Thursday 24 May 2018

Najib fights back (updated)


Please read this too;

Arul Kanda responds to potentially defamatory

 statement by Guan Eng


Someone alerted me to this one just now.

It's interesting that Najib is still in a fighting mood.

The guy seems very sure that he had not done anything wrong.

*Political narrative or facts?*
_23rd Mei 2018_
_By DS Najib Razak_

1. Words said and allegations made while in the opposition carries a very different weight now that you are in power and holding the positions of the Finance Minister or the Prime Minister.

2. Coming out to say that our country's government debt to GDP is now 65%, which is a big jump from the official 50.9% figure and saying that our debt is now RM1 trillion without giving any details of what you mean will just unsettle the financial markets, alarm the credit rating agencies and investors confidence in our institutions such as our Bank Negara Malaysia.

3. There must be a clear distinction between political narrative and facts. Mixing them will create doubts on the credibility of our numbers and the professionalism of the institutions that were involved in preparing them, governed by Malaysians laws and international standards.

4. As a result of these alarming and confusing statements, our Bursa Malaysia index fell the most among all worldwide stock markets resulting in tens of billions of ringgit in market value wiped out in one day. Our Bursa index fell 40.78 points today or 2.21% while the Indonesian stock index added 0.71%.

5. The business news-portal The EdgeMarkets said this sharp fall in our share market was contributed by concern on our public debt.

Surely this fall would affect our funds such as EPF and PNB and could lower the dividend rates for its members for the year.

6. Similarly, issuing statements that we should not worry about our country's sovereign credit ratings being downgraded will result in further rocking the confidence in our institutions.

7. A downgrade will result in higher debt financing costs of RM10 billion per year to our country and may result in our banks who had borrowed from the international markets to sustain losses. It may also result in large capital outflows from foreign investors and cause our Ringgit to weaken.

8. While you may want to slander and put all the blame on me to give a perception of a dire financial position to justify why you cannot deliver on your manifesto promises and to massively cut the civil service, you must remember that the country and our people comes first.

9. You can also issue misleading statements on 1MDB or tell half the story about it to blame me but the time to play politics is over.

10. Words spoken while in such positions of power result in actual losses to the country and the people, as was proven today in the stock market. It is no longer just about votes anymore.


  1. Jib is so delusional. He did off balance sheet debt (creative accounting) so that our debt is below 55% GDP cap and now angry when his auta is out in the open. His middle name must be LIAR. Liar liar pants on fire.

  2. annie pls stop flogging dead horses (MO1 + dumbos) sigh

  3. Still telling lies as the truth is revealed.He and his cronies steal lie and cheat. Are now starting to be exposed and he still tries to maintain this delusional fiction that the money is not missing that some fake Arab gave him the money.

    If you talk to any stranger on the street they will tell you that the whole of Malaysia is waiting with bated breath for him and his Umno Cronies to be issued with Orange Jumpsuits and for the enforced disgorgement of the stolen funds.

    1. Dari Abu Hurairah r.a, bahawasanya Rasulullah SAW bersabda :
      "Barangsiapa beriman kepada Allah dan Hari Akhirat, hendaklah berkata yang baik atau berdiam diri. Dan barangsiapa yang beriman kepada Allah dan Hari Akhirat, hendaklah berbuat baik kepada jiran tetangganya. Dan barangsiapa yang beriman kepada Allah dan Hari Akhirat, hendaklah menghormati tetamunya. "
      Hadis 16 Nawawi 40

      Ahjibgor memang tension giler hilang siuman bertutur miring

    2. kesian kt kamu kerana tidak menhayati hadis nabi tersebut

  4. pls let Harapan govt overcome this BN mess & bring Msia forward...

  5. Oh, yeah? How about answering those discoveries about your wealth and about 1MDB instead of saying they are "...misleading statements on 1MDB or tell half the story..." ?

    1. The blogger who looks stupidest now is the Moron of Manchester a.k.a. RPK....

      For 3 years he was insisting that 1MDB is not 42 billion in debt and that Arul Anak Konda was a 'financial genius'......actually even the ponytail fella tried to build up Anaconda's reputation.

      Now we know YES the 1mDB debt is over 42 billion and YES all the facts & claims by Anaconda are pure 100% lies.

      Anaconda should start swimming for Indonesia or Thailand because they will send him to jail too for lying in official documents.....

    2. Anaconda should be caught and exhibited in reptile house at Zoo Negara...sponsored by 1mdb

  6. "Fighting back".....HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    Pokjib told Parliament that Malaysia should not worry as we had 1MDB bonds in Singapore to cover losses...

    Now the 1MDB directors admitted the bonds are a "scam" - the 9.8 billion is worthless.

    "Fighting back".....HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    Pokjib said 1MDB would repay all its obligations to IPIC from "rationalization of power assets".

    Now we know that we forced BNM to pay 2 billion to IPIC from our money.

    "Fighting back".....HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    Pokjib said he would "never songlap from the people".

    His apartment has 120 million IN CASH...belum tambah the value of 284 handbags and jewels.

    "Fighting back".....HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    Good one...

  7. I think tun knows his all his announcement will make market jitter and fall. He did manage the country for 22 years and he is not naive on how to manage bad news. I think there is a another strategy in progress by the old man. Why is najib worry about the market?. Does he have something valuable to lose with the market fall?. When you have no money access and your are stock price dropping. Soon margin call come calling.Stock price drop a
    only personal wealth are affected and usually temporary in nature. Market will alway be there.

    1. "I think there is a another strategy in progress by the old man."

      Strategy is simple:

      Complete honesty, and then cure.

      Tun is a doctor.

      The patient (Malaysia) has Stage 4 cancer.

      So apply chemo...

      Take pay cut

      Remove 17,000 useless political appointees

      Tackle graft

      Close down all the worthless kaki bodek institutions like Najib personal spy agency, majlis of kangkung professors, JASA etc etc.

      Tun gave Malaysia bitter medicine in 1998 and saved the patient's life.

      Sabar dulu....

      ...he will do it again.

  8. Annie,

    //The guy seems very sure that he had not done anything wrong.//

    Either the medication is working or Najib does not want to go to jail.


  9. Please what najib does is for himself. He his greedy in nature. Look at the size of the loot this guy absconded. It is enough to support hundreds of years. That is shear greed. So statement he make is only to proctect his wealth. Why does he worry for the stock market?.

    1. These loots are what the police found in his property. What abt loots that had been carried away and stored in overseas?

  10. now 1mdb debts ballooned to RM74,600,000,000.00 & shall this bloody MO1 still kelentong 1mdb has more assets than liabilities, MO1 fight back lol more like rakyat will smash him with mata lebam right

    1. You know what?

      Never forget that this massive scam for buying handbags for Rosie, and making soft porn films by her boiboi Riza, only had a paid-up capital of 1 million ringgit.

      Paid-up capital of 1 million ringgit = future debt burden for Malaysia of 75 billion.

      Must be a world record.

  11. Annie, only those in denial will believe the former PM's words. Even that Manchester fella have toned down his fairy tales. Even Lim Sian See report have stopped. Only bloggers like that disgusting one who shall not be named, third force, unspinners ... are still living in la-la land. You want to join them?

  12. Annie, Arul Kanda have responded to Lim GE remarks about 1MDB:
    Basically, he did not dispute the facts. He only objected to "remarks about his character" which should be the "utterly dishonest and untrustworthy” statement.

    1. Sadly, some of Arul's comments were official replies to the PAC.

      Almost almost his bullshit has been discredited. Just look up his past statements on cash flow and how 1MDB was going to pay its debt.

      Very, very deep & detailed lies.

      He will be charged in court once the mess is sorted with input from the overseas investigators too.

  13. look like biru tua annie is feeding MO1 to the wolves, MO1 need to be sembelih in order to selamatkan dumbos adoi
    pity MO1 need to fight back for his life on 2 fronts (rakyat & dumbos)...

    1. biru tua annie playing same game as RPK and Blogging Captain...

  14. Anakonda...."rationalization" code word kelentong Bank Negara to pay debt/interest of 1MDB.....nextweek hutang also cannot bayar already...still want to kelentong much....Najib the finance minister been signing and signing to pay interest debt...lawak, 1MDB has 1 employee...and that 1 employee is a CEO himself wonder Rocky Bru says Anakonda is the hardest working man in Malaysia during the election...1 person doing all 1MDB job...CEO is him, CFO is him, clean the 1MDB office toilet also himself...

    1. I'm very serious...we owe about 154 million for the next payment on 1MDB.

      Use Rosmah's handbags & seized jewels to raise the money.

      If MOF pays it (1MDB is INSOLVENT, lah!) that means AGAIN it's rakyat's money going to cover a crime.

      It's far better for the criminals to lose their proceeds of crime, PS - WE PAID for Rosie's handbags, hello!

  15. What now about the Arab prince donor, shouldn't he be consigned back among the frog-prince, Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping beauty, 1001 nights...?

  16. Annie ..Najib is not fighting back. He is in state of acute hypomania. Look up google .

  17. Annie is just too simple minded or purely cant accept the truth because it is too bitter to swallow.

  18. Rosmah must still be advising Najib (sigh)!

    Jantan takde telor. Gosh!

  19. Kepala bapak, stupid

  20. I agree. Najib fights back to not go to prison. To hell with Malaysians. Let them pay the 1 trillion debt

  21. I had long argument last year about whether Amokh (Azman Mokhtar) would allow Jibby to steal direct from Khazanah.

    My friend said trust Amokh, he will protect us.

    Well, he was wrong:

    "KUALA LUMPUR: The government of former prime minister Najib Razak used money raised from a deal with sovereign wealth fund Khazanah Nasional Bhd to pay for some of the liabilities of state fund 1MDB, two sources told Reuters.

    Khazanah paid the government RM1.2 billion (US$301.05 million) in mid-2017 in exchange for redeemable shares that the finance ministry owned, the sources said, adding that the funds were used to pay some of 1MDB’s dues to Abu Dhabi fund IPIC.

    1MDB had agreed to pay US$1.2 billion to IPIC as part of a settlement agreement reached in April 2017 after 1MDB defaulted on its bonds.

    The finance ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment."

    Please don't be surprised if KWSP was also raided by Jibros.

    Just be ready.

    It's all coming out now.

  22. Wow..Najib still spinning as all dirts are coming out. You can’t expect our government to hide the real info because it is difficult to hide. The US is now saying Najib using Khazanah, BankNegara to pay 1MDB debts. More are coming . No way to hide, Arul Kanda can spin whatever he wants but he can’t get out of this easy. He has got to pay or maybe a person like him will sellout his bosses for his own safety.

    1. How are we to assuage the spirits of the deceased Hussein Najadi - Ambank president - who together with his wife was shot by a hired gunman at a public car park in broad daylight??!!!

    2. So touching 😔

      Translation of message:

      The Last Battle :
      Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad

      "I have reached the end of my life. I only want to end the remaining part of it by obeying and bowing down to Allah.

      Nonetheless I am still able to concentrate in my loneliness when I close my eyes, I see my fellow citizens being ill treated.

      I see the rights of the young generation being robbed by the hands of greed directed by Satan.

      I know I have to do something. I am not one who will keep quiet, folding my arms watching all these happenings by those who have no feeling of guilt.

      Oh Allah , I know why you have lengthen my life with your mercy and compassion till this age of 93 that I still stand strong, healthy and able to think sharp and spirited in facing my last battle.

      Thank you Allah with Your permission, I have been able to protect the rights of the people and bring down the culprits. Pray after this I would be able to close my eyes with peace of mind that my soul will meet You my Creator, in peace.

      My one wish is not to have my name praised or myself eulogised after my passing. There's no need to mention about me after my passing. I treat what I have done as a provision for my journey to meet You in the after life.

      If anyone wishes to say something to me, just send me a prayer that I may have a safe journey meeting my Creator.Amen"

      - Tun Dr. Mahathir

  23. Hi Annie,


    1.Najib IMDB Rosak

    2.Sharir Failed Dah Samad

    3.Isa Failed Dah Samad

    4.Irwan MOF Serigala

    5.Apandi NFA Ali

    6.Azeez Tabung Gaza Rahim

    7.Zulkiply Bali Adventurer

    8.Tun Ismail Jasa Jazz Ismail Aziz

    9. Asshole Arul Liar Kanda

    10.Eric Sotong Stretch See

    The above list is expected to grow at an exponential level in the next few days as PH continues its drain swamping.

    Exciting times awaits for many.

    Rasta Rules

    1. 11. Rosie Birkin al-Hermes

  24. Wahhhh......that uban man still has the egg to fight huhhh ..... real pahlawan bugis one laaa..... Hearsay only that Justo guy is at the same building today.... hope they will meet provided that pahlawan bugis still carry his 2 eggs with him ..... tngok dia kasi hantammm sama itu justo kaaaaa.... Waakakaka .....

    1. Ahjibhor dan Birkin Roast tak yakin telepon Murshitin hadi Ah Wang buat majlis tahlil ke? Aduhai, kira 93 juta rm buat sia-sia kan oi Mappadulung Anak Durhaka?

  25. Kemulut, kemulut...

    "PETALING JAYA: Former Perlis menteri besar Shahidan Kassim said Barisan Nasional assemblymen oppose the appointment of Azlan Man to lead the state government, Bernama reports.

    This comes hours after Azlan was sworn-in by the Perlis ruler this morning, in a ceremony boycotted by all BN assemblymen.

    Perlis is one of two states won by Barisan Nasional in the recent polls.

    Earlier the Raja of Perlis, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail criticised the assemblymen for staying away from the ceremony.

    Shahidan also called for Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s intervention, adding that Azlan should not have accepted the post as he has no support from elected assemblymen."

    PAS complaining Federal got not enough cabinet, Perlis got no MB man!

    1. Raja Perlis, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail berkata Pengerusi BN Perlis Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim patut bertanding di peringkat Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) jika mahu menjadi menteri besar Perlis.

      "Kalau Shahidan (Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim) nak patutnya dia bertanding di DUN tetapi dia bertanding di Parlimen... ini yang jadi masalah... saya tidak mahu rahsia dalam diketahui luar," baginda dipetik sebagai bertitah oleh Berita Harian.

      Baginda bertitah demikian setelah sembilan anggota DUN (ADUN) BN memulaukan istiadat angkat sumpah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azlan Man.

      Shahidan so greedy....

      This is Umno mentality lah.

      At its finest!

  26. He not denying any wrong doing of 1mbd. All he said in ur link is about shifting the blames. But we all remember some money magically becomes units.

    Tun himself in his blog call tht fella a liar because of the units. Lets look back at everything tht he said before. i bet theres more.

    His job is one and one only tht is to defend 1mbd. I guess tht would includes lying to justify actions by 1mbd if he needed to

    So call his lawyer. My guess is it will only be another version of tuesday saman.

    Najibs just playing the sympathy card. Fight all he wants. The evidences are overwhelming. He should be in jail.

    1. Also nab his baddie buddies Babi Sondol Jolok and Carimakan Arulconda asap!!!

  27. Dengarlah kalian muslimin....anda kita semua terikat dengan hutang Riba terbesar seumur hidup....siapa dalangnya? Seorang muslim sendiri......terimalah hakikat....Dengarlah ka

  28. Annie,


    Arul is just trying to save his own ass.

    Kind of to be expected.



  29. "Najib fights back"

    When you trying to kill the read ants "kerenga" after they bites on you ,they still want to fight you back.

    Isn't it natural ?.

  30. The past regime have been labelled by the West as a kleptocracy govt
    This spring cleaning by the new govt can eventually balance the nation's trust deficeit
    It is not a witch hunt but reforms to propel this nation forward
    Third world countries contributed 50% to the global GDP
    As citizens of the world,by imposing OSA/FAKE NEWS will only hinders progress


  31. Hi Annie,
    Talking about fight back, Shadidan fight back Raja of Perlis, BN even worst then Pakatan. In Johor, then the choice of PH MB, Sultan Johor choose the worst one not like by PH majority, they also accept the choice. Because that is the right of the Sultan to choose given options to him, of course, this also involve some give and take attitude and discussion each party respect their own right. Look at Perlis, wow.....the ameno MP Shadidan act like a gangster, this is the guy work as a lookout for Najib at the airport when Najib wanted to run to Indonesia......super biadap, and they say DAP want to dissolve into republic...the worst behave biadap to institution of ruler is umnno themselves. Bad attitude as well as corrupt. He thought asking the Sultan that his brother to be installed as MB, so he can get contract in Perlis easily and make the MB his puppet.

    1. None of this dispute had anything to do with rakyat perlis. Its all about power between the two.

      We best ignore this.

    2. But I take the side of DYMM Raja Perlis.

      The principled stand is not to allow Shahidan to install a proxy.

      Umno got only 2 states left, they still want to be greedy for $$$$$$$?

      Hope rakyat Perlis kick them out soon.

    3. Azlan Man is an example of a competant MB
      Last year he had resolved many issues pertaining to land tiles
      Some dated as long as 20 to 30 years ago
      Land title were issued to respective decendents
      Many happy rakyat of Perlis


  32. Former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has only himself to blame for turning his legacy to “rubbish”, said Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz.

    The former international trade and industry minister known for her bluntness said in an interview with BFM today that Najib’s name was now synonymous with shame and disgrace.

    “His legacy is rubbish. Scandals after scandals that cannot be explained, and scandals after scandals that pointed to greed, avarice, wanting to use money for power and not really governing but governing by slogans."


  33. mr & mrs MO1 are PKHKC for hoarding more than RM120 million in their houses ptui to dumbos for still supporting mr & mrs MO1

  34. Annie, you believe that Najib is suffering just a temporary setback and will come back soon?

  35. Annie this article will surely make you happy:

    1. I suspect the Turd Force is spamming other blogs with links to try and force people to read his.

      Sorry, Turd, you are not relevant.

  36. So Annie,

    The rakyat have to pay 1MDB hutang, 7 billion already paid according to LGE and then RM140 million a few weeks time. By the end of the year how many million more.

    And then RM9 billion investment a scam rakyat have to bayar also.

    So why is all this hutang rakyat have to pay not included in the official government debt 50.8% debt to GDP ratio.

  37. Annie,

    According to the Star, the Raja Bomoh make a visit to Najib residence.

    Is the bomoh part of the Najib strike back.?

    In the Star Wars film, Empire Strike Back, the Jedi Luke Skywalker also use supernatural power.

  38. Najib fight backs.You must be kidding right.Najib seem like taichiing to others ..

  39. For Malaysians especially the Malays who are so used to the government handouts such as BR1M,e-kasih and whatever it is must be waiting with bated breath to see whether this new government will be as generous as the previous government.
    It is difficult to change their mindsets.As the 1.6 million government servants they received their first shock when the government decided not to honour the promise made by the previous government to give an additional increment.I have always wanted to say this to them 'padan muka'
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Generous? It’s not healthy and it reflects on rm1 trillion debt

      You don’t work you don’t eat that’s the rule
      No free handouts you lazy scum

    2. Anon 1608
      I guess u are a chinese.Let me tell you onr thing.Sapa juga yg perintah negara Tanah Melayu ni cina jugalah yg jadi perosak.
      Prof Kangkung