Thursday 17 May 2018

DAP territories

I can sense that many were not very happy when I highlighted the truth about

Yes, the truth is the party is not strong at all.

True, many voted for PH because of Dr Mahathir and the need to get rid of Najib and gang.

But Pribumi Bersatu on its own is actually nothing. Really, nothing.

It doesn't have the number in parliament or any of the state assemblies.

Except maybe in Perlis if Shahidan and his BN gang all jumped to Pribumi Bersatu later.

That's the truth which many were angry that I highlighted.

And this is another truth which many, especially DAP supporters, do not wish to be highlighted;


DAP, in contrast, controls PH in Penang,  Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, and Johor.
Yup, that's really the scenario.

Lets go through those states again;

Penang - DAP 14, PKR 14, Pribumi 2, Amanah 2 / BN2 Pas 1

Perak - DAP 18, Amanah 6, PKR 4, Pribumi 1 /  BN 27 / Pas 3

Negeri Sembilan - DAP 11, PKR 7, Amanah 2 / BN 16

Malacca - DAP 8, PKR 3, Pribumi 2, Amanah 2 / BN 13

Johor- DAP 14, Amanah 9, Pribumi 8, PKR 5 / Pas 1 / BN 19

See, that's the truth. DAP is the leading party for PH in those states.

Okay, in Johor three BN assemblymen jumped to Pribumi, making it to have 11 but still behind DAP which has 14.

And yesterday it was announced that DAP got four of its assemblymen appointed as exco members. Johor has 11 exco seats.

I have received information that DAP had actually demanded five exco seats. I guess the replacement was that one of them is to be a deputy speaker of the assembly.

Not bad. What DAP wants, DAP gets in Johor....almost.

How about Johor tiang seri DAP? Nice or not?

Then this is the story from Malacca,

Half of new Melaka executive councillors from DAP

I think they should give the Malacca chief minister post to DAP too. Really, to be fair.

May as well turn the state into another Penang.

Something like New Straits Settlements.

Penang, Malacca.....Singapore???

And this is the story from Penang.

Penang CM defends exclusion of

 PAN, PPBM assemblymen in exco lineup

Ya la.

How to give those Pribumi Bersatu and Amanah people exco positions.

They got so few seats, okay.

I really like this picture of LGE and new Penang CM Chow. So mesra and manja.

Meanwhile, for Perak, we got this story;

DAP leading race for Perak exco spots?

Speculation is rife that DAP, who swept all 18 of their contested state seats in the election, will be allocated the largest number of posts in the new Pakatan Harapan (PH) line-up.
Political observers believed DAP will receive either four or five exco posts compared to Parti Amanah Negara and PKR, which could get between three or two seats after their solid performance in the polls.

I wonder what takes them so long to get the exco lineup done.

Same like in Negeri Sembilan,

10 Exco kerajaan Negeri Sembilan diumum minggu depan

But I'm quite sure for Negeri Sembilan too half or more will be from DAP.

So, you all want to get angry with me for highlighting these or not?

Last time you all said you want the truth, so this is the truth la.


  1. I actually prefer DAP compared to the other 3 parties.

    DAP totally changed my view about the need for racial based party. And I now know why malay people joined DAP. They dont just talk..the do.


    For me the most important aspects are corruption, transperency, accountability.

    All are champion by DAP. No hanky panky. Not much politicking.

    Parti melayu like UMNO have failed the malay. So bad. It became the most hated and humiliated party. Orang melayu terasa terhina. So bad

    Really This is the real thruth.

    1. PH has been registered as an official coalition.

      No party should be praised or blamed more than any other.

      If they succeed, all 4 succeed.

      If they fail, all 4 fail.

      Tu jer.

    2. KUALA LUMPUR, May 17 — National Patriot Association’s president Datuk Mohamed Arshad Raji has slammed Malay rights group Perkasa today for demanding only a Malay can be the finance minister.

      The retired brigadier-general, who was recently appointed a member of the Institutional Reforms Committee, said Malaysians had voted for change and race-based, stereotypical thinking has no place in the new Malaysia.

      “Patriot would like to give a friendly reminder to Perkasa that this is a new Malaysia and the vast majority has voted for this change,” he said in a statement.

      “The decades of race-based politicking, divide and rule, weaponised race and religion as tools to sow distrust and hatred, stereotyping of race and group to be hated as enemies, are now gone and buried.”

      Looks like Annie didn't get the memo : )

      Will Dedak Captain & other bloga2 give refunds to old gomen for their failed election strategy?

    3. coz many people like lalang like you. coward. and you know what, many PH promises had been "modified", economy is still great coz actually the country was at landasan yang betul, so its not at the edge of bancrupt as what the PH claimed, the country debt from 42 bil reduced to 30 bil, pemberian dedak akan ni pemakan dedak jugakla..hahaha

  2. 1. I and perhaps most of the rakyat who voted in the last election voted because Tun Dr Mahathir is being named as PM and the man, a living legendary hero that is going to save this country from the evil kleptocracy.

    2. We never thought or dreaming even of voting for DAP or PKR ever. It's all because we don't want Najib the penyamun. That's all. No other to oust him than to vote other than BN.

    3. PPBM was given a hard time before the election. It only gets approved recently. How do you judge that this party is weak ?

    4. PPBM was seen stronger than BN before the election. That's why it got shot down by the kleptocrats before the election.

    5. I had to vote for PKR candidates in my area because they didn't put PPBM candidates there. I would have voted for PPBM candidates anytime if they have them there.

    1. "3. PPBM was given a hard time before the election. It only gets approved recently. How do you judge that this party is weak?"

      12 seats is very good. Will be more by GE15 for sure.

    2. compared with 32 bil disappeared under Tun nose, which one is worst?

    3. After the gerrymandering was being bulldozed through in the parliament just before GE14, Mahathir factor was the reason why PKR and DAP could win their affected seats such as Lembah Pantai etc

  3. LOL...


    You are BECOMING the Fat Ah Soh.

    100% serupa tactics. This could have come from her blog, actually.

    You failed with this silly argument the first time, and you're failing again.

    Like the matsal say: "Flogging a dead horse".

    Your Blog Captain also the same, trying to drive a wedge between Dr M and Anwar. He is living in the past, which is why he is 100% irrelevant.

    The argument that "DAP got more power to dominate because Bersatu is weak" means nothing.


    Because you should compare PKR plus PPBM plus Amanah vs DAP.

    Or even better, take Tun's point that the decisions - not the numbers - are done as a party of equals.

    Try not to treat your readers as children, Annie.

    Even a 10-year-old can see what you are trying to do.

    1. Maybe after the BN defeat the amount of dedak paid has been doubled or tripled and you find BN bloggers suddenly become energised .

    2. Actually the dedak bloggers are still quite lazy.

      RPK is being quite "safe" right now.

      Maybe wants to come back to Malaysia?

  4. PS:

    Get the party name right, lah.

    Here's the website:

    "Ceramah Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (BERSATU) Johor bagi mengumumkan calon pilihan raya umum (PRU) ke-14 menarik kira-kira 4,000 hadirin".

    "PUTRAJAYA: Pendaftar Pertubuhan (ROS) meluluskan pendaftaran Pakatan Harapan (PH), selepas badan itu membatalkan notis pembubaran sementara Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), berkuat kuasa semalam."

    The party is called Bersatu, not Pribumi Bersatu. No PPBM leader or member calls it that. Seriously. Do some research.

    Such a pretty lady as yourself should be less of a mangkuk, kan : )

  5. As TDM has always declared, “Melayu mudah lupa”, I wonder 5-10 years looking ahead the Malays and pribumi will be nonchalant about issues of “kebangsaan, keislaman, ketuanan” and the lot.
    A ready made recipe for a MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA ?

  6. Who is to blame for this? Sixty percent of the population is Melayu so if Melayus want to vote UMNO that's their choice and reap what they sow. Majority of Melayus are not so clever after all.

    1. No, 36% of voters went for BN nationally.

      MIC/MCA/Gerakan negligible, PBB quite a lot, so you can estimate that Umno got about 30-32% of votes by itself.


      Majority of Melayu ARE clever after all.

      Thank you.

  7. Syukur Alhamdulillah, we have Annie to protect us.

    “DAP, in contrast, controls PH in Penang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, and Johor.”

    I can predict this:

    In Penang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, and Johor, within 24 months, consumption of pork & beer will be mandatory for all citizens, and the Malays will have to adopt Chinese names:

    Mat Chin Chau, Zainal Soh Yah, Fahmi Ban Dung, Karim Chen Dol.

    Also, Islam will be replaced with Christianity & Buddhism, and eveRyone will be forced to have surgery to make their eyes more sepet.

    This will all happen, I promise. GUARANTEED. In less than 2 years, in Penang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, and Johor. IT WILL ALL HAPPEN. I am not joking. You should all be VERY VERY VERY AFRAID.

    Syukur Alhamdulillah, we have Annie to protect us!

    1. Nih sarcasm level 11 bro...gelak pecah perut


    2. So scary this scenario.. let’s hope Annie and her blog captain Rocky and all his dedak fellow bloggers help us god so traumatised 😂😂😂


  8. Manyak syok laa itu macam Annie , Wa manyak ingat sikalang olang Manyak pecaya sama itu Uncle Lim , Wa sutak lama peceya sama lia maa aa .

    Uncle Lim selalu cekap Malaysian Malaysia maa aa and sikalang kita sutak tatak mau pakai itu !Malaysia lagi maa aa , Wa manyak ingat Itu Najib sutak kasi sangat teruk kasi rusak ini negala kasi lupa semua pekala pasat bangsa maa aa. Target kasi jatuh itu kelajan Najib ,sikalang sutak jaya kita susun semula lor rr.

  9. Saya ni penyokong kuat UMNO dan lazimnya penyokong kuat UMNO adalah allergic pada DAP.Pada PRU14, saya mengundi DAP untuk parlimen dan DUN.Sebabya mudah saje.Diri saya tak menerima ketua parti yang diselut dengan banyak skandal.

    1. Betul dan well said

    2. itu tun , lge ,matsabun, azmin, mukriz tarak skandal kaa..poodah

  10. Ketuanan is not dead yet. They will try to make a come back, even though some of those proponents are actually more interested in lining their own pockets instead of championing their ethnic "rights".

    DAP needs to be humble and work hard and show that we can administer while taking good care to the Melayu.
    Trust takes time to earn.
    The best strategy against Ketuanan is to take care of Melayu interest and to not giving them any excuses to complain.

  11. This is the result when people opted for PH.
    Have you conduct your own ivestigation why people reject BN?

    Those states with DAP major seat was due to BN won the rest. They just need few malay seat to throw the BN out.

    People nowadays worry about country and put their differences aside.

    And Annie keep worry about bersatu and DAP seat.
    Why is that?
    Why it is important to talk about DAP and PPBM seat rather than the problems that the country are facing right now?
    People talk about currency, FDI, how to gain trust, gst, 1MDB debt, 17000 contract gomen, corruption here and there, abuse of power and so on..

    Yet for Annie the seat is the problem than the rest and wonder why people angry at her.

    Just make it loud and clear.
    What is your intention?
    What makes you worry so much?

    1. Annie is an eco-warrior.

      Save the planet.

      Go green.

      She is recycling propaganda from before the election...

      Yes, JASA & Tun Faisal would be very impressed by Annie's recycled cliches....hehehe

  12. Relaxlah Annie. Apa bodoh sangat ni. Next PRU15 Pribumi will contest all the UMNO based seats and sapu all and becomes majority in every state except Penang and Kelantan.

    DAP hanya bergantung pada undi kaum Cina saja dan jumlah mereka hanya 25% of the population.

    1. "Relaxlah Annie. Apa bodoh sangat ni. Next PRU15 Pribumi will contest all the UMNO based seats and sapu all and becomes majority in every state except Penang and Kelantan."


      100% correct.

  13. We will form the Peoples Republic of Malaysia....manyak takut la orang bawahan....duduk lar diam, biar la kita enjoy 1MDB......sini masuk, sana masuk, sini kontrak, sana kontrak...hidup Melayu...Hidup Bugis!!

  14. Rather than playing old racial divide & rule, Tun is fixing Malaysia:

    'PETALING JAYA: The Government will continue with the 1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M) handouts but will study and relook its recipients, says Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    The Prime Minister said there were people who received BR1M even though they should not.

    “BR1M is not to be regarded as ‘rasuah’ (bribery) or a way of corrupting the people into supporting the Government.

    “It should be regarded as a way of mitigating social problems,” he said.

    Dr Mahathir also said a special taskforce will be set up to safeguard the interests of the Indian community, women, youth and orang asli.'

    This is what we call...

    ...real leadership.

  15. syabas Annie ,let Dapsters haters happy 2day, wnc tommorow

  16. Itu DSAI sulah cakap mau bawak balik Sirul wor....from Australia...mau kasi itu Altantuya justice.......wah...manyak takut sikalang royal faction....bunuh olang mesti bayar nyawa wor....Razak Baginda sulah takut wor....minta cousin dia tolong wor......mana mau lari sikalang....mau kina gantung liow wor......manyak takut lor......Itu Raja Petra pun takde idea liow.....hali hali Dap....manyak takut liow.....takut sampai dia kata dia masuk Pas liow.....dia tak takut hudud minum whiskies liow wor.....tiap tiap hali simbahyang kuat liow.....tong tong cheng liow...

    1. Yang parring takooo seekali....

      Ah Jib Gor, Ah Rosie, and Ah Pandi Ah Lee : )

  17. This is a point that 99% of Melayu fail to appreciate and therefore are forever a tool/pawn of Melayu Fascism.

    ---- The Chinese do not want to control everything. -----

    They just want to PARTICIPATE in policy decisions of this country. They have earned that right through non-violent and democratic means in this election.

    So what the FUCK are your people complaining about???

  18. Yes Annie... Now we not only have puppets MBs and CM but also puppet PM. Untung betul Tokong Braggart LGE's people.

  19. Annie,

    Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak.

    Ini bulan yang suci. Siapakah yang bagitahu bahawa ini bulan yang suci? Yang bagitahu ialah Rasulullah saw.

    Maka orang Melayu pun terimalah bahawa bulan Ramadhan bulan suci, dan berpuasalah orang Melayu Islam dalam bulan ini.

    Namun, bukan itu sahaja yang Nabi saw bagitahu pada umatnya. Antara lain Baginda saw juga bagitahu tentang salahnya perbuatan perbuatan tertentu, yang boleh hancurkan umat Islam, dan binasalah kekuatan Ummah.

    Yang itu pula orang Melayu tak ambil kisah.

    Najib dan Rosmah sudah buat salah. Dosa mereka merebak kepada semua umat Islam di Malaysia. Pembesar pembesar kaum, ketua ketua kerajaan, berkelakuan seolah-olah dosa-dosa yang mereka lakukan setiap hari boleh membahagiakan mereka dunia dan akhirat.

    Dan orang Melayu diam, buat tak tahu, buat bodoh, tak ambil kisah, dan berpura-pura seolah-olah tiada masalah dan kekuatan kaum masih jitu dan padu.

    Umpama jatuh dari langit, semuanya seronok sehinggalah ia sampai ke lantai. Maka hancurlah tubuh badan.

    Janganlah sedih pada kesinambungannya. Anggaplah yang hancur itu adalah segala yang fasiq dan kekufuran. Jika Islam adalah panduan hidup kita, maka sentiasa berusaha dan Insya Allah kemenangan tidak akan jauh daripada umat Muhammad saw.

  20. Hi Annie,
    Lawyers defending 1MDB pun discharged dah....don't want to defend 1MDB anymore...rakyat can get back pink diamond already..YAHOOO!!

  21. ....c& to Azhar Harun

    Note: all my public notes are shareable - donations are not mandatory but would be appreciated. :)

    When a baby is born, he or she makes so much noise and everything else.

    The baby would cry all the time. Wake you up in the middle of the night. Shyte all over the bed. Puke on your face. All sorts of things lah.

    Than you have to do everything for him or her. Bath lah. Change nappies lah. Feed lah.

    Sometimes you are just so tired. Lack of sleep. You become a bit irritated. A bit moody.

    But to look at the baby growing and to be greeted by his or her smiles and laughter; to embrace him or her and to look at his or her angelic face when he or she sleeps is a joy you can't really describe.

    You bring him or her up. Nurture him or her. Until he or she knows what life is all about.

    You absorb all those difficulties and you never complain despite all those trials and tribulations because the baby is YOUR product. Your wishes, hopes and dreams.

    It is a gift. It is the answer to your prayers.

    The baby is your responsibility.

    In fact, it is your duty.

    Thus, despite him or her shitting or puking on your face; screaming at 2 am keeping you awake at night and all the other things which, if done by an adult, would reduce you to a maniacal murderer, you continue taking care of the baby, nurturing him or her and shower him or her with love.

    It is the same with this new government.

    It is just 8 days old.

    1. ...dear Annie,

      ghost stories do adversely affects babies badly...and the bad effects can be lifelong too,

      so, annie, please be extra cafeful with your ghost stories....



  22. Neutral la sangattttt kau annnie.. adeyy podahh!!!


  23. Sweetheart juz do a M & A excercise evrything will be solved :)

  24. What to worry abt when the two previous PM 14 years tenure has burned a deep hole in our pockets, 700 billion of external debts not to mention the 1MDB.

  25. 1st time comment after so long following u .

    Dear Annie, chill lah sis, it's all un chartered territory for us . But your DAP ranting today's really sick story lah..

    1. Annie instead of this stale topic, why not cover the scandal that everyone has neglected.....

      PRIMA Homes.

      This is massive.

      Check out the amount of money allocated vs the number of low-cost homes actually built.

      Where did it all go?

  26. hi annie. Im from penang and been ruled by DAP led govt since 2008 and it already 10 years. im stil a muslim and dont consume pork as predicted by some stupid here.

    Even im a registered as UMNO guy but its reli shameful to admit that.

    At last im stil wondering why ppl there stil blive in DS Najib. the raid by police today should open all UMNO members.

    May Allah grant good health to TUn.

  27. I have not visited this blog for quite some time.Just to get over the frustration of BN losing so badly.The frustration will not last forever.So does the jubation.
    Soon when the dust settle,when everything is back to normal we have to face the reality of life.All of us have to earn a living.
    I will continue to support UMNO (aa UMNO is in my DNA).If UMNO cannot be a govenment hopefully it can be a food opposition.
    Prof Kangkung

  28. Annie Tun is the one make it happen this round. RESPECT the
    PM direction.Without Tun your blog today may fall charges under fake new.I am a dap supporter but I'm proud what we having now.Lim kit siang declining post why are you trying to satay who control who? I respect your will but don't be arragont bcos rakyat just *try* dap first time at putrjaya.The Malay can change to BN anytime.Is Tun won.Not DAP.Remember

  29. Tun won not dap Annie.From 2008 till 2018 pkr and dap failed.Respect Tun direction and not be arragont .The rakyat will switch to BN soon if you try to be racist here.
    DAP just an opposition without Tun.I am dap supporter but don't forget who bring us to putrjaya.TUN CONTROL ALL Now.
    Not DAP.Learn from Kit Siang no post and datuk.