skewed multiracial party

    PPBM - malays only

    DAP - konon multiracial, 85% cinabeng

    Amanah - malays only

    Actually, why lu mahu DAP to convince you it's multiracial, arrrrrr? Wa tadak faham, O. DAP is a Chinese party. Less Chinese than MCA, because only Chinese can enter MCA. DAP got a few Singhs, Indians & Melayu but it's largely a Chinese party.

    So...ummmmmm....what's your point?

    Maybe you are an Indonesian, and don't know Malaysian history?

    Because some form of multiracial alliance has been in power since 1957.

    Yes, 1957.

    What do you want, actually?

    You want parties in racial silos ke, you want only Malay parties (as long as they are deeply corrupt), ke?

    I think you may be confused : )

    Walk along the beach, pretty Annie, and enjoy the breeze.

    No need to think of politics.

  8. Annie,

    You said, "BN lost because Malaysians just wanted to get rid of Najib and the gang."

    I am confuse here, can anybody explain to me here.??

    BN is Najib and the gang.

    Remove Najib , then you get the "gang"

    BN itself without the the humans, is an empty entity....

    That is why Tun M left, he said Parti UMNO is Parti Najib.

    Annie, you should take the sea air breeze to clear up all the confusions.

    1. Ya lor most of friends just want to get rid of Najib

    2. Amalkan politik matang
      Maaf kan perompak di bulan Ramadhan

      Jho Low

  9. I haven’t come across SANDY white beaches for years. Here in the West Coast, the beaches are black and muddy. Even the seas are thickly brownish with very little waves. Unlike beaches in East Coast. Malacca Strait and South China Sea is world apart when it comes to beaches.

    1. Agree with you on this. Batu Ferringhi beach in Penang used to be sandy white and you can pick up sea shells there... but after the Tokong parachute into this island state, he gave the green light to clear the hills along this stretch and voila!... polluted silt beach for you to swim in.

  10. BN = najib, najib = BN OK with annie & dumbos blogging poor standard, without reformasi doubt BN will be around to fight GE15 LOLOL

  11. You need to give PH a chance to prove that the coalition can govern Malaysia better than BN. It's unfair to judge PH ability in such a short time. Give them time.

  12. Annie loves BN

  13. There will always be racial politics as long as one race wants preferential treatment. They want it for the eternity.

    Ketuanan is not dead because of just one election. Not even close. And we will continue to fight it with whatever means possible (dirty ones included).

    We will not kowtow. EVER.

    1. Anon 01:49,
      "And we will continue to fight it with whatever means possible (dirty ones included)"

      Yeah, we know the true colour of you dap cinabeng. Don't dream of removing article 153 with yout dwindling numbers.

    2. @ 07:53
      I rest my case.
      It's not a dream. It's a fight till the end. We haven't given up so far.

      The show is not over till the fat lady sings.
      And the first thing WE will do is come after Nazis like you. I can guarantee you that much.

    3. Anon 07:53
      There are so many ways to skin the cat.
      Even PKHKC Melayu like you should realize that after May 10.
      Haiya, really stupid no cure.

    4. Anon 10:19 & 10:26,

      Try la tengok. We'll see if u can still win after tun is gone.

  14. Dipemdekkan cerita, Mahathir dah cuba bermacam2 cara diplomaai nak buat najib letak jawatan. Tak berjaya.
    Jadi dia kena main kasar.

    BN and PH sama aje.
    PH kata BN.
    NN kata PH.

    Kita undi "Pangkah lah calon apa pun selain dacing dan bulan" So we went..dacing, bulan, dacing, bulan. Haaaaàa ads mata .. kita pangkah mata.
    Sebab parti.cap mata (parti boomerang tak jadi) tak ada najib dan nak jatuhkan kerajaan najib yang tak tahu nak berhenti menyeleweng.

  15. Annie,

    My kampong folks were initially very worried when Pakatan wins.

    They thought Lim Kit Siang is going to be the PM.

    It turn out, Tun M become the PM

    So, my kampong folks realise that the stories about Lim Kit Siang becoming the PM and DAP taken over the country is not true but mere lies for the opposition parties to garner votes.

    Now Pakatan already registered as a legitimate coalition between 3 malay and 1 chinese party. That is a good ratio and reflect the true composition of the races.

    I think, the opposition will continue harping the racism factor but everywhere when the rakyat see, the stories that DAP ruling the country is not true.

    1. Yes, it's same formula as BN before, multiracial coalition.

      But we want to see more Sabah & Sarawak leaders in Cabinet.

  16. Ayoooo....too sefriuslah korang ni.
    Mari baca cerita yang saya copy from KLUANGDIAMOND blog, posted by kejora bapuk bodo;

    "Ketika Mahathir dan Najib masih baik dahulu, mereka telah keluar bersama-sama. Lalu mereka singgah di kedai menjual kuih muih.

    Najib dengan selambanya mencuri 3 biji karipap lalu diletakkan di dalam poketnya. Mahathir nampak perbuatan Najib itu.

    "Tahu mencuri sahaja, " marah Mahathir.

    Najib tersenyum sahaja. "Apa kau boleh buat?"

    "Kau tengok macam mana aku dapatkan karipap, free dan tak perlu mencuri. " balas Mahathir.

    Lalu Mahathir terus menemui makcik penjual kuih itu dan bertanya samada makcik itu ingin melihat silap mata. Sudah tentulah makcik itu ingin melihatnya.

    Mahathir pun meminta sebiji karipap dan dengan senang hatinya makcik itu memberikannya. Mahathir pun memakan karipap itu. Habis sahaja karipap itu, dimintanya sebiji lagi dan diulangi perbuatan itu sehingga tiga kali. Makcik itu mula berasa sangsi.

    "Mana silap matanya? " tanya makcik.

    "Cuba makcik periksa di poket budak Najib itu." bisik Mahathir...

    1. Ha ha ha!!!

      Good one Cik Minah....and so true!

  17. Hi Annie,
    Enjoy the time off thinking about politics. Cheers!!

  18. Right!

    Najib=Umno & umno=Najib

    So the rakyat is not only fedup with najib & the gang but also its equivakent.. umno.

    So Right. PH is definately better than BN which is why rakyat voted PH... wthout PAS, PH still gat approx 50%... and where was BN? At 36+% total votes.. (this include all comp party incl sabah/swk) from this 36+ how many is umno?

    Yes u are fedup... bcoz not accepting the fact doesnt translate, doesnt mean that the fact will change latee.

  19. Annie, pantai Batu Hitam dekat Beserah Kuantan tak berapa best, cuba pergi Pantai Sepat.

    1. Yup, agree, too much erosian at Batu Hitam the last 5 yrs. Annie, try Pantai Kempadang, a little bit further up than Pantai Sepat. Gojes!

      Used to live in Ktn for 7 yrs just before Adnan's time. I still visit once or twice a yr. I blame Adnan for most of the environmental damage in Phg, especially Tasik Cini.