Friday 25 May 2018

Guan Eng is probably Dr Mahathir's ploy

This one

So sue us: Guan Eng to 1MDB's Arul Kanda

reminds me of my post back on Aug 8 2014

and the picture which goes with it,

Guess the guy is still at it.

So childish.

"Want to fight me haaa???!!! Come come I fight you!!!!"

Something like that.

Got new toy, very excited ka?

Seriously, I read his statement calling Arul Kanda names that day and wondered, is this the new style of statements coming from Malaysia's ministry of finance?

MoF handling all those money is supposed to be least that's what I thought.

Okay, okay, you all going to say Guan Eng will not cheat and steal money like Najib, bla bla, bla.

Got it, okay.

Guan Eng cute some more? Fine...urgh.

But really, the guy seems very childish to me.

For a moment, it occurred to me that maybe Dr Mahathir was being cheeky again by giving the MoF to Guan Eng.

He knew the silly boy may most likely going to screw it up.

He then probably goes,

"Eh, Kit Siang, how come your son never grow up harr? Which school you sent him to leh....see, my sons all very good and handsome. Marina also very smart and pretty. How come your son like that? You didn't give him enough vitamins when he was a small kid ka?"

I think maybe that's why Kit Siang never want any ministerial position.

He knew Dr Mahathir may tease him like that every time they have Cabinet meeting.

Could be very embarrassing for him.

Or maybe Dr Mahathir was preparing for two years from now when he's supposed to step down as PM.

At that time he would probably ask everyone,

"You all seriously want me to step down? Seriously? With Guan Eng at MoF like that? You all sure or not? And you all want me to hand over power to Anwar the back stabber? Okay, if that's what you all want, I can go back to Umno and try to revive it....Najib no longer around what....."

And then he smiles like this,

Probably, right?

On another front, I think the Umno's revival effort really doesn't need these kind of monkeys and their antics,

Umno, JMM leaders want MACC to probe Mahathir's past 

Enough of that la, stupid.

You all used that before and Umno/BN ended up in the longkang now.

What? You all want to stay relevant, is it?

What a bunch of shit heads.

A revived Umno needs to get rid of these kind of clowns.

I remember back then when their kind were being given the "must cover must use" news treatment by the Media Prima newspapers and television stations, and I cringed.

I really wish I can punch that Habibur Rahman and his big time editor puppets for turning all those media outlets into media crap.

Why la Najib trust those kind of pricks?


Okay, it's past 3am already.

Enough of my nonsense.

I better get myself something to eat for sahur.



  1. LOL...ah poor little shallow Annie.

    This is no time to behave like a 12-year-old girl, sayang.

    The fate of the nation is not as simple as "this fella hensum, this fella not hensum."

    This is what counts:

    Lim said that the RM1tril figure quoted by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad included the total government debt, government guarantees and lease payments for public-private partnerships (PPP).

    "The official Federal Government debt is RM686.8bil (50.8% of GDP).

    "In addition, the Government is already committed to pay for government guarantees for various entities which are unable to service their debts. This amounts to RM199.1bil (14.6% of the GDP)" he said.

    Lim added that these government guarantees were for entities such as Danainfra Nasional Bhd (RM42.2bil), Govco Holdings Bhd (RM8.8bil), Prasarana Malaysia Bhd (RM26.6bil), Malaysia Rail-link Sdn Bhd (RM14.5bil) as well as an estimated RM38bil for 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

    "Based on the two items above, the debt stands at RM885.9bil or 65.4% of GDP," he said.

    Lim also said that the Government also must make lease payments for "Public-Private Partnership" (PPP) projects such as construction of schools, roads, hospitals and police stations, which amount to RM201.4bil (14.9% of GDP).

    "Hence, the Federal Government debt and liabilities amount to a total of RM1,087.3bil or 80.3% of the GDP as of Dec 31, 2017," he said.


    Jibby was lying all along.

    It's better to reveal the truth than to hide it.

    Do you understand the concept of "off balance sheet", Annie?

    No, you don't.

    Maybe stay in subjects something closer to your mental level, like maybe K-Pop : )

    Joking, ahhhhh...jangan marah...

    1. Wah...I posted at 3.36 am, you commented at 4.59am. You on early morning shift ka? Really, DAP people very efficient. Salute.

    2. Why would people be awake before 5am in the month of Ramadan? Quite a stupid question.

    3. Oh, you puasa also. Hmmm....wake up early morning for sahur read my blog first. You must be quite a fan. I'm flattered :)

    4. Lifeofannie

      You must fight w fact and figure la

      Follow style of jmd

      Kalo u x mampu jawab straight accuse orang lain of being dap trooper x elok la

      Use arguments of SUBSTANCE to disprove

      But actually is true our debt more than one trill

    5. Errr...I'm not fighting you la. I just wrote about Guan Eng's behaviour, not about whatever you commented. You angry ka I said you from DAP? Okay la, you are not from DAP but just an innocent bystander. Happy or not? Relax la.

    6. Can't believe that Malaysia was once run by gangsters, ruffians, thieves and liars.

    7. Annie,

      Not sure whom you're replying to, as Anonymous25 May 2018 at 12:49 is a different person.

      However, I agree with him/her that JMD is a great example of a sopo blogger who can back up his arguments & counter-arguments with facts & figures.

      This is why BN lost the war in cyberspace. They are shallow. Today I saw one of the few remaining pro-BN blogs (in BM) saying "Tun is a doctor, not an accountant, so his claim that debt is 65% of GDP is wrong". (And the tone was quite disrespectful to Tun.)

      I don't like Lim G.E. personally, but I also don't care about that as long as he performs his tasks well. So I support him putting the correct figures out to the public, even though it's painful.

      Malaysians now are beyond all the cheap racial tactics, we want results, tak kira if Melayu / Cina / India / Singh / Kadazan etc etc can deliver.

      That simple, really.

    8. I also don't know who I'm replying to because you all not bothered to put your name. So, I hantam saja la. Anyway, JMD is actually my dear friend and he thinks that I'm quite cute and smart. You don't believe me, go and ask him la :) By the way, how come you all are here and not at JMD's blog?

    9. kah kah..annie..u r indeed corect..ha ha...i salute u for being witty..

    10. Your good friend Jebat has almost stopped blogging, sadly. One post just before PRU and nothing since then. Ask him to start again, I miss it : )

      PS: We already know you're cute. And...ummmmmm...can be smart sometimes, lah!

    11. Jebat is busy helping Dr Mahathir now la. I asked him already to blog like he used to be. See lah later. said I'm shallow what.

    12. Teach your children well!

    13. people dont want to read PH blog anymore(full of shit) since they are govt now..

  2. "Seriously, I read his statement calling Arul Kanda names that day and wondered, is this the new style of statements coming from Malaysia's ministry of finance?"

    Seriously, do you understand why Arul Kanda is dishonest?

    Do you recall his various statements on BSI units in Singapore?

    Do you recall his many statements as to the source of funds for the IPIC repayments?

    Do you recall his many statements as to 1MDB's rationalisation finances on his BN roadshows?

    Do you understand anything at all?

    Not really.

    1MDB hurts your pretty little head, kan Annie?

    If I showed you two Korean pop stars, can you pick which one more hensum?

    Or you think Tokong Sepet still ultimate hensum?

    Hee hee : )

    1. Arul Kanda deserved to be called like that.Kalau saya lebih teruk lagi.Judt imagine 2 years on the job, boleh cakap tak tahu pasal units worth RM9.8B, bukan sedikit tu.

    2. Arul kanda lies all recorded

      How he will deny? It's not interview it's official statement to pac and parlimen

      What kind of ceo is that

    3. Annie,
      You have mentioned before that you found 1mdb scandal trail very confusing. I can see now why you felt LGE is behaving childish to you. If you do understand about 1mdb like us maybe you would have kill Arulanaconda without making any statement. He is one of the mother of all snake and the rest are in UMNO.
      Let me tell you all of them are traitors, despicable being. Personally I am not interested to know the act of any complainant but instead I am only interested in when and where they all can be put behind bars if possible for as long as it can be. May God bless PH and Malaysia.

  3. Lim guan eng sudah tidak boleh berlari lari anak, hujung bulan ahlong sudah sampai depan rumah, tiaw sama luu..

    All must be rushing..

    Speed adalah keperluan untuk semua menteri dan team mengejar Tun kerana Tun sendiri mempunyai banyak kerja sedangkan dia hanya mempunyai sedikit masa.

    Cakap belit Arulkanda memang sesuai sangat lge rumuskan dan ugutan untuk saman dari arulkanda akan jadi sama seperti xbossnya, selasa depan.

    Tentang puak umno, hidup atau mati, olang tak selupa olang, antu tak selupa antu..

    Lu pikirlah sendiri...

  4. “I really wish I can punch that Habibur Rahman and his big time editors for turning all those media outlets into media crap.“

    Get in line....the queue for this is gonna be longer than the poll centres at GE14

  5. Annie, pasal LGE, new broom and new kid on the block.Biar kan dia as long dia buat benda yang betul.I suka.

    Habibur Rahman; mana dia sekarang? Rindu pulak kat dia.PH should give him something for making their jobs easier

    1. Not only dat also tq tun faisal and jasa

      Dunno how to fool rakyat any more

      This age we not stupid like before la

  6. Errr Marina pretty? Please laaaa.

    1. Hehehe... definitely not a femme fatale. No? Why would that French guy left then? :))

  7. Hi Annie,

    I think LGE brought the Penang govt mentality to the Federal.

    LGE cannot accept the rakyat have to pay billion for scam. He cares too much about the rakyat.

    Arul Kandar cannot answer RM9billion of investment but he goes here and there said 1MDB is okay.

    I think, for Annie, RM9 billion scam is ok, the rakyat and the next generation can pay, no big deal but for LGE DAP not acceptable.

    I think, Annie would agree that UMNO mentality better, for instance in Perlis, they fight each other for MB post.

    The most important thing power, who cares about the rakyat right.?

    1. "I think, for Annie, RM9 billion scam is ok, the rakyat and the next generation can pay, no big deal"

      What is going to happen is that the MOF is going to pay off the next installment of interest due. It's around 140-50 million.

      Think of how many schools & hospitals & scholarships that could have funded.

      We must be patient, the scale of Najib & BN's mess is huge.

      This is the tip of the iceberg.

  8. Lol....
    Cash is king remember?
    If this tauhid never change, don't worry about revive and don't confused why umno is a joke


    1. Quran ch2:v177

      "Righteousness is not that you turn your faces toward the east or the west, but righteousness is in one who is faithful to Allah, the Judgement Day, the angels, the Book, and the Prophets of God;
      Also in him who donates from his wealth in spite of loving it: to relatives, orphans, the needy, the wayfarer, those seeking help, and for the freeing of slaves; and also they who guard their prayers and pay the due taxes; fulfilling their promises when they promise; and who are patient in poverty and hardship and in their struggles. Those are the true hearted ones; it is they who are righteous."


  9. Annie,

    Old habit are hard to die . DAP has the habit to openly challenge everybody who happened to cross their line . UMNO still with the habit, thinking that power is still in their hand ,and being childish after being shaken up.

    DAP have a lot's of growing to do ,while UMNO which getting senile because of Najip has to reborn with new genetic reform .
    The people trust is only in seeing Tun M at the helm .

  10. The gomen have spent a whopping 7 billions to cover 1MDB holes but yet your concern was Guan Eng’s choice of word. I think you’re the ONE being childish here..

    FYI those 7B is a hefty sum. We’re talking in billion not million. After all it is rakyat’s money. Coming from various taxes they paid. If there was no 1MDB, that kind of money would have been end up on something like schools, roads, highways,scholarship and hospitals.

    Your concern of him being such a loose canon is just misplaced. He was being cruel and rude to Arul, sure, but with a reason. Like a boss who let it all out to his subordinates in oder to save the company. It is important to identify the mistake first and foremosy and prevent it from happening again in the future.

    If I were Guan Eng, I would have said worst names. After all this fella went all over the country painting rosy picture about the company when in fact is it is actually insolvent!..Rakyat’s money have to rescue the company.

    I think Guan Eng had shown tremendous restraint of not calling him even worst names. He realized he’s holding public office now and couldn’t go ballistic like he used to do. Need to show some civility. You can’t just go berserk like your heyday in the opposition.

    1. Annie is actually a failed Umno blogger lah.

      Just like her blog captain and all the failed BN bloggers.

      No new ideas.

      All is "divide & rule"

      "Melayu vs Cina"


      They are stuck in the past.

      Waste of taxpayer money.

    2. Arul kanda to me got high chance going to jail

      You think why no audit company wanna touch 1mdb for 3 years?

      Becos they know...arul will asks them to fake the numbers

      No annual report for 4 years now, for company got 42 billion debts...perghhh

    3. No auditors will waste their time with fake numbers

      Arul Kanda... you got served!

    4. Mentaliti kebudak-budakan tu semua

      Macai UMNO Sokong perompak
      Jho Low

  11. Your Lim GE comments are typical of that disgusting blogger who shall not be named. No wonder you called her 'sister blogger'.

  12. Haiya! Sis Annie... I didn't call the Tokong a braggart for nothing laa. He is too big headed that even the songkok that he wore during his swearing would have fallen off if not for his pomade hair gel.
    He has never changed... Remember what he did to the press after crowning himself as the Pendatang CM of Penang? Yeah.. SH Yong has to crawl to him, apologising for a simple error in a Bernama report about the NEP.

  13. so annie prefer kepala bapuk MO1 at ministry to silently songlap all the treasury monies adoi

    1. Ya lah why would Annie support najib and Barisan Nasional

      Before this Annie was sad because BN rule and now annie is sad because of PH rule

      Grow up! There’s no unicorn coalition

      Jho Low

    2. Barisan Nasional is now an opposition in the state of Perak Darul Ridzuan.

      Menjunjung kasih DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Nazrin & congratulations to YAB Menteri Besar Faizal and the Pakatan Harapan.

      To BN team, Reboot and Rejuvenate! #TetapBN

      Pffffft haha hehe

      Jho Low

  14. im correcting my comment - 509 hari tu dalam sejarah the 'mighty' BN aka Badut Nasional fell wakakaka

  15. Fuck you Annie.. if I am FM and the first thing as my duty i must sign a payment for a loan cheated by others and when I ask this faggot who knows everything before the election about 1MDB but now knows nothing I will not only call him names., I will send my regards to his mother . If whacking someone is legal I would have whack him to a pulp. I am sure if someone rob your house and rapes you .. your family won’t be so civil to that guy.

    1. If you are the FM, I recommend you to use Clorox for your mouthwash.

    2. Tell that to all those sick people who cannot get medication and those who died because of reduction in budget for health ministry and also those poor students who cannot get scholarships for further studies due to lack of funds cheated for paying 1MDB loans then clorox also won’t clean up

    3. Bro

      Tell that 2 all d felda people also and tabung haji investors

      Money stolen by isa samad and azeez baling

      U think can recover? Its gone

      1mdb can trace assets becos forensic trail but th n felda money is gone

    4. Anonymous25 May 2018 at 12:58

      Even if 1MDB funds are recovered, we may lose up to 2/3, ya.

      Please lower your expectations.

      But yes, FELDA & TH losses are hard to reverse, though in TH case the TRX land deal with TH funds can still be cancelled I guess (?).

  16. Annie,

    LGE is the perfect guy to be Finance Minister, OK?

    There is no need for him to be a politician, just number crunching.

    As for suing, it was Arul who was talking abt it, so LGE, being the straightup guy he is, said "go ahead lah".

    (Number crunchers are like that - straightup, no bullshit, to-the-point and honest, esp the good ones)

    As for Mahatir stepping down in two years time, I think he will.

    By then, Mahatir will be 95.

    At that age, most ppl like him want history to remember them as good guys.

    In Mahatir's case, it is his last chance to have people view him in a positive manner.

    Mind you, what the international press say about Mahatir matters to Mahatir at his age now.

    Old people have a very different outlook on life to the rest of us who still have many years left.


    1. I don't care what race is fm, just put back discipline

      Show real figures

      If situation bad let it be reveal

      Don't live in fantasy land

    2. #dahmakan for iftar.

      Tetap umno
      Pfffttt haha

      Jho Low

  17. Life Of Anus


    1. Anon 10:24,

      Aii...Yooo jlangan cekap itu macam lorr rr , sama my Annie .

      Puasa bulan baik-baik punya cekap maa aa .

    2. I never trust Annie to begin with

      She is a closet BN supporter, I know some people like this at university and they wasted a lot of my time and productivity

      This kind people just wanted to blame everyone except himself

    3. Anon 15:20, if u don't trust Annie, don't come to her blog la. Why waste your precious time & productivity?

      Instead u waste other ppl's time to scroll thru your profanity.

  18. according to your so shallow article on malaysian chinese were you all loyal to this country - so when annie + dumbos are now whacking the govt of the day, they are all disloyal to this country (read traitors or pengkhianat) right...

  19. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and goodwill, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper, and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.

    ‘Nough said

  20. Annie, picture this.
    You’re the boss(Chairman) of your company and you ask your CEO,
    “Woi, is our company bankrupt or not bankrupt?”
    He replies, “I’m not sure lah boss?”
    You, “But you went and told our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, etc, that our company is doing fine?! Then I checked with our finance director and he says that we’re bankrupt? Well I say you’re a bloody liar!”
    After that, your CEO goes round town telling all and sundry, “I’ll sue him for calling me a liar!”
    Now, I bet you would say, “Tell that idiot to go ahead and sue! But first I will sack him!”

    So, who do you think is being childish?

    1. Arul ular better find good lawyer

      That fella going down la bro

    2. 1mdb arul kanda - from hunted to hunter really all Bastard Nasional sigh

    3. I can tell you in advance what Arul's excuse will be: "All the wrongdoing was before my time".

      Sadly for him, all the cover-ups are from HIS time.

  21. It pain me when I read the news that a student hanged herself due being accused of theft of handphone. Very pain in the heart. Here we see regret, guilt, remorse, depression and all those feelings of 1 simple incident which had not been investigated properly and a life already lost. A young life.
    Then we have seen on TV, the corrupt politician, the liars, cheaters, embezzlers, the power crazy.....have not even the slightest remorse or guilt taking in millions and I wish those that would be sentence with instant death are those politicians above and not that poor kid. May her soul rest in peace.

  22. Kita ada adab. We should practice them.

    Amalkan politik matang

    Jho Low

    Hahahahahahahaa Macai bodoh hahahaha

  23. Annie, all the findings of massive theft of rakyat's money and the subsequent cover-up - this does not bother you?

    Those UMNO warlordism that resulted in crisis like in Perlis and which led to the people hating them - you are not concerned ?

    Instead you are sniping at petty things, which is just like that unmentionable blogger. In fact most people would think that LGE's description of Arul is justified in view of Arul's version of 1MDB before all the dirt was unearthed.

    1. Even the Puteri chief said Shahidan is ruining the image of Umno with his antics.

  24. Hi Annie,

    While you continue with your incessant ranting of BN,UMNO,DAP,LGE,Marina,Ghani, Khaled, Osman and your so called beloved,did it not bother you to find out :

    A) Why Donald Trump has not made a courtesy call to his friend who promised to make America great again ? How can Trump remain silent when his friend has been barred from leaving Malaysia ? A very ungrateful Trump.

    B)Why has the donor Prince gone missing ? After having donated RM2.6 bil and to suddenly find his friend being quarantined must be real shocking,to say the least.Why has the Prince abandoned his trustworthy friend ? He too, has not made any calls yet. Whatsapp pun tada. What sort of a rich friend can he be ?

    C) Why has the 100,000 strong Bugis clan gone silent? How can they allow their Pendekar to be held by SPRM for almost 6 hours thereby disrupting their sea faring itinerary ?
    Their silence is disappointing.No demos or protests and none of their members made a courtesy call to visit him at home.At least Raja Bomoh, minus his coconuts, showed class and proved he was better than any one of the 100,000 fellows.

    D)The Saudi Ariabian kingdom's silence is deafening too.I mean, their dear friend who offered to site a global anti terrorism centre in our country has suddenly found himself out of job and the Saudi blokes give no camel shit about it.
    How can they do this ? No phone calls or enquiries.Don't they value friendship ? Borrowing Najib's parlance - they are real bangsats,aren't they ?

    Irrespective whether LGE is handsome or not, the above 4 issues has disrupted my sleep and eating habits these past few days. Hope anyone of the above 4 can help me overcome my distressed mind and body.

    Rasta Rules.

  25. LGE is going to jail.Tun M will wash his hands off and saya he just follows the 'rule of law'
    Prof kangkung


    1. Kangkong,

      If LGE is going to jail ,there is always another to fill up the gap ,after all Annie say LGE is not that handsome .

      Many would believe Tun M ,rules of law but not Najib rules of law .

  26. Agree with sister Annie that LGE needs to polish his act if he wants to leave a legacy as a Statesman.
    She is not criticizing the contents of his report, but he needs to talk with poise and not be jabbering like a perpetual anti-establishment fella. Look and learn from the master of political cool - Barack Obama.

  27. Do you believe in Karma?

    Especially those who died along the way to keep him in power.

    Especially those who were 'dianiayai' by Jibby & Co.

    I think the most pertinent question is why did Najib listen to Jho Low? He can surround himself with pricks but this is poison. He has nobody but himself to blame.

    1. It is not that he picks up a poison. It is that he's so incredibly greedy, so avaricious, wanting to be the richest or among the richest in the shortest possible time through foul means, that he can only surround himself with those like-minded who will offer services that will help attain his materialistic goal. And he is ruthless qualm at all who died along the way, their lives count for nought to him. At least fei chai who is greedy and a showoff, did not have blood on his hands but we hope he is incarcerated for his role in 1MDB. As for Najib, 1MDB pales in comparison to even bigger scandals like FELDA, KWSP....etc etc. Wait for more to be exposed.

  28. What do you call those who lies to the nation and steals from the people? What do you call those who conspires with other countries to embezzle the nation? What do you call those who work systematically to rob the people and country? What do you call those who corrupt the institutions and destroy the nation? What do you call those who nurture corruption as a national culture? I call them traitors and enemies of the country and people ! Their crime is high treason ! Punishment is at least life imprisonment or Death ! If you allow anyone who meticulously planned and designed covert and open operations to take control of a country and let them to remain free to repeat such acts again then it is the same as allowing foreign aliens to come in and take over the beloved country. All such people and organisations must be dealt with swiftly and severely to rid the country of such internal elements that threaten the future of the people and country. Corruption is the plague of modern societies and must not be allowed to breed and take over the country. If left unchecked and not eliminated corruption will destroy the country.