Saturday 26 May 2018

Guan Eng got dad and new mentor (updated)


Tried to layan the comments after subuh until I fell asleep again. Woke up just now and there were quite a few more. But they were all mostly not about what I wrote in this post. I wrote about Guan Eng, yet you all commented about Najib's case which I prefer to wait until he is found guilty by the court before writing about it. Ya lah, Dr Mahathir said we now follow rule of law, right. Innocent until proven guilty, so to speak. Then there were also those who commented just to call me bimbo and racist because of my opinion on Guan Eng. So, I think I give up lah want to layan the comments. Anyway, I'm still going to publish those comments. Don't want to disappoint you all after taking the trouble to write those.
Ok, need to do some work now. Ciao.


Looks like his daddy had to issue a statement to rescue Guan Eng,

Kit Siang defends Guan Eng over

 handling of 1MDB issue

“I can agree that there should be ‘tactful handling of the 1MDB mess’ but not if by being tactful one continues with the sea of lies, fake news and false information about 1MBD.
“Tactful by all means, but it can be no excuse not to adhere strictly to the principles of truth, transparency and accountability in dealing with the 1MDB mess,” Lim said.

Lucky Guan Eng, got a dad like that.

My dad never tried to defend me if I screwed up at work.

Yup, that's despite me being shallow and stupid like what some of you all said I am.

Meanwhile, Guan Eng also seems to have found himself a new mentor who is teaching him how to do his new work at MoF.

His new mentor was telling him;

Wrong to call it a bail out of 1MDB 

I think I put the whole thing here for this one;

1. The new Minister of Finance has made allegations that under the previous government, MOF, Khazanah and Bank Negara Malaysia had to “bail-out” 1MDB debts, to the tune of RM 7 billion. Not only is this misleading, it is a politically-motivated attempt to obscure the facts.
2. In accordance with the recommendations of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Report on 1MDB, all of 1MDB’s valuable and strategic real estate assets have been transferred to other companies owned by MOF Inc. Over time, these prime real estate assets can be worth up more than RM 30 billion.
3. However, although MOF Inc took over the assets, the debt or liabilities of 1MDB remained in the company. Accordingly, the arrangement, as I can confirm, is for MOF Inc to service 1MDB debts, but in return for taking over the assets.
4. Put another way, had those assets remained in 1MDB, it could have developed and sold the assets on its own, and used the proceeds to pay its debt.
5. To fulfil its obligations, MOF can use various methods, including sale of land (eg to Bank Negara Malaysia) or by collecting debt repayments (eg from Khazanah).
There is nothing wrong with such transactions, as each was approved per the relevant governance frameworks, were conducted on an ‘arms length’ basis and followed the correct laws and procedures.
6. Therefore, the question of MOF or BNM or Khazanah bailing out 1MDB does not arise at all. It is in fact downright misleading to make such allegations. MOF Inc took over assets and it must be responsible for the liabilities- that is the only correct way, legally and accounting-wise.
7. It is therefore wrong of the Minister of Finance to only highlight the debts of 1MDB. By right, the Minister of Finance must also inform the public about the assets of 1MDB that have been taken over.
8. The Minister of Finance must ‘walk the talk’ on CAT.  He has to be transparent to tell the full story and not just half a story in order to deceive.

Maybe that's why Guan Eng is sounding more and more like the former minister of finance, such as by issuing these sort of statements;

Economy remains strong,

 fundamentals solid, says Guan Eng

So , "economy remains strong, fundamentals solid",  since when haarrrr.....???

Since Guan Eng took over the MoF, is it?

Or is it since before that?

Well, they said Malaysia is going bankrupt and becoming like Zimbabwe and such....

Hmmm....not bad for a country with RM1 trillion debt.

Well never mind.

It's 5am already.

I'm having kueh pau for sahur.

Have a good day guys.



  1. Thanks. Don’t you love his “I am not a stockbroker” excuse. The whole episode reminds me Daim’s infamous “GET OUT NOW” statement which led to a stock market plunge.

    1. I thought he was more known for using pencils!

    2. Only a few days become minister sewel already.. He should settle his corruption case first otherwise it will be so suwey for him..

    3. Bursa down 56 points today. This is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy.

  2. Annie, since when harrr.. Anda cukup prihatin dan bijak selok belok perniagaan 1mdb?

    Apakah arguement lim guan eng dan najib sekarang lebih kepada istilah atau lebih kepada figure?

    Yang akhirnya tetap membawa maksud 1T.

    Track rekod Lim guan eng ialah menghilangkan figure hutang PP kepada 0 dari kerajaan pusat dan najib kekal sebagai juara menambah angka hutang negara.

    Siapa yang patut kita percaya harrr..?

    1. Kita patut percaya kepada Allah yang maha esa..

      Ok tak jawapan I?

    2. Memang dalam rukun iman kita kena percaya kepada Tuhan.

      Dengan manusia, kita kena bandingkan, kalau orang yang suka berhutang dan orang yang jaga belanja.

      Yang mana satu lebih kita percaya?

      Kita kena tengok rekod orang itu dulu, betul tak cik Annie.?

      Itulan maksud pengkomen tuu..

    3. Oh...gitu. Awak memang pandai. Tak macam saya. Orang kata saya ni cetek dsb. Bagitau lah adanya.

    4. Kita patut percaya kepada Allah yang maha esa..

      Ok tak jawapan I?


    5. annie since not in heaven yet all subject to human laws so bloody MO1 is guilty till proven innocent wakakaka
      BTW LGE not tactful & revealing actual debts/wrongdoings is salah meh BADUT Nasional are jokers

    6. Kita patut percaya kepada Najib perompak

      Jho Low

    7. Kita patut percaya kepada Najib perompak

      Jho Low

    8. Hello Mr Perompak Najis,
      Kerana kamu bodoh kamu ingat rakyat bodoh selalu menipu terus kalah tersungkur. Sekarang hendak tipu lagi. Bacul.
      Asset 1mdb itu di bagi oleh kerajaan hampir free bangang. Persolaan kami pergi dimana wang yang dipinjam oleh 1mdb. Satu bisness pun tiada diluar negara. Najis kamu dan yang lain iaitu ahli dan menteri pembodek yang cuba nenutup penyewelengan 1mdb adalah pengkhianat bangsa,agama dan negara yang patut digantung sampai KO.

  3. Stock market plunge BUY NOW :)

    1. Let’s hope what has already started doesn’t snowball into a stampede for the exit

    2. Buy high Sell low

      Jho Low

  4. Tak abis2 ke meroyan, benci btl ya dgn dap, kesian u annie, bulan puasa ni bnyk2 la istifar biar sejuk hati tu 😀😀 dont be a cry baby

    1. Istifar? I think you got the spelling wrong leh..

    2. Cry baby cry baby

    3. DAP ni orang jahat macam ceriter monster Ultraman

      jho low

  5. Aiyaa Annie,

    So critical of Pakatan.

    Now you take over TV3 suku and Utusan Meloya ka?

    Ok lah. I give you example laa.

    Let say Abu is the nephew of ketua kampong.

    So, his uncle transfer RM30 million of land to Abu for just RM1. He has to develop the land.

    So, Abu very happy.

    He go and mortgage the land to the bank.

    He buy pirate of the carribean kapal, buy penthouse at New York, Buy intan merah jambu, he got take holiday rome, london, new york.

    Abu buy Audi Q7.

    Abu cousin Lau Guan Eng got angry, why spending so much money.

    Now hutang kampong already RM35 million.

    So, Abu said, don't worry, the kampong land value is RM30 million. After 5 years will increase some more.

    So, one of the kampong folks, blur one, Annie said, ya la ok ho.

    1. Kampung folks, blur on early morning shift again is it?

    2. overtime perhaps 100 years in future 1mdb land is worth RM118 billion mcm PNB 118 wakakaka

    3. I love blur people in that story
      people like that is my favourite

      jho low

  6. Swear I read this blog for the same reason I read ol’ Rocky. To see how lame the BN bloggers are, and whether there is anything serious and real being discussed. Haha

    1. So, you are into checking out lame BN blogs, is it? Like some of those weirdos who enjoy checking out nerdy girls at porn sites?

    2. Same here.

      I am addicted to pretty but mentally incompetent BN bloggers.

      Think how many millions BN paid every month, and still got crushed because Malaysians aren't dumb any more to swallow bad spin.

    3. "Then there were also those who commented just to call me bimbo and racist because of my opinion on Guan Eng."

      No, we called you bimbo because you claim Najib is a "mentor" because he can spew a lot of discredited facts that people have already debunked.

      Tu lah perangai bimbo.

      Try to attempt more critical analysis, for example not all of Tokong's debt definitions are fully correct, etc. etc.

      We are looking for big picture - the future of our country. With so much damage to undo.

      Park aside all these bullshit deflections please.

    4. Annie might be a bimbo nut she is my bimbo nontheless

      muah ciked
      jho low

    5. Agreed. Politicians will spin. But until today. The worst Fake news comes from BN. The umno / BN bloggers only added to it, instead of correcting

  7. Annie,

    You want to defend 1MDB ka?

    USA, DOJ, FBI, Switzerland, Singapore investigate 1MDB, Annie still want to defend.

    Annie, sokong negara hebat.....:)

    I think, even KJ also make a u turn because of 1MDB.

    So, Najib did not mention about the RM9 billion of units investment, in the media that the directors said it was a scam.

    RM9 billion is a lot of money, betul tak Annie?

    1. Where got I defend 1MDB? I'm telling Guan Eng stories only la.

    2. Annie never defended 1MDB, you blind and deaf ah
      she only supports UMNO and Barisan Nasional

      educated lah sikit, jangan main tembak jer

      Jho Low
      Single and demanding
      White Knight

  8. Next on the list for Guan Eng to unearth. How much MOF forked out flipping properties at Bandar Malaysia and TRX. The site where 106 tower is under construction. From gomen to 1MDB,1MDB to Mulia Group and back to gomen again. A wasteful exercise.

    As well as Bandar Malaysia. MOF bleeding a lot of money for this piece of lands. Billions of money changing hands, in the end the lands are still there, lots of companies turn in profits doing nothing much and MOF PROFUSELY bleeding money..

    The lands were sold dirt cheap to 1MDB ostensibly to be developed but that didn’t happened. By the time the lands got back into gomen hands, billions more incurred by the gomen to acquire the lands. 1MDB, MG, the rest of developers on the other hand laughing all the way to the banks!..

    These people treated the Treasury like a big time looters. Clearing it out stocks without much thought for the future. Like a kid let loose in the candy shop wiith a lot of money in hands. With the parent nowhere to be seen.

    1. That's why Guan Eng shouldn't get too excited too fast on the first case until dad has to defend him. Need to save some energy for more later. Betty needs to advise him on that one, okay.

    2. Annie,

      This finance minister better laa. You can look at Penang, hutang go down hundreds of million and the economy of Penang ok.

      The previous finance minister, hutang go up so much hundred of billions.

      Tun Mahathir time, only 300 billion hutang but you can see KLCC, Putrajaya, KLIA, Plus highway, Proton, Penang bridge.

      Najib hutang now RM 1 Trillion, but the hutang cannot see anything.

      Lim bring along Tony Pua, Oxford graduate and Ong kian meng, Cambridge graduate. I think ok la. Let them do their job to reduce the hutang.

      There is an old music, m daud kilau, hutang punya hutang.........

    3. Inflation means RM300 billion those days is closer to RM1 trillion today

    4. jangan percaya PHitnah pakatan harapan

      muah ciked
      jho low

  9. First thing accountant must be very clear eye on the account, what is more on National account. Why tipu the people says debt in 50% when actual is 80%. The stock market want to scare, their pasal la. Better adjust to reality then suddenly crash. You don't want stockmarket like belon tiup big big by Najib lies and suddenly burst.

    1. Anon 07:26, cerdik sikit boleh?

      If stock market crash, so many msian will become poorer. Think of all those ppl that have savings or investments in unit trusts, amanah saham and epf money. Also u want foreign investors to do reverse take-over of msian companies when price collapse?

      Sheesh, for all u fanatical supporters, all Annie & rational msians are saying is for lge to watch his mouth. He is no longer the opposition. Now is not the time to score points no matter how satisfying it feels.

      Govn has heavier responsibilities. We want a responsible adult not petulant child as our ministers.

    2. Next before too long our A credit rating will be downgraded to B and the Government will have to pay more interest on the national debt. Well done!

    3. Anon 12:47 - It’s hard to reason with the B40 crowd.

    4. MO1 & BN are manipulating figures to mislead people & investors & of course all lies & wrongdoings eventually will be exposed right

    5. The rating whateva before is base on lies

      Why u think jibbi menang anugerah, worst finance minister in asia

      Tun already warn us so many times

      Why you all don't want 2 listen

    6. due to LGE 'tactlessness', im now targeting KLSE to grab cheap shares (not inflated by that Bastard Naional) cari makan meh thank you to LGE whoopee

    7. 1627 - All the info was already in public domain eg Bank Negara reports - Pakatan just reclassified the guarantees as debt and made a big announcement for their own political purpose. For example, you think the rating agencies didn’t know there were huge guarantees for the MRT project? When financial shit hits the fan later because of the gigantic budget deficits under the Pakatan government (no GST, fuel subsidy) they just say - oh it’s because of the 1 trillion debt mah. Not my fault.

  10. Najib as mentor.Forget it lah Annie.A mentor could not be so stupid that caused the 1MDB fiasco.

    It is a bail out.Bank Negara need to forked out RM 2 Billion for a piece of land that maybe not in original plan of Bank Negara and whether the land is competitively priced

    1. thanks god this sohai najib is exposed & caught red handed, if not sugarboy jho low shall be the first local trillionaire aduhai

  11. LOL...

    So let me get this straight:

    Annie, the self-confessed bimbo who cannot understand the 1MDB issue, just cuts & pastes a 1MDB statement from Mr “300 handbags and 114 million in cash”, as if it proves anything???

    You still think he has credibility? Why not cut & paste some Arul auta too?

    Let me help a bit, sayang.

    You can manage multiple choice questions, kan?

    Here, this is what Tuan Ibrahim asked Pokjib.

    Take the test on his behalf and let us know : )

    Maybe blog on something more within your mental level, please Annie?

    a) Which Malaysian politikus most and least hensum?

    b) Why Nurul Izzah gone all jilboob?

    c) Is KJ or Bung Mokhtar more macho alpha male?

    Kih kih kih….

    You need to stick to stuff you can comment on, Annie.

    No need to hurt your beautiful little head : )

    PS: You’re still smarter than ponytail, dog & wall. What does that say about their quality? Kih kih kih….

    1. Bung mokhtar not alpha male

      Alpha beruk maybe....

    2. Bung Mokhtar can go to jail

  12. The Najib bloggers started already...look at the recent trend. Running "storylines"

    1. attacking Guan Eng, playing the anti-chinese fear factor
    2. create ill feelings gossips/made up stories between so call "camp Mahathir" and "camp Anwar" by writing private jet issue. RPK kelentong stories started
    3. dissolving political appointed agencies as consider attack the people, these are ameno appointed ppl

    But we never forget 1MDB, ALtantuya, Kevin Morais, Ambank Najadi killings. The rope is coming for Najib.

    1. Ya tambah 1 more

      They scare on civil service cut

      But pls trust to tun

      Those 17k cut all gaji buta

      Doctor give good medication pls trust 2 tun dr m

    2. Slashing of 17,000 political appointees could have been avoided if the Pakatan Harapan did not do away with the GST.

      Why did this lay-offs happen? Surely they will be very sad to lose their jobs at a time when Muslims will be observing syawal soon

      jho low
      the defender of the great people

  13. haha... and next payemnet installment? 1mdb will pay or MoF.... haha
    the mantan FM/PM who happens to keep 100++ million cash as spare change in his house [one of many] is talking about financil advise, management, policy...... through hiw own arsx!!!

    1. This jibbi bloody hypocrisy

      Complain about others. Becos of his bad management it look like mof paying next instalment

      Muka tebal la jibbi

      Just keeps quiet and wait for ur jail sentence

      Fbi n doj already shares evidence

      Ur arab prince lie gone up in smoke bro

  14. So now Najib is saying 1MDB transferred assets to MoF, so in return MoF pay all 1MDB's debts. Sort of like 1MDB and MoF fused into one entity with regards to assets/debts.

    That's not the way Arul described it before the elections:
    “1MDB embarked on a rationalisation plan in 2016 to monetise company’s assets over time and meet its debt obligations. To date, it has not defaulted on any payment obligations...We have sold assets and transferred ownership of assets to the Finance Ministry, so it can be independently developed from 1MDB... The company has no financial issues and met all our debt obligations in full and on time, and we foresee to be able to do that right to the maturity of the final debts due,”

    “I’m very proud to say that 1MDB has not defaulted on any of its payment obligations. We continue to service the debt,” he said.

    So Arul's "rationalisation plan in 2016 to monetise company’s assets" is what Najib called exchange of assets for MoF's limitless money pit to pay debts. He is proud that 1MDB service the debts, not MoF.

    And those land assets the 1MDB got, are they below market value?

    On another issue, an UMNO division head and a state BN chairman are now fugitives...

    1. Ya bro correct

      Plus the bandar malaysia, trx n bank negara land deals is only 2 songlap more money

      In uni they should teach this 1mdb case as worse example of financial fraud in history of Malaysia

  15. Madam Annie,bila nk cete sal bag cash n gold yg dirampas?

    1. Annie x berani ler

      Takut blog captain marah kut

      So she do lame distractions tactic

      Xde kesan pon sori lah beb Annie


    2. bangsa johor,

      Sikit tanya lea aa ,itu apa "bangsa johor" ?, Wa tatak tau maa aa .

      Wa tau " Bangsa Malaysia " saja maa aa .

  16. Annie @ 26 May 2018 at 06:45,

    //Need to save some energy for more later.//

    Oh yes, you can bet there will be more coming later.

    If there is one person who can solve the 1MDB problem, the SRC problem, the many many thefts that have occured, that man is Lim Guan Eng.

    It is the type of stuff he lives for and which he is good at.

    //Betty needs to advise him on that one//

    No, LGE has the best that there is to assist him - Tony Pua and Ong Kian Ming.

    I cannot think of anybody on the BN side who can compare to TP and OKM.

    OK, OK, OK, the best person BN had was Low Taek Jho. :)


    1. Lim Guan Eng has also brought in Liew Chin Tong. At the meeting with Bank Negara, LGE was accompanied by Ong Kian Ming and Liew Chin Tong.

      I have no doubt the country's finances will be turned around and are now in good hands.

    2. Last time that lim sial see not bad for bn kelentong

      But if u know facts, u can defeat him quite easy

  17. Annie, ever wondered why Najib keeps so much cash in his house? If it is UMNO's money, why not put it in a bank account?

    1. If you put the money in the bank acc then how long you need to wait and Q for the money to be cashed out from the bank for the PRU campaign? Can u cashed out 100mil through an atm machine anytime you want during the PRU campaign?? Go ask the police to ambush your pakatan YBs houses too..

    2. Ya the 300 handbag also donation kut hehehehe

    3. Anon 11:25,
      Which cave did u crawl out from? Ever heard of online banking. Are u saying it costs 100 million to win an election in msia?

      Buta mata hati

    4. Anon 12.27

      Luxury Handbags collection? If she can afford to have it why not?? Why so jelous? Btw, what is the handbag compare to Buggati, ferrari, lambo collections of Uturn’s sons??

    5. Anon 12:27,
      The key word is "if she can afford it ". Did she get paid for her role in permata or did the royalty from her album is worth millions to be able to afford over 300 bags that some are reported to worth 6 figures each?

      Tak sabar nak tengok rosmah tunjuk resit or cc bill as proof of purchase.

    6. Hello 14.18

      Please lah

      U forgot case when kak ros personal assistant deposit 2 million CASH over counter in affin bank?

      Then he gelabah biawak n delete all his photos?

      Ya u think si badak air tu earn 2 mil legally

      I feel sori 4 u bro

  18. For what it takes Najib still thinks it’s all right and legal for what he did. Take land from govt and get loan to spend and have fun. After spending all the money give back land to govt to pay debts reason being land can appreciate over time. Just need the govt to pay off the debts. Just like a get rich scheme only different is the ex PM is the CEO. Najib is great. After all the plundering of taxpayers money we still have people like Annie and his captain and others still supporting him. Poor Guan Eng.. whatever you try to do to get back the respect and dignity of our country will be seen as arrogant and ill mannered by people like Annie..

    But no worries, in this country there are more people supporting you on your mission to rid us of our debts and crooks then people like Annie who only knows how to support crooks stealing our money .

    1. maafkanlah annie di bulan ramadhan yang mulia ini

      jho low
      white knight

  19. Annie, we all have opinions, you are completely entitled to yours. It is what makes the world go round.

    As far as I am personally concerned, Lim Guan Eng, whatever "faults" you may think he is bringing to his role as MOF and Government, is in terms of honesty, responsibility and ability, heads and shoulders above practically everyone from UMNO and BN. Heck, his sidekicks, Tony Pua and OKM, would easily walk into the Singapore Cabinet as full Ministers any day.

    Once again, I'd rather focus on the substance than the form lar.

    1. Bro

      We know la si tokong tu a bit arrogant n mulut celupar

      Nazri n many umno like that also kan

      Only criteria is.,,

      Can u clean the system up?

      If tokong do good job i dun care what is his personality problem

      Frankly speaking la

  20. Anonymous@ 26 May 2018 at 11:25,

    //Go ask the police to ambush your pakatan YBs houses too..//

    If there was any suspicion that Pakatan politicians had millions of RM in cash in their homes, don't you think Najib would have already raided them when he was in power??


    1. Gladiator 26 May 2018 at 12:52

      Exactly so.

      Hey, poor Khalid Samad got dragged out of bed at 3am by an army of cops for merely making a statement that was true about BN corruption.

      I'll guarantee Khalid Samad doesn't have 114 million in cash and 284 luxury handbags at home.

    2. Bro

      Not just khalid samad

      How many pakatan they put in purple lokap clothings

      When kbab1 was kaki bodek zahid

  21. Annie, lantak le diorang ni. Penyokong tegar dap 2×5 penyokong tegar umno.

    I think Kadir Jassinsums it up well:

    1. Lebai harapan Pakatan Harapan dan penyokongnya hentilah buat kerja bodoh menyerang pas dengan teknik persepsi buruk dan "character assassination". Jika mereka menyerang PAS, sudah pasti ahli-ahli PAS akan bertindak balas dengan mendedahkan keburukan Pakatan Harapan. Malah akan ada pimpinan Pakatan Harapan dibogelkan kesalahan mereka. Perkara ini tidak akan menguntungkan Pakatan Harapan. Yang untung sudah pasti UMNO/BN. Mereka bertepuk tangan kerana kebodoh Pakatan Harapan.

      Oleh itu fokuslah kepada UMNO/BN. Hala tuju senjata anda kepada UMNO/BN. Berhentilah buat kerja bodoh

      Jho Low
      Perompak Negara

  22. Anonymous @ 26 May 2018 at 12:23,

    //Lim Guan Eng has also brought in Liew Chin Tong.//

    Like this, UMNO die lah.

    There will be no way the fuckers can hide their paper trail.

    Liew Chin Tong will work 10x as hard to uncover any wrong doings cos he is going to try and make up for losing to Wee Ka Siong. :)


  23. Anonymous @ 26 May 2018 at 10:30,

    //why Najib keeps so much cash in his house//

    Aiyoh, dont you read the newspapers?

    Cash is King.

    Or rather Cash WAS king.

    Now, we all know that Singh is King. :)


  24. Anonymous @ 26 May 2018 at 11:20,

    //After all the plundering of taxpayers money we still have people like Annie and his captain and others still supporting him.//

    My Engrish no very good.

    How Annie support Najib?


  25. Anonymous @ 26 May 2018 at 12:50,

    //Are u saying it costs 100 million to win an election in msia?//

    I think RPK gave an estimate of RM2billion(?).

    I know that in my kampung, the MCA candidate spent at least RM4million(?).

    For example, the Pakatan bilik gerakan only offered pau and water for volunteers. Thst was it!!@

    The MCA bilik gerakan had beer, whiskey, cognac, soft drinks, an on-site chef, and lots more.

    I will not mention the big lorry with th he audio-visual display or the many flags, etc, ok?

    Most BN candidates have money to fight Pakatan.

    How much money, I dont really know, but my eyes tell me that BN spent a lot more then Pakatan.

    In my kampung, at least.


  26. Hello Annie,

    If you see ghost in your house, who are you going to call?

    You call Ghostbuster.

    Some people call bomoh.

    If the country got so many hutang, who you are going to call?

    Are you going to call Najib?

    You have to call someone who have good track record such as in Penang or in Selangor.

    Azmin and LGE but brought in to the cabinet.

    In addition, Tun M bring back Daim, Jomo, Zeti, Robert Kuok, Hasan Merican, the best brain to solve the problem.

    That is how you do it.

    That is how Singapore is doing, they bring the best brain to govern the country.

    Our hutang, base on the media, is RM30 billion just for interest only, not including the payback of prinsipal.

    So many hutang one.

    Maybe Annie, can do better to solve the hutang, why don't you volunteer to replace LGE.?


  27. Thank's God Annie ,you still manage with 'kuih pau ' for Sahor , they are people just do it with plain water ,and yet they claimed Malaysia is negara berpendapatan tinggi ,of course it was said by LGE mentor .

    I just hope LGE just copy his words but not his action , by the way it's good that dady is keeping watch ,just in case that he would follow his mentor footstep .

    Looking at the picture , if LGE is along ,as you say ,he is never a hansom guy ,with that picture ,standing next to Najib ,I thing he is a better looking then his mentor .

  28. Aiyah why you so like that one, you and samy vellu the same lah. one swindled millions , you bluffing your way lah, man man lei ah,

  29. It is only appropriate for the new govt to perform a due diligence on the nation's financial health/debt
    Once acertained,then they can formulate fiscal policies to pare it down
    It is not about washing dirty linen in public


    1. Truth is truth

      If truth is painful takpe

      Telan ubat jer

      Walaupun pahit

      All the diseases of bn must be cured slowly

  30. Now PH is the goverment of the day, the best things if u find the wrongdoing is for u to repot it to the relevant authorities n let rules of law prevail itself...n utk spesel advise for LGE, slepas awak mdedahkan kbenaran itu sebaik2 nya pada ktika itu jgk LGE meredakan keadaan. Kebenaran penting n bgitu jgk damage control dlm menangani keadaan sekeliling yg tkesan akibat kbenaran itu. Anyway to be a good man u must be tested n failed. Thanks.

  31. infamous MO1 always kelentong 1mdb assets more than liabilities so LGE has exposed present 1mdb liabilities 74.6 billions so can annie & dumbos present a higher 1mdb assets figure???
    impossible leh cause that bloody useless BN arul kanda said i donot know adoi

    1. Bro

      The 1mdb directors admitted 2 days ago

      1mdb is insolvent

      They openly admit arul auta's units in Singapore is scam

      Meaning now rakyat hv to carry beban of debt of billions

      Tqvm jibbi

  32. The ratings agencies already knew about those guarantees which Pakatan reclassified as “debt” for their own political reasons. Here’s what Moody’s said a few months ago “With government guarantees, Moody's says that such guarantees are unlikely to present material contingent liability risk, because they are issued through a stringent selection process and most companies that benefit from them are profitable and competently managed. At the end of 2016, the total debt of non-financial public sector corporations stood at 16.6% of GDP, two-thirds of which was guaranteed by the government.”

  33. I agree with Annie that LGE is a loose cannon.

    But, we have the council of elders to help out.

    I don't think LGE needs to bring his friends (tony pua, etc) on board.

    As the saying goes too many cooks spoil the broth.

    1. agreed only a few mcm MO1, jho low & riza aziz shared the loots & rest mcm dumbo sohai shared the dedak (crumbs) wakakaka

  34. LGE is still confused over his current position.

    His task is to find solutions to the current dire financial situation the country is facing now.

    Rakyat knew whose fault it is that the country is not in a strong footing economically, and he doesn’t need to shove the bad news down to Rakyat’s throat day by day.

    Get to work and focus on it.

    1. Rakyat has been brainwashed with lies, sweet lies for the past decade with Najib's transformasi this and transfromasi that every day non stop. Now that a new clean team is in the driver seat, it is imperative that all the shits found must be thrown out and made known. Listen, this is JUST THE BEGINNING...much more buckets of shits coming...more evidence of plundering will be revealed. LGE is FOCUSED and WORKING on all these. It is just that sour grapes just do not want the microscope be trained on the thieves...they just want the new government to quickly, quietly whisper that there's some financial irregularity and the amount although worrying, is not much and this hole can be mended. NOT HAPPENING lah....the amount is damn huge and there's no gonna be any whispering and soothing words. Once it had been hammered into the skulls of all that we are facing disaster, then the mending will after Raya, every one just have to buckle down for more hard time before we can see better time. Got it ?!!!