Thursday 10 May 2018

Ushering a new Malaysia

It's past 4am as I'm writing this.

Just got back from hanging out with friends watching the announcement of the G14 results.

As you all should know by now, BN was almost totally wiped out.

No other way to describe it.

The rakyat have spoken.

It's as simple as that.

I have to admit that despite expecting BN to suffer in this general election, I didn't expect it to be annihilated like that.

In a post just after the dissolution of parliament, I published this What'sApp conversation I had with a foreigner friend who have business interests in this country,

This is part of our conversation today as it became clear that BN has lost GE14,

Well, what else could I say to my friend.

Nonetheless, I really do believe that Dr Mahathir was the primary factor behind the BN's destruction.

Without him Pakatan could never defeat BN.

Najib and the other BN leaders totally under estimated the handsome old man.

I did try several times to warn them of the consequences of fighting Dr Mahathir such as in this post on Sept 11, 2015,

I also tried to tell others on the BN side not to be too harsh in fighting people who went along with Dr Mahathir, such as in this post on Dec 30 2015,

That post led to a more than a year "war" between me and one of the pro-BN bloggers that I mentioned in the post.

In the fight, I was accused of many things including of being a DAP cybertrooper, which was so ridiculous that I just didn't bother to really answer back.

At one point I got so fed-up with the fight that I wrote this post on Jan 7, 2016;

I believe I did try my best to be neutral after that but it was hard for me to stay disengaged from politics.

It's indeed tough to make such a stand as no one really believe I could do so.

But as I said, I tried my best.

And of course, I kena whacked by both sides.

But I accepted it all.

I did try from then on to write just from my observation and comment on it based on my understanding of the situation.

I intend to continue with this stand as much as I could with now that Pakatan taking over the government of this country.

As I mentioned in my last post two days ago,


Anyway, even if Pakatan wins this election and forms the government, we will still need people who could make a fair assessment from the middle ground.

I intend to be one of those.

Hopefully I could.

If BN wins, I still wish the same.

This is important I think. Just look at the state of mainstream media, if you don't believe me.

Okay, that's all for now.

Need to sleep a bit.

Driving back to KL later today.

I believe that it's going to be a new Malaysia from now onwards.



  1. There is only 1 reason for bn's loss - najib razak. Msian are just so fed-up with him. Then DrM came along as the unifying factor for the opposition coalition & msian then started to feel ok, ini kalilah, just to remind bn that we rakyat is the boss.

    I hope PH will refrain from witch hunts. There are other more pressing matter.

    1. "I hope PH will refrain from witch hunts."

      I think Jho Low got severe case of diahorrea right now.

      Good lah.

      All the money can be recovered after our new A-G makes contact with Swiss & DOJ.

      Billions, beb.

      Worth getting back.

    2. Not so much witch hunt as to get back all the loot...this huge amount could easily fill the hole when GST is discontinued

    3. The alleged "loot" would only cover the income loss from GST for up to 3 years (if the value is RM46 bil) or a few months (if the value is RM2.6 bil). What to do after that? The "loot" if it is real, need to be found and go through due process. I don't think even 5 years are enough time. I truly pray that Malaysia's economy is not already in the gutters by then or even 6 months from now.


  2. Never under estimate people power ,it's a lesson to everybody .

  3. Macam macam lah kau annie

  4. Annie,

    You are right - without Dr M, this victory was impossible.

    If you told me 10 years ago that Dr M would be the 7th PM of Malaysia, under the party banner of Anwar's black eye, I would have called you crazy. Yet, here we are.

    Let us not forget the massive sacrifices made by our opposition politicians and activists, so many of whom have been arrested, charged, thrown in jail, separated from their families.

    A lot of suffering and pain.

    And today our beloved country wakes to a new dawn.

    I hope they think it was worth it.

    1. Read raj kumar's article it is not over yer

  5. Huge miscalculations by BN not just in Johor but everywhere.

    The Malay tsunami was huge.

    Even the gerrymandering done by EC only made it worse.

    Look at the numbers - the final tally was not in when I took note, but at 3am it was 5 million votes for PH, 2.4 million votes for BN, 1.8 million votes for PAS.

    That means BN got thrashed beyond belief on popular vote alone.

    There will be a complete overhaul of the EC and I'm very sure a new redrawing of boundaries to reflect the Federal Constitution closer to "one man, one vote", so there is really no way back for BN.

    We have seen the end of an era.

    The "R.A.H.M.A.N" prophecy came true.



    1. Also...

      Najib's PAS insurance policy did not work.

      BN seats plus all PAS seats = far behind PH & Warisan.

      PAS 100% wiped out in Selangor.

      Hadi also a huge loser, because as many predicted they are reduced to being an East Coast state again, and I predict that eventually they will be replaced there by Amanah.

    2. Stud Hadi tu habis lah dunya nya wa luput akhirat nya. SANG TAKFIR Hadi dah jadi KAFIR iaitu teman setia Sanrabone Jibgor SI MUFSIDIN pengkhianat bangsa Melayu!!!

  6. Good morning to Prof Kangkung.

    1. Kangkung has been deep-fried with belacan.

    2. I don't like to gloat or rub salt in raw wounds but I was rather pissed off by Prof Kangkong's smugness and arrogance before D Day. So I hope this dismal defeat of his beloved BN ( UMNO ) will for some measure make him more humble and be less much less partisan. But it is not easy to wash out this Umno-ness in a person after decades !

    3. good morning prof penyokong perompak

      jho low

    4. prof kamarul zaman mana?

      kerkucil ke? kamamamamarurururl zamanadinarizamanizamani

      kaaa maaa ruulll zaaa maaa nnnnnnnn

  7. Selamat pagi encik m zin of Alor Gajah DPH, al-hamdulil-Lah.

    1. hahaha...dia sekarang di MT which have suddenly become mute and sound from that klentong si botak who is the source of all fake news but in the old administration, he wasn't charged with Fake News at all but was instead di galakkan. And got paid for it too, #@%* But now the music died completely for him, his favorite phrase being "I told you so " others are telling him so, also died for all the odious rats there with their pariah comments...habis la m zin of the zinc fame, ahahaha.

    2. Zin dah kena pijak oleh gajah. Now he's flatter than roti canai.

    3. A lam tara kaifa faala Rabbuka bi ASHABIL FIL (Kumpulan Gajah Ganas yang dok serang Ka'abah, lambang ugama suci)?

  8. An interesting fact.

    Malaysia's new Prime Minister is a General Practitioner.

    Our First Lady is a Public Health Doctor.

    The new Deputy PM is an Opthalmologist.

    And Malaysia is cured!


    1. we need person with high educated to be ministers

  9. Congrats to PH. The rakyat have spoken. What rakyat want, rakyat get. And they got it!..Their mandate shouldn’t squandered and taken lightly by the elected leaders. They have such a huge aspiration to the incoming government.

    I have this to say to PH leaders especially the Malays leaders in Pakatan who are about to form the government. You have THE UPMOST responsibility first of all to protect the Federal Constitution with regards to:

    1. Malay rights and privilleges

    2.The supremo position of Islam in the country

    3. The rights and position of Malay Rulers

    4. The special position of Malay language.

    I know Tun M won’t be around for long due to his old age but as long as he’s around leading the country, I’m not that worried because I know he’s THE MOST FEARSOME protector of Malay rights and position of Islam.

    What I’m worried when he is no longer around. Do the incoming leaders have what it takes to protect all these? I know there will be pressure heap upon them by the parties in the coalition regarding these. Tun should adress this issue at the soonest time possible. In Tun’ wisdom the Malays put his trust and faith.

    If not, we’ll do anything possible to defend all those rights; such as going to the streets in huge numbers TO FIGHT and PROTECT what is rightly ours!..

    1. Now, the best states to experience Malay rights and position of Islam are Kelantan and Trengganu.

      Kelantan, having deliberately gone slow (according to an exco member) all these year, now looks forward to progressing to Hudud. And Trengganu has joined it.

      Wonder how many % Bumi discount qualified buyers get for houses? They can also be assured that when owners need to sell, they will have the right to sell to Bumis only. And the price will be good for the buyer, as it won't have gone up like similar properties in the present Harapan states.

  10. It took a handsome old man to do it.

    1. NEVER FORGET......

      The SHAMEFUL way that TV3, the gomen media and the bloga2 pelacur prepaid (some of whom used to pose very proudly with Tun)...

      ALL insulted and degraded him....

      But who laughs last?

      If you are laughing at age 92 after campaigning like a young man......


  11. Jangan lawan guru dan jangan kurang ajar dengan guru, ini jadi akibatnya dengan Najib Umno

  12. Masanya sudah tiba untuk ada kerajaan dan juga pembangkang yang sama kuat.. yang boleh check and balance. Kita mengharapkan Malaysia yang lebih telus dan adil dan badan kehakiman, perundangan, dan badan badan lain yang patut apolotikal kekal sebagai badan bebas dan berintegriti..contohnya SPR, SPRM, PDRM , ATM dll... give the new govt time and support and chance to improve MAlaysia

  13. Great day for all Malaysians. Karma really at work. Salleh Kruak & Rahman Dahalan who always supported Najib...lost. The leaders of component parties who remained silent...all lost. Also lets not forget the royal house that demanded Tun M hand over his they say "padan muka". Thank you rakyat Malaysia

    1. One more:

      Nur Jazlan heave, heavy loss.

      This is karma for abandoning his duty as PAC chief for the lure of a cabinet post.

      End of the day, ends up with nothing.

  14. The people have spoken.

    Cash is not king. The people are king. The people decide who they want and who they reject.

    They, the people decide, if you are worthy to lead them, and not that you have the right to lead them.

    Politicians should remember this.

    The current incoming government should remember this.

    Most importantly, we the rakyat should remember this: that the people decide.


    1. Anon 9:05

      Wa manyak setuju ,lakyat itu raja ,tatak lakyat tatak raja .

  15. I certainly hope Tun M will be PM more than 2 years. Many more years to come. We, the rakyat don’t mind if he’s drop dead while holding office. He can have all the time that he needs..

    1. Dedicated to the most honorable

      Standing in the Eyes of the World

  16. salam

    terima kasih langkawi keranan memberikan kami seorang PM ke 7...terima kasih pembangkang yang sanggup tidak bergaduh sesama sendiri untuk kemenangan pada hari ini...

    terima kasih kepada semua bekas menteri umno bn yang tiap2 hari duk kutuk kerajaan..terima kasih najib kerana memberikan kami semangat untuk menumbangkan umno bn...

    terima kasih tibitigasuku kerana hari2 hentam tun m seolah2 dia takde jasa lansung...

    terima kasih jamall jamban kerana provokasi melebihnya memberikan selangor kerajaan yang sangat kuat...

    terima kasih x bos jasa kerana hentam tun m hari2 ...

    terima kasih kawan2 najib dalam kabinet yang hentam kutuk maki tun m n famili...ingat dia takda anak ke korang kutuk tak ingat dunia..

    terima kasih utusan n bh kerana memberikan gambaran terburuk dekat tun m sampai orang umno sendiri pun meluat nak baca utusan...

    terima kasih zahid sebab sentiasa memberikan kami hiburan yang tak terhinggan...dengar cite dia kena terjun perigi sbb yang dia kata konon tak menang dah menang...ape cite...

    terima kasih kepada blogger umno bn yang hari2 duk kutuk n perkecilkan tun m n buddy dia...

    terima kasih kepada kunan kerana pecat daim n rafidah yang bbautkan diaorang tu bertambah semangat untuk melawan umno bn...

    terima kasih juga kepada najib kerana perkenalkan gst, 1mdb, derma 2.6 bilion, jual tanah (baca pelaburan luar)...


    1. yes g7...thank you also 4all d mind which live through all of dis n experience it.

    2. tambahan...

      jangan lupa PM 6 mengajar kita ayat "bangang", "haram jadah", "kepala bapaK"...

      tak lupa lawak2 yang ahmad maslan...gst pun jasa dia...dia tembak kaki dia sendiri dnegan umum kerajaan perkenal gst esok harga turun...


    3. Lupa rosie. ....

  17. Taken from RPK blog......

    "So those are my seven reasons why Barisan Nasional will win GE14 versus’s seven reasons why Pakatan Harapan will win GE14.

    And I am placing a bet that I am right while is wrong. And I challenge to put its money where its mouth is and take that bet. can name the lawyer to act as our trustee for this bet and once it places its RM100,000 bet with that lawyer I will also do the same and the day after Polling Day the lawyer can pay that RM200,000 to the winner.

    I also invite anyone who wants to make easy money to join me in that bet and walk away with 100% profit in just five or six weeks or so."


    This aged hooker should stick to selling overpriced and undercooked "Malaysian food" to gullible matsals.

  18. Do a good job for the next five years.
    GE15 we will go for 2/3 majority.
    Then it's time to amend the constitution to remove article 153.

    1. Ermmm… who are your 'we'?

  19. Heard that KNN BN is not going down without a punch below the belt - BN is trying to form a putrajaya with PAS, warisan & renegade PH MPs ptui
    appeal to all bloggers (incl annie) to write to selamatkan negara & demokrasi hidup PH & rakyat

    1. "Heard that KNN BN is not going down without a punch below the belt - BN is trying to form a putrajaya with PAS, warisan & renegade PH MPs ptui"

      I also heard that.

      PS the jibby cannot do maths ka?


      He does not have the numbers, you think Shafie will jual maruah so easy ka?

      Sorry Jib.

      Cash is no more king.

    2. The pinklips pirate is trying to find some loophole lah......he is trying to argue that Umno should be able to form a minority gomen......but you only control 2 states lah dei......pahang & perlis!

      Also, the agong must appoint someone "likely to command confidence of majority".....whatever way he spins it, sorry you don't have the numbers.......better run like crazy away from malaysia before you are charged for 1mdb!

  20. Assalaamualaikum Annie ,

    My friend sent me this:

    "my parents used to tell me about May 13. Now I get to tell my kids about May 9."

    On that, i sincerely apologise to all whom I have hurt with my words and misdeeds. To all fellow Malaysians, you put faith into my heart and when the time may come that a sacrifice of my life will be needed for this country, I will have no hesitation to do it for you. Thank you.

    1. 1. Successful indeed are the People of Faith.
      2. Those who offer their Salat (prayers) in solemn humility.
      3. And those who turn away from Al-Laghwu (impurity, falsehoods, evil schemes and all things forbidden).
      4. And those who pay the Zakat (ordained taxes).
      5. And those who guard their chastity (from illicit sex)
      6. Except from their wives or or that which their right hands possess, for then, they are free from blame;
      7. But whoever seeks beyond these bounds are the transgressors;
      8. Those who are faithful to their Amanat (moral responsibilities and trusts) and to their vows and promises;
      9. And those who strictly guard their prayers and devotions.
      10. These are indeed the inherited of true faith.
      11. Who shall inherit the Firdaus (Paradise). They shall dwell therein forever.
      [Quran, Al-Mu'minun]

  21. BN will win

    jho low

  22. with sultan nazrin, the perak state assembly 2009 'magic' might happen in putrajaya so sad again rakyat is deprived of democracy sigh

    1. Let's hope that the "orang istana" don't play dirty.

      It's bad enough that some of them became official Umno spokesmen on (konon) football Facebook pages.

      Very sad.

  23. Haramjadah betoi la.

    Semakin jatuh la nilai Ringgit jika tidak dilantik Perdana Menteri serta-merta. Dunia perniagaan akan anggap Negara kita berisiko huru-hara.
    Awat yang bangang sangat?
    Nak Rakyat kerja kejalanraya untuk istihar Negara Republik ka?

    1. tak takpe...

      tun umum cuti tapi dia cakap dia nak keje dulu...tapi boleh plak tangguh2...ingat geng umno bn ke ni...

      ni geng yang nak buat keje...keje banyak kena buat..nak betulkan itu ini..tun kata nak kena study banyak benda projek yang najib buat dulu..;.

      keje banyak...tapi tak boleh jalan lagi..adus...

      cuma bernasib baik tun daim dah cakap nk tolong...dr yang hentam kerajaan pasal gst aritu pun dah slalu dengan daim...

      pertama kita tubuh mten n cari ahli2 yang nak gemilangkan balik negara tercinta ini...

      tun mendengar n membaca...


  24. PAS spoiled BN chance of forming fed govt (not kingmaker) wakakaka

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  26. zahid, H2O & khairy to be censured for losing perak, johor & N9 respectively & MO1 to be praised for retaining pahang wakakaka

  27. i told you so my american fren said clinton will win (& that fellow RPK said BN will win) wakakaka

  28. However, this morning we see that the brazen tyrant of a former Prime Minister, who had called the army to surround his house last night in fear and had ducked out of a press conference and gone into hiding, has now come back to try and put the plan into effect.

    Najib aims to cheat the people. He aims to achieve a delay, sow confusion, argue the ‘legal’ toss about Mahathir’s right to succeed and thereby find a way back to power.

    It is his wife who has refused to step down, say the sources around the defeated couple. So, she has sent him out again to perform these acrobatics of deception and attempt to argue over ‘procedure’ in order to frustrate the people’s choice of his successor. WORSE, in the process he hopes to find a way to cling on to power and defy the election result.

    1. The hippo won't give up her $$$$$$$$ without a fight.

      Be careful of Perak Coup Part 2.

      Remember that pinklips extended the tenure of his Umno crony judges illegally.

      It's up to the rulers whether they want to cheat Malaysians, because the appt of PM must come from them.

      Let's wait and see.........

      .....but remember Perak and never forget the evil of the greedy hippo!

    2. busuknya hati
      masih tak puas memfitnah
      keturunan tiada adab... go back naik tongkang. not us who bring uoll here

  29. His Royal Highness Sultan Nazrin,

    As the advisor to your brother Rulers, including the DYMM YDP Agong it must be presented to them that 136 MPs support Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed as the Prime Ministerial candidate, following the outcome of the 14th General Elections. This support by the 136 MPs has been given in black and white.

    The Federal Constitution provides that the individual Member of Parliament who commands the support of the majority Members of Parliament shall be the Prime Minister (or words close to that).

    The general election represents the peoples' day out to determine their own future. It is an event that brings great hope for our capacity to determine our fate. This is really what democracy is all about - the hope, freedom and the capacity to decide our future.

    These are very important facts that must be understood by all of us.

    Thank you.

    1. Few months back, he was unceremoniously stripped off his 'Datukship' in disgrace by th\e same Ruler. However, today, the entire world witness the same Ruler, under the country’s constitution, the HM Yg Dipertuan Agung is obliged to appoint Tun Mahathir who has the majority support from other lawmakers as prime minister again.

      This 'fearless living legendary true hero' who fights against all odds & times for the sake of the nation and the rakyat. that's it.......

      The One and Only Grand Old Statesman, Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamed......!!

  30. Before doing away with GST and as a token of being prudence with Rakyat's monies, the new PM and his cabinet members should first roll out an austerity measures by voluntarily reducing their own paycheck by 5~10%.

    After-all. their salary is already exorbitant.

  31. I am most proud that we have changed govn without any street demo, riot or bloodshed. I hope umno will elect a new chairman and be a constructive pembangkang. It is about time we have a 2 party system. Absolute power corrupts.

  32. Jiran Tetangga10 May 2018 at 16:17

    Victory's so much sweeter when you have people like Waghih and Prof Kangkung. Waghih, apa cerita dengan Nogori? Dan Kangkung, Johor tu katanya tiang seri UMNO iya dak?


    1. Ha mana kangkung dengan BN will win hands down nya. Kita berkali2 cakap kat sini dia rabun tak nampak what went on the ground. Di Muar pun BN kecundang.

      BN ni memang banyak jasa. Tapi akhir2 ni BN lebih banyak DOSA dari jasa. Tu pasal kalah tergolek dan sekarang umno pulak mungkin diistihar tak sah.

      Sebenarnya PM7 ni PM yang paling rakyat Malaysia tak suka pada mula nya dan keadaan ini kekal sepanjang 22 tahun. Tapi he continued to win election sebab dia buat kerja tekun. He gave us Penang (1st bridge), Proton Saga, NSE, Wesport, KLIA, F1 Circuit, KLCC, Putrajaya and many more.

  33. Would i be correct to say if Tun is sworn in as PM, he reserves the right to get rid of any appointees appointed by the past administration?

    1. Yes.

      So these people must go at once:


      MACC fella (bring back bahri & TS kassim!)

      EC fella

      ROS makcik

  34. We need urgently to repeal the NSC and fake new laws.
    We need to shut down immediately BTN and JAKIM.
    We need to replace immediately AG, IGP, Chief of EC and ROS, IRD, etc.
    So many scumbags are going to end up on the street or in jail.

    1. Can do away with BTN but no Jakim. We need an agency taking care of Islamic affairs at federal level. Please leave Islam alone in the hands of Muslims..

    2. JAKIM needs to be de-politicized and moved out of PMO to another ministry or stands alone.

      Even their Khutbah Jumaat sounds like BN propaganda.

      Should operate independent.

  35. To Tun,

    I only have one request.
    Appoint Superman Hew Kuan Yau as the head of MACC.

    Let's rock and roll!

    1. No lah that fella real idiot.

      Bring back Bahri so he can finish the SRC probe before he kena sabo by PMO.

  36. Annie I remembered you saying after your trip to Pekan that based on the number of flags and banners you saw that PH had no chance of winning the PRU14?

    1. My area, the BN banners must have cost one million.

      HUGE, and thousands of them.

      But in the end...xde kesan.

      Malaysians not that dumb.

  37. Will PBB join new gomen?

    KUCHING – With the state election about three years away, the big question in Sarawak now is whether the state BN parties will switch allegiance to Pakatan Harapan.

    Sarawak BN chairman Datuk Abang Johari Openg is keeping his lips sealed about the Pakatan government until it is formed.

    “No. No comment. It (the Pakatan government) has not been formed,” the chief minister said when met in the lobby of Wisma Bapa Malaysia, the state government complex.

    He also kept mum when contacted early this morning on whether he supported Pakatan Harapan chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the next prime minister.

  38. I think the most memorable thing for me in this election was the image of a leave application form submitted by a CHINESE lady who presumably is working in Singapore.

    Wherein it states the reason for the leave application on 8 & 9 May, 2018: "TO SAVE MY COUNTRY"

    Any Melayu PKHKC who from this day forward questions the loyalty of the children of Chinese immigrants should go royally fuck himself.

    1. Well... I've to agree with your last paragraph, Anon 17:09.

      Although MCA had been promoting President Xi Jinping's One Belt & Road initiatives, yet you people chose loyalty to the country over your 'motherland'.

      As a matter of fact, I've trusted DAP more than MCA after Superman Hew went to Hong Kong in support of the Umbrella uprising and in the process, alienated DAP from the leaders in PRC's Chinese Communist Party.

      Of-course as a Malay, I must respect One-China policy, but that doesn't mean I must treat Hew Kuan Yau or Nga Kor Ming with disdain.

  39. whatever it is congrat to ph....but i am with pas....they beat up bn and zero seats won by ph in kelantan terengganu although ph is in their top form

    1. d ardent followers ve no substitute thinking. just plain misery. no need to boost it out.

  40. If I am Jibby I will take few billions and buy some Sabahan.

    They really jual bontot...

    "One day before the election, Dr Jeffrey said voting for Sabah STAR and local opposition coalition Gabungan Sabah (GS) will "benefit Sabahans and topple the Barisan Nasional government." (see link below).

    Dr Jeffrey then claimed that, just like PKR and DAP, he also wanted to change the federal and state government."

    Typical Sabah lalang!